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[Music] Thank you Ever go welcome to your December 2022 Monthly messages from Spirit greetings This is your girl mermaid skills tarot Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general read for the Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node and or any other Strong placement for the sign of Virgo This is a general reading not a personal Reading so please only take our resumes And leave a doesn't for someone else who Needs to hear that message So Virgo we're gonna go ahead and dive On in and see what Spirit wants you to Know about your life in December right Now anything you need to hear that will Give you guidance understanding of What's coming in the upcoming days and Weeks as the December unfolds or even if Anything has happened and you need Clarity on it let's see what Spirit Wants to tell you about anything you're Going through in your life to help you Better understand the situation so Virgo Ace of fire dead center of this some of You can have strong fire in your chart Aries Leo Sagittarius or even not There's some sort of motivation you are Coming into Virgo that is giving you That fire in you to make it happen There's something that's caught your Attention something that you has been Brought into your life that God the

Universe Spirit has placed in on your Path so you can do something with it it Feels creative It feels something like as if you want To make something happen here but what's Crossing in this is the fool card Aries Aquarius energy it feels as if some of You doubt what's been placed into your Life doubt that you can make this work But spirit is saying this is exactly What I brought to you Virgo so you can Open a new chapter in your life almost As if any negative energy that's come in That has been lingering in your life in 2022 is meant to be burnt in the fire so You can start 2023 with a clean slate Because spirit is saying there's Something new that we want to bring into Your life Virgo but some of you yeah it Already has happened but you're second Guessing it you're doubting it don't Doubt it and spirit is saying when this Opportunity comes when this happens for You Virgo act towards it make it happen Take the opportunity and run with it This could be an offer of a job offer of A career offer for you to be on a new Project I feel like for some of you a very small Group of you you may be offered a job Where you may have to move and you're Kind of wondering if you should do it if It's going to be worth it and I'm seeing Absolutely it is

But yeah I do feel too that this Ace of Fire was placed in your life whatever This new idea this new Creative Drive This new motivational situation that's Been placed in your life is bringing you Out of the stuck energy you felt like You've been in for such a long time for Some of you it is about moving moving Homes moving cities moving States moving Countries And if it's not so literal like that It's just getting you out of the stuck Plateau that you found your life in debt You found your situation in Romance and Career to be this is what's going to Make you move out of your comfort zone Virgo and maybe that's why it's scary For some of you but the reward is worth The risk okay and maybe that's the full Energy that's kind of challenging the Situation as well Laughs Six of water Scorpio energy Yeah I do feel maybe for some of you This could be A new opportunity to leave a certain Past situation behind for some of you it Is a past Uh relationship as far as love and Romance as far as a friendship as far as A family member maybe for some of you Guys that has been holding on to you for Too long has been kind of draining you Virgo and maybe you feel kind of bad

Because they did certain things in the Past that helped you through certain Times but it's okay to outgrow a Situation it's okay to outgrow a Relationship And maybe some of you are using certain Experiences when you took opportunities Took risks in the past and where they Didn't exactly land to not believe in This new opportunity being presented to You but I do feel it's different from The past and with the page of Earth this Does feel like something that is going To change your tangible World your 3D Life so this could be impacting your Finances your career your home your Stability stuff like that Wow Injustice in the near future nice Libra energy So I feel God the universe Spirit your Angels want to bring Justice back into Your life Virgo from a situation that Didn't work out it wasn't meant to but That doesn't mean what's being presented To you currently or what will be Presented to you very very soon is Anything that is going to throw you out Of balance again you have Justice in the Upright spirit is working in your favor This situation will work in your favor You have to be open to receive I'm Seeing what the four of Pentacles Crowning the situation some of you are a Little bit closed off to this because

You're worried about the risk you're Worried about the chance but Justice Will be in your favor Virgo with Whatever situation you're finding Yourself to be in So bottom of the deck we have the king Of water Scorpio energy you know Capricorn had This at the bottom of their deck I Believe So if you have Capricorn strong in your Chart you're dealing with a Capricorn I Suggest checking out the Capricorn Reading to see if there's messages for You there Now with this king of water in the Background I do feel that this There's been something that you've been Putting a lot of care time and effort in And it could be a relationship it could Be something that you've been nurturing And growing but there's something about This Virgo the situation that you feel stuck In you feel like it's keeping you stuck Because of what they may have been in The past or what the situation was for You in the past No matter how much love and devotion and Care you put to it it still hasn't Brought you to the place where you want To be in this situation you want to be In this relationship And sometimes when we over focus on

