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Thank you Hi Sagittarius welcome to your December 2022 General love reading this is your Girl mermaid skills tarot thank you so Much for joining me here this is a General leverting for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong Placement for the sign of Sagittarius This is a general reading it may Resonate it may not regardless please Only take what resonates and leave it Doesn't for someone else who needs to Hear that message Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Sagittarius who wouldn't be I liked her Own Sagittarius and crosswalkers that Energy is fluid and this simply means You may feel like I'm describing a Certain situation in the reading where You feel the rules are flipped or Reversed and that's completely okay You're more than welcome to use your own Discretion to flip those roles if that Resonates with your specific situation The best All right let's jump right on in and see What's going on in sagittarius's love Life what does Sagittarius need to know At this moment without someone in around Your energy I feel to someone that has Romantic feelings or intentions towards You right now in this moment whether You're single whether you're in a

Connection whether you're together or Apart right now who's coming through and Why Okay we got talking interested Conversing more awaited messages arrives Text call email hoovering okay Interesting so I definitely feel you Guys are in communication with someone Right now that you're talking to Messaging seeing what's up I do feel you Guys this is primarily online so I Wonder if there's a distance between the Two of you whether it is a few hours of A drive or if it is different states Different countries even maybe you guys Initially met through a dating app Tinder grinder hinge Bumble whatever it Is that's out there these days but it's Just right now you guys are taking it a Little bit slow getting to know one Another I wonder if some of you met face To face or you've yet to do so others of You I wonder if it's just been a while Since you've last seen each other and Just for now maybe someone has a lot to Do someone's kind of busy with Whatever's going on at work or there's a Lot going on with the holidays that they You guys can't see each other face to Face if their distance is not an issue Here but I wonder Sagittarius if you're Starting to think if this is something That you want to engage more in I wonder if some of you are starting to

Get bored from this because maybe it's The same conversations maybe nothing new Is going on it's just been kind of Plateauing so maybe someone's kind of Picking up that you're starting to get Bored or that you're starting to just Maybe wonder if there's other options Out there and they may send you a Message that could start to really Clearly get you to understand where They're at as far as what they see with You how they want to handle this with You the letter K is sticking out to me As in Kiara as in Keith first middle Last initial could mean something to Someone but let's see what they want to Tell Sagittarius that they haven't told Sagittarius I was scared because I care so much okay So yeah this is someone who's kind of Avoiding some sort of conversation here Because they don't want to put Themselves out there to be too much to Mess anything up but maybe what they Haven't told you is the thing you need To hear Sagittarius I do feel you feel like they're holding Back they're reserving a lot I do feel that maybe you've been kind of Trying to leave hints at something that You've been wanting to talk about you've Been wanting to discuss and they're just Not taking it whether they're picking up On the hint or they're just avoiding it

But I do feel they're really afraid of Messing anything up between the two of You and that's why they're being so Cautious But you like someone that's a little bit Assertive you like someone that can just Speak their mind and tell it as it is Whether it's something you want to hear Or not you respect honesty you respect Truth and this person is not being fully Truthful with you so maybe they are Starting to see that you are disengaging You're not messaging back and forth as Much sending as much emojis leaving Messages a little bit more short and They may tell you Something that they've been waiting to Do so and maybe this is the final straw The final push the light that is lit and Under them that finally gets them the Initiative to do so let's see let's dive Deeper into this I am seeing a baseball Cap that someone always wears Maybe I don't know why I'm hearing Boston for Some specific reason maybe someone's From a country a city that starts with B But anyway tell me more So with this uh the tarot I'm gonna ask How they feel about you right now what Do they think about you what do they Like about you what do they not like About you what they like about the Connection that they have with you Currently and what do they not like

About it what are their highest hopes And deepest fears in regards to this Connection with you what are they really Hoping is going to happen in unfold Sagittarius and what are they afraid of Wow yeah So so far we have two sixes your Birthday could be December 6th December 16th perhaps November 26th for some of You guys but there is a need of balance There need is a need to restore some Harmony in this I do feel Sagittarius they're worried That you are kind of becoming Disconnected from this And they want to fight for this right Now in this moment whether they're Seeing that now or as the days go by and They're still not giving in to telling You everything that's been on their Heart about you on their mind about you The more you're kind of pulling away and That's going to give them the initiative To do so Foreign yeah but they're afraid They're afraid of whatever they have to Tell you They're afraid you're going to reject Them you're going to you know sidestep Them you're going to ignore it you're Going to downplay them I wonder why They're so afraid of that With the Five of Swords here That you're gonna call them out maybe

