Where’s the MedBeds? Bob Gilpatrick

By | October 31, 2022

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Foreign [Music] Project how the heck are you fantastic Day out here today in Southern Colorado It’s actually turning into a winter Wonderland we’ve got some snow it’s Snowing right now and we’re not here to Talk about the weather we’re here to Talk about stuff much more exciting than That we’ve got Bob gilpatrick with us Today Founder of boomerboost.com and we’re Going to talk about Med beds and are There things better than Med beds and I’ve been taking the Gladiator barley The Boomer boost the digestive enzymes I Think this stuff is amazing I’ve got Friends and family on the Gladiator Barley and the Boomer Booth so thank you Bob it’s great to see you you just tell Me stuff the other day about Med beds And and how It’s kind of still in theory But if it wasn’t in theory then this Would be the outcome and let’s talk About that yeah sure so people have been Hearing about Med beds for a long time And You know they’re rumored to be coming Out and available soon and people will Be able to make appointments and go and Lie in one of these you know capsules so To speak it’s going to be using all Different types of new technology to

Restore their body back to perfect Health and back to a younger age and a Lot of what it’s based on is changing Your DNA so people’s DNA is relatively Intact when you’re born but as you age It gets it gets damaged by aerobic life So we are aerobic life and we create Waste products that are highly volatile Called free radicals and they damage Your body over time and essentially the Reason you die of old age is you burn Yourself up in a hundred years time your Own body Burns itself up just like a log Burning in the fire So A lot of the damage that’s caused by These free radicals is to your DNA and So when you get ready to make one of the Proteins that is the whole essence of Human life we’re protein making machines We make a hundred thousand different Proteins and they give us life and Movement And they’re made by the code in your DNA But if the DNA gets damaged then when The protein gets made it’s made According to the damage and and so now Those proteins aren’t functioning Properly they don’t fold properly and Your body starts to break down over time Now the med beds are supposed to totally Restore your DNA back to the way it was Now it’s not unreasonable to think Because your body already does that on a

Second by second basis when your DNA Gets damaged right so your genes are in Pairs and so if one side gets a Nick to It and it damages part of the gene you Have the ability to repair that Gene by Having a type of RNA hover over the Identical gene on the other side and Make a copy and then come over and call For the different peptides that are Needed in order to make the patch and Repair the DNA back your body uses a lot Of energy doing that if you weren’t able To do that you would only live to be Maybe a year old at the most and so this Is part of how the human body keeps Going but it can’t keep up a hundred Percent the older you get the more Damage you have because you start making Less of the scavengers that are keeping Those nasty little free radicals down And so now you have an overwhelm your DNA gets damaged faster as you get older And you age fast faster as you get older Right and so the med beds are supposed To restore the your DM back to say 25 Years old and that’ll be great the other Thing that it’s going to do is restore Some of your cellular function in Addition to your DNA by repairing your Mitochondrial DNA your cell walls it’s Going to kill off cells actually that Are too old they’re not repairable that Are kind of hanging around and causing Inflammation those cells will get

Stimulated to die and go away and get Replaced by an adult stem cell that’s Going to morph into this new type of Cell and so that’s how things go the Problem is is that even if you have a Med bed that restores you back to a Younger age there’s a lot of other Factors that have to be considered Because in order to make those really Great proteins you have what’s called Genetic expression so your DNA is kind Of just sitting there it’s like it’s Like a blueprint for an architect that’s Going to build a house right and so the Blueprint is is rolled up and it’s in a Tube right and and the construction Management team can’t see the blueprint Right they have to pull it out of the Sleeve and unroll it and now they can Act upon it they can look at it they can Then say all right we need this Lumber And we need nails and we need Hammers And we need Carpenters to start building This house it’s the same way with making A protein so your DNA is wrapped up in a Protein sheath like that tube and it has To get unwrapped so a bioactive compound Will come hit that protein sheath and Lay open a small bit of your DNA now it Can be copied your RNA comes makes a Copy comes out into the cell calls for The tools and the materials that’s Needed to build this protein that it’s Coded for right now remind you there’s a

