Your NOVEMBER Prediction (Love•Career•MONEY) What Will Happen? Pick A Card👉 Psychic Tarot Reading

By | October 20, 2022

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Hello peasants it’s Stargirl the Practical witch and welcome to my YouTube channel in today’s tarot reading We will be discovering what you can Expect in the month of November for love Career and money using the tarot cards As well as my intuition for those of you Who are new hi I am Stargirl and I am a Psychic medium here on YouTube now if You’re new to psychic readings I Normally have you guys pick one of the Options with your intuition and then Once you pick an option you can fast Forward to the time stamps I provide in The pin comment and description however Before I give you guys some time to Really meditate on the options and pick One with your intuition I do want to Give a quick shout out and thank you to My sponsors care of for helping make Today’s video happen care of is a Subscription supplement service that Makes it easy for you to stick to a Consistent vitamin routine they provide Personalized daily vitamin packs perfect For if you’re someone who’s on the go or Just like things super organized I love Care of vitamins because one of the best Ways to form a new habit is by making it Easy care of organizes your daily Vitamins into these personalized packs Making it super organized clean and easy Their free app also includes daily Reminders to take your daily vitamins

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Thank you guys so much for sitting Through that now let’s get back to the Options hello and welcome back so these Are your three options I need you to Pick one of the three options with your Intuition or if your intuition is Feeling a little bit shaky you can Always use a random number picker to Generate a number between one to three And whatever number the generator Generates is the One You’re supposed to Listen to Once again the timestamps are in the Pinned comment as well as the Description Click the time stamp next to your chosen Option and it will Fast Forward you Right to your psychic reading about what You can expect in November for love Career and money Feel free to take as much time as you Need to meditate on the options Pause the video if you need to But we are about to get started so if You need more time be sure to pause that Video once again the time stamps are in The pinned comment as well as the Description See you soon [Music] Hey group number one welcome to your November prediction for love money as Well as career So group number one what can you expect

In November over here on the left we do Have the astrological Transits for the month of November in Sidereal astrology of course so if it Looks different than tropical that’s Because it is so with that in mind group Number one let’s get started on your Tarot reading so Um what we’re gonna do Is We are going to start out with your Overall summary group number one for the Month of November what is the overall Theme What is the overall summary that’s what We want to find out so we do have the Card of Taurus and I will say that I am still working with A new camera lens and I really cannot See what’s going on when it’s recording And if it’s not focusing I apologize but The message will still be there so the Card of Taurus is you could be a Taurus Sun moon or Rising So what I’m getting from this is in the Month of November I see that you guys Have been getting a lot more attention Recently from other people like I feel Like a lot of people have been unfairly Attacking you Okay it’s like you have like this really Kind big heart but for some reason it’s Like why is that person talking bad About me why is that person dissing me

Why are these people Treating me like this when I’m coming From a very good place I want to tell You guys that it’s because you are doing Things that most people could only dream Of most people limit themselves most People have these beliefs that restrict Them in life you are an expressive free Spirit and that triggers a lot of people Because they have rejected that in Themselves and they see you doing it and It almost feels like how dare they Because they themselves have not allowed Themselves to have that kind of freedom So I don’t want to just say it’s Something as simple as jealousy it’s More like I read this book Called the artist way And essentially it says we are all Artists but some of us have been told That we aren’t good at art art is not Realistic So what happens is We become art critics Because our own dreams of becoming Artists were crushed when we were Younger due to parents saying it’s not Realistic you’re not that good be Practical And it killed our inner artist so that’s Why people become art critics So if you’re getting a lot of hate It’s because you have the tenacity to do

Things most people can only dream of Okay now Taurus also talks about money So I do see you guys are gonna be this Is your harvest season in November group Number one this is your season of Harvest where you are reaping what you Sow and I’m being shown since the Taurus Card is in an upright position you have Sewn some very good seeds okay you have Sown seeds of kindness you have sown Seeds when it comes to investing in the Right things investing your time Investing your money investing your Energy into the right things and in November you will be sewing your Harvest Of abundance Earthly abundance spiritual Abundance karmic abundance Because remember November is a very karmic month why Because if you add up the sixth year And the number two numerology it equals The number of Saturn so November is the Month of Saturn and Saturn is the disher Of karmic Justice Saturn is the disher Of karma which means you reap what you Sow which you put your energy and money Into you are going to reap in rewards And group one don’t do not worry Since this Taurus card is upright this Tells me you are reaping a good harvest This will be an abundant season for you Materially as well as spiritually group Number one what I want to move into is What where should you focus your energy

In the month of November like sometimes I want to ask this question because Sometimes myself I get really confused About where should I focus my energy for My highest and greatest good where Should I focus my time and attention That’s in alignment with my highest self And my highest good that’s what I want To find out for you in November group Number one where is it that you should Be focusing your energy in November for Your highest and greatest good so we Have the Ten of cups Okay so this card is interesting because In it it depicts one a soulmate Relationship and guys I want to tell you With my new camera I cannot see what is Happening here so if it doesn’t Focus I Do apologize Um but the message is still going to be There so with the Ten of Cups we have The rainbow card which talks about Soulmate relationships and friendships And loved ones the Ten of cups is also About your soul family or your real Family people who make you feel like Family now one thing I can’t avoid on This card is that there’s also a love Relationship here so in the month of November Group one Um God the Creator whatever you believe In if you believe in the universe no Judgment we’re all accepting here this

Is a safe space for everyone of all Beliefs I’m just reading energy with the Ten of Cups here it kind of feels like In November for your highest and Greatest good they want you to focus on Your loved ones Um people who are genuinely there for You people who really care about you who Really love you who make the effort to Be in your life you know I know with People you know relationships are the Hardest things in our lives okay we Don’t always get along relationships or The cause of the most pain in our lives It seems like but for you group one in November you’re gonna find the most luck When you focus on your family and I Don’t mean you know if you have toxic Family but people who make you feel like Family if you focus on those people who Really love and care about you What I’m being shown is the universe is Going to bless you so maybe this isn’t The time in November to just go towards Your goals push through and focus on That they want you to focus on your love Connections your soulmate connections These are the blessings you’re gonna Find you know if you guys are bored some Of you might be bored you might be Feeling unfulfilled and I’m telling you Why you’re feeling bored and unfulfilled You’re feeling bored and unfulfilled Because there’s a lack of energy being

Put into your relationships and Sometimes when we’re really goal Oriented like we are here in America Where like relationships are a waste of Time I’m just going to keep Self-improving focusing on my goals but Then you’re feeling bored You’re feeling unfulfilled and the Universe the higher being wants to tell You that when you focus on your love Relationships that feeling of boredom And Emptiness is gonna go away so that’s What they’re urging you to do okay so Now let’s focus on and by the way we’re Going to get into your blessings oh guys I also heard for you There are new people entering your life In November New people that make you feel like Family entering your life in November so Pay attention to the new faces and During your life in November pay Attention to the new people you meet in November these people are very divinely Sent and guided You know if you guys have been seeing Rainbows recently like you know you go To Hawaii you’re seeing rainbow license Plates you are driving you see a rainbow You’ve been seeing a lot of rainbow Flags Um this is how the universe signals to You that new Soul family is entering Your life

Um now I want to get into you know What Um blessings are coming into your life In November what blessings can you look Forward to What good things are coming into your Life in November so we have the Ascendant oh I love this so this is a Card about your looks your appearance Your physical body Okay so in a birth chart if you have the North Node transitioning your first House of appearance it gives you a Really attractive Fit Body Um if you have planets in the first House it makes you very attractive so The fact that the first house came up as Your blessings this tells me you guys Are looking good you are looking better Than ever In the month of November let’s see how We have the Neptune card here Um fantasy imagination Divine love Mirror so right now you are radiating Unconditional love group number one People are feeling from you That you are radiating unconditional Love The energy that is radiating off of you Is very Divine because remember Neptune Is about energy Neptune is the card of psychic feeling Being able to feel things you can’t Really see

So right now group one people are Feeling your energy as being very Impactful and Powerful they feel you When you walk into a room they feel your Good intentions they feel love coming Off of you Um there’s something about your energy Right now that’s really radiating a lot Of love and kindness and acceptance and It’s very pleasing to other people and I Heard you’re becoming your dream self in Your appearance as well group number one Like the self that you’ve always Pictured yourself to be the self that You have dreamed of as being your ideal That is what you’re starting to look Like and that is what you are starting To become I heard that for you strongly so Essentially guys Um your appearance is blessed in the Month of November let’s see how else We have the Sun You guys are starting to become creative With your appearance Your appearance your outward appearance Is starting to match the soul that is Within Okay so you have like what I’m being Shown from you guys is you have a really Beautiful soul It’s in regardless I know like some of Us can get really self-deprecating and Hard on ourselves but I’m seeing like

Your soul is really beautiful You know you’re someone who gives energy When you walk into a room You’re someone who has very good Intentions and that beautiful soul that You have is really starting to show on Your ascendant on your appearance and It’s causing you to glow from the inside Out And I feel like you’re starting to Really get The Bravery to start Expressing who you are on a soul level On the inside on your physical Appearance And any creative thing that you’re doing To your appearance Anything that you’re doing to express Yourself on your appearance is really in Harmony with who you are And like I said your aura is very Pleasing at this time so one thing that Is happening in November that’s a very Big astrologically is Mars is going Retrograde in Gemini back into Taurus And once again this is for sidereal Astrology because that’s how I’m able to Decipher Transit so in sidereal Astrology Mars the planet of War asiacs Because I don’t know if I can say s e x On YouTube Um War scx uh blood passion desire Action that’s the planet Mars it Represents men because women are from Venus Men Are from Mars

Um that planet is going retrograde all Through November It’s briefly touching in Gemini going Back into Taurus so I want to see what This Mars retrograde In November is going to bring you group Number one because remember as above so Below what is happening in the stars is Being reflected down here on Earth so Whenever a planet goes retrograde and Mars does not go retrograde often so This is kind of a rare Transit Um what is Mars retrograde in November Going to bring you Group number one that’s what I want to Find out We have the Leo card So group number one this is a very odd Specific message but this Mars Retrograde I’m sensing there’s like a Leo sun moon or Rising but they don’t Have to be a Leo this person just has a Lot of masculine energy and they’re very Much in their ego because they’re Represented as the lion Um it kind of looks like this person Collects a lot of hearts and I see this With the disco ball here this Leo card She’s literally having a glass that has Like five disco balls in it and my Intuition was kind of telling me that These disco balls are hearts and I got That’s Christina Perry song where she Goes who do you think you are collecting

