UFO’s UAP’s, ET’s & Top Secret Projects, NASA Early Missions

By | November 5, 2022

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Secret Space UFO’s & NASA’s First Missions, Darcy Weir

Occult Journeys, Darcy Weir, Film Maker, Researcher

Brandon Thomas, Expanding Reality Podcast

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Foreign [Music] About what you’re telling me is this Information that you have been digging Into at one point was actually Classified and it wasn’t the public Record stuff it’s it was the the secret Stuff Am I getting that right you got that 100 Right Um many of the documents were under 12 Years of classification and were then Declassified and released to the public And that’s where the researchers I Worked with in making this story in Compiling this documentary They dug in and they found all this Information from the Declassified Documents post-gemini post you know X-15 Missions and so on why would they Classify anything Hey everybody Rex barely project how the Heck are you this stuff is amazing I’ve Been taking it out for a couple years And I know that you’ve heard me brag About it and there’s a reason I’m Bragging about it because it’s the most Complete Nutrition you can get combined With the Gladiator barley this stuff Goes back to the Gladiators literally This is an ancient heirloom seed that Goes back to the Gladiators and the way That they grow this stuff they use like A Tesla technology with probiotics in

The water to make it all Sprout at once And they also have targeted Cutting Edge Nutritional products that are designed For specific opportunities as an example The clarity Factor you want some more Clarity maybe you got a little bit of a Cloudy brain I’ve heard a lot of people Say they’ve got cloudy brain lately try This Clarity fact this stuff is amazing Also how’s your stomach do you ever have Digestive opportunities well get some of These digestive enzymes from Boomer Boost Do you want some discount codes I know You do use the code Rex you get five Bucks off or use the code leak 10 get 10 Off ladies and gentlemen Rex fairleak Project how the heck are you fantastic Day-to-day out here in Southern Colorado We’ve got our first powder of the year And today’s guest we have a couple of Legends amongst us Legends amongst Legends Brandon Thomas and Darcy Weir Check out occultjourneys.com and the Latest and greatest in the E.T phenomena Secret space UFOs NASA’s first missions Now I got to say guys I’ve been Researching in depth the ET UFO Phenomena for about seven years and the More research I do the closer I get to Thinking I got it figured out then just Some there’s this huge curveball that Says you don’t got a clue so start over And I’m looking forward to hearing what

You guys have to say today how have you Been Darcy it’s great to see you man Great Rex happy to be here thanks for Having me on uh yeah this latest Documentary it’s all about showing that NASA has had some hand in researching UFOs since the very beginning of their NASA space missions And I think it’s kind of timely because We have this recent report that Nat is Putting together a you know research Team to look into the UFO phenomenon and Uh my argument is they’ve always been Interested they’ve actually been part of The cover-up I want to get into that Deep in a minute but Brandon it’s great To meet you how the heck are you great To meet you as well and every day above Ground is a wonderful day and uh thanks For having us man yeah it’s it’s Apparent and Darcy uh I’ve kind of you Know we’re buddies he’s been on the show A couple times I do a show called Expanding reality and uh you know I’ve Watched him grow as a filmmaker and to See this one it’s actually so damn Impressive and I I told you this darce I’m so proud of you man but just to see Where he’s come from the editing style The the look The feel the tone the vibe And the information is unbelievable it’s Always been in all of them but this one In particular he really went above and Beyond So for anybody out there that

Seems Archie’s films before take it to The next level and watch this man grow With us because he’s killing it out here But beyond that it is a wild wild ride When you really start to dive into this Stuff and so I’m really looking forward To unpacking it here with everybody We’ll buckle up buttercup because it’s Going to be a bumpy ride and let’s jump Off first then the you said this is the Most amazing documentary you’ve seen From Darcy why what makes it stand above The others you know it is it’s the Information of course Richard Dolan uh Darcy is it’s his first time on camera So you know he’s just really leveled up As a filmmaker to watch him again grow With the subjects that he does but Stylistic Yeah I mean it’s definitely a film that I took a lot of time on putting together Each Case of possible UFOs being present on Early NASA space missions Realize that NASA started flying Basically in 1960 with the X-15 missions Which were these rocket powered uh Basically craft that was attached to the Side of a a bomber it was a on a it Launched off of a wing of a bomber they Would fly as high as they could go and Then they would Propel this rocket Powered craft and that would go into low Earth orbit for a very short time and

They got to look into the heavens when They did even at their very first NASA Astronaut classification missions They had UFOs present and we show that In the dark We move on from that to the Mercury Mission Um we walk we walked through all of the Gemini missions you know from Gemini 2 Right to 11. uh and these were the Yearly missions that Buzz Aldrin Frank Borman uh Neil Armstrong all the famous Astronauts that were present in the Apollo program later on they all got Their teeth cut in these earlier space Missions and the way I made documentary Was to make it accessible to people that I’ve never really looked into the UFO Subject in terms of NASA space missions Especially at the starting because Um I wanted to make something that’s Factual that showed the technical Achievements of the actual space Missions and what their what their Actual plan was in terms of Accomplishing some kind of technical Goal once they flew out of you know uh The Earth’s atmosphere and they were Actually in space that included space Walks Um you know linking up with the agina Craft and doing uh flight Maneuvers with The the capsules while they were the Redstone capsule or whatever capsule

