The Fish People & Bird People of Ancient Babylon, New Discovery

By | October 25, 2022

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Foreign [Music] I just want to mention this also notice The bucket being with the left hand Pointing downward as I said earlier I Think that’s the May which is the me Which would be the DNA which would be The physical matter the physical matter That he’s holding in his hand so he’s Going from physical matter all the way Up to the third eye you’re you’re Putting you know you’ve got that Polarity As Above So Below depending on The esoteric traditions in the esoteric Traditions you know the right hand Projects like the life healing energy And then the left hand would pull that Energy from like the Earth So like you can also see the purses like A storage of Life Energy right yes like A battery storage a battery and then the Hand is projecting it but also the other Thing about the pine cone besides like Being the pineal it also represents the Fibonacci series ladies and gentlemen Rexberry League project how the heck are You fantastic day out here today in Southern Colorado drop down to about 20 Degrees yesterday I drove up the top of Wolf Creek Pass snow ice sleet wind it Was epic and the sun’s out today but we Don’t have a whole lot of warm weather Left this year but that’s okay because We’ve got Ken Schwartz with us today and

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The goddesses the demons the deities It’s fascinating they were so ahead in Many different levels that the world Just it was like a Foreign Equally fascinating and frightening Let’s just leave it at that but we’re Going to talk about the apkalu and the Fish people and the ab Zoo we’re also Going to talk about the Nomo or the fish People and what I this is what I decoded We were talking earlier today Ken I said Let’s talk about the you know I really Want to get into this today with you and There’s an experience that’s Ken’s that Ken is going to share at this soon That’s going to blow your minds but you Often know that n key And and Will are referred to as brothers As competing brothers and Anki is the God of the waters oftentimes referred to That way and and will is referred to as The god of the air And enki is often referred with as as The the fish God right and and Lil Will Oftentimes be associated with an eagle Or the eagle God because of the fish and The air are also elements of that well The opkalu are referred to not only as Fish people but also as bird people and When they’re bird people they have a Eagle head and I thought to myself and Lil enki hello we’re going back to these To the primordial

Elements and then associating these Gods These elements it’s fascinating now this Is the fish God to the left which is Referred to as the upkalu and Baro soos Which is what’s fascinating is barrosus Actually writes about the okalu barrosus Was a priest for Belmar Duke and he Wrote a king list of Ten Kings that Ruled for 432 000 years look at the Numerology there 432 and 10. but the Oranos was one of these fish gods or Fish beans and I’m using the term Um as a title not as the god or creator Of all but as a very powerful genius Super being and the the fish beans come Out of the oceans and actually teach People customs and skills and government And farming and writing and and Different sciences and civilization and And they actually came from the waters But then you have depictions of the Gods Coming from the heavens coming from up There and depicted with wings So once again we have this separation of Deities that have like this one right Here notice the evil head the akalu Figure this is an Egyptian classical Ancient near Eastern art um piece and The ancient Assyrians believe that Eagle-headed beings with human bodies Called the upkalu were endowed by the Gods with wisdom extraordinary wisdom They helped build the Great cities and Help build well-being of the Cities but

Notice you’ve got the wings So we’ve got the wing gods and then the Fish gods So What’s up with that and then we’ve got The Nomo And the dogon religion ancient peoples Ancient cultures and Customs going back Hundreds of thousands possibly millions Of years And they describe the Nomo as the first Living creature created by the sky God Amma and that sounds quite a bit like Anu so I find this fascinating here’s Another one you can see an apkalu with a Fish outfit Not the wings Here’s an eagle-headed deity this is in The Denver Art Museum next to the Reptoid statues I’m joking I don’t know If there’s Reptoid statues out there There should be I mean they’re gonna be Anywhere they might be their Ken but can Dude I mean it’s pretty wild right when You when you look at these ancient Deities and their mythologies and the Water and the air [Music] Well yes it is and you gotta also wonder You know if if these are well you know People Would represent things like they always See the disc with the wings and it’s Kind of a little bit like hieroglyphics

Saying here’s an object and fly so That’s why they put Wings on it saying This thing flies and so that’s kind of The way that they would build things and Then you have like a person but a fish On it or a person but with the eagle on It so they could be talking about two Completely different species of aliens Visiting Earth so and they just they do The best they can to you know depict Them as uh as as in a way you know Because it’s they’re trying to send Messages down to you know future Generations by putting it on the Rock so They uh you know by inscribing it so That’s kind of just the way that they You know the hieroglyphics and things Work back then It is and when you look at the Iconography of ankian and Lil the eagle And the serpent or the fish being the God of the waters versus the eagle being The god of the air and then Anu would be The one in this weaned disc oftentimes And what some people might look at as a Spaceship or some type of Sky vessel And then I question When you read these stories there are Several thousand years old that describe These fish people that look like people But they had like a fish outside of them They would come up they would teach Customs and they would be with the Peoples all day and all night and then

They would leave at night they wouldn’t Eat There but they would leave at night and They would go back in the water are These people that are wearing suits Or are these actually fish beans well You know the pope still will is a fish Hat If you ever watch that’s a fish hat the Pope wears a fish hat so you know that’s It you got to wonder what you know the Representations are because maybe Priests of that class would wear like Fish costumes to talk you know talk About when they uh things and and like The dogon You know they think a lot of the dogon From looking the people that have Examined it uh uh carefully they believe That the dogon actually got their Information from Egyptian priests maybe It was uh you know because maybe when The collapse of the old Dynasty or maybe Akhenaten’s time they don’t really know But appears that like you know as Society collapsed some Egyptian priests Kind of fled Egypt and settled with the Dogon and then taught them all this Information and the dogon have preserved It up to the present whereas whereas Which is because they’re very good at Keeping the Customs going whereas uh in Egypt a lot of that was lost because you Know a lot of things like for instance

