We’re Surrounded by Phantom Objects & ET’s, Dark Matter Monsters, Simeon Hein Ph.D.

By | October 24, 2022

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I am looking at some of these dark Matter monsters that you write about yes They’re out there man they’re out there Dude where did you come up with the term Dark Matter monsters I like that [Music] It’s like everything else I’ve done in My life it just showed up in my mind and It had a ring to it and I got the Feeling that should be the title I just don’t know where these things Come from I play guitar also and if you Play music or involved in creative Things It’s not really coming from you it’s Coming from some in my view a larger Intelligence Network and we can get into This I mean there’s just some bigger Intelligence out there you can call it What you want and I think we tap into it Sometimes and sometimes it shows us the Future It shows us like an oracle it shows us Something that could matter and you get This little shiver You know down your spine and it it Shocks you and you know wow that’s what I should be doing and that’s so you’ve All heard me brag about collagen right It’s awesome I’ve been taking college Now from Health with league for several Months I think it’s amazing But did you know that one of the main Factors of Aging is a protein called

Collagen or actually a lack thereof and After the age of 20 your body starts to Produce substantially less every decade Your body’s producing about 10 percent Less collagen think if collagen is the Glue that holds you together the less You have the more visible signs of aging You may have now if you go to Healthweek.com they’re offering a Special right now that is time sensitive Try it risk-free for 60 days and get Free shipping in the US The excellent to each other everybody be The change you want to see I heard that In my mind and I said whoa what is that And I realize that’s the title of the Book It works yeah that and it makes me think Of CERN that’s you know it creates these Look Hey look it’s a new one Bob look What we got over here Yeah Well we all have to do our best to Describe the previously unknown Phenomena we come across and uh You know stop pretending that we know Necessarily what’s going on all the time So Well absolutely the more research I do The more I realize I don’t know and for Those that haven’t heard of you before Now you are a PhD you’re you know yeah Very very well researched and I’m going To leave links to your uh to your

Websites and to the sure in the video Description box but tell us a bit about You are we doing live streaming wrecks Right now yeah or is it right now no We’re live on YouTube Hey guys hey we’re Live where are we live we’re live on Leapproject.com hey everyone Yeah so I Look I I went to school for 27 years From kindergarten a PhD with no break so I know Academia I’ve been through the Whole thing I’ve taken every sort of Class you can imagine from hard Sciences To pre-med all the way through my PhD in Sociology I mean I just did the whole Thing one of my teachers in high school Said you know just don’t stop you better Just finish this or you’ll get bored With it and you’ll never finish so I Stayed in graduate school the whole time I just kept pushing through And 27 years after entering kindergarten I had a PhD in sociology I I taught Statistics and research methods so I Feel like I have a pretty good sense of The strengths and weaknesses of the Western Socratic Dialogue Learning system that we have in the west Of how we teach people what reality is And what we’re missing Rex and my dissertation in sociology was About missing information you know I did My dissertation around 1990 so this is a

Time period where PCS and computers are Becoming more home accessible it’s PR It’s prior to cell phones but it’s a Time where we certainly started having Accelerated types of information flows You know uh students like myself a PhD Students you were start using PCS Instead of a typewriter for the first Time in history people you know had been Using typewriters and and then there Were mainframes which were around in High school but also we had PCS and Apple had come on the scene with their Apple to laptop and so forth well not Laptop with a home computer anyway there Was this idea back then that we were Getting from Silicon Valley that we had More access to information with more Information technology and I had come Across this Whole field of mass called fractal Geometry and fractal geometry and Chaos Theory said that things were not quite The way you thought they were they don’t Always resolve to lines and you don’t Have a linear relationship with Everything so just because you have more Of something like more information You had digitized it and you had it all On your hard disks like you had back Then the floppy disks remember those Five and a quarter inch blockages oh Yeah so what I was arguing is that just Because you had all that doesn’t mean

You knew anything more or had more Information it wasn’t a popular Viewpoint at the time but I could argue In my dissertation I think I did it Pretty effectively that fractal geometry And Castor he said that things could be A little different fractal geometry you Know being the science of Living things trees bronchial structures Arterial structures hair things that Branch out and never quite resolve to an Even line And if that’s the way nature really Worked and you look at galaxies and the Threads that connect things on a large Scale Dark Matter it doesn’t look like a Line does it but we were educated in a Very linear mechanistic way and I just Realized there were some limitations to That mechanistic Newtonian Cartesian Outlook that was the Legacy of the Scientific Revolution that Said we could understand everything just By applying more and more models to it And more linearization I realized it Didn’t work and it didn’t describe some Things and that’s what my dissertation Was about I argued in the dissertation That we were missing information now Rex This is prior to any study of UFOs or Anything paranormal or anything I I had Had a UFO sighting with my mom in the 70s we were in the Everglades and Uh we saw something overhead that I

Thought was the moon but it she knew it Wasn’t the moon because the moon was on The horizon just coming up nearly a film I thought this I’m not 11 year okay What’s this big thing it’s like green And it’s big and it’s above us like Moon Full moon touch and it was some object Up there And and we couldn’t we couldn’t figure Out what it was we went to a ranger talk That night At the national parks have these talks At night you know with a ranger and she Didn’t even want to talk about she asked What we had anyone see anything Interesting today to start the talk and We said yeah we saw a UFO my mom said That she raised her hand and the ranger Said oh that’s interesting did anyone Else see anything to that that’s in like Totally blew it off even as an 11 year Old I could tell there was some Misinformation there so years later when I came across the concept of fractals And Chaos I don’t know if it was that UFO sighting rex or what it was or Growing up near the Hudson Valley where The Hudson Valley UFO sightings were the Triangles even though that was later After I was in high school or started Around the time I was in high school Whatever it was I was open to this idea That We were kind of being sold a bill of

Goods by the modern Western traditions We had that we had complete information And then I discovered someone named Kurt Gergel who had worked after coming over From I believe Austria had created this Idea of the incompleteness theorem that No amount of knowledge would ever be Complete no matter what system you had There was always going to be something Else that was true that you couldn’t Prove at the time So I argued in my dissertation just to Set this all up that there was more out There that we weren’t seeing and we Wouldn’t know what it was Right because nature is very complex and Fractals being these fractured branching Structures which describes uh Signals and line noise and time and Music music is a fractal structure There’s more variation in the The high notes than in the low notes It’s a called a one over F Spectra that There’s something about natural systems Where there’s more there than you get From this linear mechanistic thinking And so this sort of set me up to be open To a lot of these topics that I study Now Because it showed me even from back just From an academic point of view you could Show that you were missing information Even with the best modeling that you had You were always going to be missing

