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Hi Sagittarius welcome to your monthly Messages from Spirit reading for November 2022. this is your girl mermaid Scales tarot thank you so much for Joining me here So this is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other Strong placement for the sign of Sagittarius please keep in mind this is A general reading not a one-on-one Personal reading and let's see what Spirit wants to talk to you about Sagittarius for the month of November What may be unfolding in your life What's happening in your life what Aspect in your life is going to be Changing evolving growing so you can Have a better understanding of Everything that has been happening will Be happening May these messages give you The clarity Insight healing and guidance That you're seeking and Please be aware Sagittarius there are scammers going Around in the tarot community on YouTube If you get some comments below please Make sure they are in mind I have a Check next to my username I will never Ask for your personal payment Information I do not offer personal Readings so any messages that are asking You to WhatsApp message that are sending You or asking you for personal readings It is absolutely not me all right so Please be aware of that report them

Block them and protect yourself okay So oh my goodness Sagittarius we're Starting off with some powerful cards Here we have Temperance The Chariot and Six of Michael here there is movement Happening in your life where spirit is Guiding you to make this movement to Make this change some of you have been Thinking about literally moving to a Different apartment house a different City a different state maybe even a Different country for some of you and For those of you with those travel Thoughts those feelings of wanting to Get out there to make those changes Happen in your life spirit is right now Giving you the big thumbs up for those Of you who have been thinking about Making these changes but let's start off With the temperance card here Sagittarius all energy I also feel Libra Energy with this card for me as a reader Personally with Archangel zad Kiel and It says success that comes from Objective compromise self-control and Patience forgiving and healing energy Okay So what spirit is kind of telling me About this card here Sagittarius with Temperance is that maybe at the end of Uh October the beginning of November There is a period of patience that is Happening I do feel that this is coming Through your own spiritual healing as

You get more in tune with yourself the Answers are flowing and coming I do feel For some of you guys that spirit is Telling you before all these changes Happen there's something that needs to Be addressed something that may need to Be a compromised I wonder for some of You that want to move that want to Travel there's something that in your Work your career that you're gonna have To Address Um clearly if your job your company Isn't in operating in a different Location that you want to be in that may Be something that you're going to have To discuss with them and see if they'll Be willing to make that change for you Guys willing to compromise on that Um that's just an example of something Here that I'm seeing but for others of You I do feel that there's profound Healing Divine Healing that you've been Experiencing about certain wounds within Yourself That made you feel unready to move Forward on this new chapter on this new Journey and this New Concept that you Want with the Chariot here I do feel there's been some sort of Self-esteem wound in her child wound or Just something that little voice in your Head that your angels Guardian Angel Here with the temperance card I feel

Very strongly with every time it appears In a reading Wants you to know that you need to take This time to address those inner Feelings within yourself to take that Time to meditate on the inner voices That may be telling you know that maybe Preventing you from moving forward or Anything that maybe if it didn't stem From you Sagittarius may have stemmed From certain people around you certain Family members friends co-workers Managers bosses That isn't a part of your truth Sagittarius And I do feel if there has anyone been Telling you no it does not mean that That is the truth it means that this is Something that they're trying to hold You back from whether it's because they Want you around they want to be some Sort of Have some sort of control over your say And do which they really shouldn't and Have no business in being in control of Your life because this is your life Um but others of you this could have Been something that you've carried with You since you first heard it in Childhood from your teen years from I Don't know just the last week maybe Something that has been sitting with you That doesn't feel right you are already Picking up on it

And spirit wants you to take the time Now to understand What about someone saying to you or what About a situation you may be going Through is impacting you so greatly And to find the clarity and the Confusion You have the answers within you Sagittarius and if things have been Moving a little bit slow if things have Not been unfolding and the pace and the Way you wanted to it is for a reason That Spirit may be working out in the Background that you're not seeing for Some of you it's simply that you know Maybe there's If there's a you know the bad Market That's going on inflation that's Happening in our economy spirit is kind Of doing things in the background so Despite the challenges we may be facing In the outer World spirit will make an Opportunity come to you in the right Moment that will be within your Financial budget that will be the Perfect opportunity in the right time For you to move forward and move ahead And this is what's happening right now In your life Sagittarius as this is Unfolding and I know it's been taking Some patience I know it may have been Testing your patients for some bit but I Promise you Sagittarius there are things Working in your favor do not be afraid

