We Warned You About This 6 Years Ago, Sheldon Moore

By | October 30, 2022

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So it’s somewhere close between between Those two um hold on or you got it Between those two dates Um Like I’m getting funny things on my Computer right now but uh And there’s a reason for it you know Like this we somebody in our ancient Past left all this stuff so we could Decode it and that that site that’s in In Alberta it’s right on 51 degrees Latitude Rex what’s it called that Um Old Mac You want I’ve got slides on right like But that’s the problem of having right Now should I send you my slides yeah Because I got um there’s some Researchers in the states that did Simulations of uh binaries and and I Want to open our presentation with that Simulation because if everybody turns Their lights down and watches that Because it’s so they only looked up 3 000 years from from planet Earth Basically and if you’ve seen the binary Activity it’s just mind-boggling are you Among the diet resistance we’ve been Told forever the diet and exercise is The keys to weight loss but that doesn’t Work for everybody especially after we Reach the ages of 35 to 50 approximately Where any expert will agree that weight Loss becomes much more difficult you Don’t know it yet but over the next 30

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Spiritual your soul right that’s what’s Going on and these ancients knew this And and they had ways of tracking them Because but that site in Alberta can Also predict eclipses but it’s right on 51 degrees latitude the same Um within a half a degree you have to be On 51 to get the 90 degree angles for Your mid-summer Sunset and moonrise so You can predict equinoxes and stuff like That with absolute accuracy you can only Do that on 51 degrees latitude no other Place on Earth you could do that and Guess we’re Stonehenge is on right on 51 Degrees latitude within a half a degree Mega hens that big one that’s still Under the ground in England right on 51 Degrees latitude so these sites aren’t Just some natives who are kind of nerds And decided to build these things and Track eclipses and somebody else I think Left this help to build this so that we Would know what they’re really for and We were kind of looking past all of it All of these sites and you had a guest On with that site in South Africa that He says the Annunaki could be it’s the Same thing you could predict eclipses With that site I know you can as soon as I saw with the healstone it’s just like Stonehenge there’s no difference so Obviously that original group knew about This and if you go into the laws of Manu And The Vedas which this is all based

Around [Music] It’s it’s just another ver it’s the Basically Indian version of the Anunnaki But for some reason I think theirs is Accurate and that calendar spot on in 2024 2023 is really when we what we’re Doing is we’re fully leaving the Sanders Period between the the Dark Age and and The warp Yuga which is the next the next Day a big event it’s a big that’s why Everything’s crazy and that’s why all of This shit’s going on right now is Because we’re at that point because We’re we’re in the zone now I’m 100 sure That I’m correct 100 now now this is fascinating so we’re Actually going into a when we look at These Ley lines and the Um the stones you and the 51 degrees you Think that has more to do with the Actual spiritual aspect Of Um Not not just because they’re not just Looking for eclipses like the eclipse Part lunar eclipses and then the Accuracy that they can break them that’s The spiritual part the other stuff is is These ancient people were obviously very Very competent astronomers and they were Building these sites are basically the Um uh The entire Vedic system on the ground

It’s it’s basically the overlay of the Of the 28 chakras you know the one in Omak it’s got 28 exactly 28 Rays Radiating out from the center to Represent the 28. that chartres I know Everybody thinks there’s only 27 but it Really represents the lunar month which Is 28 days and the 28th was a was called Abajita and it was a time of worship and It was hidden and it was hidden for a Reason because it’s back to that it’s Hidden because when these happen Eclipses That’s when they they did that’s when That natural when you have a total Um uh full moon is when that’s the only Time eclipses can happen and so that’s Why there’s there’s 28 because there’s Really 28 days in the lunar month not 27. and we lost that too because it’s All by Design all of the it’s like the Kalashanka Tantra guess when the high Priests of Shambhala did their esoteric Tantra practices it’s right in the Fragments during total lunar eclipses I Could actually show you can go do that Research yourself and when I saw that I Knew that What because I watched one right like uh What I I’m I’m not I I know for a fact What I’ve taught and and what happens is If you can imagine how all the different Planets and the Stars affect your con Like who you are each individual person

Right there’s like a magnetic effect and It hits that orb inside you so Powerfully that it kind of helps kind of Shape shape things a little bit well What do you think happens when these are In alignment my son a planet like it’s a Major major uh electric like a zero Point a major point in in in the the Radiation or the gravitational elect Magnetic and electrical effects during That time and Um they all knew this like I’m not Kidding you there’s Tibetan rip and Chase I could find that YouTubes and Send them to you where they’re telling Their students to go do their higher Practices during the lunar eclipses but Not telling them why just saying go go Out and do Whatever and you know like there’s a Reason for it but I think they keep this Part secret I don’t think they really Get and like that’s why I’ve kind of Don’t do a lot of interviews and kind of Just sit on this because like I don’t Know if some students are really it’s Too much right like there is a dark side Of the Soul when you go through that Period And there are archon attacks on a Newly awakened people and they got to be Around monks and in the right places and And stuff during those times so I think That’s why it’s It’s only taught when you’re like in a

Very bad student and but I hadn’t taught All that on your show yet like there are Some techniques but I’ve kind of give People go do this one or go do that one But it’s it’s there’s a actually a Fairly simple technique that people Could incorporate quite easily so they Don’t have to spend 20 years in a cave Like some Tibetan Monks have because That’s a long time to do to sit in a Cave right that’s a long freaking time Man for sure yeah yeah Um I know Western would ever do it like We’d get bored in the first three days And well let’s go home let’s go oh this Is let’s go skiing and yell or you know Something right right a veil and um But yeah it’s uh We knew about this and and I think that Calendar that tishwar presented is very Accurate but he kind of put his right at This time frame but he didn’t really Like date setting is kind of crazy Almost right but it’s not a date where It’s like you know like David Wilcox Great solar flash is going to occur We’re gonna be flying around and Everything’s gonna be you know rainbows And unicorns Um it could still be kind of ugly 25 20 You know it could take five years ten Years like because Um dwarf Yuga still has challenges to See what happens with these binaries is

When you go through these Yuga Cycles When you fully go out of the sandest Period it’s that little buffer between The two yugas so you have a Dark Age Which we just came out and we’ve had at 2 400 year Dark Age we’re just coming Out of it well in that buffer period you Still get that overlap so you get world Wars you still get all that crap but Once you get out of that date which I Think is 2024 Mental virtue the radiation effects of These binaries goes from 25 to 50 Percent so mental virtue and Humanity Jumps by almost doubles And and the it is some gradual increase In that sadness period but the big jump Happens at that time and it’s but it Still has challenges you know there’s It’s only 50 so there’s still a kind of 50 percent in a way right so Dwarf yug is not it’s not going to be This rainbows and unicorn thing but it’s We’re on the ascending Arc of these two In this electric Arc each one’s 12 000 Years and we’re on the ascending art now Which means the binaries are coming back Together and every day gets better and Better and better and better and then You get that you’re high to your golden Age and after they come into Perry Hillion which could cause Cool ships ice ages just all this crazy

that always dates back exactly 12 13 000 years ago you ever noticed that Yeah people who talk about we had all of These uh meteors 12 000 years ago well Yeah our duel was here we had maybe a Polish yeah our duels here you know like All of this stuff always dates back to Almost the exact same time yeah even um Machu Picchu they’re now saying that’s 12 000 years old so if those blocks all Blew apart 12 000 years ago it was Probably during a pole shift it would it Would you wouldn’t have a complete Reversal boat wherever that new that’s Our twin comes in it would affect the Polls of all the planets probably it’d Be very chaotic but it’s at the height Of the Golden Age and after it leaves Which only probably the chaos is only For a few months after it leaves again You still have a 4 800 year goal image It’s like a 9 000 year golden age in This thing so it still goes on and That’s when you get into the time when You get into Tetra Yuga of Rama and back Into these ancient Hindu stories and it All when you put it into this calendar I’m talking about it fits if you try to Put the history of Krishna and um Rama Who are the same live stream and their Last Incarnation will be the kelkey Um it all you know Jay Widener made a Film about the kelkey okay Um that’s his last Incarnation I think

When we get into this this Zone that’s Coming up that we’re at that time where We could see an appearance within it Could be exactly that time or it could Be 10 years from there but we’re in that Time I’m almost and that’s what the all These ancient sites were monarchy why do The Mayans have a 5125 year calendar That goes back to 30 the Mayan calendar Starts at 3112 BC Krishna died at 30 or Sorry 3114 BC Krishna died at uh 3102 BC There’s only a 12-year difference maybe The westerners try to sync it up with The Christian judeo calendar and it Really only syncs up with the the Original Indian calendar So take 3102 be you got a calculator There I sure do yep okay so Take 5 125 years That’s the length of the Mayan calendar I’m making you do some math so you get This did you say did you say 51.25 Yeah 5125 years okay Minus 3102 that’s the day Krishna Departed 2023 Yeah and take 5126 minus the same thing And you get 20 24. it’s either 2023 or 2024 depending on what because they they Counted the Mind calendar in days so When they converted it very long days When they converted it to years that’s Why you get that there’s almost a six