Something and this is what Kirk girdle And Alan Turing you probably heard of Alan Turing from that movie The Something game what was it called the The uh It was about World War II and his Decoding the Nazi cryptological Signals is that the guy that came up With the taurine uh yes the turing Machine what was it called the the Imitation game okay touring was just a Very interesting fellow and sadly enough They back then you know he was gay and They tried to force him to become Straight with hormone therapy and he Died in prison Uh if someone that probably Single-handedly won World War II for the West and the allies Was later died in prison for for being Gay and they used this hormone therapy On it Turing realized that any formal Mathematical system had limitations and He called it the halting problem problem And anyone who’s been around computers And knows what this is is you never know When the computer is going to freeze up And get into an infinite Loop right Where it can’t solve the problem and Doesn’t know what to do next that’s the Essence of the ink Turing incompleteness And everything in a nutshell you don’t Know the limitations of your system of

Comprehending the world this is touring This is girdle and I haven’t talked About this before so I’m glad we’re just I know I’m talking a lot here but I’m Taking a slightly different direction Than I usually do Please yeah this is great we’re missing Information and you find it popping up In everything we call paranormal you can Almost prove the Paranormal is real just From touring and girdle incompleteness It’s built into the systems we already Have and no one disputes taurine and Girdle uh Gregory chitin a mathematician Who worked at IBM Uh wrote a whole book about this called Metamath and he showed us that the Unknown Is much closer to us than you would Think just from a mathematical point of View so isn’t it logical that you would Have cryptids in UFOs and all sorts of Phenomena that don’t make sense in our Particular Western You know Academic tradition but are real because This is what our academic epidemic Tradition tells us is there gaps in Knowledge Fractal objects never resolve to a line There’s always more space you just think Of a cloud the closer you get to the Cloud it looks like an object from a Distance but the closer you get you see

More wispiness and more raindrops it Never resolves to a physical object Everything around us is already like a Phantom A fractal Phantom we’re surrounded by Fractal Phantoms it’s no wonder we’re Surrounded by other types of phantoms It Just fits so this in a nutshell I don’t Think I’ve ever summed it up as quickly As this but that’s the essence of why we Need to look at dark matter and other States of matter That are not as mainstream as ordinary Matter we know from cosmology that what We see will you look around your room Right now Wherever You Are That is a half a percent of all the Matter and energy that is out there what You can physically see the vast majority Of physical matter isn’t even visible it Doesn’t it it’s non-barionic it doesn’t Interact with light And that’s only three or four percent All of it the matter physical matter the Rest of it’s dark matter and dark energy No one knows exactly what these are but Dark matter is about 25 of the universe Somewhere around they’re different Estimates it’s another type of matter That was discovered a hundred years ago Because There isn’t enough physical matter Around to hold the galaxies together They should be flying apart if you all

We see is what we see out there with our Telescopes there has to be this dark Matter which fruits Vicky a Cosmologist the University of Chicago Described and Vera Rubin later verified It with Vicki suspected Um even though she’s never been Appreciated enough for her contributions To the field And then um Dark energy is another huge chunk of it 68 pushes the galaxies apart so we know There’s just so much of the universe That we can’t see why why would it be Surprising rex that here on Earth there Are things that we can’t see but Interact with us sometimes including Life forms Things that are alive if if there’s 10 Dark Matter particles for everyone Visible particle right that’s the Estimate ten to one Joel primac says This season a cosmologist who’s written About dark matter and dark energy calls It the double dark Theory and he says It’s the most You know consistent Theory that’s ever Been produced by science alongside Quantum mechanics in terms of describing The data we see out there from stars and Stellar objects and plasmas out there it All fits this double dark Theory to a T If most of the universe is dark We can’t see it but it interacts with us

A little bit gravitationally Why is it a stretch to believe that Their Dark Matter life forms that do the Same thing And that’s that’s what I’m arguing and That’s what I think these Cryptids and All sorts of creatures are I think They’re absolutely out there they’re Real and people encounter them we hear These witness encounters And we’re just at a place in society Where we ridicule things that seem out Of the mainstream though where I think We’re realizing that that’s a mistake in Terms of UFO Reporting in terms of what The Pentagon and the Congress is going Through right now with the atip and the Witnesses from the Navy that you know we Need to remove the sociocultural stigma From reporting Non-ordinary phenomena but you know They’re real Well I was going to say and you asked a Question as you were talking you know Why don’t people accept this or think That there could be other possibilities Especially when you describe the science Behind the visible the non-visible and The non-local and what we don’t Understand and that was brilliant by the Way I mean what a what a great way to Sum things up in like a matter of 10 Minutes I I really was impressed with That because that does make one think

You’re right if we can only see 0.1 Percent of the electromagnetic light Spectrum then when we do see something That’s out of the norm how come we Immediately think that it’s not real or It’s a trickery of the mind and that Would be because people have been Conditioned to believe what they can see They have been conditioned to think Within certain parameters and they have Been ridiculed and conditioned to think That if they don’t think Within These Parameters then they might be maybe Exactly very well said very well said Yes exactly right exactly right wow man So yeah I like your I like where you’re Going with this but continue and where So let’s let’s talk about the the Majority of people that have ET Experiences like or non-human Experiences or maybe they’re humans that Are disguising themselves as aliens and Doing experiments for big industries That don’t want to be named so they you Know they pay people to go do trickery On others and say disguise yourself as An alien and give them this and they’ll Think you are Um outside of that the legit experiences That people have with these non-human Entities have you have you compiled like Different labels for what They could be Like interdimensional uh maybe physical

But with technologies that make them Appear to be interdimensional your Thoughts Uh that is definitely a big possibility That we’re dealing with parallel Realities I mean the assumptions are Always that these are extraterrestrials And of course they could be Some of it seems to be but that doesn’t Mean that’s the vast majority of what We’re seeing here that we consider to be Extraterrestrial it could be foreign to Us like you’re saying far into our Ordinary perception Outside the mainstream of you know Ordinary thought Not what you read in the New York Times Every day So they did have a hit with their few UFO articles they had in 2017 and a Couple follow-ups but um Yeah I mean there is a tradition within Physics of called many worlds tradition And uh many world’s interpretation of Quantum mechanics and some people Believe that quantum mechanics leads to The idea that they’re different paths Different parallel paths Of evolution of matter over time That says it it’s it’s different Versions of things exist for every Group of particles and they can be in Different states and just because you’re Seeing one version of that doesn’t mean

The other version doesn’t exist so uh And then there’s even more developed Versions of it called many interacting Worlds models where these physicists say It’s it’s Pretty certain at this point we’re Interacting with Other worlds occasionally not all the Time but that they intrude into our World sometimes and we intrude into Theirs and it would be perceived by People as an interdimensional experience And you kind of wonder how many of these Phenomena that people are experiencing Are coming from Other worlds and these are worlds that Would be within our same space You know in the room you are in or in Myspace but they’re in a different phase Space They’re in a different uh A different sort of configuration spaces Quantum mechanics calls it so that They’re at a different frequency and we Don’t interact with them directly but They’re there and occasionally they can Pop through and you’ll see them in the Same space and it’ll disappear again They’re there in a sense but they’re at A different frequency so it’s it’s like A radio signals Um You can have other neighboring radio Stations on especially FM and you not

