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[Music] Thank you Hi Scorpio welcome to your December 2022 General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a journal Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Scorpio this is a General reading it may resonate it may Not please keep that in mind as you Listen to this message take the messages That resonate leave what doesn't for Someone else who needs to hear that Message Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Scorpio Who wouldn't be I'd like to remind Scorpio and cross Watchers that energy Is fluid and this simply means you may Feel like I'm describing a certain Situation in the reading where you feel The roles are flipped or reversed and That's completely okay you're more than Welcome to use your own discretion to Flip those roles if that resonates with Your specific situation the best All right let's jump right on in and see What is happening in Scorpio's love life In December what do you need to know About your love life in December and With this energy I am connecting To an energy around your energetic field Of someone that has romantic feelings or

Intentions towards you right now in this Moment whether you are single or you're In a relationship whether you're Connecting someone or you're in Separation let's see who is coming Through and why and what messages they Have for you in the December The golden mirror Very interesting and it says Self-absorbed narcissist one-sided Relationship and love bombing okay so Obviously there's someone going on here Of someone who is too consumed of Themselves who is out for themselves who May Use you as a reflection of what they Need and want and desire and I feel Scorpio you're really opening up to this In December and you're really starting To get it it's for the repetition of This person it's the in and out the Inconsistency the hot and cold that You're really feeling from this person And I feel now more than ever you're Seeing their true colors maybe because You're starting to have more boundaries Maybe because you have decided to stop Talking to them to delete their number To block them whatever it is But this person has their eye on you now Scorpio because of some sort of Energetic block or even literally social Media block phone number block But they're missing that attention from

You they're missing that Validity or validation that you gave to Them in this connection This person could be very attractive and Maybe that's what Got you really interested in the first This person in the first place was how Attractive they are they use their Physical looks to their advantage and Maybe again they were love bombing you At first would tell you you're the only Person I've ever felt this way about I Have this strong need for you I'm hungry For you I I desire you but Those words started to lose their appeal When they weren't backed up with Anything When they would start to ghost or they Would start to leave when they left you In the dark without calling you back Texting you back and maybe this happened Very recently Scorpio end of November Where you're like okay I'm really starting to see you now I'm Letting go of the fantasies and the Illusions that were put up by you or Maybe even I started Envision through Trying to see the whole situation in Rose-colored glasses and I'm done And this person this time around for Some reason feels there's some sort of Final Straw with you Scorpio that they're Fighting because you give them

An ego boost you give them some sort of Charge that they don't get with Anyone else I wonder if it's because of the Intensity that was strong between the Two of you that may have been sexual That may have been ego based between the Two of you or on one-sided they use that As a leash for you Scorpio But I think something's really opening Here for you about this person All right let's see what they want to Tell you Scorpio You Are My Sunshine yeah And so I feel in December this is their Opportunity to come back this is what They think is going to be the thing that Cools the ice between the two of you That They're trying to use a new strategy Quote unquote of getting you back and I Only say quote unquote because it's it's The same thing it really is for some Reason they think you're not opening up To that or that you're aware of that but You completely are I feel for some of you you could be Dealing with the Leo someone with strong Leo in their chart or you could have Strong Leo in your chart with the Sunshine energy here But I do feel that this is something That you're starting to see is like okay I'm giving so much more to you

It's making you feel great it's making You feel good I pick you up when we need To go out somewhere I pay for the food The tickets to anything that we need to Pay for in order to go on this date but I still feel as if there's nothing I'm Getting in return and you're seeing this Person soaking up all your sunlight this Person does drain you Scorpio and that's A big indication that I tell a lot of People that um you know if you're Getting a text message a call from Someone that when you see that they're Sending you that message or you got that Missed call it gives you anxiety it Gives you stress it gives you worry That's a big indication that you're Outgrowing someone Scorpio and maybe That's why they're noticing this and They they're really trying to fight it Because something about you Shines and something that they see Within you your spiritual Frequency your vibration is something That they're very attracted to because They're not at that same vibration and That's where they take and they take So I would be very careful if you are Getting a message a text message from Someone that you know is self-absorbed Is out for their own cells Um doesn't give you the time of day when You need it they're starting to come in Saying hey I miss you

