Your Spirit Guides Want to Give You This Message→

By | October 3, 2022

Your Spirit guides have a very important Message for you the universe is telling Me that you have been met with a lot of Challenges when it comes to entering A New Path in your life you’re trying to Take steps forward and each time you try To take a step forward it’s like you’re Pushed back six steps but you don’t let These challenges get you back you’ve Been persevering so what’s happening is The universe wants to tell you they’re Sending you in Divine Aid luck and Opportunity your personal magnetism is Also increasing as well which is going To cause people to want to follow you They’re also sending you in an advisor Because some of you are feeling lost and Directionless you’re going to be seeing A lot of thunder and lightning as signs That what I’m saying is for you Lightning is very symbolic for you of You stepping into a position of power as Well as recognition and Leadership

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