Do not worry about it Because what we have here is the chariot Cancer energy Sagittarius energy for me As a reader this message comes with Archangel Metatron saying determination And self-control career advancement Acknowledgment of success by others now What always brings very powerfully for Me with the Chariot card is the ability Once this healing wants this Understanding once this acceptance has Been starting to be made in your life Sagittarius or you finally come into the Consciousness of Confronting those wounds confronting Anything that is still out of balance Once that has all been said and done You guys will be taking off and with the Experience of see the White Horse and The black horse depicted in this picture Here Symbolically to me those indicate the Light aspects of our soul The optimism the hope the passion and Drive that we all have when we're Feeling so strongly towards something And then the Dark Horse which is the Fears the protection we have for Ourselves so we don't get our hopes too High up the darker side of ourselves the Shadow side of ourselves with the Chariot we are in this position on our Life to use both Yes to have your dreams to have that

Ambition and that drive but with the Shadow those voices and indications that There needs to be a plan here before I Take this full step what do I need to Address and deal with in honesty and Truth and sincerity Look at it in a realistic perspective And to always have that in mind That although I may be in a high Vibrating State I may have good Intentions not everyone in the world Does And that's a that's just part of living In this Earth with the vibration we're In currently but Sagittarius you will be That driving force in your life that Despite any sort of complications Struggles blocks you may face you will Power through them because you're Deciding it and again career advancement Is in the cards for you If you're I do feel for some of you that You will be given that opportunity to Move and still have the job you want or Others of you you're moving up in the Career you may be getting in a promotion A raise a bonus but a reward to Sagittarius I feel for some of you People are seeing your hard work people Are seeing your dedication and they're Talking about it they're impressed by it They see you as a driving force of Success within the project within the Community you are a leader Sagittarius

And some of you in the middle of the Month May be asked to be put in this leader Position May be asked to be a manager may be Asked to make a decision That only they only trust you to make And I do feel this is also healing Anything within you that may have felt Like you weren't ready for it yet That is all being swept away as you go Into the middle of the month with this Chariot card And then we have the six of Michael here Aquarius energy And it says it's the light at the end of The tunnel breathe a sigh of relief and Make new plans relocation and travel So again some of you may be strategizing How to make this move how to change what Um you know going to visit new apartment Complexes houses meeting potential Roommates figuring all that out from Temperance to The Chariot but by the end Of the month I feel that move will Happen that is the go time when Everything has been figured out and it May have been stressful for some of you Guys Um your current living situation your Job the area you're living in It has been something that's been Bothering you maybe with the certain People you live with

That aren't willing to compromise that Are very one-sided That is what also Spirit wants you to Warn about Um To not engage in that behavior Sagittarius Engaging in someone's wants to control Over you or someone trying to tell you What to do or someone who is just trying To make you Live in a certain way that isn't not Making you happy Um I know this is a general reading so Take it as it resonates but I do feel This energy here where spirit is saying You don't have to lower yourself to this Person's Needs of you wants of you And it's okay to accept that some things Just don't work out For some of you you could still remain Friends you could still have a Relationship but just being around this Person as much as you are or even living With this person is just not right for You And the person that will be a part of Your soul tribe that will understand That will compromise with you on that And agree with you on that and encourage You to do whatever makes you feel Happiest And I do feel

Um for a lot of you you're going to Start to see that Especially when I kind of see here with The Chariot when they say acknowledgment Or success By others acknowledgment of success by Others excuse me you are going to get That encouragement from those people and That will give you a sign an indication Of who really is The people that you still want to carry On your life as you make this Choice as You make this change as you move forward But yeah I feel others of you too you've Felt stuck I feel like you felt stifled in some Sort of way Um maybe there's been the changing of The weather where you can't go outside As much it's a bit cold it's a bit rainy And maybe you just do need a little Vacation you do need to plan something For you guys to get more out of the House of to travel to a new destination So you can enjoy the very bad last bit Of Um the weather that may start to change And transition for a lot of you Bottom of the deck eight of Ariel this Is the eight of Pentacles Virgo energy And it says take pride in your excellent Work practice makes perfect consider Getting additional education or training Now this is on the bottom of the deck

