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[Music] Thank you Hi Sagittarius welcome to your December Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid skills tarot Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general reading for the month Of December for my sun moon rising Venus North Node any or any other strong Placement in the sign of Sagittarius Let's go ahead and see what Spirit wants You to know about right now in this very Moment with anything that has happened That you need Clarity on anything that Has seemed to come let's go ahead and Dive Right on in for my sagittarians so Please keep in mind that this is a General reading not a personal One-on-one reading it may resonate it May not but Sagittarius okay big things Are happening for you guys I mean maybe Happy birthday to my sagittarians who Are turning a whole another year in December maybe it's a big birthday to Celebrate 21st 30s 40s 50s just at New Year is a blessing right But I do have to say Sagittarius there's Something dead center of this month that Is going to make you feel accomplished That's going to make you feel successful Maybe some of you guys are already Experiencing that Limelight let's just Say of people who are acknowledging you For your success for your growth for

Something that for some of you you may Be achieving in your career this month a Promotion maybe a reward for some of you Guys but I do feel Sagittarius there's a Lot of people that Want to be around you that want to call You that want to hang out with you and There's someone in particular that wants To get very very close to you or Sagittarius for others of you whether This is friendship family member or even Romantic there is someone that feels so Drawn to you that maybe Sagittarius You've developing some sort of feelings For a deepening of a bond with But you have a lot going on this month Sagittarius And with everything that is going on Spirit wants you to remember that if you Stay grounded in what you want to Accomplish if you stay grounded in what It is that you want to achieve for Yourself you will achieve it just don't Get carried away and the what is could Be is how should I remember to take a Breath to listen to your inner voice Because it's becoming louder and louder As we have the king of water in the Future Upcoming Um timeline for you and with this king Of water I I do feel for some of you This is romantic with this king of water And two of Cups you could be dealing

With a water sign a cancer scorpio or a Pisces you could have strong water in Your chart but I do feel that there's Someone here who wants to make their Intentions known to you who wants to Tell you everything that they feel about You everything that they feel you guys Have developed together bonded together I do feel with this king of water in the Near future there could be an offer That's coming from someone's heart Whether that is to heal a relationship To mend a relationship to grow a Relationship There's also Father energy around you or Masculine energy around you I wonder if This is a spirit guide if this is a pass Down a loved one that was it feels Masculine energy but has a soft tender Sweet side that always cared for you Washed out for you would always cheer You up For those of you if that's a pass down Loved one I almost feel father Grandfather Uncle energy around you But I do feel for most of you being in The future there is someone that Is accomplishing some sort of Dreams Accomplishing some sort of success here And officially Sagittarius you have two Two on the spread you may be seeing 222 Quite a bit as the month is unfolding Here your birthday could be December 2nd December 12th perhaps November 22nd for

Some of you guys But there is something Sagittarius that Spirit wants to say have faith in Whatever it is that your soul has been Drawn to to expand to build on to grow Spirit wants you to know God wants you To know that you have the resources you Have the skills the talents to be very Successful in this and in the background Of this whatever this is about a romance Uh move a change in lifestyle There is something that your soul feels Called to drawn to that stirs up your Passion that stirs up your excitement And spirit wants you to have that Excitement behind all this wants you to Know that there are big things that you Can accomplish for yourself even for Those of you that may feel or wonder Second guess what the Two of Pentacles Crowning this if this is something I can Really achieve am I too late is this Too far gone for me am I too old for This whatever those questions are that Just is coming from the ego that wants Us to feel safe and secure more than to Jump out of our comfort zone spirit is Saying that whatever this has been that Feels so magnetic feels so attractive Feels good feels exciting is something That Spirit wants you to pay attention To is something that spirit is guiding You to achieve guiding you to succeed in And I do feel Sagittarius it took in the

Recent past especially with the hangman In reverse It took a different way of thinking a Different way of believing in yourself That you had to outgrow that you had to Kind of look back at your life and see Everything in a higher perspective I do Feel a lot of you guys for a long time Felt stuck felt like you couldn't Achieve felt like you were just hitting Dead end after dead end and something Particular but Spirit wants you to know That those were all lessons those were Never means to block you to discourage You and if there were any closed-door Sagittarius any rejections that truly Was to get you to go down a different Path that was better for you Because dead center of this month we Have the six of Fire This is Leo energy You are rising up Sagittarius out of a Time of being stuck out of a time of Being discouraged I do feel a lot of People around you Sagittarius friends Family members maybe even romantic Interests and if there is a romantic Interest one is sticking out for sure I'm seeing the letter r as in Ryan as in Rachel first middle last initial could Mean something to someone Does not have to be the case but I do Feel Sagittarius there are there is a Lot that you are overcoming there's a

