Project Shadow Octopus, Highly Advanced Break Away Civilizations That Disguise Themselves as Aliens

By | November 3, 2022

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We visited this site is quite mysterious It’s got carbon dating putting some of The stones uh walls there at least seven Thousand years old and there are at Least uh 40 Equinox Solstice and star Alignments that they can tell there has Been extensive archaeological work here This is not just some Colonial thing I Was there actually for the Equinox at The end of May and I was at that stone Actually I think and then um I can tell You that the site has been actively dug For seven years and there’s been a lot Of reputable and Um very very scientific research this is Uh one of hundreds of sites that span From Canada down through the coast and That that lecture that I did there which Was not specifically about the history Of this it was about Synesthesia’s ancient programming left In the human body is investing in silver A good idea that’s a great question our Friend Colin plume from Noble gold Investments certainly think so he Recently explained on the national desk That there’s been huge sell-offs of Silver because of its low price points Right now silver is the most useful Industrial metal out there and demand is Soaring for electronics and electric Cars solar panel circuits and the green Agenda is speeding up now industries That pick up after the pandemic supply

Chain issues the trend down should turn Around and silver Will rock it don’t miss this opportunity Give the team at Noble gold Investments A call today 1-877-646-5347 let them know the project Sent you as a gift for all qualifying 401 or IRA conversions you will be Gifted this beautiful three Ounce never touched by human hands American Eagle silver coin so for Everyone I’ve been on the road a lot I’ve been doing a lot of filming Collecting a lot of stuff haven’t had Time one of the things I had done was Stop the Galt archaeological site north Of Austin this site’s significant in That it shows that it was another tool Manufacturer site that was at least has A floor in it that’s been determined to Be at least 22 000 years old what’s it Called Galt g-a-u-l-t it’s probably one Of the most important sites known in the World it’s more popular outside of the United States with researchers than in The United States it’s literally one of The most important archaeological sites In our whole country uh in the in the Continent um it’s one of 19 Mastodon Kill sites where there’s clear Not only Was the young female Mastodon had found But tools Legend ladies and gentlemen we Just look at it we have Nicholas Cage’s Stunt double with us today or is it

Actually Jared Murphy’s stunt double Nicholas Cage I think so Jared Murphy’s With us they’re not aliens it’s worse It’s us Jared it’s great to see you man I’m Really looking forward to our next Adventure yeah you’re talking off air For a few minutes folks and we have some Weird synchronicities going on here but It makes sense again it makes sense Though because we’ve been hanging out Together and the universe brings people Together for amazing reasons and ladies And gentlemen today we’re going to talk About I titled this this is a pretty Catchy title code Shadow octopus Secret programs and civilizations they Don’t want you to know about we’ve been To some of these locations and Jared’s Been talking to people that have been a Part of certain projects and programs That you could consider Black Ops or Shadow projects and Jared let’s talk About it man it’s great to see how the Heck are you yeah it’s so great to see You too and it’s and like you said Synchronicities I’m great I’m uh you Know we’ve been you know you and I have Been in the field together and it’s so Weird some of the synchronicities that Keep overlapping it’s like at this point I need to pay closer attention we need To be like I’m about it’s one thing to Walk a man uh walk a mile in a man’s

Shoes it’s another thing to like go to His hometown and live there Or visit and so there’s a lot going on It’s been uh really busy you know I’m Trying to get that new version of the Book out for Christmas sales here so That’s trying to happen here in the next Couple weeks and Um shout out for that thank you yeah so It’s not aliens worse it’s us uh what we Should really say is that it is the uh It’s not a revision it’s really a it’s a It’s you know it still says it’s not Aliens but it’s now uh not aliens Beyond Prehistory And it’s in color it’s uh really a new Book but it’s uh got much of the meat of The last book so please don’t go out and Buy the scalped versions of my old one Wait for this one but we are close to Having that out it’ll be for sale on not uh not of course Is the website where I have the member Area and the uh the general uh yeah We’re working on uh updating this but This is the current uh Website and there will be the book will Be for sale there’ll be pre-sales Um There’s some links to some of Rex’s Stuff right there on the right each one Uh there was a retention that was from Your uh live event do you remember the Uh that weekend uh

