The 3D Chess Board They Call the Matrix

By | November 5, 2022

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Foreign Now ladies and gentlemen rexberry leak Project how the heck are you fantastic Day today out here in Southern Colorado It’s starting to get cold really fast so I’m actually doing this podcast in the House versus the garage but look who we Have with us today we have a legend Amongst Legends Ronnie McMullen it’s Been way too long a lot of people have Been saying Rex where the heck’s Ronnie And I’m like I know where is he here he Is ladies and gentlemen and we have We’re going to talk about it we’re going To talk about it so what’s the purpose Of life philosophy what happens when you Get to that I don’t know you can call it Fork in the road What do you do Ronnie what do you do man And what’s going on with you lately Great to see you Good to see you good to be back on your Channel I’m uh I’m loving it nice it’s Been uh it’s been a roller coaster ride You know it’s kind of boring going up The going Down’s a rush Yeah I know that’s good the world’s Completely going crazy And it’s a matter of what do we do with It because we’re not going to be able to Stop what the world’s doing how the heck are you doing Great awesome what the heck you got in Your hand I’ve got the world’s first C60

Gummies in tart cherry nice released on October 9th national C60 day so I just Had one and they’re delicious is you get All the same benefits and one gummy that You would in the regular C60 if you guys Have yes you do in a very tasty delivery Method nice all right we’ll go use go Leak 10 you get 10 off shop if You change here everybody thanks Ken What are you doing about it Well first of all I noticed I’m slowing Down With going to watch all different Channels Because some of them are right some of Them are wrong Some of them don’t know and it produces An extreme amount of fear if you Actually care about what’s happening to Our country and what’s happening to the World we are not alone this time this is Not like 2008 2008 was strictly the United States And it kind of rippled out a little bit This is the whole world’s kind of heart So and I kind of feel like it’s our Fault And the reason being is we’ve allowed These corrupt politicians to get in Office And make decisions that are not our Decisions I mean hasn’t it been that way though For pretty much always even if you go

Back to the Hierarchies and the Kings and the Aristocrats it’s like yeah but it seemed Like there was always a bigger amount of People that were like straight up And I think the straight up thing is Kind of uh it’s almost like the Batman There’s only one Okay I mean I you know I’m not trying to To put a negative spin on everything Because there’s there’s actually a Positive spin When I mean let’s let’s start with a Simple analogy If you have a closet and you take a Small matchbook and you like that match And you go in the closet and shut the Door What’s going to happen is the whole room Dark Or is there light from a little match And you look at the square footage of a Closet with the door shut That little light will take over That big box Well with that being said we are the Light And how we think changes things how we React changes things Maybe you can’t go make good money I Mean this has kind of been long prepared By some people On purpose this isn’t just like whoops We don’t know what we’re doing

Wow I guess we’ll raise the interest Rates and that’ll make the whole world Better Well it it sort of Will and it sort of Won’t because there’s a bigger problem Than just interest rates Much bigger problems there’s well let’s Let’s turn these problems into Opportunities and you know the interest Rates thing it’s the monies now I’m Surprised that the markets are as Healthy as they are even though there’s A lot of I mean there’s a lot of stuff going on In the markets but if you think about it Somebody out there keeps adding extra Zeros behind it you know okay well it’s Okay let’s just keep printing keep Printing because that’s what it’s Obviously taken right now when I hear People complain about how we’re 50 Trillion dollars in debt or 100 trillion Or 30 trillion whatever the number is It’s like yeah but they’re just going to Keep printing money until something Happens that will cause a new reset and Then they’ll probably have some type of Like amnesty thing if you join the new Club that’s just what’s you know coming In my mind right now so Either we can keep doing the money thing Or a new Financial system comes out but Is it going to be the one is it going to Be better it depends on depends on us

Like you know I mean there’s that one Group That wants to basically user about the World but there’s other Banks out there That aren’t On that team you know what I mean so so I I guess what we need to do is like you Said is we need to be the light we need To light up the darkness we need to show People their possibilities and and and Help them Stoke the fire Billy Joel song comes to mind I went Into the bank on Monday Monday’s usually One of the busiest days for banks It was empty There was no one there And it was like a morgue And I thought wow what’s this I mean there’s so many things that are Kind of crazy right now and how can we Be so in debt When You know it’s funny they print money For stimulus And we’re in debt How do you do that You owe me five thousand dollars Rex But you’re gonna go and give your buddy 500 bucks Something something doesn’t make sense There Well that’s another thing it’s as if This whole show is a show because