They were using depending on the mission Uh and basically the whole point of These missions was a bridge to the Moon These were the missions where people Were hearing about astronauts being in Space what the whole plan was from the Very outset we got to get to the moon And we got to learn how to be in space And be really good at it just outside of Earth’s orbit Um you know just sorry just outside of The Earth’s atmosphere until we decide To go right out to the moon so uh yeah It’s a it’s a kind of a history Documentary slash UFO documentary Now let’s let’s get into this the uh the Symbology and the iconography is very uh There’s a lot of occult symbology when I Say a cult I just mean like hidden uh I Don’t mean negative or positive but they Oftentimes connect the names of their Their craft and their missions to Ancient gods and goddesses and deities And I’m Like what’s the connection there And what’s the connection with Project Paperclip bringing people over from Germany after the war Um was there a big influence uh uh with Germans that came over from Project Paperclip to build the NASA Foundation For sure Um you know it’s not a secret in the Sort of conspiracy world that Werner Von

Braun the head of the V2 rocket program During World War II under the Nazi Regime Um you know Werner was the top rocket Um liquid fuel scientist in the world And Project Paperclip was used to bring Over the top scientists to be an asset To the American Uh defense and Military programs so that They could beef up their research and Beef up their defense Program against other enemies in the World Uh definitely the Soviet Union at the Time so Werner came over with I think it Was about a hundred and twelve other German Nazi scientists and they all Found their place in different parts of Research or military industrial programs But um Werner was very important to getting us To the Moon And um we didn’t go into him that much We really just talked about the space Missions and what was seen what was Heard Um and what the actual astronauts talked About when they were up there so for Example if you go on a flight uh Commercial flight these days and Something happens to the plane they Always recover the black box Actual Pilots are observing talking About and stuff like that and

Um one of the researchers who helped me In this documentary His name’s uh Luna cognita but his real name is Carrie Martinuk another Canadian he actually Went through the NASA archives some time Ago a long time ago now and he Downloaded all of these Declassified VTR Transcripts which came from the flight Recorder on these early space missions And you could see astronauts talking About anomalies talking about UFOs Basically and we unpacked that in this Documentary not a lot of people have Seen all of the transcripts for the Gemini missions And we provide that and all the the Strange things that they are tracking When they’re in space when they’re Supposed to be the only ones up there Now you froze up for a second when you Said for maybe about 20 seconds actually You said they they have things like a Black box and then it froze up did you Were you getting into details about the Actual logs themselves like some type of Computer that was in the craft when it Would fly out yeah so what I was saying Is that you know a black box recorder That technology has been around for a Long time and actually NASA pioneered it NASA had what was called the VTR which Was a basically a black box recorder it Kept Telemetry data communication data

Um and in that communication data we had Classified Communications that were Happening between the astronauts and Capcom the ground control and so uh we Actually found the Declassified Documents and we unpack all of these Anomalous interactions that the Astros Are having in space during these Missions all throughout the Gemini Program things that they’re seeing that They’re they’re describing uh when They’re supposed to be the only you know Astronauts up there or the only thing Craft up there at that time that’s Fascinating and I’m just you know I’m Thinking about before Let’s go back even before World War II And the German Uh aerospace engineers and their Technologies there’s a lot of rumors That I can’t confirm yet that they were Working with these non-human Intelligences that were off Earth maybe They were human but some type of Breakaway civilization or or Advanced Civilization and I’m I’m wondering if You found any Connections to these objects that They’re seeing when NASA starts when They start their project with NASA if If there’s any connections to go back Even before NASA was founded and then I’d like to get into the actual uh Specifics on the documentary but before

We get into that I’d like to hear both Of your thoughts on that please Brendan Why don’t you go for it I’ll uh I have My reservations about some of those Questions but I’ll let you go into it Brandon now I officially don’t know what Is going on anywhere right with this Place with this realm Planet whatever This is I I have no idea but what I will Say is that there’s some awesome awesome Things out here and really exploring the Ideas on them is where my forte is as I Get into the philosophy of it so one of The reports that you’re speaking of Probably is the Belgium crash at 38 and I believe that that is where they Started to take it apart alleged all of This is allegedly so we’re just going to Say that and move on so uh they Allegedly took this thing apart uh put It on U-boats and took it down to what Was founded as new schwaben lands which Was in Antarctica and so this you know They use it as a What they told everyone was that they Were going down there to make do a Whaling operation for whale oil so they Did they needed it for everything for Fuel for oil for soaps for food making For everything is what they use this Whale oil for so I’ve got this silly Joke that I say that they were going Down there to become a whale oiled Machine but really what they were doing