Something that they're afraid of too But let's jump right on in bottom of the Deck we have the Knight of Cups Pisces energy you could be dealing with A Pisces or someone with strong Pisces In their chart so I do feel Sagittarius They were the first to make the moves on You And they're very Suave they're very Charming They may be quiet but their silence kind Of intrigues a lot of people and it Definitely intrigued you Little did you know their silence was Gonna play out in a lot of aspects of How they communicate I feel with this Knight of Cups that They are flirtatious But when things start to get a little Bit too deeper when they feel put on the Spot that's when they start to dodge That's when they start to kind of change The energy to get the focus off of them I feel So with this Knight of Cups I also feel Someone who's been daydreaming and Thinking about someone a bit They feel like they should be telling You all this but then as you see with Even this horse the horse kind of looks Like they back up and say no never mind Uh it's not the right time Sagittarius I don't know how they feel So I don't want to expose myself if they

Don't feel the same way So then they keep it all in And I feel Sagittarius that this is Something that is frustrating you about This person because when they do want to Get flirtatious seductive They tell you things like I've been Thinking about you Uh they've been complimenting you about Your looks recently they really like Your eyes I wonder if you have like Hazel eyes green eyes almond shaped eyes Something very beautiful about your eyes Maybe this is something that they have That you admire But when it comes to the romance and Getting you going and turning you on They know how to do it but when it comes To having a serious conversation about Where this could go that's when they get Dodgy So let's jump right on in how they feel Right now is the Six of Pentacles Taurus energy So what I feel with the Six of Pentacles Is a couple of different things for some Of you they really are starting to see More has to give because you're starting To take away you're not starting to give In as much That they need to show more interest or There needs to be more balance within This because it has been out of balance Maybe you have been the one that in the

Past was to reach out to message to call To FaceTime I see for some of you you FaceTime a lot Maybe it's a zoom call I'm not really Sure Skype or whatever but now that You're not engaging as much the fact That you don't respond as quickly as you Used to or that It seems you are a little bit more Distracted they're worried if you're Putting your interest elsewhere whether That is a new romantic connections and Options or if it's just Focusing on things that are present in Your life that make themselves more Available to you certain projects maybe Something with your career I am seeing weights like weightlifting So I wonder if some of you guys live by A gym you guys met at a gym or someone's Really into Health and Fitness But I feel generally with the Six of Pentacles they feel like they have to do More and they may be right about that Because what they think about you Is the six of cups I swear this has been The card of the series Scorpio energy so They reminisce about you They think about you a lot and all the Thoughts about you are in a high Vibration they do think about the first Time you guys met or the first time you Guys messaged the first time you Facetimed whatever it was

Maybe it was even the first kiss you Guys had and something was unique about It whether someone was a really good Kisser or it was like a spur of the Moment type of Kiss But they want to prolong this connection With you they don't want it to end They have like getting to know you They have started to care a lot about You And now this is giving an initiative to Put that care into action Sagittarius Maybe you've you or them someone's seen A recent picture of someone when they Were kids And they thought it was kind of cute I Wonder if someone posted it on social Media or They just showed you a picture of them In their Something of their flashback the Yearbook picture or something like that Or maybe you've known each other for That long But definitely from the lack of action The lack of motivation that's pushed you Away it's really starting to make them Think about You and everything they've experienced With you and what to do about it with The Six of Pentacles and what they feel Like they have to do about it What they like the most about you is the Star card

Aquarius energy You're one of a kind Sagittarius you're Unlike anyone they've met before with The star card energy You're very open you're very real You are someone that shines alone I mean You're one of those people that can walk Into a room and everyone starts to look At you want to get to know you Even if you're an introvert you still Have that presence that people pay Attention to Someone could have a star tattoo That I'm seeing as well Or even a neck tattoo or like a Birthmark on someone's neck as well But generally they do feel like you are Someone that they haven't had this kind Of a connection with even if it's at a Distance even if you guys haven't met Each other the things you talk about you The way you express yourself the way you Dress is very Unique to you the way you do your hair The way you do your makeup Some of you guys may play with your hair As far as color haircuts you try new Things out But you definitely Stand Out Sagittarius And in their mind you're definitely the One that they think about the most And I don't even feel like this person Has a lot of options but if they were to Kind of go through the list of everyone