Whoever’s running things at the top Levels They’ve got to know they can just keep Pushing buttons I mean that’s really What it is they’re but they’re pushing Buttons that push more buttons that push More buttons that keep the world in this System of confusion called the system of Confusion Yes and when we talk about leaning into The light and being the light I don’t Want to sound like that’s a cheese Phrase like the world’s gonna blow up I’ll just be the light it’s okay just be The light that kind of sounds cheesy and Almost acts cheesy there’s actually Because this problem is so big it’s past Finances it’s past real estate Uh they’re monitoring people they’re Watching people the new system the new Money system is going to make sure that They monitor every transaction you have Financially So and that’s all about taxes and the Tax rate is so high anyway So they’re going to raise the taxes and Pretty soon we’re just going to be Working for them And it’s and not again to go down this Downward slope But it’s about what do we do with what’s Coming Because this isn’t just about America this is about China

This is about Germany this is about London Is about Australia There’s a lot of draconian measures Going on and I don’t want to get into That because that gets all dark and Gloomy and but we know it’s happening we We know there’s stuff happening Around us What does the Creator say about all this Does he go to his big bank account and The big uh Universal Bank And say well these guys are really Hurting financially so I guess I’ll pour Some money out on everybody I don’t think that’s what’s going to Happen I think there’s a whole and again this Is where I talked to you earlier about a Fork in the road and the fork in the Road is reality Or something that you can’t understand In your mind something that’s far Surpassing What we understand Humans are dying I mean Seattle is in Trouble complete in trouble Portland’s In trouble Um everybody’s fleeing to Texas Fleeing to Florida And we’re seeing this imbalance We’re seeing real estate prices fall Sharply they’re already down 10 15 Percent people are making cuts and we’ve

Already gone through this once in 2008 In Our Lifetime And Michael burry at the top of the the Top of the financial charts is saying This is going to be way worse than 2008. So again how do we prepare for that And how do we do we say God give me Money do we you know it’s funny how much The church prays for money You know what I mean they pray for money And they pray for healing and they’re Praying for healing because they’re Screwed up And they can’t go make money So I think it’s interesting We forgot the prayer where we go to the Creator and say What would you have me do And I like the line in Batman Where Batman basically says to Alfred Alfred what would you have me do And Alfred looks back at Batman and says Endure And we have to endure And everybody’s making money off of this Non-opportunity Selling power generators selling this Selling that we’re all selling our stuff Trying to get that last 20 bucks in Before everything melts Instead of coming to the crater and Saying Creator What would you have me do

I always find prayers interesting it’s Always us talking to the Creator Instead of sitting down and listening And maybe having the Creator talk to us We blame everything else we blame with The politicians we blame the president We blame But we let that president be in charge We let the voter problem happen we let All these people that are corrupt be Corrupt We didn’t have tight enough rains we Didn’t because why Because we’re making money We’re praying for money and we’re making Money We got two houses we got three houses we Got a Mercedes-Benz we got a Hummer this Is great and I’m not knocking people With people that have wealth The question is are they going to have Wealth when this fall Hits And that’s that’s a big question But most people don’t have the wealth So what do they do they go pray for Money and I think if we change and point The arrow in a different place and say Mr Creator whatever you are What would you have me do Praying for wisdom how when was the last Time we prayed for wisdom I mean what a gift if you had wisdom I mean that’s a big huge gift what does That mean

Let’s put it in people’s terms and Understand it you go to the stock market Hmm I’m wise so I know which stock to pick But if you’re not wise you’re like well I don’t know this looks good because It’s got a good name Wisdom is huge why are we not praying For wisdom Guidance is huge I just think that we need to dial into The Creator And dial into our families And start looking and maybe we’re not at The fork of the road yet but we need to Start looking for that fork in the road So we can take a different path Because the path we’re on is almost Destruction So where do you start like is that what You would say is just start by praying And asking and listening Well I’ll tell you my little story here Not that anybody wants to hear it but oh Well So as people know I’ve been sick And I got poisoned and it’s been a long Haul and there’s times when I go to bed I don’t think I’m gonna wake up And boy that’s a different thought Process and I think to myself when I I Start praying I say God please heal me Please and I started thinking about that It’s that one-way prayer again