The fish people were allegedly to top The Egyptians like things like prime Numbers And and the thing about the dog gone is That uh you know they knew things about Cirrus because they said the people said They came from the Cirrus the no Nomo And uh they said you know they taught There was serious a which is the star a Blue star that we see and then there They also talked about a cirrus B I Think which has a 50-year orbit and we Didn’t even know about that until Recently yet the dogon knew about Cirrus A series B and another jupiter-sized Planet that has a 60-year orbit but we Haven’t discovered that yet maybe they Will in the future so you know there’s No way those people could possibly have Known about the orbits of these bodies And uh you know it’s just it’s just and They they also talked to us like a dark Star you know a tiny thing but it was You know it’s it’s basically Cirrus was Uh the serious system was two blue stars Blue giants pretty much or one of them Blew up and uh and all that’s left is Like the the neutron star the black or The uh maybe the white dwarf we’re not Sure which one’s in there and then uh And then uh but the other star is still There and it’ll blow up so you know the Thing is you know those Domo could not Could have come because the serious star

System is only like 100 million years Old you know blue stars live really fast Die life die really quickly so there’s No way in 100 million years any advanced Life would be there so you know do they Really live there or they just you know Have they set up some sort of colonies There but uh or are they just telling You know it’s kind of like the uh you Know remember the space Brothers back in The 50s they used to say oh we come from Venus or we come from Mars because in The 50s we didn’t know anything now we Know that Venus is like a baking oven 800 Degrees and Mars is kind of like a Frozen Rock and Jupiter you know these Gas bodies and so you know they can’t Sell they say oh we come from Zeta Reticulite but we don’t know anything About Zeta reticuli we can’t go there And see so you know whether they’re Telling us their true origins or they’re Just you know giving us a convenient uh You know concept to explain things is uh Is questionable You bring up some great points and then I think about Venus and just yesterday I Saw a photo from a Soviet mission where They launched a Soviet satellite to Venus they actually had a Rover of some Type not necessarily A Rover but they Had something land on Venus and it you Know here’s the like how do we know for Sure

That they’re not lying to us about the Heat of Venus like how can we confirm That without going there that it’s Really this baking oven oh you can just Look at the infrared emissions from any Telescope an infrared telescope but you Can see that it’s just a baking oven Basically okay so you could you could Verify that yourself you don’t have to Yeah you can verify that self yeah Any Nation you know yeah you could you could Do it yourself with your own with an Infrared telescope okay well that’s That’s I’m glad to know that because Some of the stuff that you know some of The uh the data that we’re given from Always a straight answer agency they you Know I just question like how do we know That they’re not fudging the numbers and Clearly there’s room for Misinterpretation and and mistakes Because that’s that happens in science Science continually rewrites itself and Gets better in advances but uh or we Think we do I mean science I guess stays Well no I mean science changes because It’s it’s different modalities but That’s okay so I’m glad to know that Then let’s talk more about this these These beans there’s so many stories of Ankian and Lil and of these battling Gods and and a multitude of gods and Goddesses and deities that are battling For position

Are they and let’s look at this real Quick Ken because I think the Iconography of this is quite fascinating So we’re looking at the bird guy you Know we’re looking at the Bird Genius and then we’re looking at the Fish genius and notice they both have The pine cone which a lot of people Believe represents the pineal gland and I think that does represent the pineal Gland like they’re giving they’re giving Knowledge they’re giving the Sixth Sense Yeah and that’s that’s part of that Hieroglyphic thing you know that’s what That means knowledge concept and then They got the little purse there too in Their hands yep What now what is this that I think this Is the May which is actually the me and It’s spelled m-e but it’s capital Letters I think that’s DNA that’s what I Think it is that’s my theory Some people think it’s civilization like They’re giving you the the bag of Civilization how what do you see this as Well it’s it’s obviously something they Always carry with them it’s it’s just Like in one hand is the thing of Knowledge and on the other hand is Another another symbolic thing I’m not Sure what that means one is knowledge One might be life or or something else I Just don’t we’d really have to study the Uh the uh the you know the literature

Against the Cure form to figure out what Exactly that is I think they have a name For it so but it symbolizes something This is all symbols you know like the Fish is symbolizing something the wings Are symbolizing something you know Everything in there is symbolic and uh And we and we may not know all the Different uh symbiology which is uh in That uh in those pictures it’s just Because a lot of it’s probably been lost You know because look at they both also Have a like a watch band on see right There on their hand they got they’re Carrying a watch Oh yeah I’ve got the other one go up to The other one above it The other the other hand Yeah doesn’t that look like a watch to You yeah it looks like an Anunnaki Rolex Yeah exactly so you know do these guys Have watches they both have watches what Does that mean and then they have the Pine cone which is of knowledge and and Then there’s the necklaces I mean Everything in any of these like any of This stuff has a symbolic meaning it may Be lost to us but for the people back Then it actually had a meaning of uh of To them so and we don’t you know there’s A lot of what we don’t we just don’t Know because it’s and and you know a lot Of these Legends don’t come from I mean One of the the most amazing things is

You know they found they discovered These pre-icea pre-melting of the ice Sheets cities off the coast of India You know they’re way off 60 100 miles Off the coast because it’s very shallow Out there and these cities had they were Brick Cities laid out and they had Aqueducts that brought water in they had Sewage systems that you know got rid of The sewage out they you know brick Cities lined up you know brick line I Mean it was like these were really Advanced cities and they were like 10 500 years at least old and when the ice Age when the ice sheets melted about 10 500 years ago they were flooded right And under the water until now and so you Know and we don’t have any understanding Of that you know pre-heropian Civilizations that existed you know that Had you know all those features ten Thousand at least ten thousand five Hundred years ago You know and then it wasn’t until the Sumerians you know thousands of years Later that we did we started seeing this Again so you know what happened there It’s just it’s just what happened to That culture That civilization and a lot Of these Legends are what’s passed on Because probably the survivors they call It the Atlantean survivors but when the When the water level Rose there was a Lot of places that went under and uh and

