Secrets of Eros the Most Powerful Magick in the Universe, Fraternity of Myriam, David Pantano

By | October 18, 2022

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The Hermetic Physician, The Magical Teachings of Giuliano Kremmerz and the Fraternity of Myriam

The Magic Door David Pantano, A Study on the Italic Hermetic Tradition: Myth, Magic, and Metamorphosis in the Western Inner Traditions



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Foreign The seven hermetic bodies of four Elements the um the Eros as I mentioned Earlier as the as the Um really the greatest force of magic in In in the universe is Eros and and not Only how we as humans uh understand or Represent uh Eros but uh in in a Cosmic’s manner as well great ladies and Gentlemen rexbear leak project how the Heck are you beautiful day out here Today in Southern Colorado we’ve got a Lot to talk about today with ancient Hermetics there is a book out just Recently released called the Hermetic Position the magical teachings of Giuliano kremmert and the fraternity of Miriam is investing in silver a good Idea that’s a great question our friend Colin plume from Noble gold Investments Certainly think so he recently explained On the national desk that there’s been Huge sell-offs of silver because of its Low price points right silver is the Most useful industrial metal out there And demand is soaring for electronics And electric cars solar panel circuits And the green agenda is speeding up now Industries that pick up after the Pandemic supply chain issues the trend Down should turn around and silver will Rock it don’t miss this opportunity give The team at Noble gold Investments a Call today

1-877-646-5347 let them know the project Sent you as a gift for all qualifying 401 or IRA conversions you will be Gifted this beautiful three Ounce never touched by human hands American Eagle silver coin so looking Forward to this opportunity we have David Pantano with us and David it is Great to speak with you how the heck are You I’m doing great thanks for having me Here Rex and I look forward to engaging In a great conversation uh with you and Uh and passing some of this information On to your awesome leader um listeners They are listeners and they are leaders As well and so I’m fascinated with her Medics fascinated with Alchemy mystery School symbolism the unknown the occult I don’t know much about these magical Teachings though of this this gentleman From the 1800s and it looks like he Actually broke off and started his own Order which caused quite a bit of uh Problems in the magical communities That’s correct that’s correct correct so Giuliano Kramer it’s um uh is uh Hermeticist an alchemist a therapeutic Um he Rode over 20 tomes on various aspects of Hermeticism Natural and divine magic Alchemy Astrology Um

Distant healing magnetism Etc and uh Kremets uh as you mentioned founded a Fraternity in the 1890s called the Therapeutic magical fraternity of Miriam As a means to Um tap into one’s psychic powers and not Use it solely for oneself but for for Spreading some of that energy to those Who need it the most specifically Individuals who are who are ill who were Sick and where conventional medicine Wasn’t working for them in many cases The Miriam and kremets was the last Resort and kremaritz applied a type of Of energetic or or a hermetic healing Where energies would be tapped into and Transferred to the recipient who needed Them so kremeritz was uh as I mentioned A Magus and a hermeticist his timelines He was born in 1861 and died in 1930. he Founded this uh hermetic chain called The fraternity barium in around 1895 and as I mentioned he published About 20 books Um on various aspects of the Hermetic Arts Now what is magnetism exactly I’ve got Books on it but there’s a lot of Different interpretations and I’d like To hear what yours is Sure magnetism Um so magnetism is based on the theory That we’re all uh energetic bodies Um and uh the in the the school that um

Grammaritz belong to this Egyptian Neapolitan School uh which um based Their teachings on uh on I guess ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian uh Scholars Where there were four bodies each each Entity each living entity in the Universe contains four bodies a exterior Physical body called the saturnian body A sublimated body called the lunar body Which is associated with our emotional Component A intelligent body called the Mercurial Body and the solar body which is um Where our soul resides So as I mentioned each uh each living Entity has an energetic has is made out Of energy and Um energy into energy interconnects so That’s part of the one of the theorems Of hermetics and and found in the um in The uh as Emerald Tablet is that as Above so is below everything’s connected To the one So if we all have this energy then those Who have energy and abundance those who Are who are uh have a purified level Uh are able to Um have an excess of of this healing of This uh Vitality vital energy that using The right means and practices the right Rituals and ascetic practices they’re Able to tap into the source of that Energy and to channel that to a Repository where energy from various