Please heal me because I I’m in trouble I’m in pain You know blah blah blah and you keep Going down and And you know maybe it’s my time to go I’m not sure that I believe that yet but Maybe it’s my time to go But I thought to myself I’ve had a good Life Um you know I’ve made a lot of mistakes Along the road but I have a good life And In the end of it with Supernatural Powers what is it the Creator wants out Of me what is my purpose I I don’t know how many people I’ve ever Heard and they say I have no purpose Rex I have no purpose Everybody has a purpose But we have to be guided And I believe the creator has a GPS System in everybody so we he knows when To bring us home And we say what about this tragedy what Well we don’t know the whole gamut the Whole plan is not laid out for us Because we have small minds So my thought is And and what I watched with my sickness Is I started learning To How how do I say it Bond I guess it Would be a word with the Creator which Bonding is shutting up and listening

And there’s always a purpose There’s always a purpose And you know when you’re sick and you’re In pain a lot of pain I’m I’m hitting Pain levels I’ve never had in my life There’s a purpose And can you be Cordial can you be happy can you make People laugh with a high pain level and The answer is yes And guess what happens when you do that For just five seconds 10 seconds two Minutes You feel good you feel wonderful And you say wow I didn’t have any pain It’s funny how much the Mind thinks so If the mind in the forks of the road Back to the forks of the road if the Mind is over here worrying about money Worrying about your house payment Worrying about your car payment Worrying about if you get food or not I mean there’s things I see the Preppers And they’re prepping they’re buying Everything they can to prep And uh you know we prepped hard in other Situations in 2000 and it was not Worthwhile So we were moved by fear that’s the one Thing that’s positive about bonding with The creators you will never be moved by Fear You’ll be moved by wisdom if you sit Down and meditate and be quiet and

Listen that’s why sometimes meditation Is so much more powerful than prayer Because prayer we’re always asking we’re Always go please help me with my pain Please help me with my money please take Sally and make her better please it’s Always about us Where when we meditate we sit and we Listen And if we listen and think about the Creator and I don’t think the Creator’s Sitting there with the staff in his hand In a white robe and sandals long hair I Just I can’t buy it If we just sit there And be quiet and meditate What would you have me do I think the the whole top of the head Opens up And energy comes in And we kind of feel different I mean things that are bad just not so Bad You were poisoned Somehow someway yeah It’s kind of funny we have to laugh About it come on Rex it’s funny what Happened man like I mean Some freaking spy craft no I don’t want To go into you know black Suburbans came And they held me down and put stuff in My mouth that sounds exciting but it Didn’t happen I’m not sure you know one doctor said

It’s because of the plane crash in my Backyard and I when I went outside to Help the guy to help the pilot I Breathed in the fumes Other people say that stress trauma Can imbalance your minerals which my my Minerals are very imbalanced so there’s Lots of reasons why and here’s the thing That I look at at first I went after why What happened what did I do Is there this in the water am I being Poisoned by food blah blah blah You know what does it matter What matters is getting out of the hole Crawling out of the black hole that’s What matters not how you got it Obviously you want to make sure you’re Not continuing whatever poisoning is Going on Well the worst part of the poisoning is What it does to your brain It makes you sad it makes you suicidal It makes you Think not straight I mean there for a while I go order Something you know to eat You know you just start crying and the Next thing you know you’re laughing You’re having a good time So now that things are coming into Balance I’m like oh good you know there For a while I was almost dehydrated Because I cried so much So

Now I’m feeling Now I’m feeling like pretty pretty soon Maybe get on the surfboard again Get on the surfboard man get on the Street and get a bike Get a bike man I’ll tell you oh that’s So funny I’m into bikes right now so yes But I’m getting into electric bikes oh Okay so there you go there’s nothing Your bike your bike’s a true mountain Bike go for the Gusto let it rip my Bike’s like well if you’re out of Out of power You turn on the power and go yeah yeah Those are nice those electric bikes are Great but it’s kind of fun because it Weighs about 60 pounds so when you’re Pedaling you’re pedaling harder because You got your own body weight plus 60 Pounds yeah oh yeah yeah and plus you Can go so far with them and you can do Like the assist where you’ll pedal but You’re not pedaling real hard and you’re Still getting nice speeds and you’re Getting exercise you’re getting out There you’re getting Sun uh you know You’re enjoying the elements and I think That’d be great for you man I’m glad you Do I’m real happy to hear you’re doing That yeah Yeah it just kind of changed my ways Well important it is it’s like you know With supplements are awesome and and you And I know that supplements are amazing