Hundred thousand different proteins They’re being made by the thousands Every second so and it’s and you have a Hundred trillion cells that are all Doing the same type of thing and so you Have this massive amount quadrillions of Proteins being made in your body every Single day And so in order to have that unwrapping Occur this genetic expression be the Beginning of genetic expression you have To have bioactive compounds that will Ping that DNA so for example vitamin D3 Which gets converted into a steroid Hormone when you take it or when you Absorb it from sunlight right your skin Actually creates it and then that that Steroid hormone gets into your cell into The nucleus pings a part of the DNA and Allows for this copying right so even if You’ve gone into a med bed if you’re low In vitamin D it’s almost everybody is You’re still not going to be able to Make all the proteins that your body’s Coded for so that’s the simplest example Rex is that if you’re low in vitamin D You can go into a med bed but you’re Still not going to have full genetic Expression and so people need to know Their vitamin D level and if they’re not Going to be out in the sun like you’re Not going to be today Rex you want to Take some vitamin D supplements right be You know 5 000 to 10 000 international

Units a day try to keep your blood level Up at around 70. this will give you the Full complement of genetic expression That’s activated by vitamin D right so This is the simplest example of how People need to yeah if you can get into A med bed someday great but here’s the Very beginning Elemental thing that you Have to do in order to take full Advantage of this newly restored genome Yeah it’s just been talked about for so Many years right and now uh with the Technologies the way that they’re Advancing I wouldn’t be surprised within the next Few years some type of med bed came out Now that’s clearly verb Edge and you can Have your own definition of what a med Bed is but it’s it’s interesting when You break it down to the molecular level And how much our bodies actually produce Naturally and so optimizing that is key I find this fascinating and uh What do you think do you think we’ll see Do you think we’ll see Med beds within The next few years or is that something That we you know the powers that be may Never want out Um I do think someday you’ll see them You already have Technology that’s available that’s not a Full med bed that is going to you know Make you young again like that that’s Going to repair all your DNA but you can

Do a pretty good job yourself of Repairing your DNA if you have the right Substrate so people need to take in the Right nutrition that gives them full Capability of making your own you know Your own protein so if you want to make A protein you have to have amino acids Which half of which you have to take in My mouth the other half you can make and You have to have metabolic enzymes the Metabolic enzymes you can make but as You get older you make less and less and Less but you can take those in by mouth By using our Gladiator barley there’s About 4 000 of the 10 000 metabolic Enzymes you need are in that barley so By taking really high potency Nutritional supplements you can begin to Have the substrate you need to make Proteins and also to make repairs right Now there’s other factors as well one of The other things Med beds are going to Do as we said was it’s going to Stimulate some of the old worn out cells To go ahead and die off usually cells do Die off after a period of time and they Make way for new cells but some of them Get stuck and people that are our age Wrecks up to two percent of our body are These old cells that won’t die and They’re giving off inflammatory Cytokines and they’re poisoning all the Other cells around them so it’s a big Cause of Aging in addition to the free

Radicals and so you can now though Cleanse those dead cells out right we Know that the combination of quercetin And Resveratrol put together will Stimulate those cells and and give them A signal to go ahead and die off and We’ve known that for some time and That’s why our Resveratrol product has Quercetin in it also it’s for that Specific purpose and so you can go ahead And cleanse your body of all those old Cells and you start feeling better right Away And known you also Um have other technology Wrecks for Example You know we make new cells that function Better than those dying old cells by Secreting stem cells from our bone Marrow mostly from our nose and our hips We make new adult stem cells they get Into your bloodstream they travel and They morph into the type of cell that is Needed so you make new liver cells bone Cells brain cells you make these from Your adult stem cells and we know that There’s a couple of ways that can make You have really young acting new cells Just like having a med bed okay and the Way you do it is number one you want to Stimulate more of those stem cells so we Have a product that does that it’s Called aloe vera immune it’s right on Our on our website it’ll stimulate your

Body when you take these pills to make Two or three times more adult stem cells Which is billions a day more and there’s Another technology from a company called Lifewave and they have these little Patches that reflect light and you put Them on to the back of your neck and They have these Nano crystals in the Patch and your body’s giving off light Near infrared light and this these Crystals reflect the light back into Your body in a very specific portion of The spectrum the electromagnetic Spectrum and the scientists that figured It out knows that there is a peptide a Copper peptide that makes your adult Stem cells act young and so when you’re 25 you have lots of this copper peptide And as you age you have less and less And lessons So he’s stimulating the part of your Genome with light That makes that copper peptide and so You can take aloe vera immune get get a Life wave patch as I use and the next Thing you know your body’s making 25 Year old stem cells again Use the the Resveratrol and quercetin And now you’re clearing out all these Old dying cells and you’re replacing Them with 25 year old cells okay does That sound like what the med bed is Trying to do yeah and it’s already Available we’ve we’ve had this

