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Hi Scorpio welcome to your monthly Messages from Spirit reading for November 2022. this is your girl mermaid Scales tarot thank you so much for Joining me here this is a general Reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus And or any other strong placement for The sign of Scorpio Please keep in mind that this is a General reading not a one-on-one Personal reading And I do want to say Please be aware of Any scammers out there that are Commenting on your comments below Pretending to be me I do not have a WhatsApp I only have two Instagrams my Personal Instagram and my mermaid skills Tarot Instagram anything else that's Guiding you to a different place for a Form of payment I would never ask you For payment your payment information so Please be aware if you're seeing people Impersonating me report them do not Reply and do not engage in that energy So let's go ahead and jump right on into Your reading Scorpio let's see what Aspect of your life that Spirit wants You to know about a situation you've Been asking for anything you need to Hear about Oh my goodness Okay This is powerful energy you have strong Fire here Aries Leo Sagittarius energy

Motivation Drive encouragement Scorpio To keep on fighting for a specific For some of you soulmate connection to Manifest it I do feel for some of you Who have been drawn to this reading you Do have a soulmate Connection in your Life you do have someone that is meant To be a significant part of your love Life and I feel for those of you this Connection is just deepening further and Further but it is something that has Been worrying you has been on your mind Quite a bit you're wondering if they Feel the same way if they have the same Intentions if they do care as much as They are making the effort to kind of Hang out with you is there more to it is There more to their intentions But here we start off you guys with the Seven of Gabriel This is Leo energy and it says stand up For what you believe in have confidence And claim your personal power So Scorpio Spirit does want you to be Aware of the situations are in your life Right now that you may be facing that You feel kind of alone in that you feel Like you have A strong opinion about that other people Aren't so open to I wonder if this is Just the transformation you've been Going through as far as New things that are happening in your Life new ideas that you are starting to

Become very aware of downloads from Spirit on how to pursue a specific thing A goal and although you may feel very Alone in what you feel like people Understand from you get from you Spirit Wants you to know you're right on track Scorpio that whatever lifestyle whatever Romance whatever situation that you're Finding yourself in that you have to Fight for is worth the fight And I do feel that spirit in the Beginning of the month or just right now Some of you may be going through is just Wanting to give you a message of Encouragement to continue to push Forward in this to pick yourself back up Again if you have experienced a recent Disappointment because the Battle Is Not Over And I do feel that this battle isn't Something that is going to take any more Stress anxiety fear with the seven of Wands it is an indication that you have Everything you need to make this happen And all it needs is for you to firmly Stand and believe in yourself to make it Happen for those of you that may be Struggling with self-confidence or fears About moving forward or moving ahead Or speaking up on something that you Feel very passionately about and I do Feel you think you're the odd one out in Your environment in your situation Just in the beginning of the month with

I don't know something that it feels Family related for some of you guys here Whether you're a lot more spiritually in Tune than the rest of the people in your Family or even if they had a different Idea about spirituality about living Life about living their truth or even How you should live your life And you're stepping away from that You're standing out from that and that Is something Spirit does want to Congratulate you on Scorpio Then we have the lovers This is Gemini energy Taurus energy with Archangel Raphael coming for you make Choices from your heart deeply emotional Commitments The Power of Love So whatever this is that you feel very Strongly about it is coming from the Heart chakra it is coming from the heart Space and spirit wants you to have the Courage to make this Choice from your Heart because it will lead you to the Path you want to be on to the goal that You are envisioning for yourself I do Feel for some of you guys again this has To do with someone that you may have Been Worried about as far as where this is Going where this is heading do they feel The same way Is this something important in my life Is this a journey I'm on with this other Individual with this Soul connection

Are we forming something here are we Bonding something here and the answer is Yes Scorpio this person is falling in Love with you now some of you I wonder If this is Someone you're going to meet in the Middle of the month If this is someone that is just it Started off as friends but as you guys Hang out with one another the crush is Developing more and more between the two Of you I wonder for some of you if this Is a co-worker or again a friend that You guys have made Been hanging out in the same friend Group But people are already catching on that There's some chemistry between the two Of you And I do feel Scorpio that It's very important Spirit wants you to Know to be honest about your intentions In this if you have more that you need To hear speak up on it and the right Person will meet you with their honest Answers with their truth with their love And maybe some of you are just waiting To make that initiative to send that Message to send that text to have that Conversation Spirit is encouraging you to do so And maybe you're leaving them with a Choice Scorpio for some Take Me As I Am with the seven of Wands

