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Hi Taurus welcome to your mid-october 2022 General love reading this is your Girl mermaid skills tarot thank you so Much for joining me here this is a General love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong Placement for the sign of Taurus This will not resonate with every Taurus That watches this message and because This reading is general not every single Message may be for you so please only Take our resonates and leave a dozen for Someone else who needs to hear that Message And if this reading is not for you at All Taurus I highly suggest checking out Your other signs in different placements Hi cross Watchers you’re very welcome Here if you’re interested in a Taurus Who wouldn’t be I’d like to remind Taurus and cross Watchers that energy is Fluid and this simply means you may feel Like I’m describing a certain situation In the reading where you feel the roles Are flipped or reversed and that’s Completely okay you’re more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation the best So let’s go ahead and get this reading Started I’m first going to use my Syllable to clear and set the energy so If you are listening to this using Headphones or the volume is kind of loud

Right now I do suggest turn it down a Little bit just for this part because I Don’t want your ears to hurt So let’s tune in to Taurus’s energy All right so let’s see what’s happening For my taurians right now in love and Romance Taurus Sun Moon Rising Venus Anyone dealing with a Taurus what is the Energy surrounding tourists I love what Does Taurus need to know about their Love life Tell me about it spirit S what is going on in Taurus’s love life Okay Addiction Okay and it says an addiction is Affecting this relationship very Interesting I’m seeing the letter M as In Max as in Madeline for it’s been a Last initial coming something to someone Here Um but yeah I do feel there this could Hit any aspect whether there’s an Addiction to a substance such as drugs And alcohol that’s been affecting this Connection Um an addiction to each other Um I this feels very intense Taurus I do Feel like someone has obsessive thoughts I do feel like someone has these Tendencies to not keep away or stay away Because they feel so strongly connected To a certain someone maybe to you Taurus

And they may view you as an addiction as An addictive energy they can’t get Enough of you they are messaging you Like crazy or maybe even hold back from Sending you constant messages because Their feelings for you are very very Intense and they don’t want to overdo it Um Wow this this feels a little bit Codependent even for someone out there And someone is kind of realizing this About the connection as well Um let me go ahead and pull another card Let’s see what this energy around you Wants to say to you that they haven’t Said to you I’m excited I am so excited just the Thought of you okay so I’m so excited by The thought of you yeah Taurus this Person is really really excited about Meeting you this person has a very Intense energy I’m almost picking up on Maybe Scorpio energy Um Pisces energy I’m feeling as well for Someone out there But this person just is already feeling Very attached to you is already feeling Like there’s something very special Between the two of you And I feel like they’re coming on very Strong recently or it’s just growing More and more every time they hang out With you Um man there’s just butterflies in their

Stomach when they think of you when they Think of being with you I feel like They’re pretty dead set on it too Taurus So you know I I do have to say I feel Like this person Wants to come from a good place here and I’m not feeling anything super negative Yet but I do want to say that feelings Are developing very very fast and if Someone just needs a little bit of Clarity or needs a little bit of Space to kind of figure this out I would Definitely give it to them whether That’s you or them but there’s someone Here who is addicted to their thoughts Of you who I see fantasizes about you Quite a bit Taurus some of them are just About the future they want with you Others are a little bit 18 and plus a little bit sexual okay but Yeah I mean They feel like there’s a destiny here They feel like there’s something to have Happened here and I want to just see the tarot to see more Into this and dive into it because Maybe even for some of you you’ve just Met this person a couple months ago and They’ve already decided that they want You and only you Um Wow okay let’s get the tarot into this The sun card nice all right this makes Me feel a little better about the whole

Reading here this is Leo energy some of You could be dealing with the Leo you Could have Leo in your chart and the Interesting thing is that Leo had the Same exact card in their spread so if You have Leo energy dealing with Leo Energy I suggest checking out the Leo Reading to see if there’s messages for You there Foreign They feel like they found the one with You Taurus and here’s the strength card Challenging the situation here Yeah man if They haven’t even told you everything Taurus about what they want in this how They see this they’re holding back a lot Because again I feel like they realize They may be coming off a little bit Strong they may be coming off a little Bit of tense and they don’t want to Scare you away they don’t want to Frighten you but man they’re already Feeling very very hopeful very confident And man I I also have to say there’s no Other person they can see this having This with but you and they’re totally Fixated on you Taurus they feel like You’re the one they were looking for And they feel the bond between the two Of you is very strong But we do have the devil card okay so This is where the addictions are coming In