I missed the times we had I miss you Coming over what are you doing I need to See you right now giving you this love Bombing that they've done before Be very careful Scorpio because I feel That this is their attempt now in December to have you back And maybe this is the final test from Spirit saying this is a karmic Connection I feel it here already Are you really ready to close this cycle Out and this may be the time to do so And they may come around like uh Mercury Retrograde which I feel and think is at The end of December please correct me if I'm wrong I believe it's like around December 29th so be careful around Mercury retrograde if this person starts To come in All right so we're gonna see how they Feel about you right now what do they Think of you what do they like about you What do they not like about you what do They like about the connection that they Have with you currently and what do they Not like about it And what are their highest hopes and Deepest fears in regards to this Connection with you Scorpio what are They really hoping Is going to happen between the two of You and full between the two of you and What are they afraid of Yeah and I already see Scorpio that this

Person yeah they're looking to come back For sure and some of you are already Dealing with this person coming back in The beginning of December end in November whatever it is And what they have to offer is something That they may feel is going to tempt the Tempt you I wonder if for some of you They're like hey you know I owed you This money from this day or from when You paid for this here it is thinking That that's the only thing that is the Problem here for some of you guys And with the nine of cups of what they Think about you they think if they have You in their life they're fulfilled But with this energy this golden mirror This is something I can't ignore and I Can't tell you guys that with the nine Of Cups and the Ace of Pentacles this is Everything you want this is everything They're trying to sell to you so you can Get back in this karmic cycle with them But what they don't like about you Scorpio let's keep in mind is the two of Cups in Reverse you are done emotionally Reciprocating Because it was out of balance And that is something that They are starting to pay attention to And Why all of a sudden now you could have Done this the whole time be emotionally Available emotionally receptive when I

Needed you you could have been there but Now that I'm out now that I'm gone this Is when you're fighting the most and Will it even last Just keep going Foreign Yeah that makes a lot of sense I'll show You all the cards but first let me get Them out on the table Here they are at the Knight of Wands Trying to come back in your life Triumphantly successfully But Square Scorpio I gotta say spirit is Giving you a big warning about this Person The devil's here This is karmic this is a karmic Situation you guys have had karma from a Past life or have developed certain Karma in your life in their life that Spirit wants to resolve once and for all So you don't have to carry that anymore And resolving this Karma has to do a lot With this person Bottom of the deck The Wheel of Fortune Jupiter energy Sagittarius energy Pisces Energy you could be dealing with one of The signs you could have those signs in Your chart strongly it doesn't have to Be the case but with the Wheel of Fortune spirit is telling me that you Have met this person for a reason and it Is so you can release any sort of Beliefs about yourself any sort of

Beliefs about love that kept you in bond With this person energetically Physically sexually it is meant to be Released here in December at this time And I do feel with this Wheel of Fortune Here it does have to do with past life Maybe you guys were involved in a past Life where they hurt you where maybe in A situation you hurt them and it had to Happen this lifetime so that Karma could Be settled and dealt with but there's so Much up and downs with this person And that's the thing Scorpio it's like This person when they are selling Themselves the way that they want to Sell themselves when they are trying to Get you back within this they show the Very best of themselves they show the Side that Makes you get your hopes up that makes You think that something's going to Change that something's going to expand And then the next second you're back at The bottom of the wheel with them They're ignoring you they're not Messaging you back they flake on you And I do also feel I'm seeing the Sphinx Here I do feel Spirit really is trying to Protect you from this But because we have free will only we Can decide when we are ready to start a Cycle or to end a cycle And with everything that you've

Experienced with this person spirit is Telling you you're ready to make the Choice that is right for you Because this person is only looking out For themselves Scorpio So with the Wheel of Fortune here there Is something that is meant to close out And there is something that is meant to Be done for good That will be set in stone and if you Guys already have made decisions to Finalize something or to Really set something as far as what You're going to allow and what you're Not going to allow spirit said that was The right choice and to stick with Anything that you've promised yourself About this person or about this Connection I'm not going to text back I'm not going to call back I'm not going To give in spirit wants you to remind Yourself of the promise you made to you So you don't have to be Tangled Up in This again So let's jump right on in it How they feel about you right now is the Ace of Pentacles a golden opportunity is What I heard here So they feel like it's time to bring Something new to the table that is going To tempt you I wonder if they like are going to buy Tickets for you to attend something with Them a concert an event A holiday event