Especially if you get the right ones and Exercise Is the best I mean it’s like no matter What if you can get 30 minutes in a day If you can I shouldn’t say no matter What because there’s some people that Might need supplements to be able to Exercise but if if you’re in a position Where you can exercise Do it because you’ll mentally feel Better when I was when I used to be in Cells back in the day when I was selling For a Fortune 100 company and like People are driving to work and Ferraris And Vipers like literally Ferraris Vipers that got super high-end I’m like Riding my bike to work and I was riding 14 miles each way about 14 plus miles Each way and that’s when I was my best Like I was the best when I was riding my Bike and I realized when I quit riding My bike to work I actually my numbers Went down Well and also when you say the best The best brain wise yeah yeah the best Brain wise when the brain is tight and Good and thought going forward your body Follows But when the brain gets jacked up You get jacked up and that’s the problem With being poisoned is having your brain Jacked up and it Jacks your eyes up and Then you have worry and then you have The fear thing is huge around the world

Right now I mean China’s experiencing some Terrible things Um you know England and Germany terrible Things so fear is huge right now and America’s gone are we next are we next And there’s fear that’s involved in that And the news just keeps pumping the news Doesn’t say don’t worry it’s going to be Good you know they’re saying here it is And sometimes it you know I heard by the End of the month by the end of the month And pretty soon you’re like just get it Over with let’s just let’s just get into It it’s always the end of the month I know it’s always the end of the month So it’s in my estimation for 10 or 15 Years it’s always September October September 23rd every year the end of the World is going to happen yep 23 is a big number we won’t go into why 23 is a big number but it’s a very big Number but anyway so like be the light Be the change I knew I used to work with the guy Another thing I used to work with the Guy that was in his seven he was like 70 Something when I was working with him And this was This would have been back in 2011 2012. Uh so we’re talking 12 years ago And I remember he would go out drinking Every night He was you know tons of certain like he

Had surgeries on his back they even Pulled out a tumor out of his head and He always just had like this Nonchalant happy attitude yeah and I Think that’s what helped him not for Whatever it is like he should have been Dead so many times before and with all The surgeries and crap that he went Through and all the drinking that he did He I’m just surprised that he was in the Position that he was in but I think a Lot of it has to do with his mindset He’s just like yeah yeah you know Whatever It’s important to keep our mind healthy And I think really Um doing a lot of praying and meditating Does help quite a bit I think being out In nature is a huge huge thing and I Think doing good deeds doing things for Other people I’ve had some people do Some things to me that are pretty tough And uh You just have to say that’s okay and Wish them well And hope that you know things get better We do weird things because of trauma Because of stress And I think it’s important to realize We don’t know what our next person next To us that we talk to every day what They’ve been through And when you learn what they’ve been Through or they get a glimpse of it it

Changes how you look at somebody [Music] And I think it’s important for us to do More for others than ourselves and if we Apply some of these rules or I don’t Want to call them rules but apply some Of these methods to our brain it’s Important and you’ll feel so much better By giving people the benefit of the Doubt Yeah our trust trust issues You know It’s just like I mean I think about I Think about this a lot At least lately We serve money that’s the truth we serve Money and if you look at money what do You look at A piece of paper it’s a piece of paper You know that people go in and kill People for this paper for paper Not silver not gold not food not a car Paper And that paper is not back with anything In the federal government except Confidence in the dollar Which is dropping And people go oh Ronnie you’re so wrong Right now the Dollar’s strong Yes it is You watch because right after the highs Then the low hits And I just I just think our butts are Gonna get wiped out here pretty soon