Was establishing this new schwaben land Down there allegedly again and there’s These lava tubes that go under Antarctica and again there there was Some technology that was found there and This is what they say is going on Underneath the ice now again all of this Is fun and it’s fun to speculate about We have no idea but it’s very Interesting that those craft happen that Way and you know when we discuss Something as fun of an idea as like Project Blue beam right this fake Alien Invasion I’m sure you’re familiar and Then one of the things I say about that Is you know people’s people who ask why Haven’t they done The Invasion yet and Then connecting it to this I would say Well it takes a while for them to scrape The sword stickers off the side of the Those things before they roll them out To everybody so you know they have had This the we’ve seen these amazing Pictures we’ve heard these incredible Stories and when you have so many Stories like that it really starts to Add up especially if you read a book Like rise of the fourth Reich by Jim Mars are you familiar with that where Basically yeah what they say is you know Of course just for the audience say That’s not familiar with that uh Basically the Germany would uh Germany Is the one that surrendered the Nazis

Would never surrender and then this is Where we get the idea of project paper Clip and then you know the numbers of 111 112 whatever that is I think that That is dramatically underrated because What what was it like 11 people were Tried at the Nuremberg trials and then There’s thousands of actual straight up Nazis like vorner Von Braun that founded This with Jack Parsons and of course Um Damn it what’s his name Um L Ron Hubbard right and so you have These characters that then establish NASA you know uh at an esoteric level so Tying this all back together yeah I mean It’s very plausible that there was so Many craft and so many interactions Occurring uh rather on a help level or Maybe the Nazis just figured this stuff Out you know maybe they’re part of some Breakaway civilization at some level you Know I mean a lot of stuff going on over There so you can’t really you know put Your finger on most of it but um like I Said if we if we Trail it back to that I Mean you also have the 52 flyover of the Capital I mean that you know again kind Of a some say Japan some say Nazi some Say UFO I mean aliens I don’t who knows Right but it it kind of rings the same Bells you know in my mind when it comes To that Okay I appreciate that and Darcy what’s

Your take You know I I’m I’m interested in the tale that possibly The Nazis had created Um Their own disk their own anti-gravidic Flying Saucer But um you know when you look at some of Those designs it looks like it was an Anti-agravitic and and it was also you Know some of the designs uh Have discs that have you know sort of Artillery cannons or something attached To the side Whenever we hear about these UFO reports Like flying saucers the classic ones From the 1950s 60s and so on You never see like an artillery Cannon Or weapon uh attached to the side and Um the other thing is I I mean I do Believe in things like the flux liner The arv that uh supposedly we created And possibly were test flying uh Concurrently during the Apollo program There’s pictures of things like that in This documentary in space I just don’t know At the time the Werner Von Braun was Over there I mean I think they were Still perfecting the liquid rocket System In the 1950s Um and the early 1960s I don’t think They had anti-gravity cracked just yet

Um there are researchers that believe That we’ve we’ve definitely made that That leap by now But I mean I believe it’s very possible That we have been visited by UFOs that Are not from our planet Um and that some of what we see is Definitely ours I mean it made a Documentary called rise of the tr3b Edgar Rothschild Fouche alien scientist Jeremy Um Who am I thinking here Jeremy who is Also Reese who’s featured in my Documentary uh of the same name You know they believe that we were on to Something when it came to anti-gravity But if you ask Jeremy he says I don’t Think we’ve really cracked it I don’t I Don’t think it’s we’ve gotten super Sophisticated with it but we do see These triangular craft flying silently Hovering over you know neighborhoods and All that type of thing throughout recent History and uh I think We probably have some version of like uh Magnetic field disruption or Anti-gravity in some super top secret Um aircraft That could be used by the military but Um I don’t know if they’re all UFO you Know the classic Flying Saucer shape and I think a lot of the reports early on Were spurred by our nuclear detonations

Meaning we Sent out our calling card into the Galaxy and and some some folks that are Our neighbors decided to come check us Out And we started shooting them down and so On so forth Um So These things in space and possibly Covering it up and not releasing this Information readily to the uh public it Took researchers to go through Declassified documents and um you know Even recently we went through the cia’s Release of the 2021 in January 2021 Released Trump required many of the Intelligence agencies defense agencies And research agencies to release Whatever UFO documents they had Um a part of a bill that was uh Established and sent out at the end of 2020 in December and the cia’s papers we We went through that and we found all This communication back and forth Between UFO researchers and NASA asking For supposed footage and pictures that They had uh from the X-15 flights Which the astronauts on those flights Admitted they were actually Tasked with taking this footage and Taking pictures because NASA wanted them To that was part of their mission So NASA has never released that footage

They’ve never released those pictures And in the CIA documents it shows that There was an interest there but NASA Just stonewalled the researchers and They actually finished it finished off The inquiry with this information is Only required with people with need to Know access and you do not have the need To know If that’s just a normal civilian agency Research agency that has no interest in UFOs in the past and all the sudden has Interest in UFOs now why would they be Denying Uh Freedom of Information Act and Citizen the United States access to Documentation that they should have a Right to look at especially when it’s Just supposed to be a normal Public Free to the public research agency it’s Not Well I mean it’s do you think it’s more Along the lines of like the CIA for Space it’s kind of that’s kind of the Vibe I get what about you guys And we’re froze again Maybe I should move you guys there yeah They’re back all right Halo did you hear What I said no Of course not all right I’m gonna you Know what I’m gonna actually move the Dish because I’ve got like as I told you Uh starlink for RB I’m gonna move it and

