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Thank you Hi Scorpio welcome to your December Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid skills Tara Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node and or any Other strong placement for the sign of Scorpio this is a general reading so Please keep that in mind to only take What resonates and leave it doesn't for Someone else who needs to hear that Message so let's go ahead and see what You need to know right now for the month Of December what is happening in December unfolding but even if anything You're going through right now that you Need Clarity Insight here in guidance on Let's see what Spirit wants to tell you For a message that was meant to find you Right now in this very moment with Whatever you're going through so let's Go ahead and see okay we're starting off Very strong with water energy and I'm Not surprised to see that as yours Scorpio you are a water sign but The crazy thing is that the dead center Of this is the three of Cups cancer Energy the challenge or what's Highlighting this so far is the Five of Cups Scorpio energy so almost as if with The three of Cups I'm feeling that for Some of you it's like A reuniting or a Reconciliation of

Someone of a friendship or maybe even For some of you guys you are starting to Get more invites to go out with certain People oh and there's the four of Wands Okay Scorpio I feel for you guys this is And has very high potential of a Soulmate Union reunion Of someone that I feel for you Scorpio Didn't do enough didn't step up enough You had to pull away you had to step Back And here they are coming into your life Again maybe it's because it's around the Holiday times and they're feeling very Sentimental maybe it's because Since you guys split up they regret a Lot that they didn't do for you that They wanted to have for you but just Couldn't do it it could have just been Excuses but I do feel that now their Intention of coming back into your life Is to have the four of Wands They do see you Scorpio as being their Soulmate they do see you as being their Significant other that they are meant to Be with why they couldn't figure it out Before we'll kind of see a spirit tells Us about that but Their plan right now in coming back into Your life is to cement something here That they don't want to mess up again Yeah and here's the two of cups Cancer energy Yeah but I do see that the complication

Of this is that someone did hurt you Someone did Put you through a lot of hurt and pain And regret And I do feel that's because at the time When they Had you they didn't know what they were Doing they Felt as if they were out of control with Their feelings for you and instead of Working on that with you they just fled Or they just gave up or they just pushed You out something along those lines There But you know what's crazy we have two Three four five that's a ascending Synchronicity that's numbers going Higher in value So there is big change happening in your Life in December Scorpio And I do feel it involves relationships And if this isn't a soul mate if it's Not a romantic partner then it could be A friendship a family member okay Take it as it resonates but for a lot of You I feel this is romance related here Could it be someone that's into music Has a music career or plays an Instrument as a hobby Laughs Yeah they just at the time Scorpio they Couldn't give you what you wanted out of This Foreign

Bottom of the deck we have the messenger Of water So this is Pisces energy more water Energy so I do feel like someone is Coming forward out of feelings for you Out of emotions for you Out of care for you I do feel with this Knight of Cups and Apology coming up An apology of what they couldn't act on Before what they couldn't tell you Before But the reason why they're coming back Is that they couldn't stop thinking About you Scorpio they couldn't stop Thinking about what you two had it Remained on their mind it it was Something that truly haunted them And I do even feel like for some of you What you don't know about this is that There was a family member or a friend That has been encouraging them to go Back to you Scorpio They did see you guys as being good Together or that you had something that This person saw you made them very happy In some way And so this person maybe because they Can't stop talking about you finally Whoever's been around them has said you Need to do this then what are you Waiting for Why are you telling me this why aren't You telling Scorpio

Some of you are already dealing with This person returning and you're not Sure how to handle it you're not sure How to take it What I can say is that for those of you Who are tuning in from my last love Reading I don't feel this is the same Energy I'm not seeing the devil I'm not seeing Um seven of Swords or anything like that So this may not be your reading if you Really resonated with my last love Reading I do feel this is for someone That Spirit God had to kind of Separate you guys so they could really Get things Grounded so they can really see the Reality of the situation and the reality Of what it's like to not have you in Their life But with the eight of Wands in Reverse I Almost feel like someone's saying don't Go So I wonder if someone's thinking of Moving traveling Being gone moving physically away from a City where you guys would hang out quite A bit Now others of you maybe if this was a Long distance relationship if you lived Uh you know a drive away from each other A few hours or even different states or Different countries