Members of of the chain where this Energy can pool or or develop in a Reservoir that it can be channeled onto The recipient party for them to make up The energy that they’re lacking because They’re in a in a state of sickness Which is a state of depleted energy so Magnetism works on the principle that All living entities have energetic Bodies and its energy can be transferred One to the other some have an abundance Some have abundance of pure healing Energy As as we know some people are are have a Lot of energy a lot of people are Lethargic or sick or have other issues Where they don’t have the same amount of Reservoir or the same quality of energy So in a nutshell that’s the the the the The theorem behind it and of course Magnetism works on sympathies and Antipathies sympathies being the Greatest magical instrument is Eros is Love and so the Hermetic practice Practitioner of the Miriam would engage Into the state of Love called the state Of Mag to be able to tap into these These healing energies and based on Specific Um Um Aspects of uh the of the um Cosmic uh Um Situation and the lunar conventions that

The particular times were more more Auspicious than others to be able to Engage in some of these distant healings So Um this I don’t know does that answer Your question of what magnetism is yeah Yeah absolutely I appreciate that and I Wanted to ask you about the four Hermetic bodies I know you talked about That in the book and I find it Fascinating let’s get into that let’s Start with the the saturnian body Yeah this attorney is basically the Physical body and Um I mean it’s just it’s a it’s a major It’s looking at the four bodies is a Prism to look at at yourself it’s it’s Not a sense that we have separate bodies It’s all energy is all interconnected And it’s at various levels of frequency So it’s the slowest or lowest frequency We have material the material outside of The the coding of an entity and then When when you go to a higher frequency We have those frequencies Associated Um with your nervous system with the With your emotions with the aspects of Love then you go even deeper you have Intelligence which is a higher frequency Than the emotional or the physical which Is called the Mercurial the Mercury and Then the highest is at the deepest Recess where uh where our soul or or in

In known in this tradition called the Newman the numinous aspect of her cells Which is the cell that potentially has The greatest opportunity for growth Road That’s where our potential resides to to Transfer so depending on where our nodal Point is our Central Point whether it’s On the physical level like at with it is For example with certain animals or with Most animals or with some humans or if You look at some of the great exemplars Of of humanity it could be Jesus Christ It could be Buddha uh Krishna they Resonate at a higher level at the solar Level uh which is akin to Divine hood or Or sacredness And do you I look at it like the musical Scale you got the dough the Ray Lee so As you go up higher the frequencies go Higher it doesn’t mean though they’re Separate bodies it’s all interconnected Energy is all one just like Consciousness is all one it’s just that There are various ways to look at it and To to represent these energies and and The four bodies is which is what Aristotle wrote about Um in his physics and which is based on An ancient tradition goes back to Plato And the pre-socrite pre-socratic Philosophers is that the four elements Of the universe are comprised of these Various energetic types And then if somebody was really in tune

With the saturnian body as an example is That somebody that would be Wealthy and successful and uh you know Maybe like a successful or professional Athlete or even uh business person Okay I mean let’s let’s let’s talk this Out so someone who’s who’s more focused On the physical aspect on the material Aspect Um are they the chances are they be more Wealthy if the the road to their wealth Had a strong material component where Intelligence and emotional intelligence Where Innovation where Um uh uh creation isn’t as important There are some jobs like that there are Some professions like that but usually Find as you go higher in the frequency In your vibrational frequency that the Amount of members of humanity tend to Thin out So if there’s a way that you can tap Into some of those faculties at a higher Level and there’s a market for then Maybe you would have a greater chance to To be successful in in monetary terms or Whatever means you measure anyone Measures wants to measure success with So it doesn’t necessarily mean if you’re More material you’re you’re more Successful it means that your focus your Your your range of knowledge and Understanding how you perceive the world Is from a physical lens

All right and I’ve noticed on the on Your cover actually the Hermetic Physician there’s the hand with what Looks like the crescent moon above it Correct what’s the symbolism behind that So as I mentioned that That has to do with um conducting Certain rituals at various Um Um uh various various stages of the moon So we know moon goes you have a new moon You’ve got a quarter moon you’ve got a a Half moon you got a full moon and then The moon starts to wane until it becomes Eclipsed so the moon the lunar the moon Represents the lunar aspect of ourselves Which is the most spiritual aspect of Our physicality and the most physical Aspect of our spirituality so that’s Important because it’s a um it’s a Junction it’s a Um it’s a door to enter into D go into Deeper uh aspects of the individual so As a as a practitioner of of hermeticism Of the therapeutic humanism you want to Be able to tap into that deeper Reservoir where the this pristine energy This healing energy is at the source and If you’re you’re Afflicted person many Of your worries your concerns your your Lack of Mobility drains your energy so The ability to to maybe do a prayer or To do meditation to enter into a a more Subtle state of yourself will result in