Technology for years right and some People are are taking advantage of it And doing it Right the other thing we have is really Great technology for circulation because One of the biggest things that makes People age is their circulation slows Down especially if they have diabetes People with diabetes get lots of nerve Damage their nerves have to innervate Their capillaries to deliver nutrients To the nerves they and and so it’s a Vicious cycle you need circulation to Regenerate your nerves and you need Nerves to stimulate your circulation so Once it starts to go Unless you have a very precise Intervention you’re not going to be able To reverse it right and so you can Increase your circulation change the Composition of your blood plasma to Having a maximum amount of nutrients in It you can use a technology a Circulation mat that that I lie on There is a technology that stimulates Your capillaries to open up When you use a total health system like What Boomers uses for people now you’ve Got thousands of bioactive compounds in Your blood they’re flooding the cells Your nerve cells and the nerve cells are Being Revivitized and now they’re firing and They even help the circulation more so

The next thing you know you’re in a Place we have this circulation mat you Can lie on And you’ve got the right nutrition and It is acting like a med bed when you do That for that you know specific purpose Right and well so Um you know a med bed is is hopefully as If it doesn’t it if it’s not going to be Nearly as effective so hopefully the med Beds will also restore your intestines Because your small intestines where you Absorb your nutrients so your blood has All these nutrients but as you age the Little hairs called velai that absorb The nutrients there’s a mucus that Naturally occurs in your intestines and It begins to turn to plaque and It Coats Over those little velai and Smothers Them and makes it very hard to absorb Nutrition so you have to have something That will cleanse the plaque out of your Intestine and get it out and regrow Those little v-line so that you can Absorb nutrients again like you’re 25 Years old right so there’s a compound in The Barley product that does exactly That dissolves the black moves it out There’s a second compound that revitizes The veli now you can absorb the Nutrients that you’re taking in Gets into your blood plasma you have Great circulation boom now you’re much Much younger and so if you know the life

Insurance companies wrecks are probably The most advanced scientists at Predicting how well someone is how sick They are and when they’re going to die They can take your blood and do a Physical exam and they can tell within Three months when you’re going to die And so they base their insurance premium On that okay but people nowadays as Larry dodland my business partner did You know when he was 65 years old and His biomarkers according to the life Insurance company thought he was 85 Years old and it was horrendous Insurance premiums after working in with Me and taking these supplements we’re Talking about He went back in his biomarkers by 50 Years right and so the same insurance Company looked at him a year later and And didn’t compare you know the age or Any of the stuff to what they had before But they called his insurance agent to Thank him said this is the healthiest Person you’ve ever sent us but there’s An error it says he was born in 1945 but This looks like about a 33 year old man To us And he’s going to get Superior Preferred Insurance but we’d like you to just Correct that error on the application So Stewart told him no that’s Larry Darling the co-founder of Boomers for Every young and that really is his blood

And that really is his birthday right And so that type of thing already is Happening on a daily basis uh Rex with The people that use the Boomer nutrition Products that type of thing is occurring And it not only is blood work and Physical exam but how do you feel so People are getting tremendous increasing Energy Mobility capability capability For very very old people actually that Are homebound or bed-bound to get up off The couch and start going out and about Going to the gym to work out again and Even at the age of 97 98 even over 100 Years old people can restore themselves And and begin acting and looking like They’re much much younger That’s one of the keys isn’t it Forever Young and join that that youth And the the health Associated most the Time with that I think that’s uh that’s Awesome And you know it’s it’s almost like when I read through the Because I you know I go to Boomer boost Almost every day and I look at the Testimonials because you add them on There regularly it’s How do I put it it’s almost unbelievable But it’s not you know what I mean the Way that it’s helped people and like I Remember when I told my Uncle the Testimony about our neighbor And he didn’t believe me and I was like