Energy with everything that I expect Everything that I am hoping here I'm Putting it out all out on the line Will you join me with this will you be On my journey here will you be a partner Of mine to develop this and grow this I do feel for most of you there is an Energy of someone very deeply in love With you here And maybe in the middle of November it's Going to cement something And others of you with the seven of Wands and the lovers if you have Experienced a disappointment where You've decided to move on from a Situation that you knew wasn't serving You with the seven of Wands that you Felt like it was a constant struggle a Constant fight you decided to finally Clear that out so you can move Forward to meeting a soul mate to Meeting a twin flame to welcoming that Energy and manifesting that energy in Spirit is saying you're clearing the way For this to happen And your visualizations your prayers Your will to act on making the Initiative to attract the soulmate Energy that some of you are looking to Attract it is working Because here we have the four of Gabriel Aries energy And it says time for a celebration Abundant rewards for Hard Work Release

Yourself from burdensome situations yeah Scorpio so by the end of all this what You don't see right now that may appear At the end of the month for you guys is Something to celebrate is something to Recognize that you have made happen for Yourself it's very clear with the seven Of Wands in the beginning here And I feel for some of you with the Lovers and the four of Gabriel this may Be a commitment that you're entering in November thinking about entering asking Someone to or maybe that choice will be Given to you with the lovers card here But for anyone that is in this situation Or will be in this situation where There's an opportunity to Declare your love declare your feelings And if the conversation comes up to be In a commitment spirit is saying this Will be a significant connection that Will impact Your life honestly that will help you Further along your journey will help you Understand about yourself but this is What you're doing for that other person As well for some reason I just saw the Letter e first middle last initial yours Are theirs Um as an Eric as in Erica that may mean Something for you guys But in the background here we do have The nine of Michael This is what's coming to an end Scorpio

The fears and the worries and the Stresses that some of you have been Putting on yourself or may have been Carrying that were never yours in the First place those idea of what kind of Life that you need to live those Assumptions those expectations that You've honestly have outgrown And what spirit says is your worry is Unnecessary Focus your thoughts on the Outcome you desire release feelings of Regret guilt or worry to your angels The owl may be a animal that you've been Seeing quite a bit that has been coming Up to your Consciousness or will as November and Folds The owl is all about wisdom and Clarity And so I feel for some of you guys that Maybe before this reading or before the Month of November there has been fears About how this is going to work when This is going to happen and you've been Attaching too much to the outcome Instead of letting it all unfold The first step to letting it all unfold Is by taking your own path making your Own choice being a bit assertive not Aggressive but assertive making it clear Through your communication through your Actions just taking those steps And I feel some of you have been Preventing yourself from taking those Steps out of fear of failure fear of Being proved wrong

Um and all I have to say about that is Um Failure is never something that is meant To be and I Told You So moment uh A message from the universe that this is Never going to be for you anything that You're feeling so passionately about That I see with this seven of Gabriel Sometimes closed doors are protection And the failures that may you may have Experienced are nothing that is meant to Say Scorpio you're doomed this isn't for You it's meant to say there's a better Way That it is unfolding but it's not the Right time But with this being at the bottom of the Deck I can say any delays are over But the help of that of putting those Delays to an end to a rest is by Releasing those worries in those fears To your angels to your Spirit guides to The universe and just living your life Day to day making the choices that You're confident about Going for the things that you want to go For All those experiences the good and the Bad is leading you to something very Beautiful at the end of the month to Celebrate and maybe this is just saying It's a momentous birthday for you guys That you are celebrating this month Maybe it's a 21st

30th 40th 50th and happy birthday to my Scorpios who are turning a whole another Year in the month of November I wish you A year of Love luck prosperity and joy So let's get deeper into this let's see Specifically what else Spirit wants you To be aware of this November What is the general theme around this Side I mean love and romance is a big Indication here for some of you Oh the snake Yeah I'm not surprised to see my Scorpions have this and it says your Intuition and healing powers will guide You to a better path But be careful now the be careful is Associating very clearly I see with this Nine of Swords energy The mental blocks the mental repetition Patterns of I'm not going to do this This isn't going to be for me that's What Spirit wants you to transform out Of Scorpio With the serpent with the snake I mean I felt that in the beginning of Transformative energies and here it is Confirming for me but you guys are Shedding an old skin that old skin of Doubt and fear and by accepting Everything that has happened but Choosing to make A New Path choosing to Stand up for yourself and to go forward On a New Journey on a new chance on a New opportunity

By creating that for yourself whether You are the one that is making it happen Through your actions or just by clearing The energy in the space shedding the old Experiences because for some of you I do Feel you've been hanging on to failures And worries for too long you've already Learned the lesson of it So the snake energy is saying that even For some of you certain disappointments Or failures have led you to an Awakening Have led you to a new understanding a New you Scorpio And it's powerful people are picking up On it people see your power and your Strength with the seven of Wands here And they may even be intimidated by that Scorpio And that's how you're clearing the path Or even clearing situations and people That aren't going to serve you as you Transform in this new version of Yourself The right ones will be in alignment with You with the lovers card here the right Ones will see you for your power and Honor it cherish it love it encourage it And the other ones will fade away from Your life But I do think that for anything that You're shedding that you've had to let Go of that you had to accept it really Is for the best The only thing to be careful about that