Tuned to that channel you’re locked into The other channel It doesn’t mean that there isn’t another Channel there on your radio or many Right So I mean we have all these analogies That already show us it’s true it’s just A willingness to want to be bold look at The evidence listen to the witnesses Think about what they’re telling us Listen And not be so quick to want to throw Everything away that doesn’t fit the Norm like that movie Pleasantville that Started out black and white in the Beginning I mean are we living in Pleasantville and we’re in the black and White world right now it’s really much More colorful than we think and And we’re we’re conformists it’s really Us it’s do we have the courage to go and Look at topics that are more in the Direction of the unknown and uh I think It’s partly the way we’re all raised Which is to fit in and conform and play The game play it safe You know and When you do that You’re missing reality you’re missing Reality and then when people experience These phenomena no matter what it is They face this type of arrogant Opposition and hostility From mainstream Society the type of

Hostility and aggression that you know There’s something weird about you Because you had an experience that Doesn’t fit the norm but you know my Reading of reality is that there’s just It’s 99 unknown And again just matching what we know From dark matter it’s probably about a Half a percent known and 99.5 unknown so If we’re living in a universe that’s or A Multiverse that’s 99.5 unknown we Should be having experiences all the Time that don’t fit in I think we do Every night we have dreams a lot of People have dreams at night I’ve had Some over the past couple nights you Wake up and you wonder was that really a Dream or was that another reality there Are characters in there that you know People in your life And you’re doing things that you don’t Ordinarily do having conversations now Is that a real reality Or is it uh is it just some sort of Fantasy imagination of your physical Brain just generating random thoughts I Lean towards the fact that it’s other Realities mainly from the fact that They’re So many dreams can be like premonitions And we know this in the RV World that Dreams can act like premonitions and Sometimes they can be accurate you know Um

Uh they can be accurate and people that Sometimes act on their dreams found are Happy that they did in other words it Gives you a premonition of something That’s about to happen in your life it Can be like that uh or you can have very Vivid dreams of deceased loved ones and Pets That seem truly accurate I’ve had this Happen and you really wonder wow it’s so Real it was almost more real than daily Life So if parallel realities were real and We were interacting with them ever so Slightly you know they’re kind of Fainter than what we see through our Physical senses but doesn’t mean they’re Not there Um They would most likely come through when You’re dreaming because that’s when your Conscious mind’s taking a break you’re Literally unconscious And the dreams come through now I got a Comment on one thing you said it’s not Uh just going back you made a funny Comment about Our people dressing up as the government Hiring people to dress up as et’s to Create sort of fake interactions that Trick people this is so funny you asked If I asked them to say the government Though I didn’t say the government but Okay okay what I did because I asked

Rick Doty this you’ve heard of Rick Doty He worked for Air Force office of Special investigations as a Disinformation agent and I interviewed Him in Laughlin in 2019 at the UFO Megacon he happened to be around say hey Rick you know can we talk I always wanted to talk to him and and He said yeah we did this and I feel bad About it now but we paid journalists to Write fake stories in the news we hire He they didn’t hire people to dress up As et’s just so you know because I Thought maybe that’s no it wasn’t that They hired people to pretend to be UFO Investigators who would go to their Homes and make the people feel like they Had seen the UFO when it was really an Air Force drone that was perfect Protecting Kirkland Air Force Base or Something you know the nuclear storage Areas so they would try to create this UFO mythology Just to protect the Drone program that Was protecting the nukes or the nuke Storage areas which you could kind of Understand because it’s so freaking Serious to keep these weapons out of the Wrong hands That they might want people to believe That they’re seeing UFOs just so that Are you know adversaries of the US Wouldn’t know what type of drones we had Our drone capabilities so I do get get

That I do understand this but one has to Wonder how much the waters were muddied By these Air Force information programs I mean as people have been saying Recently in different podcasts Thomas Fessler and others and his nightly Disclosure podcast I mean it’s really a Good point not only were we denying the Reality of the UFO extraterrestrial Phenomena We were putting money into creating Disinformation not just stigmatizing it And you know Persuading members of the armed services Not to talk about this because it would Be bad for their career and their Promotion future promotions within the Military which should be strong enough To get the vast majority people never to Mention what they had seen out the Cockpit window not just that we were Pouring money uh Dodie said it was a lot Of money that they paid journalists in Cash under the table To make up stories to make ridicule this National Enquirer type articles and that Type of arrogant snobbish attitude you Read in mainstream media to this day Which I read it and I think what planet Are you guys living on you’re rapidly Becoming dodos if you don’t follow What’s going on and what people are Looking at and what the Congress is Looking at Rex I was there at the

Citizen Hearing in 2013. In Washington DC it was open to the Public because it was at the national Press Club and my girlfriend and I were Sitting in Penn Station in Manhattan Waiting to take the train down to D.C And they’re sitting across was Bob Wood One of the witnesses worked at McDonald Douglas in reverse engineering uh UFOs That’s what his job was for a while they Said can you figure out how these things Work so he was one of the witnesses and He was sitting there right there across From us in these old benches at Penn Station they still have those old Benches there and uh he said no just Tell them that you’re part of you know You know me and you can get into the Lunches and the you know special events That are part of the citizen hearing and Not just the public side of it where Anyone could go in and sit in the the Bleachers there and watch from the National Press Club so C-SPAN this is Five days of testimony from really great Witnesses people know what this is you Can look it up citizen hearing 40 Witnesses from around the world just Some really excellent testimony from People in foreign militaries and there Was a investigator from China and of Course people who had worked with nukes Here in the U.S is missile security Guards and launch Control Officers you

Know Robert Salas and others David Shindelli it was really great but a Roswell group all sorts of really Fascinating so anyway C-SPAN didn’t even turn the cameras on And it’s remote they can just turn them On I mean this is like an historic event We had hearings in 68 in Congress this Isn’t new there was something called Project Blue Book everyone knows there Was something even if it was a kind of a Whitewash So what’s the problem showing this Information uh I mean these are people That were responsible for You know launching Atomic missiles Uh control in these systems you don’t Want to hear what they had to say about What their experience was like in the Bunkers down there in the control launch Facilities I mean what’s wrong with us and then I Sat next to a reporter from The New York Times And he said I said what do you think It’s 2013 right way before we knew about ASAP in Egypt He said this is the best material I’ve Ever heard I can’t get them to send Anyone from Manhattan to cover it I said What do you need he goes we need a film Guy and we need a sound guy To properly do this I can’t get them to Send anyone down

