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By | October 23, 2022

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Hi YouTube it is Star Girl the Practical Witch and welcome to my YouTube channel Today for those of you who are new hi I’m Anita I’m a psychic reader here on YouTube and I use my psychic gifts to Help encourage those who feel lost or Just want to peek into the future in Today’s psychic reading we are going to Be using the tarot cards as well as my Intuition to figure out who the next big Soul mate coming into your life is what They look like when you’re gonna meet Them with their life and signs you will See before meeting them now if you’re New to YouTube psychic readings I Normally have you guys pick one of the Options and then once you pick an option You fast forward to the time stamps I Provide in the pin comment as well as The description however before I give You guys some time to really meditate on The options I want to give a huge shout Out to my sponsors Keen for help helping Make today’s video happen if there is Insight in this video that I have shared With you that really makes you want your Own personal private love reading I Highly recommend getting a psychic Reading on Keen Keen is an online Psychic service that connects you with Many talented psychic mediums Astrologers tarot readers to help give You clarity as well as Insight all you Have to do is create an account and Keen

Will connect you with hundreds of Psychics who are online right now want To learn about your love life is he or She cheating on you how do they really Feel about you these are some of the Questions that Keen psychics can help Answer for you you can choose whatever Reader best suits your needs and they Will connect with you over a phone call Or a text chat and because they are an Online psychic service there is always Going to be someone available on Keen to Speak to you at whatever hour of the day So I have been a keen customer for years And as a psychic I need my own psychic You know someone who’s able to Accurately read me and generally I will Go when I’m feeling really lost when I’m Feeling really confused about my career And my love life there was one specific Time I was seeing this guy and my Intuition was kind of like telling me Something was off but I wasn’t really Sure so I went to a psychic on keen and I asked her you know what’s this dude’s Deal what is his true intention and she Was able to tell me things that turned Out to be eerily correct about this guy Who was very very shady and the Keen Psychic told me that he was hiding a Whole nother girlfriend on the side and Lo and behold I actually found out he Was talking to another girl while he was Dating me and the Keen psychic actually

Predicted it or told me that was Happening before I even knew anything That I need clarity about I go to a King In psychic because I know they’re Accurate and I know I can trust them as A new king customer you will be able to Try Keen for 10 minutes for only 199. by The way guys that’s up to 99 in savings Go ahead and get a personal reading About who your soulmate is if you want Deeper Clarity and insight once again The link is in the pinned comment as Well as the description now let’s get Back to the real hello and welcome back To your psychic reading on who your next Big time soulmate is when you’re gonna Meet them who they are signs you will See before meeting the one the ultimate Soulmate tarot reading that’s what we’re Gonna discover today but what I need you To do is pick one of the three options With your intuition and then once you Pick an option you can fast forward to The time stamps I provide in the pin Comment as well as the description click The time stamp next to your chosen Option and it will Fast Forward you Right to your psychic tarot reading on The next big soulmate coming into your Life feel free to take as much time as You need to meditate on the options Pause the video if you need to if your Intuition is just feeling dead as heck You can always use a random number

Picker and generate a number between one To three and the random number picker Will tell you which option you should Listen to once again the time stamps are In the pinned comment as well as the Description click the time stamp next to Your chosen option and it will take you Right to your psychic reading but we are About to get started so if you need more Time be sure to pause that video by the Way the link to all of my social medias My Instagram Twitter Tick Tock is all Down below and beware of fake accounts Guys I would never ask you for a private Reading if someone’s doing that that is A fake account alright see you later Foreign [Music] Foreign Welcome to your reading about who your Soul mate is what they’re like their Characteristics Um when you’re going to meet them signs You will see before meeting them we’re Going to cover all of this today in Today’s psychic reading so let’s begin So group number one You’re someone who has really strong Intuition You’ve been having psychic dreams Recently your dream world is very very Active You have been in a phase of your life Recently

Where you have been Kind of following your intuition more Maybe you felt more withdrawn from the World recently like I kind of want to go Away from busy cities I kind of want to Go away from the busy hectic lifestyle And go towards more of an easier slower Lifestyle away from other people because You’re kind of more on the energetically Sensitive side Okay Um we’re starting with an overall energy Read for you Because it helps me tap into your energy And therefore it makes it easier for me To tap into what soulmate is coming for You in the future Recently you guys have been very Challenged And you feel I’m hearing some of you Feel old you’re like when is my soulmate Coming I’m old I’m I should have been With my soul mate by now you know you’re Like it’s too late for me something like That or wow I have been waiting a really Long time for love I feel old when are they coming And you’ve just felt kind of like I Don’t want to be a part of the world I Just feel separate from the world and I Want a more peaceful life away from a Busy hectic lifestyle So when you’re going to meet your soul Mate let’s figure this out let’s look at

The timing So I’m being shown that you do have a Major Big Time soulmate on the way And this soul mate is going to come at a Time in your life when things are Starting to get really lucky for you So around the time you meet your next Big time soulmate you’re gonna notice Your luck is through the roof you’re Getting really lucky in all areas of Your life Um you guys are going through group Number one a massive transformation and Glow up And you are glowing up through Watering Your own seeds through self-care through Um pampering and nurturing yourself and Watering yourself and treating yourself Like the prize this is how you’re going Through a major glow up I’m hearing some Of you feel old [ __ ] no you haven’t Even you’re still not at your Prime You’re still not at your hottest in life I’m seeing Um your Prime has not yet come so you’re Not too old you are in the process of Actually becoming more attractive Inwardly and outwardly And this glow up that’s happening for You is going to help you attract Somebody That is so much better than whoever you Settled for in the past and this Soulmate’s gonna come in a time where

Things are extremely lucky for you Look what card came out I I’m literally Just drawing as we go Grand trying Blessing The Wheel of Fortune Grand Trine blessing This talks about hella good luck Major good luck Um so this person is going to come at a Time where everything seems to be Working out for you you know your career Is going good you know you have the body You want you look how you want money is Coming in left and right like your life Is going to be going really really good And start getting really lucky when When When when so I am not getting an exact When that’s something that’s not being Shown to me at this point but your Soulmate is going to come at a time in Your life where you’re going to notice That Um thing lucky things are happening for You you seem to be winning in all Aspects of your life like I’ll give you An example the luckiest time of my life Personally was my Jupiter return And during my Jupiter return you know All of a sudden I went from Rags to Riches I went from digging couch change Out of my beat up 2002 Corolla trying to Buy tacos for me and my sister at the Taco Bell off the dollar menu and Um then all of a sudden I was going

Viral on YouTube and I had a business Where I made six figures Um you know it was like literally like That that’s the kind of luck you’re Going to experience when this soul mate Comes in it’s around that same time and This is going to happen for you now I if You’re wondering why haven’t I met my Soul mate Why you haven’t met your soulmate yet is Because your soulmate is somebody who is A late bloomer So this is why you’re still single this Is why you still haven’t met the one in Your soulmate I see this with man and Wine you know developing over time Something that gets better with time Your soul mate is such a late bloomer You know they get more attractive as They age they get more money as they age Um they’re not going to be your type or Taste until they’ve reached a certain Level and they’re still developing and There’s still a little immature so They’re still going through some Emotional development right now Um I want to tell you group number one I’m getting from your energy That you are definitely a companion now What does this mean Okay what does a companion mean I like To people watch it’s one of my Favoritest things to do in fact if you Catch me outside of YouTube I am rarely

