What the Person on Your Mind Secretly Wants to Tell You 🏹 Pick A Card ♀Tarot Reading→

By | November 4, 2022

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Hey everyone it is Anita Serene and Welcome to my YouTube channel and Today’s magical psychic reading we are Going to be using the tarot cards and my Intuition to figure out what the person On your mind secretly wants to tell you Now this psychic reading is specifically For if the person on your mind is a Romantic love interest or someone you Might have romantic feelings for however If you are wondering what a friend Secretly wants to tell you or a Co-worker secretly wants to tell you or A family member this could still kind of Work but it might resonate more if it’s In a love context so just a little FYI For those of you who are new to my Channel hi I am Anita Serene and I used To be known as Star Girl the Practical Witch but recently I changed my YouTube Name Um away from star girl because I am Turning 28 and I don’t know how much Longer I can call myself a girl so yeah That’s why we did that but Um I’ve been a psychic on YouTube for Five years and I absolutely love it and I’m so glad that you are here I’m so Excited to do your psychic reading so Let’s get right to the psychic reading What I need you to do is pick one of the Three options with your Intuition or a Random number picker if you don’t want To use your intuition a random number

Picker will generate a number between One to three and whatever number you get Is the One You’re supposed to listen to But I just need you to pick one of the Three options and then once you pick an Option you fast forward to the time Stamps I provide in the pink comment and The description so the first option we Have here is sunset records and it is The blue record that’s option number one Or group number one the second option That we have is this white vinyl and it Says rest on me That’s option or group number two The third option we have is protect the Surface and it is a Red vinyl that is option or group number Three So I do need you to pick one of these Options and then once again the time Stamps are waiting for you in the pinned Comment as well as the description all You have to do is click the time stamp Next to your chosen option and it will Take you right to yourself And it will take you right to your Psychic reading about what the person on Your mind secretly wants to tell you What would they say to you if they could What would they say what do they Secretly want to tell you but they’re Too shy or scared to say That’s what we’re gonna find out today Let’s get started hey group number one

The blue Sunset records the person on Your mind what do they secretly want to Tell you so they’re saying I’m picking Up that your person is saying that they Feel a lot of guilt They are suffering from a lot of guilt From the past like you know they think About you or they think about their they Have a lot of intrusive thoughts in Their minds where they cringe over Things that they did in the past and They just feel really crappy about who They used to be your person group number One like this is the type of person Where kind of like this record they’re Playing the same memories over and over And over you know Um they’re they’re listen they’re going Back to their past and kind of cringing At themselves this could be like in Memories regarding you or just who they Used to be they just like look back at The past a lot and go ugh I can’t Believe I used to be like that I can’t Believe I acted like that I can’t Believe I treated those people like that I can’t believe I used to be that person Ugh you know they have a lot of guilt Like that group number one your person Let’s see why We have the temperance card I maybe it’s Because they used to drink and they used To just act really dumb when they drank We also saw the police officer so this

Could be like they’ve had issues with The law or something like that Um I feel like this person has over Corrected themselves Yeah I’m kind of getting the energy they Have over corrected themselves like they Used to be kind of Not the best person and now they feel Really bad about it so now they’re like Going on the other end of things and Over correcting themselves it’s kind of Like you know when someone’s an Alcoholic and then they go to AAA and Then there’s straight edge off Everything you know it’s like they Really corrected themselves Um they want you to know Group one that Your presence makes them super nervous They get really nervous around your Energy I don’t know if you know this about your Person or not hold up Um they’re showing me that they get Really nervous around you like what’s Interesting group one is your person Really likes you you make them feel Happy and they get really excited when They think about you and they have very Positive thoughts about you like when They look at you it’s with eyes of Admiration and you know they’re always Like looking at you thinking good things About you but I’m being shown that they

Get actually really nervous in your Presence and that’s something that they Don’t like because they feel like really Clumsy when you’re around they feel like They stutter on their words when you’re Around they feel like oh my gosh I feel Like such a [ __ ] when I’m around group Number one because I end up stuttering Or acting really stupid because I like Them so much I actually get really Nervous you know that’s what the person On your mind wants to tell you is that You make them nervous let’s see why you Make them nervous the Sun You make them nervous because one thing About this card that I really like is if You look at it you can see that her You can see that her eyes are covered With sunflowers which tells me that she Sees you or he sees you in a very Positive light and I kind of just feel Like they look at you so it’s like Looking at the sun I got it I got the message group one Your person wants to tell you when they Look at you it’s like looking at the sun It’s like looking at the sun you shine So bright in this person’s eyes that They have a hard time looking at you Because you are so bright of a star you Are so bright of a sun so you know you Might think oh this person doesn’t like Me they don’t they don’t want to be Around me because they’re acting weird

No they’re just so nervous around you Because they they put you on such a Pedestal and you shine so brightly and In comparison this person feels like They’re nothing compared to you You know with the black moon they see You as the sun and they see themselves As the Black Moon because this person’s Really hard on themselves you know They’ve had Um they have a lot of skeletons in their Closet and a lot of guilt that eats them Up alive from the past so they don’t Think that highly of themselves and Honestly it kind of feels like They are They feel like they they’re nothing Compared to you you know they they see You as the sun and they see themselves As the black moon like the outcasts the The underdog and they’re like you’re the Sun you know Um so let’s see how you feel about this Person The High Priestess you feel a Psychic connection with this person Group one Okay like you guys might be really Psychic really intuitive and you’re like I don’t know why But I feel a psychic and mental Connection with this person I see that About you group one like you’re really Psychic and you feel a psychic Connection with this person and you

Can’t explain it and you’re like why Right You with the 12th house you guys might Be dreaming of this person a lot like a Lot a lot um this person shows up in Your dreams yes they show up in your Dreams a lot and you know what’s crazy Is they definitely dream about you too Okay like I’m telling you guys this Person shows up in your dreams And they dream about you too they have Dreams about you too and you know what’s Crazy is I I read this thing online that Was like If you can’t sleep at night it’s because Um you know you’re you’re awake in Someone else’s dream or whatever and I Was like is that is that why I can’t Ever sleep at night like I get three Hours of sleep sometimes like am I just Astral traveling to people’s dreams Because I’ve gotten so many comments Where people are like I’ve been dreaming About you you know you came in and gave Me a psychic reading I was like probably Because I wasn’t asleep unless you know I kept waking up last night so maybe I Was astral traveling I don’t know but It’s like this person and you dream of Each other and I’m seeing it it works Both ways I’m seeing the feelings are Mutual do you know how I know the Feelings are kind of mutual where you Both feel a psychic connection to each