And they're going to use that as a way To Make you or hope that they'll Persuade you to go with them to this Event to this party For some of you around the holidays they May even buy you something A necklace a trinket something that Reminded you them of you But it still feels something small And it still feels as if it's Just a Band-Aid over Something that is too big to just cover Up I wonder if this person's love language Is through money Through giving Physically tangibly financially to you But you want more Scorpio And they're not able to give you that I see it here and I think you guys are Really starting to notice that Maybe even again they are returning Something to you Whether that was like a jacket whether That was Something that they borrowed you may be Even alone Thinking that okay they're mad at me Because I didn't pay them back well here It is That's really manipulative Because that's something you should have Done regardless of the situation between

The two of us I don't know why I'm hearing venmo maybe You sent a request to them through venmo To pay you back for something that they Still haven't But for most of you generally with this Ace of Pentacles they feel that there's Something new they have to bring a new Offer That's going to look really shiny really Tempting But then I'm drawn to this rabbit here Which rabbit could mean Um Sexual Energy fertility energy where They're may just looking for Gratification again through you Could be dealing with the Earth sign a Taurus Virgo or a Capricorn What they think about you is the nine of Cups This is Pisces energy and what I'm Seeing even through this card here is Supply Emotional Supply Emotional fulfillment But this person in the card is even Still sitting alone And it tells me only one person is Getting Satisfied by all this at this Point And I also feel The strategy of Love bombing And the traditional Ryder weight Smith

Deck you see that individual that man Sitting with the arms cross smiling Happy About everything they have And it's almost as if it would be an Achievement a reward To get you back Something that they could brag about Something that they could show off You make them feel good Scorpio Emotionally But are you the supply is it Reciprocated with the two of cups in Reverse I don't see that it is So almost as if right now they're trying To use you as a means to make themselves Feel better right now because of the Fact you guys may not be engaging with Each other as much you haven't texted Them back you haven't called them back Whatever it was even if it left off Where they didn't text you back Uh they're in it for a rude awakening When they come back and see that the Energy has shifted because you figured Them out With this nine of Cups they're looking For something to win over to win you Over And in a way that is not high Vibrational they look at you as wish Fulfillment as far as all right if Scorpio just calls me back the Scorpio Just gets over it I'll be fine

But again that's the problem I'll be Fine not we will be fine They also are not looking to come out of Their single life Scorpio They're happy being single right now So I would warn you if they do say Things as far as I'm just not ready yet give me some time I'll maybe come around maybe we can Start thinking about moving things Further in the future but just not right Now not it's not just not right now it's Not for a few months a few years they're Not looking for something more serious With anyone But there's a definite ego boost that You give them Scorpio that they're still Relying on here that you are the source Of right now as they see it What they like the most about you is the Knight of Cups Scorpio energy So maybe in the past you were there for Them emotionally This person may involve themselves with A lot of drama that I feel they may Create Themselves whether you always knew about That or you come to find out later that They were the ones kind of instigating Certain situations and dramas within Their family life friendship work You know Scorpio it almost feels as if For some of you you were definitely the Emotional Dumping Ground

For this person It's like this they call you or they Talk to you you guys are hanging out and It's always about What's wrong within their life the People that are jealous of them that are Hating on them that Everything that is happening to them That isn't successful is because of Everything but them And you were the person that they saw as Being the one that's like oh you know It's okay you did what you could you did The best of the situation emotionally Catering to them in a lot of ways And this could be who you were in the Past it doesn't mean this is who you are Now but from what they remember you were Always there for them emotionally to Give them that pick-me-up to give them That Sunshine in their life They do find you to be very Charming They do find you to be very Romantic in a lot of ways too with the Words used to have said to them And maybe those are some of the words You're thinking that you really regret Saying Maybe you have told them that you really Like them or even that you love them And that is something that they still Feel like they could use to their Advantage