Months eight month discrepancy between The two of them but And remember when I I told you about This when we first looked at that wheel And I said this about seven years ago we Should actually played a clip of that Because it was in when I was living on My Ranch and uh I said watch 2024. like We I think we got this wrong I keep Telling people for years some people Have picked up on it but but what I did Say is what we so you remember when I Told you about the uh tetrads when there Was four lunar eclipses in uh 2015 or 2014 and then the very next year in 2015 There was three so yeah a Triad and a Tetrad within two years Um that won’t happen again for another 700 to 800 years That’s really rare so when you see Something that rare what I thought was The Mayan calendar in in 2012 we get Into this period right after everybody Knows about what I’m trying to teach you Well a lot of people I think are one of Your guests wrote me and told me she Woke up and then when she went and Checked the date guess what it was During you can see it in your comments Section in one of our videos Um so it’s happening to some older Souls That they might not even be doing a Practice right they’re just kind of Waking up and um

It’s Um when I told you about this date I Said I and then when the moon or Virgo went Into the belly of Jupiter or Jupiter Went into the valley of Virgo remember That when it was completely Revelation Which is there’s a lot of astrophyology And Revelations too that happened just Before or after 2012 so I thought that’s Another sign but I think we got this all Mixed up and me included a little bit But I said watch I think the precursors To 2023 2024. so I think what these Things are the signs are here people Look like this is happening now but the Real date the actual is is coming up It’s it’s I’m almost certain that this Calendar is right and if you apply it to Krishna’s time that 12-year discrepancy That that’s that’s too close right and Do you know the Mind civilization didn’t Even reach its height until about 400 A.D to 700 A.D so why do they have a Calendar that goes back to 3000 BC and Why is that the middle of the Canadian Prairie is there I met like they call it Medicine Wheels but this was different There’s a there’s a medicine wheel right At 51 degrees latitude and the outer Ring is the exact same Dimension the Stonehenge is outer ring like exactly And it’s guess what it was a calendar And guess when it was started 3100 BC

And he said the natives the guy who Researched that said the native stopped Using it about right when white men came Out under the prayers they were actually Counting down their calendar and so that Calendar I think is the same calendar as The Mayans had and that They’re all it’s happening like it’s Like and and if you study it even more Like just get me talking on this we Don’t maybe only have three or four Slides this time and I’ll just free Float and and well you’re for your free Flowing now man so um I I yeah we’re Rolling it right now so I’ve got the Record going we’re doing this live on The website and people are enthralled Already shondell’s listening he’s stoked So let’s just go with it and then if you Send me those slides I’ll post them up And when you want to do another show We’ll do another show and uh yeah yeah This is great man you’re rocking it so I Appreciate it yeah So um when you want to do it you want to Is there people actually watching this Right now yeah oh you see the thing that Right on the top it says live you Tricked me I told you I said let’s go Live like a few times and you like you Looked at the screen you said oh there’s Weird things on the screen I’m like yeah I thought you knew yeah so this is great This is great so we’ve got uh we’ve got

A small audience right now that’s um on The website we’re on the website Bigproject.com we’re not on YouTube Right now so we’re just on the website Okay and um you know this is like the Website’s great man because we can talk About whatever we want to it’s like you Know family it’s like home I’ve probably Put 16 000 into this website so that we Can do this Um so we’ve got a real cool live feature Where people can watch live and leave Comments and stuff like that do you want To take this with the binary star do you Want to talk about the 2023 2024 thing How do you want it they’re all Completely connected because Um if you when you look on his map Because in the old um Vedic documents It’s got a 24 000 year cycle right This binary because binaries can have a Hundred thousand year cycle they can Have a two-year cycle which means you Know so it takes 24 000 years which is Our great year it’s I know people go Instantly go with all the great years Twenty five thousand and 635 or 25 000 Depending we use super computers to Calculate that we have no real idea and What happens when you look at a binary Is when they come in to perihelion they Speed up so the the rate is not exactly What you would think if you did a used a Super computer and try to calculate the

Procession of 25 000 years which we did It doesn’t it because we we have no Concept we’re in a binary this this Isn’t uh the laws of Manu and new is Basically I think the Indians Interpretation of what the Anunnaki this Ancient race was teaching them I’m Certain of it like you know like the Even the they call talk about Aryan in In this like the betas came from the North which I know some people have Um Like a group of big tall white people Gave them this information along like There’s a whole history that goes behind That Um that’s where the term Aryan Originally came from was that this Teachings came from came from they call It tartaria now and all that other stuff But that this teaching came from some Other group because to be able to Monitor one great year of 24 000 years you know the Australian Aborigines is pro is probably the oldest Kind of race continual race and there Are forty thousand dollars saying 80 000 Years Um that’s still not enough time to to Start monitoring these whole cycles and Being able to figure out that we have a Yugos cycle that is exactly has a Certain amount of Dark Age a certain Amount of Bronze Age a golden you know

It takes a long time it’s a censor like It would take hundreds and thousands of Years to be able to have that Information unless you were an advanced Race that came and brought back and that In this information obviously came from An advanced race I actually think that This rate this four three two one ratio That you see Yeah that that’s that’s the um diagram Right there Um where you can see right at 500 A.D is When we Um right at the bottom of the height of The Dark Age at the bottom there and if You look at that that’s exactly when the Roman Empire fell some big things Happened and I I know it’s not exactly 24 000 years it’s got to be like twenty Four thousand three hundred years or Something like that Um and so I looked I thought well how to Find out exactly when we hit the bottom There would be some weird because that’s Called apilian that’s when the binaries Are the furthest apart Rex and when and So when they turn and come back together Again that pulling that magnetic pulling Effect of those two bodies would cause Every planet on both systems to probably Have some kind of tectonic stuff Happening well it seems like 536 was a Really bad year for Earth where we had a Perpetual winter and some people say it

Was with krakato blew up at that time so Something like that would have happened And that might be the marker where this 12 000 with three zeros like anybody Thinking with with a logical mind would Know it’s not exactly Um 24 000 with three zeros it’s probably And I think now that if it’s if 536 was Our Bottom by my calculations it means It’s a 12 072 years exact cycle exact Cycle But I’m only basing it on what happened In 536 but there was a big the whole World went dark in 536 they didn’t have Crops in Europe starvation everything 536 sucked it was a bad year and it was Exactly when I think we our binaries Were the furthest apart the height of The Golden or the Dark Age You see because in the original Yuga Cycle it doesn’t work that way it’s Based on a 4.32 million year cycle which Means you get a like a 432 000 year Dark Age it just it doesn’t Work that way it’s too long we do you Know on a sheer tutor of the great Trio Master said that that it’s too long it Doesn’t it’s We’re out of the Dark Age in 2024 wrote To the SanDisk period in 2023-2024. I’m Certain of it now I think that this Calendar is the real calendar this like Somebody in ancient times told us all of This stuff they even told us about this

About the effects of eclipses that’s why There’s a Stonehenge that’s why there’s A goblacky tape you know the you know The Nazca Lines improve they used to Track Raul and tattoo because when you Track those two nodal points above the Move that they call wrong that’s how you Predict when a solar or a lunar eclipse Is going to occur there’s one there’s One there’s a total lunar eclipse here On nov November 8th everybody go and Watch it it’s in North America everybody Can go see it yeah it’s the day of the Midterm elections is that crazy or what Yeah yeah yeah yeah no it’s kind of Crazy right yeah yeah and they’re They’re not times you’re supposed to be Fearful like in ancient China the Emperors killed some court astrologists Because they failed to predict a solar Eclipse they used to think a dragon has Eaten the Sun so everybody would rush Out into the streets with pots and pans And bang and they make all to scare the Dragon away they thought they were Saving things and And the worst and that’s archons again The worst thing you can do during a Solar or lunar eclipse is get to a place Of fear remember we did a show Once Years ago Rex and I told you about all The wars and all of the kings that have Been uh anointed and stuff right on Solar or or lunar eclipses and it’s it’s

By Design again it’s uh it’s what what They do They they know this they they like There’s more to astronomy and astrology Than people would ever imagine like it Affects everything and affects Every Soul on the planet it affects your day It affects your month and uh when you Get really powerful events Um you know it can it can affect your Consciousness permanently because the The the Buddha nature that resides just Below the navel it Powers up all what we Call chakras it’s it’s running all of This extra seven bodies beyond your Physical body all the way up to the Nevada body that is powered by that Little orb that we remember that orb I Showed you that that is the soul and and When you can see that Dharma wheel in Those pictures of the orb that’s the Same Dharma when you see in Indian and Buddhist art that’s called The Wheel of Samsara we have lifetime after lifetime Until we get it it’s not so much a trap Down here Um you know when you go into a dark age I think things like archons and negative Things can come in real quick real quick I want to show you something the because I’m a big fan of the uh the will of Samsara I’ve also heard it called the Baba chakra before and behind me That’s that is a modern version of the

