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Thank you Hi Taurus welcome to your December 2022 General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a journal Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the cyanotaurus this is a general Reading so please keep that in mind that This may resonate it may not but please Only take the messages that do resonate And believe it doesn't for someone else Who needs to hear that message Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Taurus Who wouldn't be I liked her mind Taurus And crosswatchers that energy is fluid And this simply means you may feel like I'm describing a certain situation in The meeting but you feel the rules are Flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation the best All right Taurus let's get right on into Your reading let's see what's happening For you guys in love and romance in the Month of December and with this I am Tuning into the energy that's in or Around your energetic field of someone That has romantic feelings or intentions Towards you right now in this moment so Let's Dive Right on in uh okay

Wedding rings And it says Union wedding married Soul Connection internal love everlasting Promise Whoa Taurus I already feel like this is a twin flame Soulmate connection here this is someone That you feel very strongly for always Have the love hasn't died between the Two of you and for some of you you may Be meeting this person in December and It's almost as if when you meet this Person your soul is just going to Recognize the past lives you've had Because I don't feel this is your first Rodeo with this person I do feel that This is someone that you've had many Past lives with this is just another Lifetime to experience it with the Letter W is sticking out to me very Strongly first middle last initial can Mean something to someone does not have To be the case Others of you it could be someone who's Been daydreaming thinking about marrying You one day When they think of Taurus they say That's the person I'm gonna marry maybe There is an engagement coming in the Cards for you coming in to your life in December and if so congratulations for You guys But there is someone who is in love with You Taurus and I feel you love this

Person too and for those of you who have Yet to meet this person December may be That time where you're going to meet That person where you were always meant To meet anything that didn't happen was Meant to fall apart so you can meet this Person now Beautiful energy to connect to kick off This connection with Tell me more About this connection About this energy surrounding Taurus I haven't told anyone how I feel about You interesting okay so first of all Leo Had this card so some of you could be Dealing with the Leo someone with strong Leo in their chart or maybe you have Strong Leo in your chart if so check out The Leo reading to see if there's Messages for you there this is different Though what I feel is that someone has a Plan about you that they haven't told People that they are have been thinking About for a while to ask you out to ask You to commit Um but or maybe even for some of you if They have been thinking about buying a Ring or doing something very special for You this month giving you a very special Gift even around the holidays that They've been saving up for maybe they Think by telling other people there will Be judgments there'll be stories that They only want to keep between the two

Of you I wonder too Um if they do have like toxic family Members or toxic friends around them They don't want that toxicity to ruin What the two of you have so maybe they Haven't talked about you because they Say they have like a judgmental mom or a Very overprotective father or very Jealous siblings they just don't want That and to infringe on what you two Have or maybe they're afraid to Introduce you to their family because They're not in the same vibration as you Are Taurus and they don't want that to Scare you away or to push you away or Anything like that but for some of you I Do feel there's something big coming That they want to give to you that they Want to reveal to you that they've been Keeping on the download that they Haven't been telling anyone because they Want it extra special But I'm I keep on hearing I swear I'm Gonna marry you one day so maybe even For some of you that's how you've been Thinking about this person Wow I'm excited all right let's get into The tarot So at the tarot I'm gonna ask how they Feel about you right now what do they Think of you oh The cards are going crazy towards they Almost like just all fell over but what

They like about you what they not like About you What do you like about the connection That they have with you currently Taurus And what do they not like about it and One of their highest hopes and deepest Fears in regards to this connection with You what are they really hoping is going To happen and unfold between the two of You and what are they afraid of so yeah Taurus I gotta say There is something that's surrounding This it doesn't feel between the two of You it feels outside of you that this Person is worried about and it feels Like family members it feels like Judgment it feels like friends That weren't good for them maybe even It's an ex that they're afraid of making This public because they know about Their crazy ex they know their ex has Been watching the two of you has been Keeping an eye on you and they know that This x is toxic and is afraid of Something Bad would happen should they make this More official and should they announce You to the world that you two are Together maybe Taurus the Sexes on your Side I don't know Yeah wow Okay tell me more I'll get all the cards Out and then I'll show you guys as the Cards are all out on

The table But honestly outside Factor should not Be something that's preventing them from Being with you and if it is those things Have to be settled with and maybe December is the month to settle any sort Of outside factors that could prevent You guys from flourishing because can I Just say you guys we have the emperor And the empress here you guys are each Other's soulmate counterparts you guys Are a power couple you have the Potential to create an everlasting love Based on stability Trust Unconditional love I mean there is something here that I Feel is meant to be unfolding it's just One step you guys have to get over in Order to have this with one another So let's get into it Bottom of the deck the page of Wands Fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius energy You could be dealing with a fire sign You could have strong fire in your chart Does not have to be the case with the Pages I always kind of feel that someone Could be much younger in this connection But I do feel just again when you met There was a spark there was an instant Attraction between the two of you there Was an excitement and I feel if you guys Were wondering like why does it feel so Strong why does it feel so intense it's Because your soul is remembering this