Something we give too much of ourselves To and it doesn't change that's a Message from Spirit saying there's a Different way there's a new way and That's where this Ace of fire is coming In for you guys So I do feel this is an opportunity here This is an opportunity coming in that is Going to make you get a part of you That's very excited very hopeful But it may mean change has to happen It may mean changing your job changing Your location change and how you are Going to execute and pursue this Opportunity that is coming into your Hands that's coming into your lap And for some of you it almost seems too Good to be true and that's why you may Kind of be guessing this but this is the Answer to your prayer Virgo that you may Have been trying to get clarity on Trying to see reason with why is nothing Changing why is everything remaining the Same how can I change this is your Answers whatever this Ace of Wands here So take up this opportunity take up this Offer that you the universe Spirit God Is placing in your life And for some of you it it does have to Correlate with your action here in Deciding that I'm ready for the new I Want the new With whatever I've been holding on to For too long has died out a bit and I

Want that fire back in my life A relationship a way of being So this is your chance Virgo And what's Crossing it is the full card This is Aquarius Aries energy So for some of you you just don't want To make the wrong choice you don't want To get your hopes up and feel foolish For the decision to move forward with This opportunity that is coming your way You're afraid that it's going to be a Big risk that is not going to pay off But I wonder if that's just the ego Trying to keep you comfortable And being Or only accepting the bare minimum of What you truly deserve And again maybe there's someone else That is trying to plant seeds in your Mind Virgo of how you can't do this how Are you going to save up how is this Going to work this is never going to Happen for you this isn't right this Isn't logical And they're trying to make you doubt Yourself Virgo or doubt your abilities And I think it's so they can have more Control over you or have you near For some of you this could be a parent I Gotta say and if it's not just don't Take it but for some of you it really Does feel like a parental figure that is Or has always made you feel Like you couldn't make your own choices

That you weren't capable of going off on Your own that you weren't capable of Starting your own business starting your Own life the way that you want to live It And that may be the challenge of this Virgo is fully accepting yourself Knowing yourself that even if we go down A certain path and we make a few Mistakes mistakes are never meant for The universe to point and laugh at us It's meant for us to understand There's a different way of going about Things It's a learning lesson for all of us no One is perfect and I wonder if some of You have Felt like you had to be perfect for Certain people in your life you felt Like you were always criticized for not Being absolutely perfect but let me just Tell you something about those people Okay people who are super judgmental and Critical Secretly They are way worse on themselves Even if they're a little bit Narcissistic and they try to hide that Deep deep down they feel terrible about Themselves and the choices they made and They hold themselves with this I don't know this Pride That they want to kind of project onto Other people so it can make them feel

Better If I tear apart this person Hey at least I did something better in That respect or I'm not as bad with the Choices I made in life So as As hurtful as their judgments can be People's expectations of us and when we Don't meet their impossibly high Expectations The power we can regain from all those Experiences of listening to those people And having what they said to us make us Feel a certain way about ourselves is to Take that back and to choose differently And maybe even for some of you with Justice in the near future to show them You were right all along And it doesn't mean you have to prove You have anything to prove to anyone but It means that I could trust myself my own path my own Feelings my own way and I will always be Guided with it I will always be guided Down the path that makes me feel Happiest and if people can't accept that That's their loss Virgo But spirit is kind of calling on you to Finally take this opportunity To get out of your comfort zone get out Of the same get out of the mundane Because Spirit God wants to change up Your life in profound ways that is going To take you farther than where you even

May have seen yourself going And maybe even this experience this Ace Of Wands that's coming in your life is Going to give you that confidence back Or fire that confidence in you that's Been in there long in in their long all Along excuse me but has been kind of Buried by the voices of other people That may have started to be ingrained in You The letter L is sticking out to me first Middle last initial could mean something To someone doesn't have to be but Crowning this reading is the four of Pentacles This is Capricorn energy so Virgo you do for some of you see your Life as being very stuck You've seen your life as being the same And nothing changes And maybe this is spirit's message of Nothing is changing because you're not Doing anything different And that's why Spirit placed this in Your life to show you there's another Way To encourage you of doing something else Than what you're used to doing and I can Get that scary there's no judgment here But it's only these lessons where we Have the opportunity to take a leap of Faith and see where we land that we can Either say hey I made it and that was Awesome I'm glad I did this or you know