And we need to have a whole different Thought process and not a survival one I Mean we need a little bit of that in There but I think we need to be very Connected to the Creator and I think Wisdom is going to be so huge So huge Wisdom’s priceless Yes I’ll take as much of it as I can get The more I obtain the less I know Kind of as long as I have wisdom And coffee oh dude you gotta have cheers To that man coffee this is iced coffee Not iced cold I got this new thing going On with the coffee maker I got one of Those Ninja coffee makers I’ll make a Full pot of coffee I’ll drink a cup and Then I’ll put the rest in the fridge and Then that way I’m not going out spending Seven bucks plus three dollar tip uh for You know a latte with extra sugar it’s Like all right a little extra sugar well I don’t ask for extra sugar but when you Get caramel or whatever they put in There you know I mean it’s filled with Sugar Oat milk I like oat milk but uh yeah Sugars and everything man practically oh Sugar sugar is way in everything If you knew what sugar really did to Your body and you really saw it and Studied it You’d still eat it Like you’re right no I mean I’ve uh I’ve

Got a friend that uh Bob gilpatrick and He’s studied nutrition and health for Years and one of the things that he was Talking about a while ago was sugar and People that are addicted to Sugar that Consume mass amounts of sugar their Brain scans are worse than people that Are hooked on hardcore drugs yep wild Cocaine [Music] Cocaine and sugar there you go that’s a Nice combo for you Cocaine sugar well we we cut this with Sugar you know I I never got into that Stuff man but I’ve always been like uh I Shouldn’t say always but I’m you know I’m into organic stuff I I like uh the Organic side of life yeah but I know People that went down the wrong path on Uncertain Uh drugs and like uh ate through their Skin like you know to turn their skin Into plastic you know pick a face and And uh you want to see a demon Stay up for a week stay up for a few Days on hardcore drugs and you will see A demon probably or you will see them All around you you um anyway yeah not Good stay away from it strongly Recommend uh be as healthy as you can be Mentally physically and spiritually and If you start to do certain drugs then It’s like a it’s like a vessel it’s like You know it’s a an attachment

Um it was literally I wouldn’t be Surprised if certain aggregorers and Demonic entities attach to people on Certain drugs and then you have to Question it attached to people with Weakness Yeah right And this could happen with sugar too Depending I mean look how many diabetics And they don’t go and fix the problem But they just continue with I’ll just Take more drugs to cover my sugar Addiction Well if you’re addicted to one thing and You’re You know and you break I’m not trying to Slam diabetics because I’m you know I Have the problem of sugar too because Pretty soon the body just doesn’t Doesn’t absorb what it’s supposed to Absorb when you become insulin resistant So it’s not like I’m slamming people but You know I liked my brownies and my Cookies and where I really got my butt Kicked was I was a Coke fan I love Coca-Cola So the big gulps at 7-Eleven yeah baby That was it And yeah I drink two or three of those a Day and I’m talking the big ones yeah That’s Scary if you wonder I still think at all Sure oh yeah I’m glad you’re not rolling Yourself around great color in your skin

You look happy Um you see them on the ball man so I’m Happy it’s all fake but Make it until you make it man yeah I go In there makeup makeup It’s the lioning I promise Um well so what have you been doing man What have you been up to Just fighting for health and you you Know I’ve my whole life I’ve been strong Uh healthy no surgeries you know blah Blah blah And all of a sudden when you hit the The wall You really appreciate the old days It’s like old guys rule So it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s good and Then you play Mind Games getting out of It because you get this negative Everything’s crap You know the shakes when I shake I got That figured out though I go to Burger King part-time and make milkshakes and Then I can make money off of it But you know the shakes is what bothers Me the most people go oh you have Parkinson’s No I don’t have Parkinson’s What do you got I’ve been poisoned Then they kind of look at you like you Just went Jing song And like huh you got poisoned So it’s um well can I say so when you Said when you said that earlier I

Thought oh that makes sense Yeah but you’re you’re Sharp most people Aren’t running on the sharp end of the Stick Well I I appreciate that you know I’ll Fake it till you make it I’ll fake it But uh no but really that’s the first Thing that came to my mind because I Have wondered before I’m like you know Like what would cause that with Ronnie Man what’s going on and and for you and I remember the plane crash I remember You came on and talked about that and How much of a traumatic experience it Was for you But if somebody did Poison you then Absolutely that could cause Um the the opportunities that you’re Working out right now that one that Could totally do that um so at least if You know then be like okay that’s it now I’m gonna rebuild now I’m going to Regroup now I’m gonna do what I can and Um Wow man maybe you were maybe you were Doing so because with your radio Programs and with all the stuff you used To talk about all the people you used to Interview There could have been some type of you Know end with your products with with The great products Um there could have been some nefarious Means or