Someone could be an artist or have like A poetic Soul write poetry Be an artist in general painter drawer Tattoo artist I don't know but something With that is very creative that uses Their emotions to be the fuel for their Creations And they see that you're emotionally Motivated by it everything you do you Won't give in to something if you don't Feel emotionally tied to it or Passionate about it or drawn to it an Emotional way And they may when they first met you Thought that you were a little bit shy And a little bit reserved but when they Open that side to you you did have this Fountain Of Love The seduction That still fed to their own feelings of Themselves that gave them that boost up Scorpio But what they don't like about you is The two of cups in reverse Cancer energy So for some of you again you're starting To figure this person out or you Recently have That this isn't the person I thought They were we aren't emotionally Reciprocating This is one-sided I'm giving my all and They don't give anything And they sense that you've picked up on

This Psychically energetically emotionally I Don't feel you guys had that Conversation Because I feel even if you were to have That conversation they wouldn't be real With you So what's the point if I try to put Myself out there if they're just gonna Give me a bunch of excuses and reasons As to why they're not ready why they're Not open But you're just not giving into it Anymore Scorpio And it's hard now they're seeing to Change your mind out of this But they're still persistent They're still feeling like this is not Over That's the truth of it all with the nine Of Cups and the Ace of Pentacles But maybe for others of you What they don't like about you is that You wanted a relationship you wanted to Take this further and you were putting The pressure on And that's something that they didn't Like about you as well What they like the most about this Connection is the Queen of Swords Libra energy A couple things I'm feeling for this for Some of you I feel with the Queen of Swords you are always very honest you

Were always very open You are someone that just cuts to the Chase says how you feel says your Objectives your intentions And because you were so open they know How or they think they know how to Strategize to convince you They may be very good with their words They may choose their words carefully And how to Show what they want to show and hide What they don't But I have to be honest Scorpio for some Of you guys it feels as if they think They have all of this in the bag that They are in control of choosing when to Cut this and when to start this again They feel empowered within this Connection between the two of you that They can make the decisions And maybe it's because this has been a Repetition from the past of them being In and out of your lives They do find you to be someone that is Well educated very smart very Intelligent someone that has Conversations that make people think That stimulate their minds That is impressive But I I also feel with this Queen of Swords too it's almost as if they what They liked about this connection up Until this point maybe is that you are Always open to communicate

When they would eventually come around But maybe this is the time where things Change because what they don't like About this connection right now is the Death card Scorpio energy I do feel there's a part of them that is Really starting to see An inevitability of an ending here And maybe it's because you've Transformed through this connection You have shed your old skin of allowing Of believing them of Believing certain things that they would Say a certain side of themselves that They'd use temporarily And so because of that old you that Would believe that would care And not I'm not judging you at all Scorpio we've all been in this situation Where we wanted to believe the very best Of a person or a situation But that part of you is dead and gone Now Because of the inconsistencies because Of the lack of change So I do feel Scorpio maybe because There's a shift in the energy there's The reasons why you didn't text back you Haven't maybe they'll start to call you You're just not engaging They're really fighting this feeling That maybe it's all doomed to end now It's done you're done and when you're

Done It's hard to kind of bring back to life Once the Scorpio makes up their mind it Is pretty Much set for life And even with this card here where what They want to tell you or maybe what they Have told you before in some sort of Ways you are my sunshine With this death card here that Sunshine Is not for you anymore And all of a sudden now it's like shift To a coldness And if it's not coolness it's just Nothing there anymore you won't give it To them And they're afraid of that as well Yeah Highest hopes is the Knight of Wands Sagittarius energy That In their attempts to come back into your Life They will be successful that they could Put on the role of the confident Charming seductive passionate Side of themselves that they always do To try to get you back or to try to Re-engage in conversation re-engage in This connection to make this work That if they try hard enough push hard Enough that they'll get their way And again they may use their looks their Attractiveness their sexuality to get