What That didn't land as easily but that Doesn't mean I failed I'm gonna get back Up again and find a different way But when you know you're never going to Make that Landing as if you don't try Reading this is the six of cups Scorpio energy So yeah maybe for some of you guys this Idea of I can't do it I'm not good Enough I'm not going to succeed I'm Gonna fail Are things that have happened in your Past And again maybe for some of my Virgos Out there you were just ingrained that If you weren't perfect at everything you Did if you didn't just attempt once and Ace it completely after your first try Then you're not good then you should Give up on it And again that's just unrealistic Thinking I had to break this cycle and I have Jupiter and Virgo okay so I mean God I'm the most successful when I stop Criticizing myself or I stop taking Other people's criticisms onto me to Make it believe that I have anything to Prove to them And with the six of Cups it's kind of Finally time to start breaking that Cycle or maybe even that dependence that You have on someone's approval and this

Could be conscious or unconscious right I have a personal story to share with You guys but Um you know I don't have the most Amazing relationship with my mother and The people in my mom's life it's because They are so ruthless with their Judgments it's like you have to be Their idea of what you should be and if You don't meet that criteria then forget About it we're going to gossip about you We're gonna talk about you Um kind of just Outcast you if you don't Meet my vision of what I think you Should be And it's time to detach yourself from That Old idea that you have anything to Do with their idea of you Virgo And you can still I'm not saying this Has to be the same relationship I have With my family you could still care for These people you could still love these People but you should not let their Expectations of you stop doing what you Really want to do And even if there's a instance in the Back of your mind well I've done this Similar something like this to before And it didn't work I I don't know if I Could do it again I do want to say that part of you Accepting this Ace of Wands in your life Is meant to heal whatever hurt you in The past

It's meant it's time to rewrite your Story Virgo Your past cannot hold you accountable or Hold you um Excuse me hostage forever It's time to let the past be in the past So you can enjoy the present moment to Create something new in the future and This is the opportunity to do so In the recent past we have the page of Earth Earth Energy Taurus Virgo Capricorn Energy so for some of you this is a job Offer for some of you this is a role That someone gave to you to see what you Can do with it to see how you could Perform with it Others of you maybe you started to take Classes you started to Look online for research for how you can Make this opportunity happen for you you Reached out to the right people Networked People see potential in you Virgo Even if it's not the people in your Direct family even if it's not the People closest to you there are others Who are looking at your resume or Watching you from afar and say Virgo has Something here And that's probably why this Ace of Wands is being brought to you So know that even if you're hard on Yourself or the people certain people

Around you are hard on you there's a lot Of other people that say you have what It takes Now you need to believe that yourself In the near future we have Justice Libra energy So with whatever happens with this Ace Of Wands as long as you start acting on It you have that intention behind that That good will behind it you will be Okay Spirit has your back the universe Will give you the justice and what Maybe didn't work out for you before Some of you if you have a court Situation that you're going through I do Find it to be something that will be in Your favor And maybe that will give you another Hope and inspiration to use whatever you Gain out of that Court situation in your Life to change something about it But Virgo whatever this Ace of Wands is That is appearing in your life or will Soon appear in in your life it is going To set things right it's going to create Balance in your life stability in your Life And this is something that spirit is has Been watching over you for and wants to Set right So not only do you have your own Motivation your own free will but you Have the power of God the universe Behind your back that wants to see this

Through with you Powerful energy around you Virgo truly And it's going to appear So let's pull some more cards Tell me more about December for Virgo Live playfully and with a light heart Listen to the voice of your inner child With number 29. so yeah for those of you That are so hard on yourself Spirit Wants you to be more free Even if you have duties and Responsibilities not that you have to Ignore them all but do more things that Make you feel alive that make you feel Like you are a truly yourself And for some of you this is career Related And it's almost as if you're afraid to Quit your job because it's the nine to Five but you're unhappy with it and you Rather do something that's more creative Feels more Being A View to participate in than what You're doing with your life currently And spirit is guiding you to that Strong creation energy like I said and Here it is confirming it for some of you This could be music related And it could just it doesn't have to be A career it could just even be a hobby Right But Spirit wants you to listen to that Inner child within you and start to use That inner child