Uh so you got to wonder you know what What is left and I think a lot of these Legends these people you know the Beginning of the Egyptian priesthoods And uh their messages they had and these Sumerians and other people from in in Other people in India and elsewhere Probably you know this is a from of a Global you know Trans Oceanic civilization probably Like uh Grand doesn’t Graham hit Graham Hancock Graham Hancock talks About that and in fact he came out with A new book recently and he’s it’s the Whole this pre-ice age pre-icee melding Uh globals sort of Uh seafaring civilization and and when You see similarities in like uh like the Pyramids when they look at pyramids the Pyramids like the three big pyramids are Set out like Orion’s Belt but they’re Actually oriented the way Orion would be About 10 000 years ago So as you know this always comes back to This ten thousand five hundred year ago Date that’s uh kind of maybe marks the The end the you know the complete change Over when the when the ice sheets melted The sea levels Rose and you know it was Hundreds that city was 100 miles out so If this happens it kept going and so you Couldn’t really re-establish stuff Because this water kept rising and Rising and that’s probably a lot of the

Legends of the great flood Yeah yeah absolutely and great points And the global Dynasty makes sense and One of the things that I’m noticing when I’m looking at these two pieces is it’s Almost as if It’s the same artist or if it’s an Artist that they they were artists that Studied each other because not only is The Y and the watch itself you know I’m Joking around when I say Anunnaki Rolex It most likely is like the sun some Representation of the Sun the clock the Sun the solar deity uh some type of Solar deity one two three okay one two Three four There’s nine interesting Nine Rays is that right third line there Move there’s ten one two three four five Six seven eight nine no nine that’s nine Nine’s often a symbol of uh Of God like the the Tibetans have nine As their symbol kind of like the unity There you go there’s nine in that and Like the other guy The Fish Guy has two Watches on well look at this this is What’s different this guy doesn’t have Another watch at least on the what we See here is And the way the way that this kind of Wraps together but it’s not even that’s Got to have some significance and There’s two of these there’s one on his Arm right here and there’s one right

Here but then look at this Ken check This out When we zoom out Notice That they have the same type of clothing Right right down there they’ve got the This guy’s headdress you can see Um is It almost this part of the fish mimics This part of the of The Birdman And then this is also the same they’ve Got these two looks like little daggers Almost Yes and so yeah these are all symbol Symbols meaning and have meaning each And everything in there has meaning yeah The little the the ancient uh yeah the Ancient uh everything has meaning and we Just don’t know those meanings anymore And so but people at the time would know What that meant uh entirely because These are just you know there’s just two Of many different these are just the two We’re talking about but they have you Know Kings and regular people and Animals and all kinds of symbolic Creatures also so it’s a language we Just don’t really understand fully but We’re getting there and we’re learning And we’re decoding time every year the Scholars are learning and and so are we Man I think that just you and me having This conversation in this brainstorm I

Think that we’re we’re getting closer to What this means I think we’re pretty Spot on with some of our theories and And also these beings have different Things like the fish people especially If you go back to the Domo and other People that talk about these amphibian Type beings they’re always been positive For humans you know they taught human Knowledge you know all kinds of things From agriculture to medicine to all Kinds of knowledge and they’ve never They’ve always been kind of like a Positive benefit you know benefit to Humanity whereas the eagle ones they Were more like a domineering species you Know that’s often associated with you Know people making people slaves and Working you know the minds you know that Mythology goes with that And uh so you know is this are they Really brothers are they just two beings From the stars and two types of beings From the stars and they just call them Brothers because you know well you know They came from the Stars so they must be Brothers even though they may be Completely different because you know Our understanding of you know humans Understanding of what was going on Thousands and thousands of what the Universe was thousands and thousands Years ago it’s pretty limited and so They just did the best they could from

Their limited understanding of what Reality was Yeah great points and I’m I’m the more I’m looking at this Ken it’s as if It’s the same Type of art like they’re definitely Mimicking so I’m not saying it’s the Same artist but they definitely studied The same art it’s a style it’s a style Of art that has specific meanings in Everything that they do and uh and so And you know and these some of these Beings are still around you know I had a Woman friend uh back in days when I Lived in Phoenix and uh she had a Boyfriend that was a professional diver And he used to work on those he go down With the helium oxygen mixtures work on Like oil Oil platforms you know several hundred Feet under the the sea or deeper and Then one of the things he uh he did on His Recreation was he do do shallow Dives like in the Caribbean and in one Of those dies he actually ran into one Of those like what people call mermaids Or mermen I guess this was a merman and Uh he had like a telepathic Communication with it you know and They’re discussing things and he says You know people should know you exist And say you know give me a piece of your Fin or something so that you know that I Can prove to the world the guy said no

All it would do it would cause you Problems and uh your your own you know Ruling class would just you know oppress You and damage you And so so there are these beings are Still around they haven’t disappeared Just they’re they’re different Power Beings have come in you know I think you Hit we have the fish people and these Ones and then they kind of went away and Then we had like all the iconery about Reptoid The Reptilian beings kind of Came to be the dominant type on planet Earth and you’ll see this like in Whether it’s the mesoamericans you know They even have like you know lizard kind Of a Reptoid lizard God right who’s got That bad guy versus Godzilla good guy And so they have all these uh and then Especially the icon of the reptiles in Uh in in Asian especially Chinese things Where the dragons and you see the Dragons right that comes out so that’s There’s that time and then it’s only Recently you know the mantoy gray things Have really been around and that’s been More of a recent type so these may just Be indications of different groups that Have been you know in power and then one Group muscles out another group they’re Still around but you know they’re not as Dominant as they used to be Okay look at this these are some photos Of what