So I mean You want to be an ostrich with your head In the sand go ahead but you’re gonna Find in a couple decades you’re way out Of touch with reality as this topic Comes to the fore and more witnesses Come forward and you realize it’s been Like a Berlin Wall against information About all these phenomena because the Reason I know about this Rex is I’ve Taught remote viewing for a long time Ever since I learned about it in 96. I was a teacher at The Far Side Institute for a while and then I uh I I Created my own Institute here in Boulder Colorado the mount baldies and we had Just had classes in and I found people Really felt like it was worth their While to spend three days to learn to Perceive non-local information I mean Tap into another Channel within your Awareness the quantum Matrix whatever You want to look at believe is going on There you’re tapping into something You’re getting results on the page you Can see that don’t seem to fit what you Were taught you could do by your school System and you’re doing it right on the Page you’re describing something you Haven’t seen yet very accurately so Right right and that’s my online class I Have online classes people there’s even A free class there people you can sign Up you don’t have to pay me anything I

Have a mini free class of eight lectures Just click on it and uh yeah Right so we’ve had some we just finished Our beginning class we had an advanced Class we’ve done a couple this year I Have a free mini class to sign up just Test your test your skill at home Without anyone watching to see if you Think this is something for you or not People tell me they get a benefit from It so I’ve talked to a lot of people Over the past 25 years and I’ve been Doing this there are a lot of witnesses Out there at a Bigfoot to Cryptids to UFOs they don’t have anywhere to go to Tell their stories without feeling Ridiculed these people tell me they were Sorry they shared it with their Schoolmates in high school they got Ridiculed nobody likes getting made fun Of in high school you have to go there It’s not like you have a choice you show Up there every day if the other kids Make fun of you it’s like who wants that Right well this is what happened to one Guy I know who shared his Bigfoot story With one person a friend when he and his Dad saw something cross over near Woodland Park Woodland Park and uh Deckers up there on the way back to Colorado Springs the dad was in the Air Force I mean they saw this huge thing Walk across the road huge steps walks Right over a huge fence big thing dad

Says oh that was a bear yeah damn bear Walking on two legs continuously like That fast no way because they’re fast on Forum but they’re not fast on too they Stand up to look around I’ve been around Bears that do that uh they’re they’re Not doing a marathon on two legs okay Not like these creatures so he tells one Person this is just one example and if One friend he thinks can handle it in Ninth grade the whole class is making Fun of him for months he he didn’t tell Me about it until recently he still Feels that sense of Shame so look It’s up to the responsible people in our Society to take these Events seriously whether it’s people in The military that have Uh experienced these UFOs UAP outside Their cockpit Whatever experiences they’ve had And citizens that have encountered Cryptids on the ground in their town or At the edge of town or hiking or Wherever they were out in the woods Doing And let’s just have an intelligent Discussion about it you know Luis Salazando and Chris melon have called For you know an adult responsible Conversation about UFO UF UAP in front Of Congress You know open to the public and we can Hear what people have been experiencing

Over the decades not the whitewash From Different disinformation programs that Have said you know what you saw was a Weather balloon it’s ice crystals or Flocks of geese or whatever the Explanation of the day happens to be Yes it was a weather balloon you know it Was a bear I don’t know are we gonna grow up and Have a national discussion about because I think people are experiencing these Phenomena and you know they’re not Saying it’s all the time but they do Experience them from time to time Uh like I had an experienced as an 11 Year old now where do you who are you Going to call Ghostbusters I mean come On Let’s grow up here and deal with it what You Coulda back in the day you could Have called yeah Man well you know I want to talk about This then so and I’m glad you brought That up I remember the 2013 hearings I Had a great couple of interviews with Um Dang it what’s the gentleman’s name oh My gosh I just got 5g’d I better put Some more 5G blocking clothes on uh Paul Dang it okay we’ll get back to that but Anyway I remember the 2013 hearings and A lot of people forgot about it it’s Ridiculous how they didn’t show the

World what was going on because there Were some very high level people there Very high level people yeah very high Level and I remember back in the the Early 2000s I found a couple of books From Dr Courtney Brown that I read that Were available online and I got Fascinated with the remote viewing stuff And I’ve done some great interviews with Daz and Dick and uh mark it was either Mike or Mark Smith and I’ve interviewed Some amazing people on remote viewing uh Russell targ was a gentleman that I’ve Interviewed so I’m fascinated with Remote viewing I’d like to know more About your class because I think that More people should expand their Consciousness and I’ve been doing a lot Of the Monroe Institute stuff lately I Got some new headphones and at night Time I’ve been doing the the brain uh Expansion stuff but uh I I definitely Want to get into these Cryptids and I Want to show people yeah yeah it’s a Good topic let’s talk about it it’s Important this is this is the book you Want to get folks and I’m going to get Mine signed because I like to have a Signed copy that makes me yeah I I just Have a new shipment coming in I’m happy To some people sign copies it’s uh new Crystal mind um okay yeah yeah so we’re On the website right now Dark Matter Monsters but also check out new crystal

Mine because this is your blog and you Can get yeah here also Tell us about the most fascinating Cryptids that you wrote about in this Book like the first ones that come to Your mind if you would please Well you’re right Cryptids plural There’s a lot of different types out There in my view Um it’s it’s a topic that we haven’t Really been comfortable talking about in Civilization probably forever I mean You’re you’re talking about You know life beans and life forms that Are could potentially be serious Opponents to humans and and it doesn’t Fit our story of being the top of the Food chain the apex predator you know The most highly evolved Intelligence on The planet we assume we are but again Going back to what I was saying in the Beginning from our techno mechanistic Point of view or the most evolved but That doesn’t mean that there aren’t Other life forms out there that are more Evolved biologically energetically and Can do things that humans can’t do And so it’s a bit of an ego buster for Us to accept that there are other Cryptids out there initially I thought Bigfoot was just a relic primate because I had heard different people talk about This with Art Bell on Coast to Coast Over the years and that was my

Introduction to the topic I did see the Patterson gimlin film Um Uh Is a trailer to a movie in the 70s as a Teenager so I had seen the Patterson Gimlin film by the time I was like 16 or So Uh you know the of Patty so-called Patty Going through Bluff Creek area uh Raj Bob gimlin and and Roger Patterson and They were like these Cowboys from Kennewick Washington that had just gone Down there because they had heard about Sightings there was logging going on There and there had been these reports So they they go down there it’s not like They had a huge funding they wouldn’t Have any ability to create animation and There was no animation Back Then to Speak of her The guys in this anything ridiculous These are not people that had means to Do that so I had seen the Patterson Gimlin film so the explanations I heard Over the years Um Was that it was a type of a relic Bipedal primate and um I kind of just when I’d hear about these Encounters I just thought it’s so rare I’ll probably never encounter it and so What it probably I mean it’s just Another animal out there right a rare