Other you can’t explain it’s because I See the temperance card which is about Mutual feelings Mutual Um back and forth it’s kind of like you Know two cups of balancing act I don’t Know how to explain my psychic Vision I Just I don’t really use the tarot cards Anymore I used to in the beginning of my Psychic Journey but Um as I’ve gotten more proficient in my Craft I kind of just it triggers a Message and I just know that whatever You feel towards this person group Number one is vary both ways and it is Very mutual and you know I won’t lie to You I won’t lie to you because I don’t Like to give false hope to people Um but whatever it is that you feel Towards this person this person feels Towards you and you know what’s really Crazy Is I feel like both of you feel a weird Psychic bond to one another where you’re Like I know it’s weird but I feel like I Feel they’re like I feel like Psychically drawn to them you know I Keep hearing they’ve been seeing your Name everywhere like you know they’ll Just be walking through the grocery Store and then the person will make an Announcement and the announcement will Be to call another employee but that Employee has your name I don’t know I heard that or you know

They’ll randomly buy a book and the Author is the author with your name They’re seeing your name everywhere and They’re like what the hell and when they See you They get like this psychic like I feel This weird connection with them that I Can’t quite explain that I don’t feel With people very often you know it’s Like both of you are having that psychic Pool and both of you are dreaming of Each other like for for sure Um I I don’t know why Hmm And uh group number one I feel like your person did something to You that was kind of messed up you know I feel like this this person that you’re Asking about they did something that you Know wasn’t really nice or they did Something that was not like kind of Shitty I’m just gonna go ahead and say a Group one your person did something that Was kind of shitty You know they did something that was Just like I don’t want to say out of Character but You know before they’ve been doing a lot Of self work group one like your person Has been you know getting in touch with Their higher self doing a lot of Self-transformation putting in work on Themselves healing themselves and Becoming a better person because they

Realize how they used to be was kind of Really shitty and how they used to be Might have impacted you in a crappy way You know they might have said something That was really crappy they might have Uh jabbed you with their words they Might have done something that was Really crappy as a way to take you off Your high horse or make you feel like [ __ ] because they felt like [ __ ] about Themselves but what they’re telling me Group one is I’ve realized in the past I Was not A good person So I have done the self work and I am Sorry for the way I treated you I am Really embarrassed like that’s the word I heard is I’m embarrassed Um they’re saying that they feel like You rejected them or you did something To reject them that made them feel Really bad what did you do to reject Them I don’t feel like you did anything to Actually reject this person I think this Person rejects themselves oh did we hear That Ding I leave my um Phone Dinger on as a way to Um because I have clear audience and Whenever the ding comes on it’s like an Exclamation point from Spirit I feel Like your person kind of rejects Themselves before anyone actually

Rejects them and I feel like you didn’t Actually do anything to reject them it’s Just that they felt psychically you were Rejecting them they were like I know This person doesn’t like me I know this Person doesn’t Vibe with me I know this Person does not like me but it wasn’t Based in reality it was just their Feeling but their feeling was wrong Because they reject themselves so they They assume everyone else is rejecting Them essentially I don’t think you Actually did anything Um they’re saying that you know I do Feel like there’s a doorway open here Guys in your connection I will say I Wasn’t even going to use this deck I Just kind of Picked up this deck kind of like I kind of just picked up that deck Because I was like oh you know what’s so Pretty and pink I was like maybe but Then I put it back and um one car just Fell out I was like you know what I’m Gonna use the deck because it was meant To be There’s a doorway opened here that they They they Want a doorway opened between the two of You because right now I kind of am Getting the sense with all this Temperance 12th house energy High Priestess energy this doesn’t feel very Grounded in reality whatsoever

Group one this does not feel grounded in Reality whatsoever because the cards That keep coming up are Temperance which Is all about the Unseen okay the Unseen Psychic feeling Um we kept getting the high priestess Come up which is also about psychic Feeling the 12th house is not grounded In reality why do I feel like this Connection isn’t really grounded in Reality why do I feel like you’re Probably Um not talking or you do passive Aggressive Jabs at each other or there’s Passive communication where you don’t Directly communicate with one another It’s more of a passive way you Communicate not directly I don’t know Why I feel that Um but I’m getting the sense like There’s a doorway opening between the Two of you That this wants to pass from mainly the Spiritual psychic guessing game Um unspoken communication you guys have Going on to more of a material Grounded connection that actually exists I don’t know that’s what I feel and I Couldn’t help but notice that there’s a Lust bound on the bottom of the deck so Uh I don’t know I don’t know it says Infatuation Lustbound in over your head an obsession Someone here might have an obsession I

Don’t know If it’s you or them who has this Obsession I really don’t know who it is But someone here is definitely obsessed Um we also have locked out access denied Hard to reach so I feel like guys This person might feel your person might Feel that they want to open a doorway With you They oh I heard another ding yes thank You thank you they want to open a Doorway because I wasn’t sure if I was On the right path I didn’t know if it Was you or them they want to open a Doorway with you to experience something But they feel like if they were to open That door with that lock card here That their access would be denied or That they would be rejected so it’s like They want to say something to you they Want to Um you know actually message you or Actually talk to you they want to Actually make this a reality with you They want to walk through that doorway And make it not just like um an abstract Unspoken thing but a real thing but They’re afraid that if they were to go And open that door with you you would Reject them or it would be locked or Access would be denied This person is scared of rejection Essentially You know they feel like the way they

Feel about you isn’t reciprocated They feel the way that they feel about You isn’t reciprocated Even though I’m seeing that it is Reciprocated it’s definitely Reciprocated you know but they feel it’s Not reciprocated because they put you on Such a pedestal they see you as someone You know maybe some of you guys are like The man or the woman you know maybe you Guys have some Spotlight maybe it’s just You’re really popular I see that with The spotlight card your energy is almost Star-like you have that star power Um that extreme Charisma they see you as The sun they see you as the light they See you in such a high regard they’re Like why would group number one want me So they’re rejecting themselves before You reject them And they want to try to open that door But they’re worried you’ll reject them Because they think that you’re too good Or like why you know Which is really sad about your person You know Um let’s see what it is that you want With this person like what is it what is It that you want with this person anyway With this waiting game you’re waiting For them to Do something you’re like okay I’m Waiting for you to you know like I’m Waiting for you to text me I’m waiting