I do feel like someone wants to plan to Come see you to tell you all this or Even they're as serious about being back With you Scorpio that they will make the Offer to move closer to you to get this To work And maybe that's kind of what ended in The first place was the long distance Especially if this was going on for a Long time and someone still wasn't Making the moves they needed to make in Order to grow this connection But let's just jump right on into it Three of cups Cancer energy So I do feel I don't feel third party Energy with this I have to be honest Here and if that is a question in Someone's mind let me just settle that Now What I am feeling with this is that Someone wants to reunite reconcile to be Back with you to heal with you You may even run into them at like a H if you guys are from the same town for Some of you guys even though you live in Different places now maybe you're going To the same bar that everyone goes to in Town and you see them there But I do feel for others of you Especially with the messenger of water I Almost feel like they're gonna text and Call you Wanting to ask you to see them hang out

To talk on the phone whatever it is that Is specific for each and every one of You but really it's to reconcile So someone wants reconciliation Scorpio But the challenge of this is the five of Cups Scorpio energy so I do feel like you're The one that's going to be doubting this In some way or really carefully Considering everything that's being Presented into your life I feel that with this Five of Cups there Was some element of disappointment that You still can't really let go or forget About For some of you it could have been the Break up the separation simply between The two of you and whatever caused that But others of you I'm looking in my mind's eye at the Traditional Ryder weight Smith deck to Pitch depiction of the Five of Cups and It's like you see this person wearing All black Crying over the spilled three of cups But behind them is the two of Cups right If you don't know the image look it up But I almost feel with that image in my head It's like if it didn't work before why Will it work now And that's the question that's going on In someone's head yet they can't deny The two of Cups energy that they know

Exists within this connection that they Feel at a level that may not make sense But it is like some sort of a hunch or a Gut feeling about a certain someone that Has never been able to fade away despite Everything that has happened But I really do feel the challenge of This is someone not making the same Mistakes again someone being worried That if you gave them the benefit of the Doubt everything would just be a Repetitive cycle That someone does not want to go through Again with a specific someone because it Did hurt it was painful it wasn't easy So that will be on someone's mind and Considering all this as it is pretty Normal to do Right I'm hearing I want to make it up to you I want to make up for the lost time I Want to make up for what I didn't do What I didn't say but can they really do It I feel is still the question that Remains for someone Crowning this is the four of Wands Aries energy So with this crowning the situation I do Feel that someone again wants to get Back in a partnership with you because They were the happiest when they were With you They felt the most alive they felt the Most passionate and I do feel even their

Close family members and Friends saw That energy saw that light when they Were with you And again this is just what they Consciously see from this from you Is the fact that you guys have had Something that they feel is a soulmate Energy specifically even the two of Cups Reading this this is almost honestly Giving me twin flame Vibes for someone Out there With this four of Wands and two of Cups Energy But again the issue could be The problem of distance between the two Of you and being closer to one another Or even moving in with one another maybe This is someone that You guys talked about moving in but Someone wasn't really ready to fully go Through with it there was always an Excuse right But now maybe someone's coming back to Say I'm ready to make any of the changes I need to make I'm ready to build that Foundation Because I care about this I care about You And I want to be happy again they really Feel like they haven't had that same Happiness That they had when you were in their Life Scorpio And again I don't know what this three

Of Cups and four wands I almost feel Like you're running into each other or You guys are going to be invited to the Same event and see each other there and That's when they will they're going to Want to talk about this It almost feels like a friend's house For some of you guys A friend's house holiday party But what's reading this is the two of Cups Cancer energy So that's what I was kind of Dipping Into with the five of cups that two of Cups energy that still lingers that Still feels very strongly there But someone does not want to get their Hopes too high despite all the feelings That start to surface when they think About you when you think about them But with the two of cups I have to be Honest here and if it's simply not your Message don't take it But I still feel both of you to some Degree still have um an amount of Feelings towards one another From the bond you've created during the Time where you guys were dating when you Guys were talking when you guys were Romantically involved And that bond has not faded There's some sort of element there That's still very strong between the two Of you