Animal like you know she can’t you can’t Do pithecus or something Blacky uh which You know has never been found in the U.S There’s no bones of gigantopithecus There’s no evidence in the fossil record But you can’t do this ever coming over The Bering Straits from Asia but this is What people said it was Rick so I just Thought it’s a relic Prime until I Started hearing these stories from Witnesses around here in Boulder people Who came to take my RV class from up and Down the Front Range as it’s called here From Fort Collins to Pueblo and I heard About personal encounters they had had Which I write about in Dark Matter Monsters and the thing that started to Get to me was there were a lot of Phenomena around Bigfoot that did not Fit anything related to a relic primate Or a relic human which is Balls of light Space-time distortions The gliding sliding motions the way the Bigfoot can move and so forth Um so The phenomena around Bigfoot seem like You would call paranormal right Next To Normal just non-ordinary the Thing the telepathy that people get in Their minds Igor bertza the Russian Researcher when I was at a conference in Bailey said he had concluded it was a Paranormal human that’s what they Concluded in Russia that it wasn’t just

Some ordinary Flesh and Blood mammal So A variety of things came together Visiting the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey Colorado seeing the map they had there Talking to Witnesses starting to read About it from these witness accounts of Books that you can get on Amazon of Witness accounts which to me seemed like Very genuine uh serious accounts of People who don’t know what they Encountered they don’t even give their Names so they don’t really Excuse me I I just don’t think that the vast Majority of these accounts are made up And then I have my own people I’ve Talked to people I know That we’re dealing with these life forms That are literally interdimensional I Mean for real they can go into other Realities they can be invisible in our Reality and then they can vanish into Another reality I mean the invisible in Our reality means you’re hiking on a Trail and you see these footsteps coming Towards you the grass and the leaves Going down but you don’t you hear it but You don’t see anything you feel the air Move as they pass by they they don’t Interact with you but you can see the Evidence of them but then they seem to Literally vanish in front of people’s Eyes even Eagle reports have described

Examples of this happening in Russia and We have many examples of that here of Them being able to turn into a Saran Wrap like appearance Uh which was featured in Dave Pilates Missing 4-1-1 the hunted from Ellen Maccabee uh I believe that’s Bruce McAfee’s wife who saw such a thing while She was hunting Uh near their home on their property uh They can shift forms and they can seem To transform into other shapes now I Realize this is so far out of the bounds Of what we consider to be real that’s Why I know it’s true because we’re all So rigid just like we’ve been saying Throughout the rest of the show Just like C-SPAN won’t turn on the Cameras it’s citizenry no one wants to Believe that there could be things out There when you go out into the Wilds That are like this but there are they Exist out there and you could encounter Them I haven’t encountered them through All the hikes I’ve taken throughout many Years in many different places in the US But people do encounter them but since You asked me what the most interesting Ones are I mean we obviously have Bigfoot Sasquatch then there’s what’s Called Dogman which is um could be a Type of Sasquatch species but resembles More German Shepherd walking on two legs But very tall eight feet high muscular

Build like a bodybuilder I mean the Bigfoot themselves people describe them As looking like You know An NFL linebacker in a fur coat or a Cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger at his Peak and Andre the Giant I mean we’re talking About super muscular creatures I mean we Know that primates Just using that analogy can be very Strong chimpanzees people have asked why They’re so much stronger than we are It’s just kind of a way they’re Genetically Constituted is to create a lot of muscle More than we are we put a lot of energy Into our brains which is really part of The success of humans is we’re very Brainy but we cooperate with each other We’re able to communicate and work in Groups which a lot of other species Don’t I mean you don’t you don’t see Herds of turtles You know working together or even cats For many cases and we cooperate very Well but you don’t see this amongst Reptiles so we put a lot of energy into Our brains our brains use most of the Energy in our bodies versus muscles for The most part which is why we’re more Like this compared to primates but the Bigfoot seem to have both they seem to Be extremely intelligent and

Um also extremely physically You know endowed and uh I don’t think it’s because of pure You know purely classical physics that’s Why I call the book Dark Matter monsters In My View they’re tapping into other Forms of energy That are available and that power things Like low energy nuclear reaction is Known as cold fusion these sorts of Reactions Uh tap into some of this dark matter Which we call Relic neutrinos a tiny Portion of dark matter which I get into In the book And Russian researchers have studied This a lot more than the US is what These Relic neutrinos from The Big Bang They’re streaming through us all the Time and around we interact with them They’re they’re large enough and slow Enough to interact with our bodies they Do contribute to biological reactions Affect Atomic Decay rates and all sorts Of things like that they’re lens they’re Like gravitationally lens by the Moon And the Sun and Alexander parkumoff from Russia’s done a lot of research in Relic Neutrinos he’s even funneled them into Low energy nuclear reaction reactors to Keep these reactions sustained so it Just wouldn’t be surprising biologically If life forms had developed on Earth That tap into dark energy

Are specifically Relic neutrinos and That they’re able to have these Superpowers because they have an extra Energy source that you and I just Haven’t evolved to use in the same way Even though they mattered less so there Are these different Cryptids out there I Mean there’s Bigfoot there’s the dog men Which are also you know maybe more rare Than Sasquatch but also seem to be you Know A little more on the aggressive side Than your ordinary Sasquatch Uh Thunderbirds I’ve run into people That I haven’t heard any people that have Seen it but ran into people that knew Native Americans who said they had seen Him and encountered them up in Montana And you can read about Encounters of People seeing these Thunderbirds even Have you know occasionally being Attacked by them uh and then there’s the Other you know the little people I’m Sure there’s just a whole range a Continuum of Cryptids and what I think Cryptids are is a type of life form that Uses coherent matter Matter that’s beyond the solid and Liquid and gaseous matter that we’re Used to even plasmas which is lightning And Aurora Borealis is a plasma Fluorescent bulbs or plasmas if you Organize that into

Uh a space and compress it you end up With coherent matter Rex Coherent matter is described by Quantum Principles BOS Einstein condensate that Was achieved at low temperature just Down the road here at nist in 95 but it Was predicted by Einstein and Bose in 25. There are other states of matter this Coherent matter can do all sorts of Quantum magic tricks that the ordinary Matter doesn’t do teleportation Cloaking Right look like something else and there Were parts of Bigfoot doing this Invisibility Um Uh so Other states of matter can tap into the Quantum vacuum field In ways that ordinary matter just Doesn’t in the quantum vacuum field has Just multitudes more energy available to It than physical energy that we’re used To the way we live most of the time so I Think these Cryptids what accounts are Them to be able to move and just these Incredible speeds they have ability to Jump over things and just scale up Cliffs that humans is what they can do Is so amazing you know a lot of people Are in Shock when they see this they Don’t think it’s real they don’t Understand how something can move like