That that’s do you got anything like That coming up No not in the works yet yes but it’s not Confirmed yes between that and travel I’ve been as busy as you are how about You oh man it’s been great super busy And I also need to take a vacation from The vacation from the vacation so yes I need some more clones man Um I’m this close to hiring somebody to To help with the project because there’s So many things going on and now Kristen’s working a whole bunch so she’s Not able to juggle both of those things Right now as much I mean she’s still Helping out a lot but yeah I definitely Need to get uh get somebody else here Because the uh the Clone project is not Working out as well as I plan Well There was a for those of you listening Alice Cooper did a song that does not Sound like Alice Cooper at all it’s Called clones have you ever heard it It’s First off it’s an epic song and secondly If you heard the song and I did not tell You it was Alice Cooper you would have No idea you would think it was some Alternative song from anywhere from Today into the 80s but you would think It was some alternative band but he does A whole song about clones And it’s uh pretty dang good so for

Those of you going down a uh music Consciousness round you probably want to Wonder what what psychedelic moment uh What plane of existence inspired Alice Cooper to write this song but worth Every second yeah and is it really Alice Cooper or is it It is actual Alice Cooper and it’s from Like what’s mind-blowing is that it’s Off a record from like 1983-82 and it’s Called clones and the the song and used To be on my playlist when I was a Network administrator Um it is a really good song it’s All About clones Uh I wonder if he was a like he it was Actually phallus Cooper wait a second That doesn’t sound right if it was a Different Alice Cooper you heard it First on leak project phallus Cooper That’s awesome we play we play Alice Hard phallus Cooper Can I get a drum roll please wow this is Definitely gonna be a fun podcast it Started off on the right track here Um yeah Tribute band the hell yeah We’re on the right track yeah well hard On Yeah hard on Alice phallus Cooper I I I I You know if Rex uh if you haven’t heard It from Rex it’s not true It’s always real hardly project

And for entertainment purposes only Always real you know I like how we bait And switched from uh uh uh you know Ancient ruins and uh secret programs to Phallus Cooper this is a good double Play I may want to put this at the end Of the podcast for the bonus time when I Upload it either way it’s a great way to Start I think it’s fun but you’re gonna Have somebody out there that’s like I Want to know what’s going on with these Shadow octopuses I don’t care about Phallus Cooper there’s there’s tentacles Everywhere in the phalluses Oh that’s a new Genre I why not if you throw in the Eggplant goddess of the octopus that’s How I always used to play it as far as Like what do you worship the eggplant Goddess of the octopus I mean there’s a Lot of different options and secret Programs and octopuses I think uh you Know that implies something in all Seriousness about uh one of the things That I’ve been working on in uh with uh Michael from Dark Hour paranormal he and I have been working on a documentary for Exactly this is it one octopus Controlling this at some and are there Different octopuses at different levels Or is it really one Um we’re working on a documentary about What really started as a Corp cop you Know it was a core like revisit of MK

Ultra And at the same time Uh secret programs in general which is Why we I went and visited Jim Goodall in Arizona and we were you know we’ve been Filming Um doing a couple other segments with a Few other really cool Um guests and the the question kind of Keeps spinning how many different layers Of the octopus are there I mean is it Really do you ever wonder if Why would you even let one person you Could you could have a whole group in Charge of monetary or There’s power structures within power Structures that don’t really need to be Aware of the other one and I thought it Was really interesting part of you know Jim’s contribution was Area 51 I mean Who better to talk to than someone who’s Had a relationship with Skunk Works Lockheed Martin for 29 30 years and also you know people Who’ve worked there and it’s so Interesting that he’s been a very good How’s this for a small world Six Degrees Of Separation Bob Bob Lazar and Jim Goodall have been friends for years and It was way before Bob ever worked at Area 51. They they got to be friends completely Independent and it had to do with the Air Force and it was completely separate