Um Capricorn energy it could simply mean You’re dealing with the Capricorn Someone with a Capricorn in their chart But The thoughts yeah are very obsessive and When you don’t text back when you don’t Call back they start to think the worst And they start to get A little bit demanding when it comes to That and we’ll pull more cards of course I’m not already saying this is You know a horrible situation but I do Feel like There’s some Toxic behaviors that are being addressed Or kind of being shown through the Intensity of how bad someone wants this I do also see some jealousy here just to Make that apparent with someone like It gets them going if they think you’re Hanging out with someone that you could Be sexually attracted to even if they’re Just friends you’ve been friends for a Long time they get very very jealous if They see you with other people yeah and Here’s the four of cups Okay Oh yeah okay So bottom of the deck we have the Six of Pentacles Taurus energy some of you Could possibly be dealing with another Taurus or someone with Taurus in their Chart you immediately caught their Attention Taurus from the first moment

They saw you they knew they had to start Engaging Um man they definitely have something With they love your ass let’s just put That out there okay I can’t go too deep Into the sexual energies because this is YouTube but that’s definitely someone’s Favorite asset okay of you of your body Um But anyway I do feel Taurus that There’s this extra spark in wanting to Hang out with you more and wanting to Focus on you more I do feel that They kind of want to see if you’re on The same page and maybe because for some Of you that are in this night of Pentacles Vibe like wanting to take it Slow not wanting to rush anything They want to see if you are just as Interested in this as they are because Maybe for some of them right now they’re Afraid if it’s a little bit one-sided or If they are afraid that you’re holding Back everything Um but with the Six of Pentacles I’m Seeing someone that may be in Uh wealth management or banking maybe Even real estate I’m kind of picking up Here someone could be into sales or has A sales job Um And so yeah I do feel that the more You’re kind of just trying to put a Guard up Taurus just for either because

You want to see more before you fully Dive into this or because you’re just Trying to create space the more they Want you and they’re getting Pretty intense about it too Um But I do feel when they met you they Were single and they had options but the Second they saw you met you got your Number those options were pretty much Cut I that’s so clear So let’s go ahead and dive into this The center of this is the sun card so Leo energy so I do feel overall you guys Have had a lot of fun together Um maybe you guys met this summer Um June July August with the sun card Being the main card in the center of This and sorry if you heard my dog Sneeze Um but I do feel that overall you guys are both Excited that you have such a strong Connection and that you feel very Intense about each other but I feel with the sun card here Taurus More specifically that they really think With this they’ve It’s illuminated to them how much they Want you it’s been growing more and more The more times they hang out with you The more times they have a lot of fun With you I’m even seeing like a carnival

Or like an outdoor beer festival or Something along those lines that they Recently went on you with or you guys Did this summer like They are starting to feel Even more excited about this Um and with the magnitude of the sun Which how intense this energy is I do Think it’s being fully revealed to them It’s like they made up their mind and It’s very clear that the happiest They’ll be is with you the happiest They’ve been in love and romance in a Very long time is with you And that’s what they’re moving toward is Their sunlight is the warmth and the Light that you give into their lives They find you to have such warming Energy such kind energy Um you know you uplift a lot of people Just by having your presence Be there I you always kind of make People feel good about themselves and Feel good about the friendships they Have with you Um and I do feel they’re telling Everyone about you they’re talking to Everyone about you how excited they are That they’ve met you how excited they Are about this continued connection that They’ve been building with you Um and I do feel like they’ve told People that you’re already theirs Whether that is official or not I feel