For you to call me I’m waiting for you To be like hey what’s up hi let’s you Know let’s let’s take this relationship To the next level let’s hang out let’s Have you know you’re waiting for this Person to get their [ __ ] together but They’re too scared they’re too sick to Chicken [ __ ] to make a move There are two chicken [ __ ] to make a Move I see that with awakened fears They’re too scared to make a move and You’re waiting like okay like I know you Know I feel this I know you feel it we Both feel it passively we’ve been Dancing around this for months like are You going to make a move you’re waiting And they’re like no I’m too scared I’m Too scared I want to walk through this Door with you but I’m afraid with this Lock card you’re gonna reject me or You’re gonna turn me down because I feel like you are the Sun and I am Nothing next to you but it’s so weird Because the feelings are definitely Reciprocal you know it used to be Statuses on Facebook that are cryptic But they’re meant for a certain person To communicate low-key you know that’s Kind of how you guys communicate and I Don’t feel grounded in this reading like I feel very Spacey so I know this isn’t Grounded in reality because no one hears Making a move you’re waiting for them to Make a move but they’re too scared to

Approach and that’s what they want to Tell you they’re saying I like you I I want I want you but I’m so nervous Because I put you on such a pedestal And I just am so worried you reject me Because it would crush me that’s what Your person wants to tell you group Number one Fireworks loving and passionate you guys Definitely have chemistry like if you’re Wondering what if our personalities are Incompatible are we compatible Um you and your person have actual Instant chemistry it’s something that You can’t force it’s something that you Two just have is chemistry You too have chemistry like when you Guys hang out or If you were to actually like just give Each other a chance friendship wise or Romantic wise there would be insane Chemistry it would be really exciting And you guys would just click you know When you just click with people you guys Would just click with the red string of Fate this is a faded connection guys That’s why both of you feel this Connection to one another you’ve been Getting signs about one another and You’ve been dreaming about one another You know there’s a lot of compatibility Here I actually feel like this could be Your best friend this could be the one

You know there’s a lot of compatibility Here Um this person has fantasyte they want To tell you I’ve fantasized about Marrying you with the rose-colored Glasses and commitment I’ve this person Is saying I want to tell you I’ve Fantasized about marrying you I feel Like you’re my dream girl my dream guy I Have fantasized about what kind of ring I’m gonna buy you I’ve fantasized about How I’m gonna propose to you I’ve Fantasized about all the different ways I would rub your feet massage your neck Give you love unconditionally like I’ve Fantasized about that for a very long Time this person Um They’re telling me They’ve been in love with you since the Spring The spring is very Monumental here in This connection Okay they want to tell you like I first Fell in love with you in the spring Like you feel like spring I am this Person wants to tell you essentially Guys they’re infatuated with you this Isn’t like this is like Crush energy I Really feel the person you’re asking About has a major crush on you and they Act weird as hell they act weird as [ __ ] Because they have a crush on you and They don’t know how to act and they’re

Like Inwardly judging themselves because They’re like oh my gosh like I’m not Good enough for group number one Um they romanticize you a lot they’re Saying I’ve been in love with you since The spring I don’t know what that means And it’s like you’re waiting because you Feel this you guys feel this you’re like I know this person likes me but I feel Like I’m crazy I want to hang out with Them you know I wanna you know I want to Spend more time with this person I want To hang out with this person I want to Get to know this person more like Obviously right you’re like I wanna I Wanna hang out with this person I’m Gonna spend more time with this person Why are they acting so distant why are They not Um Coming forward because they’re scared They’re scared of rejection and they’re Reject they think you’re too good for Them and they’re rejecting themselves Before they can reject or you can reject Them Um but this person has like a big fat Crush on you that’s what they want to Say and they’re saying I respect you so [ __ ] much like I see you as a queen Or a king with the it’s like you were What’s that song um you were the queen Of my heart You are the queen of I don’t I forget

Who who the [ __ ] that’s by I don’t Remember my playlist goes on and on and Sometimes I’ll get like Snippets of Lyrics and I’ll be like where does that Come from it’ll drive me crazy but it’s Like it’s like you’re the queen of my Heart with the heart and the crown That’s gonna drive me crazy look up that Song you are the queen of my heart Lyrics whatever that Lyric is from whatever that song is That’s how they feel about you and it And it matches because I was like what’s A message from them and we were picking The vinyls right We were picking the vinyls so yeah this Person wants to tell you I have a major Crush on you I think you’re the perfect Person I just I admire you I love you There’s no one else there’s no one else That I see more highly than you and They’re saying that I’m scared and I Feel like crap about myself and I want To approach you but I’m worried of Rejection and they’re saying I know time Is slipping away I know it’s been I know I’ve kept you Waiting for way too long I know I’ve Been Um I know I’ve been keeping you waiting for A very long time I know I’ve been Challenging you too for a very long time And it’s because I’m self-sabotaging

Because I don’t feel worthy of you And I will say this person’s been doing A lot of work on themselves Like they’ve been working on themselves A lot they’ve been going to the gym They’ve been eating clean they’ve been Getting grounded they’ve been doing Their spiritual work but they still Don’t feel Good enough for you and I’m actually Hearing this person might have started Going to the gym and eating healthy so They could feel good enough for you even Though you’re like dude I feel the Spiritual connection between us why are You acting so weird just that you feel It I feel it there is a bond here but You’re like I’m not moving forward Towards you you have to come to me That’s how you feel and you’re waiting For this person to come to you but They’re just not and you’re getting Frustrated and if you want to know it’s Not in your head there’s major Chemistry Between You And this person you guys Might both be artists you both might Inspire each other a lot Like this person might have used you as Inspiration for their art because they See you as like this Angelic perfect Thing like a piece of art or they’ve Inspired your art but essentially I’m Seeing like you both Inspire each other Maybe both of you do art or

Entertainment or whatever and what’s Crazy is you’re like dude move forward Do something it’s in the ball’s in your Court and they’re saying I can’t I’m too Scared you intimidate me so much I like You so much and I don’t want you to Dislike me because I like you so much That I’d rather just not approach you And just fantasize about you from far Away and wish you good luck from far Away because I like you so much that if You were to reject me It would crush me inside but what this Person doesn’t see is that this is a Spiritual bond guys like I see that with A Temperance card This is a spiritual bond like both of You have mutual feelings and when you Hang out it’s like Thelma and Louise Bonnie and Clyde you know it’s like that That rare it’s like that rare Um Soul connection that’s it’s guys like I’ll tell you something Just saw two two two two And seven seven I never click with B I Rarely click with people so when I click With someone it’s like a big deal I’m Like oh my gosh because you know like Most people it’s like they’re nice I Like them but it’s not like that oh my Gosh like when we get together it’s like Such sin street I’m like you are my Person you’re my BFF I’ll love you Forever you know like I don’t know maybe