These Jar of Hearts so there’s Definitely someone here who gets off on Making people fall in love with them They’re very much and also with the lion If we think about the animal kingdom the Head lion always has you know five or Six females around him and this doesn’t Have to be a male it could be like a Female manipulator do you know what I Mean but this person gets off on making People fall in love with him and they Like to have a lot like They like to have like a posse of women Or men around them at all times This person is upset Because essentially Um I feel like you rejected them or you Saw past their BS and you kind of Refused this person in some sort of way This is someone that you rejected group Number one with this disco ball it’s Like you know your worth You know that when you enter a Relationship you are the blessing Right Um You didn’t give your disco ball to This person and now this person has it Out for you now they’re making a smear Com campaign against you because the Five of Swords in the black moon Lilith Sword energy is Gossip it’s Communication Swords our communication the Five of Swords is

Um is is Gossip it’s bad communication It’s a Smearly sorry guys I don’t know why I Just stuttered so bad but with the black Moon Lilith I feel like this person You’ve rejected is starting a smear Campaign against you they are talking Really bad on your name and they’re Doing this because you rejected them and That hurt their ego so now they’re Spreading lies about you they’re saying That they slept with you they’re saying All these lies about you trying to have A smear campaign on you because their Ego is hurt that you rejected them in Some sort of sense That’s what I see with this Mars Retrograde now if you guys are single And you’re dating with this Mars Retrograde Be careful of a Leo Summoner Rising be Careful of a heartbreaker because with Mars going retrograde it’s not acting in Its fullest Um capacity Because the planet Mars relates to Forward energy and charging forward so When it goes retrograde or backwards in The sky like it is in November Some masculines might not be acting in Their integrity and I feel like if You’re single and dating there is a Masculine around you who’s not acting in Their integrity who’s mad that you’re

Rejecting them Who’s mad that you Um don’t want them so now they’re doing A smear campaign against you so beware Of this toxic person is essentially what I’m seeing and also if you’re dating in Single beware of someone who’s already Married or already involved Someone here is kind of toxic Okay so that’s the Mars retrograde Message I had that’s super weird and Specific and random but when the time Comes you’re gonna know what I was Talking about now what I want to do is I Want to get into your career and Finances message for the month of November all right to group number one So I have my very trusty Um career deck to see what the career Messages are for you and the month of November now Um I do want to say that Uh what was I gonna say oh my gosh this Is like a Mercury retrograde sometimes I Forgot but this is what you need to hear For career and money oh My gosh did you guys see that card just Fall out like I picked it up and this Card says Entertainer so for your career I’m seeing this is a definite sign from God from Spirit whatever you believe in I’m just gonna say God this is a Definite sign from God you are meant to Be an Entertainer okay it says put

Yourself out there and bring out the Best in you so you can get noticed I’m going to say that again put yourself Out there And bring out the best in you so you can Get noticed now is the time for you to Shine now is the time for you to be seen You know your destiny Involves careers in theater Dancing Music or any type of entertainment you Are meant to be an Entertainer it’s in Your DNA it’s in your blood it’s in your Soul it’s who it is that you are and you Can’t mess up Destiny Everything in your soul blueprint and Who it is that you are is meant to be a Creative a performer an individual Someone who’s in the spotlight who Delights the senses with their talents Whether that is Tick Tock you’re doing Tick Tock dances I don’t want anyone to Say that people who do dances on Tick Tock aren’t talented that’s BS okay that Makeup skill those the beat the moves That’s talent that’s that’s a seductive Um Persona they can put on it’s not it Doesn’t come easy to everyone uh Musicianship Acting This is your sign this is what you were Meant to do and you see me shuffling on Camera right you saw it pop out This is your sign

You are meant to be an Entertainer And finally it says is there a talent You can turn into money Time to think outside the box you have a Performing talent that you can turn into Money And this is what you are destined to do You are destined so November is the time To Showcase your talents And to let yourself shine and be seen All right let’s see Let’s get a few more for your career in November Is there a few more from this deck Is there a few more sometimes there’s Not sometimes uh you know I’ll feel the Energy go you know there’s no more from This deck try another deck so Let me see That I need to try a different deck so Let’s see if there’s any more career Oop There we go we have the hanged man Uh oh Do you guys see this So right now in November in your career This is kind of a card guys like if you Look at it He’s being like maybe you guys get stage Fright or stage anxiety Okay I see this with the hanged man Maybe it’s like you’re really good at Singing like behind the scenes you’re Really good at acting when no one’s Around you’re really good at singing

When no one’s around but then as soon as You get in front of an audience or as Soon as you know people are watching It’s like your your throat closes up Your chest tightens up you mess up Because you’re so nervous it’s almost Like performance anxiety and you know What’s interesting is I know some of the Greats you know I used to love My Chemical Romance I I was like uh 12 when They were really big or whatever and They were one of the first bands I ever Really fanned over and I remember Watching a documentary called life on The murder scene And in this documentary uh Gerard Way Says he had to drink every night to Become Gerard Way on stage I think in a Way that’s kind of like performance Anxiety when you have to drink before You do something Um so maybe you guys have like Performance anxiety Where as soon as you know people are Watching as soon as you whip out the Camera as soon as you start singing in Front of others You kind of get a little anxious And I’m also hearing with this hanged Man maybe also You feel like your career is at a Standstill or maybe you feel a little Stuck in your career as well But I’m here to tell you

That even if you might be stuck even if You might feel like you’re stuck and You’re not going anywhere and you’ve Reached a dead end this is your sign With that Entertainer card you’re not at A dead end you’re meant to be you’re Meant to be an Entertainer you’re meant To be an actor you’re meant to be a Singer you’re meant to be in the Spotlight no matter how stuck you feel Or how much of a dead end you feel like You’ve reached I’m hearing to keep going Let’s see what’s coming in your career In the month of November group number One let’s see if we can get one more Card Okay so what I’m gonna do is I’m going To get a different deck and we’re gonna Ask how you stand out why do you shine So brightly because guys even if you Feel awkward Okay because I see that you feel awkward With this hanged man energy you feel Very awkward you have a crowd of people Always watching you You know you’re meant to stand out from The crowd and be an Entertainer and be On stage I see this with this imagery So people want to naturally watch you But you feel awkward with this hanged Man energy you know let’s see why it is That you stand out We have the Gemini card oh my gosh I’ll Tell you something about Gemini risings

In sidereal astrology Albert Einstein was a Gemini rising in Sidereal astrology Um Nicola Tesla I believe was a Gemini Rising in sidereal but I could be wrong About that one Lady Gaga is a Gemini Rising in sidereal astrology Um Travis Barker from Blink 182 is a Gemini rising in sidereal astrology Elon Musk The inventor of Tesla is a Gemini rising In sidereal astrology so what makes you Stand out is you have a very inventive Mind You think differently than other people Okay with this hanged man this is this Is other people and the way they think And it’s totally cool actually sometimes I feel like it’s almost debilitating To not think like the crowd because you Feel like no one really gets you or Understands you and you always feel Awkward Some people might call it Neurodivergency where you’re like damn I Don’t understand social cues I always Feel really awkward Um What makes you stand out is your Inventive mind You think differently than most people So you think of different ways to do Things that have never been done before Which makes you really stand out and

Sometimes This feeling can be uncomfortable Because you’re like oh I just want to do What everyone else is doing and fit in And be accepted but because you’re so Different you couldn’t even if you tried So I think that what makes you stand out Is the fact that you have ideas and Inventions and you do things in a way That has never been done before And I think that your unique mindset Really makes you stand out whether you Try to stand out or not Um with this Gemini card some of you Could really stand out on social media Like the way you take pictures the way You post on social media Gemini is the Card of social media some of you could Really stand out on social media as Being very different Okay uh Gemini is also The way you communicate your mind and It’s also the sign of writing That makes you stand out as well So guys Um You are in the same category as people Like Elon Musk Albert Einstein Travis Barker Um Lady Gaga like think about their Characters this is kind of this kind of Character you have which makes you stand Out Okay you’re also really good when it

Comes to Connecting with other people Through your talents Like even though you’re awkward group Number one I’m not gonna lie to you even Though you’re very awkward you have a Way to connect with people On a heart level that stabs them in the Heart that’s so authentic that’s so real And true to you Does Spirit have any um oops I mixed This in with the stack Are there any messages I’m not going to take that one are there Any messages for your money situation in The month of November We have the Libra card Okay so from the spread what I can see Is if you’re a Libra Sun Moon and Rising You might be struggling the most with Your money But besides that Um I do feel like there is a message About your finances here I feel like in The month of November you’re going to Stop investing in people and spending Money on people who do not reciprocate Your generosity Because sometimes it’s time to pull back Our energy and be more selfish about who We spend our time energy and money on And I feel like there are people in your Life that you have given time energy Abundance and care to you’ve been over

Generous with these people and these People have not reciprocated this Generosity back and in November you’re Learning to be more prudent About who you spend your time energy Resources and love on And you’re no longer giving to people Who do not reciprocate in the same way Or give back to you and that’s how You’re saving your money time and Resources Okay so that was your money mess message For November all right so we are now Into your love portion group number one About what you need to hear for your Love life your romantic love life in the Month of November oh my gosh marriage And divine Mission came out Look at that guys this is so positive Marriage Divine Mission and this deck is not the Most positive I’m just gonna go ahead And say that so the fact that you got That is crazy And we have Perfectly Imperfect so your Love message group number one for the Month of November there’s definitely a Faded soul mate here for you Um I see that with the stars and the Fact that in each one of these photos There is a couple embracing Um if you notice in this deck trust me It’s not on every card okay a lot of These cards are not that positive

So the fact that all three was a couple Embracing there’s definitely a huge soul Mate that’s in the cards for you one Thing that really stood out to me is the Clock I have never Um seen the clock on this card before But Spirit put my attention to this Clock I feel that it is written in the Stars it’s divine timing for you to meet A very big time soulmate This person you’re going to get married To and you are going to share a Divine Mission together which means you too Are going to team up towards a shared Goal I’m getting the message that they want Me to Um Kind of like actually I feel called to This stack so I’m going to go ahead and Get this So guys if you’re like my path doesn’t Include marriage yes it does yes it does Your path includes marriage but I’m Being drawn to this Divine Mission Because it says your union will impact The world in some large scale that will Help heal many people on this planet Through some sort of service And then we have the strength card So group number one you and your uh Divine soul mate are going to go to the Gym together a lot

That’s one of the signs that’s one of The hints that this person is your Marriage partner that this person Um is this Divine partner I’m talking About They both you and them are going to work Out and go to the gym together I feel like this person is going to come At a time in your life where you’re Least expecting them with romantic Surprise I also feel With Perfectly Imperfect Timing Wow I really feel for you guys group number One That you might not want a romantic Relationship or you might not be looking For a romantic relationship when this Person comes in you might think I’m not Ready I’m not ready for a partnership I’m not ready to trust someone I’m not Ready to meet this person and as soon as You say that I’m not ready the universe Is like I have a sick sense of humor It’s never when you want me it’s always When you don’t care Um you are ready you are ready for a Relationship it is divine timing for This partner to come into your life and I’m hearing something about it’s time Astrologically for this to happen it’s Divine timing for this to happen and