Connection with this person with the six Of Cups that's on the table for sure Past lives you've had with this person And your soul giving that spark giving That certainty that chemistry that has Been strong from the start is something That your soul is telling you is very Special about this about this person They could have been a breath of fresh Air in your life Taurus where you Thought you know your love life wasn't Going to unfold it wasn't going to Happen you weren't going to meet the Right one when you met this person it Changed all that it made you excited Again made you want to go on dates made You want to start having fun to let go Of the past because this is so much Better Makes you look forward to their text Messages their phone calls you get Excited when they ask you out on that Date and they get excited when they see Your messages too It's almost like I'm hearing that song Teenage Fever by Drake Um and it's almost as if you guys kind Of recapture that teenage type of love That puppy love that Excited love between the two of you And it's been good Taurus between the Two of you it's been exciting it's been Passionate And someone still wants to keep that

Fire alive between the two of you So let's jump right on into it How they feel about you is the emperor Aries energy So generally this person is ready for Something ready for something big wants To take it on wants to take on the Accountability accountability and the Responsibility to be that person for you They have stability in their life they Have a stable home a stable job maybe They are a boss a manager a CEO an Entrepreneur in their own way but they Hold it down And this person feels very serious about You Taurus They can see themselves being with you They can see themselves having a life With you They feel very comfortable with you very Secure with you I do feel with this Emperor card here There's something that they feel ready For To take this to the next level to cement Something here between the two of you And to make sure it lasts the emperor is Someone that will Check and balance everything to make Sure that you're okay that they're okay That the connection between the two of You is running smoothly this is an Honest person a trustful person And I do feel they I don't know if

You've met their family but again this Family energy is coming through if You've met Them or heard about them in any way You're like Wow you definitely are different from The rest of them they just have a lot More of accountability responsibility And maybe they were the black sheep Growing up but they turned out to be the Goat in some way they turned out to be The person that was the most successful Spiritually emotionally financially And with all that light and all that Success There's gonna be people who aren't happy That They're doing so well that you're doing So well I I do feel that unfortunately around Some of you and you'll you know who this Is already your family their family Their friends your friends I don't know But there's someone here Who is sending the evil eye your way Because you guys are happy with one Another But regardless honestly this person's Not starting to care anymore where they Did worry where they were fearful about Their the judgments of their family Maybe because of the age difference Between the two of you maybe because They just got out of relationship or

Whatever it is that makes this person Feel like they're being judged they're Not giving an F anymore And maybe the letter f means something To someone first middle last initial But they really are starting to be Wholly solely dedicated to you and they Have a plan that they want to make Happen But what they think about this Connection think in the mental space About you the devil card Capricorn energy could simply mean You're dealing with the Capricorn as Someone with Capricorn in their chart But A couple things I'm feeling from this For those of you where this is that Toxic family that toxic environment That is something that is still On their mind And maybe others of you because they Started to spend more time with you Someone starting to pick up on how Serious this is getting between the two Of you And they're not liking it whether it's Because it's an ax whether it's because It's taking time away from them Especially if it's like a mom or a dad That's overprotective or a jealous Sibling I don't know but it's like oh They're spending more time with Taurus They're not spending as much time with

Me And they're very aware of this person's Lower vibration let's just say And they don't want that to intrude on What can grow between the two of you Now others of you if this doesn't have To do with toxic family or a toxic Environment in general Um I gotta say there has been Obsession Between the two of you An intensity between the two of you That I do feel someone is a little bit Scared of how real this is getting how Intense this is getting it does feel a Little bit more one-sided whether that's On your side or their side But the thoughts of each other are Constant the desire for one another is Very very strong Um sexually you guys are very in sync With one another the sexual chemistry is Very intense But maybe even for someone You know that has been on someone's mind The worry if this is just A sexual connection if they're just in It for The Gratification And that has been a worry that has kind Of kept it from going into this next Stage or this next level But for most of you I gotta say this is

Around you In this connection And it's like you know new levels new Devils type of thing And maybe Taurus you're that person who Is breaking a lot of karmic Cycles Generational patterns In your life when it comes to love and Romance And unfortunately other people in your Family couldn't do the same for Themselves But they're taking it out on you for Some reason or Are trying to say oh yeah you found them It's not gonna last or can you really Trust them or are you sure there's just That stuff I feel That is planting seeds of doubt that are Unnecessary But what they like the most about you Taurus is the Ace of Pentacles I heard you're a dime when I picked up This card So you have it all you're someone that They can see committing themselves to That it's worth giving a shot taking a Chance to give an offer to You are someone that has potential you Are someone that is serious You're not looking for something Temporary you're not looking for just a Fling you want something to grow out of This