And this says to me everything you've Been working on up until this point so Some of you guys have been taking this New initiative this idea this change That you want to have very very Seriously some of you have been signing Up for classes some of you have been Getting the books going online looking Up research on how to make this happen And Spirits congratulating for you you For that Sagittarius because that's half The work With the law of attraction with Manifestation There really is a process of co-creating With spirit Where there are some things that are in Control where we again have to do the Research have to go through the trials But then there are is the other half of Where you leave it in spirit hand the Universe's hand to repay you with the Work that you've been doing and I gotta Say it will be repaid Especially in the middle of the month With the Chariot but definitely by the End of the month for a lot of you guys Maybe some of you are planning some sort Of trip a weekend trip for your birthday That may be coming up at the end of the Month maybe beginning of December happy Birthday to my sagittarians who may be Turning a whole another year in November I wish you a year of love love

Prosperity and joy for the year ahead But everything you've been working Towards has been building up to this Point of the green light happening for You Sagittarius in the beginning of the Month it still took some patience it Still took some time or even it took the Final steps of you healing and forgiving Anything that may have been blocking This others or yourself in some sort of Way And that work is going to pay off it is A certainty And also you know you've been driven You've been guided to do this for a Reason you are not alone in thinking of This is right for me your angels your Spirit team is also confirming that for You So let's go ahead and pull some oracle Cards and get more deep into this month For you guys Tell me more about November for Sagittarius that jumped out pretty Quickly let's see Unity Nice And it says a time of divine Understanding renewal peace and hope you Radiate and attract great love and this Is coming above Temperance which is Profound for me So relationship healing Understanding of certain relationships

I do feel for some of you who may have Been struggling with a certain someone In your life I do feel that spirit is bringing some Sort of opportunity To understand to recognize and to heal a Relationship between the two of you I do feel as you heal as you forgive As You move on It is clearing the way for you guys to Have this big change happen with the Chariot And I do feel for some of you Um I think there may be this person who's Around you who may be operating in a Lower vibration I don't feel that's Their intention to be difficult to be Cruel to be unjust or whatever that Energy it was that I'm picking up on That you're finding it difficult to deal With I do feel that They are operating out of wounds that They've never addressed that it's too Hard for them to address And I do want to say that this person is Believing that they're doing the best They can with what they've been given And Sagittarius I do feel if there has Been sidestepping within this sort of Situation here if there's been tension Building up because the conversations Are not being had

It's time to have those conversations I would do it in a very diplomatic way With the temperance card here I would do it in a way that Explains your truth But in a way that will also be well Received because this person is so Reactive this person is so defensive They are ego driven But to come to that compromise that can Happen will happen through Holding space for the opportunity to Heal now others of you where you're like I tried this mermaid I really did it's Just not happening this person won't Heal me or hear me out Excuse Me Maybe Heal me with some sort of indication for Someone out there Then I do feel this is a lesson of Acceptance not accepting this person's Behavior not accepting this situations Um what they've done to you in the past That may have hurt you But acceptance of the situation as it is Where you guys may not be in alignment Where you may not get along To Come to that realization to accept Because acceptance is the first step Awareness is the first step And I do believe as you become aware of This it will be easier to accept And I think it will also make them see Where you're coming from where

You know Sagittarius is deciding to move On move forward for a reason And I think whether you express this Verbally energetically it will lead them To their own healing in a different way That you may never see Sagittarius But I do think a part of them is being Addressed and healed through the Interactions that they've had with you But for others of you Um where this is not challenging Confronting relationship energy With this Temperance and the unity here There is something coming into alignment That has been taking its sweet time but It's all happening in the right timing For you That you had to be patient with but this Connection this partnership this Situation you felt so strongly for Will be coming into Union for you that Is not a doubt You've been working towards it you've Been dedicating it yourself to it and God the universe Spirit your angels have Been seeing that and they've been doing What they can on their end to partner With you and making this happen Let's keep going Tell me more about November for Sagittarius Earth Guardian Stay rooted and grounded interesting you Could have strong Earth Energy in your

Chart Taurus Virgo Capricorn energy So with everything that is happening and Unfolding this is where I was saying With the dark horse that I was talking About with the Chariot here there needs To be planning there needs to be Realistic discernment of the situation You have so you can be moving in the Right way on the right path that you're Already on honestly but again it's like Those last finishing touches that Spirit Wants you to pay attention to to be Realistic with and stay grounded in And for some of you that may be a little Bit discouraged with all the work you've Been putting into this Um it is making a difference it is Making a change Again with the temperance maybe now Maybe in the recent few days weeks it's Been taking some time But with the Earth Guardian here the Guardian here is being very very clear To me which I kind of pointed out that Guardian angel for some of you you're Very aware of others of you they're Introducing you to this reading that They have always been watching over you Your mid finances your material Possessions will be guarded we'll be Safe If some of you do have Financial worries Financial struggles those will be healed As you make these changes in your life