That’s my Venus Scorpio like if if I Decide like we have that chemistry I’m Like you are my person and I will die For you and I love you Um that’s how like this would be with This person but it’s like They’re just like rejecting themselves Before you reject them I really feel Like this person is your perfect match I’m not even just saying that Like I really like guys I get really positive Vibes from this Okay but with clouded blocked Ascension Okay the clouds two clouds and incoming Abundance which is the mailbox it’s like Neither of you know what to say to each Other neither of you I feel like you Guys communicate with each other and Directly You know like statuses on Facebook if This was 10 years ago like you know Weird statuses that are meant for you But not directed at you or like posting Songs for each other or like you Communicate in a very passive way but Under the passive communication there’s Actually a lot more deeper meaning of Things being unsaid it’s like there’s a Lot of passive communication here or no Communication so either it’s like you Guys are just talking about the weather But deep down it’s like do you feel this And they’re like yeah do you feel this

You know it’s like you’re not actually Saying what you eat to each other what You two feel but it’s it’s like it’s Coming like it’s underneath the Conversation right or you’re not talking At all because neither of you know what To say to each other that’s kind of the Energy I’m getting but I want to tell You guys the feelings are mutual This is a spiritual bond they feel it With you you feel it with them they feel It when they look at you they feel it When they see you they know it in their Soul this person’s just a [ __ ] and I’m I’m really hearing they’ve been in love With you since the spring or Something big is happening in the spring Um Yeah like I I really feel that so You know what’s crazy guys too Is I really feel that you were this Person was like okay I’m just moving on From this you know because obviously we Can’t get our [ __ ] together and this Might have been around now so Halloween So they had a date but it went really Really bad like on Halloween they were Dating someone or you were dating Someone and it went really really really Bad and now all they can think about is You and how much more fun they would Have had with you and if you guys aren’t In communication anymore I promise you It’s gonna happen in the spring

Springtime you will be in communication With each other and this relationship Will move forward so that’s all I have For you I hope that was helpful Group two why are you doing another pick A card on this person your Spirit guides Literally came through and they were Like why is group number two doing Another freaking pick a card about this Person you know your Spirit guides have Been giving you signs group number two To let this person go and to surrender This okay you know you guys have been up This person’s butt energetically okay And I’m not judging you I have Venus and Scorpio when I when I like you I don’t Like you and that’s it and I’m gonna Slither my snake body around you and Squeeze you to death so I’m not judging You but I’m saying like When I’m saying group number two is You know your Spirit guides have been Like no let this thing we’ll let this Person go and you guys are super Intuitive And you know intuitively you’ve been Like damn you know I really feel I Should let this go I really I really Shouldn’t be pushing this connection With this person anymore you know hold Up You’ve been getting a lot of hints about That like you’ve been getting a lot of Signs about it

Um you’ve been asked to surrender to the Divine or surrender to God’s plan when It comes to this person but you can’t Seem to stop doing pick a cards or Thinking about this person and I Understand but I want you to know like Your Spirit guides really came through For you group two And essentially they’re saying I wanna Oh this jerking is so fluffy but it’s Really cold in my house Um so essentially you know they’re Saying that They’re saying that you know we have Told you it’s time to kind of like let Us handle this your Spirit guides really Intervened with this connection like There was like divine intervention that Happened here with this person it’s kind Of like when we were about to test Nuclear bombs in this weird alien light Ship as a light came in and stopped it I Don’t know but it’s kind of like your Spirit guides Divinely intervened in this connection For some reason And I’m being told the reason being is Something about this person is they’re Not They’re not unhealed Oh I meant to say they’re not healed They’re not unhealed what does that mean Oh oh okay your Spirit guides are Redirecting me

They’re saying that the reason why You’re drawn to this person and I want To get you I’m going to get messages From them don’t worry but I want to tell You like you know you’re drawn to this Person because they represent something In your childhood that childhood you Wanted really bad like you know maybe as A child let me just give you an example Let’s say as a child you felt that you You really like put your mom and father On a pedestal and you saw them in a Certain light you know and you’re like Oh my gosh I see my mom and my dad is Like superheroes because when you’re Younger you don’t know any better and You can’t see them as people even if They disappoint you you still put your Parents on a pedestal and you look up to Them right when you’re younger even if They aren’t the best people because you Romanticize your parents there’s a way That you romanticized your parents when You were a child That now you look for in romantic Partners and this person embodies that That’s why you’re like so stuck on this Person because this person reminds you That idolized Vision you had as a child Before you knew any better of your Parents that’s why you’re so stuck on This person Um so really I’m hearing like you’ve Been doing your inner child work you’ve

Been like tapping into a more playful And fun energy And also I’m hearing oh my gosh with the Three swords oh my gosh you guys are Going through it Look at that this reminds me you know What this uh reminds me of that I Haven’t listened to in a really long Time the used the used has an album Cover that kind of looks like this I Wish you guys could see So maybe you guys like the used okay Maybe there’s a song Um that you’ve been listening to by the Used that’s actually a message of what They want to tell you Um but essentially I feel like you guys Have been going through a lot of pain Recently or you’ve been feeling from Heartbreak so You’ve been trying to move on You’ve been trying to heal you’ve been Trying to Um Heal yourself and move on and surrender And do your healing work you know but You’re still thinking about this person Let’s see what they want to tell you They want to tell you that They’re really enjoying their Independence I don’t feel like this Person is with someone else I don’t feel Like this person is even entertaining Somebody else I feel like this person is

Really enjoying the enjoying their Independence with the nine of Pentacles Nine of Pentacles is about independence And freedom so this person’s really Enjoying their freedom this person’s Financially secure and independent They want to tell you they like being Alone they feel safer being alone and Independent This person wants to tell you that They have Been not listening to their intuition Recently their mind has been very Clouded as I see with the daughter of Swords in reverse and the Ten of Swords This tells me their intuition is blocked Their intuition is is not working Correctly they’re not making good Decisions in their life about people Circumstances you know this talks about A lack of perception they’re Experiencing they’re not thinking Clearly they’re not thinking straight They’re not thinking with their higher Selves they’re not thinking with Um wisdom They’re not making good decisions They’re not seeing the truth in the Situations in their lives You know they’re not seeing the truth They’re almost like gaslighting Themselves this person could could be a Gaslighter honestly because with the Daughter of swords in reverse and the

Ten of Swords this looks like gaslighty Energy but I actually feel like this Person’s gaslighting themselves and They’re not connected to their to their Higher selves and they’re not connection Connected to their intuition I feel like They’re saying oh I like being alone I Like being independent I like being free But really they’re gaslighting Themselves that’s what I see because With the owl in Reverse it’s like They’re not connected to their higher Selves they’re not connected to their True spiritual nature they’re not Connected to their intuition you know They’re living more in a fear survival Based mentality where they’re like Focused on money success power making Themselves look good compared to others You know material things because they’re Not connected to their spiritual side And they’re essentially lying to Themselves and living in survival mode Okay this person’s saying I like being Independent I don’t need anybody Um they’re not connected to their Intuition whatsoever You know it’s like their their main Motivating driving force is money Okay so let’s see what it is they want To tell you Firstly What I want to do Is