That uh follow their run after their car Down the highway move their car off the Road their cases of these Sasquatch Either tipping cars off of a road or Rescuing cars that have slipped off Roads and putting them back on I mean You could get anything from a Sasquatch It’s a you know it’s really a It’s it’s so much variation in their Behavior uh it’s like all bets are off When you’re dealing with them you better Be on your best behavior on them because They can be very helpful they rescue People in national parks and rescue Children and people have fallen into Kayakers you hear reports about this Where they’re very protective and very Helpful and feed people and even carry Them back down to cabins and things they Know what they’re doing Again I think it’s very hard for our Collective ego mind to accept that this Is going on but they’re very they know What they’re doing but they can be Hostile too if they don’t want you in Their territory people have just you Know you can read these accounts of People being chased out of National Forest National Parks if they go into Areas where the Sasquatch are perhaps They have families back there they just Don’t want people around and they can They can intimidate you into moving or Groups of them can’t

Um the other Cryptids you know someone Wrote one of the artists I hired to do Some of the drawings in Dark Matter Monsters uh who drew this uh uh a kind Of fractal Vortex toroidal shape Uh she said well Simeon are you talking She Drew this for me which came out of Classified Soviet experiments uh I Described what it is in the book but It’s a fractal Echo magnetic Taurus Which goes into the zero point which was Discovered in classified Soviet research Which we know about now uh again a lot It creates electromagnetic Phantoms Literally balls of light and orbs and That was the representation she Drew she Said Simeon are you putting the slide Rock Balter into your book so I had to Look up what the slide rock filter was It’s a type of I mean I don’t know if This thing actually existed or not or For something else but it was something That lagers described in the Rocky Mountains of a creature that would wait At the top of a rock slide and then Slide down really quick and devour you Or get you or something like this the Slide rock Bolter you’re like bolt down Slides of rocks So are these is that mythology or is it Based on something that’s real because Uh You could imagine certain Sasquatch Being really fast being able to do that

Bolt Down rocks and things or was it Really its own type of creature I really Don’t know but we do know that the Vikings encountered bigfoot-like Creatures they described really tall Howling bad smelling dark-haired Creatures that they encountered in Newfoundland and many explore I remember Reading about this Encounters of Settlers The pilgrims in Massachusetts describing And this is so interesting Rex even These old encounters if you look in Newspaper articles David Pilates has Compiled newspaper articles from 150 Years ago in the U.S Way back Even older the earliest accounts we have And there’s always often this Supernatural component they would use The word Supernatural humans or Something like this the ones in Massachusetts and this is before I Understood this this topic I remember Reading about this that the pilgrims had Encountered these wild men At the edge of the forest but there was Something about them that they couldn’t Understand they seemed to be able to Disappear really quickly it just seems Reminiscent Uh people described howling screaming Men humans and dark hair hairy it just Sounds like Bigfoot so I think we’ve

Been encountering this the whole time And we’re still have this Frontier Frontiersman mentality Uh that you know would have been Prevalent when people were settling the Us we I don’t think we’ve left that Mentality where we don’t want to think About it I mean it’s enough just dealing With what we deal with every day and you Can imagine if you’re a settler just Surviving every day just imagine there Were giants out there that could devour You or take you away as they Occasionally do so um Uh I think it’s a it’s a big topic and It’s something we I I’ve only learned About it recently I mean I only started Taking it seriously recently but when I Looked at all the phenomena I realized There’s a definite connection to ball Lightning the Miwok Indian scene which Is uh North America a tribe from Northern California would say we’re a Bigfoot walks a lantern follows So to me that just sounds like the orbs And the balls of light that even Witnesses around here say they see Around Bigfoot now why would you see Balls of light and orbs around Bigfoot If it was an ordinary mammal because It’s engaged in some sort of matter That’s on the same frequency as ball Lightning and orbs which are well Coherent matter the fifth state of

Matter another state of matter when the Particles give up their individuality Like a Boze sign condensate but at room Temperature And people see ball lightning and they See these orbs and you see them around Haunted sites you see them around Bigfoot you see them around UFOs we’ve Seen them around crop circles So it’s another state of matter Rex and I think that uh We’re gradually deciphering what it is And it seems that these Cryptids and I Guess this will be a big step in human Evolution to accept that there’s other Life forms around us In parallel realities in a sense You know right next to us and some of The symptoms of them coming over from Their realities to ours Are these orbs and the ball lightning That’s seen around them they’re seen Coming out of orbs going into orbs Uh carrying orbs that just does not Sound like your ordinary Escape gorilla To me I’ve never seen that at the zoo Okay so they’re not it’s they’re not Primates they may be related on the Family tree but I think on the scale of Evolution that we’ve seen They could have had thousands and Hundreds of thousands of years to evolve These abilities which humans for Whatever reason haven’t evolved

And it’s just a big one to accept that There’s other life forms out there that Could be equal to us Intel in Intelligence maybe not technologically But maybe they don’t need our technology I mean if you can interact with coherent Matter you can make the materials that You need just from your Consciousness You can generate materials Uh one of the facets of Bigfoot Sasquatch is gifting As you might have heard right And I’ve talked to people I know who say Something has showed up in their Driveway exactly when they needed it Exactly at the moment they needed Something in the house they went out They said where am I going to find this And it’s there in the driveway or people Having had things around their homes Repaired mysteriously overnight Repairs that don’t seem possible to do On the fly like that so they seem to Have this psychokinetic ability to Manipulate matter to Like natural PK artists and I’m not Saying they all do this all the time and I’ve spoken to researchers who say look They’re more flesh and blood I haven’t Seen this but you speak to enough people Who’ve seen it uh one example and then I’ll I’ll stop Answer here Ron Moorhead the Sierra Sounds

You’ve heard the Sierra sounds you’ve Listened to those you should look him up He Ron Moorhead wrote the book uh voices In the wilderness and the quantum Bigfoot from his Encounters in the 70s And the High Sierras in California at Their hunting structure up there that They built in the National Forest They’re sort of illegal hunting Instructor they made a link to it it was Really more of a you know a cabin built Out of logs and the creatures approached Them they could hear them and and they Were recording it they started bringing Up recording equipment the best Recording equipment that existed in the 70s at the time Tape recorders and they recorded these Creatures talking Ron mimicking them and Then they got really close to the Structure and you can hear them arguing Back and forth in this chitter chatter Language which the Sasquatch have and uh Very fast Percussive type of speech Definitely language And Ron would say He never could see them you’d poke your Head out the structure thinking they’re Right there I can hear them on the other Side of the wall nothing there never Cast a shadow he said they should have Cast Shadows on the structure never cast A shadow