Baba chakra right there you’ll see the Yama oh neat the Yama at the top like Holding over the will right you know Because that you will see that in the Baba chakra uh and then beneath inside Of it you’ve got the different Realms You’ve got the hell realm the Earth Realm the wandering ghost realm the Animal realm the uh demigod realm the Diva realm so it’s got all the same but Then modern symbology and it’s Fascinating because the only way out of The will is in the human realm according To ancient teachings it’s not in the Deep realm it’s not in the hell realm You’ve got to be in the human realm to Get out of this will which is Interesting that’s not the highest And it’s very true Um the weird thing is though is the the Buddha nature when this thing here the Soul within that orb within everybody Um When it when it takes a human form and Incorporates it’s not like a parasitic You don’t have you won’t really have a Life if the two don’t merge if there’s Not a physical body being created and a Soul that enters that you know they say I think about eight weeks after Conception or maybe even a bit longer Um Um those two things you know that’s the Amazing thing about the human body too

Is those each one of those seven chakras Is directly connected to a Glam it’s Your endocrine system your central Nervous system and those meditation like Korea yoga or Um uh secret of the Golden Flower there To help you be able to move that life Force not so much with your mind but Just allow it to move and you’ve got to Get to that point Um so you can flip it during an eclipse And have it come up and and your Permanent Enlighten because you can’t Leave and and you know this is not me Saying this in this podcast here Buddha This is the core concept of Buddhist Teachings krishna’s teachings and I Think even Jesus’s teachings you can’t Go back to the great Center Beyond Space-time and false morality that’s Where you could say God exists or the Creator that’s the center the great Center where I think a lot of these Avatars came from You can’t like it’s a journey to go back There it takes time you can stay on this Planet and have some great lives and Learn some things that move on to maybe Another higher world have some more Lives there it’s a process to go back There but you don’t get out of this Realm this Earth until you obtain Enlightenment That’s the truth that’s the whole point

Of why this should be taught in schools Almost it should be one of the main main Things that everybody is thinking and Trying to uh uh not really achieve Because it shouldn’t be an achievement But to attain naturally in a lifetime so That they can go on otherwise you just What happens when in this this is the This is where the archons play in is When you physically die that orb leaves Your body Right at the moment to death your last Breath it’s it’s goes out of your body And most and you go into the astral Realm it’s like a lower Bartle or a Tibetanus teach High lemons the the Tibetan book of the living and the dead Is instructions on how to die properly Because and and a dog doesn’t go through This a moose doesn’t go through this a Gazelle it just got killed by lions on The plains of Africa doesn’t go through All of this when it when they die they Go right through the Bardo and they kind Of come back again at certain points and Live a life as a dog or whatever they’re Going to do again a human we can get Stuck in that Bartle and we can spend as Much time in that lower Bartle as we do In corporeal form or in a physical body So we have like 70 100 years in the body We can spend that long just drifting Almost in a Lost Lake State in the Bardo and it has layers so

The the darker you’ve been you might Sink to the lower layers versus somebody Who’s high-minded but That’s not supposed to happen either We’re not supposed to be stuck in there That’s an archon thing it’s because That’ll work that’s the gods work within Has the tremendous amount of energy so In a dark age parasites can come in like An archon type of thing and and and feed Off of that and they feed off when we’re In our dream state when you have bad Dreams and you come back that’s you’re Getting pulled into that crap and when You die you can get stuck in the Bargo For that period of time a high laminate Tibet usually when they die they tell Their followers or their students Um often which region they will Incarnate again Often they actually get names of their Parents they’ll actually tell their Students before they die I’ll be such And such born in the ABDO region of Tibetan and this would be my parents Name and they’ll go there and that’ll All happen they’ll actually find this This the reincarnation Um they can go through the Bardo in 49 Days Because they read the Tibetan book of The Living Dead you know even the death Prayer of um King David as I walk Through the valley of death I’ll fear no

Evil you’ve heard that He’s telling people how to go through The Bardo No fear as I walk through the valley of Death I’ll fear nothing because those Are the archons and they can get get you Kind of Trapped and that’s one of the Big setbacks on planet Earth right now Is we have way way way way way too many Souls in the bar to go stuck there in This what Christians call the astral Realm just Stuck Because they’re being tricked at that in That area I think I’m hoping when we Fully go through into dwarpa Yuga as Surely as we tick on into the the silver And the golden age because we’ve entered The stream of the Golden Age we’re not In the Golden Age yet I know some light Workers like to say that but we’re not And um but we’ve entered the stream Every day it gets better now if you look At those arcs of shared tishwas that That were on the upward 20 000 or sort Of 12 000 year Arc or in my calculation Twelve thousand three thirty six year Arc and Um we’re we’re every day gets better now It’s like things are going to get better But there’s still challenges like I Don’t know when archons for example Would disappear I’m almost 100 sure that They won’t be here in in the next two

Yugas to follow They simply can’t operate here anymore And that’s kind of the beauty of Binaries they’re like these perpetual Motion machines peppered out throughout The Multiverse and they’re designed for The evolution of Consciousness that’s What it’s all about that’s all they’re There for is they help involve Consciousness in some ancient race that Gave us the laws of Manu which it must Have been Annunaki Manu and there’s 14 Manus in a in a kelpa Rex and a kalpa is Um 4.32 billion years that’s a long time Right real quick when you say Manu I’m Thinking of Anu creating man so hugh man In the image of God we met we made them Like us look they’re like us now so the Manu is like you said It reminds me of Anu but then handing down that knowledge To man mankind yeah yeah and and that’s Why they built these sites that’s why There’s a Blackie Tepe why there’s a Stonehenge why there’s a Um this Omak in Alberto all these sites They can predict eclipses obviously These ancient races knew of Enlightenment if you actually know this You always mention The Shining ones you Know what that means is if you if you Start looking at enlightened Tibetan Monks you’ll see it they they shine it’s Not like a you can’t see their soul to Aura unless your your psychic eye is

Fully open but they’re shining they’re Shining ones that’s kind of they’re Childlike they’re you can see it like You can all they almost Shadow like sore Thumbs and there’s quite a there’s a lot More Enlighten people in the Tibetan um uh The forced sex there’s four different Sects but there’s there’s a lot like You’d be surprised how many enlightened But they don’t go around saying you know But Um they’ve all went most of them have Had to take the the higher vajra Teachings though to reach that state and And the vadra teachings about when you Do your esoteric Tantra practices during Eclipses is in the college soccer Tantra Like I’m not making this up like you Know I know you know it’s people don’t Understand the effects of of heavenly Bodies and and during that period There’s just like a it’s like a Tunneling effect it’s just the time it’s The time that that that it happens and Guess what when Buddha became Enlightened was on a full moon tonight They celebrated every year it’s called The vesic or westac festival and it’s Usually celebrated in the full moon of Um usually May or April and uh because That’s when he he attained Enlightenment Under the body tree oh the the thing We’re missing though it was more than a

Full moon I know it was because he wrote The calories well he didn’t write it he Gave it to the first king of Shambhala And the King translated it he actually Came to meet Buddha with like I think 99 Rishis the like high llamas that he Brought with them from Shambhala Apparently and that’s where the kalash Aquatra came from and now we only have Fragments of it why was it hidden why You know it was a complete book like it Was it was beyond anything that that we Have on the planet right now in terms of Covering everything from cosmology to The the the the the the Process of obtaining Enlightenment and All the way up to basic science like it Included very very sophisticated science And and Um It was like but we only have fragments Of it and it’s just like this calendar That I’m talking about you know like Jared Tischer tried to bring this to the World in the 1800s and uh yoga Nanda Continued that work right until the 1950s trying to tell everybody about This calendar and nobody really listened It just is funny you know it’s it’s it’s It’s I I think it’s spot-on like it Needed a little bit of tweaking but and It’s not been tweaked just to fit my Theory it’s it’s when you start applying It to the the time of Krishna

The Christ the first Christ it fits and Like I just made you use a calculator It’s I’m thinking uh this 2023 to 2024 Is is when we fully go into Dorothy Yuga It’s a good time it’s a good time for Better meditation it’s a good time for More Enlightenment and and this old is Going to be more desperate like what We’re seeing is probably going to get a Little worse yet because it’s the old One will hold on to the way the old was And it’s just it’s not going to work Anymore it’s just Consciousness changes It’s it’s what a binary is about and you Know and then you know we always talk About this binary how many times you We’ve been talking about for seven years If you go back to our very first Interview there will always be five or Ten comments it’s entering Barry Hill And we can see it now you’re lying You’re you’re part of it and I get that All the time and I you know you got to Just laugh because it’s like when you Believe something it’s easy to get Tricked or believe and that it’s it’s Near but just so the audience knows Um that wheel that you brought up we at 500 A.D we were at Perry our um Appealing when that means the binaries Are the furthest away and that’s right When the Dark Age ended didn’t 536 is When Krakatoa went off which you’d have Some and the whole world went dark for a

Couple years Um but that 11 500 BC that’s when it was When we were in perihelion last time and That’s the exact same time Um uh goblucky Tepe was built And I think that whoever built that they Built it and it was buried it wasn’t Buried just by wind blowing somebody Took little stones and carefully buried That entire site To preserve it so that we would find it Now and we would figure out that this is Also one of these Um Vedic side real zodiac Arithmetic ground calculators basically That you can track eclipses you can Track Soul solstices equinoxes Everything and they did it for a reason Because they they knew that this effects Of astronomy and stuff for real Oh yeah that’s a good one um Um six years man We’ve been doing interviews for six Years this is the website so I just like If you type in go up here and type in Sheldon Moore search and you can see all The videos that we’ve done together We’ve got eight videos this is our ninth Video that we’ve done no there’s some You’re missing about six of them we’ve Done more than that we’ve we’ve done Like probably 12 or 14 by now Did I break some of them into two parts Or what was it um some of them yeah