See if I can move it in the direction That every few minutes it doesn’t pause Up there but do you think that the NASA could be like a space agencies of This like a CIA space agency kind of Absolutely Yeah I think I think NASA you know is a Front for all of the three-letter Intelligence agencies as well as the Defense agencies I think it’s just their Instrument their scientific tool for Getting the best information for them Uh but to the public it’s supposed to be A free to the public just research Agency it’s not supposed to be but all Of the evidence points to them being Linked to the military and Um you know they follow the same Classification rules as any three-letter Intelligence or Defense Agency And you know what else they’re really Great at doing is disinformation So you create a little bit of confusion And then people question if anything’s Real from that organization so you can Bring out just a few clips from the 70s When people are supposed to be in space And you could tell it was a green screen Behind them and they’re like whoa where Is your world’s based and NASA’s Promoting it saying yeah they’re in Space right now and you that’s why a lot Of I think confusion now like what is Actually true coming from these guys and

What isn’t true now what I think is Fascinating about what you’re telling me Is this information that you have been Digging into at one point was actually Classified and it wasn’t the public Record stuff that’s it was the the Secret stuff Am I getting that right you got that 100 Right Um many of the documents were under 12 Years of classification and were then Declassified and released to the public And that’s where the researchers I Worked with In making this story in compiling this Documentary Um they dug in and they found all this Information from the Declassified Documents post-gemini post you know X-15 Missions and so on so Um why would they classify anything You know if people believe that NASA Does not have the ability to classify Information like a defense or re or Um intelligence agency they absolutely Do and so you know there’s all kinds of Evidence that they’ve been classifying Information from the public since the Beginning Um you know just further to that If you look at if you watch the Documentary and you see all this Documentation and all the inquiry into UFOs and being told

Um you know you don’t have the need to Know About this UFO footage or these pictures Um it makes one wonder what are they Doing today like why are they officially Having a UFO research program when we Know that they’ve been part of the Cover-up since day one It kind of goes with the Zeitgeist right So they’re rolling it out on TV so you Must be able to go ahead and get it Confirmed from your space agency which Is probably the one that knew it the Whole time now I agree I think there’s Something else going on you know NASA if Anything when it was established and What it could have been portrayed as is Rather than going to the Stars into the Moon and everything else it’s just a spy Organization that was able to lift Vehicles in human and humanity and Equipment over places where they Couldn’t before and where planes would Be spotted so it’s kind of you get that Excuse me but then you also have the Looking outwards from it and then There’s class things that need to be Classified from their point of view but The way they present themselves to the Public is that they they work for us Right they’re just a research Organization this is like a Paleontologist coming back with a Classified information file it’s like we

Just thought you were going to dig up Dinosaurs man what are you talking about You can’t tell us what you found and Tell us everything about it it’s just Research right and what national Security threat you know from any other Nation is how happening from Super far Out there none that we know of right Unless there’s some sort of breakaway Civilization and that’s a fun Conversation ever ever you want to have It man but you know it’s things like This where it’s the lies and you Mentioned the green screen racks man They still do this every you can see it On the latest one that they just put out Green screen you have the Chinese space Agency I love these little Clips by the Way these these amazing people find them And there’s a glass of water sitting Right there as they’re demonstrating Zero Gravity on the other side so it’s Weird things like this and this Augmented reality technology that They’re using it’s like why like what Are you doing like why are you doing all Of that stuff and is that what our tax Dollars are going to because a lot of The stuff is so horribly faked like I Know uh Production Studio just here in Town that would do this for like 50 Bucks and do a way better job so it’s Just really interesting that you know These Clues are left and then you must

Ask yourself so I mean if they’re either That that stupid or they’re leaving it On purpose you know kind of like I have A theory of that missing time is Actually left on purpose for you to Discover it’s kind of a Gateway into Some extra sensory stuff if you’re not Ready and you need sort of a buffer so Perhaps there’s this you know they leave A green screen and they leave a glass of Water on a table for you to investigate You know it’s it’s sort of your gateway Into some really cool stuff if you Choose to ask the question right yeah so I you know just further to that Um I’ve been looking at the Apollo Missions and I’m working on a follow-up Documentary that Goes through all the Apollo missions and There’s a really interesting Sort of story when it comes to Apollo 12. there was already what looks Like signs of a green screen being used A projection screen For the background of the lunar Landscape on that mission And so you see the astronaut jumping Around in the foreground and that looks The two things to me It makes me wonder whether they’ve taken The original film negatives And they re-cut Green screen footage or Um