Like they’ve introduced people to By talking to you or to you as being Their boyfriend their girlfriend or Already saying like my significant other As being pretty established there And I do feel Um Taurus that they will if they have not Already will fully reveal to you how Much They feel for you the intensity they Feel for you the passion a lot of Passion here that they feel But what’s Crossing this is the strength Card So Leo energy again Um but what I feel with this is that There is a sense that someone is holding Back a little bit Maybe the intensity is a little too Intense and someone just doesn’t want to Dive into their passions in case this is Something that they’re not fully seeing Um But I do feel for others like I think this person may have a difficult Time expressing themselves Um like they say the wrong things or They don’t know how to fully show you This Or they just kind of are afraid that if They come on too strong like I said it’s Just gonna kind of push you away and They don’t want that they want full

Engagement they’re fully fixated on you Uh someone could be into weightlifting CrossFit I’m hearing for someone Um Fitness and health in general I do feel someone has very strong arms And maybe that was something someone Noticed or maybe someone has like an arm Tattoo or a birthmark on their arm That’s very showable But yeah I feel with this crossing the Situation it’s How to keep this How to maintain this how to grow this Stronger how to get what I want Because that’s on their mindset about You Taurus you’re everything that they Want What’s crowning this is the devil card So let’s talk about this Capricorn Energy So I do feel that Again this comes very apparent when you Don’t reply back immediately or call Back They start to send you another message They start to call you They start to ask you certain questions Like where were you what were you doing Who were you with And again With the sun being the main card here I’m not feeling like this is Something that is

Super concerning per se but I think Maybe some of these are things you’re Starting to notice as the connection Goes on Um and I do feel like maybe for some of You guys this more instinctual nature About them gets brought up With you Um more than anyone else like this Fierce nature to them Um I do feel that with the devil crowning This I think you guys are starting to See where there are some codependencies Within this or some sort of Reliance on This that maybe you kind of want to Address or you want to kind of talk to Them about Um but this could also be and if it’s Not so you know intense like that it Could be a strong sexual connection Between the two of you you get them Going really fast Taurus again I can’t Get too much into the sexual energies But you know exactly how to make them Want you so much more The desire is off these charts Um And I do feel they have a freaky side to Them that is into certain things that They fantasize about trying out with you You get them going more than anyone else Has And that’s just this Sexual Energy and

Nature of the devil card that we kind of See But I wonder if some of you guys are one Like thinking if the connection is so Strong because of the sexual energies Between the two of you the chemistry of The Sexual Energy between the two of you And if that’s the thing that’s kind of Overriding everything here I feel like Someone’s definitely send you topless Pictures maybe nudes mere selfies that Are sexually suggestive But yeah I do feel what the addiction Card here as well there’s definitely Some Obsessive energies here and maybe for Some of you guys again jealous energies That you’re starting to see But I think that is because of their Want for you so badly but it should be Kind of checked And maybe even talked about if it’s Something that you are concerned with If it is the right person they’ll Reflect and they’ll speak their truth And they may want to do something to Help it or if it’s not the right person Then that will just give you a red flag Right But what’s reading this is the four of Cups Cancer energy and Leo also had the four Of cups but I’m feeling it differently For you guys

Um I do feel this person is getting a Little bit impatient Because they already want so much more And maybe even although the sexual Energies have been very strong someone Still does not feel ready to go into That sexual Crossing that border yet because they Want to make sure that um That’s not the sole intention behind This right But someone is getting a little bit Impatient someone is getting a little Bit maybe insecure from the fact that it Hasn’t all unfolded the way they wanted To yet with you because They already see commitment they already See even for some like they tell people This is the person I’m going to be with Like I’m going to marry even Um And that we’re stuck with each other They really honestly don’t see you guys Falling apart they don’t see you guys Separating But with this four of cups reading it There has to be something that may be I don’t know especially if you guys have Been recently been doing your own thing They’ve been thrown off by that and so Especially if you’ve been thinking of a Way to text back or call back They’ve been checking their phone Seeing when that’s going to happen

Um they’re hoping that you know with Every hour that goes by that will be the Hour you reply They’re that intense about it Taurus Um But maybe there’s something that they’ve Been recently doing that hasn’t been Sitting well with you That you kind of do want to address and See if That will be something that could be Healed How you see this connection or how they See you within this your energy and this Is the Knight of Pentacles Virgo energy So the Knight of Pentacles is an energy That Takes things a bit slowly But for the reason of wanting to make Sure it’s all right wanting to make sure That it’s the right thing to invest in Um and so I feel Taurus if this is you You know that’s the thing they’re not Kind of fully understanding is that First of all if you you wouldn’t engage In this if you weren’t interested Um so I don’t know why I submit their Insecurities are kind of being triggered By that but Others of you the reason why you’re Going so slow is because you want this To be right you want to make sure this Is the right person and that you don’t Waste your time giving your energy