I kind of felt like the messages that I Got were actually your Spirit guides so I’m gonna shuffle for some more messages Of what your person wants to tell you Group number two What does your person want to tell you I love you but I’m afraid of what this Love might bring I’m not sure that I’m Ready So they give mixed signals your person Gives mixed signals that’s probably so Frustrating They’re saying I feel vulnerable around You and it scares me please give me time To trust our connection so they have Trust issues as well Your person has trust issues guys this Is and you know why they have trust Issues because they don’t know how to Trust themselves and their intuition People who trust themselves and their Intuition do not have trust issues like It’s just facts like when you develop Trust within yourself and your intuition You trust yourself enough to make Judgments so you don’t have paranoia or Trust issues this person doesn’t trust Themselves they don’t trust their Judgment and the reason why they don’t Trust themselves is because They haven’t built faith in themselves Within a connection with their higher Self So since this person doesn’t trust their

Intuition or listen to their intuition They have trust issues So they don’t trust you And so they act selfishly And so they act cocky like I’m getting This person who’s like yeah I know you Like me yeah like ew ew please like who The [ __ ] do you think you are I did like You until you started acting like that You know Oh it’s like yeah I did think you were Hot until you started acting all cocky Like yo I know you like me you’re so Obvious you’re so easy to see through Like yeah I did like you until you gave Me that cocky shitty attitude what the [ __ ] was that you know it’s like this Person acts cocky group two Your person acts cocky like they’re like Yeah I know you like me Who wouldn’t I know you want me and it’s Like I did but now it’s like who why are You at it’s like why do you have to go And make things so complicated see the Way you’re acting like somebody else Getting me frustrated no okay I don’t Know I’m a 12 year old me came out maybe Some of you guys liked Avril Lavigne When you were 12. I don’t know I know I Did I was like oh my God tomboy forever But anyway Um You know it’s like why do you have to go And act so complicated

Why do you have to go and act like that Ew Ew it’s like you’re like man I thought You know what’s crazy it’s like you You know what’s crazy I feel like you know you should move on From this person But It’s like you can’t It’s like you can’t you can’t let this Person go you just can’t you know Um and it’s so crazy It’s so crazy because this person’s Scared of being vulnerable Um instead of sinking into a mutual Connection of love and friendship this Person wants to get you to chase them And like them to stroke their ego and Then they’ll act like you don’t matter That much right like they’ll act cocky Over the fact that you like them but the Reason why you like them is because You’re seeing something in them that They have not yet seen in themselves and Because they haven’t seen that potential In themselves they’re like getting all Cocky because you like them and you’re Giving them attention and you’re like ew Relax and humble yourself like I’m Seeing it’s like Let’s see how you see this person Because I really feel for you group two Like The butterfly

You love this person’s voice when you Hear this person’s voice group number Two You hear the beauty of their soul Like when you hear them sing you hear Them talk you hear maybe some of them Could be a singer or a speaker But they don’t have to be they have a Very active there’s something about Their voice when you hear their voice You hear the beauty of their soul you Hear their higher selves right And with the butterfly it’s like you see This person’s potential to evolve into Something really beautiful Um you see this person as creative You see them as uh you see all the Beauty in them but the thing about it is This person is not connected to the Higher self that you see in them they’re Very much in this egotistical energy Where it’s like You know I’ll tell you something guys Guys who feel secure and Worthy They’re not going around like acting Like this is giving like Danny from Greece have you guys ever Seen Greece where Danny’s like Um you know acting like Sandy doesn’t Matter that much and he’s like oh yeah I [ __ ] her on the beach and you know it Was just a Summer Fling I don’t I don’t Do love you know he tries to act cool in Front of his friends

Um and he acts like he doesn’t really Like Sandy because he’s too cool for Love you know because he You know because he feels insecure next To his friends but deep down he really Loves Sandy he really connects with Sandy but he thinks love is for [ __ ] You guys know if you’ve watched Greece That’s kind of like the energy of what I’m getting here Is that your person is putting on this Cocky front like trying to act cool Trying to act like the man trying to act All smug like yeah I know you like me I’m like kind of like in their cocky Egotistical energy but That’s they’re not connected to them Their higher selves because if they were They’d realize that how they’re acting Is so foolish But they do have a beautiful voice Beautiful expression they’re extremely Creative I see that about this person This person has a lot of potential let’s See what What’s blocking them from Entering their higher self Anger at their father Look at this we have the tree and the Lightning Um this this talks about a broken family Okay so they either come from a broken Family they have a lot of anger towards Their father or their mother This could be even anger at God

Okay they have a lot of anger that is Blocking them from their higher selves We also have the world card in Reverse This person feels like they are their Failure and life group too the world is About Accomplishments and being Um Recognized in the world for your Accomplishments right with the world Card in Reverse this person feels like They’re a freaking failure they failed At life they failed at their Accomplishments they feel like the world Is out to get them they feel like God’s Out to get them They feel like They’re unlucky they feel like a failure They feel like They haven’t been properly recognized For the work that they do They feel like um They’re a loser and a failure in the World’s eyes and they feel like the World is out to get them like the world Is Trying to make it so that they don’t Succeed this is why they’re blocked from Their higher self Okay so what does this person want to Tell you They’re saying that I do love and care About you okay let’s see why they love And care about you

Because I do see there’s like care here They care about you Okay They’re saying I love you but I’m afraid Of what this love may bring And I feel vulnerable around you and it Scares me please give me time to trust Our connection So they do love you let’s see what they Love about you oh So with the five of cups What they love about you We have the horse card ah okay what they Love about you is your passion Some of them they love your car but if It’s not your car they love your Pat Yeah it’s your passion some of you guys When you have like a passion when you Have a goal you keep going after it they They admire your stamina towards your Dreams and towards your passions they Really admire that about you because Horses are all about passion Horses are about passion they admire how You always go after your dreams no Matter what they admire how Um you go after your passions they Admire how you follow your heart bravely Okay Um they admire how you don’t let Setbacks get you down and you still keep Going after what you want like even Though you’ve been met with setbacks you Still never lose hope you still have