Lot that you are starting to see the Success from from those seeds you've Planted throughout 2022 I do feel by This month or by the end of this month There is something to celebrate and you Are being put in the spotlight you are Being the one that people are talking About that people are looking at and Saying wow look at what Sagittarius has Accomplished look what Sagittarius has Done and again this could be in big or Small ways whether this is in your Career in your lifestyle That you're achieving or even for others Of you this is on a level of your Spiritual Development and growth how Much you've grown this year's amazing Sagittarius Some of you may have done a trip or will Do a trip this month To kind of just I know my sagittarians Are Travelers at heart explorers at Heart and maybe even some of you are Envisioning or thinking about Starting to set up a trip so you can Kind of get out of the mundane that You've been used to in your exact Environment in spirit saying to go for It if you guys have been thinking about Traveling and those of you who are Already have your tickets booked and are Ready to go you are going to gain a lot From that trip from that experience Maybe it is to see family members again

Maybe it is to connect with old friends As the holidays is coming maybe you are Going home for the holidays and people Are going to hit you up people want to See you now that you're in town because You're so much fun to be around Now this is the exciting thing Sagittarius is that what's Crossing this Is the nine of cups This is Pisces energy but also wish Fulfillment This is kind of what's highlighted your Whole month here there's something You're going to feel very happy about That you work towards that your heart Was guiding you to do And this could also be a challenge Sagittarius in some ways I do feel maybe for some of you guys There has been delays in getting this Accomplishment and getting this wish Fulfillment But I do feel Sagittarius that As you start to open yourself up To receiving the support to receiving The love that is all around you whether It's in your direct environment or even Your angels and your Spirit guides have Been sending you messages intuitively Clear cognizantly Spirit wants to say that Sagittarius This is still very much in the cards for You if you keep your eyes on the prize If you don't let anything or anyone

Stand in your way or get you down Because the thing with the six of Wands As well is that it could come with the Energy of someone who is jealous someone Who sees you shine they don't have that Same shine they don't have that same Opportunity because they don't see that Light within themselves that everyone Sees in you So there may be someone who may brush Off your success May brush off your Happiness But if anyone does do that to you Sagittarius please do not attach Yourself to that that is their own ego That is their own enemy their own fears That are all within themselves and You're not meant to be brought down into That same energy for some of you guys And if this is a challenge for the nine Of Cups wondering if you can accomplish This wondering if this really can be Yours this idea this dream this goal This romance it absolutely can be And you know I'm paying attention to the Diamond here And the Diamonds are not easily created Right they go through a lot of pressure A lot of trials and tribulations to form Itself into the diamond that it is And Sagittarius I feel 2022 has been That time for you to Go through a lot of pressure to go Through a lot of obstacles and changes

Within your life But I do feel you're going to see why You had to go through all that There is something that you will feel Fulfilled by at the end of the month That feels Successful that feels uplifting that Feels hopeful What's crowning this the two of Earth Capricorn energy so again Sagittarius There's a lot going to be happening in Your life or that you're going through Right now trying to balance trying to Prioritize what should I prioritize I wonder if some of you have been Working two jobs or even have a main job And then been doing a hobby on the side Maybe it's whatever you've been feeling So drawn to with this Two of Wands here So Sagittarius Spirit does want you to Start focusing and prioritizing what Makes you happy And if you're holding on to anything Just because you feel Bound to it you feel like you have duty In regards to it I would sit with that Sagittarius Is this something that is taking too Much room or space in your life a Relationship a job that you're not fully Happy with The Two of Pentacles is Sometimes feels this energy of juggling So I do feel maybe you will have a lot

Of invites you will have some projects That need to be finished up by the end Of the month Maybe there's some things that you've Been putting on the back burner that you Have to kind of get done now Do the work Sagittarius Be here now presently so you can push Forward and make it happen And if there are two things that you Want and you're Your heart and your desire Or whatever is kind of pulling that You can make both happen But take time take time to kind of Organize yourself take time so it Doesn't feel overwhelming There may be a need to pay attention to Time frames timelines due dates don't Miss those due dates if you have some Coming up Submissions deadlines contracts Make sure those are all done so it Doesn't become something that is out of Your control Sagittarius and what spirit Is saying that maybe for some of you That felt like a lot of this year things Were just Chaotic things were thrown at you that You weren't fully prepared for a spirit Is saying that everything in December Now can be in your control It absolutely can be and you have the Drive and initiative to do so you are