It’s like you’re like I’m not ready I Don’t trust people I’m not ready to Really open up It’s like ready or not here I come Ready or not here I come that’s the Message I heard about your love life and It’s happening very soon group one If you were single If you’re single this is happening Really soon and I keep being shown You’re gonna work out together Okay so Um is there one more card and I do feel This is your next marriage partner group Number one we have communication I feel someone here could be from Britain because this looks like British To me or something someone here could be From Europe or Britain or both of you Guys could get married in um Europe I Heard that strongly group one this Partner I’m seeing for you you guys Might get married in England or France Or Europe or one of you could be from Europe And I’m seeing that Um I’m seeing that it’s divine timing for This person to come in Maybe I heard some of you this could Start out long distance with marriage And communication Maybe some of you can meet on social Media or online first

Okay let me see Um what else I can get About your love life in the month of November because this seems like you’re In Union we have South node you have Shared a past life with this person I’m Hearing when the planets hit the South Node in November something big is going To happen in your love life Okay there’s also someone from the past She’s thinking about you this could have Been someone you were once married to They’ve been thinking about you Um they might try to reach out in November especially if you’re a Virgo Sun moon or Rising If you’re a Virgo Sun Moon and Rising I See that someone from your past or past Life is going to offer you their cup of Love in November Or this could be a Virgo Sun Moon and Rising from your past life or from your Past who’s going to come in with this Knight of Cups and offer you love Okay so there’s definitely a love energy Here for you So this is your love messages now let’s Finish your Um November reading with signs and Synchronicities from the universe in November and extra messages from the Creator alright guys are you ready to Finish this off with your signs and Synchronicities in my mega deck my mega

Deck of I don’t know I my decks are Chaotic and beautiful like my mind I Throw a bunch of stuff together and just Hope that it yeah this is my mega deck Hello So let’s um see what additional messages The universe has for you what signs to Look out for and what they mean so we Have eclipse in Aries collaboration and You know what’s crazy you know why it’s So crazy I pulled this card group one For those of you who are astrology nerds Like me Um the eclipse in sidereal astrology is Happening in Aries what are the chances Of drawing this card So essentially this is rare to draw Because Um there is actually an eclipse Happening in Aries in November and this Is a very rare occurrence So the eclipse for you in November is Going to be extremely powerful and I do Believe the eclipse is happening November Eighth but I could be wrong It could be later in November but Thankfully Google exists so if you Google the date Of November’s eclipse You are going to get this date this Eclipse is going to be very impactful For you group number one Eclipses don’t always impact everybody

Sometimes eclipses don’t do anything But for you group number one The eclipse is definitely going to Impact you in November in a huge Life-changing way Let’s get some clarifiers as to how We have sun and Scorpio Passionate a passionate Intense or Mysterious phase okay let’s get one more And we have mercury mind All right In true star girl fashion I’m gonna get Some clarifiers for each one of these Cards We have house We have Jupiter return benefits ooh I Already love this so much positivity And then we have mind faith I love this This is so positive okay so let’s take a Look at these messages that I’m getting From your final message for November the Eclipse and Aries is going to be so Powerful for you and I was worried I was Like uh oh sun and Scorpio is it gonna Be bad no this is really good so the First message I got is if you are trying To sell your house if you’re trying to Buy a house You are going to sell your house and get More than what you were asking for even In this market group number one Now if you’re trying to buy a house In November you are going to find your Dream home

And you will be purchasing your dream Home in November Now For for others of you where you’re not Looking to buy or sell a home and Remember I’m not giving you Financial Advice I am just confirming what you are Already doing always consult a Professional stupid disclaimer I have to Put I’m not telling you to buy or sell your Home I’m not telling you to make any Financial investments blah blah blah Common Sense stuff Um But for others of you I see you guys Like meeting your soul family coming in With this eclipse Like people who make you feel like Family that you can trust positive Collaborations with people are happening Around this eclipse and I’m seeing with Sun and Scorpio passion Jupiter return Benefits the passion you have for life Is returning again something is Re-sparking your passion With this eclipse I see it with Jupiter return benefits It’s like your passion for something is Returning Your passion for life is returning Okay with the Page of Cups more fun Experiences more fun happy intense Emotional experiences

Are here for you In the month of November And with Mercury mind and Faith Miracles I’m seeing a more optimistic outlook on Life you’re starting to think more Positively you’re starting to see Miracles maybe some of you guys are Really skeptical about tarot you’re Skeptical about God you’re skeptical About spirituality you know because you Guys are very intelligent and your Critical thinkers So even though you watch tarot you’re Skeptical even though you feel like There’s a God you’re skeptical your Skepticism is really melting away in November because you’re starting to see Miracles unfolding before your eyes You’re starting to see Serendipitous occurrences happening Before your eyes you’re starting to Literally with this Mercury mind see God Working in your life bringing Miracles Into your life And it’s like overwhelming your logic Okay the passion is coming back you’re Passionate intense self is coming back With intense passionate Experiences So these are the messages I have for you I hope that was helpful thank you so Much for watching and I will see you Later hello group number two it is me so Welcome to your November prediction for

Love career as well as money now group Number two I do have the astrological Transits for November on your left for Your convenience to look at So with that in mind let’s get into your Reading For love career and money in November But what I want to start out with group Number two is I want to start out with Your overall summary for November What is the overall theme Of your November What is the overall theme for your November so we have Virgo Okay so this says By the way guys group number two Um like I told group number one with This new camera I have I can’t see what It’s recording so if it’s not focusing I Apologize but I promise it does say Virgo I would not lie to you so this Virgo card says witchy analytical Perfectionistic details critical Responsible humble orderly insightful Alchemist and health So your overall summary what’s going on Here I see you guys getting really into Witchcraft or you know love spells love Potions um the witchy aesthetic you know Getting into tarot cards I just see that And this can be explained with astrology In November sidereal astrology All of the planets are going to be in Scorpio and Scorpio is the sign of

Witchcraft and witches so I really see You getting very festive this Halloween Season but also in November Um I see you getting a little witchy Group two And What I’m also seeing for you is I see You guys taking a lot of trips In the month of November you know you Might be in the car a lot you might be Driving around a lot taking spontaneous Trips a lot I see a lot of travel here for you Even if it’s just driving an hour away Okay so what else am I seeing what else Am I seeing for my Virgo I’m also feeling This is going to be a month where you’re Getting extremely organized and you’re Doing a lot of planning you’re writing a Lot of lists you’re doing a lot of Cleaning you’re throwing out things you No longer need Things that are taking of space in your House that’s blocking the energy of your House I see you throwing those things Away Organizing that closet that’s been Bothering you for months And clearing your space and therefore Clearing your mind I see you writing a lot of lists I see you organizing a bunch these are All these things that I see for USU

Getting into tarot I see you getting Into astrology I see you doing a lot of planning This is very responsible month for you Guys Okay so let’s see if we can get some More Um let’s see so what I want to get into Group number two Is I want to get into what area of life Does the universe want you to focus on In November Um because sometimes we don’t know where To focus our energy we don’t know where To put our energy right So where is it that God wants you to Focus your energy in November for your Highest and greatest good We have the Chariot card And we have the ace of cups So God the Creator whatever you believe In because remember this is a safe space For everyone of all beliefs but the Higher being is asking you to focus on Following your heart Now I know that sounds really cheesy but Hear me out A lot of self-help books tell you not to Follow your feelings because your Feelings will lead you to bad places and Essentially especially in American Psychology we like to demonize our Emotions But as an example in my life every time

I have followed my heart and my feelings It has landed me in blessed places And it has landed me with my YouTube Channel it has landed me exactly where I Needed to be So I feel group number two this is a Message of following your heart with the Chariot and the ace of cups follow your Bliss follow your happiness follow your Emotions now obviously I have to put a Stupid disclaimer About being responsible Don’t harm yourself or others Common Sense stuff right I’m talking about in a reasonable sense You know your heart is pulling you Towards something You’re you know I’m hearing listen to Your emotions and follow your emotions You know There was a relationship I was in for Way too long That my emotions were saying this feels Bad I feel bad every day but because I Was so committed to commitment I Did not listen to my emotions and I Stayed in this toxic relationship for Way longer than I should have and it Literally caused me to Glow down And it made me a Shell of a person Sometimes following your emotions is Actually very positive And in your case group number two I’m

Hearing follow your emotions and follow Your feelings they are accurate guidance At this time Let’s say you have been questioning if Your partner loves you For a year And every day you feel bad in this Relationship Ding ding ding follow your emotions it Means it’s time to leave that Relationship Let’s say there’s something you feel Passionate about that you want but Everyone’s saying that’s impractical or That’s irresponsible That was me before I left for Nashville To pursue my music career but I did it Anyway I followed my passion and it Landed me exactly where I needed to be So group two your emotions are leading You somewhere Follow them focus on them where is your Emotions telling you to go that’s Accurate guidance for you at this time If you get invited to go on a trip If you have an opportunity to go on a Trip Take it this trip is going to be really Good for you it’s going to recharge your Batteries your emotional batteries as I See with the ace of cups Now this also is the Chariot and the ace Of cups if you guys have the financial Means too and you have been searching

For a new car or been wanting a new car I see that happening for you in November Okay I’m seeing like if some of you have Needed a new car and you have the Financial means I see that coming through for you in November now let’s go into what your Blessings are going to be In the month of November group number Two what blessings can you expect in November we have the Trine card This is literally the card of blessings In this deck because it says Brings luck flow talents indulges Effortlessness Harmony ease no friction Your blessing is you’re gonna be in An energy of ease in November group Number two Obstacles are being removed from your Path delays are being removed from your Path things that used to feel hard and Like a struggle are now starting to come Easy It’s like you strengthened your muscles So much from all of the challenges in The past That now presently in November things Are just coming so easily because your Muscles are so strong it’s like when you Do the stair Master every day And then you walk up a flight of stairs And it feels like nothing because your Muscles are so developed your muscles Spiritually emotionally and mentally

Are so developed from all of the past Challenges that in November things are Going to feel easy and they’re going to Come easy and you are entering a season Of ease Where things come with little effort Things are not as hard things are not as Much of a struggle things come a lot Easier in November let’s see how We have the eight of Pentacles I love This I love this The eight of Pentacles and this is the Card of mastering a skill whatever it is That you’ve been working on diligently Whatever it is you have been committed To every day because age is the number Of Saturn and Saturn is the planet of Discipline consistency routine Mastery Whatever it is that you have been Working on every day you have been Improving and that is your blessing for The month of November Things are starting to become easier for You Group number two as your blessing Because you were becoming more skilled At what it is that you’re doing and it’s Almost turning into second nature so Your blessings in the month of November Is you’re starting to see vast Leaps and Bounds in Improvement in your skills Whether you are a teacher Whether you are a singer whether you are