To make more decisions That are more in resonance with your Soul But also be a little bit more risky Virgo and that doesn't mean Unresponsible risks right but that means Just try things out Put yourself out there a little bit more And see what you'll attract see what You'll manifest And some of you by taking this Opportunity of whatever this Ace of Wands is it's going to heal some aspect Of your inner child that was shunned or Ashamed Keep going Foreign Tell me more about December for Virgo Voyage of the heart yeah love flows Through you And to you So spirit's love is trying to come in Your Spirit guides your ancestors the Love of the universe is trying to pour Into your life So you could trust it more so you can Understand it more And that even when there are certain Situations are coming from a place of Fear because ultimately everything Always comes down to love or fear you Can respond differently to it Even people's criticisms even people's Judgments

You can just detach compassionately Give that love to yourself that this Person was unable to give you and move On knowing that we are all on our own Journeys we all have our own Karma we All have our own experiences that we go Through I'm just not going to let Certain people's expectations of me Holding back from the things I love to Do the things I want to do And here's the door of opportunity Opening for you now Virgo And then we have cleansing Waters Sagittarius also had this card and it Says purification activates vibrant life Force so there's a lot you're purifying In your life and with that Ace of fire At the dead center of this fire is a Purifier it burns away and it gives life To something new But with this you're also working with The element of water here I feel a lot of you need to spend more Time near water if you live by a lake an Ocean a river I think meditating Reflecting by those areas will help Bring you a lot of insights and if You're not near water taking a bath Or even a shower and connecting with the Element of water to heal To heal that inner voice that is Critical to heal that doubt in you that May tell you you can't do it But I do feel this Ace of ones that's

Coming into your life the purpose of it Is for you to take advantage of this Opportunity and heal any doubt you had Around your abilities around your Talents around who you are as a person And what you can achieve this lifetime Let's keep going All right Tell me more About December for Virgo Creativity yep with Master number 33. so You guys may be seeing a lot of Threes At this time three three thirty three Your birthday could be just September 3rd September 13th so Um August 30th for some of you guys And it says by All Above and all below Let me connect let creativity flow so You guys may be getting a lot of Downloads of how to Take your career take your life and Start creating something new with it and Pay attention to those downloads because Those are from God those are from the Universe any new ideas that are flowing Through you coming in that is divine Guidance Others of you this idea you have that is New that is innovative that is something That could affect your community could Affect you and even just globally for Some of you guys you could have that Impact It could be writing it could be blogging

It could be online video YouTube videos Tick tocks that are catching on and have The potential to catch on you bring Something new to the table for a go and We mean more innervators like you in This World honestly there's so many creators Right now that just want to do whatever Makes them popular whatever makes them Catchy but it isn't who they are and it Really does honestly show through even If they get a few catchy viral stuff Going on when you can tell it's not Authentic it doesn't usually last You have something that can make this Last Revo I do apologize if you hear my dog Barking it is dinner time and I'm gonna Go ahead and feed them right after this Is done but anyway if you want to take My dog's bark his confirmation that it's Time to act now do it because I I see Success in the cards for you I see Justice in the cards for you And Spirit is playing in your favor here to Make this all work out Just take that first step and you'll Land it All right Virgo Dragon the last words From Spirit and maybe some of you are Born near the dragon in Chinese Astrology but it says Supernatural Yeah Virgo

People may not understand you because The essence of you may be a little bit Out of this world you may not be like Everyone else but that's what makes you Stand out that's what makes people Notice you and some people when they Don't have that original originality That authenticity Jealousy steers its head but that Doesn't have to affect you what makes You unique is the exact thing that makes You shine And what it says is You are the ancient wise Sage you can Shape-shift at will Mastery is your Destiny rise with dignity and I feel This is happening for you at the end of The month when you finally truly Understand How you can change your reality how you Can take this opportunity and fly with It and rise with it and how much it's Going to grow you at a soul level an Energetic level you are going to turn Heads you are going to exceed Expectations of yourself and others You're going to surprise everyone Virgo When you make this happen for you and I'm so excited to see this because I Feel you are the dragon and the dragon Is Awakening in you and once it's fully Awakened nothing can truly stop you So thank you so much Virgo for joining Me for this reading I really hope it

Resonated with you I hope it provides You with the clarity Insight healing Guidance that you're looking for by Watching this message and if it has Please let me know drop a comment below Hit that like button don't forget to Subscribe I love you Virgo very much and I'll see You next time Take care of Virgo

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