And Taurus I feel if they did previously Deal with a very toxic ex a very toxic Breakup You've been like a blessing in their Life to move on that to see oh yeah That's why it didn't happen because Taurus is someone that's so much better For me That is solid for me is grounded is down To earth is Chill And with that stability that Taurus Brings like with that composure and Structure this is something worth Building on and building with They also kept something that you've Given them Maybe it was a small gift Maybe it was something bigger than that And they still hold on to it maybe they Have it on their dresser or in their car In their wallet even maybe it's just a Picture I don't know But there is something that they've Cherished that you've given to them Within the last few months maybe even For their birthday But with this Ace of Pentacles they are Ready to commit to you Taurus they see This as a chapter that could be Something very serious between the two Of you they do see you as being someone That they can have a serious Relationship with or even a marriage With and this is just the beginning of

That What they don't like about use the Strength card Interesting Leo energy So a couple of things I'm feeling from This with the strength card here You are a strong person spiritually Physically maybe even you've been Through a lot in life and not it's not What they don't like about you but for The fact that maybe Taurus there's been A period of time through this connection Where you felt like You had to rely on yourself That you couldn't open them up to Certain problems that were going on in Your life to certain stress factors You're that type of person that doesn't Want to bring other people into your Drama into your situations And you do it all by yourself that's how They may perceive you and they just want To be that person to let you know that I Could be your partner I can help you Through this any difficult situation you Find yourself in when you are doubting Yourself I could be that person to Uplift you And they do find you to be very Independent And maybe they wonder if you're ready For that commitment or if you still need More time I do feel with this strength card

For some of you they wonder if You have been kind of putting this Pressure on to make something more Public to make something more exclusive Or if if they were the ones that were Kind of pressuring you on that you still Haven't been a hundred percent sure You've been guarding your heart you've Been guarding your Itself in a way that Even If This Were To fall apart it couldn't break you But for some of you they were perceiving That protection as not letting them in And maybe you're also one of those types Of people where again everything's fine Don't worry about me but They do see a part of you that they want To heal they want to let know it's okay I don't know I I know that's very General but that's kind of as far as What this strength card is telling me Here It feels more individualistic it feels More independent and again not in a Toxic way of where they don't want you To be independent but it's almost as if They are afraid that you know where they See this going now is something that You're not ready for yet Okay What they like the most about this Connection is the six of cups This is Scorpio energy So I feel more than anything about this

Card here is a past life Soul Recognition And maybe you guys have been talking or Connecting for the past six months Maybe since June you met in June for Some of you or something important Happened in June between the two of you But ever since then there's been Something that has been very healing Has been something that they can reflect On and think about all the times you've Spent up until this point and they feel Very thankful for Very grateful for between the two of you And for some of you you have healed Their past and any wounds they've had Around a past breakup a past situation That made them a little bit more uneasy Going into this connection with you Taurus But you showed them that everything's Gonna be okay that you're there for them But yeah I just feel for a lot of you The six of Cups your souls are happy you Guys have made this union now That this can continue where it left off In a past life and maybe even go further Where it couldn't have gone before for Example in a past life you guys couldn't Get married because of certain Wars that Could have going on certain class Situations you guys were different in There it could have been an early loss Someone could have

Been deported on a to a war and you Never saw them again that type of thing So your souls are happy to meet each Other so you can heal any past life Situation that prevented you guys from Being in Union They definitely daydream about you a lot Daydream about what it would be like if They could call you their boyfriend Their girlfriend their wife their Husband To have a place together to live Together Now what they don't like about this Connection is the empress Interesting Taurus energy Libra energy And what I feel from this Taurus is that I wonder the masculine in this now we All have masculine and feminine energies Right But I feel with this is that there's This is a counterpart energy and one is Dominantly masculine and one's Dominantly feminine the masculine is Ready to go the masculine is saying I'm Here to stay I'm ready to Get this to the next level to have you To be with you you know whatever anyone Has to say about it I don't care anymore Let's build this and grow this but the Feminine I feel out of the counterpart Is still a little bit unsure Is still a little bit guarded is still a Little bit protective

But this masculine is so convinced that This is their feminine That this is the person I'm meant to be With that they're willing to be patient They're willing to wait for the feminine To wake up But the feminine is very independent the Feminine maybe has other kids that they Need to take care of that they may Prioritize more than this connection Here right now as that is reasonable But it's taking some time to grow it's Taking some time to flourish And maybe there is still some trust Issues not on a personal level but in General with what someone went through In the past that still needs to heal And maybe for others of you with this Empress energy There's the questions of if we were to Move in together which one of us would Move out of the house we're currently in There's still some sort of issues around Um some sort of lifestyle choices Maybe That someone may have to accommodate to That may have to change in order to be With this other person it doesn't feel Very major but it definitely feels like Something that may involve finances Investment But I feel for most of you this Masculine is just waiting for the Feminine to wake up to be ready to be Sure