I had to get Chris and I was like Kristen get over here and I’m not going To say anything tell uh tell tell Tom What happened with our neighbor and and Uh I just kept my mouth shut and she Gave the testimony and he’s like Interesting maybe I need to try Something that’s yes yeah you think Maybe Yeah yeah you know I don’t know if you Saw this one it just came about uh Recently we had a testimonial sent in by A woman on behalf of her husband And she was uh she was telling us what Happened her husband ended up in the Hospital he was really sick and they Sent him home I think they kind of sent him home to Die because they had told him you’re now On three different lists they’re called Transplant lists and we’re going to need To do a heart transplant a liver Transplant and we’re going to need to do A kidney transplant And He had a vest on it was a defibrillator In case he had a heart attack they had To wear 24 7. he was walking with a Walker and they put him on nine Medications That was in June beginning of October She sent us this testimonial saying that He had just come back from the doctor he Was now no longer on the heart

Transplant list His liver and kidneys were perfectly Normal he wasn’t on the transplant list Anymore his heart was getting back to Normal they’d taken him off six of his Nine medications he no longer needed the Walker they took him off the vest And he was working out at the gym an Hour at a time with a personal trainer To help get him back to perfect health My guess is by Christmas time he’s going To be back to perfect health and it’ll Be as healthy as you and I are And she was um She was beside herself she she thought For sure that this was a miracle from God And certainly it was Um You know if you look at some of the People that develop our products for us They’re these are people of deep faith And prayer and they’re receiving Information Right Um through their prayers on how to do These types of Technologies Like like you were saying earlier with The barley where they discovered how to Sprout seeds all at the same time and They discovered you know how to stop the Seeds from sprouting right at the peak Of nutrition And how to stabilize all the nutrients

And then powderize and get it into a jar That can be sent in the mail to someone And the the patented you know X Factor Fertilizer all natural fertilizer and The way they tend to the soil there’s Nothing else like it anywhere in the World and the product they choose to Grow in this incredible environment is Ancient seeds of barley and there’s many Many references in the Bible about the Power of barley and how good it is for You well that was the ancient barley Modern day barley is not actually all That good for you because the seeds Starting back in the 1940s they would Cross breed them to make them germinate Better And they cross-bred all the nutrition of Them and increase the gluten and so you Don’t want that you want to get barley From a company that’s gone to the Trouble to sprout ancient seeds before They did any of this cross-breeding and Tends to them with new scientific Methods that they didn’t have 2000 years Ago They didn’t have the X Factor and There’s a genetic change in the in our Barley wrecks you know barley normally When it goes to seed it has six rows of Seeds so you have one seed on either Side and it’s stacked up six rows and The seed sticks up like this Now because of these techniques this

Year’s Harvest that happened at early Fall The seeds it started growing more seeds So the farmer you know called to our Scientists said hey you got to come out To our farm here where we’re growing This stuff because there’s eight rows of Seeds And then they called them again and two Weeks later he’s like now there’s ten Rows and one before it was done there Was 14 rows of seeds And their the seed pods were hanging Over flopped down they were so heavy and The seeds were much bigger and much Denser they were absorbing this Nutrition from the soil at such a rate That it made the even though there were Less seeds in a bushel The Bushel weight Had gone up by 38 percent And this was how densely packed the Nutrition was in these in these seeds And so the um the this year’s crop is Going to be delivered to us at Boomers In a couple of months you know tens of Thousands of jars of it and we’re going To have access to that new newly Um genetic expressed You know barley and we’re really anxious To see what happens when we get it in Our hands Right on man well that there’s the code Rex that people can use so um after this Podcast go to boomerboost.com use code

Rex you’ll get five bucks off your order And I think they’re you’re doing some Flash sales deep discounts right now for Leak project listeners go to Boomerboost.com use the code rex or leak 10 and stack the discount yeah we have a Couple things going on we have this what We’re calling a double digit drop down Sale so we have six different products If you hover over products and click on Sale You’ll see there’s six different Products that we’ve marked down by at Least ten dollars and so people you know Can get our magnesium with zinc or B Vitamins our Clarity factor which is Really great for your brain and our Sleep aid product all those have been Marked way down and that’ll go on Probably for another four or five days All right but then at the same time we Put this really cool Spinning Wheel up So if you bring up the website a wheel Pops up and you get to spin to win so You spin it and you get additional Discounts that’s what’s going on right Now you got the double digit price drop That you’re looking at there And then go to on sale there you go Yeah so the ashwagandha route is also on Sale really really great for Stress Management which is the other thing Rex The the med beds won’t do right so we Always say this at Boomers you can take