People refer to as reptoids or reptilian Type beans on the top here as you can See and these are about 7 000 years old And In my opinion They are like these ones are from here Probably Um they evolved they might have had some Reptilian attributes but over millions Of years of living on Earth and changing And dealing with the environmental Factors I why not why wouldn’t there be a Bipedal reptoid-like being that is a Scientist or an author or a you know a Musician just with more like look at how Much DNA we have right we’re a human but Are we you know so well you gotta and You also have to think about parallel Evolutions it could easily come from Somewhere else I mean if you look at Like say Africa you have the crassulas And they really look just like Cactus Right so if you look at the crash lives In Africa and said the pack of podiums And stuff these things have come to look Just like Cactus and then you go to the New world where cactuses only place Exist well at least they’re originated There there’s all these and so you can Have these parallel Evolutions where You’ll get plants that grow you know to Be because they both live in a desert Environment so they come up with

Adaptations like you know they’re Covered with little hairs they kind of Give them that silvery color to block The sun they got Thorns so things won’t Eat them they got toxic substances in Their sap so that that’ll also Discourage things from eating them so And then they come to look like each Other even though you know they grew up In different continents it’s just that They adapt to the environment in similar Ways and so it could be the same way you Know why would it why wouldn’t parallel Evolution not only occur on uh occur on You know Earth we see it on Earth all Over the place why wouldn’t occur also In in you know other planets and stuff And and also we always see people you Know beings are like bipedal and have Like hand-like things they can Manipulate stuff with and uh and that’s Not surprising either obviously if You’re something like the whales like You know dolphins and killer whales Actually have more complex brains than Humans but they don’t have hands they Just have flippers so and they live in The water so the chances of them Developing you know a technological Civil space-faring civilization are kind Of remote you know certain you might Have to have you know like the mantoids They’re living there they got little Hands you know you may need certain

Characteristics to go in that direction Which is you know maybe you know having Hands that can manipulate something of Some sort and uh and you know just kind Of that’s and maybe bipedal is uh living On the land or at least partially on the Land so that so that may be something That just is necessary to uh to develop You know a technological space-based Civilization Now as far as the different the Different planets and the different Environmental factors that would make it Nearly impossible for a carbon-based Anthropomorphic figures like us to live In Um you know like 800 degree weather as An example you’d have to have one hell Of an air conditioner there uh what About there being other entities and Life forms that would actually live There that would be intelligent but Maybe A different dimension on that oh yeah You can yeah there’s potential of all Kinds of different things that are truly Alien to us you know I think they’ve Gone out and they’ve uh I think they you Know they’ve discovered now thousands of Planets around Stars we can only and They found actually eight planets which Probably are better for quote life than Earth is That would be more favorable for life

Than Earth is so you know so we’re not Even on the top of the list of quote Well you know in the right place to be For life to prosper and we’ve only seen And we can only see out just a very far Distance you know the Milky Ways a Hundred thousand light years across and We’re only seeing out you know maybe a Couple thousand so you know they they Think there’s something like three Million earth-like planets in the Milky Way alone that would exist in the areas Where life you know where life could be Three million you know that’s huge huge And uh and then there’s a bunch of Marginal ones that on on red stars and Yellow star are red stars and orange Stars which might also so there’s just You know there’s potential of you know a Possible life of hundreds hundred Million or more planets in just our Galaxy alone that might be favorable for Life you know but you got to be there’s A lot of things like Earth got hit by a Couple of asteroids right wiped out the Dinosaurs and those other ones you know So chances there’s some places there Might be life started and a really big Asteroid hit and wiped it out back to Bacteria level so you know so there’s so There’s but any so if you go out there Any space-faring civilization would Probably find dozens if not tens of Thousands of planets with probably don’t

Have advanced life on them very Primitive you know bacterial life Because of conditions that they would But they still might have oxygen Atmospheres and be uh an and magnetic Fields and be a decent place you know For colonization so it’s it’s quite you Know even though there might have been Started with a few civilizations there Could be just vast numbers of uh uh Planets with uh intelligent life on them Because basically they got there You know why do you think we’re picking Up more signals you’re seeing more Activity and and one other question that I’d like to add to that with so many People that have genuine experiences With non-human beings that some call Frightening and some call beautiful and Some in between like why do we not have More Evidence that we can you know look it Out with the telescope why aren’t we Seeing them all the time why aren’t we Hearing them why you know we are we do You don’t see that I had a friend Jose Escamilla he’s passed away but he had a Video a show that was never turned out It was called moon rising and I saw some Of the stuff he had been working with One guy who’d been taking pictures of He’s like a 22-inch telescope refractor That uh I think it was a reflector that Just watched the moon all and he had

Filmed just dozens of these objects Flying between the Earth and the Moon I mean huge ones 30 40 50 kilometers Across a lot a bunch of smaller ones you Can still see that stuff posted here and There on you know because people are Still doing that and uh he never uh it Never got published but so there’s you Know they know they have huge amounts of That and one of the other things is People don’t know is you know the US has All these spy satellites you know but Only half of them are pointing at the Earth the other half of the US by Satellite Fleet is pointing out from the Earth so why are the Spy satellites Pointing out from the earth is what’s What’s the reason for that well Obviously if they wouldn’t be looking Out from the earth if there wasn’t Something they’re not looking for That reminds me of a friend of mine Eric Heckler that was or Eric Hecker that was In Antarctica for a year working he Worked out there yeah I remember your Videos of him and yeah thank you and he Talks about this antenna system out There that is not only receiving Information but sending information and To what we don’t know but it’s real Exactly fascinating wow yeah so there’s Certain things that happen there and That’s near the rotational axis of a Planet