That they've had a connection with Within the last two years two years you Stood out your connection has stood out What they don't like about you is The Wheel of Fortune Sagittarius energy also Pisces energy For me as a reader now this isn't for Everyone so only take what resonates but They do kind of find you to be a little Bit unpredictable They never know what they're gonna get With you Maybe there's some days and maybe it's Because of their lack of Speaking everything they should to you About how they feel and what they want From this but they kind of view you Sometimes as being up and down hot and Cold They do kind of wonder If with I don't know for some of you It's like they see that you have a lot Going on in your life And they don't know what direction You're going with it What your goals are as far as your Career as far as your personal goals in Life they may be a bit scattered But I do also feel with this Wheel of Fortune here They just wonder if there is a distance Between the two of you whether that is Physical or even right now emotional Distance because of

The lack of clarity within this They wonder if this is something that Could actually last if this is something That could be stable despite all the Obstacles are in your way right now But for most of you yeah they they do Find you to be unpredictable They right when they think they know who You are you switch it up a little bit on Them and that makes them kind of Wonder who you are at times What they like the most about this Connection is the seven of Wands Leo Energy You defend yourself Sagittarius I mean If you've called them out before there Is reason for it and you were Justified With those reasons for it you stick up For yourself you'll speak your Boundaries you'll speak your truth I do feel with the seven of Wands you Have shown before this segment of Realizing that they haven't been doing Enough that you are someone that wants To work on this that Wants to put effort and passion into Making this happen But you're not going to be a doormat And maybe they've kind of seen you have Boundaries with family members with Friends and maybe they've been Struggling with their own boundaries With other people and seeing you kind of Be so sure of yourself

So confident within your choices and Your decisions It's something that they do respect You're definitely independent Sagittarius and that's something that They do find to be intriguing They know you'll be fine with or without Them But I think with the seven of Wands There's Something About This Time Around in December that they're wanting to make More of a stance in Maybe because you are starting to put Boundaries in with them expectations and With them they want to live up to that They want to fight for that Sagittarius I do Wonder for some of you if you've Met this person face to face they tried To stay the night but you were like no Let's take this a bit slow As far as not wanting to rush into Anything too soon And they didn't respect that In some sort of way if that is Confirmation for you about who I'm Talking about What they don't like about this Connection is the queen of Cups and for Some of you I feel like this is what you Don't like about it Um so if you know with your feelings on This they're not emotionally expressive They're not sometimes emotionally

Available Like I said they want to talk about Certain things when they're ready to Talk about it but with things that may Get a little bit uncomfortable They're not Available for that If this is what they don't like about The connection with you They're really afraid to show that side Of themselves that cares Again the highlight of this was I was Scared because I care so much I feel that They may in the past have been tended to Get carried away with love with the Thought of love the fantasies of love And they build up all of this High hopes for what could happen in the Past and it never turned out that way or Someone ended up breaking their heart And so they keep that side of themselves That is very romantic that is very Poetic and imaginative and Sensual Guarded but that's the side you need to See the most that's society you've been Waiting to see from them And I do feel Sagittarius it's like they Want to they want to show it to you but Then there's that ego there's that voice In their head saying no if you do it You're gonna get hurt Sagittarius is Going to break your heart sagittarius's

Gonna What's the word Is gonna disregard your feelings And I don't feel it's even on a personal Level Sagittarius I feel like that's Just how they operate in general Someone could have mother issues I'm Just throwing that out there maybe Didn't have the best relationship with Their mom or a very rocky relationship With their mom and that's something that Has affected the way that they operate Within relationships Of trust of emotional trust and holding Space for that lab especially if Someone's mom was emotionally Codependent or emotionally draining or a Bit emotionally unstable in general it's Made someone question a lot about the Safety of emotions because of their Experience with a mom or a mother-like Figure In their life Someone questions their feelings a lot About this Is this how I really feel is this how They really feel well if you're not Going to talk about it you'll never know So what's the point of just sitting There with the what is I should but I can't Either do or don't I feel that's what Mo You're in right now Sagittarius Highest hopes of the Five of Swords