Back then it was called the projection Screen Into the background to hide what was Actually on the lunar surface or if they Just actually shot some of those scenes In a studio here because they don’t want Us to see what they actually saw when They were up there It’s all about information control in my Opinion I think you know there’s lots of Evidence of that happening here and when It comes to the early days when they Were using projection screen I mean you Look at films that um You know big big films of the time Ben Hur in the 1970s and you know you look At all these 1980s sci-fi films like the Thing projection screen was how you You know replaced backgrounds and made Things look huge Um and that was definitely something That uh Stanley Kubrick possibly used When he was helping out NASA in Replacing some of the footage they’ve Released to the public Yeah so it’s like Where where do you Know what do you believe you know I mean That’s it’s so confusing now but I guess In thinking that I’m thinking to myself Well if there’s if there’s the documents That weren’t shown to the public Then I would say there’s got to be some Validity to that but let’s get into this

For a minute so these these crafts that They would see I heard something about They call them on air they had certain Code names for them like Santa Claus Santa Claus yeah Tell me let’s talk about that Yeah they had code names uh same thing With um uh there’s a couple of Astronauts speaking on the moon there’s Several examples of uh Transmissions Between astronauts speaking in this code And then um they would say like oh you Know I’m I’ve got a buddy here and I see A buddy or something like that or um I Sure could use a snack you know like These little Clues if like these code Words of things that have nothing to do With what they’re doing it’s like small Talk but really it’s coded messaging so That they can relay a message to NASA on The channels that they were on Now we Also know that there were secondary Channels that NASA was using that the Public was not privy to there was an Awesome documentary if you choose to Check it out Bart sieber I’m sure you’ve Seen it a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon No oh my God please do this it’s on YouTube it’s totally free check it out Because thirsty to what you’re talking About about them faking on Apollo 12 They were doing it on Apollo 11 Allegedly there’s some incredible

Footage that Bart sieber found uh that Show them faking being halfway to the Moon when they were not at all and they Show the slide dates they show Everything so what they did was the Astronauts basically turned all the Lights off in the capsule uh covered Over a little half moon shape as to show The Earth’s uh uh termination line out The window to look like it was half in Shadow and you can see them in this film Just setting the entire shot up and then You can hear people on the other channel Saying talk whenever they’re asked a Question you can hear a second voice on A second Channel say speak or talk and Then Neil Armstrong immediately starts Speaking now when they’re faking this Thing the reason that you know it is Because there’s several shots of it then Move the Terminator line to the other Side they have it on top and because of The way that the glass is they were Having a real tough time getting it to Line up now they turned all the lights Off inside the capsules to not get bleed Until you couldn’t see right they had One small little work light off to the Side as they’re doing all of this Whenever it’s all over and this is all Shown in this film a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the moon the Lights kick on and you can see them Faking the shot from the back of the

From the back of the capsule all the Lights kick on and it’s there and you Can see it and then again this is and Then when the windows removed the little Parcel that they had there it was not a Termination line they were in low earth Orbit the earth filled the oceans and Clouds filled the window it looked like They were in very low earth orbit so It’s just interesting you know and then You ask yourself why right I mean if if We couldn’t go and it was just a thing For the Russians like I get it you know I I get it just say that you know what I Mean I think we’re all adults here we All kind of deserve to know and it’s This idea though that they got so many People invested in this thing and the Perception management that they have With this what is what was so Fascinating it’s so you get everybody Involved I think on the Saturn V they Have over a hundred thousand contractors That worked on that thing alone so now You’re talking about factories that Employ thousands of people that’s one Contract you get 100 000 of those out There telling everyone that they built Something that went to the moon and now What you’ve got is a nation of proud People that can’t take if it’s not true As a reality I mean we can’t now but at That time I mean they needed all of it You can see the psychology of it so

There’s no hard feelings NASA just tell Us dude you know well I mean there’s Strong evidence that we did go to the Moon Um I I believe we still did go to the Moon it’s just what we saw was censored And sanitized absolutely it’s very Possible we went you know Russia Russian Propaganda is very real man uh Russia Russian troll Farms are still trying to You know mess with elections in the United States it’s a thing Uh you know so the fact that they can Come out and say oh the whole NASA space Program is bogus and we never went to The moon because of the Van Allen Radiation belt Um you know there are ways around that And you you can go through the middle of The radiation belt or you can circumvent That by going through kind of the top of The Um the poles of of the earth there’s Actually a thinner radiation belt that You can go through until you can get Around to to to the moon so I think you Know there’s definitely propaganda on Both sides Um it’s just For this for this documentary we’re Talking about low earth orbit we Definitely have been in you know Earth Orbit and that’s what they were Practicing in in early Space Age to get