Those will be restored to you Sagittarius But your dreams your goals that you're Weaving that you are dreaming of and Manifesting are something that will be a Big payoff for you And I don't know if you guys ever took This class but I have economics 101. The greater the risk the greater the Reward and it's scary when you're about To enter a new Challenge into a new opportunity into a New chapter But with the White Horse and the Dark Horse here and with you being the leader In this guiding this You already know the decisions to make You already know the benefits and the Cost that this could have But I do feel that for a lot of you you Need to know that the benefits will pay Off in the longer run For any sort of decision you're kind of In the process of making or any sort of Confirmation that what you've been Nudged to do is the right thing to do But have a solid plan in this Sagittarius I wonder if some of you need to journal Out your plans write out maybe by a Calendar and kind of write certain goals For you yourself to meet at certain Times of the month As you get real with your determination

With your plans and ideas the more it Will start to come to fruition and the 3D World for you that you can see that You can feel that you can sense with Your five senses not just daydreaming About it with your Sixth Sense Put those ideas to the test now go for It now and even if there are dips in the Road as you go on the Chariot way you'll Overcome it it's only a lesson it's only To show you anything that still needs to Be addressed But by no means will stop you with all This change and this movement happening For you in November Sagittarius maybe Even some of you have been saving up for A new car wanting to buy a new car or Needing to do fixes to your car now is The time to do it I don't know who Needed to hear that but it's a good time Now for you to act on that Tell me more of what Sagittarius since You hear right now spirit I saw the sneak peek of this card as it Was flipping over a change in Direction Everything we've been talking about here Is that final confirmation for you guys And it says The changes you're experiencing are Divinely directed by your newborn Willingness to open your heart to love And our guidance you are protected now And in the future so follow your path to The Happy outcomes you desire

These changes have been sent to you by Spirit by God by the universe however You want to label it for your own Beliefs these are all Divine messages For you the initial idea that sprouted In your Consciousness was an idea sent From your angels from your spiritual Team you can be assured that Sagittarius And you know it really drew me to this Card here Unity specifically the passage That said you Directly I'm sorry divinely directed by Your newborn willingness to open your Heart to love and our guidance So With whatever you've been healing within Yourself it has been creating the space For more Divine guidance to come in Reassurance to come in messages and Downloads to come in that are feeling More in Union with you right with you The healing the forgiving the moving Forward It's everything that was meant to happen The change in Direction absolutely Sagittarius take it on and take it on With passion and encouragement that this Is all for a bigger reason that this Will all lead you to the end of the Tunnel that you are starting to see Honestly And this is a powerful month for you of Change of Dedicating yourself to this change

And the best thing about it is that this Change will reward you with something at The very end All right Sagittarius let's go ahead and Get one more card from this deck here And it's going to be a final message That Spirit wants to give you about November anything that will add to what I said or if there's anything I missed Out on May it add to your Collective Message here about November for you guys Anything else that's Sagittarius needs To know about November okay let's ask For one card thank you so much Spirit But just one card for my sagittarians Foreign There we go Oh wow And it says inner gifts Beautiful imagery there and what it says Talents you may have overlooked are in The process of being uncovered they are Often to be found only after you've Looked high and low sifting out the Pearls of Wisdom from all the Disappointment and fears then in a Moment of Wonder as you let out a Content inside it has happened the gift That was always meant for you has Appeared Some sort of gift is being presented to You Sagittarius in the month of November Whether that is the gift of clarity the Gift of Awakening or maybe something

That will be given to you that will help You move forward an investment a raise An opportunity But Sagittarius I do feel that you have What it takes to make this change happen You have the gifts the skills the talent To create the life that you want to be Living and for it to manifest in the 3D In your lifetime here To not give up on yourself to not doubt Your skills Spirit does not want you to Do that You are a vessel of wisdom of Divine Light That is so needed in this Earth on this World in this lifetime and you do have An impact that others notice and you're Going to start to see that Acknowledgment In November the thank yous the I'm so Happy to have you in my life the Encouragement The pat on the back That will be seen in the 3D but Spirits Giving it to you now Sagittarius that Your hard work will pay off Thank you so much Sagittarius for Joining me for this reading I really Hope it resonated with you it gave you The guidance you're looking for as Regards to what's unfolding for you What's happening for you in November if It has please let me know drop a comment Below hit that like button don't forget

To subscribe I love you Sagittarius very much and I'll see you next time Take care of Sagittarius

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