Ever talking I hate talking believe it Or not even though it’s my job I like to Watch people and I’ve noticed that Really powerful people okay people that Are business owners people who are Managers people who own an Empire and They’re killing it in their career like I’m talking about pack leader alpha Female pack leader alpha male those People who are Ultra successful Determined driven especially in a career Sense and they tend to have a lot of Power Those people Always seem to have a companion you know A sidekick someone who acts as a muse Like the The Muse to the rock star or The assistant to the manager and they Seem to be the favorite you’re the type Of person who attracts really powerful People group number one I don’t know if This is something you know about Yourself and you might be like well I Want to be the powerful one I want to be The girl boss I want to be the one in Charge Um you can absolutely have that but your Natural energy with this companion card Is meant to almost be a companion To someone powerful you know every Powerful person has you know the first Lady the president and the first lady is The companion Do you know what I mean every powerful

Person has someone next to them who runs The show behind the scenes that’s you You might not be the one who outwardly Has the power you might attract Partners Who are wealthy powerful have Empires And are really Alpha right you attract Those kind of people like you attract Millionaires you attract business owners You attract Highly successful career-oriented people Who kill the game in their career that’s The kind of people you attract because You have this companion energy so the Archetype of the companion would be like I don’t know Penny Lane from Almost Famous okay it would be like the groupie To the rock star The Muse for the rock Star The Muse to the artist the manic Pixie dream girl to the chaotic Depressive writer that’s the energy that You have and it doesn’t mean you don’t Have your own things going on in fact I See about you group number one you have A lot of things going on for you One thing I’m picking up on your energy Is you’re either writers poets or you Are musicians Don’t believe me my cards do not lie Judgment and sound you guys are either Musicians or you are writers and if You’re not pursuing these things you Absolutely should because these are your Natural talents and if you were to learn And develop them it would take you to

Your Pinnacle of Destiny Okay so I’m seeing you guys love the Classical Arts you love to read you know You love classical music you love music On a Soulful level it’s like the music You listen to is not just music it’s It’s literally who you are Um So you have a lot of your own things Going on I’m not saying you’re just Meant to be a 1950s housewife it’s just That you attract powerful Career-oriented people because they’re Drawn into you as a muse Um they feel that energy in you and one Thing about your next big soul mate Coming into your life This person straight up has a lot of Fire in their chart so they either have A lot of Aries Leo or Sagittarius sun Moon or Rising That’s one of the biggest signs about This person Um one thing you uh about your soulmate Is they are very very successful when it Comes to their career This person is loved by everyone at Their job they’re loved by the whole World okay they’re represented as the King of Wands so this person is an Entrepreneur they’re a leader Um I drew four cards For their energy and one of the four Cards that came out was the 10th house

The world the fame the career and the King of Wands who is a leader So your next big time soulmate is Killing it in their career I wouldn’t be Surprised if they were famous or if they Weren’t famous they are well known Throughout the world Their face is well known They’re someone who’s loved by the world I I just keep seeing that um they’re Very well known Um You know this person this is giving Henry the eighth Vibes honestly and the Reason why I’m saying that is because of The red hair and Henry VIII on top of His castle he has his birth chart on a Clock and that’s what this reminds me of So think of Henry the eighth you know Before he got cankerous sores all over His calves I don’t know Um that’s what your soul mate’s gonna be Like the next soul mate coming into your Life This person’s highly confident almost Borderlining cocky they like to be seen They like to be in front of a camera They like to be the one on stage this Person likes to be on stage Um your person could be uh Let me get my career cards to see what Careers come out for your soulmate I Love these by the way Let’s get some career cards

For your soulmate oh by the way guys I Was on Beavis and Butthead which is like The highlight of my whole online careers For like two seconds And they were like this [ __ ] never Shuts up and I’m like yeah I never stop Talking I’m like sorry guys but Okay this this dude’s career we know He’s in the public eye or This Woman’s Career Say yes to the things you think you Can’t do this person’s a yes man he does Things that most people wouldn’t dare to Or she but they’re very masculine Um they do things that most people are Too chicken [ __ ] to do so this is why They’re highly successful they take a Lot of risk they’ve probably had Multiple businesses that have started up And failed This person’s gonna be a little bit on The older side I will say that I’m gonna tell you this person’s a Little bit on the older side I’m getting At least in their 30s or 40s And if you’re younger watching this You’re gonna be like ew and guys like it Is very weird When really Older guys go after Teenage girls and if that’s you I’m not judging a relationship as long As you’re happy but you know maybe see What your friends and family think about

That as well because sometimes it can be Predatory just as an FYI but it’s not Like that for everybody I just care About you and I want you to be safe Um but this dude For real he’s he’s a little older he’s a Workaholic or she’s a workaholic if You’re a guy watching my channel I Apologize okay I apologize Um this this soulmate of yours is a Workaholic they are constantly working They’re constantly focused on their Business and one of the hints about the Soulmate is they love what they do like Their job is their first love their Workaholic they love their job they’re Successful in their career they like to Be seen they’re like that rock star on Stage that eats up all of the attention They’re like yes give me the attention I Want the attention they’re a peacock They like to show off and if they’re a Woman okay they’re very peacocky like Look at me yes look give me attention I’m on camera Um pay attention to me they like the Attention of the crowd and they’re very Captivating like I’m hearing they’re in The public eye in some way guys like I’m Telling you and this person loves it Um with this Envy card there’s a lot of People who are going to envy you when You are with this soulmate group number

One a lot of people are gonna look at You and be like damn I can’t curse I know I know all the Etiquette teachers online are gonna be Like Don’t do what star girl is doing she’s Not classy sorry can take the girl out Of the trailer park but you can’t take The trailer park out of the girl doesn’t Matter how much money you make on YouTube I’m just kidding Um with this Envy card you know it’s It’s a lot of people are really gonna Envy you when they see you with this Person they’re gonna be like oh I just Hate how this person got them you know You’re gonna have a lot of evil eye on You because a lot of people want this Person because generally when people are In the spotlight like your soul mate or Generally when people are in a position Of power a lot of people tend to want These people romantically right Um so You know you’re gonna get a lot of People who covet that’s the word from The Bible covet which you have they’re Gonna want your spouse they’re gonna be Like oh I can’t believe that group Number one got them oh I hate them like Why do they get everything why did they Get the perfect person so your person is Like highly sought after and highly Desired and you’re gonna have to be

Aware of some evil eye here from people That want this person Okay Um let’s see if we can get some more About who this person is I’m telling you Guys this person’s like overly confident And what’s interesting is what I’m Getting from your energy group number One is you’re more on the quiet Reserve Side I’m not saying you’re shy I’m not Saying that you don’t like the attention And Spotlight but your inner truest Nature is more focused on your art you Know you’re really focused on your Writing you’re really focused on your Art you’re really focused on your inward World because you guys have built like An in-world inward world for yourself That’s very rich you know like you’re Never gonna be hanging on the phone Waiting for them to call because you’re Like I’m gonna go right I’m gonna go practice my instrument I’m Gonna go dabble in the Arts and explore My creativity you know you don’t need as Much attention as your partner does your Partner loves attention like they’re Like Elvis Presley showy you know Wearing the big jeweled stuff and like Gyrating on stage that’s your soul mate You’re more of like the quiet reflective I want to like create Arts you know I Just you know I you know I’m more to Myself I’m more I’m more shy I’m I’m