I see in the cards here thus far is the Worries the Gemini energy coming through Here of Am I doing the wrong thing am I not good Enough is this never gonna happen for me Those are the things that will block you Scorpio Let's keep going Tell me more about what Scorpio news you Hear about November hermit strong Virgo Energy I feel for some of you guys Around you or you may have Virgo in your Big three Um but it says Retreat and recharge And this is very important for some of You because you are getting more in sync With who you are At this time I do feel for some of you It's important if you've been feeling Those nudges to meditate more to give Yourself those days off where it's all Just for you taking a spiritual bath Going on a walk reading your favorite Book just reflecting And clearing away the Illusions and Fears that hold you back where that make You feel or think that You're not good enough To be more in tune with yourself and Your Desires and your hopes and why you have Them Is it something that's serving my ego or Is it something that's serving my higher

Self how you can tell the difference is That when you're thinking of certain Situations certain people in your life What energies What feelings come up Within your body within your heart Chakra within your solar plexus chakra Are they feelings of encouragement Passion desire excitement or are they Feelings of fear Are they feelings of Dimming yourself down because there's Disbelief in it those are the things I Feel Scorpio spirit is asking you to Think about and be clear of and to Discern and if there's still any wounds That Are attached to your self-worth or your Ability to manifest or the ability to Receive all the beautiful blessings that Are meant to happen for you guys with The lovers and the four of Gabriel Those are things to think about very Clearly now and then to move forward and Make the choices that will lead you There without fear without hesitation Now for some of you if this is a romance Situation you're giving someone a lot to Think about Scorpio You really are they're reflecting on all The things that they've experienced with You thus far The attraction they have for you it's a Very high vibrating attraction here that Maybe even for some of you if it's not

You going through this Awakening you're The Catalyst for someone else's Awakening Both of you in different ways maybe same Ways are on a spiritual journey here I do feel majorly if this is not Soulmate energy it is Twin Flame energy And I can say that with confidence Everything I'm seeing And sometimes with twin flames it could Be very difficult Um you know some people sell it as it's This beautiful fantasy of everything Coming true and unfolding like a Disney Movie but really twin flames are some of The hardest connections to go through Because They Twin flames put us through so many Awakenings So many deaths and rebirths the Catalyst To a newer higher perspective And each time we kind of go through Those Situations of growth and evolution there Is a little bit struggle that comes with It the shedding of skin The ego deaths that we have to go Through in order to be a higher version Of ourselves And sometimes the twin flames are on Different time frames of that So there will be one that is a lot Further on their Awakening Journey their

Understanding of the connection while Someone is still not aware of it But I gotta say if that's something You've been dealing with with this Certain someone with a romantic partner That Um That alignment or misalignment that you May have been experiencing with this Person is coming to an end And I do feel that as they think about You as they think about the experiences That they've had with you it is hitting Them in a different way in a profound Way in their heart chakra even in their Third eye I'm seeing they're getting Daydreams about you Scorpio they do Visualize a future with you what that Could look like what that could be and For some of you with the four of Gabriel There has been Daydreams of a Relationship a committed exclusive Relationship but for others of you they Wonder what it would be like if they Would marry you one day if you could get Married If you could build a future together be Happy with one another because I do feel That energy around it when you're with Each other There's this It feels lightness around the energy Between the two of you this Carefree of Anything else that may be going on

Because when I'm around you it all feels Right If I still have you in my life that Means something even if everything is Falling apart And for some of you I wonder if this Person has encouraged you in some way Whether they told you verbally or even Just the experience of this with them Has made you more of who you are to step Outside of what your family Society Expects from you and be more a part of Yourself Someone could wear beads necklace of Beads or even bracelets of beads and That's just confirmation of who I may be Talking about If someone could have dreadlocks as well Just throwing that out there as this is A general reading So what do your angels want you to know Right now Scorpio about November what You're experiencing in November what has Been folding November for you guys Foreign Spirit okay this one wanted to be The first one up so let's see ask Oh this is a beautiful card And what it says is Ask us to help you in this situation and We will immediately go to work on your Behalf We're governed by many universal laws And among them is the Free Will that