A better connection between the emitting Um uh therapeutic energy and the Receiving energy or the ability to Receive energy so that energy is Absorbed at a greater rate so the moon Represents the various phases of their Moons represents times of the year or Times of the month to be able to Practice certain types of of medicine Based on the diagnosis of the of The Afflicted individual so as I mentioned At the at the new moon is is when the When you’re solar by when your lunar Bodies is pure it represents uh going Through a new stage a new phase new Phase of the month And there are certain rituals or certain Practices Um you know associated with other things Such as fasting that can help to if You’re an Afflicted person and you say You suffer from uh perhaps you have some Sort of bacterial issue and where you Want to be able to clean or or purify so Doing rituals where you transfer the Energy at the time at the phase when the Moon is is going through a new new phase Will enhance the efficacy of that energy Than if you were to do it at the full Moon So much like when a farmer consults Around an actor know when to sow their Seeds they want to know the phase of the Moon they want to know the season the

The condition the weather conditions There’s a lot of factors to ensure the Best crop uh come in you know come a Year from now a year from when they Sowed the the Seas I appreciate that and I’d like to hear More about the seven forms of Intelligence Okay so the seven forms of intelligence So It in in hermeticism uh referring to the Corpus or medicum to the Hermetic texts That were attributed to Hermes and Hermes trismegastis it talks about that There are seven forms of intelligence And they’re represented by the seven Intelligible lights that that are Individual can see from from the earth And they represent the the seven planets And and including the Sun and Moon and Each of those Planet each of those Celestial Um entities have a certain quality or Virtues associated with them uh such as Mars would have courage and fortitude a Jupiter would have managed good Management and and Um wise decision-making Sun or solar would be with creativity Lunar would be as we said referred to Healing Mercury with those acts of of of Smarts of using your your mind and and Venus of course with love and so forth So depending so uh hermetic

Uh true hermeticists would want to Cultivate and master all those virtues To be able to be complete and the Application of those uh servant Intelligence is what we call manager Magic is not none other than applied Intelligence seven forms of intelligence Those Seven Virtues represented by the Seven Celestial lights that are visible To the naked eye Do you write about any rituals in the Book Yep there are two rituals included uh There’s this the um The the Um spring uh Equinox and the Autumn Equinox Um the Aries and Sagittarius rituals That the Kramer’s Um wrote about and and shared with his Inner members and there’s a lot in the Book that’s not of a published material They were for members only and so it’s a Really nice cross-section of a biography On cremaritz on the history of the Merriam the various practices the Various Um type of medicines and Therapeutics That are available goes in very very Much detail and provides examples you Talked about Um the seven hermetic bodies before Elements the um the Eros as I mentioned Earlier as the as the um really the

Greatest force of magic in in the Universe is Eros and and not only how we As humans uh understand or represent uh Eras but in in a cosmic’s manner as well Eros like Eros okay so that’s not an Epoch that’s an actual energy source Yes it’s a it’s a So Eros is is the the attraction of one Of of one entity to another And Um it’s it’s based on sympathies and Antipathies I mean we have it in the the Atom with the protons and the electrons There’s there’s a there’s a symbiotic Connection Uh sympathetic connection going on there That’s all Eros We tend to humanize it we tend to Anthropologize it by you know creating Like Cupids and and you know we have Magazines Playboy and so on and so forth That that play up certain aspects but It’s a cosmic it’s a cosmic Force Without a doubt the strongest Cosmic Fourth Force used in magic and in Therapeutics in fact So when we want to know which type of Medicine whether it’s of a vegetable or A mineral or energetic basis we want to Understand which would have the greatest Impact the greatest connection with the Individual based on their Traits and based on their qualities Based on their karmic

Um components that they bring as as an As an individual you want to find the Right match to be able to complement the The energetic component that is is Missing or that is lacking or is is of Deficiency so we we want to understand How that um Eros or that Um the connection can best be Facilitated between the receiving and The giving parties Is it like the uh what some people would Consider The Ether Well ether is The Fifth Element So ether uh depending on what school you Refer to either as cosmic space or it’s That that Um field of energy that’s sublimated That Um contains all the four other energies I mentioned and that was referred to as The as The Fifth Element or the hidden Element Um in in not only in ancient Egyptian Greek and and Hindu Um Wisdom so a uh ether is the Um the Energetic space that contains all the Matter within the cosmos So it’s sort of like that a deeper Dimension that Fifth Dimension that ties Together the four elements But the Athos would be what holds it all Together