More of a deluded energy they’re more of The one that needs to be in the Spotlight but I’ll just support them With my energy that’s that’s what you’re Attracting with who you are And I think that some of you guys could Be really talented at making drinks I Don’t know why I heard that like some of You could be really talented at cooking Or you know how to put like love into Your cooking or drinks I don’t know Um you know why your person is going to Love you and fall for you I’ll tell you Why Because you have such a deep inner world Like you Journal you you really have Your own interests that you focus on They’re gonna love how you’re not afraid To walk away out the door Like if they start acting up you will Have no problem to be like I’m not Putting up with this and leave with your Self-respect You have no problem walking away from Bad behavior and that’s because you have Developed such a rich inner world And most people won’t walk away from This person why most people won’t walk Away from this person because A lot of people want them But you don’t care you’re like I’m not Afraid to leave if you don’t treat me Right And that’s why you’re going to stand out

To this person and that’s why this Person’s gonna fall madly in love with You because they have a lot of options Here they’ve broken a lot of Hearts I’m Telling you They’ve broken a lot of Hearts your Soulmate Um They’re they’re normally the Heartbreaker your soul mate But with you you’re gonna be the one That goes I’m not afraid to walk away From you I have my own things going on I Have this musical instrument Gonna go play I have this journal I’m Gonna go right in I have my own interest And I know my worth and honestly if you Can’t see that bye You know and that’s what that’s what’s Different is you’re gonna Actually be the one having them chase You instead of them always going eh Breaking all of these Hearts going like A lot of people have been heartbroken Over your person Okay I’m just saying And um Gosh okay so what what uh will your Relationship be like with this person What will you do together that’s what I Want to figure out now damn Twin flames [ __ ] this next soulmate is Your twin flame This next soulmate is your twin flame

And you know how you’re gonna know group Number one I’ll tell you you’re gonna Have amazing chart compatibility like There’s planets touching each other’s South node North Node same Jupiter Placements like your astrology charts Industry is going to be banging and this Person is going to be your twin flame And you’re going to be able to see it When you put your birth charts together Um disclaimer you know in Psychology When you have childhood trauma Um you can romanticize bad relationships This isn’t going to be a bad Relationship okay don’t romanticize an Abusive relationship this is going to be A good relationship you guys are twin Flames your chart compatibility is on Fire like you’re gonna see it when you Put your birth charts together okay like You definitely have a twin flame group Number one You definitely do Um Let’s see some more hints You guys are gonna play video games Together Okay interesting Um when you guys when you meet your even If you’re like star girl I do not play Video games okay that’s not my gym uh Your soulmate does and you two are gonna Play video games together there’s gonna Be like video games you like to play Together with your soul mate oops

You with the holidays I feel you’re Gonna meet this person around the Holidays around Christmas around Thanksgiving which is coming up really Soon Someone here could have a birthday Around focus camera You guys can meet around Christmas or Thanksgiving or you guys could get Married around Christmas or Thanksgiving Or something really Monumental is gonna Happen Um in your relationship around that time And then it says your twin will feel Safer being friends first before getting Intimate learn to enjoy the present Moment and discover your playful side so Your partner is going to try to be Friends with you first if your part if Someone’s coming in at you trying to Bone right away you know without getting To know you I don’t think that’s your Twin flame because I’m seeing your twin Flame is going to try to be your friend First before you two get together Okay so I want to do some additional Signs and clues about your soul mate Your next soul mate Some additional signs and clues about Your next soul mate I am being shown That this person is gonna have a lot of Fire on their chart so they’re in Aries Leo Sage sun moon or Rising lots of fire Energy but I’m also getting a lot of

Pisces energy as well Um so this person could have a lot of Pisces this person is definitely going To be rich I’m not just saying that Um the fish card in this deck talks About wealth material wealth prosperous Wealth lots of money lots of income so This person lavish this person is Definitely going to be well off when it Comes to the financial sector of life With this child card this person could Already have a child Or this is going to be a brand new Person in your life it’s not going to be Someone from your past it’ll be a brand New person I’m also seeing that someone Here is a writer someone here definitely Is a writer as some of the hints as well So that’s what I have for you I hope That was helpful I’m giving you guys a Bunch of good energy and I will see you Later hi groove2 it is Star Girl the Practical witch and I want to say please I know me pointing this out is going to Make it worse but if my eyelashes are on Crooked it’s because it’s been a day Okay but I’m still here with your Psychic reading for who the next big Time soul mate coming into your life is I’m talking about the next big Passionate Noah and Ali love affair or Just the next big faded soulmate meaning Coming into your life Um I am going back to the old school

Style of uh how I used to do psychic Readings because I felt called to Something I want to say Spirit guides but you know I feel more God Has kind of just told me to go back to The old way so that’s what I’m gonna do So what we’re gonna do is in order for Me to pick up your uh energy to do the Psychic reading I have to group number Two really just tap into your energy So if you want to just grant me Permission to tap into your energy to do A little Energetic spying on your life when I tap Into your energy field I am able to tap into kind of like this Swirl of what’s happening in your past Present and future so I’m gonna do a Little bit of tapping into your energy Currently Group number two Um to see what’s currently going on in Your life and as that Becomes easier as I tap into your energy Then I can see who’s coming forward Um so let’s see what’s going on in your Life currently why did I feel stuckness Oh sorry about that All right let’s see we have the Moon Okay what really has stood out to me Group number two is recently you’ve been Dealing with a lot of anxiety and fear Do you guys suffer from anxiety do you

Suffer from anxiety do you suffer Um from Fear of the future Have you been a little worried about the Future recently Some of you guys you have been worried About the future of your business or the Future of your professional level like You’re worrying about your future a lot That’s what I see about you group number Two like am I gonna make it am I going To achieve my desires am I going to be Successful you know Is my future going to be a successful One lots of worry about that I’m feeling For you Okay with the three of cups as well You’re being watched very strongly right Now group two by a masculine Actually I’m sorry I take that back Because I know masculines and feminines Watch my channel you are being very Closely watched by someone who is Interested in you but they’re not saying Anything I see that because her mouth is covered With flowers which means they’re not Expressing their affection they’re kind Of just watching you in secret Admiration I’m picking up someone in Your energy who’s like that Um this person I’m getting very Masculine energy from them They don’t have to be male or female but What I mean by masculine energy is this

Person is assertive they are Um traditionally Masculine in traits you know what I mean Like assertive I think this person’s going to take some Action towards you pretty soon your Intuition knows who this is I mean you Guys have a really strong intuition You have a strong intuition and I’ll Tell you why you’ve been anxious about The future group too you’re feeling Anxious about the future because you’re Feeling that change is in the air and I’m here to confirm it’s right Group two there’s change a brewing in The air for you like big change in your Life and you’ve been feeling it Intuitively and you might have been Picking it up as anxiety about the Future because you are actually very Intuitive and you’re sensing big change Big change is coming in for you pretty Soon group two This is to do with a new beginning Especially if you’re an Aries sun moon Or Rising but don’t worry I’m hearing Its positive change that’s going to Bring a new chapter In your life and get you unstuck So now that I’ve tapped into your energy Let’s see Um who your soulmate is And when they are coming I kind of want to

Um start with the when when is this next Big soul mate coming into your life and We’re gonna get super duper detailed in This reading group number two Super detailed we’re going to do the When when they’re coming in signs you’re Going to see before you meet your next Big soul mate Um what they will be about what you’ll Like about them What they’ll like about you We’re also going to cover what We’re also going to cover what the Relationship together will be like Okay So group number two when will you meet Your soulmate when is this happening we Have the two of swords Okay we have the seventh house And we have the tower I see you guys having Two options in love coming up I see you having two options in love Coming up and you’re going to be Uncertain About which love option to choose and I Heard for you group two when this next Big soul mate comes into your life This might be difficult for you because They’re going to come at a time They’re going to come at a time when you Might already be dating somebody else You might already be seeing somebody Else you might already be with someone