All the best nutrition products in the World but if you’re under a lot of Stress you’re still probably going to be Sick There’s a lot of reasons for that and so That’s why we have that ashwagandha for People to help them with stress but we Also have if people if you hover over A podcast And the blog right you’ll be able to see If you go to podcasts right in these Podcasts we have four or five really Great podcasts that are on Stress Management right and so you have um we Have a podcast on tapping which is the Emotional Freedom Technique we have one On havening Um we have this one called self-love Self-care we have one on visualization And the Law of Attraction which is very Helpful we also have one on inner Balance finding your inner balance and So there’s three full pages of these Wrecks and these are our podcasts that We made you know for helping people with Advanced Techniques so when you study The emotional Freedom technique you’re Learning to do for yourself A a technique that high level therapists Are using so there you go And so when you learn to do this you are Giving yourself a really powerful tool That’s really is used for people with Mental illnesses and the like that go to

Sleep therapists but it works really Great for Stress Management and you can Learn to do it yourself right you also Have the another one called the ultimate Mind calming exercise And that exercise is a highly Very very Advanced bioenergetic Technique that puts you into a state of No mind so people will meditate you know For years and years trying to learn how To calm their mind this technique within 10 to 15 minutes of practicing you’ll be Able to make your mind completely stop And go into a still place right and you Can do whatever you want in that still Place but nonetheless most people go Their whole life long with their mind Never stopping and never experiencing What it feels like for their mind to Stop To stop racing and so that technique Will get you there but that’s the other Thing about Med beds is there’s no magic In a med bed that’s going to change the External circumstances of your life and It’s not going to change the way you Perceive things it’s not going to change How you delete distort and generalize Information how you form your beliefs And how you create stress through that Process the med beds can’t do that now They med bed can help restore a lot of The damage that was done to your tissues Because of stress but it’s not going to

Teach you magically how to know how to Be the type of person that if there’s a Lot of stress they know how to do Tapping they know how to do havening They have an inner balanced device to Stop their amygdala from massive Overload right you have to have these Things in addition to a med bed in order For you to continue on and experience a Happy life nice to have a med bed but if You’re still under stress and you’re Constantly in this background anxiety And you’re angry all the time right what Good did it do you now you’re just a Younger person with anger issues So These are these are the this is like the Umbrella of of additional things you Need in addition to the med beds in Order to stay healthy not have to go Back into the med bed every two years Because you aged so fast after you got Out of the med bed and to have a happy Life Region be vibrant but also be happy Because young and vibrant doesn’t always Translate to Happy I like that absolutely happiness is a Huge factor in my opinion To my health So why not everybody else and Bob you’re You’re awesome man I I appreciate you I Appreciate the uh what you do I Appreciate you know folks I was talking

To Bob a few days ago and you know we Were just we’re talking on the phone and Bob was sharing some of his life Experiences and actually how Boomer Boost was founded and I mean you’re in The right place you’re doing the right Thing I think that that you’re Absolutely People have certain life paths right or Specific features and benefits that’ll Go hand in hand with their life and if They can figure a way to tap into that Then they oftentimes succeed in in Wonderful ways and you can fill it when You’re there and you’re there and you’re Doing it man you went from helping People out uh you know at their house Even to now you can help people out when They’re at their house they can call you Up or they can go to the website but I Appreciate you actually taking the time To talk to people that call you’ve got a Wonderful office in Florida that I’d Really like to see here soon and how did You hold up with the um with the Hurricane and all that how’d it go Well Um St Petersburg did fine we were about 100 miles north of where it came on land So there was some wind damage and rain And flooding but not too bad I had Evacuated because the hurricane was Predicted to hit us directly so I left To go to the other side of Florida to