Multi-talented as well with this Two of Pentacles You get things done and maybe with the Six of Wands people are noticing that Sagittarius in the workforce especially So with whatever kind of happens that May be something unnoticed or that comes Into your life that you weren't really Prepared for just take it in Do what you can you have the skill and Get it done Now rooting this is the two of cups Cancer energy So what I feel with this for some of you Guys A couple different things so for some of You There is a friendship a family member A platonic relationship that you guys Are starting to build more from It does feel healing for some of you Guys and the Heart space especially And for those of you that this is Romantic And especially with the Two of Pentacles That was crowning this you may have a Decision to make on who you want to Spend more time with who you feel more Drawn to who you feel more secure with Because there is someone here that wants To provide you with that emotional Stability that emotional availability And with the Two of Pentacles crowning This I wonder for some of you guys if

There is someone in your energy your Space that wants to throw you off a Little bit that always kind of comes Unannounced that always wants to come Back into your life but isn't sure with What they want If you are in that phase right now of Making that decision in Romance Spirit Wants you to go to the one that makes You feel emotionally safe Wants to make you feel like you're Emotionally appreciated loved And for those of you that have yet to Meet this energy I do feel that December Is that time where you're going to meet That someone that feels more Appreciative That feels very interested in getting to Know you at a deeper soul level not just In a room physical sense a lustful sense But something that they feel really Resonates with the both of you that this Can happen and that this can go through And for those of you that this has Nothing to do with romance it is the Support that you need that is coming in That emotional support and have you been Closed up Spirit wants me to ask some of you here Where you feel like you have to do it All alone you feel like you can't rely On anyone there is someone coming into Your life or that will make themselves Very known to you Sagittarius that wants

To help you through something that has Been weighing on your heart That you can trust that you can rely on That you can support In the recent past we have the hangman In reverse Pisces energy so there is something You're becoming unstuck in Sagittarius There's something that you're becoming Re-motivated in there is something you Weren't seeing very clearly And it took you to go in a moment of Pause and reflection and maybe to even Look at something in a completely Different perspective than what you were Used to But you've become unstuck Sagittarius Any blockages any pauses any Thing that was holding you back from Accomplishing what you wanted to Accomplish or to go towards anything That you felt drawn to has become Unstuck Because you are enlightened now you are Aware now I do feel that for a lot of you this had To come from a sense of knowing that you Were good enough That had to come from a sense that Knowing that this is something that You've been drawn to for a reason And even if you can't see all the Reasons Immediately

Just knowing that this appeared in my Life means something So you figured something out in the Recent past Figured out your motives behind a Certain lifestyle a certain career that You've been drawn to you figured out Maybe for some of you with the Two of Pentacles and the two of Cups the Relationships that were helping you Supporting you that were evolving you And the relationships and situations That were just adding too much space And what I mean by that is that people In situations that were not Beneficial to either of you that we're Not Helpful in any way So I do feel you guys are clearing out Anything That you started to see has been in your Life for too long An idea a person a situation And once you saw those True Colors once You kind of saw behind the veil of Whatever you felt you couldn't see Before that you've recently come aware Of you can't unsee it again Sagittarius With the hangman in reverse And spirit wants you to pay attention to Anything you've learned in the past that Opened your eyes To a new way of thinking to a new way of Understanding and to remember that if

Certain curveballs come back with the Two of Pentacles If certain things do appear as a Challenge to kind of Keep you stuck This is your time to remember that You're unstuck in anything from the past That tries to repeat itself that you've Already learned from it's time to settle Back now so you're completely set up for 2023 And then your future we have the king of Water Scorpio energy So if this is someone that is in your Life there is someone that will very Soon provide emotional support to you We'll see you for all your talents that You have and Believe In You Sagittarius That sees that you are going places that You have a lot that you've accomplished And achieved and are very proud of you And maybe some of you guys are hearing Those words such as I'm proud of you I'm So happy for you From someone you've been wanting to hear It from for a very long time and this Does feel relative to a family member That finally you're feeling like They see you for who you are and accept You for who you are Those are the people to keep around Sagittarius and those people are Becoming more apparent in your life and