Else and you could think that That person it might be the one but then Your real soul mate is going to come in Completely making you second guess Whether the person that you are Currently with is the one for you You know what I am not I don’t hold back The punches of my readings I used to I’ll be honest with you guys I used to Really like hold back with my readings Because I I didn’t want to offend Anybody and I wanted to resonate with as Many people as possible There has hit a certain point in my life Where I’m like effort let me just tell Them what I’m seeing Um if you don’t like it sorry this is What I’m seeing I literally see You are going to be in a long-term Committed relationship with someone Or you’re going to be dating someone and You might be like this might be the one And then lo and behold your real Soul Mate’s gonna come in and it’s going to Totally make you second guess everything And go oh my gosh I just met this person I have insane Chemistry with them I’m no longer sure About the person I’m with that’s when You’re going to meet this person Let’s see if we can get specific timing Cards Okay Ooh we have the ring agreement packed

Cycle Um Foreign I am not a fan of cheating You should never cheat on anyone and in Fact I don’t like the idea of cheating And I would never say you should cheat On anybody or your spouse in fact when Guys have girlfriends and they’re like Checking me out or hitting on me I get Like disgusted I’m like oh no and I know A lot of a lot of women feel that way But I I see like a marriage here okay I See the Justice card and the Rings which Tells me That when you meet your soul mate you or Them might already be in a marriage and It’s not ideal okay it’s it’s not ideal When that happens but sometimes we marry People we’re not compatible with it Happens doesn’t it I mean sometimes we Marry people and we’re like oh my gosh I Should have never married this person We’re not compatible so you know your Person or you might already be in a Marriage or a long-term committed Relationship when you meet your soul Mate that’s one hint that I see Um and this person for some of you for Some of you This is for some of you who are watching This You may be like I am completely closed Off to the idea of love I have watched

So many marriages fail I might have even Watched my own marriage fail I’ve Watched marriages fail I am not the Marrying type like this person might Come in during a time for the other half Of you because this is a general reading Where you’re like I have been through a Failed marriage I have watched so many Marriages fail I think marriage is a Joke and I don’t want to get married and I don’t need the government to be Involved in my love life that might be Your mindset when you meet the one and Guess what You’re gonna change your mind and you’re Gonna want to marry them I just got the Shivers I literally just got the Shivers As I I said that so I know it’s true and I’m telling you group two like This person’s going to come at a time Where you’re like uh marriage is a joke Like marriage is a freaking joke I know My friend who’s married and her Husband’s been cheating on her the whole Time marriage is just a way to settle Marriage is such a stupid concept I’m Never gonna get married it’s stupid Financially you might be like I am not Getting married I’m never gonna get Married and then bam you meet your soul Mate and they change everything and all Of a sudden you’re like give me the ring Give me the marriage give me the fairy Tale freaking wedding because I see you

Are going to get married group number Two with us Rings here it’s going to Happen Regardless of whether or not you believe In marriage this person’s going to Change your mind they’re going to Shake Your Foundation it’s kind of like Zooey Deschanel’s character and uh 500 Days of Summer you know where she’s Like I don’t want to get married Marriage is lame but then she meets her Soul mate and she’s like yes I want Marriage that’s what’s gonna happen with Your person Okay So let’s get into we got the when so I Didn’t really get exact timing cards Okay So the timing that came up is within one To two weeks you’re gonna meet this Person for some of you Um the second timing card we had is During the fall It’s the fall right now and the third Timing card we had was September 22nd to October 21st So you guys could have already met this Person I don’t know So those are the three timing cards we Have Um I also heard during Libra season so when The planets are in Libra in astrology You’re gonna meet this person

Um one of you definitely could be a Libra Sun Moon and Rising I’m seeing Here So this is the timing that I got when One of you might already be committed or During a time where you’re like this Person’s gonna come at a time ironically When you’re like I don’t believe in Marriage and I don’t want marriage okay So now that we did that let’s take a Look at who the next big soul mate Coming into your life is who are they What are they like and what are they Gonna like about you so some hints about The next big soulmate coming into your Life this person had like a really Really bad childhood This person had a horrible childhood Um that’s one hint I’m seeing about your Soul mate like it’s not just bad like it Was real bad because one of the cards That Um came up out of the five to describe Them was the wounded child which means You know when you meet your soul mate You’re gonna hear them talk about how They’re I heard they were surrounded by Addicts Okay I don’t know I saw the seven of cups when I split the Deck and the Seven of cups is addictions It’s like kind of like drinkers addicts It kind of feels like they were around a Lot of unstable people who might have

Been addicts in their childhood that’s What I heard Um this person is also someone who’s More on the quieter or reserved side I feel that they’re showing me as Someone who’s very private and very Introverted that does not mean they’re Bad with people that does not mean that They’re socially dumb they just prefer To be private they prefer to Um did we hear that Ding Okay for those of you who are new to my Channel the ding I leave the dings on my Phone And I do it because when I’m on the Right track I’ll happen to get a message At the same time and the ding is like a Little exclamation point they prefer to Be private your soul mate Um That’s something about them they prefer To be private I’m hearing that Something about your soulmate is they Could be very religious as well or Spiritual Um one of the cards that I got to Describe them is the nun card now Obviously with tarot nothing is a Literal interpretation what this tells Me with the nun card and the Goody Two-Shoes is they grew up either in a Really really strict spiritual household So you’re gonna hear this person go

Um one I grew up going to Christian Church I went to Catholic school I went To Christian School my parents were Hella Christian or my parents were hella Into some sort of Hardcore religion or This person has recently gotten into Religion and they take it very very Seriously some sort of spiritual Practice they take very seriously your Person 100 meditates your soulmate like When you like I’m just giving you hints Guys I’m just reading energy Um and sometimes when we hear the future It might seem unbelievable like I would Never go for that or that does not sound Like someone I’d go for wait till it Happens trust me I’ve gotten readings I Thought were inaccurate and then they Came true and I was like what the [ __ ] I Could have not predicted this so I’m Literally just giving you hints so when You meet this person it’ll confirm your Intuition this person definitely Meditates like this this this MF is Going to you’re going to like just see Them on the couch closing their eyes Crossing their legs uh doing some sort Of meditative practice like I guarantee You your soul mate definitely meditates You know It’s a part of their spiritual practice What another hint about this person is They are always reading they always have Their nose in a book like when you meet

Your soul mate you’re gonna be like damn You have a lot of books on your shelf You have a lot of books Um in your house or this person could Always be listening to books you know Like one thing you’re going to notice When you go in their house is like damn Their bookshelf is like hella stacked up With books or they’re always Recommending you books their nose is Always in a book they’re always Listening to books one positive trait About this person Is they are super super imaginative Um oh I meant to say intelligent oh my Gosh I meant to say intelligent that’s One thing I see their third eye is very Active so they have a very strong Imagination your soulmate yeah they have A really strong imagination they might Even have magical thinking because I’m Seeing that this person’s childhood was Not good they were dealing with very Unstable people so they had to escape Into their own little fantasy world Essentially so this person has a very Rich inner World a very rich Fantasy Life Um they might be someone who is a Creative writer they love movies they Love video games they like to escape Into this magical reality and they have A very strong imagination and there’s More going on in their mind and in their