Optimism and that fire in your spirit And they really admire that about you Some of you guys you know why they Admire you They admire you because you Have been through some rough shitty Points in your life where you really hit Rock bottom But they have seen that you have Arisen Like a Phoenix From the Ashes And have left the darkness and have Ascended into hope healing and light Despite the Dark Places you have come to So they have they really admire that About you because they themselves have a Hard time ascending out of the darkness But they see you have the ability to Raise from the dead metaphorically and Ascend out of darkness and Rise Like The Phoenix they admire that about you they Admire how you’re like a pure soul in a Very dark world I heard that as well Okay they see the world in a very dark Negative pessimistic way And they feel like in this dark world You are one of the few pure kind light True and genuine Souls that shines like A light in the darkness they feel that Purity from you they feel that kindness From you that You’re the only light in this dark world That’s what I heard that’s what they Feel about you You’re the only light in the Stark world

You give them optimism hope positivity You have pure intentions unlike most of The people that surround them they see Your purity Uh This person Let’s see what else they love about you They love how unique you are compared to Other people They’re saying I’ve never seen or met Someone Who’s quite like you I love how unique You are In Soul and personality and thought okay So but the they are like guys This person has some serious trust Issues they have some serious issues They don’t trust you they don’t trust Themselves and your Spirit guides have Intervened in this relationship okay With this unexplained events we have This lightning card something recently Happened in their life that brought on a Lot of change and stress I see that Like they have recently went through a Fall from grace they have recently went Through like some big unexpected changes That uprooted them that’s really scary This happened recently in their life Mm-hmm If you guys are in separation right now I want to tell you that there’s going to Be an unexpected event where you two Come together again

Um I heard like some of you guys aren’t In communication with this person or Some of you guys aren’t speaking to this Person there’s going to be an Unexplained unplanned event that happens That brings you two together once again But this is going to come after time of Healing now is not the time for this Connection but I do see a reunion in the Future Um I feel that this person has a lot of Sexual feelings for you okay with the Horse and the Ace of Wands I feel like There’s a lot of sexual passion this Person has for you but this person isn’t Connected to their higher selves so I’m Not really seeing anything above um a Sexual connection and what’s crazy is There could be if they were to get over Themselves also I’m hearing when I kiss You it’s like electric like you guys are Really compatible when it comes to Kissing it’s like if you guys were ever To kiss like I’m telling you when you Kiss each other it would be like Lightning it would be electric you’re Really compatible in that department Like it’s almost like fireworks when you Two touch each other or electric Sparks Or like a shock wave Um I feel like Now what do your Spirit guides have to Say about this connection

Marriage Interesting some of you could be married To this person and a lost cause Some of you this could be your ex But can I be honest with you Can I be honest with you If you guys are in a marriage I don’t Feel like this marriage is gonna work Out But can I be honest with you if you guys Are in a marriage with this person Um I feel like what your Spirit guides Are saying is this person has commitment Issues Um I don’t see this person getting their Stuff together And if this is someone you were married To there might have been chemistry it Might have been a Divine match of lust Infatuation and Strong feelings Of passion but because But can I be honest I feel like they Gave you a really good mask and the mask That they gave you is not really who They are and I feel like you miss the Person they used to be or you miss the Person they used to act like but that Was just a mask I’m hearing like with This mask card How they used to act the person you fell In love with who made you feel Passionate and in love and young and

Like So many intense feelings you’re waiting For that person to come back that you Fell in love with but that was never Them to begin with they just have a Really amazing mask okay like the Reality of it is not as good yes the Physical chemistry might be there but This person drives you crazy or they Would drive you crazy and honestly this Person has a tendency to ghost walk away When things get tough they’re fighting Non-committal Um They always leave you hanging you know So I think your Spirit guides have been Guiding you away from this connection to Be completely honest with you But I will say this your person has been Going through a spiritual awakening They have been going through a spiritual Awakening recently They have been Awakening their potential Recently they have been growing recently But their growth had to happen away from You is when I’m what I’m hearing and Also I’m hearing like when they’re done Healing and you’re done healing there’s Gonna be something that brings you two Together again like kind of like a Reunion or something like that So that’s all I have for you I hope that Was helpful thank you so much for Watching bye so for those of you who

Chose group number three This is a reading on how what the person On your mind secretly wants to tell you So we’re gonna get into a group three What do they secretly want to tell you They have been up all night recently Look at this They have been up at night and bad like Early in the morning late at night Thinking about you like you know like When they go to bed they’ve been Thinking about you when they wake up in The morning before they get out of bed They’ve been thinking about you this Person has been thinking about you a lot And stressing out about you a lot And what keeps them up at night thinking About you is anxiety this person’s Clutching their hearts like in pain Um because they’re so sorry like this Person is really sorry for whatever it Is they did to you I feel that this Person Did something really [ __ ] up to you Group three I think this person did something really [ __ ] up to you And it was in a way to get your Attention or it was a way to see if you Still cared or it was a way to see if You cared But instead of them seeing if you cared Or not you were like that’s it that’s The last time you screw me over I’m gone

I’m out of here or like they did Something to end this relationship that Was really messed up and vindictive Towards you And they did it to see if you cared to Get your reaction to see if you cared Essentially That’s so messed up and you’re like That’s so messed up that you did this to Me and they literally did it to get more Of your attention to see if you still Cared whatever that messed up thing was So for group number one Whatever messed Up thing their person did it was more Like they were just a really cringy Person that did something a little weird Because they were cringy before they Healed your person actually did Something with the intention to hurt you To see if you still cared about them So there’s a lot of deep drama going on Here I kind of feel Um for you guys that this person is Regretting it deeply They are so sorry they spend nights Crying like I’m actually getting they Have panic attacks they cry they’re in Bed thinking about How they pushed you away and how sorry They were and how stupid it was of what They did like they can’t sleep at night Literally because they feel so bad about The [ __ ] they put you through and

You know what I’m getting about your Person guys trigger warning I’m about to Be real honest okay if you don’t like it I gave you a warning I’m not gonna lie There’s an energy here where I really Feel this person might have a foot Fetish but this card to me looks like a Strip club Okay look I want you if you’re not Driving you can look at the card this to Me looks like a strip club I don’t know Why it gives me strip club energy it Just does Um so nowadays who goes to the strip Club though that’s so old-fashioned People have other things they do but it Kind of looks like this person you know Didn’t see cheating as cheating let me Just put it that way they didn’t see Cheating as cheating it’s kind of like When I’m scrolling through Tick Tock I’ll see these alpha male podcasts and They’re like guys don’t see cheating is Cheating because a guy just sees women As hamburgers and it feels good to sleep With other women but it doesn’t mean we Love them so we don’t actually see it as Cheating it’s just like eating our Favorite hamburger that’s kind of the Excuses that your person has is it’s not Cheating because I don’t love them I Love you you know Um so your person if they’re a masculine You know strip clubs you know spending