A writer whether you are a designer Whatever it is that you do daily to Improve In his skill set You are actually becoming better you’re Starting to see yourself improve you’re Starting to see your progress you’re Starting to see oh wow I’m actually kind of good at this wow I See my Improvement And what it is that you’re working on is Starting to become easier because you’re Becoming so much more skilled at what it Is that you do so it’s almost like Second nature You know it’s like you no longer get Stressed out it’s kind of like when I Started to really get good at tarot and I got less anxiety I was less stressed Out because it became more second nature You know it’s like there’s something That you do That you have been consistently putting Time energy commitment into And it’s start you’re starting to see Your progress You’re starting to gain Mastery you’re Starting to become a master at what you Do and it’s becoming easier you’re Becoming so skilled At what it is that you do so one big Astrological Transit that is happening In November all throughout November is The Mars retrograde now Mars is the

Planet of scx lust aggression War blood Masculine energy that planet does not go Retrograde as often as mercury so it’s Kind of a rare Transit and this Mars Retrograde is happening all through Um The month of November so I want to see what this Astrological Transit has for you okay This Aries card popped out so I’m just Gonna let it be and see what is Happening Okay so if you are an Aries sun moon or Rising with this Mars retrograde in November this is gonna be a month where You are being called to really Um slow down and take a break with the Hanged man and the four of swords Okay you might need more sleep you might Need more time to sit around and do Nothing you might be like what is wrong With me why am I sleeping so much Why am I so tired Why is it that all I want to do is eat And lay around and sleep you know I’m Hearing listen to your body With Mars the planet of action and Motivation going backwards in the sky This might mean that you do need more Sleep and you do need more rest and that Is okay because like a phone we have to Charge our batteries through sleep and Sometimes When we get really tired we might be

Like am I lazy and do I have cancer What’s wrong with me sometimes your body Just needs more sleep to prepare you for The exciting New Beginnings to come I’m going to say that again sometimes Your body needs more sleep and food not Because your body’s trying to sabotage You and get in the way of your goals Your body might know that something new And exciting that requires a lot of Energy is on the horizon so it’s time to Sleep more eat more and recharge your Batteries so in November You might really feel like okay I need More sleep This sleep is very restful For You Especially if you’re an Aries sun moon Or rising and I’m hearing you guys are Always on the go Like you guys are warriors you’re always On the go Um normally you’re always pushing Forward and now you’re kind of losing That energy or you need more sleep it’s Because of this Mars retrograde with the Snow Moon look at that you’re running Low on resources You’re running low on energy Okay there’s nothing wrong with you you Just need more sleep you just need more Rest and this is what this Mars Retrograde in the month of November is Going to ask you to do maybe that’s why Earlier in your reading I was saying

That Um motivation the feeling of motivation Is not reliable Maybe your motive your levels of Motivation feel up and down maybe it’s Because you need more time to rest and Recharge because there’s an exciting New Beginning happening and you need to Recharge those batteries So this Mars retrograde in November is Going to cause you to need more sleep And need more rest You need that beauty sleep is what I’m Hearing okay so let’s get into your Career portion group number two for the Month of November oh my gosh okay wow oh My gosh so let’s get into this I love When the cards just pop out you know This tells me the message is strong so The first card we have is writer Your and it says your words have the Power to influence others That message is for you group number two In your career your words have the power To influence others So with this writer card I feel you are going to make money from Your writing Some of you have a book inside of you I You know I this message I feel like is Like follows me around and I’m like No I don’t I don’t want to that seems Overwhelming but Group two I I really feel like something

About your ability to write Is like something about your life story Is hella interesting group too that’s What I wanted to say Um new money and Leadership maybe you Guys didn’t come from money but then you You somehow came into money or fame you Know like Rags to Riches kind of story Not all of you remember this is just for Some of you I just want to point out for Some of you I think you went from Rags To Riches with new money and Leadership Or there’s something hella interesting About your life guys like you might some Of you I’m hearing are like what do you Mean I’m boring as hell like You know there’s something hella Interesting about your life with the Full card you’ve had experiences in your Life that not a lot of people have Experienced They’re very unique to you and there’s Something about you telling about this Experience of your journey through like A short Tick Tock or through a book or Through guys because remember writing is Not this is the 21st century Writing is not just about writing books Anymore like it’s about writing scripts Like a movie script maybe like a tick Tock short or something like that Um your journey in life your story needs To be told or portrayed in like a movie Or a book or like you know

Um an article or like a comedy sketch Something like that I feel like you’re being called to Artistically portray Your life experience because it’s very Unique and a lot of people will be able To relate to you in some sort of facet Um I’m also getting here that there’s Definitely when it comes to your Finances there’s definitely new money Here for you Like I this these two cards new money And Leadership some of you might Straight up get a raise in the month of November because the leadership he’s Being crowned which talks about arrays New money that comes with this raise I See that you guys are raising in status In the month of November Like I’m hearing you’re becoming an Authority and what it is that you do and Your skills are highly sought after Because very few people are as skilled As you In what it is that you do so you’re Quickly becoming an authority and people Want to pay you a lot of money for your Skill set Because you have become a master and You’re so proficient at what it is that You do that people are offering you Loads of money for your skill set Because you have become a master at

Something I keep getting Pops in my ears so I know This is right So um what I was saying earlier in the Reading group too you’ve become an Authority or a master and a talent that Now a lot of people want to pay you a Lot of money for this Talent OR for this Skill set So that I definitely see like more money Coming into your life in November now on The other hand if you guys work for Yourself Like if you’re not in corporate I see that you’re gonna be getting like A lot more people who are Wanting to like new money is definitely Coming in for you guys group two I’m Hearing more money and new ways to make Money are manifesting for you in the Month of Um November some of you are straight up Going to make money through the occult With the eighth house so some of you are Making money through tarot reading You’re making money through being an Astrologer you’re making money through Being a professional witch the eighth House is also Um things to do in the funeral business So if some of you guys are in the Funeral business like as a mortuary or Funeral director you are literally Making money through

Um Through death okay not to be morbid the Eighth house is also inheritance so some Of you in November this new money I see Coming in from for you you might Actually be getting money through a Family inheritance in the month of November Or someone who’s passed on might leave You a substantial Um Inheritance in the month of November now I don’t want you to think and be worried That someone close to you is going to Pass away because like I said the Eighth House deals with the occult So you could be making new money as a Tarot reader or an astrologer but the Eighth house also deals with um Funeral homes death so if you work in That field new money could be coming Through that way the eighth house is Also the house of marriage So some of you could be getting married And through getting married you are Manifesting more money for yourself Now the eighth house finally Is the house of sex work as well so some Of you guys hey I’m not judging you you Might decide to start an only fans or do Whatever you need to do I am the least Judgmental person ever like trust me Like I do I don’t care what you do so You know if you were thinking about

Doing scx work I see new money coming in Through that way okay the eighth house Is sex death witchcraft Because it is the house of the sign of Scorpio And also inheritance so that’s how new Money is coming in inheritance Um marriage the occult Funeral services witchcraft I forgot to add that the eighth house is Not as dramatic all the time as like Um death the occult inheritance the Eighth house is also credit cards why Because it’s other people’s money Um The Eighth House Rules design is Scorpio and the sign of Scorpio in the Eighth House deals with sex the occult Taboo death witchcraft Um marriage because the eighth house is Other people’s money and other people’s Money is also the bank’s money so if You’re not getting money through all of Those dramatic ways I mentioned before I Was getting the energy of some of you Are going to open a credit card Or some of you are getting a large loan From the bank maybe it’s a loan to get This car I saw earlier so if it’s not Inheritance marriage sex the occult I See you guys opening up a credit card or Getting a significant loan from the bank Or a significant check from the Government And that’s how you’re getting this new

Money in I just wanted to add that okay So there’s definitely an increase in Your finances new money coming in Through the Eighth House of all the Things I mentioned before of what it Could be because this is a general Reading so I’m seeing raise promotion And new money coming in it’s looking Very good when it comes to your career Okay so let’s look at your level life in The month of November what love messages Does the higher power have for you group Number two for the month of November What love messages are there Okay so we have Mania love We have Awakening oh I don’t know why I just didn’t like that Kylie Jenner I don’t know guys it’s it’s Been a long reading all right traps Then we have Runner And we have hidden blessings oh my gosh I got the message I got the message so Group two This Is Your Love portion So there was somebody Who ran away from you okay Um this person left you they ran away From you They you you felt that this person was Your twin flame you felt this person was Your soul mate you just knew it Um you offered them your love that was So unconditional but they battered and Abused your love you know they took it

For granted they ran away from you But now this person who has ran away From you and has left you they’re Starting to awaken to this connection I’m hearing that everything makes them Think of you okay with this hidden Blessings card this is the card of signs Um your person is getting signs from the Universe about you all the time they’re Starting to see one one two two two Three through three Um they’re starting to get signs from The universe about you and your Connection and they’re starting to Realize They’re starting to awaken to the Spiritual nature of your connection and They’re starting to second guess why They ran away from you why they pushed You away it’s like this person can’t go A day without thinking about you because Everything reminds them of you you know This person hears a song on the radio That you used to like you know it Reminds them of you Um the universe is sending them like one One one two two two three three three And they’re starting to awaken to the Spiritual nature of your relationship You know Like they’re starting to see your name Everywhere they go to They’re starting to see people who look Like you everywhere they go it’s like

They can’t forget about you because They’re seeing signs of you everywhere And they’re starting to question why They treated you so bad they’re starting To question why they took you for Granted they’re starting to question why They pushed you away They’re starting to awaken to this Connection this is someone that you Loved a lot like you felt like wow love At first sight Um You were awakened to the spiritual Nature of this connection before they Were And you were able to see things in them That they were not yet able to see in Themselves because you saw this person’s Potential and their soul and you offered Them true love genuine love spiritual Love You know you gave them genuinity and They battered and abused that love and Pushed you away and now this person’s Like why did I do that Why did I run away why did I push them Away they’re starting to awaken to this Connection that you already knew I don’t know if it’s too late for them Or not though because you might be like Fed Up honestly group two you might be Like Um That casualty song I gave you love I

Gave you heart all I get is broken heart Very emo for a punk rock song I gave you Love I gave you heart all I get is Broken heart anyway Um it’s like yeah you gave them your Love and heart and all you got was a Broken heart and they treated you like Crap and you were like starting to Question maybe I made up all of these Good qualities I saw on them but you Fell in love with a soul I just keep seeing you were able to see Their super spiritual nature before they Did and now they’re starting to go Through a spiritual awakening And they’re seeing Angel numbers and Everything makes them think of you is it Too late how do you feel about this Person did this person push you away one Too many times five of cups look this Person broke your effing heart Look at that Look at that Five of Cups this person Has made you cry this person has like Disappointed you in so many ways the Five of cups is the card of despair This person has broken your heart Completely and you were totally like you You gave this person everything you had And they took it for granted I just saw Two two two two two two two dude oh my Gosh and it said injured lawyers a a Truck literally just passed my window in My recording room and it said two two