Head than they’re actually saying or Letting on does that make sense this Person could have a moon and Aries This person could have a moon and Aries Or they could have the moon in the third House or a lot of third house placements In their birth chart for those of you Who are really into astrology Now one thing about this person Uh group number two is they’re super Courageous they’re not a [ __ ] You know you might be like oh this Person’s really spiritual they’re quiet They don’t say much they’re more Introverted oh so they’re a [ __ ] with Anxiety no your person’s not like that Group two your person has Um a lot of Courage so you’re one thing You’re gonna really like about your Soulmate is How brave they are they’re Not afraid to say what needs to be said They’re not afraid of Confrontation They’re not afraid to do things that are Scary one thing you’re going to notice About your soulmate is you’re going to Be like damn you’re brave I could never Do that that takes a lot of guts oh did We hear that Ding Did we hear that Ding I’m telling you They’re like a daredevil they’re Brave You’re gonna be like whoa I didn’t Realize you were you know for someone so Quiet for someone so unassuming you’re Hella Brave you do things that most

People wouldn’t dare to do and they’re Also very confident Okay so group number one’s person is Like the kind of confident where they’re Like peacocking they’re like look at me Do you see me everybody the whole world Needs to look at me where’s the camera Like that was group number one’s person Your person your soulmate group too They have more of a quiet confidence Like they’re confident in a more subdued Quiet way That’s what you need to know about your Person so one thing you’re going to Notice is damn this person’s hella Confident like they don’t have social Anxiety they’re not afraid of Confrontation they’re not afraid to do Things that most people would be scared To do they’re hella brave but they’re Quiet about it they don’t need to Peacock it’s like they have this quiet Uh confidence it’s like Confident in themselves don’t need to Prove [ __ ] that’s what I feel about your Person I’m getting literally guys like I’m getting um They could be a Gemini Sun Moon and Rising have third house placements have Aries placements or have Leo placements Um this person has also gone through Like a major metamorphosis so one thing You’re gonna notice about your soulmate Or your person is they are somebody who

Maybe started out unassuming as a kid You know maybe they looked a little Dorky or they looked a little funny but Then they got really hot later on Because I am seeing the butterfly too Um describe them and generally the Butterfly is like a late bloomer or Generally the butterfly represents Someone who has blown up in their life So they started out on assuming kind of Nerdy you know people kind of like Overlooked them and then later on in Life they bloom or something something Like that your person could have a a Chest tattoo or arm tattoos as well and One of the hints about this person is They likely have a butterfly tattoo on Their chest or their arms I’m also Seeing this person might have a two of a Compass on their chest or their arms They have some sort of tattoo they could Have the word courage tattooed on their Chest or arms I’m telling you this Person has either like tattoos on their Arms or their chest I promise you your Soulmate has tattoos on their arms or Their chest they could have like Egyptian symbolism or tribal art on Their chest or arms and I know some of You are going to be like those tattoos Are freaking ugly my soulmate better not But I’m telling you they’re gonna have Something to do with like Phoenix Rebirth courage

You know something tattooed on their Chest and their arms and I’m telling you This person is courageous and they have Inner Strength because of the strong Spirituality practice they don’t have to Be Christian with this nun card but I’m Telling you they have a daily uh Spiritual practice that they take very Seriously Okay like I’m telling you they do and What’s interesting about your person Group two is what I see about you Don’t get me started on you You’re like why why did I click on Stargirl’s channel just to get roasted Like what the hell no I’m just kidding Um How do I even begin to describe you Group two You are someone how do I word this Politely So I was watching this um Who else watches Tick Tock is and is now Convinced they have neurodivergency Because of all the neurodivergent tick Tocks they send you that sound like you Um but you know where most people want Things worded in a sugar-coated way I Always just thought it was because I was A Sagittarius I don’t do that but I want To be honest with you It kind of feels like group two that a Lot of people have a lot of sexual Interest in you and that might be like

The primary reason a lot of people are Attracted to you is because Of your sexuality and I’ll give you an Example before you get offended hear me Out you know how like Like for instance for instance do you Know how like Um some people are really attracted to Certain rock stars because they have That sex appeal so women like lose their Heads and go crazy for them kind of like The K-pop boy bands of nowadays or like In the 80s everyone lost their mind for The hair metal poison bands because Those guys had sex appeal you know they Were sexually appeasing to women or like How certain men will like simp over Girls online because of their Because they’re e-girls do you know what I mean like it’s it kind of feels like You have that quality where people are Very sexually drawn to you and that Might be the main reason why you attract All the people that you do is people Find you to be really sexy now that can Be a problem if you want a deep intimate Relationship because kind of what I feel For you guys is you desire a Relationship and you don’t just want Like To date like you’re either all in or Nothing at all you’re like give me Everything or give me nothing that’s Kind of how you are like being described

By my Spirit guides is All or Nothing Okay so when you go on a diet you’re Like I’m either eating everything under The sun or I’m eating nothing Um I either love you or nothing there’s No lukewarm with you it’s either I love Or I hate all in or nothing at all Balance for you is boring you’re like What’s balance I don’t need that I want Excitement and you live your life like That and there’s nothing wrong with that Um I think some of like the great like Muses and just not like some some really Like really talented people are like That but you are all or nothing and when You love it’s engulfing it’s passionate Like you’re definitely giving me Harley Quinn Vibes you’re definitely giving me Like Joker if you’re a guy Vibes like You know like very intense like you know What you’re giving me if you’re a guy if You’re a guy you’re like Anakin Skywalker you’re scared of losing like You are the definition of Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader okay That’s that’s your character that’s how You’re being represented here and if You’re a female or you’d identify as Female you’re definitely giving Harley Quinn Vibes and you’re looking for your Joker I see you okay Um and the reason why this person is uh You’re also giving me like I hear your I

Hear your future soul mate say I know You are bad for me everything logically Is telling me avoid you okay you are a Mess You wearing chaos into my life you bring Drama into my life and my logic over Here is saying I need to avoid you Because you are giving so many red flags But I can’t I’m so drawn to you Um my logic my head is saying avoid you But my my heart and my passion is saying That I need you okay so I don’t know What about you gives red flags to other People but You kind of get you’re kind of giving Your Red Flag that people can’t avoid They know you’re toxic but they love it Okay that is what I’m being shown if you Don’t relate and if you’re offended I’m sorry but that’s what I see Um you know you’re represented as the Femme fatale What’s a femme fatale you might ask okay Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit from who’s framing Roger Rabbit you know in who’s framing Roger Rabbit if you haven’t seen that shame on You you go log off this and go watch That movie now it’s such a good movie Um I wish I could be there with you Having movie night watching who’s Framing Roger Rabbit because it is such A good movie and I love it but Jessica Rabbit is a femme fatale in that movie

And everyone blames Jessica rabbit’s Character because she looks sexy and There’s a famous quote of Jessica Rabbit Going I can’t help the way I’m drawn I’m Not bad I was just drawn that way so People kind of see the Femme Fatale as Having bad intentions and being Suspicious because she’s sexy she Dresses darker but actually you have a Heart of gold I’m telling you guys never judge people By their appearance You know people always look at my Tattoos and are like oh she must be a Super Freak [Laughter] Like you she must get round you know and Your appearance says you’re a red flag You’re not bad you were just drawn that Way you know what I mean Um Or like Anakin is Darth Vader Darth Vader sorry Anakin Skywalker he’s not Bad he just didn’t want to he didn’t Want to lose his love so he went against The order of the Jedi and he went to the Dark side because he loved uh Queen Whatever or princess princess I don’t Know what her freaking name is I don’t I’m not a nerd yes I am but he loved her So much he went against the order of the Jedi which made him turn into Darth Vader you know it was love it was Passion that turned him bad he’s not a