You'll feel it you'll feel the energy Because even with the six of Wands what I was saying with people who aren't so Happy with you people can lie Energy doesn't So pay attention to the energy that People are sending your way that when You're around them how do they make you Feel And I do feel someone in particular is Going to stand out within how you feel Around this person what you sense from This person energetically spiritually Now those of you that this has to do With love and romance there may be Someone who declares their feelings for You in the near future Who may want to do something very Special for you for your birthday send You even a really nice text message a Phone call maybe because you've traveled And you're not in the same area same Space For some of you with the two of Cups This person really does feel drawn to You feels that you guys have something That is unique with one another that They haven't felt for anyone else lately And they may be coming forward with an Offer maybe coming forward just saying I'm really interested in you I really Like you I want to build on this and see Where this goes because the king of cups Is a dreamer

The king of cups Visualizes what makes them happy Visualizes what makes them feel They can achieve in what is meant for Them in this lifetime and there's Someone here who is having great Feelings great visualizations about you Sagittarius and if you are the king of Cups regardless if you have strong water Energy in your chart or not I do feel that there's something by the End of the month in the near future that Is going again with the nine of Cups Crossing this entire reading making you Feel very accomplished making you feel Very successful making you feel very at Home with yourself And maybe it's by deciding to keep Around the people that resonate with you Keeping or paying attention to and Working towards the things that have Always Hit something within your heart chakra Differently than anything else you may Have been prioritizing in 2023 But I do feel a lot of happiness around You in the near future Sagittarius People that are uplifting you showing Their love to you or even what you're Getting from within yourself you have Finally filled your cup in some way Sagittarius And from every setback you've learned From with the hangman and the reverse in

The past has led you to feel Very wise now Very certain of everything that had to Happen and why it had to unfold this way All right so let's get some oracle cards Out and dive deeper into this beautiful Spread for you guys This really is a motivational inspiring Reading that I'm feeling and the energy Around you Tell me more okay let's see Recognize despair as an opportunity Within it you will find the gift of Awakening So this is really drawing me back to the Hangman in Reverse Sagittarius With whatever you were stuck in the past Can no longer keep you stuck the only Way it can is if you wallow in the Mistakes of the past wallow in the Lessons of the past don't use it as an Opportunity to learn to gain something From the experience and to push forward And move towards this nine of Cups this Six of Fire King of water energy that is Surrounding you currently and if you Guys kind of still are in the hangman in Reverses time is fluid just as energy is Fluid it's different for each and every One of you but if you're still in this Space spirit says Sagittarius What has happened was not meant to be The final nail in the coffin and even if This is something that was very

Difficult to deal with very hard for you To deal with There was a lesson in it that we want You to know was meant to put you in A New Path put you in a New Direction Period And sometimes we have to go through Those experiences because we're so stuck In the old ways for too long So if there is anything Sagittarius that Is still kind of making you feel stuck Spirit wants you to know that you have The Visualization you have the motive Motivation to pick yourself back up Again I'm hearing that song by Aaliyah if at First you don't succeed brush yourself Off and try again Because there is something where you're Doing again this month that you were Just brushing yourself off of and moving Forward towards that is going to Remove this energy of despair of sadness Of being stuck But we all have free will and we all Need to decide and act and meet Spirit Halfway with our co-creations on how we Want to achieve this and again Sagittarius Spirit does not want you to Keep any else for too long Because there's a big win coming for you Guys Understand that feel that and move

Towards that Let's keep going Tell me more about this month for Sagittarius spirit Just Sagittarius need to know right now In this very moment Okay wow you have two cards here again The twos are everywhere for you guys Stepping into your power yes And it says you are strong beyond Measure you guys are really learning That this month and people are inspired By that inspired that you're still going That you have that fire in you as being A fire sign to push through to overcome I do feel there's a lot of people even If you have some hater Sagittarius they Can't deny your determination and your Will And your ability to overcome challenges And obstacles And if you were even having trouble with That not December You are owning your power and you're Moving forward with it and that is your Main fuel in accomplishing whatever it Is that you're going to accomplish by The end of the month with the six of Fire and the nine of water And then we have cleansing Waters Beautiful yeah And it says purification activates Vibrant life force so there is a lot That you're releasing