And uh what a small world right And for those that don’t know I mean There are a lot of theories about Area 51 in itself and and Jim and I have been Doing some more shows together and Uh I think he’s still enjoying a Vacation right now in Hawaii and the Whole idea of okay what what’s really Going on at Area 51 and how many private Contractors and how many departments are Departmentalized for safety and for Security separate the activities of Everything they do there’s these layers And this octopus the idea of one Controlling no all organization I think Is contingent and always points back to The archeology that I’m pretty Passionate about which is uh these large Megalithic ruins that and cymatic Constructions and our our weird genetic Anomalies and it really all seems to Point to a common Um ancestor of not only uh us but of Technology and a technological layer That looks I think to us like nature you Know we’ve talked about it a zillion Different ways and I think does that Octopus does it really go back to uh A single entity that is aware of our Historical Origins and these mystery UFOs that aren’t military is it possible That there is a separation between The the technology being employed by our Current governments and a very ancient

Advanced human race that still exists That has either zero interest in us or Is very interested in us not realizing It’s their fault that we’re in the pits That’s and and so where does Experimenting on the public where does The Montauk where does the Where what we’re exploring in this Documentary Our secret programs because you know we You and I both talk to a lot of people That are familiar with Area 51 or have Theories as to what’s all at the Activity and It’s quite interesting what’s in plain Sight and then it’s very interesting as To what any of them have to say About you are dead like you and I could Be speaking dead on about something but It’s not about what we know it’s about What we can prove And and and that’s the problem is that There seems to be this uh organized Effort by the eggplant octopus secret Whatever of well let’s just keep Everything separate but at some point Something’s driving Advanced Technologies and uh and and clearly There’s a layer of humanity that thinks Everyone below it is just filler so What’s this what’s this race between the Mach 22 uh tick tick-tac and the you Know the low-level companies creating F-22s and then you know what what what

What’s the what’s that relationship you Know historically to these Advanced Ruins that are everywhere around us it’s Like you can stand right in front of These Advanced things and say what they Are but you can’t prove it so you don’t Have to be murdered or thrown out a Window like poor Frank Olson or you know Or or like you know they’re not to tie It all to together but that’s that’s one Of the things that You know you are the perfect person to Talk to about this because it’s not I Know we would for everyone listening we Would be talking off air about this Anyway so you’re getting live insight For uh Rex and my mind but this is what I’m curious about is that there are so Many people who would give their like Here’s here’s a question for you Uh we do so the whole history of MK Ultra is you know United States Government and or Stein organizations Experimenting on unknowing cities people Uh good good good good good good Insight That possibly uh Charles Manson was Involved uh that there were a lot of People experimented on a lot of Different ways with their mind control Etc But they did it uh on on unwitting Volunteers meanwhile we have a number of People with terminal illnesses people Who absolutely are patriotic and want to

Serve their country and are willing to Up to and give their lives uh the Reality is that why not bring some of These programs out of the Shadows Completely and just be more real about The fact that I think there are a number Of people who uh patriotically would Choose to give their lives or to risk Their lives for some of these Experiments and I find it I mean if we Were to add up the number of people with Terminal cancer uh terminal illnesses That would have a not just a monetary uh Reason but a patriotic reason to Participate not in what would be a Terminal program but To further our Sciences I I think I Think we need to really move past the Idea that there’s an efficacy boundary Because MK Ultra is an open You know program that we can look for on YouTube or anywhere and there’s plenty Of documentaries and Um you know it’s an open known uh Documented uh event over a period of Years that includes the Canadian uh Citizens and and American citizens and There’s No reason why we shouldn’t Maybe have an open dialogue Governmentally about Well there’s a lot of patriotic people That you wouldn’t march with a 90 Hundred pound pack 50 miles but they

Would live in a town that you I don’t Know accidentally dose with acid I mean is that completely immoral am I Just uh Am I am I Crossing some like Is that just an absurd question Is it an absurd question to say we Should get rid of certain Protocols because there’s a lot of People out there that would be happy to Be a part of this experiment yeah I mean I mean here’s the thing you’re always Going to have somebody that’s going to Disagree with you and there’s always and Then it’s good right Um or that’s that’s a positive that’s a That’s a bonus because if everybody Agreed with you then it would be Stagnant and I think that People should have the right to do what They want to do that’s their body that’s Their opportunity and if they want to Risk something I mean who am I to say no rock and roll I I think that the pro the programs Exist so what’s the difference between Saying hey Um this person absolutely wants to serve The country they have the they have this Health capacity to you know again maybe They can’t march every day but maybe They do have a capacity for a certain Drug intake or and I’m not saying we Picked drug addicts that have no value