Ready to go to the moon and they would Have had all the radiation detectors and Figured out the field and and the length Of the then Allen belt at that time so That they can figure out a way around it Right Um that’s what the bridge the moon Missions were Now there’s always going to be people That say the Earth is flat there is no Moon it’s just a projection screen we’re Living in a bubble you know all that Stuff you can’t argue with those people Because they won’t take it’s a flat Earth and a bubble Darcy yeah all of it It’s all that’s it They’ve made their mind up they’ve made Their mind up you know and so this Documentary is not going to convince Those people But if they watch it they’re gonna see We did go to space and we’ve been doing Stuff in space for sure and there’s been Some weird anomalous stuff going on and Every time we’ve asked for that Information we’ve been denied it from NASA yeah and and once again I think I Answered my own question earlier when You know that you put in just a little Bit of disinformation or a little bit of Confusion and then or a little bit of Mud in the water and then all the water Gets muddied up and people don’t know What’s right what isn’t and that’s great

For people that want to keep certain Operations clandestine because if you Bring out something that actually Shows what’s going on well then you can Bring out a little bit of disinformation And people like oh that’s not true none Of it’s real and then you got people That are like space isn’t real and I’m Like look Space is definitely real in between your Ears Could I get a drum roll please Thank you thank you nice Is all around you yeah it’s just outer Space maybe they they can’t you know Grasp That’s okay they’ll get there you know I Mean I remember seven years ago I had People coming on my show call me a show Because I would have a guest on the show Saying dude it’s Nibiru and I’d be like Well look it’s it looks like a Reflection off of the lens or it looks Like a reflection off of the window There and they’re like no I disagree and Now they’re coming back you’re like okay Rex you’re right it was a reflection Trust me folks if nibiru’s out there you Haven’t seen it yet because if you see It you wouldn’t be talking about it on The internet you would be seeing like Plasma storms around the world and you Would be effed Um but anyway that’s a whole other

Podcast uh tell me more dude I wanna I Wanna hear some of these like tell me Some of these cases of UFOs in the sky With NASA and low orbit this is Fascinating I love this stuff Sure so we know two pilots during the X-15 missions reported UFOs it’s pretty Well documented one of which said it was Part of their mission to take photos of Them and the camera was outfitted with Wing appendage Photography as well the pilots could Grab a camera if they were inside the Cockpit they usually had Hasselblad Still frame uh SLR cameras which were The best in the world at the time Um you know Mercury missions the same Thing Um the Gemini missions the same thing And they had also Motion Picture Dak Film cameras so those were film film Cameras that took the old you know reels Of film canisters And could film in 24 frames per second 16 frames per second eight frames per Second and one frames per second and um That footage has been really hard to get Out of NASA the problem with this is That NASA will report that they lost or Destroyed that footage long ago And that’s a way to get you know the Public off your back to see that Information oh well we lost it or or you Know was destroyed in a fire that’s what

They’ll say right that’s what you tell Your kids when they ask for something That you don’t want to give them the dog Went to go live on a farm you know yeah And then your answer is oh well the dog Ate my homework you know we can just lie Back and forth all we want but they win And um you know starting with Gemini 3 There’s a pretty interesting UFO photo That came out of that Gemini 4 we had James mcdivitt a famous astronaut who Reported a UFO uh tracking he was Tracking UFO we have the Transcripts that were Declassified show Him talking to Capcom talking to Ground Control about that and then we have Photos and possible DAC Motion Picture Footage that show things that shouldn’t Have been around the planet Uh at that time You know going all the way through to Gemini 11. Um you’ve got Buzz Aldrin on Gemini 11 And uh Frank Borman Gemini 7 reporting a bogey You know you talked about code words Before in the early Space Age they Weren’t calling it calling them Santa or Uh you know famously in the STS missions They would say we have a fire Um if you say we have a fire on an STS Shuttle mission that should be pretty Important right and people would be Panicking but you don’t hear any panic

But that apparently is a a code phrase For there’s a UFO present because it’s Important right Um back in the early Space Age they they Said we have a bogey we’re tracking a Bogey and a bogey is a military uh you Know Air Force term for enemy craft or An unidentifiable or something that’s Not part of our Arsenal that’s up here With us in in in the air Um but in this case it was in space so You know and we also in the documentary Show Frank borman’s press tour where He’s really pushed to debunk UFOs in Space by C-SPAN so you know the media Uh Richard Dolan said to me a long time Ago uh The The institutions create the story The media bakes it and then the public Eats it And you see that happening throughout The NASA Space Program the institution Creates a story The media bakes it and serves it to the Public and we eat it and so Um you know it’s it’s very evident even Throughout the 90s when they were doing The C-SPAN uh retired astronaut Interviews that that’s what was going on There Do any of these UFOs from the previous Like from the early NASA missions do They look like Tic Tacs or or flying

Saucers or rod-shaped UFOs are there yep Close on that yep yep Um James mcdivitt reported not what Looked like a disc but something that Was like oblonged that I know I mean Before we had uh Major fravers Tic Tac you know the the Nomenclature he would use when he’s Looking at a UFO Um we had cigar shape UFOs that was one Of the most popular shapes that was Reported in ufology So yeah cigar shape or Tic Tac UFOs have Been reported all throughout NASA space History and even um you know Gary McKinnon The way that he described that craft That he was downloading from a JPL Server he said it looked like kind of Cigar shaped and then had to bolt like a Ball on either a sphere on either end Um So yeah and that was an outer space that Was outside of the Earth’s atmosphere Yeah and even even all the way up to Like sts-48 uh you know in 91 Um they you know had the uh disc looking Things and the long rods and I believe It was called the tether you know all of That stuff and it’s just there’s another Incident is that you’re talking about Yeah yeah yeah the sts-48 yeah in 1991. That’s weird I was just about to ask you About that so we must be on the same uh