And I could get into some of the physics But uh you know if you take like a wheel And start and and start it spinning this Way and you have parallel wheels on it a Wheel right next to it even if you have A barrier in between that will start Spinning the backward Direction With no physical connections it’s like Whoops Warping space time by rotation so if You’re on the rotational pull of a Planet that’s creating this other Anti-rotational it’s just like torsion Physics we really don’t understand it We’re about the same level of Understanding a torsion as Ben Franklin Was you know about electricity in his Age so there’s strange things that Happen there that uh which you know Might you know might have we just don’t Know we just know strange things Happening Yeah there’s a lot of places on the Earth that seem to have paranormal Activity as well as UFO activity and Then military slash Shadow Ops activity And I thought to myself if I was a Military Or if I was running the military I would Certainly want to keep track and have a Position Next to these Anomalous spots Yeah we’ve been to the Stanley Valley

The Stanley Valley that’s actually where The continent is ripping open and There’s just you know it may be the Highest world’s highest Alpine Valley But it’s just sediments down about 25 000 feet and that’s where you know Basically goes to the Earth’s mantle Because it’s just ripping apart Eventually an ocean will form you know Tens of millions of years from now in That area but uh but yeah that’s where The Earth and you know who knows what’s Going on there but that you know that’s One of the most paranormal places in you Know North America and it’s also right Where the Earth’s ripped apart and you Know the forces from the mantle you know Are just covered with uh just layers of Sediment that’s why there’s all the hot Water Springs and stuff in that area Vortex type energy could create a thin Veil For for different dimensions where they Meet it’s like a Nexus point allowing For energies and beings and Cryptids and Weird Things That Go Bump in the night To go in and out of it see Humanity has Not developed torsion technology you can Go look up Professor kazir are you you Know why why do you think there’s no Drought right here where I live there Hasn’t been a drought every round dress Is a drought there’s no drought here you Know I was Trevor James Constable

Student he taught me a lot about etheric Marine engineering so we don’t have a Drought here maybe everywhere else in The last but not here uh and uh you know And there’s just these Technologies Exist I mean the Russians the Czechs did A really good thing they called them uh What do they call the Russians call them Torsion technology That I think the checks call them Radiotics but there’s this level this New thing it’s it’s like torsion fourth Gentleman electricity Electricity controls charge right Torsion technology allows you to Manipulate time And when you can manipulate time that’s The whole another level of reality and And yes some of the clandestine Government services and a few outrageous Researchers have done that and could do Amazing things with it but uh as far as You know being a really a developed Technology it’s it’s still very Primitive like Ben Franklin so we can’t We can’t really you know we have things We can do look at this look at that but Uh we are for our understanding of it You know isn’t full just like in uh Ben Franklin’s time you know with the Concept of logistin which eventually was Re replaced with electrons and and holes And charged and such it’s uh it’s it’s Just you know until we get better

Theories on what’s really going on we Can do these things but and that will Happen in time that’s the same thing People think you know science is no We’re about to enter like a whole Another some of the woo science little Uncle cliff talks about where we’ll have The capacity to control time the speed Of time we can make it go faster make it Go slower and that’s what a lot of these Spacecraft you do you always see these Spacecraft zipping across or Unidentified flying hops zipping across Then doing these these right hand turns Well what’s really happening is there They have the capacity to change time so If they make time slow down one thousand Times slower and they still have like Their let’s say their power thing is Putting out impulse that means they can Go a thousand times faster and although We see that like almost like a right Hand curve that would like crush anybody Against the bulkheads into If you’re going a thousand times fast And slower in time that turn for you Would have been just very gentle and Gradual and so that’s what they don’t Understand is these people have the Capacity to change time and the capacity To do that and that allows them to do All kinds of things when you can change Time you can basically get rid of Inertia and and or quote mass and do uh

Do just amazing things and that’s also How they jump between the Stars we’ve Actually done that primitive Technologies like that not that it’s Been released to the public but uh you Know we can do primitive things but uh Uh you know and we’ve done that in the Lab but we haven’t been able to you know Make work warp jumping because basically What you do is you pop out of the Universe as we know it we’ve done that And so now your object can pop objects Out of the universe and then they will Pop back in unfortunately you’re not There’s not much you can do about where They pop in because you know the Earth’s Spinning it’s also moving around the sun The sun is moving around and there seems To be like a fixed structure so when you Pop that thing out where is it going to Pop back in you know could pop back in You know 100 yards above you and the air Is out in outer space or it’s in the Rock below you and that’s one of the Hard problems and that’s you know a lot Of times that just people find these Weird objects buried in the Earth where They shouldn’t be well how did they get There were they buried in the Sedimentary deposit or were they like Got in one of these time things and I Mean the Chinese even had these psychics That were able to like move objects and So what they did is they put like radio

Receivers in them just to list see you Know see what was happening to these Things and as the uh as the uh as they Got closer to disappearing the uh the Radio frequency changed so time went Slower and slower and slower in the rice Bag and then it went to zero the bag Disappeared and then the bag would Reappear somewhere else and then and Then they would pick up the radio Signals again and and the frequency Would go faster and faster and faster Until it came back to our time so that Ability to make things disappear and Reappeared had something to do with the Ability to stop time And that may have something to do with The ability to jump between the Stars I Mean we’re doing this you know in our Lab Laboratories and all over the world Not that it’s published and given to you Know quote you know peer review Scientific journals but it’s still Happening so uh but we we don’t have Control of it we we have the basics but We don’t have the capacity to really uh To you know make a good control of it at Least at least I’m not aware of anyone That does that That he can say publicly yet folks but Stay tuned and I noticed okay so I’ve Studied the occult for many years and I’m fascinated with mind over matter and Symbolism and iconography Etc and one