I’m saying that there are people who Would like to contribute in a meaningful And significant way to science and Research and there is a Um a financial benefit to saying okay Well uh yes we appreciate your service And also you know here’s a financial Payout for the again uh there are people I’m a climber you know this is one of The things we talked about from the Beginning is like descending into the Grand Canyon for the cave uh for the G Kincaid cave is not a big deal that’s All secure and safe but if you want to Go up one of those win you know those Win uh Energy power just to do any work There are people who get paid thousands Of dollars a week tens of thousands Sometimes to do service on these towers So depending on the risk or these guys That fly the helicopters next to power Lines and do some of the change work the Reality is that there are very very very High paying high risk jobs I have a Friend who’s a surgeon I did a couple Contract tours in Afghanistan and Iraq And I mean he made tens of thousands of Dollars but he literally went over uh Unexploded you know uh everything from The uh land mines to just improvised Explosive devices and was shot at and You could hear the shots hitting the You know the truck and so you know if You’re willing to do that and if

Somebody says hey you know we have these Experiments and this Suite of Experiments has like at every stage of It it’s like I don’t know should there Not be a dialogue about it openly I mean giving instead of all these guys Sweating it out going you know we gotta Deny and make sure that we don’t Obviously experimenting on people Without their knowledge I think is not Moral and not right But there’s uh I think we’re I think We’re wagging the dog at the idea that We’re gonna ever stop doing these Experiments or that there aren’t others That I mean how many if I give you if if You want to do the Billy Joel We Didn’t Start the Fire song but with everything Rex has figured out on League project I Mean How many clandestine programs are going On irrelevant right A few absolutely and you know I want to I want to change subjects here Again for a second because I’ve been you Brought something up about the Technologies connected to these highly Advanced vessels and craft and ships and You know computers and stuff that could Be from non-human uh intelligence let’s Or maybe an ancient civilization that is Human that’s been here for thousands of Years are the same people or the same Beings

That help facilitate Certain megaliths in past civilizations From thousands of years ago are they Still influencing today’s militaries and Top Positions like CEOs of Corporations and Scientists Etc and inventions are they Still somehow connected facilitating Information and intelligence And Technologies That we’re seeing today I I think it’s a Great question because that that I think Is one of our greatest should be not Telling everybody what to be afraid of But in my mind If the people that survived whatever Cataclysm that destroyed what was Clearly a worldwide connected gritted You know terraformed culture that You know had a worldwide biotechnology That connected Minds bodies uh a Worldwide Actual physical grid between the Pyramids the Ley lines the the Nazca as Example of Remnant physical Technologies But much more circuited and all of it’s Gone we have to assume that the people Who survive whatever cataclysms and Wars Are all the above combos or external Fights with But you know something from space I mean That that is a possibility but they Survived and whoever did survive clearly Has had no desire outside of cow

Mutilation’s abductions and outside of Clandestine military and secret society Stuff there’s been no desire to contact Our society as a whole and we can get All the obvious answers as to why not But if they’re influencing our Governments and our experimentations Well are they really just doing it Because That once connected Global Society was This beautiful healthy uh eternal It had developed into a system that was So synergistic with everything that we We not only lived in harmony with the Planet but we had indefinite life spans We had Um an awareness of the galaxy of the Solar system of the universe that we Don’t have now but in order to get back To that The last few thousand years tens maybe Tens of thousands of years of of what What’s failed us maybe since Mount Toba 75 000 years ago and definitely pretty Younger driest if in the course of going Back to that would these Ancient humans be found out as being Literally the only reason we didn’t get Back there sooner and and what’s the Excuse well you guys have you’ve been Living too long in your primitive brains Uh we didn’t mean to let you uh breed With Neanderthal Denise even we didn’t Mean for you to end up with that oh that