To someone that isn’t going to be Fulfilling for you And you are a little bit choosy you are A little bit selective maybe even some Would consider you picky but I don’t Think it’s because you’re snobby I don’t Think it’s because you’re Um You know superficial or anything like That I think it’s just because you want To make sure it’s the right person and Maybe it’s because you’ve dealt with Energies in the past that it didn’t turn Out well and you delve into things Quickly you got into relationships Quickly so this time around from those Lessons in the past you do want to take Things slowly and see where it goes Um Now for some of you I feel like they’re Thinking of giving you an offer They’ve been thinking about it every Every day Um but they’ve been holding that back Because they still don’t know where You’re at in this especially if you have Been a little bit more slow [Music] How you see them And how they may come off in their Energy right now is the seven of Cups Scorpio energy Which I wasn’t surprised feeling that in The beginning of the reading but man

Their emotions are very very deep are Very intense their emotions kind of Change and they’re very confused by this Whole situation Um they they’re not confused by the fact Of what they want and what how they want You but like they find you hard to read And they’re trying to figure it out They are the types of people that is so Used to having things their way that They’re kind of You know Taurus by the fact that you’re Holding back a bit or you’re just taking Things a bit more slow it’s something They’re not used to And so you’re kind of throwing them a Curveball as far as that goes not just Fully jumping in and maybe with the Devil crowning this they are very very Good looking so with their good looks They’re used to getting people who are Just as obsessed with them if not more So than they are with you right now and Because they’re not seeing that Instant need for them or attention for Them or that craving for them whether You’re holding back or it’s just not as Intense it’s really sending them under This turmoil of do they like me do they Not do they want this with me or do they Not like So many different emotions come up when It comes to you and I feel during those Times where their insecurities triggered

It’s a little bit of the lower emotions Of Sadness of jealousy So I definitely feel Taurus that a lot is Going to be revealed to you with their Tendencies or their behaviors and some Of you have picked up on it before but It’s become it’s going to become a lot More apparent this month and I feel for You guys maybe you’re trying to decide What to do with this situation if it’s Best to kind of continue with this if The chemistry is intense enough to kind Of overcome certain obstacles here Um or if there’s some boundaries that Need to be given to see what they’ll do With that will they respect that or will They Push forward on this intensity that they Have for you Um But also I gotta say like if they are The ones holding back they know that They’re only doing it because they don’t Want to scare you off they don’t want to Make you Retreat or hide but man with All this going on Taurus it’s It’s pretty clear that they’re going to Start to make those moves towards you And I’m not trying to say that this Person is Toxic by any means but I think We all have a light and a shadow side to Ourselves

And the want for you is kind of making Them want you so badly that the shadow Aspects and the insecurities and the Doubts and the jealousies may start to Get triggered a little bit Um and you may start to see that and Wonder if this person is really right For you or if you should just kind of Start Pulling away if this is not the person You really hope it to be or expect it to Be But if that is the latter situation I Think they’re not going to let you go so Easy Taurus Hi Taurus to see the likely outcome of This situation what’s likely to happen And unfold what else do you need to know About this person and about this Connection we’re going to go ahead and Take this to Vimeo for the extended Reading so I’m going to overturn this Card to show you the likely outcome and What Spirit advises you to do and also Put oracle cards as well to dive deeper Into this connection so with whatever Happens you know what to do about this And you’ll make the best choice with Whatever unfolds so if you’d like to Join me for the extended reading open up The description box and you’ll find the Link to Vimeo which will take you to the Extended reading but if this is very Depart Taurus I really hope that this

Reading has resonated with you I hope It’s provided you with confirmation Clarity healing insight and guidance in Regards to what you may be experiencing In your love life right now And if it has please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don’t forget to subscribe I love you Taurus very much and I’ll see You next time Take care Taurus

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