And the reason I brought that up is one Of the things that I noticed here that They’re doing if you study magic or Mysticism or hermetics let’s use the Term hermetics because I think that’s Um what a lot of this is when you’re When you got the right arm up If you’re pointing up like this you’ll See this oftentimes in symbols of Jesus Or even Baphomet he’s pointing up even Uh George Washington you’ll see George Washington doing his pose where he’s Pointing up like this with his right Hand and you’ll notice that the right Hand has the pineal gland the right hand Up and it’s up the right hand is up Giving the pineal gland the third eye The higher level of Consciousness and The left arm is down Then it’s usually As Above So Below like This the left arm is down because it’s Pointing towards the Earthly the Earthly Desires Um the wings represent Heavenly desires Coming from the heavens and oftentimes You’ll see the bull horns which will Represent the Earthly desires it doesn’t Necessarily mean evil unless you want to Look at the judeo-christian term and Think that everything is evil that Doesn’t fall anyway it’s all our pockets Yeah well that well you got to see like In the age of as the different Progression of the of the uh

The Zodiac has gone on there’s been Different religious agents so like in The age of Taurus people worship the Bull yep the horns you know at the Crete And all that and then in the age of rant Of Ramsey I guess uh what is that age Ramses whatever well it went from Whatever major Aries it was the RAM and Then the bull became the demon right the God of the past age becomes the demon And then the new God you know and then The new God but then the age of Aries Went away it became the age of Pisces You know the Christ Consciousness yep And then the horn-headed you know goat Or you know horned sheep goat had a that Became the new demon yeah they had the Other demon from the the the the the you Know the horn one so and then of course What’s happening now is we’re entering In the age of Aquarius right and so that Means the god of the old age you know The god of Pisces the fish God you know Jesus will become Jesus in the new age To the new Aquarian age which is a guy Carrying water bottle and that’s kind of See that that’s see and simply if you Look people don’t say oh some guy Carrying a water bottle what does that Mean see because in in like the time of Jesus like Jesus says you know how can You know the new age is coming and the Scriptures it says well look for the guy Carrying the water the the water jug see

Because in that time of 2000 years walk Carrying water was always women’s work No man would ever be caught carrying the Water jug that just never happened it Was 100 women’s work in that age and so Having a guy carrying a water jug is Just like totally bizarre and unusual You just would never see that but he Made that reference of course to the age Of Aquarius which where they have a guy You know the water God carrying the jar And uh and so that’s kind of that’s you Know as we’re just coming into this age So this is like the these new age Religions and stuff they’re kind of like The formulation of like a new religious Tradition is happening and it probably Won’t be Consolidated for centuries but Uh but it’ll have you know it’ll have That new uh uh and then of course Eventually two thousand years from our 2200 whatever it is there’s going to be The uh Capricorn which is the goat fish So I don’t know what’s gonna happen then But since we don’t have to worry about It for a couple thousand years I’m not Going to either so so it’s just that’s Just one of the things that people point You know both seem to realize you know Their age it was uh you know the age Area you know the different ages of Taurus of areas of Pisces Of you know Aquarius and uh how the god Of the last stage becomes the demon in

The next stage or the the devil of the Next age and so that’s going to happen Too and uh and that’s interesting that Our religious situation on Earth also Parallels the Zodiac uh symbols you know Because obviously you know the sign of You know the early Christians was two Fish right the same symbol AS Pisces I mean this stuff is obvious people just Need to see it and so and so why do our Religious iconotry Correspond to the the cycles of the Zodiac And and that’s that is just kind of very Interesting that’s where the power from The gods comes in and like the the Divine Right To Rule I think at least in The eyes of these beings and and before I I just want to mention this also Notice the bucket being with the left Hand pointing downward as I said earlier I think that’s the May which is the me Which would be the DNA which would be The physical matter the physical matter That he’s holding in his hand so he’s Going from physical matter all the way Up to the third eye you’re you’re Putting you know you’ve got that Polarity As Above So Below and then the Esoteric traditions in the esoteric Traditions you know the right hand Projects like the life healing energy And then the left hand would pull that Energy from like the Earth

So like you can also see the purses like A storage of Life Energy right yes like A battery storage a battery and then the Hand is projecting it but also the other Thing about the pine cone besides like Being the pineal it also represents the Fibonacci series which is everything in Life is has a Fibonacci symbol Series in It so even you know like you see you Know any like pine cones or sunflowers Anything that’s living has this Fibonacci series buried in it even in Our bodies you see they remember that Leonardo da Vinci man where he’s Standing five-sided uh true to your man Or whatever they call that yeah and and That’s a sign because sometimes in Geology having a little geology degree You’ll you will get things in the Geologic record that look like life You know that just by that and and what You do is you look at those to see like They have those little they look like Sand dollars they’re made out of pyrite They look like sand dollars but the way We know that they’re not life is because They don’t have a Fibonacci series in Them they’re just a natural formation That happens it kind of looks like a Fossil but is it but you could tell real Fossils from fake fossils because you Can find Fibonacci relationships within The object whereas you can’t find those And just something that’s you know

Basically a crystal formation or made Accidentally by you know something in Some formation of some sort so that’s That’s just that that identifies life From non-life You know there’s a lot of people that You know I’ve interviewed so many people That I do my best to take like even if I Interview somebody that has a lot of Stuff that I don’t agree with or they’re Saying stuff it’s way out there you know I’m looking for that gem that I can like Okay yeah you talk for an hour and a Half of uh nonsense but there was that That one minute of gem and and most People I talk to I feel like I get a lot More than that but I’m just saying no Matter what I’m doing you know if There’s an interview that I do and I Talk to somebody and they sound batshit Crazy but then I get that five minutes Of Awesomeness okay but time is very Valuable and I’m doing my best to get Somebody that’s going to come on and Give me an hour and a half good Information and maybe five minutes of Stuff I don’t agree with but the reason I brought that up is because there’s you Know there’s there’s somebody I Interviewed recently that that I have Respect for and they’re doing great work And they’re uncovering some amazing Things and they have uncovered some Amazing things