Bad guy right Um that’s how you are described y’all Must be Scorpios or you must have Scorpio Um sun moon or Rising Where a lot of Scorpio placements going On here you know you invoke desire in This person and not just this person you Guys invoke desire in a lot of people Because you are represented as fire Twice and fire is the energy of Desire Look at that You know what this reminds me of Esmeralda Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame where that weird priest is Like Health singing Hellfire and he’s Like essentially like horny for Esmeralda but because he’s a priest he Can’t admit it to himself so he sees Esmeralda dancing in the Flames like This Devil Woman has made me lust after Her you know that’s how this is kind of Like the energy you invoke in people Group two that’s the energy you invoking People you invoke lust in people a lot And where people feel like guilty and Bad and like You know if you were a woman in the Olden days you would definitely be Burned at the stake for being a witch or If you’re a guy it’s like You know like maybe virgins are Attracted to you for real and they have Like

Unpure thoughts about you and you give Them their sexual Revelations you know I’m telling you that’s the kind of power You have look at these cards I like I Can’t make this up Um so that’s why this person is going to Uh totally fall for you your soulmate And I’m getting about your soul mate They’re totally going to write poetry About you like this person is like um They like to write with the third house I don’t know why my channel attracts Writers I don’t know why I noticed that Um I’ll go through phases where my Channel I’ve noticed a lot of musicians In my readings and then I’ll also go through phases where I see A lot of writers like So you’re you’re Um Oh I also heard illustrator You’re a person group two is going to Draw photos of you like they’re gonna Draw a portrait of you as a sign or They’re gonna write poetry about you as A sign Okay let’s see what your relationship is Going to be like and what you two are Gonna do together Let’s see Oh I love this I love this okay I love This okay so with your soulmate one of You is going to be very responsible and Have a lot of money one of you is going

To be more daring and rebellious and you Guys are going to challenge each other Like you are going to challenge this Person to be more daring and more Spontaneous and have more fun and They’re gonna challenge you to be more Responsible but also I heard something That you guys are gonna love doing Together is camping and even if you’re Not a camping girl like Trust me this can’t be my pile because I Am not a camping girl like I will go Like if my if the people around me love The outdoors and I’ll love it because Essentially I love what the other people Around me love doing because I’m like The companion but Um you’re gonna love this person so much Even if you don’t like camping you’re Gonna go camping and you’re gonna love It I see you guys are gonna Camp a lot You’re gonna hike a lot uh you’re gonna Do a lot of like camping and Hiking out Together Okay and you guys are going to encourage Each other in every little aspect of Life pulling one another out of Self Doubt and dark times both of you are Going to pool each other Um up out of dark times and I heard that You guys are going to both challenge Each other in each other’s weaknesses And you are going to improve together Um like I said one of you is more daring

And rebellious and the other one is more Methodical and grounded and career Oriented and you’re gonna challenge each Other To With each other’s weaknesses and Strengths does that make sense so that Is what I have for you I hope that was Enlightening and helpful thank you so Much for watching and I will see you Later okay What’s up group number three it’s me Star girl so This is a reading On the next Big Soulmate who’s gonna enter your life Um This is going to be very detailed that’s What I want to tell you like almost too Detailed There it is This reading is going to be so detailed It might hurt because of how detailed I’m about to be Um we’re going to do When you’re going to meet your soul mate When you’re going to meet your next big Soul mate we’re gonna do timing here Like when is it going to happen and then We’re also going to do Um Signs you will see before meeting your Soul mate like what signs are you gonna

See that goes oh my gosh this is my Soulmate and then we’re also going to do Everything about your soulmate what You’re gonna like about them and why Your soulmate is going to fall for you Then we’re gonna do what the whole Relationship is going to be like so I’m Just going to get into it instead of Just talking all right let’s get into it So what I did with the first two piles Is in order to do your psychic reading And tap into your energy Um I have to first get into your energy So I’m going to Um try to pick up your energy and as I Pick up your energy it will become a lot Easier to tap into the future So let’s see what’s currently going on In your life group number three what are You currently experiencing What’s currently going on With group number three You guys have recently taken a trip to The beach or recently you have taken a Trip to the ocean some of you could have Recently moved to the ocean some of you Are planning a trip to an ocean-like Place maybe you’re planning a trip to The islands or you’re planning To live near the ocean some of you have Recently moved to the ocean you’re Thinking about moving to the ocean You’re about to take a vacation To a body of water or to the ocean or

You’ve been spending a lot of time near Or around the water I see that you also have a gift of Manifesting wealth for yourself like you Have a gift of manifesting money and if You weren’t thinking about moving to the Beach or you weren’t you know even Considering going to the beach or Anything like that I see that you’re About to spend a lot of time near the Ocean within one year I don’t know what that’s about but I Think it’s something you should know Um Let’s see what else ten of Wands you Guys are hard workers You are my people who will push yourself To the end you are always busy you’re Always doing something and you’re always Feeling just overwhelmed by how much Crap you have to do this is probably my Pile because same I feel you so maybe if You guys have been working really hard On a new business or you’ve been working Really hard on manifesting your desires Onto the material plane through hard Work your Spirit guides are saying you Recharge the most when you’re near the Ocean when you’re near the beach that’s Your ideal vacation you know some people Really get off on Woods camping some People really get off on vacationing by Going to parties and drinking you get Off by vacationing near the beach I see

That so maybe that’s like a little Tidbit from your Spirit guides that yes Go to the beach go to the ocean it’ll Recharge you because you are burnt out Wow and you probably have been picking a Lot of pick a cards recently that I’ve Told you your rent out and you know You’re burnt out and you’re like I don’t Have time I need work yes you do have Time go and take a break near the ocean So Let’s move on to when Um now that I was able to pick up Who You Are You guys have recently started a new Business I really feel that or you guys Are in the process of starting a new Business which is why you’re really busy Or something new is birthing in your Career which is why you’re very busy Right now I just heard that okay Like you guys are like on the first Steps to doing something new in your Career that’s taking a lot of work and Energy okay but anyway this is not about That this is about your soulmate When is group number three have I been Saying to I always do that have I been saying to Group Theory when are you going to meet Your soulmate let’s find out I am so sorry group three I know this Sounds like I’m just saying it because I’m not getting the psychic message or I

Don’t understand but I promise you I Promise you your Spirit guides are Saying that when is very hidden okay and There’s multiple cards that told me that It wasn’t just one card okay if I just Saw this I wouldn’t think that all four Of your cards tell me that when is being Hidden from you for some higher reason I Don’t know why I’m not God I don’t I Don’t freaking know why they’re hiding It from you but it’s important that you Don’t know all the details okay it’s Being hit on purpose Um they’re saying that nothing is set in Stone there’s a lot of changes coming For you that you couldn’t expect and you Don’t see right now And with the solar eclipse this could Happen around the time of a big Eclipse Like the lunar or solar eclipse that’s The only hint I’m getting but lightning Is very unpredictable and lightning is Very unexpected okay and when I and I Also got that message with the Uranus Card Uranus is unexpected Uranus is coming it Comes out of nowhere like Uranus is Literally the planet of unpredictability And uncertainty and [ __ ] just happening Out of nowhere and so is that lightning Card so they’re saying it’s going to Happen at a time when you least expect It you know when you meet your soul mate It’s going to hit you out of nowhere