So it’d be like the microcosm almost or Not even the microcosm but the internal And that would be the external Um Eros is a is a specific Force that’s It’s a specific quality of energy that Has a sympathetic component to it Whereas ether is just um The underlying Um The the the the underlying component of The cosmos it’s it’s if you go beyond The cosmos what do you have is you have An ether so ether not only is it Intersects the the various elements the Four elements but it is a subtle Vibration which is which isn’t no longer Physical but it’s nominal it’s it’s of a Higher dimension And then if you for other schools like The Hindu talk about you know seven Seven types of energy that there’s a Causal as well Beyond The Ether the the Hindu Um School of wisdom Um talks about the the four elements and The fifth being ether which they call Ashka and then they talk about a sixth And seventh as well but but at this Point it’s it’s that uh very much a Theoretical domain we want to talk and When we referring to kremets and the Miriam it’s very much about harnessing And applying uh these energies these

Seven forms of intelligence for for good For for the common good the and it’s a Mean to arrest one’s egotism by focusing On how to use some of these hidden Powers for the benefits of other at the Same time you’re benefiting benefiting Yourself you’re emancipating your Vibrational level from a lower grade You’ve been focused more on the on the Physical or your more uh you know an Emotional person you know you can’t get Above those those energy levels well Whereas the the Miriam provides you Um uh practices to be able to go tap Into yourself so you can develop some of These inner faculties that have laid Perhaps dormant Um in some people with some people So there’s like a scientific way also to Connect with the Eros yes I I mean Without a doubt there’s a scientific way In the sense that there’s methodology Associated with that And it has to do with connecting within The hermetics is connecting the Microcosm with the macrocosm So conducting certain prayers certain Rituals on a daily basis and and with Certain uh conjunctions of at in the Celestial field will lead to a means of Connecting your energy into the greater Cosmic energy into the greater energy That surrounds us that’s above and an Interpenetrates us so that in itself

Will build uh um A predisposition to go inside yourself To be able to tap into these some of These higher energy sources that Previously may not be aware of but all This is all Predator Um predicated on it going through Interrogation whereas you know you the Three phases of alchemy is there’s the Black the the white and the and the red Where the black is when you you work on Your Shadow when you work on your Negative aspects and and you need before You You know enter into that white stage you Need to be able to to address those uh The shadow component Not necessarily to extinguish them but To address them and then when you reach A certain level you find that you’re Less prone to to respond to things in an Instinctive or any animalistic manner They’re you’re using your higher Sensibilities of emotions and and Intelligence to respond in a certain way And then when you work on your your in The white level on on purifying yourself Your your physical and your emotional And your mental self you’re able to deal With your emotions you’re able to deal With you know life’s you know tugs and And loves life challenges because you Have a greater perspective you’re you’re More of an integrated person than one

That’s you know changing with the Direction of the wind Now the fraternity of Miriam is that Connected to Mary and the ancient Hebrew teachings Okay sure so Miriam is another form uh Uh for for Mary for Maria and it’s what The capitalists referred to as Um That source of beneficence that source Of goodness so Mary Maria in in Christian theology is known as a Redeemer of Eve Eve is the Fallen human So Mary is the redeemed human and she’s Redeemed because she’s able to tap into That source of love and she gives birth To to the Divine Child of the Christ So the Miriam represents in the in the Fraternity is that Divine Source Divine Level of purity Where we can tap into these sources of Love or these sources and love is not in The you know the the Romantic means but In that force that Cosmic force of of Sympathies And uh so that represents the divine Aspect the fraternity or the Brotherhood Represents the human aspect So the member enters as a human as the Part of the Brotherhood but he’s able Through these uh alchemical practices to Be able to purify themselves purify Their Consciousness to achieve this Level of miriam-ness that they’re able

To become a source of of or a vehicle of A higher power of a higher Force known As love And that’s really in the essence the Symbolism of the fraternity the Miriam It’s the transposing of the human into The divine And from the and it’s from the uh Precipitating the Divine energy into the Human To this day are there still people that Practice and there’s a fraternity sure There is still people who practice the Miriam they’re a much like a number of Other Um secret orders they’re they’re Splintered into various factions Um and various communities so on and so Forth and I’m less interested in in the Human aspect or in the in that aspect of The the organization is more in the Philosophical and the application of This uh of this practice that to me is Where the the magic lies in Understanding how to what this what this Philosophy is what this practice is and How to practice it to be able to to be An instrument of of these higher levels Of energy these higher vibrational forms And also I’m reading on the actual Description of the book where it says That this order is similar to or this Fraternity is similar to the British Counterpart of the Hermetic Order of the