Because these are the full ones these Are like these are all full shows on the Website if you go to the YouTube channel I’ve broken some of them up into Multiple Parts but um yeah like every Website or every video we’ve ever done Has been uploaded here I wonder if I Might have posted a couple without your Name then but no this is our first one That we did right back in 2016. or is That 2008 that says 2018 actually yeah We were doing them in 17 I think as well I need to ask my web Guy where uh where Those are thank you for the reminder I’ve sent them to you I can send them Again like there’s we’re missing Probably half of them ah okay well let’s Get him uh let’s get them on there so They’ve got to be in there somewhere Just must be under a different um search Term so uh sorry I’m sorry to throw the Curve out there but I just I’m Fascinated like we’ve got over 30 hours Of Podcasts and what we should do is we Should do a day you know what I’m gonna Do I’m gonna have a check this out I Think you’ll like this we’ve got a 24 7 Stream on the website right here see What it says feed 24 7 and we’ve got uh Where it’ll pull previous podcast and You can just watch them for free in the Live feed here what I’m going to do is I’m gonna put together uh

Uh a jukebox basically uh that will play All of your videos that we’ve done Together on this so they can just go and Watch it’ll be like a you know a Marathon a Sheldon more Marathon I think That’ll be fun the website’s great man We’ve got it updated now where our daily News so we’ve got aggregators we’re Taking news around the world and pulling It into this site like look at this the Sacred Emerald Buddha a message of Peace How what a synchronistic moment I didn’t Put this on here the aggregator did the News aggregator pulled it and put it on Here I didn’t do it because like I said We just built an aggregator for that the Very top this came out today Sheldon What the heck man we’re totally in the Major tricks it’s so cool yeah Please continue Yeah this is cool Dude um I wonder if I can do share Screens I should show you guys that um Simulation you can share I can bring it up Um Yeah while you’re pulling that up I’m Just gonna pull this article up real Quick and show people the sacred Emerald Buddha a message of Peace the religion Of Buddhism has several sacred icons but One of the most sacred is the famous Emerald Buddha housed in a temple named After it the emerald Buddha is an

Essential aspect of Buddhist culture and Is known worldwide although its overall History is well documented its Origins Remain speculative The traveling Emerald Buddha here I’m Going to show you a quick photograph Here This is from the website That’s a beautiful Statue right there Very cool you can read the full article Just click here but this is uh part of The article it’s pulled up on the site And emerald did you uh have you or um Sheldon have you figured out how to get The three Sheldon more have you figured Out how to get that screen share Um let’s just see here Can you see that Not yet Uh share content Screen [Music] Can you see that now No it looked like it started to pull Something up and then it went back to Your video video Let’s see Nothing Just just your beautiful face Sheldon No it’s Gotta Scream Crazy You can’t see that share screen yet no

No it flashed your head sideways that’s Literally what it did it just no it Hasn’t came up when you’re sharing Screen are you sharing a specific screen Are you sharing the whole desk like like Desktop When you hit share screen what does it Say Let’s see I can do screen photos all ICloud Drive Okay so you want to share your screen Yeah okay so click on that You could also if you want me to share The screen you can you can send me the Links on here or email and then I’ll Pull them up for you That might be easier okay okay um Cool I hate when this happens though it’s uh It always happens yeah well that’s why It’s always nice to be able to edit Things you know I can always edit these Little little blips out I’ll probably Edit the beginning also the intro see That’s why you want to watch the live Shows folks because if you come here to The website the live shows are free and They’re unedited uncensored you can ask The guests myself questions like just to Show you as an example this is the live Feed right here you’ve got to pause for The moment but this is the live show We’ve got a bunch of people in the chat Asking questions how the heck are you

Sheldon is awesome Sheldon is Legend Do this Holy cow it’s Sheldon everybody’s happy To see you man so as am I Yes I’ll let you uh send me those real Quick and Um I’m looking at this Yuga cycle again And if we are at the point where we’re Getting ready to transition into this New Epoch or this new era Then I could see why there would be Spiritual forces that would want to hang On if they can’t hang on When we become at a at a specific Vibration or a specific energy field Because the Earth seems to be kind of Designed in many ways For the masses to be you know a What’s the right term three days Away from destruction I guess I mean Like they’re you know always on the edge boss neighbors dealing With jerks you know all over the place And then they’re just got you know they Got to pay the bills they got bills and Issues all this kind of stuff which we All have bills and issues if we didn’t We wouldn’t have a pulse but many people Are in this like iconic mindset where They’re feeding the Beast they’re Feeding the system and they’re not even Really able to spend enough time

Meditating Because by the time they get Home they’re wore out and so there’s Forces that keep people in a specific State in my opinion to feed off of the Masses right it’s like a it’s like a big Energy farm and if you’re if we’re going Into a level of Consciousness where These parasites aren’t able to feed off Of us then they’re gonna do everything They can to hang on to as many as they Can and to keep as many people in that Level so they’ll have a food source In my opinion Um You know I was going to talk about that Right in the introduction is Basically trying to describe to people Why I think that what I’m trying to Teach right now is really really Important Um I didn’t discover this thing about The binary and I just kind of pinpointed Where we’re at in our actual time frame And when you go back to use the Krishna Dates it actually fits exactly that kind Of made you do the math for a reason This is kind of simple but Um we’re in we’re in the time and like I Told you eight years ago if you look at Our very first podcast I said very Clearly if we start seeing weird things Around 2019 to 2020 up leading up to 2024. we know that this this model is Right and like there we have the proof

Now it’s we’re what we’ve seen in the Last year You know the world like hasn’t seen that Much just craziness you know it’s even More crazy in World War II in some ways You know people have died yet but it’s Crazy right and that’s that’s kind of What I think In a binary system that’s why we really Want to bring up we got to bring that up I’ll try to send it to you Um There’s there’s 70 percent of all in our Galaxy there’s you know hundreds of Billions of stars and 80 of them are Binaries And you know when you go when these Binaries go into a Dark Age and they all Have a different length of Dark Age but I think that’s the time where things Like archons and negative things promote Out there come in and when we go into Golden Ages when you go back roughly 12 000 years ago you know this is when the Great Pyramid show showed up and all of This you know like most people just see Those rough stones on the Great Pyramid But it was mine for like 400 years it Was perfectly smooth with with Um marble basically like per you know That’s pretty hard thing to do you know Like you know even if it was 50 000 Years old that’s a pretty hard thing to Do right like there’s so much in our

Even like the stones at bellback the Size of them and stuff there’s just so Much in our history but When we go back to those dates when we Start going back 12 000 years ago Um we were at the height of our golden Age then And so we were better there was a better Version of us there was a better version Of everything and I think that we had Visitors higher worlds that came down I Think we get visited when we’re in a Golden age because we’re higher we’re Not doing the create the crazy things And the wars and all of the horrible Things that happened in a dark age so We’ve had all these visitors because Whoever told us about this 23 000 year calendar and a binary and how The Yuga Cycles really worked in the Laws of matter they had to be in Advanced rates You know in these same documents in The Vedas they talk about you know the Madness that can fly interplanetary and InterContinental like they had you know This is just as an Hindu science fiction We were we were better we were at our Goal in age 12 000 years ago when a lot Of these sites were built and uh I don’t Think we had archons back then we didn’t Have as much negative influence so this Data 20 23 24 that we’re heading into We’re see I’ll explain it to you in each

Cycle so as a binary goes like this when They’re when they’re at Perry hillion It’s a golden age and going into Perry Hillion you get about a 4500 year golden Age and coming out so it’s nine thousand Almost ten thousand year golden age and Then you go into tetribuga Which is a silver age and then you go Down and you drop all the way to a Dark Age you go through your Dark Age and Then you rise up all we’re doing is in The dark age do what sheer tishra called He called it dual mental virtue which Means goodness like human consciousness Goodness the soul goodness I guess you Could call it is that 25 so there’s Still enough light to kind of hold this Planet together during a dark age but Once you go into fully into dwarf yugu Which we’re we’re at the gospel I’m Telling you we’re at the cusp of this Happening it goes to 50 percent So you tell me when if mental human Soulness goodness all of a sudden jumps It doubles basically it’s the biggest Jump that you get in all the yugas it Doubles The old’s not going to work anymore the Old ways the old you know when you talk About uh you know servitude Um all of these wars were caused to to So that we leap more feed them more all Of this despair poverty it’s it’s part Of a Dark Age it’s part of a control