Yeah it’s well again I don’t know I I Thank God for A doctor friend of mine Uh-oh you got me faking and he said Ronnie what’s up with your shakes a lot Of people don’t know what to say because They’re trying to be kind And I said I don’t know he goes I said I Just know it’s not Parkinson’s He goes well he says you might have been Poisoned you might want to check it out And he was dead on Just watching me and he goes just so you Know being poisoned and heavy metal Poisoning is gonna throw the same Symptoms as Parkinson’s Well it’s interesting I don’t know if You’ve ever seen the uh show Blacklist Yes I watched the first few seasons and It just I’m like it’s every you know I Loved it but at the same time it’s like Man I gotta have some happiness come on I guess you’re dead on it’s very Depressing but my point to this is Supposedly this is the FBI and a task Force and blah blah blah and what they You and almost every other show you hear The word You hear the word uh And I think to myself we know that Hollywood’s a CIA operation itself And that CI operation is telling us What they’re doing to us they even talk About mind control and they’re like oh

Your Handler and I was like I can’t Believe this Show’s talking like this So it’s it’s interesting I think there’s A spiritual code That says we’re going to do this to you And we’re going to tell you but we’re Going to put in a movie we’re going to Put in a book We’re going to put it some way that you Don’t believe it And I’m thinking Oh my God So is the world going to end I don’t Think so Is the world going to be different than We are used to I do think so And it’ll certainly be different if we Can activate The Light Within us yes and and be the Change that’s what we need to do turn on The news urinate if you watch the news That’s all that I’m no offense well I Guess that was kind of offense it wasn’t It but if you watch the news you’re it’s You’re doing it to yourself because you Know it’s You watch it anyway and then you watch It for 30 seconds and you’re so pissed Off you want to punch something or you Just want to eat ice cream you know like You’re filling your body you’re fill in Your body with lies and fear yeah Hey what do you want to do today let’s Turn on the news maybe something it’s

Like people get scared yeah there’s this Whole bunch of people that love horror Flicks do you know they switched it Because horror flicks got boring and They went to the news [Laughter] The news is way scarier than a horror Flick man um right Almost almost as bloody it’s weaponized Propaganda it is they know how to piss You off and then you got the Mimi makers That make memes and you know they could Be in some like little basement in a Country that we’ve never even heard of Making Mimi’s to piss everybody off and They think you know so what do you do You go on the news you get pissed off And you go back onto social media you Get pissed off you read a couple memes That you think are and it’s like One thing you could do though is if you Are if you’re an observer like if you Just look at it and you’re like eh Whatever you know I think that’s way Better than being like oh man I you know What we got We gotta stare they ah they got you know Like that’s what people do and they Don’t they don’t do anything but get Pissed off and then that takes away your Life force you’re in the fight or flight Mode now you’re way easier question Let me ask you a question Do you think the world

Has gotten a better personality Because we have Facebook Tick Tock Social media Or do you think we’ve come apart Blame negative waves And we’re more unhappy Wow well when you word it that way Itself See we have a duality for a reason we Have checks and balances we have Opposites for a reason Um if everything was the same and there Was no polarity I don’t know how you Would have life because it would be It wouldn’t be in motion you need motion You need you need polarity and Duality But you also In saying that you have to have Like you have to know your path in that Duality So I guess like you you need to know who You are and follow your path In order to reach That level that you that you have been Given like that spark is within you for A reason God didn’t make you to be uh Non-plain character whatever they call Them God didn’t make you right sit on The couch and consume junk In every aspect all day and then spew That junk Well there’s a passage in the book of Thomas and it talks about Christ saying To the disciples if you don’t know who