Transmuting those experiences of Rejection those experiences have lost Those experiences of feeling like you're Just not going anywhere you're Transmuting that into a better Understanding of your life path of your Journey thus far of yourself Sagittarius And take that time with the Two of Pentacles too if there's a lot going on In your life that you will start to find That people will start to make Known into your life take that time for Self-love and self-care You do Have that ability to step back and you Need that Period of time where when you're working Working working you don't want to burn Yourself out so if you feel guilty about Giving yourself those days where you're Just going to do nothing but take a bath Read your favorite books watch your Favorite movies order your favorite or Even cook your favorite foods invite Certain people to just hang out with you And to just Indulge in the loving energy that is all Around you for yourself and from others I do feel that that is going to serve You as well Sagittarius You're diving deeper into yourself and With that knowledge of what you gain From understanding yourself better You're going to know what it is that is

Meant for you and move toward it Let's keep going Tell me more about December for Sagittarius spirits Foreign There we go Authenticity with number 10 yep and it Says It says who I truly am is good indeed I Am an authentic and thought word indeed Yep yeah I do feel again spirit is Saying everything that you're learning About yourself understanding about Yourself is more you than the things That you felt you couldn't do felt you Couldn't succeed couldn't achieve it I do feel that all the lessons has Brought you to who you are today Sagittarius and that is what spirit and God is so proud of and there's another Message coming through of saying anyone That doesn't Make you feel like you can be yourself That you can express yourself with who You are Vibrationally energetically even Verbally physically Those are the people and situations you Need to pay attention to that are Putting too much space in your life And those that are excited about it that Love for you for who you are inside and Out Those are the people that you're going

To start to identify more and more And I do feel Sagittarius for those of You that have a career goal that have a Goal that is in regards to what you want To do with your life how you want to Move forward in your life Again Spirit wants to say that if it Resonates with you at a level that you Can't even explain for yourself That you can't even fully identify right Now but you will soon as December Unfolds There's a part of you that you're Regaining through pursuing that A new level of confidence and new level Of power that may have been taken away From you during those times where you Had to become unstuck with the hangman In Reverse in the past But by stepping into your power this Month you're regaining that Soul Fragment that power that may have been Lost during that time and that is making You feel more whole Sagittarius Wow all right let's go ahead and get one More card and see spirit's final message From you and animal totem that may be With you through December that may be With you now or anything that Spirit Just wants to close this beautiful Reading with To help you know if there's anything Else you need to know of in this very Moment or about the month of December

Unfolding Anything else for my Sagittarian spirit Anything else for Sagittarius Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node all right let's See You have Swan with Grace Nice And here's your message it says You who Glides across the Waters of my Soul bring me your wisdom and light help Me transform it into elegance and Grace Inspire me with dignity and the spirit Of beauty So Sagittarius I do want to say again Any sort of curve balls with the Two of Pentacles any sort of things that may Sink you back to this feeling of not Being certain not feeling right of being A little bit down spirit is telling you That the month of December is the moment Where you experience Grace but where you Find Grace in yourself if there is Anyone that tries to throw you off Balance if there are people who may be Jealous of something that you are Creating for yourself you are going on Your own path of Respond with Grace Because you're in a new level Sagittarius you're not in that same Level where those people those Situations those old thoughts or beliefs Can bring you back down again And if there are emotions that come up

That's okay feel it experience it maybe There's certain Whispers from your soul That wants to be heard through it But don't let those take you through the Tumultuous waves that you find crashing On you Kind of steer it in a different Direction use it as fuel transmute that Water into fire to push you more into Experiencing life Every day as a blessing as an Opportunity to just be better than Yesterday to just be on your own path That feels right for you And to continue going through with that And with the swans here it is giving me Romance feelings someone finds you to be Very beautiful handsome sure but on the Inside They feel there's something that feels So right with you that feels so strong With you and if you guys do have a Twist To make with the two of Earth of who to Pay attention to who to prioritize Really go with your feelings go with Your intuition because it's very strong Right now And again remember Sagittarius with Anything that you are starting to Experience in December relationships job Opportunities Lifestyle Changes Energy does not lie and pay attention to The energy around it and whatever adds To your peace of heart your peace of

Mind will be the right thing for you Always So thank you Sagittarius so so much for Joining me for this reading I really Hope it resonated with you I hope I Provide you with the clarity Insight Healing guidance that you're seeking by Watches watching this message and if it Has please let me know drop a comment Below hit that like button don't forget To subscribe I love you Sagittarius very much and I'll see you next time Take care of Sagittarius

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