System it’s why our Dark Age is so dark Let’s look at what some of these you Know the Bolshevik Revolution the Communist Revolution is these things Just hundreds of millions of people died Just For What and it’s part of the Dark Age The the next stage is still going to Have challenges because we’re only at 50 So that means there’s like the you know This whole concept of light workers the Light one the light one don’t ever be That foolish or that childish the light Like there’s kind of a battle going on And and and uh kind of keeping your Warrior spirit and being strong and and Figuring this out yourself looking Within Enlighten yourself is really Important to do one enlightened person Is going to change we’re gonna we could Create the in this dwarfi we could Create a golden age like we can We don’t in the next Dark Age when we Because we’re going to go through this Cycle again in 25 000 years or 24 000 years I I really believe the next Dark Age that we’re fully into a new Cycle and it’s just not going to be dark Anymore you’re not going to see the Horrors that we saw in our last Dark Age You know people might start cheating in Scrabble or Monopoly again but you know I don’t think it’s going to be Wars and And chaos and and uh you know kings and

Queens and Rogue monarchs all that stuff Is is coming coming to to an end but They’re gonna hang on they’re going to Try their best It’s like what you I think that’s what You’re seeing right now You know it’s Great chaos great division you know and There’s you that’s all you ever see now It’s uh the best thing you can do is go Grow a garden shut your TV off and uh Um Zen out a little bit and enjoy nature And nature is a better meditation than These these meditation techniques that I Teach which you need to know as well to Be able to move that life force Um and do the right things during the Lunar eclipse but Um Just being in nature You know It’s it’s probably it’s probably why That site in Omak was given to the Natives the natives of of Canada yeah And and there’s they’re in in the US too Um is they kind of live with the land Back then they were at balance with Nature so it would be a group of people You’d want to leave this teaching with They left it with us several groups of People and and it’s you know I think I Think Stonehenge I want to refute this Whole Stonehenge thing right now because Every time I show you exactly how they

Use Stonehenge to predict eclipses Because these Albury holes around Stonehenge is exactly 52 holes now that Are um 56 that’s double the 28 28 days Like the one in Omak Alberta has the Exact same diameter they’re both exactly On 51 degrees latitude but why Stonehenge has 58 rather than 28 or 56 I Mean was it was to give them it’s a Machine it’s to give bit more accuracy So you go from 99 or sorry 98 accuracy To 99.8 accuracy with those more holes So all you have to do as an astronomer Is it could be over over classed in um England for six months every day you Have to go out and you move the pig Holes Two places for the moon and third um Every 13 days two places for the Sun and You just do that and when they’re Exactly opposite each other on the on The site or they’re right beside each Other you know whether it’s going to be A solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse That’s how they use that site with great Accuracy and it’s how you can use all That sites that one in South Africa I Think almost 99 sure you could use that To the same accuracy it might only be 98 Accurate if they don’t have 58 hours Versus the um I’m sorry homosexuals Sorry I got a baby German Shepherd it’s Uh it’s like having a child German Shepherds are great great dogs

Yeah yeah Do you have like a special camera that Like follows you around Tim Hey buddy look at that all right yeah There’s only seven months old too that’s Pretty good I think yeah it looks like a Big pup so Yeah little dogs man and they’re so Smart and so yeah they’re they’re great Animals Yeah I’ve always I’ve had Adam Um this is my third now nice nice choice Now you got to be careful though Sometimes like with the if you get a Purebred German Shepherd you got to be Careful where you get them from because They can have some uh physical yeah Opportunities if they’re you know yeah Yeah I had one with hip problems exactly Yep exactly called liver oil ah okay Even caught in the Royal and it was 12 And a half so Okay so um where were we talking about I Was on something just how we’re getting Out of this like cycle you know when We’re getting to a point where they’re Not going to be able to hang on anymore And then we were talking about the farm The energy farm and what’s also Interesting Sheldon how we’re going into This age of Aquarius like literally if You look at the sky and if you look at

The positioning of the constellations we Are now in the age of Aquarius and that Lines up with this transition of the Yuga cycle and when you think about the Age you know first of all the age of Pisces you can connect the age of Pisces With Jesus and the New Testament and the Great fisherman and the great Shepherd And the fish symbolism and before that It was the age of Aries and before that It was the age of Taurus and if you look At the world and how it’s changed when You transition into a new era the Previous savior is demonized Right now a lot of Christians will look At a symbol with horns as the devil it’s The devil well the horns represent far More than the devil folks the horns can Represent power Earthly desires some People think the horns represent uh Heavenly desires but if you look at Baphomet as an example uh the you know Baphomet is pointing up and down and People like it’s the devil it’s not it’s Actually a it’s a merging of everything Of the yin and the Yang and of the As Above So Below it’s it’s um It’s it’s part of the vestiges of the Dark Age that we’re coming out of Um you know archons that’s a that’s a Dark thing and they’re real like you Know the Tibetans call them Mountain Spirits the Muslims called them the Gin They’re real like it’s real and it’s

It’s part of the Um being I think in a dark age it’s just Kind of a loud it’s just part of the Universe works that way that you get It’s like part of the test right the Soul is tested a lot during the Dark Age We’ve all been we’ve all had many lives During this last dark page the last 2400 Years everybody watching this they’ve Probably had eight ten twelve lives in That time frame as long as you’re not Stuck in that bar though that’s the Other problem is You know you get stuck in the bar right After death there’s way way too many People Souls that get caught up in that Stuff and to make your point Rex can you See this little ball on the end of the Rope which I represent the soul the orb With you When When a person dies it leaves the body Um it goes into this Bart over this Lower astral realm and has to sort of Navigate its way through Um a llama or a high beam can just punch Right through that and and you you don’t Even you don’t even go through that Element so You having higher Consciousness have an Enlightenment is kind of the the other Thing is you’re not you can’t be pulled Down to the weight of the Earth anymore You can really Break Free you can go

Past you can go past this place or you Can stay here as a bodhisattva and keep Helping people but it’s a it’s a very Important it’s your everybody’s Individual right almost is to attain Higher Consciousness because Um that’s the only way back to the to The great Center eventually that’s what We’re all heading to but these these Souls the soul when when you take over Into a higher vibration like going from 25 to 50 percent you’re asking why is This chaos still happening I think that Um I used to think you know this you Hear a lot of light workers if you’re Not 51 light you’re gone you know you’re Vaporized I don’t think that’s going to Happen in 2024 I think you’re still Going to live your life as you normally Would but your next life Is you’re not going to be on this planet This this board within is it doesn’t It’s not bound by the speed of light It’ll just zip over to another Globe out In the Multiverse that’s at the right Density or the right level of Consciousness where you still need to go To learn more lessons So if you want to live on into the Golden Age and stuff you know it’s now Is the time to be better rather than be Worse and some of us are deciding to be Worse and that’s that’s the really the Last thing you want to be doing at this

Time is is to be worse you want to be Better it’s uh it’s it’s it’s time to Take the high road for everybody because We’re at an opportunity we’re going into A new yoga it’s it went from 25 to dual Mental virtue went from 25 to 50 percent That’s a big opportunity it’s going to Be a good time but there’s going It’s going to be bumpy up until I I Think it might even go past 2025 like You know they have their agendas passed Out I think they think they can retain Because they’ve got everybody programmed So good that they’re just going to Retain their power for another couple Hundred percent 100 years maybe I don’t Know what their ultimate plan is but um What if they think it’s not gonna work What if they figured out a way to Connect to certain Bloodlines Um possibly For an amount of time that is Undisclosed like for multiple lifetimes Now through certain means That a lot I think they have yeah like Yeah and and I think that if if you’re Born in as a noble person like a king or A queen that they can track where that They can attract that Incarnation just Like a Tibetans can find old llamas I Think they can find their old queens in Their old kind of leaders like they have A lot more because they believe in all They know all of this stuff that I’m

Trying to tell you right now they know Better than I do probably some of them And uh well not not the enlightenment Stuff but the the other side of it and And and and it they’ve it’s worked Against us you know like what I told you About the the in ancient China you know In fear smashing pots and pans to scare The dragon away well a solar eclipse is Way more powerful than a lunar eclipse But it’s not the time to do your Practice a solar eclipse is when the Whole world just just sit still and Think happy thoughts and and see the Golden age because that that’s it Magnifies Universal energy a hundred Thousand times that’s what the Tibetans Say a hundred thousand times and this is The woo energy this is not something Like I I’m I come from a scientific Background and and these are the what is Called the um five oral electricity is The causal body this is what kind of Makes the the all the way up to the Nevada body and the chakras in this World this is the the spiritual side of You the the it’s very hard to to measure Like tishra said we won’t be science Modern science won’t be able to measure These causal electricities and magnetics Until Tetra Yuga which is thousands of Years away yet so like a lot of Scientists will say an eclipse is just It’s just a shadow and you know like but

They don’t understand the tunneling and The plasma of these charged Heavenly Spheres and how that affects Consciousness because that’s what Astrology and astronomy is about is the Effects of stars Um you know every time a planet does one Of those in conjunction it it changes Things like it all affects everything Yet we’re still missing that there’s This whole binary thing going on and our Calendar fits it exactly like it fits it Exactly there’s it’s not off by a year If you really look at it carefully tush Were pretty much nailed this when he Translated the laws of man and for the West and he’s also the one of the Greatest Korean yoke Masters that ever Lived like in his lineage today and They’re all shiny ones you look at that Whole lineage from Amanda May to Yogananda Um his Guru who is lahari my Messiah They all got glowing faces they’re all These enlightened this whole sect is Full of enlightened people because They’re doing the Korea yolk that Babaji Gave to lahari Messiah and it’s it’s Moving that life force Your Buddha nature through the chakra System just like I told you but it has To flip it has to go low like when Buddha became enlightened under the Bodhi Tree he was depressed he was he