Two two two two two so you guys have Been seeing two two two And it said injured lawyers on the truck So this person injured you Greatly Okay you’re like I should press charges With the amount of emotional you put me through Oh my gosh so ooh okay We have the nine of Wands and you’re Defensive with this person as well You know maybe this person like Destroyed your stuff maybe there was Like I’m seeing your weary and you’re Tired Group two you’re weary and you were Tired and you were burnt out with this Connection Now with this with this person who wants To come back this person who ran away From you Okay treated you like garbage page of Swords they’re spying on your social Media and everything makes them think of You they can’t stop thinking of you they They everywhere they go make reminds Them of you that’s what I hear Now what is it that this person is Thinking Two of Wands this person is watching you Hella and you probably feel it on your Energy This person is watching you hella Okay

Now with the nine of cups Um What does this mean this person feels as Though You are so far removed from the Situation that you are happy without Them they feel like you are way out of Their league now did you hear that Ding This person feels like you are way out Of their league now you guys have Leveled up You have Um grown so much And you look like you’re doing fine Without them and it’s driving this Person crazy maybe you’re stepping into More of an independent energy maybe You’re stepping into Um less because you used to chase this Person you used to be like so all over This person and now you’re pulling back And you’re like I’m a prize you’re Putting yourself on a pedestal you’re in A more independent energy you are Reaching a lot of big accomplishments in Your life and now this person is Watching you who ran away and abused you And now they want to come back because All they can do is think about you Because you’re so distant and they’re Not used to that normally before you Were all over them and their energy okay That’s what I see in love this person Could be a fire sign Aries Leo Sage Sun

Moon and Rising This person is not with anyone else Currently they’re in a Hermit energy Okay and in this hermit stage all of the All they’ve been doing is going through A major Spiritual Awakening This person has been forced into a Spiritual Awakening by the universe And they are literally starting to Awaken to their higher self to this Connection to the spirituality of this Connection this person is finally Starting to catch up to you and they’re Finally starting to see The intensity and spiritualness of this Connection and themselves Is it too late two of Swords your heart Is blocked to this person you’re like no ethno get the hell away from me Oh yeah and this Chariot card You’re moving on you’re like no no way But I feel like your mind is pulling you In that direction Like your mind is saying no way but your Heart is saying yes Does that make sense I feel like your Heart and mind is pulling you in two Separate directions so your mind is like No way but your heart is like but I love Them By the way guys with this Empress card You’re the only person they want Okay no one else is as attractive as you No one else does it for them like you do

This Runner is now wanting to run back To you now they’re feeling they’re Starting to finally catch up they ran Away and now what you used to feel for Them they’re starting to feel for you They feel like you are the one they’re Starting to realize maybe some of them Left you for a third party because in This lovers card I see a third energy And a snake maybe they left you for Someone else Or maybe they got distracted from you to Look at somebody else or to focus on Somebody else This person is having hella regrets the Universe put them in time out The universe put them in a time out Okay Um so that’s what’s happening in your Love life By the way guys with this Temperance Card this might be like you guys are Very similar I’m seeing like male Divine Femme Divine masculine Very different but also very similar And I want to tell you guys for some of You I feel like your angels are leading you To walk away completely from this Relationship I’m hearing follow Hmm I don’t know guys Um I don’t know what the advice here Because this is very nuanced and it

Depends on your situation but I’m a firm Believer that people don’t change and Well they do change but I’m a firm Believer that You know you can manifest new into your Life if you wanted to this person too Little too late does that make sense Maybe it was you were meant to Push them into a Spiritual Awakening by Them having to lose you And also with this magician card I feel Guys that You can manifest what you want on the Material plane you don’t have to go back To the past you can go to new Okay so I like to end with these Messages for the monthly predictions Group two because I feel like they Really give like really they wrap it up Really nice about messages you need to Hear for November and signs and Synchronicities to look out for in November and what they mean like are you Gonna be seeing an animal totem number Synchronicity and what is the universe Trying to tell you I’d like to end it on This so we have the card of inspiration Inspiration is here for you In November you’re going to be feeling Inspired in November we have the Tree of Life okay this talks about Um grounding out in nature and I hate This message is so overdone but Sometimes when I’m feeling like dead at

Work I’ll go for a walk and I’ll come back And I’ll get inspiration I see you guys Going for like walks and like on your Walk you get an idea or an inspiration You know Something like that Like On your morning walk walking the dog Walking in the park taking a hike you Get like this amazing idea or Inspiration comes to you or something Like that okay we have a moon and Aries Courage in Reverse interesting let’s get Some more clarifiers we have Visualization Um Imagination Focus experience and Manifestation Okay we have cracker and reverse And then we have honesty Okay so the message we have here group Two is you are starting to get Inspiration about what you want to Experience here on Earth that is not yet A reality They’re kind of just ideas Okay they’re ideas you have for your Future that are not yet a reality Um and being told that these ideas or These desires that you have for the Future That are not yet a physical reality Are guidance from your higher self you Are meant to achieve these desires or

These goals That you really want But you’re not sure how to make it a Physical reality they’re kind of just Ideas these ideas are divinely guided And the right circumstances people and Situations will be put on your path To help make these ideas and desires and Conceptions and actual reality And it will come with ease Because It’s something that’s supported by the Universe Okay so let’s say like this is a dream You have for your future like I want a Husband and kids and a house but I don’t Have a husband I’m so single and I have no idea how That’s gonna change But I wanted for the future you know It’s some dream you have for the future That’s not yet a reality it’s just an Idea or a desire Your Spirit guides want you to know This is divinely sent You are meant to achieve this and make It a reality so we’re sending you in the Right people the right opportunities the Right circumstances to help make these Ideas An actual reality Now what what’s interesting is Cracker Is in Reverse cracker talks about Excitement and fast things happening

They’re saying it’s not happening as Fast as you want it to you’re like I Want it to happen overnight where’s my Husband okay it’s the next day where is He Or whatever your desire is Okay it’s saying it’s not happening as Fast as you want But things that are meant to be grounded Into a physical reality that will last Take some time to grow like this tree Here because you’re laying solid Roots So just have a little more patience and I think you are I think you’re realizing Things take time And you’re in an energy of trust and Patience and you know things aren’t Going to happen overnight And things are taking root They’re not things that are going to Happen fast fizzle out and die away These are long-lasting blessings that Are being planted and rooted in your Life And they’re not going to be easily Uprooted They will be permanent and secure Blessings That last for a long time as opposed to Coming quick and leave quick Then with the moon and Aries in Reverse Courage in Reverse some of you have not Been feeling brave enough When it comes to using your voice

There might be a block in your throat Chakra where you have a hard time Telling people the truth you have a hard Time being honest you have a hard time Expressing yourself vocally and Apologetically without your throat Closing up or Without You Second-guessing yourself You know this might be you have a hard Time speaking freely because You’re afraid of saying the wrong thing Or you’re afraid that your voice won’t Be heard there’s a fear of really Speaking your mind And really allowing yourself to be heard Vocally there’s a blockage on your Throat chakra Let’s see what you can do to fix this Mercury retrograde Reinvention interesting what else can They do to fix this Coffin This is so interesting so the coffin is About death Mercury retrograde is about things from The Past coming back So things from the Past coming back that Have died I got the message your Spirit guides or God wants you to look inside of yourself And think about why you have such a fear Of expressing yourself boldly What in your past that was traumatic has Hurt your throat chakra

Because you have a hard time being Honest you have a hard time speaking You have a hard time letting yourself be Heard you might not like your voice you Know there’s something about you have a Really hard time standing up for Yourself with your voice being honest Um allowing your voice to be heard by Many there’s a blockage in your throat Chakra your Spirit guides are asking you To go back to your past with this Mercury retrograde something really Traumatic happened to you in in your Past with three of swords in the coffin Something really traumatic and painful From your past happened so now it’s hard For you to speak up for yourself now It’s hard for you to communicate or use Your voice they want you to look in the Past and see what that was Okay with this Justice card it could Have been an abusive relationship Honestly it could have been Um An abusive relationship it could have Been People made you feel like your voice was Unimportant it could be you were Unfairly judged for your self-expression And now you have a fear of expressing Yourself it could be unaddressed pain But your Spirit guides are asking you in November to work on opening up your Throat chakra so you can be courageous

In communication and the reason why it’s Blocked is something in your past that Was painful and once you identify it and Heal from it you can unlock your throat Chakra and start using it again those Are the messages that I have for you I Hope that was helpful Um that got heavy towards the end thank You so much for watching and I will see You later hi Groove number three it’s Star Girl welcome to your November Prediction for love career and money Using the tarot cards so group three What we are going to do is we’re going To start out with your overall summary Like if we could summarize your whole November into one card what will it be Then we’re gonna go into your where the Universe or God or the Creator whatever You believe in the higher source wants You to focus your energy for your Highest and greatest good in November And where will reap a lot of blessings If you were to focus your energy on that Thing in November Then the third thing we’re gonna do is See what blessings are just flowing into Your life in November and then we’ll go On from there just as a heads up I do Have November’s astrological Transit on The left here where you can see what’s Going on astrologically and Energetically on the board now one Transit that’s going to be super big in

The month of November is March Mars Retrograde From Gemini back into Taurus in sidereal Astrology and I can’t help but notice a Lot of planets are going to be in the Sign of Scorpio and we have an eclipse In Aries so this is going to be kind of A crazy month let’s see what it’s going To bring you group through your overall Summary we have Saturn oh We have the Saturn card don’t freak out I know I just freaked out Um Saturn I have a love hate Relationship with Why because when we draw Saturn Saturn Really does give you the biggest Blessings that last it gives you Legacy Long lasting wealth it gives you you Know wealth that’s not going to go away That fast it gives you blessings that Are going to be in your lineage for many Generations Saturn really gives like Long lasting blessings but they come Through hard work trial error tests it’s Kind of like Saturn brings hidden Blessings we’re in the moment it really Just rips your heart out and sucks and Brings you pain but then a few years Later you look back and you go oh this Was actually a blessing in disguise Because that person broke my heart it Pushed me to glow up and level up in Ways I would have never done if they Hadn’t broke my heart or man all of