Golden Dawn Well it’s it’s different than the Golden Dawn the the similarities would be that In Italy it’s a preeminent uh hermetic Order like the Golden Dawn is in in English-speaking countries but the Golden Dawn has a much different Um ethos or different uh bases founded More on kabbalistic practices more on Um uh judaic Traditions whereas the Miriam is Um based from the Egyptian school so It’s uh founded more on or grounded more On In classical principles of Egyptian Greek Roman Renaissance type of Philosophies and practices There’s obviously interconnections Um there’s obviously similarities Um In it from an external basis but at the Core those who are interested in in in In a practice that has its roots in in Some of the mystery schools that you Talked about earlier Uh where healing was done through by the Uh The Afflicted party entering into a Dream or get entering into a Transcendent state of of the Mind where They are more open for for change more Open for Transformations and to go from Sick to Healing to go from uh you know Afflicted or depressed into a more Um positive development so that’s I Think some of the contrasting features

Between The Miriam the fraternity to Miriam and The order the Golden Dawn Um again the the Miriam is focused the Application uh is more on Therapeutics But there is also other aspects of Alchemy and and other types of of Um Arts associated with hermeticism such As astrology And divination Um that type of thing Okay and let me ask about this the the Time frame Is about the time of the rise of Power With the the Nazi regime in Germany and The Italians they’re really strict about Stuff like that right Mussolini’s Government they didn’t want yeah so the Fascists were in power in the 20s the Time that really the the Miriam Uh under kremets was was also visible They it was after the first world war And uh the academies the the various Centers of the Miriam throughout Italy Were reorganizing themselves memberships Were up to six seven hundred members And the Miriam was starting to get some Critical mass and around that time Mussolini’s fascists came into power and They had a very strong anti-masonic Anti-secret Society Um Policies And uh one of the one of the a couple of

The academies in in Italy one in Barrie And the other in Rome were actually Um sacked by fascist squads we thought It was Um a hub for Freemasons uh specifically Those associated with foreign Governments Um so the the in the 20s in the mid-20s The Merriam had to go underground as a As a truly secret organization because Of the threat of persecution From the fascist regime at the time But they were still practicing Just behind yeah it was it was much more Limited though so where in the past the Um the you know circulars and addresses Could be communicated quite freely now It had to be done in smaller groups Where you know the the the the the list Of members had to be Um You know kept in private you couldn’t be As open even discussing Um certain practices perhaps put you Under suspicion so it was a time of Persecution for Um for those who had aspirations to To practice the Hermetic Arts not so Much in an individual manner but in a Collective manner which is what the Hermetic chain is is a bunch of um Uh hermetic monks wearing a red robe and And Um practicing at certain hours of the

Morning or at night And um you know doing certain chants and Certain prayers And composed and composing certain Talismans and ciphers so some of those Type of practices were seen as as Um Counter to the regime of that time Yeah and then it would those also be Considered hermetic Therapeutics to an Extent some of those Sure definitely so it is a question of Looking and question of capturing as I Mentioned earlier that’s where Eros Comes in these certain powers certain Energies and Um it’s just like you know that for some People they’re more creative in the Morning than the and then in the Evenings right or some people are have More Um the right time energy to go for a run Is you know just Just Before Sunset Because it’s cooler or you know there There’s it’s it’s not talked about that Frequently but I think if you talked Into people individually they have Certain times or certain Um Uh certain certain aspects where they Tend to do things More than they do at other times and It’s because they they have this Intuition or this this

Um this deeper sense that they’re They’re better suited to do certain Activities uh at certain periods of time Or certain days or certain Seasons so It’s based on on the Therapeutics is Understanding what the diagnosis is and The type of energies that would be Required to help the individual to heal Or to deal with their pain better and Once that those connections are known It’s it’s finding the right rituals the Right Um Ceremonial components of the of the Practice to be able to tap into those Energies and to to transmit them to the Parties that need them the most so it’s It’s one way it’s quite complex but Another way it’s it it makes a lot of Sense because it’s sort of like how As I was trying to the example is trying To put is individually how we we are is That you know we we have certain Patterns and we have certain things that We favor doing because it seems right to Us even though we may not have the the Rationale to be able to explain why that That is Mm-hmm and you were talking earlier About the dream state and you made me Think about are there are there Teachings that give people the ability To go into somebody’s dream to help them In the physical