Aquarius energy interesting energy I do Feel Sagittarius what they're really Hoping for Is that With all this fear that comes up about Being emotionally and vulnerable about Telling you how they feel they could Just avoid all of it and you'll still be Patient with them you'll still be there Through them you'll still talk to them And that they could get their way out of It in some way they're really hoping They can avoid this conversation overall With you because they still feel very Scared about it they still don't feel Ready to have it But I do feel Sagittarius you're not Um unjustified with your impatience I do Feel especially with the six of Cups This could be been going on for a while And it's like if we haven't talked about It up until now when will we ever And it gives me the thought of you're Not wanting to talk about this because You don't want more from this Now for some of you that may have been a Lot more Reserved in your communication They're hoping that you'll finally give In and go back to texting them every day Like you used to or calling them once a Day like you did That if they are being put on timeout That they'll come out a timeout real

Soon with you because they do miss Talking to you they do miss catching up With you they do miss those text Messages you'd send with the Emojis at The end maybe the good morning texts you Used to send or the good night text Whatever it was They're hoping that you guys can stop Fighting start stop arguing or if there Is any tension between the two of you That can be resolved Deepest fears is the Queen of Wands Aries energy You're over it That's their deepest fears is that You're over it you are not feeling like This is serving you that this is not Making you feel excited or passionate Anymore That you're redirecting your energy to The experiences to the people to the Situations that will make you feel like They're as much interested as you are That It could bring this passion excitement Back into your love life that has been Maybe a bit dim from their lack of Communication here They've noticed that you I don't know if They follow you on social media they see That you're taking pictures that are Pretty spicy almost like thirst traps For some of you guys if that is the Purpose of them if not so be it but

You're taking selfies whether you're Dressed up about to go out that you're Looking really good in and if they know You're about to go out and you didn't Invite them or you didn't let them know They're worried that you're going out With other people that you're doing you And having a good time doing it They're really afraid that you're just Bored about this or bored of this and You're on to the next And that they miss having or they're Going to miss having this excitement Spicy Lively person in their life Even though you could be unpredictable You're definitely exciting And that's something that they would Miss out on All right Sagittarius to see what They're going to do about this in the Upcoming days weeks are they going to Act on it are they going to be too Scared to or go we're going to go ahead And take this to Vimeo for the extended Reading but before we go I'm going to go Ahead and pull one more card From this deck here And I'm going to ask Spirit if there's Anything else you need to know about This connection about this person that Spirit wants to give you additional Insight on a special message for you Through the card that comes out

Anything else that Sagittarius needs to Know about this connection All right so you got this message here And what it says is close your eyes and Tell yourself that you deserve to feel Joyful you can allow joy into your life Regardless of the circumstances you Currently find yourself in wow so spirit Is even seeing Sagittarius that this Person isn't giving enough to you to Make you feel happy in this joyfulness Or even that you're starting to feel Bored and spirit is saying yeah you know What you do deserve to have that Exciting passionate love that you've Been waiting for this person to show you And maybe it takes for you to pull away A bit for you to step back a bit for Them to really get it And I do think If you've been doing that or if you're Thinking about doing that it is going to Give them the big wake-up call or the Warning sign that if they care they have To act on it if they care they have to Do something about it Because you will find someone else you Will find new things in your life that Will replace Anything that has been doled out from The lack of what they want to tell you Because I do feel Sagittarius there's Feelings here I do feel like they care They just have to get over that wound

That ego of putting themselves out there To give that chance for you to show how Much they do care Or else you're going to be on to the Next and they won't have a chance to go Back and fix it all Right Sagittarius to see what they're Likely to do in the upcoming days and Weeks as this all unfolds we're going to Go ahead and take this video for the Extended reading I'm going to overturn This card here to show you the likely Outcome of this whole situation and pull Some oracle cards as well to dive deeper Into all this so if you still have Questions let's hope to answer them in The extended reading if you'd like to Join me for the extended reading open up The description box and you'll find the Link to Vimeo which will take you to Extended reading but this is very depart Sagittarius I really hope that this Reading resonated with you it provided You with the clarity Insight healing Guidance that you're looking for by Watching this message and whatever is Going on in your love life and if it has Please let me know drop a comment below Hit that like button don't forget to Subscribe I love you Sagittarius very much and I'll see you next time Take care of Sagittarius

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