And The Feminine is taking some time not Because the feminine doesn't believe in This doesn't feel this but because the Feminine wants to make sure everything Is a bit To the T all their T's are crosses all Their eyes are dotted in order to feel 100 safe in this Highest hopes is the queen of cups Cancer energy So the highest hopes is that someone can Just start going with their feelings not Worry about the expectations of others The judgments of others how everything's Gonna happen how everything's gonna Unfold but just know that if we're Together we're gonna figure it out Because we care for each other we feel So strongly about one another That their Daydreams their dreams that They have about you can be Visions or Sneak peeks at the future that they Could potentially have with you someone Is psychic someone is intuitive here But someone's having trouble with Trusting that intuition With trusting their feelings around this And someone whoever is waiting for the Other person to trust is hoping that They can wake up to those feelings and Start to Act on those feelings with Safety and Security But someone is falling in love here

And the other is slowly starting to Understand what this all is But the highest hopes is that we can Feel for this understand our feelings For one another help support one another Emotionally so we can make the spiritual Union between the two of us more Official now than it ever has been Before And that they can trust they're not Going to get heartbroken they can trust That their heart is in the right place In all this Deepest fears is the nine of swords Gemini energy Okay so yeah again there's thoughts and Fears that are within someone that is Preventing them from making the moves They need to make and maybe even with The strength card Taurus Whether this is you or the other person Right as roles can be reverse reflect But there is someone who is afraid of Putting themselves out there to get this New level of fully declaring their Feelings because what if they reject me What if I'm wrong about all this what if This is a repetition of the past what if They are out to hurt me those what-ifs Are the soul Factor of the nine of swords at times Those thoughts that keep us worried and Stuck and imprisoned And others of you I I do feel this

Energy as someone that's worried about Their family members their friends Around them what they're going to think What they're going to say And it's time to let all that go Because there is something great that Can happen between the two of you here There is a purpose between the two of You meeting and if there is something They're planning uh date uh offer a Special night or holiday between the two Of you it's stressing them out a bit Because they want it to be right so when They present this to you it's everything That you want that you won't deny that You won't reject They're hoping that their plans will go Accordingly Hi Taurus to see the likely outcome of This situation what is likely to happen In full upcoming days what are they Going to do within the next few days and Weeks we're going to go ahead and take This to the extended reading but before We go I'm going to go ahead and put one More card From this deck here and see what Spirit Wants to conclude this reading with with Any last words from Spirit about this Connection about where this person's at What you need to know about this Connection and your love life in December I think oh anything else Taurus needs to

Know I'm sorry like five cards fell I'm Telling you the cards are jumpy for my Torian spirit is in the house about this Connection Spirit wants to Spill the Tease about everything you need to know Because this is big Taurus I feel it You feel it too Okay there we go The yin and the yang symbol is very Powerful for me as a reader personally It's a energy of balance it's an energy Of the Divine masculine the divine Feminine coming together But what it says is balance And it says love is not always about Agreeing just for the sake of it a great Relationship is one that both supports And challenges So yeah again I feel that there are Certain challenges within this Connection whether it's within someone To be finally open to this and ready for This or if it's outside of the Connection that is making someone Question or doubt or fear the intensity Between the two of you the chemistry Between the two of you but spirit is Saying you two met in this lifetime for A reason you two are in this right now And this connection for something to Happen at the end of it and I believe Spirit wants to bring more balance into This connection but not that anything

Was out of balance as far as someone's Actions but more so letting the other Person know that with whatever you're Going through whatever you're Envisioning I want to be a part of it I Want to help it I want to heal it and it Feels at a very emotional level Something is going to be justified Solidified between the two of you that's Going to make you guys know we're meant To be together by the end of this month And how we can make this work how we can Balance the roles so we can persevere And get through this if we want to be Together what were we willing to do for One another if we're thinking of moving In together how are we going to make Those choices those decisions all right Taurus so we're going to go ahead and Take this to the extended reading what Are they going to do in the upcoming Days weeks what's going to happen within This what do you need to know about what They're planning what they're Envisioning is this all going to unfold In December are you going to have to Wait longer is it not going to happen at All we're going to go ahead and take the Civil meal for the extended reading if You'd like to join me for a meal open up The description box and you'll find the Link to Vimeo which will take you to Extended reading but if this is very Depart Taurus I really hope that this

Reading has resonated with you it's Giving you Clarity Insight healing Guidance in regards to whatever you're Going through in your love life at this Time and if it has please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Taurus very much and I'll see You next time Take care Taurus

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