Was he was sitting under the tree ready To die he gave up he’s I’ve been chasing I’ve been chasing I’ve practiced all These extreme forms of yoga and he was Almost starved to death that’s why you See a lot of those Um statues where a Buddha is just like a Skeletal-like figure that’s what he Looked like when he attained Enlightenment because he wasn’t eating He was living on grass and you know like Practice in real extreme forms of Yogaism and it was the wrong path and he Sat under the Bodhi Tree and this Buddha Nature went low which you can do through Meditation but in his case he gave up in Life and it sank low and it flipped and Boom we had the Buddha During the loaner total lunar eclipse 2500 years ago That’s what happened And that’s what happened to one of your Guests that’s what’s going to happen Anybody who attains Enlightenment go Check the date I challenge you write me like a lot of People have and and they’re writing Around these dates like it’s this is the Time when you do it when there’s when These alignments occur that was missing You know there’s a saying a Krishna used To teach that love And wisdom are equal because you know Love and wisdom are equal like

Um that was one of the things in the Five war electricities of shirik tishwar This is the whole uh Foundation of Gnosticism is not uh Gnostic knowledge Wisdom mind is another key development Of in Buddhism you’ve got to develop Your wisdom mind it doesn’t mean just Having a bunch of phds because that’s Just borrowed information it might be a Component of your wisdom mind because it Helps you think critically but it’s also Just that that Divine wisdom you get Through experience and and compassion And being more loving and all these Other things and And so the wisdom and love are equal but When you understand the practice the Technique And the timing are equal We we have all these people trying these Different techniques and nobody knows The time When you know the timing and you get Your Technique right you’re not going to Sit in a cave for 20 years anymore it’s Still not going to be dirty easy like I’m not here preaching like it’s just a Yeah but when you know the technique Which secret of Golden Flower Korea Qigong to a certain extent but the Qigong you’re moving that energy through Your your shushanam region your base Your spine Um I think the dials call it your wind

Channel it’s your basically your spine Your endocrine system that’s why there’s Not 14 Shoppers people like I know like A new agers say that there’s lots of Notable points but there’s seven major Centers and they’re attached to severed Major glands all the way from testes to Ovaries up to your pineal gland And even your heart is your heart chakra Is not connected to your heart and the Way you think it’s the thymus it’s that That’s the gland that it’s connected to So you that’s the amazing thing about Humans we have these bodies with these Endocrine systems and Um and the the Buddha nature attaches Just below the navel and it sits there And Powers up your whole etheric Everything when you astral travel wrecks I know you said you actual travel Um you’re leaving your physical body When you do that but look down you still Have a body you’ve ever noticed when you Ask for travel you still have a body It’s not you’re not just this orb Floating out in space you still because That’s your astral body you still have Look at your hands next time you do it And they’re not your hands we have got a Big Scarrow in your hand or something When you see your astral body you you It’s and the same with a lot of times When people take pictures of these orbs And and one of the greatest ones I’ve

Ever seen is some people just lost their Dog and this orb was around them and all Of a sudden kind of see the the dog Materialize which shows that the dog has An astral body and it was hanging around Because the people were so sad that Their dog died and it was like still There and and this is what the the sad Thing is a moose or a lion or anything Else in nature that dies they go through The bar it’s it’s not affected by our Cons it’s just us we’re the only ones That get picked on by archons they leave Basically leave animals alone they an Animal will incarnate a game within Months after it passes within within Weeks it’s in another It’s coming again We don’t do that unless you’re a high Level and you know how to get to the Bardo the Tibetan book of the living and The dead is that uh soygl who is Atara The one of the main consorts of padmaava Um she translated the book of the and She hid it and they didn’t find it for 700 years and they say that Um Uh padmasan Bahama it was the guy who Predicted that 1200 year prophecy that I Always tell you guys about where when Um Iron birds fly in the sky and Horseless carriages go across that the Dharma will return to the land of the Red men

It’s returning to the land of the red Men that’s natives Native Americans Coming it’s coming to Turtle Island the Great Awakening starts in total Island I’ve been trying to tell people this for Years Said this prophecy in 880 1200 years ago 1200 years ago and you you got stupas All down in your area coming even one of Them has the um carmap is Holiness the Last the 16th carmapa isn’t that stupid Just like I don’t think it’s Crest Stone Or somewhere around where you’re at You’ve gotta literally got a carmapa in A Yeah yeah and there it’s nice And you know like people might know Who’s the karma karma is the cagunes is One of the four main lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and so if you understand Buddhism you’ve probably heard of the Great Indian Sage called talopa who is Naropa’s Guru and naropa was marpa’s Guru and Marcus Guru was melarepa Everybody’s heard of melaripa and and Then you’ve got 16 karmapas there’s now A 17th car map and there’s a bit of a Fight because they found two of them There’s only one but the problem with When you go looking for llamas High Llamas into better around around Tibetans you often find because there’s Not so you might think you fall in the Carmapple and you might have fallen

Melarepa or something like that the the They kind of stick in that in the into That group but it’s an amazing lineage Of knowledge and it goes all the way Back each way and um Um you know there’s there’s this you Could spend a lifetime just on that one Lineage trying to understand the works And the and they have a lot of Enlightened Masters and most of them Even though they’re monks a lot of them Don’t become enlightened until they do The esoteric tattoo and that’s with a Dakini or like a consort and that’s Where the reason why Tantra is so Successful in a lot of westerners when They talk about Tantra they just talk About the sexual practice of it and if You went to California you saw a Tantromaster you want your credit card Number and and be doing something with You the next day sort of thing it Doesn’t work that way in Tantra and like If you studied vadra Buddhism Um you gotta Master the three yanas And then you’ve got six more inner and Utter Um yanas that you gotta perfect before You even get to the final sort of Esoteric tattoo practices where they Might introduce you to like a bikini and That’s like a consort that basically Helps you become enlightened that’s what Padmasan Bahama did to the Taurus he he

Awoken both of them and enlightened them Through the the attached with practices And that’s why vajriana is actually Quite a powerful But And they did it during eclipses but you Can Do everything you need to do if you know How to sink low below that first chakra And and rotate 180 degrees without doing The tattoo practices but if you can Imagine why it works is because through The the sexual uni you can pull that Energy low just like you need to when You’re doing your meditations or a Creole yoga or in Buddha’s case he was Just depressed and gave up on life and There’s another famous monk called uh Wei Nang some westerners call it yooning He’s the one that I showed you that Um his bodies still preserved completely Out under that tree in China he hasn’t Decomposed and he died in 800 Ad or 700 A.D so he’s been there for 1300 years and I mean his body’s still Perfectly Sitting in this Lotus position The greatest zen master that ever lived He was truly a Chad Master but there Would be no Zen without Wei Nang Um his body completely observed the Moment he died because A high llama in a body operates a bit Different when they step out that whole

Body can just crystallize and that’s Where you see those where they shrink Here about them shrinking emitting Rainbow light when when padmasan bajava Stepped out of his body Um emitted rainbow light Um when uh Jason Kappa who is the Founder of glucosec which is the dolly The SEC the Dalai Lama belongs to they Just pulled his tooth when he was in his 50s and apparently the rainbow light Radiated out of his body Um And and and the reason it is happening Is these are very high beings like I told people When uh I talk about certain llamas People like to put comments out there Like I’ve tried to warn them before is That yeah they don’t care what you say About them an enlightened person doesn’t But some of these llamas high beams are Are are this group of avatars that came From the great Center a long time ago to Help they came to this planet to help Lift this plan alone and Um it’s a very negative thing on your Own karma when you try to blaspheme them Try to you know whatever you want to do Even in most of it’s based on Misinformation especially when it’s Dealing with the Tibetan Saga because I Know that like trust me you don’t want To believe me that’s fine but

Um there’s some really high beams in There which are like you could call them 10 minutes and you you don’t go Blaspheme and say ignorant things about A living challenge I guess like if you Because your little orb is going to one Of those lower planets I told you about If you and you’re just you’re just Ruining it for yourself think High-mindedness it’s we’re getting Mis Dis information down here in a big way Um like I’m sure everybody I got here’s My session on think for yourself a bit I Won’t mention any names though Rex I Promise there won’t be any lawsuits but You know like You you could go back to beef just Before 2012 all the crazy things in the Sort of new age Community there was These Galactic federational lights gonna Come and save us and you’re going to get Nessra and geshire cash you’re gonna get All of this stuff that is part of the Mind that’s part of the residual effects Of the Dark Age to give you false hope Opium and they they give us they pumped Us up with all this false hope because You the people probably watching this Podcast should be Doing the practice and and maintaining Enlightenment if you really want to Defeat the Matrix become enlightened Sooner because that’s the last thing They want they want us all this to be