Um where I would disagree with though is When people talk about Giants that are so big that they’re a Mile in height Um yeah yeah like so All Leads Road all roads lead to heaven And that’s that’s something that’s kind Of like the Chinese philosophy like in China there’s never been really a Religious war between religions Because in the way that Chinese Culture developed over time they have a Thing where you know all roads lead to Heaven so sure there’s Muslims in uh in China and Christians in China and other Types the taoists and the the Buddhists And all that but you know they really Never went off hacking each other up is Because in the underlying philosophy in That area is like all roads lead to Heaven and so this person may have a Certain bit of the truth and this person Has a good truth and this person has a Certain bit of truth but the other thing Is also is nobody has all the truth Nobody has all the truth nobody knows Everything and all that so each person So they don’t they don’t get into a uh You know we have the absolute truth and You don’t have that’s just something That’s never happened in Chinese Society There’s been fights between religious Orders and the Chinese State when the Religious order threat in the Chinese

State we see that like with the with the Uh with some of that’s going on in China Right now is that the cheap what are Those groups that one group that got Kicked out They were on The Epic Times now anyway It’s uh it’s like a Qigong group is uh They had a thing and they started Threatening the state you know the Existing state and then there was a Problem but uh but yeah they just don’t Have that because it’s a different Philosophical view of the universe more Of the East Asian view and the same in This same in Japan so and we’re the West Has a different more of the the you know The is the the West in the near East They still have that like we have the Absolute truth that you don’t heretic And you know and so that’s that’s just a Different different perspective of Philosophy and uh results in different Outcomes of uh culture Um yeah unfortunately I don’t know if They still Have those same guidelines but we’ll We’ll leave that for a whole other Podcast I don’t want to get into that Now um yeah what I do want to get into Though is dude I totally feel that that Gummy too like I feel like I I just like It’s like [Music] It’s pretty awesome uh yeah you

Definitely can feel the clarity and you Fill the extra energy I like that I like That um so but let’s talk about this There are some papers that you’ve Mentioned before we’ve ever we’ve never Actually looked at these papers a lot of People are exposed to substantial Amounts of radiation whether it’s Environmental radiation or Electromagnetic frequencies or a Combination and C60 itself is a super Powerful antioxidant and we’ve talked About how it helps protect against Radiation and I wanted to actually look At one of these papers right now so we Could look at both of them if I could go Over them and uh yeah that’s one of the Things that’s how I came to it because C60 is strongly uh protective against Radiation And uh and that’s when I was doing the Metal oxes basically uh they gave that’s The first one is C60 plus hydroxyl ions And just letting you know that is a Delivery method the C60 has to lose all Those hydroxyl ions be before it becomes Biologically active just like when you Take the oil C60 and oil the C60 Disassociates with the oil in your body And then it becomes protective so that Basically what it is is they found if we Go down And let’s just scan the pages here and So it’s just that basically they gave

The mice a bunch of C60 before uh they Were exposed to multiple doses of deadly Radiation let’s just read the results Animals pre-treated with C60 without Your radiation group uh survive with no Apparent adversive so they are they the Ones that didn’t get it and then uh Pre-treatment of mice with 40 milligrams Per kilogram daily for two weeks Decreased radiation induced mortality When compared to the radiation control Group when they gave the vice radiation The ones with the round dots they got The radiation without the C60 and they Died And then the the radiation with the ones With little squares those the ones with The triangles the ones that uh they’re The and this is a multiple dose Radiation effect so basically it kept All those other ones alive there was a Few that died in the beginning but then The rest of them uh survived which is Why we were taking it but you got to Realize you know the chances are you if If you’re exposed to radiation you know If you’re in if you’re going to get a Fatal dose of radiation Chances are you know you’re way too Close to the blast but uh but C60 can Prevent this shows that C60 can also Prevent for lower toxicities of Radiation which they’ve also shown that It gets like it protection against UV

And x-rays but let’s go to the other Paper here and let’s talk about that you Know there’s been a lot of talk about You know possible Things going off and being having to Fight radiation protection you know There’s certain power plants that’s been Threatened and uh And then this is some of the let’s just Kind of roll down the C60 is one of the Many things that uh That uh that can help with uh with Protecting against radiation because When you’re exposed to radiation like You guys remember Chernobyl or Fukushima There’s two things you get like if You’re you could get the if you could Get the gamma produced by you know being Exposed to the reactor core And if you’re if you’re that close You’re in kind of you’re not going to Make it and then but what happens is Like if there’s an atomic explosion or a Reactor meltdown it spreads all these uh Radioactive elements into the atmosphere And then they as usually as dust and Then they come down out in and uh and Then can infect your body and so uh the Thing about C60 is we can just keep Running on some of these some of these Are various different things like C60 is A really good protector and C60 Interacts with the hydroxyl radical There it is yeah C60 is only interact

With two oxidative radicals superoxide And the hydroxyl ion and both of those Are produced and by ionizing radiation Like gamma rays and x-rays and that’s Why C60 was so good good for uh dealing With radiation and also you know so Obviously at fatal doses that it it Showed great efficacy but even at lower Doses like when you’re flying on an Airplane you get a lot of radiation when You’re X-rays and just things living Near Granite mountains and so C60 does Have a radiation protective effect and And there’s other studies too besides That one there’s you can see up there They have a couple more studies about How C60 protects things and uh so here’s Uh here’s some here’s here’s some of the Studies here So you can say here’s one Protection from hydrogen peroxide Induced oxidative industry neural Protection radio protection dendrites See there’s there’s several bunch of Them and then uh so you can see that It’s not just just in one thing C60 does That in a whole bunch of different ways That they do that so that’s just uh Those are just uh Different benefits that C60 does the Radiation just I mean it’s a nice thing To have now there’s other things that People need because I used to be NBC Kind of an NBC expert and that means NBC