You are you won’t know who I am I like that see okay you got to love Yourself before you can love anybody Else no so I was talking to Robert Stanley the other day love Robert great Guy we’ve been doing interviews now for Like seven years and he’s you know a Personal friend of mine great guy you’re Going to be a family but he brought up a Point you know we were talking one day About uh loving yourself before you love Anyone else and I joked around I said Well that sounds narcissistic you know And he’s like and then we started to Talk about I was like well wait a second If you can’t love yourself Like then can you love somebody else It’s not loving yourself is an ego thing It’s loving yourself as a God thing yeah You have a purpose you’re here for a Reason and and once you know that reason You can get closer to the Creator Because then you go back to wisdom and Guidance and you say what do you have me Do every day sometimes every hour what Do you have me do what do you have me do You become a servant People see servants as a different ball Game But you become a servant I’m serving you It’s it’s it’s a job He’s like I work for the FBI I work for The CIA you’re a servant to the Government

Why are we not a servant to the Creator I work for Divine Providence yes I like that follow what you want to call It you can make it whatever you want to Make it but why are we not serving the Higher power why are we serving the Corrupt Because the FBI is corrupt CIA is Corrupt They got good bones too though right so What movies any systems I mean here’s the thing Ronnie if you Really think about it like if you want To go back to the beginning of America It’s founded and then you’ve got this You know you got the bankers coming in And then like who designed who who Created the FBI who created the Army who Created like who was it it wasn’t George Washington it was like There’s the Army there’s the CIA I want All you government agencies to do this And that like how did this who paid for It who’s actually paying for it Who put it in place who put it in motion It’d be interesting to go back and find Those keys like those Steve this is good For you because I just watched a Documentary on Coca-Cola and let me tell You it was very scary and they did not They’re not a good company they never Were And you don’t know that because it’s all They tell you what the hype is so now my

Thought process is you could put out a Documentary about who started the FBI or Who started the CIA what’s their purpose Wouldn’t that be a documentary Well yeah you better you better have Some thick doors and some friends in High places if you’re gonna do that Isn’t that interesting that we don’t see Any documentaries on CIA or FBI And if you do it’s A narrative It’s a narrative now here’s the thing There might be how do I put it I don’t know man I I just I don’t know I See the world around me and I question Everything and I I ask Who’s running the show at the very top Levels and obviously you know God is but I think God has kind of like said okay Do your thing yeah almost like B ISM go For it have you do you know anything About deism No yeah you have a Divine creator That creates and then lets it do its Thing So and then he goes and you know makes More Creates more and that makes sense Actually Yeah Uh But Then you have the whole quantum Entanglement so there’s still a

Connection with God we are not separate From God we are in the mind of God we’re Probably in the mind of God That’s my closest And now like that’s the closest I can Get to where we are what we are who we Are where we’re going what we’re doing Where we were And how things form [Music] The whole universe it seems like we look At the universe from it with a telescope We can see certain aspects that we can Also connect to the micro level so we’ve Got the macro and the micro the As Above So Below even the universe itself looks Like Brain synapses with certain uh Certain software that’s used To correct create it And the galaxies that are in clusters Like we would see synapses and clusters So are we looking at ourselves when we Look in the you know when we look out in The universe we’re actually looking Within ourselves Very very interesting you will know Nothing and we will like it You’ll eat the bugs Who leads the bugs and we are going to Make it really bad for you you will eat Bugs with no sauce yeah you will eat the Bugs with Roundup sauce because it’s Perfectly safe

Oh my gosh Dude we need to do this more often Because I feel better now that we’ve talked I Don’t know about you but I feel better I Feel better yeah you have written uh a Film and you know it’s funny is even That Uh looks like that’s might be made I’m Getting ready to maybe do some filming This next year Oh man that’s great because the world Needs more happy films Yes and this goes back to children’s Books we need children’s books that are Happy and have some kind of moral in Them So I’m going to do something with my Dogs and uh how they’re going to kind of Relate to humans and it’s going to be Cute funny and have a moral to it And I’m hoping uh I hope it does well Well I do too man I do too and I’m I’m Sure even if it doesn’t I’m still happy Well that’s that’s a bonus that’s a win Yeah if I have one book I still got my 10-year deal still works out yeah if I Sell a million books then we’re gonna go Have a party All right you’re on man you’re paying I’m paying you’re paying cool we’re Gonna go party like it’s 19.99 brother [Music] I think that this has been awesome and I

Appreciate you Ronnie and I’d really Like to do this again Um let’s do it again in a month or so Maybe if you’re sounds good brother Sounds good awesome love you man Age want to see Ronnie you too thanks Everybody thanks for watching thanks for Listening [Music] Foreign [Music]

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