It’s going to be a surprise it’s going To be sudden It’s gonna be like suddenly this Happened and it’s funny group three Because life is kind of like that you Know like I feel like I’ve lived Five lives in one life okay I’ve been a Musician I’ve been a stripper I’ve been A YouTuber I’ve been a housewife I’ve Been I’ve lived every single life I can Think of in my short 28 years and it’s Like things just suddenly happen like One time One day I was digging couch change out Of my car you know for tacos for me and My younger sister like I was literally Sitting there counting pennies and Quarters like how am I gonna afford this Taco off the dollar menu and the next Thing I know suddenly my YouTube channel Blew up and suddenly I have money after Being super poor all my life you know so It’s kind of like suddenly you’re gonna Meet your soul mate and you couldn’t Predict it like I couldn’t predict my YouTube happening it just suddenly Happened overnight you know I feel like In your life a lot of things are just Gonna happen suddenly out of nowhere That completely change your life it’s Not like that for a lot of people’s Lives group three but you and me share This very similar fact

Like for some people they’re like I have To work really hard for a long period of Time and then after eight years of doing The same things finally something Happens uh my business finally blew up Not you group three things kind of just Suddenly happen in your life you’re like Walking around the street and suddenly The plot changes suddenly an important Soulmate comes into your life suddenly You blow up overnight and you go from Rags to Riches things in your life kind Of happen suddenly like you have weird Luck okay your luck is weird where it’s Like you’re like whoa my life changed Overnight You have that kind of luck and fate so It’s not much different than The rest of your life how you’re going To meet your soul mate that’s why the Timing is hidden for the other piles if You want to watch them some people say They watch all the piles I’m like okay Thank you for the watch time but Um with the other piles there was hints About when it was going to happen like Very strong hints like oh when you meet Your soulmate This is going to be happening in your Life around the time you meet them with You group three uh-uh there is no hints About when they’re saying it’s going to Happen suddenly overnight just like Everything else in your life

But But I will tell you group three That um I did pick up strong messages and hints About who this person is Who your next big soul mate is Okay So your soul mate Okay so there’s this Pet Shop Boys song And it goes I got the looks you got the Brains let’s make lots of money Don’t make fun of me don’t make fun of Me but you know what I’m saying like Look at that Pet Shop Boys song it’s Like you got the looks I got the brains Let’s make lots of money Um I’m not saying that you guys aren’t Attractive but okay how do I word this In a way where you’re not gonna click Off this video and be like I’m done with This girl she doesn’t know what she’s Talking about Um I kind of was getting crunk from Emperor’s New Groove like as a metaphor For what your soulmate is like and some Of you are gonna be like Cronk really Yeah I feel like they’re not like How do I how do I okay first of all your Soulmate is going to look physically Super attractive you’re the first pile That I actually had anything about Attractiveness come up but group number Three your soulmate with this first House body like one of the things that’s

Being emphasized about your soulmate Group number three is their body all Right like the next soulmate that’s Coming in your life is gonna have a Banging body like I’m talking Um this person with this Warrior card Like they’re literally gonna have like If you’re into masculines This person’s gonna have like guns for Arms like they’re gonna flex and their Arms are like freaking loaded or they’re Gonna have like this six pack or like if You’re into women this person’s gonna be Like a lifter like she’s gonna be one of Those women that like to lift and her Butt and booty is like out of this world And she has abs and she has like you Know like big fake titties as well you Know what I’m talking about like her Body’s gonna be banging Um but if you’re into masculines this Masculine has like the body of a warrior Like they’re they’re very muscular you Know what I mean and you might be like You know some of you guys watching my Videos you might be like that’s not my Type star girl this is not accurate Wait okay this is your soul mate you’re Not gonna be not attracted to them and Sometimes your soul mate goes against Your type like Okay for instance like I’m actually Starting to date against my type do you Know what my type is my type is guys

Like Steve Buscemi he was literally Voted the most unattractive guy in the World and that’s my I think Steve Buscemi is so fine I liked him in Ghost World okay like or like Christian Slater From Heather’s what’s wrong with my Brain what’s wrong with my brain so Sometimes it’s good to date against your Type long story short sometimes it’s Good to date against your type Okay Um guys that like Tate Landon from American Horror Story is not normal to Like okay so sometimes it’s healthy to Date against your type so if this Doesn’t sound like your type maybe you Actually got healthy and started dating People who are good for you Okay I’m done with my brand but I’m Telling you guys like if the random Number picker LED you here if you picked Number three like this is your reading And I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna confirm This for you in a second so you’re You’re you’re a soulmate group three You’re the first pile where I’m actually Seeing that their body is banging all Right Um your soulmate’s gonna have a banging Freaking body uh this is the first pile Where anything came up about appearance Really their appearance is highlighted Here like you’re gonna look at their

Body and be like Good good Lord like that’s how banging Your soulmate’s body gonna be I really heard that Um So there’s an emphasis here on their Body being very muscular being very in Shape you know they work hard on their Body Um women definitely seeing tit job over Here okay They definitely have their boobs done See that they definitely have their Boobs done but Um If they’re a guy like they spent a lot Of time at the gym or their work is very Manual and because their work is manual They’re fit that doesn’t mean they’re Going to be poor I don’t want you to be Like oh my gosh no like something about Their job keeps them fit as hell okay or They just like the gym so what I’m Hearing about your soulmate guys is They more have Hands-On wisdom like the Reason why this person is wise is Because they have life experience it’s Kind of like the School of Hard Knocks Your soul mate your soulmate went to the School of Hard Knocks which means They’re wise like they’re they’re not Dumb like Cronk they just might not have As much education as you and they might Be smart because they went to the School

Of Hard Knocks and they have a lot of Life experience because wisdom is not Book smart Um they’re being described as having Wisdom having wisdom is not having book Smarts having wisdom means you’ve been Through stuff in your life that has made You wise through life experience that’s What your soulmate has they’re wise Because of life experience and because They went to the School of Hard Knocks Not because they went to college I Actually feel like they probably didn’t Go to college I’m getting the energy That your soulmate is self-educated Which means they did a trade school they Got a certification program they they uh Studied on their own they might not Actually have a college degree they Might have like a Certification like they went to engine They went to uh Plumbing school they Went to uh hair school they went to Um some sort of trade school rather than Actual College Okay and it doesn’t mean that they’re Poor or they have like who cares if they Have a blue collar job honestly like who Cares I mean some of you might be Thinking I don’t want that but they Could mean like you know a lot of Successful business owners by the way They didn’t actually go to college a lot Of them didn’t I didn’t go to college

Well I did but I didn’t finish it so I Feel like your soulmate has more of a Trade degree with this hands card they Like went to You know Plumbing school they went to Art school they took art classes they Could be an architect Um they went to some sort of trade School but not actually higher education Like college like a lot of people my age Don’t do that anyway because College Puts you in a lot of debt like college To me is like you have a trust fund if You went to college you have a trust Fund because how are you going to afford College like At least like the people I know were Like how do you afford College unless You have a scholarship or a trust fund I Mean my kids are going to college Because I’m gonna set them up a trust fund like I want my kids to have that there’s Nothing wrong with that I’m just saying That gosh I’m getting all defensive and Renty Um I’m gonna shut up but essentially it Means that they didn’t go to like they Don’t have a college degree I feel I Feel it’s more trade school Okay Um meanwhile what’s different is you Guys the reason why they love you is you Definitely are book smart group three