And I gotta say in their perspective Scorpio they are convinced that There's something more profound here Than they've ever felt with anyone else That they only feel with you Someone could have uh porch lights Or like string lights in their bedroom In their house Maybe it's the Christmas lights I'm Seeing I don't know but I'm seeing that For confirmation for someone out there In the recent past the king of Earth Taurus energy And so I feel this is a couple different Things that this is where it broke off Between the two of you when I picked up This card I heard that I couldn't give It to you I couldn't give you what you Want And maybe that's just the line that they Use to break up the situation with you Maybe in some way they weren't in a Place of Financial Security And so that's kind of what was taking Over a big part of their life as to why They couldn't make the moves towards you And if that's not if this king of Earth Is not talking about what's separated Between the two of you what they Couldn't give you what they couldn't Provide for you Scorpio Then I feel this has been Catalyst of What's making them decide to come back I wonder if they have done some growth

Internally to make them realize Everything that they didn't realize when They were with you but I feel just Maturity in a sense I do wonder if someone came into some Sort of windfall of money an inheritance Uh I don't know some payoff in some way and They're using that as a means to help Them start to plan what they can do to Get you back as far as proposing some Sort of offer of moving in together Being close to one another traveling to See each other more often But they feel for some reason now they Can give you everything that they could Give you before And maybe that's because they've done Some maturity some growth during the Time you guys have been apart and Separating but it does give me hopeful Vibes with the king of Pentacles and the Upright That this person is looking for Something serious But this person is wanting to commit to Something very seriously because they Have serious feelings for you Scorpio I'm seeing a red jacket too for someone Out there that they wear you wear quite A bit often Now this is interesting the nearer Futures eight of Wands in reverse So

Couple different messages for different Groups of you for some of you this is in Regards to the distance between the two Of you And what I was saying of someone wanting To not be far away from you anymore Wanting to come see you wanting to fly To see you But they feel the space between the two Of you that they want to fix that they Want to mend they don't want there to be Distance between the two of you the way It is and or has been for the last few Months Now for others of you Um With this eight of Wands in reverse You may be Initially when they try to have this Conversation with you to come back in Your life you or them whatever role you Feel you're fit in The other side of this of the person Who's receiving this invite receiving This invitation to reconcile May not be as open to it at first Is not just going to go all out on a Limb to jump forward into this to make It happen because the Five of Cups Still Remains as the challenge right So it's almost as if I'm getting this Five with the eight of Wands in Reverse You're going to have to show it to me Because I did everything

And if you're serious about it you're Gonna have to be making the moves and I Don't feel that comes from a need of Trying to make someone over prove Themselves but again to make up for Everything that they didn't do It's almost like I'll see it when I Believe it type of energy that you may Be kind of or they may be kind of Projecting into this But you don't want to take anything fast Against Scorpio Someone wants to take it a bit more slow And this is going to take time to heal It's going to take time to build but the Right person will stick through it the Right person will understand where You're coming from and will act Accordingly So let's pull some more oracle cards to Dive deeper into this Tell me more About this reading for Scorpio Someone may be having Um internet or phone problems as well Tear Down the Walls around your heart Give and receive security and warmth wow 32 and maybe that's the eight of Wands In Reverse someone trying to tear down Any walls any distances any problems Right because when I'm seeing the eight Of Wands as the usual depiction of it Flying in the air going places going far I feel there's a block

And maybe that's what the Ada ones is Showing in the reverse here in the Future that someone wants to unblock What's been blocked between the two of You Now with this card here take it as you Will you'll know by now this is your Message or not if you stuck this long Into it But I do feel someone around your energy Spirit is telling you to be open to this Now that doesn't mean you have to give Everything all at once But I do feel like I said with the two Of Cups there is something that you feel Towards this and this person you're very Intuitive Scorpio you're very psychic You're very empathic and you pick up on The energies And I wonder if some of you Kind of felt like this was going to Happen all along This person's return that unfinished Business would be resolved or whatever The case is that the contract would be Fulfilled But I do feel with whatever they have to Reconcile with you Scorpio apologize to You is going to be something that Makes you feel somewhat hopeful in this Again or something like this can Actually work but it could take time But as that time goes forward I do feel They're going to show more care more