On the gaps between the logs you you Would have seen so they’re invisible And this is from the witnesses I know This is hard for many people to believe Not maybe people listening to the show But uh it is hard for us to accept that They’re invisible life forms out there But this is what the evidence shows it May not be socially acceptable but I Don’t care This is what the data shows this is what The Witnesses are telling us creatures With glowing eyes that can become Invisible Other times Can associated with balls of light and Strange resonant ringing sounds that You’ll hear around Camp they can Generate the strangest and most creative Ventriloquist type sounds you could Imagine like a card or slamming or tires On gravel like they’ve probably heard From our vehicles for decades right they Can imitate that they can make you think A truck’s coming up right behind you and It’s them playing with you So it Rex it’s fascinating and the more You read about this the encounters are So shocking this is why you don’t hear About it It’s like Jacques valet the UFO Researcher said the stranger the Encounter the less likely the witness is To talk about it and it’s like a natural

Control system that Society has to keep Us in line from going too far out on Other types of experiences that are not Considered socially acceptable or real But those the more you read the stranger The encounters are they’re all Fascinating and that became the basis of Dark Matter monsters is this is so Similar to what we’ve seen around other Phenomena has to have an underlying Basis which I think I call coherent Matter I mean other people have called It coherent matter it’s what the you see In the scientific literature orbs balls Of light sound it can all become Coherent and you get these Auto Catalytic Chain Reaction effects same Thing as cold fusion letter chain Reaction is going generates energy Generates new types of materials it’s Fascinating so it’s a whole big area and I think that Cryptids are part of that That’s my view and I could be wrong but You have to come up with a better Explanation if you you think you know What it is and I’m wrong about it That’s one of the best I’ve heard yet And I appreciate that and I’m also Thinking there’s been discussions about How We are a modified version of the Bigfoot Species right you know I think there Could be something to that because yeah In some ways we have some incredible

Abilities and then other ones seem Dormant that some people can do and Others can’t and what if it wasn’t just Cosmic radiation that evolved us or a Combination of cosmic radiation and Natural events there was artificial Means in play yeah yeah I could see that I I me too I’m glad you mentioned that Rex I think I I agree with you but That’s just my personal opinion we can’t Prove this my view is that Sasquatch and US came from the same beans a long time Ago they evolved in One Direction we Evolved in another and we were probably Genetically manipulated by Extraterrestrials And this is why we look the way we look And the Sasquatch look there there are There are relatives of us but but a long Ways back right And they kept going the bigger more Natural route Closer To Nature we became more Technological someone modified us and We’re It’s a big one to accept isn’t it that We’re we’re a modified version of them It is but it isn’t and I’ll tell you why Because yeah you know I’ve heard like I Said I know people that will do their Best to debunk the alien hypothesis I Appreciate that but when they bring up The sun having a cosmological effect on Our Evolution and it has but if you look

At the actual vertebrae and if you talk To a chiropractor that describes the The Backs opportunities we’ll use the term Opportunities some people will call it Problems I’ll call them opportunities if You look at the way that the back is Actually structured there is more data To suggest that we were Tampered with on an artificial level Than there is evidence to suggest it was Just Cosmic so the Occam’s razor here is Literally a Higher intelligence some type of Intelligence modifiers maybe it was Humans like a breakaway civilization but There’s something there and yeah I think It’s interesting to say that being now I Used to be called the conspiracy Theorist now I’m the conspiracy debunker But even the term conspiracy is a Conspiracy right right so even the order Of conspiracy is a conspiracy yeah no I I like your thinking here Rex it’s Something like that I I think that’s the Sim that’s the most direct explanation It may be very different than the Stories we were told by our school Systems and our religions but this seems To be what it is is we’re a modified Version of them or related to them I Forget what the term is in by biology For that conversion divergent evolution Or whatever it is I I I knew the Terminal it’s sort of like a parallel

Evolution they went closer to the way Nature works and just don’t need houses And clothing they can just do what they They have what they need right there in Their bodies in the way they relate to Nature and they’re not just in forests They’re out I interviewed a woman just Two weeks ago Barbara who wrote on one Of these YouTube channels after an Interview like this and she encountered One on an archaeological dig with the Smithsonian the Smithsonian dig on a on A Naval Weapon Station China like in in California that they had permission from The Navy to go on to the property to Look at petroglyphs and dig for Arrowheads and She felt this they they took tents four People two tents three guys one woman She feels it’s stroking her face as soon As she lies down on the tent they go out And uh I mean she thinks it’s the guy next to Her And it’s not him he’s he’s in his sleep They all go out they see it 12 feet away From them nine ten feet high black on Black glowing yellow eyes Have you ever seen an animal with light Emitting from its eyes like a superhero Marvel movie this is what they do they Emit light with their eyes it can be Different colors in this case it was Yellow

Right and it’s hypnotic she said she Could it seemed like forever that she Was staring at it it was only looking at Her you know she thought it was a Juvenile and she’s a young female so she Thought there was some sort of Attraction there and she never talked About it again for 50 years this is she Said during the interview she hadn’t who Are you going to talk to about it who’s Going to believe it even the people on The Dig didn’t talk about it Apart from walking back to the vehicle They never really mentioned it again Because it’s it’s hard to accept Uh they didn’t even take pictures of the Footprints they saw in the snow the next Morning I mean it’s like a type of Denial or some people believe the Sasquatch are affecting your mind in Some way that maybe that’s a possibility We hear this a lot but I know there’s Also a mental mechanism in your mind to Not you know when it goes beyond the Boundaries of what you’re comfortable With you you don’t want evidence of it I Have heard of other UF excuse me Bigfoot Witnesses destroying their photos Afterwards because they didn’t want to Think about it anymore Deleting the photos even though they had Good some good close-up photos it’s too They said the faces were just too Disturbing to look at

Uh and in that case the person had been Injured after he had sprayed them with Bear spray they didn’t seem to like that So this is a case that happened in the Tobacco root mountains in Montana And uh yeah he was injured from that I Mean because there was a violent Altercation and he didn’t want to think About him he deleted all the evidence so It wouldn’t that would not be surprising To me that we find this with UFO Witnesses is they don’t want to talk About it they don’t remember it very Well you I mean this is sort of common Sense you’re not you’re not all that Comfortable at these UFO conferences Rex I’m sure some of the listeners have been To these they have experience or Meetings Just for people who’ve had experiences Because then you feel comfortable Sharing with other people who’ve Experienced the same thing but if you Talk to the general public nobody wants To You don’t want to open your mouth and Experience ridicule and negativity and You know hostility right but that’s what You get when you talk about this and the Bigfoot thing in many communities Uh this is you’re going to get a hostile Reaction or ridicule nobody wants to Deal with that so they don’t share their Stories so there’s I think this is just