Those years of Toil and labor and Consistency where I felt like I was Never gonna make get and then a few Years later you’re sitting on Legacy and Generational wealth so that’s why I have A love-hate relationship with Saturn Because Saturn doesn’t give you instant Gratification it’s not like a Jupiter or Venus blessing where it’s like Sugar Rush dopamine blowing up randomly on Tick Tock meeting your soul mate from The sky just opening up and filling you With blessings that’s a Jupiter and Venus blessing which is kind of like a Sugar high you know it feels really good In the moment but then an hour later You’re hungry and it comes really easy But it goes easy as well Saturn’s not Like that Saturn’s like sacrifice your Present uncomfortability For long-term gains Saturn is like damn Saturn is the energy of a diet No bread no carbs you’re cranky you’re Hungry but then a week later you love Your body trigger warning okay like if You I didn’t mean to trigger anyone Um by saying that it’s just kind of like You know let’s say you’re an athlete You do bikini competitions okay you need To lose weight for your job you know Um stuff like that it’s like oh man this Sucks this diet sucks but then you win The competition okay you know it’s it’s

Just as an example Saturn is delaying Instant gratification for long-term Results Okay so that’s your overall energy for The month of November is delaying Instant gratification for long-term Benefits as well as results And it’s slow Saturn is the slowing move Slowest moving Planet as well Saturn moves very slowly it takes 27 Years for your Saturn return So it’s a very slow and steady wins the Race Planet if Saturn were an animal It would be the tortoise not the hair Mercury is the hair it’s the fastest Moving Planet but it gets burnt out Quickly Saturn is the slowest moving But it wins the race you know Saturn is The energy of the ugly duckling that Turns into a swan later in life Saturn Is the energy of aging gracefully with Time Saturn is the energy of discipline Leads to the greatest rewards and Blessings and slow and steady wins the Race and Saturn is also the energy of Things that get better with time and It’s kind of like have you noticed Everything good for you is painful Cold showers Micro needling your face for collagen to Make you look younger Botox that’s Painful a tattoo that you really want That’s beautiful that’s painful Saturn Is the energy of pain in the present

Moment but in the future it leads to the Results that you want that’s why younger People I’ll tell you something group Three this is why younger people on Tick Tock and guys I’m a Gemini rising I love New trends And I try to keep my mind open to you Know new music because I never want to Be that old person who’s like ew new Music Um but this is why people on Tick Tock Like younger kids do not like the energy Of Saturn they don’t like hearing the Word diet they don’t like hearing the Word discipline because they have not Saturn’s energy you appreciate more with Age because Saturn is the planet of age And older people And when you grow older you appreciate Saturn more because you see why you had To go through pain for longer term Results So the older you get the more Saturn Works in your favor and the more you Appreciate Saturn this is why people on Tick Tock who are younger really don’t Like Saturn like things they get Offended they get triggered reality Deeply disturbs them because when you’re Younger you’re like Ugh Saturn why are You doing this to me and you really feel Your Saturn placement and restrictions Okay So this is your overall summary is

Saturn Okay so what I just summarized right There is your overall summary for uh November so now let’s move into what the Universe wants you to focus on in November For your highest and greatest good And if you Were to focus on this area of life in November it would reap the most rewards And blessings for you what area of life Should you focus your energy on in November for your highest and greatest Good materially and spiritually where Are you going to be rewarded if you Focus your energy on this thing We have flower Moon and it says divine Feminine ripe Time beauty washing away Sorrow celebration fun and fertility Healing and manifestation so this is a Very divine feminine card so essentially The universe is saying that you are Going to find your most blessings when You focus on self-care now listen Um before my late 20s I did not focus on Self-care I was like uh you know I’m one Of the boys I I don’t need to focus on My skincare routine and makeup and ew I’m not like other girls you know I was Like the epitome of tomboy but there’s a Practical reason doing self-care Releases serotonin oxytocin like your Brain likes it and it releases feel good Chemicals so if you’re struggling with

The Saturn Hardware work stuff release Those feel-good chemicals with your Self-care routine some of you guys are Already doing it some of you are like Listen I take my self-care routine so Serious with the Saturn card I’m always Doing my skincare I’m always lotioning I’m always brushing my teeth I’m always Grooming like trust me I take that sh Serious And if that’s you okay if you are like That Saturn’s Saturn’s saying it’s gonna Be rewarded you know you’re gonna notice The time and energy you put into Yourself really show in your outward Appearance however if that does not Sound like you something sometimes new Things that are good for you Do not always feel good at first When I started taking care of myself my Skin lotioning skin care I didn’t feel Like doing it because it was new and it Felt bad and uncomfortable and against What was familiar but when you make it a Habit it starts becoming second nature And you’re gonna find your most Abundance and success by putting energy Into self-care Um you know it’s it’s it is important Right grooming is important I wish I had Um you know I grew up with a big sister Who told me this you know grooming is Very important so I see when you are you Know if you’re doing your skincare

Routine if you’re taking care of your Teeth taking care Of your hair You know taking care of yourself as an Act of self-love That’s going to be super rewarded in November and this is also about taking a Break to have fun the flower moon is About fun you know doing things for the Sheer enjoyment of it Making time for fun in your busy busy Disciplined routine having one day where You just watch movies all day or you go To the mall whatever recharges you and Feels like fun to you you know that’s How you’re going to if you focus on that You’re going to receive inspiration and The most blessings in November fun Self-care Um Doing things just for fun that seem Frivolous and like a waste of time like Going to the spa getting a massage and Being unapologetically selfish and Spoiling yourself and channeling your Inner Marie Antoinette Let The Peasants Eat cake I am going to go to the spa and Get my nails done get my toes done Um I’m going to and not because I care About what men think but because I am a Queen and I deserve to be treated like a Queen you know stupid frivolous Self-care things like that are actually Not as stupid and frivolous as they seem

That was one block I had towards Self-care it’s a waste of time it’s Stupid it’s frivolous are you a waste of Time never You know Um an unfortunate fact of life is you Don’t have to be you know conventionally Attractive that is a lie okay but I will Say people can tell on your appearance If you take care of yourself or not and Unfortunately people are shallow and They will treat you based on how much Time and energy you put into yourself And it’s just a fact of life Um so you know it doesn’t matter if you Are big small you think you are the Standard of beauty or not Um it doesn’t those things don’t matter People look at do you take care of Yourself your skin your hair your nails And if you do people will unconsciously Pick that up and start treating you Better Um so that’s like where you’re going to Get the most blessings is focusing on That in November okay So let’s move on to your blessings in November and it’s interesting because Your overall energy is like Saturn okay Saturn like I said is like not a sugar High it’s like that egg breakfast that Doesn’t feel as good when you’re eating It but it gives you longer lasting Energy as opposed to a Jupiter breakfast

Which is like donuts and it feels so Good and you have that Sugar High and Then crash burn the rest of the day That’s Yeah I think of these metaphors Astrology wise because I’m a huge Astrology nerd Um I’m a nerd when it comes to astrology Um so let’s go to Your blessings for November group number Three The Knight of Pentacles okay this came Out in your blessing position Interesting Um the Knight of Pentacles is slow just Like Saturn And it is described as patience slow Progress practical routine hard work Conservative methodical grounded effort This sounds a hell of a lot like the Planet Saturn so I told you what the Saturn blessings are delayed Gratification for long-term results that Is what you are in the process of doing Delayed gratification with long-term Results I’m going to use what people would call A shallow metaphor because I feel like This really pertains to the reading So it’s kind of like micro needling your Skin you have to get a session of four Like one microneedling isn’t really Going to do much on your face but then By the second one you notice your

Wrinkles go away and by the third one it Goes away a little more and by the Fourth time it’s like whoa major Transformation it’s kind of like you’re Not noticing results overnight And it feels like nothing is really Changing even though you’re putting in The work but it’s one of those things Where you’ll look back a year later at Your progress and be like oh my gosh I Transformed I did a lot over the course Of the year but each day there doesn’t Seem like there’s much changing But the blessing that’s being given to You is patience Group number three you’re going to be a Lot more patient And patience is a virtue and patience is Good because you’re no longer going to Be like oh why are things moving faster Why are things happening for me why is It that nothing ever like you’re Starting to go okay I see that I am Actually making progress and it’s giving You more patience you know and I’m also Seeing a good steady work ethic here Group three I see you have developed a Good steady work ethic a good steady Routine you would become more methodical In your practice You have a good head on your shoulders You are stable So the blessing here is stability Practicality

And just stability is a good thing Because I have this doctor And he’s so funny he doesn’t even Realize he’s funny he was like how’s Life and I was like boring you know Uneventful and he’s like hey it’s good That it’s uneventful you could have Cancer that would be eventful but also Very tragic and I was like I was Literally laughing so hard at my doctor I was like Yeah at least I don’t have cancer that’s So true Um so hey it might be boring but at Least you don’t have something traumatic Happening in your life and you’re Starting to appreciate the little things Around you Okay and you are making progress however I will say I do think there are more Blessings here that you’re not aware of Um my Spirit guides are really telling Me that I think they’re going to come Out later on in the reading but now Um I’m really being led at this moment To do a reading for you on what’s going To happen during this Mars retrograde Mars the planet of action War sex blood And masculine energy is going backwards In the sky Just like how Mercury goes retrograde In all through November It’s going to briefly touch into Gemini And then go retrograde back into Taurus

In sidereal astrology very big rare Astrological Transit that only happens Every two years I believe So what is Mars retrograde going to Bring you group number three that is the Next point of The reading alright let’s see what comes Out here for your Mars retrograde so we Have the eight of Pentacles and her hair Is a mess she’s stressed out trying to Work hard on the grill we have the king Of Wands So an advisor a leader the boss and we Also have the 10th house which is also Your boss and authority figure so this More is retrograde As stated previously Mars is the planet Of War aggression motivation action Towards our goals Um it’s Mars is the planet of action Forward Mars is the planet of motivation Determination Um War uh males okay and it’s going Backwards in the sky which is you know As in I don’t think it’s the best Because Mars is about taking action Forward when Mars goes backwards it’s Kind of like the opposite of Mars right Um I kind of feel like you’re gonna be Kind of stressed out working really hard For a boss or working hard to impress a Boss or an authority figure I feel like You’re like oh my gosh I’m so stressed Out

Um you’re working really hard for Someone in a position of authority and It’s stressing you out I also feel like You’re being watched very closely by Someone who’s in a position of power or Authority in your career and you’re Working really hard for them or you’re Working really hard to impress them I See a heavy emphasis with this Mars Retrograde in November on authority Figures who are really watching you at This time who are really like keeping an Eye on you Um and it might be stressing you out Because you’re feeling this energy on You Um it’s kind of like I don’t know like If you have an Etsy like someone who has A large following is commissioning you For a wig or something and then you’re Stressed out because you’re like oh my Gosh I have to make this wig for this Really famous or successful person I Have to do a really good job That’s kind of like the energy I’m Feeling or like someone who’s really Successful or really important asks you To work for them and you’re like oh my Gosh I have to do a good job because This person you know is super successful And this could make or break my career You know something like that that’s the Energy I’m getting Um I’m also getting this energy that