What they want that's what they're Hoping as well And someone could drive a black car And I'm seeing the letter b as in Brittany as in Brandon first middle last Initial can mean something to someone But yeah they're hoping that if they Push hard enough if they stay determined If they keep their eyes on the prize and Keep going until they get what they want They'll get it And that's still having this connection With you Scorpio that's still having you In their life Um you know just be careful if they try To send any Sexually tempting Messages text messages or even pictures To you I feel that's the strategy they used Before and that's a strategy that They'll use again To get you going to make you want this Deepest fears is the devil card Capricorn energy I feel that this is spirit's deepest Fear for you Scorpio your ancestors your Angels your Spirit guides That you're gonna stay in this karmic Situation that doesn't serve you That isn't fulfilling you that is Keeping you stifled that's keeping you Trapped Spirit really wants you to take this

Opportunity to finally break through Free from this Foreign Could have like raven black hair as well But others of you their deepest fear is That you see through them you see their Toxic behaviors their toxic patterns And no matter what they do what they say Once you've seen that it's something That is always going to be something you Remember Something that you can't see a change It's not possible And that you're choosing to leave this Karmic situation you're choosing to not Give in to them And that would be a big bruise on their Ego that they're not ready to deal with But I feel overall Scorpio now that you See who this person is now that you're Fully aware of their repetitive Behaviors and patterns Even when they try to sell you as you're Someone I'm in love with you're someone I need to see right now I'm dying to see You again everything that they're trying To convince you as you ultimately know Deep down Is just self-absorbed it's just Something that you're trying to get from Me that you're not looking to give back In return So Spirit God your angels your ancestors Your spirit team wants to give you this

Reading as a warning for those of you That are going to see this person come Back this person's always trying already Trying to come back always trying to Take a mile when you give an inch Blitz and 2022 in the ways where people Can't use you people can't take from you People can't expect anything from you That you don't owe them that they don't Deserve And let's end 2022 with any of these Karmic connections so you could be set Up with 2023 with something so much more Fulfilling for you And I don't know why I just saw in my Mind's eye ax the deodorant acts for Males maybe they wear that maybe you Wear that I don't know but that could Just be a confirmation for who I'm Talking about here But maybe it's time to give him the ax Straight up Anyway Scorpio to see what they're Likely to do in this connection what They're likely to do in the upcoming Days weeks months that you need to be Aware of as far as this situation and What Spirit wants to tell you about it We're going to go ahead and take it to Vimeo for the extended reading but Before we go I'm going to go ahead and Pull one more card from the deck here And see spirit's final message for you Guys of what Spirit wants to close this

Reading with that you need to keep in Mind of as the days in December unfold For you with whatever happens in this Connection Spirit's last message Yeah you have passion which is something I feel is the thing that keeps you Locked together is what has been fueling This fire between the two of you that Although the Flames can get really Really hot it dies down just as quickly And they may use passion they may use Intensity romantically sexually to get This cycle going again But it says a magnetic and seductive Quality surrounds you at present Enjoy it so with that message there I Don't feel Spirits saying enjoy this Person per se but use your passion your Desires your seductiveness that you have On the things that will fulfill you in The end because I think you are someone That is very magnetic right now and it May be because you're shedding the old Energies of this person closing the Cycle out and they sense it and feel it And that's why they're kind of coming Forward with All their Tools in their toolbox to keep You but they're not the only ones Scorpio They may sell themselves like they are But they absolutely are not I feel for Some of you you will have other options

You have people who are interested you Will have people in December message you That may be something that Spirits Trying to welcome into your life so you Can leave this behind once and for all But you are a magnetic seductive Attractive person And you can attract something so much Better for yourself and that's what Spirit wants to remind you of and just Because something is compassionate it May not be fulfilling in the long run So if you deal with this person in the Upcoming days weeks remind yourself of This reading so you can choose something Better because you deserve better All right Scorpio we're going to go Ahead and take this to the extended Reading I'm going to overturn this card Here to see the likely outcome of what's To happen in your love life in the Upcoming days weeks what they're likely To do anything you need to be aware of We're going to pull some oracle cards as Well and just dive deeper into this Whole situation so if this reading Resonated with you you want to learn More about what they're likely to do Very very soon open up the description Box and you'll find the link to the meal Which will take you to the extended Reading but if this is where we depart Scorpio I really hope that this reading Resonated with you I hope it provided

You with the clarity Insight healing and Guidance that you're looking for by Watching this message And if it has please let me know drop a Comment below hit that like button don't Forget to subscribe I love you Scorpio very much and I'll See you next time Take care Scorpio

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