A lot of experiences out there and People just haven’t shared it and it’s More common than we think Um but it’s what we sociologists call Hidden event a hidden event hidden Events are things that are widely Experienced or reasonably wide listeners But not talked about And it happened before in with child Abuse in the 60s it it wasn’t until the 60s that child abuse was considered real Before then It was the explanation the just so story Would have been the kid fell out of a Tree or was beaten up by a bully nobody Would want to accuse parents of doing This to their kids and there had to be Two meetings Uh there were two meetings by Professionals across the board like this In interdisciplinary meetings this is What it takes Radiologists law enforcement doctors Psychologists All coming together in the same meeting Looking at the the the the uh x-rays Of the kids and deciding this is not Happening naturally you know this is Like look at the evidence and in I think 62 and 65 they realized this was Actually parents doing this to their Kids now that is the same sort of Phenomena from a hidden event point of View it’s happening and people aren’t

Talking about it and no one wants to Really confront the parents So we don’t really hear what’s going on And then there’s a meeting and all of a Sudden it becomes real and it’s accepted Diagnosis same thing’s happening with UFO ufap you maybe have to change the Name to uaps but it’s happening with UFOs uaps in my view slowly in Congress They are having these classified Hearings that we’ve been told we’ve been Told they’ve been having classifieds They’ve been shown videos If what we’re told is true these words Like a 45 minute video and a 23 minute Video Triangular craft coming out of the water I’m sure if you following this you’ve Heard that we haven’t seen at the public But apparently are representatives in Congress and the Senate have seen it and You would have to imagine Rex I mean Wouldn’t you think it would sort of Build up they’d go holy cow I can’t it’s All real and they don’t have you and me To talk to about it because it’s Classified So they’re going home at night with this Burden Of having seen all of this things Morphine into other shapes what do they Call it now trans medium Uh they have names for this trans medium Cross-dimensional

And phenomena I said all these bizarre Names that the pentagon’s invention was The all domain anomaly resolution office Let’s make it as vague as pot all the Main Anomaly resolution look guys you could Call it anything you want but that Doesn’t make it easier to deal with it Just means it’s classified and it’s Stove piped fine but those people have To go home every night knowing that what We’re talking about on these podcasts is True that what we’ve been talking about For decades is true and all those books You saw in the bookstore were true and All the people at the UFO conferences in The witness it’s all true and you are Ignoring it all these years and now You’re hearing it from this narrow Classified Channel and you’re wondering What do we do about this it’s the Responsible thing to have a discussion But you know how does it affect my Career to bring you know and and so Imagine it’s quite complex but so what I Feel is going on is that this info this Info that we’re talking about right now We’ve all been talking about it I’ve Been talking about my YouTube channel You’ve been talking about yours we’ve All done the best we can as citizen Researchers on our own time doing this But now the government has official Organizations looking at what you can

Only imagine what they’re seeing right And I’m sure the Bigfoot Sasquatch thing Comes into it because we know that the National forest service has Bigfoot Reporting forms we’ve seen these forms You can see them in the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey Colorado and it’s in This newer movie called a flash of Beauty Bigfoot revealed I don’t know if You’ve interviewed Uh Brett eichenberger and Toby Johnson Who create yeah it’s a good film a flash Of beauty Bigfoot revealed As Fair disclosure I’m going to be in The sequel that comes out I was told Memorial Day next year there did a Sequel and they wanted your my point of View on this which we’re talking about Now but the first one before I met these Folks I really liked it and they uh they Show an example of a Bigfoot reporting Form from one of the national forests They so the government keeps track of This but we don’t hear about it we’re in This still in this bubble I guess of our Own choosing I guess if look Rex if we Really wanted to hear about it and we Wrote our Congress people about Bigfoot And National Forest I imagine we could Get something done but we’re not doing That right now no one has time I guess To Try to bring these National reporting Forums from the forest service and other

Probably the park service has it to Bring make it public Uh you can imagine some foyer requests To get all this out it’s a whole another Big area it seems to me being parallel To the UFO UAP disclosure is Cryptids Right from your very own Planet I think We should know about it because I think When you go out in the woods or the edge Of town or outside your door in a lot of Places I think you should know what you Could encounter just from a personal Safety point of view to To be a little prepared there is this Symptom that seems to show up right Before these encounters which is the Sudden quiet Things you’ve probably heard about this Everyone describes this it just seems Abnormally quiet Right and even the Crickets stop Chirping and I I learned recently that Even fruit flies have these fractal Toroidal structures in their brains that Help them navigate magnetic fields so it Is possible that they’re sensing Coherent matter other energies that are Non-ordinary electromagnetic energies From this sort of fractal Toroidal organs they have in their minds In their brains But this sudden quiet seems to be a Symptom of what you get before it so When people experience that they should

Know okay if you’re going to stick Around you might encounter a Cryptid or Maybe you should leave It’s your choice I mean I think people just be aware of This in an educated Rational here I guess it’s paradoxical It’s an irrational educated but in a Reasonable way you should know what You’re about to encounter rather than You know encountering these types of Life forms with no uh preparation no Sense of what you’re about to experience Absolutely absolutely and I wanted to Before we finish up this awesome podcast And this is actually I knew it was going To be a great show but I didn’t know it Was going to be this great so I Appreciate it and this for those of you That are watching the live website I Want to thank you we just updated the Website and this is the live show as you Can see here I’ve got I’ve got you Paused at the perfect spot here so I Could show that off but you can see we Got the live chat and the live shows are Always free we will let this upload this Later on YouTube and this is the uh the Website dark Mattermonsters.com and also I want to Show this website because this is your Blog new Crystal mind right and you have A great YouTube channel so you click Here on the YouTube yes hit the

Subscribe and then hit the bell for all Notifications and you can see you got Some great videos here and let’s help Get this past ten thousand subscribers Soon and then your visual viewing.org I’m gonna look more into this I’m a huge Fan of remote viewing so anybody it’s a Good way for people to learn about this It’s a very easy way I mean you can do It right at home you don’t have to you Can just do this practice and just see What it does if it’s something that Appeals to you if it shows you something About yourself you didn’t know it was There so yeah yeah man I’m I’m looking Forward to it and thanks for the the Free videos also and the courses that You offered looking forward to getting The signed book and I hope you keep Being the change you want to see because I really enjoyed this conversation thank You oh thanks a lot Ricks this is a lot Of fun and folks you know I’ll have a Lot to learn together this is we have so Many tools now so don’t Don’t feel pessimistic we’re in a really Good position now we have all these Tools and YouTube live streams and all Sorts of Ways of staying in contact with each Other to create the discussion if Congress won’t do it we’ll do it just Like this discussion by discussion right On shows like this

Absolutely well I would be honored to do A follow-up in the future yeah let’s Talk again Rex is a lot of fun and I Look forward to talking to all of you Again soon right on thank you everybody Have a beautiful day okay take care Foreign

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