Get out of the way there was mandatory Evacuation in my condo because we’re Right on the water And um and I came back about six days Later it was still extremely difficult To drive lots of rivers were flowing Over the roads and it took a circuitous Route in about five extra hours of Driving to get back home and we drove Through the Section where the 100 mile An hour plus winds had hit and knocked Down telephone poles just rows and rows Miles and miles of trees and telephone Poles flattened and people’s houses you Know with no roofs and and like that we They wouldn’t even let us drive near Where Ground Zero was but in you know Sanibel Island and Fort Myers where we Would go often you know for day trips to Go out to the island and stuff was it Was obliterated no it’s not the Highlands not really habitable right now It’s going to take a massive effort a Year-long effort her to just clear the Debris from all the houses that were Blown apart Jeez man you know we were talking Earlier about how there had been no Hurricanes in Florida and then it said You know Mother Nature’s like well I’ve Been building up yes you know and I’m I It’s terrible what happened out there It’s expected though I mean it’s it’s Something that you got to expect living

In Florida right if it happens every Year there’s at least some type of Hurricane or some type of damage on the Coast or somewhere in Florida yeah Yeah this one was just particularly Strange the way it came North And then made a right-hand turn and just Hit full force with 150 mile an hour Winds Directly into Fort Myers and it Generally If a hurricane comes into the Gulf it Keeps going to the north And it may get stronger it may get Weaker but that’s why you see New Orleans the Panhandle Texas have more Hurricanes but this one made a Right-hand turn and hit the West Coast Of Florida with a broadside Do you think that I mean this is Obviously speculation we can’t prove This in this podcast but do you think That there could be Behind the scenes Influences of the weather like Technology That maybe doesn’t create or stop a Hurricane but helps steer it Well there’s a lot of rumors about that I don’t think anybody knows for sure Um but it’s it’s very possible one of The things that I’ve always thought and A lot of scientists will agree with this Is that

When the Saharan Desert started to Expand Is when we really started getting more Of these You know Systems coming off of the coast of Africa and it used to be there were less Of them but now the Sahara Desert is Expanding expanding it’s come almost Down to the equator At the Central African Republic And I think that if there was an effort To restore this Saharan Desert which can Be done with new technologies to bring To make the Sahara more more Oasis than Desert Which it used to be if we took the Effort to do that you you probably do The best thing that you could for the Control of hurricanes So Um there’s you know companies like water Pure companies like precise power that Have the technology to do this now and It’s just not being used in the Sahara Yet We’ve got a bright future folks and keep Being the change you want to see to make That happen and Bob thank you so much For being a guest on leap project are There any words any more words of wisdom You can share this before I finish this Brilliant podcast up fine sir Well people can call us Rex you know we

Have people answering the phone every Day and our office here on Central Avenue if you live in the area and want To come by and visit you certainly can Give us a call ahead of time that way Make sure I’ll be there to meet you and Talk to you and uh it’s 5401 Central Avenue in in St Petersburg and our we Have an 800 number which is 861-4609 and if you call that number Stephanie will answer or Gene will Answer Or Jim or Lucy or Anne will pick up the Phone and help you out with whatever it Is that you need if you have a specific Issue you’re dealing with they’ll know How to help you get just the right thing They’ll be able to help direct you to The blogs and podcasts that I was Talking about And then And make sure that you know everything That’s available that is you know right There for you right now While we’re waiting for these miraculous Med beds that you get started on it Restore yourself as much as you possibly Can now and then when the Met beds come And you go through the restoration Process you’ll already be at your Maximum genetic expression you’ll have All the amino acids and minerals and the Metabolic enzymes that you need and You’ll hit the ground running when you

Come out of that med bed you’ll have Full genetic expression and you’ll be Making all the proteins from those Restored genes otherwise you know you’re Going to have these restored genes but You’re going to be trying to make young Proteins again with but you’re depleted And so it’s like you know it’s like Shoveling smoke Shovel and smoke well I could tell Somebody to do that and they’d try Um So that’s what I gotta do shovel smoke That’ll work you could actually shovel Some smoke in a hot box van that I used To live in down by the river Halo A little too much That’s a lot oh man well right on Bob I Hope you have an awesome day and glad Things worked out for your condo and um You’re Building business and I’ll talk To you soon man Okay Rex enjoy your snow I will I’m Gonna go out make some snow reptiles There you go that’s good some snow on a Nike right yeah oh dude that’s about Nine feet tall ah so come on [Music] Foreign [Music]

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