Working cerse basically and worried About everything and and Basically like a master socialist system Where you just work and you just you do Your little part and uh you get your Living wage or whatever and and you’re Gonna like it and and that’s just it’s Not gonna it’s not gonna work in what’s The the age that’s coming they’ll try But I I really don’t think it’s going to Work Um but you know first of all it’s not Predicated on a higher world all of a Sudden coming and saying we’re here We’re here to help we’re the good guys Um to have a golden agent and to really Uh take hold of this this next uh Yuga Cycle in this next cycle and and make The most of it and change this planet uh We don’t need that and it’s think about It a higher World they just don’t Operate that way they’ll probably come To us at some point in their future but As long as we have nukes armed and we Have uh people starving and doing all These horrible things still and fighting Wars I don’t think we’re going to get a Visit from a higher race just quite yet It’s I think you know if it happens Gonna be sometime after 2024 though it Might be another 20 it could be another 100 years but it’s not uh predicated on That our our future doesn’t depend on Some Galactic race saving us like we’re

Gonna save ourselves we don’t need this We don’t need it like this It would be nice when I first heard it Oh this is great you know this is going To make it easier for everybody But as Time goes on you realize you know half Of the galactic races you think you know About don’t even exist we all know the Stories behind some of that it’s it was Just some people might be doing it to Make money but a lot of times I think There’s a big effort just to confuse the The spiritual community and there’s a Lot of spiritual fluff out there too you Know you can go Um like a a girnoff at hamsa yoga in India and and sit at the feet of a Living Master how well known is he most Of you probably don’t even know his name Yet and this is a living Master yet the Most important most popular Indian Guru Right now you see on every YouTube Channel and every talk show in the Country You know a mile wide an inch deep folks Listen to me I’m uh you know I need to Have a turban and look Indian to maybe Make some people listen but you know go Speak to the real creative yoga Master Rather than these you know it’s fluff Peddlers there’s a lot of that and There’s a lot of that in the New Age Like I’m pretty hard on channeling Sometime I I know that everybody has

Ability to channel Um the Tibetans use channelers they use Like the Nan King Oracle and they get Channeling from him all the time and It’s they they weigh it though they know That the archons can come in and play Tricks even if you ask for a Clear Channel it doesn’t work that way you can Still be tricked and what’s better is to Listen to Somebody channeling Reams and Reams of information or go find a living Master and and if you need that or be Your own master and awaken yourself it’s You know there’s in all the interviews We’ve done Rex there’s been you’ve been Everybody watching you’ve been given Enough information now to awake yourself You don’t really sometimes it’s good to Get a master initially because the first Thing westerners do is they do the wrong Type of meditation They they approach it all wrong and on Speaking from experience here I was the Master And when I mean the wrong meditation is Think of the meditations there’s a kind Of a three phases to them the first Thing as a western is you need just to Slow the Mind down we’re just racing Around look at all my degrees look how Wonderful I look look at this look at That we’re just caught up in the Material and The Superficial stuff so Bad

That we just need to be able to stop the Busy mind and the first thing we do is We sit down and we start meditating we Try to stop the mind with the mind Paradox you can’t do it you can’t stop The mind with the mind you have to allow The Buddha nature of the soul to take Over because Um when I told you about my personal Near-death experience Um the procedure I went through has a Two to three percent survival rate And and so like seriously well I didn’t Take too much too many mushrooms at a Party or it wasn’t one of those type of It was like they barely got me back Basically and um You learn a lot when you go to the other Side you learn that you know that this Astral realm can be bypassed you don’t Have to go into the Hostile realm Um you but the main thing that I took Back and this blew me away was Um my Consciousness isn’t in my head My Consciousness is my soul Consciousness it’s it’s in this thing Like you think right now you know your Brain is like a computer your your soul Is throwing up information to it to help Process using it as like a as a Calculator whatever it needs to do but Your real Consciousness has nothing to Do with your brain and what you think it Is so when you look at meditation your

Meditation should really remove the Obstacles of your mind and your physical Body because your physical body still Wants to eat good things and lust after You know pretty girls or and that’s okay To a certain extent you know you can do All those things but Um you have to meditation should just Remove the obstacles of the mind and the Body so all that’s revealed is the Buddha nature it’s just there it’s Always there it’s it’s it’s way more Powerful than than who you are you think You are as an individual right now is You’re it’s connected to everything it’s It’s it’s a god spark so as as this or Goes through the Multiverse and learning Lessons and becoming more kind and more Wise and all of these other things Um its increase in knowledge and love And power and when it goes back to the Great Center it God increases So the the more you learn the more You’re you’re part of it you’re Contributing it back to it and um and We’re entering a cycle where you know We’re at 50 now we we can really you Know kind of take back the planet and And you know my personal hope is you Know in 20 30 years from now what I’m Teaching you right now is kind of what a Young kid might aspire to like you know Right now a young kid might aspire to be A great hockey player or

Um you know and that’s great too but you Know the how many are you know are Thinking about Enlightenment and that They can actually change your Consciousness and uh and and when we Went back to uh wisdom and the Development of the wisdom mind or the Gnosis And then he pulled this out of The Vedas Where these four electricities Um every atom in our body reaches a calm State once we develop a wisdom mind so There’s something more there’s actual Interplay and it gets polarized when There’s love there and and so this orb To have that polarity that needs to you Need to have to flip the go up you’ll Never reach that state if you if you Don’t develop a wisdom mind or a loving Heart or even do the practice enough to Facilitate so you can move that energy Or that life force through your your Spine or your shoes region you gotta Master all those things and then know That timing and technique are equal Um to get there but you know imagine if You knew Korea yoga and you lived with a Master but you didn’t know about the Timing You could sit there for 20 or 30 years Under really rigid practices and nothing Happens But Um you know I’ve told you that rip and

Cheese often tell their Students to go do practices during the Lunar eclipses they know they know this Stuff That’s why I haven’t been openly Teaching it is like I think some of this Stuff is what they call secret pith Instructions for a reason because Um if you’re just new to this and you Still got a lot of anger and you start Trying to do some of the stuff that I’ve Been telling people to do Um you’re not already yet you got to be Kind of ready because right after you Attain Enlightenment are you awake and They call it the Dark Knight of the Soul It’s very real it happens to everybody It’s our columns want to throw newly Awakened ones off and I think in ancient Times they wanted you in a monastery Around other enlightened beings so that The archons you won’t find archons in Monasteries typically Um They don’t like places like that they Don’t like good smells that’s why There’s incense everywhere they don’t Like the the smell of fresh flowers uh Prime is the best thing to keep them Away And there’s also a lot of archons that Uh abattoirs and butcher cells so it’s Uh Anywhere there’s lots of negative energy

You’ll find them That makes sense I could see that it Reminds me of a horror film almost you Know like the demons and the dark Goblins are in places that smell like Trash that have dark energy and musty You know just kind of like the and then Okay so folks what did you get from that Have flowers have plants have you know Plant life go enjoy some nature if you Can take your shoes off put your feet in The sand in the dirt go out put your Feet in the river if you if you can do That but nature is such a filter such a You know you gotta love Mother Nature Man there’s a reason another mother Nature Nature is the best Guru it really is It’s your best Guru by far and um if you Know all the other little elements you Do everything else in nature and I know A lot of people are stuck in cities and They can’t do that but you can still Zen Out in a park and you can still you know You can still find it it’s uh piranhas Everywhere Prime is in the morning sun When the sun first comes up in the Morning and Prada is that Chi or that Life force of Nature and that’s what the Soul it’s what your Buddha nature means To survive like your physical body needs Food and water to survive well your soul Needs nature Prana it’s it comes from The morning sun and it gets magnified in

Flowers and uh pine trees and cedar Trees have a lot of pre they release a Lot of natural Prada I don’t know if You’ve ever been in into a cedar forest And there’s a creek flowing by and you Get that smell and you can just you get In euphoric kind of that you’re sucking In pranam that’s Prana and that’s why There’s deep breathing techniques in Most uh Yoga practices is because you Got to breathe The Prana in all the way To the lower chakra basically to your Buddha nature and you get that that’s Why deep breathing is such a key Technique is because when you do that in Nature Eventually you’ll find that emptiness When you’re walking to the post office You don’t necessarily have to be rigid Meditating anymore you can get to that Kind of no place no mind with with just Walking around because you’ve spent so Much time in nature it’s uh it’s better Than a guru especially one of these Internet gurus that have 400 uh Podcast Chat videos already and stuff like that It’s They have chakra removal services which Are really important now on the internet Shelby I told you about that one yeah What’s wrong with people I know and that’s what that’s what’s Going on and you’ll probably even have Somebody write in on this one saying it

Works and you’re wrong I got three of my chakras removed And it was it only cost forty five Dollars 45 you can’t remove them You can’t remove it’s like physically Impossible to remove a chakra Lines man they do it magically they have Magical powers and they gave me a 50 Discount for chakra removal Now I got your phone calls at night People that I don’t know it’s gotten Weird ever since we should be careful Pretty soon it’ll be Buddha nature Removal no get rid of that inner orb Within you don’t need it yeah yeah feed It to the archives we have archons we’d Like to share with you there was a film That I saw that I think is So telling it’s called branded came out Around 2011 and there was this genius Marketing guy slash the cultist and this Corporation went to him they said hey You know we need more cells we need to Make more money we need to get the stock Price up and he’s like okay I’m gonna Help you but you got to be warned when I Help you it’s going to change the world And I’m going to bring stuff into this World that you might not be ready for so Are you sure and he’s like yes just give Us you know we want more money for our Stocks and so in the film you can see These products that are released that