Way too much time on Twitch you know There’s you know falling for thirst Traps liking Instagram model pictures You know like Really objectifying women because They’re very selfish and bad I bet I bet This is the type of dude who’s like just Like You know like just really selfish and Bad just just just just because guys who Do this are generally really selfish but You know this is the type of dude or Girl that just like really selfish in The bedroom and they don’t see cheating As cheating because they’re like yeah I Cheated but I love you you know Um They use people for their bodies maybe I’m even hearing for some of them or They’re very gross like this person Doesn’t like This person doesn’t have intimacy when They sleep with people it’s literally Just going at it do you know what I mean It’s kind of like that energy your Person has so they definitely maybe they Cheated for some of you I’m not even Gonna lie maybe what they did to you to Get your attention was cheat just to see If you would care because they felt Neglected by you you know I know that Sounds crazy like why would you do that That’s so this person’s a little bit Narcissistic

But everyone has narcissistic Tendencies Everyone okay this person is Narcissistic in the fact that Um They don’t they cheat they don’t see Cheating as cheating and They might objectify people just for Certain sensual stuff And they did something to break your Trust like go to the strip club cheat on You or objectify somebody else And it really hurt you And they ultimately did it for your Attention Because They felt like And for some of you guys It could be this person was married for A slight like few of you and they used You as the side piece And they hurt you really bad But whatever the case is whatever they Did to you this person is genuinely Sorry You know this is an energy of they Genuinely feel guilty and bad for what They did and they still cry over it they Still feel guilty they still lay in bed At night thinking about you feeling Guilty of how they treated you in the Past because what they did was so [ __ ] Up and they are genuinely sorry that They lost you or something like that How do you feel about this person hot

And cold So some days you’re like oh man I love Them I love them so much they’re the Love of my life and then the next day You’re like ew get away from me I can’t Stand you like your feelings are very up And down with this person you know and It’s probably because they have acted Super immature and cringy like you know Finding a Good Man is Hard it really is Hard because most men don’t reflect they Don’t journal they’re not self-aware so They act like little children and it’s Such a turn off your person is giving me And even if they’re not a man even if They’re a woman you know they really Were acting in a childlike way but not In the cute like seductive playful way Like in the really obnoxious way like They were just acting really selfish and Childlike and it was hard for you to Respect them or like them because of how They were acting You know Um some of you guys could be writers or Like creative writers or like something And if you’re not creative writers I Feel like your person is a writer they Write in a journal or they write poetry Or lyrics or books or something like That they like to write in a journal a Lot someone here is a writer and they Write in their Journal a lot they could Be um writing lyrics gosh hair don’t do

This to me They could be writing lyrics a lot about You or something like that They could be like writing in their Journal about you and you know what’s Crazy Is it’s kind of giving me like this Energy of you were the Madonna And then they had [ __ ] on the side but You were definitely the Madonna do you Know how I know because they’re telling Me Group number three was the love of my Life They were the best I was ever going to Get or do I will never love anyone like I loved Group number three I really [ __ ] Things up with group number three that’s What your person is saying okay because They see you as this Queen of Pentacles And this to me is the card of the Madonna And the Madonna is the one that’s wifey Material it’s the wife that’s going to Build you up that’s going to make you Healthy that’s going to Um make you a successful good man They’re going to be a great wife mother To your children people are going to be Like wow you know he’s so lucky to have Her she’s the prize the respectable Prize but this guy you know objectifies Women or other you know they like to

Cheat and have their hoes on the side Essentially you know and they don’t Respect like one thing I noticed about This card is he’s not respecting the [ __ ] on the side Or he’s not Respecting the hose on the side because He’s not even looking her in the eye He’s looking her he’s looking at her Feet while she’s trying to have a Conversation he’s just seeing her as a Piece of meat he might have a foot Fetish So essentially and he’s like smoking his Stupid cigar and like the hookah not Looking at her in the eye as she’s Talking just looking at her body The other person didn’t respect these Other people it was just using them for Their own selfish needs to make you Jealous or using them for their bodies They loved you they respected you they Saw you as the queen bee that you were The one they wanted to be with to stay Married to you guys have your finances In order like you guys are really Successful group three I see that about You and not to mention like it’s not Like you’re not desired you’ve had other People in the past who tried to buy your Love and chase you down like you had a Lot of suitors and you have a lot of Suitors People who would have paid

Or did anything to be with you you even Had people from your past like someone You grew up with when you were younger Like I’m talking like 18 below like from Your childhood who wanted to marry you Who was in love with you like a Childhood friend who was in love with You and even now as you’re older you Still have these same people pining After you and you still have people Around you who want you and would do Anything to be with you like I’m hearing You’ve always had options from when you Were younger to now Even the same people from childhood are Still in love with you you know like you Had someone from your past from your Childhood who wanted to marry you and be With you you have people around you who Would literally buy you anything you Asked for it reminds me of that Billy Idol song I’d give you everything while I had none babe I love that line from Billy Idol I’d give you everything while I had none babe that’s how love feels Like right I give you everything while I Had none you have people here who like Do you want that expensive painting I’ll Buy it for you you want that chandelier I buy it for you you want you um you Want me to cook you dinner every night And wear laundry every night I’m gonna Buy that lingerie for you you know you Had people who really

You are desired group three I see that You are desired not just by older people And people your age like even by younger Guys younger guys younger girls want you Like all the age ranges of people want You that’s something I’m seeing here too And what’s crazy is the world respects You as well you guys have your own Business you are you know the Queen of Pentacles in this card is like You know like everybody wants to be with You and women want to be you or or men Want to be you people either want to be You or everyone wants you and you’re Highly respected and you’re a prize and They know that That’s why they wanted to be with you You know But it’s almost like I heard this Theory I don’t know if it’s True or not that Men have a hard time mixing intimacy and Respect so if they respect you so much They have a hard time being intimate With you which is really messed up I Don’t know it’s like the Madonna horror Complex or Theory but it’s like they Respected you so much they wanted to Build something with you but they wanted To have their fun on the side But they didn’t respect or love these Other people they just saw them as Objects and to me that’s a red flag Because guys who have that mentality

Literally make me sick to my stomach It’s like you don’t even see women as People you see them as a hamburger That’s so crazy but even if it’s a girl Like she would just use these guys as Pawns to make you jealous like without Caring about their emotions so you know This person has a vindictive side they Saw you as the prize the one they wanted The one that they were proud of You know queen bee energy right But they know you’re pissed as hell at Them with this with this energy right Here They know you’re pissed as hell they Know like you had this Stern Disapproving face and they couldn’t Stand How much they disappointed you and how Little you thought of them because of Their immature Behavior so they would go After Less respectful people Just to feel good about themselves and Literally they shot themselves in the Foot and they did something so messed up To you And they’re genuinely sorry like I’m Seeing they’re genuinely sorry like some People will say sorry and they don’t Mean it they just want to continue using You no your person is really sorry They’ve cried about it you know I’m Getting this image where they’ve been in