And I or were you just referring to Somebody that actually it goes into the Dream state themselves Yeah that’s a really good question Rex Um I would answer it this way Um So the the practices of the Miriam and The statutes are included in the book And they mentioned the scope and and It’s all aspect of psychism so dreams Was definitely concerned of that and Dreams are important because uh the laws Of gravity are less flu or less or less Holding in the dream state they are in The in the Wake state so that we’re much More mobile we’re much open for Change And modification both good and bad so if You’re looking to do a dramatic change a Dream state is a good time to be able to Engage in some of those practices so the The change component the change agent Will have a greater fix because it’s Much more fluid the psyche is much more Mobile and fluid Time the sequence of time linear space Is much more fluid in the dreams than They are in the wakeful state so there Are certain beneficiary beneficial Aspects of working from a Dean State Going to provide you an example in the Book where Kramer it’s um so kremits in his later Part of his life when we talked about

The fascist regime coming into power in The 20s he was he based himself in in Monaco just over the border from Italy But most of the members were scattered Throughout Italy and to be able to Communicate with the various members When there was an urgent need for Intervention say from kremits on a Patient is he has he created this um This magical box where uh telepathically He would receive messages from the from The heads of the Miriam about you know a Certain a certain so and so would re has This this critical Um Sickness and requires Um you know an intervention of this kind So he Kramer set up this magical or this Telepathical box to be able to to Receive these messages and then he would Write the prescription and send it by Like a telegraph or or by Um by a courier or some other means to The the parties that need it so gives an Example of how these practices were put Into place Um to be able to tap into some of the Hidden or universal laws underlying the Physical dimension of life to be able to To utilize them for for for beneficial Practices beneficial outcomes Great and I’d like to hear more about The fundamental program and the reports To the 12 Supreme Masters what’s that

About so the fundamental program is what I mentioned about this is basically the Statutes of the Miriam it outlines in 60 Points what the guidelines are what the Scope of the practice is the ethical Components Um the various degrees or five degrees Of the Miriam from the novice to the Master Miriam and it was a therapeutic Degree where a member had to show that They were able to assist in a healing Um the the uh what was the other Component the other uh the 12 like the 12 Masters the 12 the 12 Masters Yeah the Miriam was set up as uh by Kremmurds in mid-1890s because at that Time in Naple there had just finished a A cholera a cholera epidemic that wiped Out thousands of people and kremeris was A novice at that point this would have Been in the 1880s so a decade prior to When he launched the Miriam and he’s With his master uh called Izar he’s our Ben esker who he learned much of the Therapeutical Aspects of hermeticism from this master And Izar was a member of the Egyptian Order this the found these 12 members Who are adepts that means that they had A skill skills and powers above the norm And they were the ones that um oversaw The various aspects of of fraternal Societies both like the Miriam and also With the various Masonic borders such as

The the Egyptian Rite of mizrahim of Egyptian right of Memphis the Egyptian Rite of kaliastro Etc So they all reported into these 12 Masters and so in um when Kramer started So when cremace told us mentioned to his His master is are that he would like to Find he would like to apply these uh Powers he’s developing for her purposes When Izar died kremaritz founded the the School of Miriam but he didn’t get the Blessings of The Twelve Elders the 12 Um Adepts of the Egyptian order so there Was some um consternations because these Are the the 12 members were were of a Conservative and and aristocratic nature That you know felt that info like this Information or this practice shouldn’t Be widely uh spread out that there needs To be some controls on it so Kramer it’s In the 1909 uh rewrote these the Statutes and it was originally 40 to 60 And he placed the Miriam under the Tutelage of these 12 Egyptian of these 12 masters of the Egyptian order Um uh and um From that there was a the the Miriam was More in line or more in Orthodoxy with The Hermetic schools that were operating In Italy at that time You know the Egyptian teachings and the Hieroglyphics

Seemed and the magic of ancient Egypt Possibly ancient Atlantis uh I don’t Know what the name was at the time but Just using Egypt as a term because most People can pick this up with the Megaliths in Egypt et cetera that we’re Still uncovering so powerful and the you Know when you’re telling me that this Actually goes back to those teachings I Find that incredible and remarkable and Powerful at the same time so much Respect and What is your favorite oh go ahead please The connection Rex is so outside of Naples you you’ve probably heard of an Ancient town called Pompeii Yes that ex that um was over overwhelmed With the uh explosion of Mount Vesuvius The volcano so in Roman times there was Um in Pompeii which was close to a Seaport close to Naples Uh there was a number of iseems temples Dedicated to Isis and there was a um Uh a sizable Egyptian community And there was a priest a vice is called Mama rosar amru That Um The Legend goes was the last priest Of the Temple of Isis In Pompeii before the eruption Fast forward 15 centuries later in around the 1700s Pompeii was excavated and they found These texts and forth and part of the