Have negative energies attached to them Like you can see them in the spiritual Realm these huge entities that are Attached there’s one there was one scene In particular where this kid was eating An ice cream cone and he looked like you Know totally spoiled Totally just you know get whatever he Wants kind of thing and uh there you Know he’s eating this ice cream cone and There’s this huge like arconic Parasitic there’s like several stories Tall connected to his ice cream cone as He’s eating it you know and he could Just you could it was just I’m like man I wonder how much of that Is true in the sense if people go out And buy products and there’s entities Attached to those products that will Actually oosurp their energy and their Mindset and and feed off of them Weird yeah Um I think you got to be really careful What you watch as well on on channels And stuff because there’s just so much Like there’s been a major like we Started talking about this already but a Major effort to mislead everybody you Just you know anybody watching this just Pull back to like 2009 all of the Galactic stuff that would didn’t happen All of the false promises and it’s by Design it’s because we’re really in this Zone that I’m telling you about and they

Want to even light workers or people who Are high-minded and have a good chance Of making free from this Matrix an Attaining personal Enlightenment they Want to hold you all back they want to Get you into just chasing and fighting Over this or arguing about that or Whatever but they’re doing everything to Hold us back and if you’re a real Teacher in all of this it’s it’s not Easy to get get anything out there Because it’s it’s just over well with The fluff Peddlers like you know like There’s a lot of them out there there’s It’s It’s uh but use your discernment they’re Easy to spot one of the tall tale signs Is you know if they’ve already got 400 YouTube videos made and they and you Watch 20 of them and you really don’t Learn much well there’s a reason for That you know like the old term a mile Wide and an inch deep and uh there’s a Lot of that Yeah Just you gotta Yeah man I like the way you said that That’s a great terminology mile wide Inch deep this is the film branded and You see some of these weird looking Things like this guy right here this is One of those weird parasitic entities Attached to whatever it was but yeah it Came out 2012 and you definitely want to

Watch it folks it’s a it’s a great film It might give you an idea on what’s Actually going on uh with the aggregors Agrigors is a term you know thought Forms manifestations of energies that we Ourselves create oftentimes without even Realizing that if you if you’ve studied Hermetics then you are even more careful What you think because the further in Tune you get the more you think stuff And then it happens It’s interesting but it’s true and it’s So cool so be careful what you wish you Just might get it and Sheldon you are Awesome man thank you so much for Hanging out with us coming out you know Going outside you got your dog running Around you got your tablet and you’re You’re making it work for us man I Appreciate that you’re awesome brother Thank you and I’m so glad you’re okay Dude so I would be so sad if something Happened to you so please stick around For at least another 50 years will you No I doubt it would be that long but uh Just just know if all of a sudden that I’m not around anymore that what I Taught everybody is real and it’s really Important It’s it’s probably why I’m here is is Because of that Um it’s important and and it’s uh You know I often talk about you know Krishna we’ve done a thing on Jesus and

Bringing data literature and stuff I’m Doing all that just to give people a Comfort feeling because they need to To know that this was all in the past to Know that what they’re being taught Right now is relevant because they knew This in the past they they obviously Knew this I didn’t find it we just lost It for a while they knew this a long Time ago whoever built Stonehenge Pepe And all those sites they knew this They’re spiritual sites their primary They’re used for all types of Astronomy and astrology but their main Purpose is predicting eclipses Especially especially Stonehenge and Back to the where everybody says it was Built in the 1950s no you know stockley Wrote his book in 1600s about Stonehenge There’s paintings from the 1500s and It’s exactly on 51 degrees latitude Within a half a degree and so is the Mega hedge the one the big one that’s Still buried and they haven’t even dug Up yet they found one and it’s within The within the half degree it’s not There in the 50s Um some of the stones fell over and they Tried to straighten some up and put some Back on which they shouldn’t have done And that’s what happened in the 50s it’s Another disinformation campaign because They want to ruin your our history they Want to make it look silly they’ll

They’ll come up with something silly About Once somebody proves how it can predict Eclipses too or you know that site your Guests last week um that guy from South Africa I think that that site has Probably one of the first ones it could Be if you know it might be older than Google Um so whoever the Anunnaki were they did Because they let’s face it the anunnakis Kind of sounding like jerks right they You know like little my a lot of their Low mind like the story of Gilgamesh Where they’re killing people you know Like some low-minded stuff you wouldn’t Expect from in advance race Um But for some reason somebody in the past Back then and the laws of man and man And it’s right there there was a a very Clear Enlightenment teaching there as Well and Um I don’t know what happened with Sitchin because he he says it’s a 3600 Year orbit I think either he got missed The translation loan and you know the Carol duck researchers are saying the Same thing there’s something big out There but they’re calling it another Planet I think it’s a brown dwarf Crickets are twin and if you go back to The shared Trisha’s model it doesn’t Return for Perry hillion for 10 000 more

Years And that’s when we’re when that happens We’re at the height of our gold Age Again It’s a long ways out I don’t think You’re going to see anything definitely All these perilian lens flares you know People must be getting sick of that by Now but we did live in about we I think We are in a pioneering system like the 80 other 80 of all the other stars in Our solar system and and if I think Um I wonder if I should send it to you People got to see this um The simulation it’s mind-blowing when You see how many binaries are in our Local vicinity And they only can look out 3000 years Because you go up any further and you Won’t see the the binary right you’ll Just see the dot because it’s too far Out but they’re just they’re just Everywhere they’re absolutely everywhere And when I looked at it the first thing I saw was Hashem God creator it was just This magical dabs and and what I said in My book I said binaries or perpetual Motion machines for design for the Evolution of all consciousness because That’s what happens in a book if you Whoever Um gave the laws of man which was Probably Some group connected to the Anunnaki

Um they knew this they knew the ratio There’s a golden ratio there’s four Three two one a dark age uh um is Basically half as long as a Bronze Age And a silver age is twice as long as a Bronze Age and a golden age is four Times as long as dark age is four three Two one and imagine this ratio might Apply to every single binary in the Multiverse regardless of its Um span of orbit if it’s 24 000 or 40 000 or 8 000 I imagine there’s there’s some kind of Ratio that obviously an advanced race we Have to know that to even to even Propose this in the past it’s not just Science Fiction it’s it’s reality and Our when you map out this calendar it Fits exactly to to our time for our time Frame right at the age of Aquarius And his model actually put them and Showed that at some point here we’re Going to enter the age of Aquarius and It’s Um it potentially could be 2023 2024 Yeah Well we’re going to find out here soon And yeah buckle up buttercup because it Could be a bumpy ride I’m Gonna Keep Focusing on the positive and keep being The change and I know you’re going to Keep being the change and I would be Honored if we could do this again let’s Do this again soon sooner than later if

You can and Um we’ll you know if maybe you have the Slides up and ready to go and stuff like That and I’m going to do just a little Bit of editing on this at the beginning And stuff just to make it real smooth And then I’ll upload it on YouTube so um Yeah yeah this is this is fantastic and If you want to send me anything if you Can get it sent over right away I’ll see If I can incorporate that into the video Somehow and um this is great man this is Really cool I appreciate you Sheldon Yeah it was nice seeing you again yeah It’s great seeing you too man you look Awesome dude you you I mean you don’t Look like you’re aging you know I mean You look like you’ve you’ve frozen in Time you look the same as you did seven Years ago Yeah well I’m uh yeah I’m amazing though We usually do this on my birthday we did It last year on my birthday in the year Before my birthday’s two weeks away so Do you want to do it do you want to do Another one in two weeks and I’ll send You yeah we can I can actually have the Slides maybe I’ll even um go buy a new I Don’t want to buy a new computer until My dog stops he gets jealous and he Thinks I spend too much time on my Computer and I’m certain that’s why he Destroyed it he just destroyed it too Much time on the computer and he wrecked

It well I’ve seen with my cell phone you Didn’t like my cell phone you know yeah And I came home one day and the cell Phone’s cracked in half So yeah he’s that’s so funny Well let’s let’s do it two weeks I would Be honored man I would be so and I’ll Promote the heck out of it so two weeks From today so your birthday is going to Be on the November 2nd no oh November 2nd okay cool November 2nd That’s rad man November 2nd it is and What time should we do this what time Would be the best for you it is your Birthday so Probably probably in the morning okay Like uh what’s the morning to you I’m uh Like are you out in time so 11 PST which Would be I think that’s 12 for your time Yeah 12 Mountain okay 11 PST Pacific Time November 2nd with the man the myth The legend Mr Sheldon Mr SRI Sheldon Moore SRI Sheldon Moore I love you brother I’m So glad you’re okay man I really Appreciate you See you later see you later have a great Day How old are you gonna be 49 Um no I’m 58 Cool all right man yeah are we still Live yeah we’re still alive We’re still alive Um I’m I’m gonna drive on out of here

Now man I’ve got a meeting to go to so I Will get to it and um I’ll I’ll send you An email here in a little bit brother Okay thanks thank you [Music]

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