Is not a television station it’s nuclear Biological chemical and uh and what it Is is on the nuclear thing like usually If there’s Fallout from an atomic Reactor blowing up or atomic bomb Blowing out you’re down when it falls Out and there’s things you can take like One of the things they always talk about They give out iodine pills especially Potassium iodine pills because one of The things that’s made in a nuclear is Is iodine 131 which has a half-life of 80 to eight days and uh so after and Usually within like eight half-lice it’s You know because it’s a half you got Like one and it shrinks to half and half Of that then half of that then half of That and uh and after eight of those Shrinks that whatever it is is pretty Much reduced to nothingness so like in For iodine 131 64 days after something Happens it goes way but also the longer The shorter the half-life the more Radioactive it tends to be and so I Don’t know if a lot of people here you Know that when they were doing the Nuclear test in the west during the 50s My mom had the same thing happen to her And uh is a lot of the uh I wasn’t Around yet by the way a lot of the uh The the uh you know the radiation went Up into the atmosphere and then it Rained out back east and one of the Things is that 131 is taken up into

Crops like grass and cows eat the grass And then they concentrate the iodine in Their milk that’s one of the reasons why You take milk is you know iodine the Problem is is that this is radioactive Iodine and so a lot of kids that drink Milk during the 40s and 50s Atomic tests Have really serious uh serious iodine or Serious thyroid problems now because Thyroid goes to the iodine is processing The thyroid you all that radioactive Iodine you know I have a friend Jed and He uh he has no functioning iodine Because he lived on a dairy ranch right Downwind in the east coast you know from Those atomic blasts and so it just Basically distorted his thyroid and uh And so so there’s a lot of that after a While the 50 I think in the early late 50s they figured out that blowing Nuclear bombs up in the atmosphere and Letting fall out everywhere would be a Bad thing so they started putting them Underground but you know the damage was Done at that point so that’s so that’s Why people take like potassium iodine Pills and you could actually go buy Potassium iodine or just plain iodine From any health food store this is Something you should have in your house And iodine that and then the other thing Is you’ve got you got also thing which Is cesium 137 cesium’s in the same Family as sodium

And potassium cesium rubidium cesium and So a lot of times if you take potassium Or a potassium chloride a lot of Potassium chloride it’ll prevent the Cesium from being uptaken it has about a It has a 30-year Half-Life right so it’s Going to be around forever but it tends To after a while it tends to get kind of Sucked into the environment washed into The soils where it’s not totally Available to you and so that’s but in The first you know few months it can be A problem so that’s why you know Potassium chloride pills are really good For the potassium iodine after 60 days You don’t need that go to potassium Chloride and then the other is strontium 90. that’s like in the same family as Calcium so if you’re taking like calcium Magnesium supplements like you dose up a Whole lot more than you would and that Just prevents it from if you have so Much regular iodine in your body then if There’s any radioactive iodine in your Body it can’t settle in in the same way With strontium or and cesium it’s so Much you know potassium sodium in your Body then it can’t it’ll wash through And it won’t stick in your body and Cause damage because it doesn’t cause Damage in your body it causes damage When it breaks up and so and so that’s Another thing also is you want to do When you do stats you want to you don’t

Want to get particles if it’s Radioactive fallout you don’t want to Breed the particles of C6 of of Radiology the particles of you know dust From an atomic reactor or Fallout in Your things that’s why you always see Them with gas masks is to prevent Particles because once they get it in Your subs they get a plutonium or Uranium in them and then they Decay Plutonium and uranium are kind of they Buy up the Clays they’re they don’t Really become biologically active in the Environment too much so they’re not as Big a threat as these other ones which Are strontium can be taken up and and Cesium and strong and structure and that In mushrooms that’s why you can’t like Even in Scandinavia today and certain Parts of Russia you can’t eat the Mushrooms anymore still because there’s So much cesium in the mushroom cesium 137 that they’re they’re unhealthy for You they they go radioactive when you Touch them with the geiger counter you Can tell that Okay so those are things that you might Want to think about going to your health Food store and get because your Government is going to provide them for You so you have better provide them for Yourself and see 60 C60 is different it Protects against the damage that like Gamma rays cause the damage from the

Radiation so that helps protect the Damage from the radiation those other Things protect you from getting those That radioactive substances in your body Flushes them out so you don’t have Damage in the first place so one’s Preventative and and one is actually Kind of treats the radiation damage when It happens Okay wow man uh just a wealth of Knowledge brother much appreciated and I’m glad I got some c60s so I got C60 in The Coconut I got C60 and avocado I got C60 and olive oil I got C60 and gummies I got C60 gummies that haven’t even came Out yet no there there is don’t forget There’s C60 in the edible massage oil That’s right that is right You know C60 one of the benefits of C60 Is a significant increase in libido So yeah like I’ve already don’t need That but it makes it even more exciting So Um ladies and gentlemen check it out You’ll be glad you did use the code Leak10 Um it’s like Viagra but not um I’ve Never tried Viagra so I don’t know but Anyway so I guess after four hours you Need to go to the doctor uh my wife Would be like after four hours keep Going ladies and gentlemen can I get a Drum roll please dude I’m telling you These c60s got me going I better stop

While I’m ahead but leak 10’s the code Use code leak 10 Ken this was great man I really enjoyed talking with you Dave Thank you for being a guest on the Project I’m glad to be on awesome and uh We need to go on another adventure soon Yes the San Luis Valley or something Exploring more hot springs uh you know But be careful about Valley View Valley Valley View is actually a nudist Place for those that don’t know about it And uh my first experience I had friends Sucker me into going there so you know I Go to Valley View I’m gonna go there and I signed up I’m going out and then all Of a sudden I discover well I’m in a Nudist resort a nudist Hot Spring Resort Valley View it’s in the San Luis Valley That was a that was an interesting Experience To say the least it’s probably not like What you expect and you’re like no no It’s older people it’s mostly older People so you’re more likely to get your Memory scarred for life than you are to Be excited Right on Um Well ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna go On a bike ride it’s like 50 degrees Outside the sun’s out so Bike in time C60 hello change you want to see Everybody

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