Oh we’re synced up brother absolutely Yeah I want to hear your thoughts on That because that was that’s weird That’s so weird it’s super weird and it Was long documented it took a long time And it was a tether that they released And then there were all sorts of uh sort Of gathering around this thing so it’s Really interesting that there was a Piece of something that we left like Trash right basically to them and all They wanted to do was fly around and Investigate it and look at it they seem So curious to see what was going on and The astronauts filmed the entire thing And watched it float off far in the Distance I mean the thing was uh how Long was that thing mile longer Thousands of feet and it looks like you Know just a little line on the screen so You can see you can tell the perspective There were dozens I mean hundreds of UFOs you know and they look sort of Transparent Orbee kind of flins Larry Flynn’s flurry kind of a thing but but They were obvious you know looked to be Under intelligent control because they Were making these movements like that You know and lens Fleur doesn’t do that And especially with them being so in Flow they look like jelly fish floating Out there just particles in the sea like A little plankton floating out there but There were all these irregular shapes

And that’s what’s so fascinating about The UFO phenomena in general is just the Variety and I mean the variety is Fascinating but really the subjectivity Of it is what’s so fascinating to me but You see so many different kinds of craft And throughout our history and they just Change it’s really interesting I think uh for STS 75 the space tether Incident Um you know there might be some objects In that that are moving intelligently And David Serrata wrote a paper and and Did a bit X big expose on that but there Is a lot of stuff there that could be Noise in other words sure this black and White color uh footage is actually being Filmed in a light spectrum that our eye Can’t see it’s called far light Ultraviolet Camera technology and actually you can’t Even really buy far light infrared sorry Ultraviolet cameras on Earth but NASA Was using this which is called the glow Cam They nicknamed it the glow cam Uh In the early STS space missions and some Of this actually might be illuminated Space ice for sure because it’s it’s Like it’s in a different light spectrum And that different light that we Normally can’t see is Illuminating Things that definitely we can’t see with

Our naked eye as well Um but there could be some objects in There that are moving around Making Maneuvers that wouldn’t typically You know be characterized as space ice Being illuminated So I do think In footage that’s out there you’re going To find things that could be space Garbage could be space ice debris but Not all of it and uh you know Jim oberg will famous NASA scientist That’s now retired maybe not because He’s all over YouTube constantly Debunking space UFO footage and I’ve Argued with them before I respect them But Um you can’t just say everything is this If you have that perspective Right from the outset how do you do any Investigation how do you do any actual Credible research So yeah You don’t and the you know some people Have that one track mind and they think They’re more intelligent than anybody And better educated and they’re mightier Than anybody else so if you bring Something up that doesn’t fit with their Parameters then they’ll just basically Be rude or hang up on you I know people Like that personally so it’s it’s Fascinating like I’m watching that Footage as you’re talking and oh my gosh

It does it looks like microscopic almost Yeah Um something to pull up to complement That footage would be droppa stones have You ever heard of those Yes I have and that’s like uh they’re Like miniature you’re talking about like The microbiology stuff yeah well they’re Discs they’re clay discs found in China Oh the clay disc found in China okay Okay the holes on them and they’re Basically uh you know that’s kind of What those things look like in the STS 75 footage where they kind of look like These dropa Stones kind of flying around Out there now you would ask then why Would an ancient culture make these Kinds of things just like they talk About God’s coming from the sky and Chariots that’s what they saw that’s What they described so perhaps this was Something that they interacted with you Know it Harkens back to the cargo cult Type mentality have you ever heard of That Cargo Colts are fascinating Um and the islands over Philippines I Believe right but right before World War One they went over there and set up World War II rather they set up a bunch Of air bases over there to use as Station points for the war now uh there Were tribes that lived there and Whenever they’d never come into contact

With you know white men or technology or Anything like that sort of like a Kinder Sentinel Island if you will now when the Americans Lantern built airstrips and Everything else they brought cargo like Corned beef and all sorts of foods and Things like that for the tribes and they Got really really used to this so after The war was over the airstrips and bases Were abandoned they left well the tribes People really like that food and those People that brought that stuff and so They built mock exact to scale wooden Airplanes propellers uh ailerons Everything and put them on the beach as A sign for them to come back so then What you’re saying is they they looked To us they worshiped they worshiped them Yeah yeah and they looked they look to Us as Gods so but obviously that’s not The case so the Tropa Stones is like Maybe ancient Chinese civilizations saw Flying saucers From Beyond and were like let’s make our Own statues and models based off of that To show our worship and our admiration Of their you know their absolute Supremacy and the dropa stones look Resemble heavily what is the in the Sts-75 footage those circular you know Donut look and UFOs or ice crystals or Whatever it is some people think it’s Space plankton Yeah and it might be I mean who knows