Text that they found was from this isium Which which is allegedly The Archives of This Egyptian order that we talked about So the connection between the Miriam and The Egyptian school is not only from an Inspiration but there was a lineage Of of Eisen and uh osirian Um Uh Sasser dots or priests that had Rooted themselves in in Pompeii and Herculem which is another town in in That neighborhood in that ambran where The Vesuvius Um covered in with this volcano and that Mama rosar amru is the Aeon Of the of The Rite of Miriam which is The sort of like the founding father or The spiritual guide For this fraternity Now that’s cool I definitely want to Look more into that and for somebody That wanted to find some of these Ancient teachings that have recently Been uncovered do you list those in your Book or real quick can you get my next Book that’s going to be it’s going to be Uh called um Marco Daffy the magical Baron Explorations in alchemical Hermeticism there is uh writings by Kremorts and by uh Marco Daffy who is Another Adept in his school on Mama Rosa Amro and on some of these teachings that We talk about so yeah there’ll be more Coming down that will go into greater

Depth to elucidate on this um Egyptian Italian connection we’re just talking About Great looking forward to that and what’s Your favorite part in the Hermetic Physician off the top of your head what Comes to mind I like the part where uh cramerates Um talks about that Um You know he he is the one who’s very Social he liked to you know communicate With all aspects and all types of people From various social stratas and and they Were talking about after the war Um you know where that there was this Hope for you know renewal and hopefully Mankind’s learned from their mistakes And so forth and Kramer has warned them And said yes I share your enthusiasm and Your optimism but don’t forget there are Millions of people that suffered Millions of people have died millions of People in agony and that energy that’s Released that just doesn’t empty into The ether it collects it builds and then It condenses down into into it has to Energy doesn’t Die it transforms it it recirculates And we you know these very prophetic Words because we saw in the 30s with the Rise of of of Nazism and communism in The second world war that we saw this uh Um you know the the where this sort of

Like this reign of Agony from the Individuals who suffered Uh you know apparently the first world War the brutality was even worse than The Second World War Chances are you would add a quicker way To die in second world war but first World world there was great much more Agony and the the Weaponry was much more Brutal than the conditions were were Much more horrific than in the second World war so he was just saying you know Just a realist is that you know the Energy that’s and the the opposite is True as well is that when you know when When people when societies people get Their their proverbial stuff together That that energy can pool itself and and And have good outcomes as well I mean we Saw in you know in the 60s and so on There was this outbreak in terms of you Know let’s let’s get our stuff together Type of thing and so there’s there’s That and there’s that understanding that Uh you know it’s more than just us more Than just this little picture of the World that we see liked and that there’s There’s always this Um you know as below as is above is Connecting the microcosm with the Macrocasm to get a much broader view of Things in a much more in-depth Understanding of how this great Mysterious Universe unravels

So that to me was like one of those Great insights like the tele telepathic Magic box as well thought that was Really cool I love the descriptions Where he talks about how the the he Healed various types of people Um some even using a placebo to be able To understand you know the level of the Sickness whether it was of a physical Kind or emotional mental or even of you Know of a karmic kind which is much more Deeper and much more complex so it’s Just uh it’s just uh there’s so much Different uh variety and and levels of Knowledge that one can tap into that um I highly recommend for those who have an Inclination towards your medicism To check out the book and I think it’ll Be a wonderful addition to your library Absolutely and order it through here Folks inner Traditions I’ll leave a link In the video description box you can Also get it on Amazon but if you want to Get it through something you know a Company that’s very reputable and not Quite as big as the Borg of the world Here’s another opportunity as well and Great reviews I’m looking forward to Getting my signed copy and then I just I Mean this is awesome and I realized as We were talking I was like wait a second He also wrote The Magic Door and yeah The the summary just I mean I would be Honored if we could do a podcast in the

Future and maybe talk about some of this Because this is awesome very much so Yeah it’s a lot to talk about there is a Lot to talk about that’s that’s Fantastic I got to ask one question About this though the um the Olympians Who are the Olympians are they people Are they planets are they what are they So the Olympians the the Olympians are Basically a um So you have to understand the contexts That the West arose at a time Of a certain Um macrocosmic Um level of humanity and the West arose Based on the Western Star which is which Is Venus And in in in in in in The the language of the day was referred To Hesperia And from the which means that the the is The for the central Force the primary Force of the western man is that of love And that’s what was a force that Um Engendered these Olympians so the Olympians were those Heroes that fought The Titans who were looking to destroy The world and and to bring a level of of Culture of civilization which is what Was referred to Arcadia Where there was you know peace but there Was honor and dignity the Olympians were A race of Heroes