Bed talking to God and they were like God Can you just let them know how sorry I Am how how wrong I was like not because They want you back or they want Something from you they’re just Genuinely sorry that they hurt you Because they care about you so much and They literally are saying I didn’t even Like those other people I just did it to Get your attention I just did it because I wanted attention I just did it because I’m I’m a lesser I’m a lesser person and I just needed the attention but I loved You and I’m sorry and I’m sorry I hurt You I hurt my best friend because they See you as their best friend like they See you as like Like there’s something innocent and Childlike and friendship-like with your Connection Okay Wow this your person has ancestors Leading them Yes they do their ancestors have been Talking to them heavily your person They’ve been saying you need to heal you Need to do some self-reflection Um this might be an ancestral pattern in Their line but they were They’re realizing man I’m not a great Person I don’t like myself very much Okay They’re also saying that

They feel like you had all of their they Feel You have had Um All of their friends turn on them all of Their friends have turned on them All of their supporters have turned on Them everyone took your side And now all of the friends or all of the People that surrounded you They’re throwing them off the ship look At that so they’re saying I’ve lost Everybody I’ve lost all my friends Um you know like no one likes me I don’t Like myself like everyone’s on your side Like because people you know people like They’re really suffering like they They’ve lost everybody in their lives Um and this person feels like they Deserve it this person is like really Like sad and ashamed and That’s because you’re the Madonna Like Wow like Jesus They’ve lost everything karma really hit Them in the ass like This person you know what’s so sad about This is it’s so easy to shame people who Act like this because it’s so gross from The outside but on the inside they Wouldn’t see people as pieces of meats Or pawns or they wouldn’t sabotage Have such a lying problem if there Wasn’t some stuff like they have not

Done self-reflection in their lives this Is really sad because this might be Someone who is really attractive when They were younger so they could get away With a lot of [ __ ] because Unfortunately Um The world is very shallow and people who Are really attractive and charismatic Can get away with a lot in the world so Why would they change self-reflect and Grow if the world is accepting them why Would they do that what motivation is There So now you know the world is rejecting Them they’re not as attractive as they Used to be they’re you know they’re not As they used to be so now they have to Do self-reflection for the first time in Their life and it is painful they’re Going through a Dark Night of the soul And the only reason they’re going Through the spiritual awakening group Three your person The only reason they’re going through a Spiritual awakening evolving themselves And changing and self-reflecting it’s Because they were rejected in every area Of their life and their only choice was To change and evolve so that’s what They’ve been forced to do Okay Oh we have the two of Cups and the Seven Of Wands I have to say guys

I Oh I got it you two fell in love with Each other’s masks And it was a karmic relationship ready To happen did you guys maybe fall in Love like you know why I feel like you Guys fell in love I feel like They fell in love because you kind of Look like a Disney princess no the Feminine here looks like a Disney Princess or like Snow White or like You know the feminine here is really Beautiful essentially and then You fell in love with the fantasy of Them This was almost like you fell in love With the projection or the fantasy of Each other You know like looking good on paper And maybe you were naive When you Entered this relationship or this Marriage maybe there was a sense of Naivety and Magic where everything felt Divine and magical But then you didn’t see a lot of these Undesirable characteristics within them Some of you have been doing magic okay I’m getting some of you have been doing Love spells someone here is doing spells Or witchcraft Straight up someone here does spells or Someone here does witchcraft Someone has been doing spells over

Witchcraft that’s either you on this Person or I’m telling you it’s them to You For a very select few of you if they did Cheat on you with a third party Okay this third party is now doing Spells and Witchcraft on you but I’m Telling you like if they cheated on you With a third party this third party is Doing Spells and Witchcraft on you And you know what’s crazy is everyone’s Like you know like oh I don’t I’m not Scared of witches I’m not scared of Curses because God is amazing God Protects you from all your enemies right But this person somehow thinks that Their little Spells and Witchcraft is Going to work on you because they’re Jealous that You know like someone here does Witchcraft I think it’s their third Party I really do and I think she’s been Doing spells on your person or on you to Get them to propose Or to be with them someone here has been Doing spells to get Someone to commit to them I don’t know If it’s you I don’t know if it’s a third Party or I don’t know if it’s your Person I really don’t but someone here Has been doing spells to get someone to Commit to them Or to communicate with them So maybe they’re third party they cut

Off communication with their third party And now the third party is literally Doing spells in witchcraft I see it Right here They’re doing Spells and Witchcraft to Get your person to talk to them or Reconnect Lame pathetic sorry And I think it’s this younger woman And for some of you guys If you are the one doing Spells and Witchcraft on your person you might be Like is it working Yes yes it is working they have been Feeling the effects of your spells Yes your spells have been working your Spells and love spells on this person Have been working they have been Desiring you they’ve been thinking about You they’ve been wanting you some of you Guys here you have been the one doing Spells and Witchcraft trying to get Someone to notice you communicate with You or love you and I want to say yes it Is working they feel desire for you they Are attracted to you I see that with the King of Cups and the magnet now for Others of you If it’s this person if it’s your person Doing Spells and Witchcraft on you they Definitely have and some one of the Signs you’re seeing that they’ve been Doing Spells and Witchcraft on you is The white horse

Some of you one of you might drive a Mustang I’m also seeing even seeing Ravens Yeah they’ve definitely been doing Um spells and someone here has Um so you know what your person wants to Tell you let’s let’s see what else they Want to say to you what can we reveal They’ve definitely been communicating With you ooh okay They’re saying I do have feelings for You but I’m trying to convince myself I Don’t and I’m trying to convince myself I don’t have feelings for you by being With other people but my mind keeps Going back to you So essentially this person Does have feelings they still love you But they feel like you hate them so much There’s no chance in hell so instead They’ve been trying to replace you but They’re bored with everyone they try to Replace you with Okay And they’re also saying I’m resisting my Desire for you because it’s too late now I’ve [ __ ] it up too bad And they’re saying I love you I love you I know I don’t say it but I do So essentially They know they mess they love you but They know they messed up they know There’s no chance So they’ve either been doing spells on

You or the third party the new Girlfriend whatever has been doing Spells on you Um or the person to get them to love Them instead of you but this person’s Heart belongs to you and they want you Not the other person They don’t want the other people they’ve Tried to distract themselves what they Don’t respect them they want you but They know they messed up too bad so They’re not they’re not even trying Okay they know they’re not worthy they Know they messed up way too bad So that’s the message I had for you I Hope that was helpful thanks so much for Watching bye

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