You are book smart this is the card that Represents you intelligence and we have Books so this tells me you are book Smart you read books or you went to College you have higher education you’ve Studied philosophy Fine Art Um you know you have had great mentors Great teachers you might be a mentor or A teacher group three like you’ve you Are definitely well educated whether you Think so or not you are well educated Like you definitely are giving the vibe Of you went to college or You had a private tutor or you Definitely have like a bachelor’s degree In philosophy or like liberal arts or Something I really feel that Um And you yourself might be a teacher or At the very least you’ve had very good Education and you constantly read books Like you are book smart as hell uh That’s why I feel like you’re the brains In this operation group three you’re Definitely the brains and your Soulmate’s more like the Cronk they’re More like I got the looks you got the brains let’s Make lots of money and I don’t think you Guys are ugly I don’t want you to be Like oh my gosh you call me ugly no it’s Just that I feel like your soulmate spends more Time on their appearance and their body

Uh and they’re more candy and they’re More good with like creating stuff with Their hands when they’re not as book Smart they’re smart comes from life Experience like I said and you’re smart To more you’re book smart you are book Smart you are very educated very Intelligent and um I really feel that You guys have traveled a lot like you Definitely are the type that have Traveled to Europe you travel to France Jealous I’ve never been I’ve always wanted to go But I have no one to travel with and I’m Getting my passport and I’m just gonna Go I’m just gonna go Um I definitely feel you guys have been To like Europe you’ve been to France you Know you’ve been to like You know like You’re up you’ve been to India you’ve Been to Asia you know you have done some Trips and traveling like you’re well Educated and well traveled I feel like You have a strong ninth house you don’t Have to you guys also meditate I see you Group Theory like you actually straight Up meditate you know what’s crazy It’s a lot of people don’t meditate this Is not like a normal Practice A lot of People do but you straight up will Meditate like in nature because you’re Educated like

See this is what I’m saying you might Have been like this might not be my soul Mate but I’m literally describing you You guys meditate you’re well educated You’re book smart you’re a teacher Or you love learning and One thing about you guys is like You know why they’re gonna love you I don’t know if you know this about Yourself group three but you are hella Patient Like you guys have the patience of a Saint Group three Um I see that with a patient’s card like Why they like you is you guys are really Good at being in the present moment did You know that about yourself like you Make people want to slow down and be More present You make people want to slow down and be More present because you’re very Grounded in the present moment and There’s something very peaceful about Your energy do you want to chill do you Want to hang out because I like your Energy as hell Um you bring a lot of positivity Everywhere you go people like hanging Out with you group three because when They’re around you they feel uplifted Positive and happy because that’s the Kind of energy that you have because Your energy is high vibed as hell

Because you be you’d be meditating You’re on your skin care you spend time Outside you’re intelligent like your Energy is peaceful and that’s why They’re gonna like you because whenever They’re around you they feel happy they Feel positive like your energy uplifts Other people’s energy so they’re like They People like you and they want to hang Out with you because they don’t realize Like your energy is what brings them up They love how positive you are you know They love how smart you are they love Some of you guys have like straight up Like an interest in photography like you Know like some of you guys have like an Interest in like Um photography where you do old cameras Like you you buy like disposable cameras And then you’ll take like a film of Things or you have like a hobby of Photography like Some of you guys are really nostalgic For the past and you like old things too Like you guys love antique stores you Love Um you like old film you like old movies You like you like collecting old things Or you have like um you Vlog or you’re Into photography some of you smoke Camel Cigarettes Some of you actually read the newspaper Like that that’s the kind of person you

Are like you’re just like this artsy Smart intelligent person right Um You love learning about history that’s Something I see about you too like you Love learning about like Um old buildings you love learning about History of different places that you Visit I see that Um and your person like I said you know They’re smart but more in a life Experience way I went to the School of Hard Knocks you know I grew up in the Hood and I learned how to make a Business or something like that you know You know they learn through life Experience and that’s why they’re wise And they’re more like the muscles behind The operation and you’re more of the Brains does that make sense that’s why I Was getting like their crunk they have a Good attractive body they mean really Well Um they’re not the best listener Sometimes but who’s perfect you’re Probably not perfect either you know Um and but they’re more in the like the The force of the operation the the Muscle the babe let me fix this around They’re also super handy and even if They’re a girl they’re super handy like They’re really good with their They’re really good with their hands

Even if they’re a girl okay that’s all I’m gonna say but if they’re a guy They’re like the type that can fix their Own car they can fix your car they’re Handy around the house they you’re like Babe I want a porch and they’re like I Got you I’m gonna build you a porch Outside you know like they’re handy They’re very talented with their hands Take without what you will Um Okay And you know what’s crazy guys like I Feel you are people who always have a Lot of options Like I feel that about you whether you Realize it or not like you can be picky Because you always have people around You who are trying to date you like you Know how some people just have that Energy where a lot of people want them They always have options you always seem To have options but none of them fulfill You you’re like bored no no no boring no No like you reject a lot of people and I Kind of get the sense before you meet This person you’ll be rejecting a lot of People but this person’s gonna stand out Because they’re not going to be boring You’re going to be like finally someone Who’s freaking interesting finally Someone who can actually stimulate me Finally someone who gets me excited Because a lot of these options you have

You’re too smart and you’re bored ooh Damn okay So um let’s see what your relationship Is going to be like what are you guys Going to like to do together This is going to be a long ass Relationship I just heard that like this Is not gonna be A short relationship this person and I’m Telling you guys like this person is Going to propose to you Like this person they’re gonna meet you And they’re gonna be like I’m ready to Propose to you they’re not going to play Any games they’re like I want you and I Want to marry you they’re going to be The one pushing marriage with you group Three I heard that like I’m telling you This next big time soul mate coming into Your life is gonna be the one pushing Marriage onto you they’re gonna be Chasing marriage with you they’re gonna Be pursuing marriage and saying I want To get married Let’s Get Married they’re Going to be pushing that on you I heard That Um One thing I will say guys is No relationship is perfect you guys Might argue a lot and I feel like the Reason why you might argue a lot is a Lot of miscommunication because like I Said you’re more intellectual and you’re More like educated and they’re more like

The brunt force and they’re not good at Listening so there might be a lot of Arguments Um because you’re meant to learn a lot Through this relationship with lessons Right you might even this relationship Might push you to read a book about how To be in a healthy relationship Um but I’m telling you I really feel Like this person is going to chase you I’m not getting that you’re chasing them I’m getting that they’re gonna chase you Into marriage like I really feel that Like Oh and this is gonna be your twin flame Hell yeah this is gonna be your twin Flame Oh oh you guys are gonna have chart Compatibility as well Like which means you’re gonna have some Helpless industry let’s see what your Sinister is gonna be and I know you guys Are into astrology I know you guys look Up every birth chart with everybody you Date so don’t act like you don’t know What I’m talking about let’s see what Your birth charts industry is gonna be Ah easy you’re gonna have North Node Sinistry which means their North Node is Going to touch Your Mars placement or Their Mars placement is going to touch Your North Node so North Node Mars Sinistry that’s a huge hint about your

Sinistry let’s see what you guys are Going to do together like as a couple I got the eighth house you guys are Never Gonna Leave the bedroom like Straight up this is gonna be a very like We don’t leave the bedroom for days type Of situation like let’s take let’s get Takeout And just stay in the bedroom like for a Week straight and only shower once That’s the type of relationship you’re Headed into And also like their parents are going to Be really big in your relationship I Don’t know why Um I feel like you’re gonna be like Really good friends with their parents That’s what I heard like with your soul Mate Um their parents are gonna be like your Best friends Um am I getting anything else Foreign That’s all I have I hope that was Helpful thank you so much for watching I Had so much fun see you later

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