Your your work at work you’re being Watched very closely by someone who’s an Authority in your field so let’s see uh What they’re thinking about Okay I actually feel called to reshuffle Okay so we have the 12th house so guys This is definitely in secret let me Um key you in on a secret group number Three Start doing your best work you are being Secretly watched by your boss or an Authority figure because the 12th house Is things that you can’t see so this Tells me that someone who’s very Important who has a high position who’s In a leadership position they have a lot Of power over you This person is watching you very closely In secret with the 12th house the 12th House is secrets It’s what’s hidden Um they’re watching you work very hard Right now in secret you might be getting Evaluated in secret you know this Reminds me of the time I worked in a Luggage store and this lady my boss put Cameras in the store and would watch What the employees were doing when she Was gone you know that kind of energy You are definitely being watched in Secret by someone in Authority at your Job now if you’re on social media okay You have a social media business there Might be someone famous or there might

Be someone really successful who wants To commission you for your work and but They’re watching you first in secret That’s the message that I straight up Got let’s see what they’re thinking we Have the first house Okay Um this deals with your appearance let’s See what else they’re thinking we have The three of Swords Hmm what they’re thinking let me get one More clarifier and the Seven of Wands They feel that some of you are going Through a difficult time right now Some of you guys might look like you’re Struggling a lot you might look like You’re going through a difficult time They’re noticing that Um you guys are suffering in some sort Of emotional sense like they noticed You’re going through some sort of Depression or you’re going through some Sort of heartache and it’s making you Feel it’s making you disheveled or Unprepared or Something like that okay let me get one More the world card they also see you Guys have a lot of potential The world card is a young person who’s Holding the world in their hands so I do Feel that they see you have a lot of Potential they see your potential but They also feel like you’re struggling

Right now and they can see it on your Face or they can see it Um in your appearance that you’re going Through something that you’re struggling That you’re not okay Okay Um that’s that’s what I feel Maybe they feel like you’re being Defensive or maybe they feel like you You’re being attacked unfairly I don’t Know I’m losing the message guys Sometimes Um Sometimes I I lose the message or it Doesn’t make sense to me and I’m just Being honest okay like Um it kind of feels like Do they like you I mean your life story Hasn’t unfolded yet they see you as Someone who has A lot of potential that you haven’t Reached yet that’s why they’re keeping Such a close eye on you because they see You have the potential they see you have The potential to be something great in This world but they’re thinking that Right now something is hurting you or You’re struggling and they can see it on You and they’re wondering um What they can do to get you out of this Tough spot and help you reach your Potential That’s the message I had that’s what’s Coming through for your Mars retrograde

So it’s really interesting Um That this is happening right now that’s The message for your Mars retrograde So what I want to do now is let’s get Into your career and money messages for The month of November what do you need To hear for career and money then we’re Gonna get into love and then we’re gonna End the message with a spirit guide Message in signs and synchronicities you Need to see and look out for in November And what they mean okay so I have my Career Deck with the money signs on it And we are going to see what messages uh The universe has for you in regards to Your money and finances in the month of November so we have the rebel card group Number three okay Your rebellious spirit is what’s going To bring you success Your potty mouth your Alternative Clothing whatever it is that makes you a Rebel that goes against the mainstream Is what’s going to bring you success With this Rebel card I know some of you Guys you might have a potty mouth you Might dress alternative or punk rock you Might have alternative views you might Have opinions that piss people off you Might be someone who goes against the Mainstream way of thinking Okay your rebellious spirit that goes Against the mainstream

Is what’s going to bring you success That’s what the universe wants you to Know so if you’re worried about Offending people like oh no I don’t want To offend people if you’re walking on Edge shells and agreeing with people ah Your rebellious spirit is what’s going To bring you success you being an Unapologetic rake you being Unapologetically Unique and rebellious Even if you were afraid it might offend People that’s what’s going to bring you Success Okay so let’s see what else this says Here you’re a Trailblazer so this is What this says about your life purpose And Destiny you’re a Trailblazer meant To see things differently and set a new Path for yourself and others Your rebellious spirit makes you a great System Buster to teach others a better Way Wow that’s you guys so I feel called to Use a different deck so that’s what I’m Gonna do I want to see what else is Going on Um when it comes to your career In the month of November besides you Know being a rebel going against the Mainstream having different political Opinions that might piss off the Mainstream okay that’s fine let’s see What else is going on in your career and

Finances we have a page of Wands guys I would not worry too much about this Mars retrograde because I actually don’t Feel like it’s going to be Um impacting you that bad I actually see You guys feeling really excited about Your job feeling really excited about What it is that you do like I’m hearing I love my job you know my job energizes Me my job makes me feel excited if That’s not where you are right now in November that’s where you’re going to be Like the page of Wands if you look at This card And is literally the card of a young Person skipping and jumping and smiling So the energy surrounding your career in November is it excites you it energizes You you feel excited about it you have You’re having fun at work Okay you are your work is not going to Be boring in November and that’s what You’re being led to in your career one Thing the page of Wands is fire and we See the fire burning the newspaper and When I think of newspapers I think a Boring old conventional it’s like you’re Burning away the conventional way of Doing things and your job isn’t meant to Be boring or conventional or black and White it’s meant to be passionate and Exciting and it’s like you are burning Away the old way of doing things and Having an excitement and an inner child

Like Joy entering your career so maybe Um Your job is definitely unconventional Group three And if you’re still in a conventional Job I feel like in November you’re being Led to an unconventional job that is not The typical job I keep hearing that it’s Not the typical job it involves what Energizes you what excites you it’s fun It’s exciting Okay it’s not boring that’s the message I heard Let’s see what is going on in your Career group number three what else So the word I want to use to describe Your career or where you’re being led to In November is excitement I want to tell you something group Number three Every time you take risks in your job And you follow your passion and you Follow what energizes you that’s when You become the most blessed in life you Know it’s not like that for everybody But I’m seeing in two pictures she’s Jumping for joy and yellow and joy is Radiating out of her and it’s like Happiness cards and then in this card There’s a treasure chest right under her Feet every time you follow your joy or Your happiness or what energizes you it And it lands you in wealth it lands you In abundance so there’s this energy of

You getting wish fulfillment in your Career because you actually love what it Is that you do and it energizes you and In November I see you guys working uh Collaborating With other people I see that with the three of Pentacles In your job and career this could be People who are in the same field as you Okay this could be people who Walked away from you or you walked away From maybe you had to spend some time in Hermit mode group number three to Recharge your heart to protect yourself But now that you’ve done that it’s time For you to collaborate I keep seeing That yeah I see that People are being brought to you in your Job and career to help you build Something Okay Um I feel like this is the end of unfair or Unequal relationships where people use You or they benefit more than you do It’s the end of that and now you’re Coming into healthy collaboration with People that inspire you it’s almost like When you get together you become more Passionate you know it’s like when People on Tick Tock they collaborate and They get more views because they’re Collaborating it’s something like that Where you are working in a team of

People or with other people that have The same passion and together you ignite Each other’s passion and you make work More fun and you bring out each other’s Creativity and the creative sinistry Just works together that’s what your Manifesting group number three Um in the month of November these people Who bring out your hidden potential and Your creativity and it’s just like when I did this photo shoot this pinup photo Shoot the other day this photographer This makeup artist and me we had had Really good synastry and we made Brilliant art it’s like things just Flowing in that sort of sense Okay so Now that we did career and money money Is not really being highlighted here I’m Seeing it’s more like fun joy good Experiences good collaborations uh Passion more than money that’s being Depicted So now let’s move on To your Um love message for November welcome to Your love reading for November let’s Take a look at this we have running and Chasing We have unawakened uh ugh okay Um we have small challenges eek group Three you have a challenging ass love Life don’t you Eros love Euros is sexual Passionate romantic Um love that can be an infatuation

Filled with lust and dangerous due to The loss of control and then we have Mirroring okay Group three Your love life is a mess I’m not going to sugarcoat it I’m not Going to sugarcoat it your love life is A mess this is like the messiest love Spread out of the last two group three Um For real I I I really feel like you have A lot of issues in love Um one of the issues I’m seeing is Straight up you know you might have like Sexual intense chemistry with someone That starts out like fireworks you feel Pulled to them it’s like Obsession it’s Like intense as hell Um you know crazy like chemistry love at First sight like oh my gosh but then it Fizzles out really quick and you’re like Peace out you know like your Relationships can’t last for more than a Month Or they’re very on and off which means You or the person ghost or pieces out After like a really intense month and Then you come back together or it’s like A pattern of short flings that fizzle Out and then one of you runs away Okay Um it’s almost like when a small Challenge comes up in the relationship After the initial

Passion and chemistry it’s like no one Wants to work on it either you or them Is like oh there’s a challenge in the Relationship uh what’s working on it bye I don’t need this you know Um who is it is it you or them I feel like it’s both of you I think that real intimacy is hard for You and I’m not shaming you me too me Too I have an issue with intimacy like As soon as a problem comes up and one of My Relationships I am like PC later I don’t Need this time to cut you off like you Know unhealthy amounts Um how you gain Intimacy in Relationships is working through Challenges together But when you’ve been through a lot of Trauma when you’ve been betrayed so many Times when you start to see a problem in A relationship it feels easier to just Cut someone off and walk away But essentially Problems in a relationship and working Through them together whether it’s a Friendship or love relationship is how You build a strong relationship and Develop intimacy now when you have Trauma from your past like me and you do Um it’s hard for us to confront uh Problems and confrontations we just Would rather walk away and be like bye It was nice knowing you bye and that’s

What blocks into Missy this is why your Friendships start out really good or Your relationships start out really Passionate but it doesn’t Go into a deeper level of commitment Like a deep relationship where you can Be comfortable with each other because When challenges come out you piece out Or they peace out Okay because it’s fear Wow Um and I think it’s both of you with This mirroring card I think it’s both of you and also what I Want to tell you group three is with This mirroring card however it is like Let’s say you feel some way about Somebody Okay the person that feels the way you Feel about somebody is how they Currently feel about you You guys feel the same I feel both of You are Runners both of you like to run Away from real intimacy With every person in your life I see Like you run for the hills as soon as a Relationship becomes challenging which Would develop your relationship into a Deeper level of commitment you and them Run from each other and you Run to the Hills Some of you met like Iron Maiden same I Love Iron Maiden anyway Um

So let’s see let’s see Um what’s going on more in your love Life We have the temperance card your Spirit Guides are guiding this your Spirit Guides are heavily guiding your romantic Relationships right now And I want to tell you there’s someone You’re in separation with there’s Someone you’re not speaking to with the Temperance and the moon card but you’re Still very psychically connected Okay you and somebody else there’s Somebody you’ve had on your mind and Your heart There is someone you’ve had on your mind And your heart That you are separated from because I’m Seeing the two wolves are separated but You’re still with this Moon card and This Temperance card energetically very Connected and psychically connected and I’m hearing that even though you’re not In physical communication Your souls are still in spiritual Communication You know you guys might you might like Send this person like psychic messages Like I wish I could tell you this But not actually send a physical text And they’re doing the same I’m seeing You have a strong Soul tie with somebody For sure That you’re at a distance from but

