What Your Love Interest Secretly Wants to Tell You→ Psychic Tarot Reading

By | November 4, 2022

This is a psychic reading on what your Person would say if they weren’t such a Little so I want you to think of The person on your mind and this is a Message from them I don’t know why I’m Hearing them saying that their love for You they have love for you but loving You was really unhealthy for them they Were like this is not like healthy how Much I like this person or there’s Something about their love for you that Was very unhealthy so it’s almost like They had to force themselves to walk Away kind of like they went on a diet From you this person is saying that They’re trying to not want you they’re Trying to not love you because they Don’t feel like their love is Reciprocated by you actually this person Is not sure how you feel about them you Are this person’s Achilles heel or this Person’s weakness and they don’t like How weak they are for you you know it’s Something about you in this

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