Devotion than they did before Someone may be thinking of getting a new Pet as well this month Um but it says yeah give and receive Security and warmth and this is what This person wants to give to you now Scorpio as I saw with the king of Pentacles that they couldn't give to you Before Someone could also have red hair Let's keep going Tell me more Okay this one really wants to come out Transformation Libra just had this card So if you're dealing with the Libra or If you have strong Libra in your chart I Suggest checking out the Libra reading To see if there's messages for you there But it says a fresh new way of living Emerges so I do want to say and again Confirm for people out there that Someone has changed Truly honestly Devotedly changed and I think you are Going to see that as you start to Reconnect with this person or if you Give this person a chance I even feel energetically through what They have to tell you what they have to Show you what they have to reveal to you You're going to see that they've done a Lot of growth In a way that even still for some of you Guys may make seem to be hard to believe

But they're determined to show you how Much they've changed they're determined To show you how much they've grown Since your separation it really hit them Hard Scorpio The letter T is sticking out to me as in Tyler as in Trisha first middle last Initial Specifically last initial but I do feel that this is the Catalyst for The transformation in your life and your Love life But more importantly I feel someone Wants to transform the energy between The two of you and take action toward Making something happen To remove the block to remove the Awkwardness to remove the Discord that Has been existing and finally do Something about it Scorpio Let's keep going Foreign Glamor number 15. And what it says is Into this mirror I now see the Realms of Possibility and again I feel this is Their energy they've reflected a lot About who they were And they really were honest with Themselves about what they didn't like About themselves that led to the Separation with you What they've done and I really do feel They feel guilty about it they feel

Ashamed about the past that they Experience with you Scorpio But instead of just being at a distance Not doing anything to fix it I feel this Is different I feel that they're being honest with Themselves they're being open with Themselves which is going to be shown to You and reflected to you Scorpio And I do feel another way Scorpio maybe This connection showed you a lot of Things about yourself Maybe the things that you allowed up to A certain point that led to this Breakdown maybe certain patterns or Behaviors that you were attracting into Your life or that you started to see was A problem within the connection as well Because most times it does take two to Tango sometimes maybe someone missteps a Lot more than the other shirt But I think both of you have looked Within yourselves and identified the Things that you want to fix you want to Heal maybe at the time you kind of gave Up on this person or doing this for this Person because you didn't know if they Were doing the same you didn't know if They were doing the same reflection in Their own time but they did And I do feel you mirror a lot to each Other And that's the strong soulmate twin Flame energy that we kind of see in

Those types of connections Something has been revealed someone is Revealing something And I feel that as more is revealed Between the two of you more possibility Is going to be Felt between the two of you that Something can't really come out of this Right Scorpio I do feel you missed each Other And there are times where you were mad At them you Did build a wall because of the hurt They may have put you through as Breakups are very painful but I do feel as well there are other times When you did kind of wonder what this Person was doing What they were up to And they were doing the same thing with You really and honestly So let's go ahead and get one more card Anything else Scorpio I need to know About this reading about December about What's happening in their life currently Or will soon happen Foreign Love oh That really touched my heart And it says Be gentle with yourself you heal with The Power of Love see the light in all Things acknowledge your self-worth and Grace

You know when I was reading that I Really do feel this is how this person Views you Scorpio of course you have That sting don't get me wrong you're the Scorpion But what made them fall in love with you Was your heart and your soul and when You are truly dedicated to something you Give your all And they do respect you You know despite what happened in the Past whatever they've learned within the Separation it's made them really realize How graceful of a person you are how Worthy you are and how much they were Not left with when you left their lives How empty they felt But with this being the essence of Love Here I do also want to say Scorpio again If this is not going to be an overnight Process I think they'll understand that For sure And be kind to yourself be healing with Yourself As you guys are going through this and I Feel that if you ever felt alone when You were with this person like they Weren't emotionally available they Couldn't give you what you wanted they Couldn't provide for you what they Wanted They're ready to make it up now by Giving you this love that they're hoping You'll reciprocate but again it's all up

To you Scorpio This is what they want this is what they Visualize with you This is what spirit is revealing to you About the circumstances of why they're Returning But with this energy here with the love I do feel there's a love between the two Of you that has always bound You guys has always been a form between The two of you guys And maybe Spirit wants to remind you of This love that you guys have and maybe That will help you make a decision in Regards to all this So thank you so much Scorpio for joining Me for your reading I really hope it Resonated with you I hope it provides You with confirmation Clarity Insight Healing and guidance and regards to Whatever situation you're in right now Or you soon will be And if it has please let me know drop a Comment below hit that like button don't Forget to subscribe I love you Scorpio very much and I'll See you next time Take care of Scorpio

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