Who weren’t like Prometheus or Titans Who were about to rebel against the Cosmos but were there to build the Cosmos So Olympians are an archetype uh of Individuals of a heroic Dimension who Are looking to build a greater Civilization Than uh the ones that they found Themselves at that time Archetypes like morphic figures though That people would turn into Giants Exactly for example yeah or some are Historical figures Some are mythological figures and when You’re when you go that deep in the Psyche the two blend together I’ve noticed we talked about the four Bodies at a certain point the archetypes Work at a solar level And whether they have a physical Component which is an avatar or whether They have a Ghost-like opponent which is more of a Lunar type it all depends on the Manifestation of that energy at a Particular time because I talk about That in the Hermetic text when Hermes Says he he laments when he’s talking to Um asclepius about you know they’ll come A day where Egypt will will die That this great civilization will be Buried in infamy in inequity and and and Destruction will be the rule but at that

But in those times that’s when you Expect to see the rebirth of of of Hermes as an avatar the return so it’s The same thing with the Olympians there Are Cycles Talk about that in the Magic Door That makes me is that the Gnostic text that’s in the nagamati that You’re referring to or one of the texts Where Hermes is one of the texts of the Uh corporate semiticum one of the 15 Texts of the uh but they’re probably References in the nag hamadi uh hermetic Um pieces or of manuscript as well so It’s all I mean in those days we have to Understand that the these Traditions Were oral so only the written components Came out much later so the the Hermetic Texts that were first discovered Around in the 1400s in in Europe They were written around 200 A.D or CE But they were based on oral traditions That go back thousands of years earlier It’s just that the Scribe who wrote it Who wrote it down in that period was From that century and some of the Wordings he used was was par was the Wording of that day but it doesn’t mean The sources of that of those writings of Those teachers are much older than that Specific parchment of of that manuscript That had the Um 15 hermetic books For those who say well it’s proven that

You know Hermes wasn’t as old as Moses Because you know a scholar Isaac Causabon discovered that the or decipher That the language that was used was of Second century Greco-Roman times well Yeah because the The Scribe who Translated those works from a heretic Language into Latin or into Greek that Was where he was writing from but the Teachings that he was based on whether They were oral or they were from another Language or much older So it’s like for yourself if I get the Bible and I translate it myself I’m Going to use modern language the terms I’m familiar with and somebody two Thousand years from now and say oh the Bible you know was the New Testament Comes from 2022 because he’s using words Like Like you know you know what what are Some of the internet killers that we use Awesome and um you know far out and uh Make America great again Or that’s cool yeah but I absolutely You’re absolutely right and it’s Interesting too because you could go to The ancient Sumerian uh cuneiform which Predates the biblical stuff by thousands Of years and it’s got more detailed Stories of what’s in the Old Testament And then yeah so very great points yeah I mean I mean the the The tale of the flood like you mentioned

Rex goes much older than than when it’s First transcribed in the ancient Testament in the so it’s it’s You know you can once you dig deeper you Find that there’s a common Um there’s a lot of things in terms of Traditions that have in common and Um that to be any any Thorough or worthwhile researchers Should be looking for those themes those Underlying motifs rather than sticking To any literal version of of any Particular writing that’s that’s that’s My Um uh recommendation anyways I mean Everyone can do do what they like but in Terms of you’re really open and Understanding things this is you know Dig deeper in your researches and and You find some commonalities and you find What’s different and and you’re able to To you know come with a much thorough And and uh relevant understanding of of This you know this mysterious world that We live in It is mysterious and it’s definitely Entertaining and it was uh honored to Speak with you David I appreciate you Being a guest on leak project and it Would be an honor if we could talk again Sometime Look forward to very much I enjoyed this Hour went by so fast yeah yeah it did And like I said I’ve got so much more I

Want to talk to you about but we did we Did schedule an hour I don’t know if any Of the listeners uh want to get in touch With me I’m on Facebook or you can Um write to Inner Traditions I always Want to hear feedback from from the Readers and if there’s anything that you Want further elaboration just feel free To give me a ride or just want to chat Or or get to know a little bit more About some of the work I’m involved in The Traditions that that I’m exploring Be glad to enlarge in my uh my contact List my network uh with with the Interesting people Great once again much appreciated and When they find you on Facebook they just Look up David Pantano exactly yeah all Right well everybody be excellent to Each other and be the change you want to See [Music] [Music] Foreign

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