Allows you to make your own choices and Decisions so we patiently await your Request So Scorpio your angels want you to know That they're with you They hear you but for some of you You haven't been asking enough for their Help Maybe you feel like it's all up to you To do this maybe you feel like They haven't answered my prayers my Questions before And again when Spirit doesn't send us The answer or the outcome that we Expected that we hoped for it truly most Of the time was not meant for us to Happen in that specific way But that does not mean that you were Unheard That does not mean that the Angels your Spirit team are working behind the Scenes to make your prayers answered and The way that is best for you I do feel with this card here that for Those of you who have been praying for a Soul mate for a twin flame Um there is something unfolding here That is on behalf of your angels because They recognize that this counterpart That you're asking about that you're Praying for it is meant to be a part of Your path it is meant to fulfill a Contract within this lifetime And they will be granting this Union for

You guys I see it you're with the lovers And the four of Gabriel in November Whether they take you on a special date Whether they confess something whether They ask you to be theirs Not in a possessive way but in a way of We will be loyal devoted we will work on This together to build something Beautiful here And others of you yeah I do feel Spirit Wants you to be more open to their Assistance and help If you guys Um have been a little bit disconnected Lately go back into meditation go back Into your rituals of pulling cards for Yourself of giving yourself that time to Connect with the Divine to connect with Your angels and to send those messages Out there and they will respond in the Way that you need to see them you need To hear them and the way that is best For you and the moment you're Experiencing it and I already do feel Like you guys are getting those messages You're getting those number Confirmations of synchronicities you're Seeing a thumbs up whether you ask for a Symbol to be sent into your Consciousness a rainbow a star a Shooting star whatever it is Spirit has Been sending you those your way but for Some of you maybe it's been a bit Clouded from your worries and your fears

But Spirit wants you to know even for Others of you what you're asking for you Will receive whether that's the build up For this in November or in November it Will be And I'm so excited for you guys when That happens But if you need to take a little prayer After this reading tonight whenever it's Right pour your heart into it If you don't believe in praying you can Just do affirmations intention settings And have it come from your heart chakra Have it come from your sacral your solar Plexus chakra because that will add to The power of your words to your Intentions They will see that your intentions are Strong passionate powerful And I do see that at the end of it there Will be something to celebrate All right Scorpio we're going to go Ahead and get one more message for you Guys Foreign And this is going to be a message that Spirit wants to give to you as a closing Message anything that will touch up on What I've been saying this reading Anything else that Spirit may want to Add about this about what you're going Through in November So anything else has Scorpio let me see Pure Spirit at this time for the clarity

Insight and healing and guidance So we have nourishment oh yeah You will be nourished you will be taken Care of you the situation in your life Is improving Scorpio through the music You're listening through through what You're choosing to Pay attention to Um you know certain news articles Certain Stories the people you're around Spirit really wants you to pay attention To what's surrounding you and if it's Not working for you to make that choice To Remove yourself from that certain Conversations that certain people or Situations that are just taking from you Not adding to you not developing you not Growing you But let's read the message that's on the Back So it says are you tempted to Rush from One thing to another out of breath and Utter under fed At times the body does its most Demanding tasks with simply too little Nourishment Hunger must be satiated thirst quenched Life is lived through this intricate Sacred body your purpose can be known Only through the clarity of awareness You experience when your basic outer Needs are met Your inner beauty can be more easily

Felt when you have been nourished with Care So yeah even with the seven of Wands That we saw in the beginning of reading Here Scorpio do the things that make you Feel good about yourself take the time To see the beauty in life and if it's Hard to at certain situations with Certain challenges we're facing then Give yourself that break to just tune Out the world turn on that playlist Listen to that CD go on that walk And know that when you give yourself That time to heal and nourish instead of Fighting for it pushing for it demanding It in ways that are just again tiring You You're gonna be out of gas you're gonna Be out of the fuel you need to manifest What is unfolding here and maybe that is Also why Spirit brought out the hermit Card to retreat and recharge for you Because this is very important at this Time To surrender your worries and fears to The angels to ask for assistance and Guidance and anything they can do on Their end that will be the best for you And then rest Rest assured that your prayers will be Answered that your intentions will be Manifested And treat yourself Whether it's a special breakfast on your

Birthday whether it's something you've Been wanting to buy for yourself but You've been giving yourself those guilty Thoughts if you have the money why not Buy yourself something special And allow things to unfold so it can Fold in its perfect way the right way And you'll be fully nourished and ready To receive it when it comes because Beautiful things are happening Scorpio Romance Healing growth wisdom Prayers answered this is all in the Cards for you Scorpio And I'm very excited Thank you so so much Scorpio for joining Me here for this reading I really hope It resonated with you I hope it provided You with the healing Clarity insight and Guidance for what you may be going Through in November and if it has please Let me know drop a comment below hit That like button don't forget to Subscribe I love you Scorpio very much and I'll See you next time Take care Scorpio

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