You’re still spiritually and emotionally Connected to so let’s see um on the left How this person How this person how you feel about this Person How do you feel about this person Queen of Swords and the Knight of Pentacles I think that you’re starting To become more practical you’re like I Cannot Let my emotions rule my life and be Impractical in love You’re starting to be like I need to Focus on my work I need to focus on my Money I need to focus on growing and Developing my practical life and I’m not Focused on love right now because I need To be practical and logical and grounded That’s your energy and love this person That you’re psychically connected to Where A lot of things are not actually said But both of you feel the connection Like there’s this psychic um cord Between the two of you this intuitive Chord where you two are mirroring each Other you both like to run for the hills When things come up that are challenging Both of you But there’s a strong sexual connection Or like Passion but it doesn’t get past that Because both of you are scared of Commitment let’s see how this other

Person Let’s see how this other person feels About you seven of Pentacles And the tower this person feels like Every time they try to build something With you or every time they try to Nurture this connection or every time They try to grow this connection Something happens that ruins all their Progress or every time they try to put Energy in this connection Um of an explosive fight just knocks Over everything they’ve tried to build With you This person feels like they’ve tried to Grow with you they’ve tried to plant Rooted seeds with you but then something Happens to uproot The seed they tried to plant with you Like oh an explosive fight something Happens that they just feel discouraged They don’t even want to try anymore But you two are very much psychically Connected I see that Okay Um Let’s see who this person is let’s get Hints on who this is because you’re like Who ten of Wands in reverse The death card The tennis swords damn You might have been seeing crows a lot This person is represented by the crow Which means they might have Scorpio

Placements Lots of Scorpio placements with this Death card Um And I feel like this is someone where The relationship has definitely ended And it ended really bad This is not someone you just have a Crush on this is not someone where it’s Lukewarm this relationship ended really Bad okay Um It was not a good ending essentially This could have been a uh Aries or Pisces sun moon or Rising this is Someone who’s like they could have a cat As well like they could really like cats That’s something I’m seeing as a hint About this person and I’m seeing that This person is Um someone who’s very Popular Lively Fiery charismatic when they want to be a Lot of fun when they want to be they Bring a lot of Joy they bring a lot of Happiness they’re very exciting You know this person is exciting and fun When they want to be very charismatic When they want to be but this Relationship ended really abruptly and Painfully And it’s like they Didn’t want to put in the work with the

Ten of Wands in reverse This person it was like a sexual Connection love at first sight but it Didn’t work out Um they could have been controlling There was really toxic behaviors about This person you’re still psychically Connected to them you’re thinking about Them they’re thinking about you you guys Are a part of the Same Soul family the Same pack but both of you are fed up With this connection and you don’t know What to do so neither of you have been Reaching out or neither of you have been In contact because you don’t know how to Move forward so both of you are just Doing nothing that’s the energy of what I see I don’t know that’s just what’s Coming out guys Um Three of cups in Reverse maybe their Friends didn’t like you your friends Didn’t like them Um maybe it was like a friendship that Didn’t work out it doesn’t have to be Romantic Okay with the eight of swords and the Three of Pentacles Um And the Jupiter The Wheel of Fortune I Feel like you’re about to meet some new People guys remember how I was like oh My gosh you guys are totally Collaborating with people that bring out

Your creativity where you’re creative Together I feel like you’re about to Meet some new blessed people through What I was talking about So if you’re thinking about joining a Class if you were thinking about Collaborating if you were thinking about Working with others on a creative Project or something I think you’re About to meet a faded soulmate through That Okay so Um now let us move on to your last Messages which are your spirit guide Messages for the month of November signs And synchronicities to look out for and What they mean in November and Additional messages from your Spirit Guides Let’s look at your Um Spirit guide messages for November you Know what are some oh we oh you guys are Musicians look at that music silence Rhythm vibration sound you are musicians Or dancers group three I see this violin oh my phone’s ringing Hold Up Guys it might be a sign hold up Okay Um your dad might be a musician because My dad was calling when I’m doing this Reading your dad might be a musician Um I’m hearing something about your dad Remembers a recital that you did and

That’s one of their Fondest Memories Your dad remembers you playing at a Recital or your dad has watched you Perform some sort of music and it’s one Of their favoritest memories something About your dad being a musician Something about if your dad has passed On your dad communicates with you Through music Whoa yeah I just felt like I felt a Spirit of someone’s father here for sure They’re showing me a recital They’re saying They saw you I’m gonna cry they’re Saying that they saw you perform they Saw you perform that song they saw they Saw you perform they saw you perform at The dance recital they saw you perform And they’re proud of you Okay so anyway that that was a random Message that came through for some of You Um with this uh some of you who are Estranged from your father your father Has written songs about you for the for Those of you who have a musician as a Dad Um Something about that So also with music silence Rhythm and Vibration Um you know this is a definite sign You should definitely be doing music Again

Okay you definitely need to be playing An instrument you definitely need to be Singing your soul wants this For some of you I’m getting its dance But let’s get more clarifiers We have angel of communication I feel Like it’s got it’s easier for you to Communicate through music than actually Communicate with people You know remember how I was saying you Have a psychic tie with someone but You’re not in direct communication I feel like some of you guys might post Songs on your social media indirectly Communicating with one another Does that make sense or some of you Might like Send songs to people as a way to Communicate what you’re feeling because It’s easier for you to communicate Through music Okay let’s just move on before I make Assumptions let’s see what else comes up Okay interesting Interesting Interesting So the message that I’m getting here Is Um there I’m hearing your spirit guide Say you’re picking up a new instrument You’re picking up a new musical gift Because the seedling is about new it’s Something that you’re not very developed In it’s not something you’re very

Perfect like proficient in the seedling Is a new Sprout it’s a new beginning It’s something that’s a little bit Younger so I’m hearing that you you Picked up a new instrument or you picked Up a new musical Talent pretty recently Okay and it’s it’s still new because if It was an older thing The the seedling would be a tree but This is just a Seedling which means it’s Still kind of new for you you picked up A new instrument you picked up a new Musical ability your Spirit guides are Saying keep going with that or you know If you were thinking about picking up a New instrument like learning how to do Beats learning how to sing learning how To play the violin learning guitar Learning how to make your own beats like Something to do with an instrument or Music if you were thinking about doing Like learning something new with music This is a sign yes yes yes ding ding Ding you want to do that But for those of you I feel like you Have recently picked up a new musical Talent OR skill and they’re saying keep Going keep watering that seed yes this Is a part of your destiny Um with angel of communication and the Moon and Virgo with the middle pile I Feel like Um There’s someone with moon and Virgo or

They could just be a Virgo in their big Three Virgo Sun Moon and Rising this Person wants to communicate with you I Feel like you’re gonna hear from this Person really really soon Um they have been really trying to think About things that they can say to you I feel like you’re gonna hear from a Virgo pretty soon okay they want to let Bygones be bygones they kind of want to Clear the air between the two of you I see that with the broom Um I feel like this Virgo is going to be in Communication with you to clear the air Between the two of you to kind of clean Up the tension between the two of you I See that this person has been thinking About you a lot they’ve been thinking About the right words to say I do feel It is a man Okay this is a this is a masculine Energy They want to clear the air between the Two of you they have a moon and Virgo or Virgo Sun Moon and Rising they’ve been Thinking of the right words to say to You so I think in November you are gonna Hear from this person Okay I really feel that I feel like this Person has a hard time communicating but They have something that’s heavy on Their heart and mind that they want to Communicate to you

Um they want to tell you something That’s really important I really feel That this person could be your twin Flame because we got the Twin Flame card They could be your Divine counterpart Okay with the double rainbow this is Definitely a faded Soul connection I see Here like a really strong Soul Connection this person wants to Communicate to you that they want They want to have fun with you again They want things to be less routine less Mundane less practical and more Passionate like it used to be Um This person really wants to clear the Air between the two of you and express That to you I don’t know that might Resonate for some of you expect to hear From a moon and Virgo or Virgo Sun Moon And Rising uh pretty soon who wants to Communicate with patience and slow down Moon in Capricorn okay you guys are Feeling like you should be a lot further In life than you are especially when it Comes to professionally but I heard that Tick tock song slow down you’re doing Fine you can’t be everything you want to Be before your time So you guys might be people who are like I’m this age I should have this much Accomplished I should be more further Along I should have more followers more Money

Um Better Business I should be higher up In my life you know you feel like it’s Time for you to be To have more professionally let’s see What your Spirit guides have to say we Have fall full moon Culmination of effort completion Abundance fulfillment release fruits of Your labor Harvest they’re saying you Have accomplished so much there are People who want to be where you’re at People who would kill to be where you’re At who are the same age as you are older They’re saying you have done a lot more And you have accomplished a lot more Than you feel you have I also feel like In the fall you’re going to receive like Which is November you are going to Receive some sort of reward for all of Your professional efforts I hear you’re Going to be finishing a huge project That you’ve been working on for a long Time in November like you have been Working on something for a really long Time you were gonna finish something You’ve been working really hard at You’re going to see the finished project In November come into a full fruition And it’s going to be really satisfying Because you’ve been working on this Thing for so long and this project is Finally coming to a close and all your Hard work is finally coming to a close And you’re reaping the abundance of a

Long-term project that’s taken a lot of Time and energy That’s what I heard for you in the month Of November Okay some of you might feel at a Standstill in your career where you feel Stuck you don’t know where to go from Here You might have finished something really Big and you’re like I don’t know where To go now I feel stuck I don’t know what Next moves to make I feel stuck on this Certain level I feel stuck I feel stuck at a certain level I feel Stuck in the middle of the mountain I Don’t know how to grow I don’t know how To expand I don’t know how to go further I just feel stuck and confused about my Next steps professionally that’s what Your Spirit guides are showing me but You have I’m hearing take time to Celebrate this huge milestone you have Just reached You’ve reached a huge milestone and now You’re like what’s next how do I get Further But celebrate this Milestone you have Reached because it’s big you know and Your Spirit guides want you to know They’re sending you divinely sent ideas On how to move forward from here because You’re kind of like Stuck you’re like I don’t know how to Get further

You’re about to be sent ideas from your Spirit guides on how to move past the Level that you’re stuck at I’m hearing They’re coming in the form of ideas Um and I’m also hearing they’re sending You in someone who’s gonna come inspire You with more ideas and it’s going to be A female Like I see a female coming into your Life who is a Um Aries sun moon or Rising but I’m Getting a lot of fire this woman is Gonna come in and inspire you with ideas And you’ll have ideas on how to move Forward at this level that you’re stuck At Okay so that’s what I have for you I Hope that was helpful thank you so much For watching have a good November I will See you later

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