You know there’s yeah I mean like story Musgrave Says he had a theory that there were Space Critters and there’s the famous Story Moss Brave UFO where uh they Tracked what looked like kind of a an Eel looking snake thing Flying around above Earth uh you know Over over Earth when they were in Earth Orbit Um Yeah there’s some dropistone stuff there And even has like you know what looks Like an alien a gray in that inscription Which is interesting Looking at that I’m saying I’m kind of Calling BS I’ve seen the other ones that Are legit but that was the one that I Pulled up and I’m like no I’m not so Convinced we we’re gonna take some Viking iconography and add a gray and a Spaceship and a lizard dude And then we’re gonna fight our backyard And unbury it we’re gonna be freaking Rich oh yeah yeah there are fakes out There for sure for sure thank you very Much for speaking with me today this has Been great Yeah it’s been awesome thanks for having Us on I hope people have a chance to Check out my latest film uh you know and Leave their feedback it’s on Amazon Prime iTunes Google Play yeah there you Go

Good old Richard Dolan Um yeah Tracy Starnes is another guy who Helped me out in researching uh some Imagery that came out of a university Release that uh was not from NASA images That supposedly NASA did not Have So that’s sometimes just showing that The institutions might have Some of this imagery and footage hidden Away in a repository Um but yeah that’s my website if people Want to check out more of my Documentaries they can check them out There Um and my YouTube is Darcy where is Occult Journeys as well Uh yeah really really enjoyed working With Brandon on this uh he’s a talented Man that you know does really great Research and has an excellent voice and Uh I’m sure I’m going to work with him Again Check out expanding reality podcasts Please Yeah it’s super cool thank you Darcy That was very sweet thanks for the kind Words man uh but dead serious on the Dock guys check it out it’s absolutely Incredible hadn’t a blast making this Thing and so yeah Um looking forward to many many more Darcy you just keep crushing it Knocking

It out of the park so this one Especially like I said guys if you’ve Seen any of his films or you’re new to Darcy ruin yourself with this one Because it’s fantastic all of them are Great but this one really leveled up so Well done man I’m proud of you and Rex Dude huge fan man your show’s incredible You do wonderful work and so thank you So much for this dude thank you thank You absolutely thank you for the Compliment the checks in the mail I was Just gonna say folks if you’re gonna get The the popcorn don’t do the microwave Popcorn stuff oh my gosh I just saw some More information about what they Actually put in microwave popcorn to Make it pop and yeah anyway that’s a Whole other podcast it’s because they Love you so much folks you got to get That fake buttery taste but you guys are Awesome and I’d be honored to do this Again soon and also I would like to I Know we were talking before about do Doing a podcast on bitcoin and and Cryptocurrency and I’m in a position now Where I could actually do that uh Interview with you yeah about it and and And one more thing I want to say real Quick too is you know I’m only 20 Minutes from I’m 25 minutes from the Arts letter Mesa right and I went out There Halloween and I talked to another Every time I go out and I bring up the

Archuleta Mesa and Dulce there’s Somebody else there that’s like oh yeah I live down the street and I see weird Stuff all the time so I’m getting my Hair cut at this place in Pagosa Springs And the lady’s like yeah I’m from Pagosa And I’m like oh cool this place is full Of paranormal stuff she’s like it is I’m Like you didn’t know that she’s like no I should ask my dad about it because He’s from here too and I’m like whoa and Then I start talking a little bit about The Arts of Mesa and there’s this gal That’s getting her hair uh cut too but She’s like under she’s got her hair in The sink getting soaked or whatever and She goes yeah I live down the street From there and I see weird stuff all the Time and she started explaining some of The stuff that she sees it’s identical To this stuff that this this other gal That I met out there that she sees and Then I talked to one of the police Officers several years ago he saw Similar lights when he was a kid with His sister at the top of the Mesa and I’ve talked to other people that see Weird things out there so I got there Halloween night I get out there a little Bit after midnight and I’m filming with My night vision and dude I picked up Several space ninjas Unexplained anomalies they were flashing At me they were like they were moving

Around and they’d stop and then she’ll Go And then took off I mean it was wild I Got it on film I live streamed it I Would love to see that send me the link To that footage that’s amazing I will Absolutely and what we need to do though Is we need to get out there with some More equipment so instead of putting my Camera while I’m live streaming with my Phone next to the night vision right I’m Like I’m trying to get it all perfect And line up and it’s kind of hard to see But you can definitely see it but if we Had the right mounts and the right Equipment and we’re set out there and we Got the night vision as as well as the Thermal and all that kind of stuff dude We could pick up some amazing stuff so Get out here I’m down dude absolutely Down I’m down we’ve always been talking About coming out there to visit you so Uh we gotta do something make a little Maybe make a dock out of some of the Stuff you’ve been researching awesome Awesome so looking forward to that and I Hope you guys have a fantastic day and Keep being the change you want to see Thanks thank you the same take care Rex Cheers peace [Music] Foreign [Music]

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