Mystery human two three percent that’s In you oh that’s this race they were the Actual good guys and you know we’re we Don’t know what we’re dealing with with Who’s left are they just the Instagram Uh you know are they the social media uh Users and Factory workers not the Engineers not the Architects not the Doctors are they just this uh group that Sort of survive now with technologies That to to actually reactivate the Planet on a whole Without them for being bad or for Holding us down or there there could be An could be a Tipping Point on the anger Program so if we have just enough Technology again And we’re just aware enough again I don’t think that’s a space that they Want us to to be in so I think by being In contact uh with whether it’s Religious or secret government programs Around the world you keep it all at Where it is and you just kind of keep Hoping it goes the way it’s going so That they don’t really I don’t know There must be some morality button like Why not just hit the button and go yeah Let’s give every third person a disease Let’s reboot it that way or let’s just Push this one volcano to go you know one Super volcano out of nine needs to go You know they’re they’re for whatever Reason they’re not doing that either

So that that leaves a lot of questions As to why are we Stagnating where we are or where where Is there That these are all the questions that I Think we can answer the more we dig the More we find and reverse engineer these Ancient constructions the foundations Are biotech like Wim Hof and Steve Severinsen the whole reactivating our Conscious immune system I think that’s The window we get out of psychedelic Drugs it’s back into uh what is a full Synesthesia Totally connected bio human look like And that’s not something that seems to Have been on their uh radar to help Happen instead it’s we get distracted by The next cell phone or the next tech we Have we are very externally motivated by Simple devices that get us primitive Brain needs met a better way to order a Pizza a better way I sound like some Sort of goth uh Downer dude right now Right should we be smoking have an Espresso in a cafe Um I don’t want to paint my nails black But you know I would have to you know to Get the full effect you got to be at the Coffee shop with the black nails and Some typo negative Uh yeah I look like Jesus Christ Jesus Christ I think I need a Euro

Mullet again and my hair to be like Um what at least in one eye or something You got the hair going I mean yeah you Could still you got you got enough hair You can still do that you would have to Dye it black and you need to wear a Black dress Um but other than that kelt No yeah that’s me what they’ll say but I Don’t know but I I don’t okay I know I went too far down that rabbit Hole no no you didn’t uh now I’m Thinking of the 90s coffee shop I used To go hang out at Java Jive and I’d Slough school and I’d smoke pot and I’d I’d get somebody to you know give me Five bucks so I could buy a coffee and Uh then you know would match bowls and Then we talked about philosophy and then There was this one guy that used to go Around there I was 15 years old dude This one guy used to go around his Coffee shop and he followed me around For a few years and he’s like dude the Mark of the beast is coming the end of The world is coming if you don’t take The mark of the beast they’re gonna cut Your head off You must and it really freaked me out Man I talk about end of the world Programming at a young age and uh yeah I Remember one time we all went over this This uh

The stoner’s house and we’re watching These videos and you know about the New World Order and this is 25 years ago And 30 years ago this is 30 years ago And they’re like George you know Daddy Bush is there like we need a new world Order and they’re like see he even said So we need to run into the cave right Now this guy was trying to get us all to Go into cave in New Mexico and like Disappeared I’m like dude I can’t do That I got a hot drink coffee here at Java job man to play chess So did you ever disappear I didn’t say like I saw him up until I Was about 18 and then he disappeared I Mean but that’s because I moved I didn’t You know he might still be down there Trying to Um convince people that the end of the World is going to be next week and the Mark of the beast is coming but see They’ve been saying that for so long Right like this this programming this End of the world programming speak and This actually ties in with the MK Ultra Stuff if you think about it because There’s this constant Fight or flight mindset and even the Frequencies of 440 Hertz around the World even when you’re jamming out to a Beautiful song and you’re you know your Hair is standing up on parts of your Body you didn’t even know you had hair

And you’re like yeah it’s still at 440 Hertz Yeah unless you’re lucky enough to Convert it to 432. so this whole world Has been designed As a Feeding Frenzy For various entities and like we’ve got All these structures and substructures Within it but it’s still a big farm and So we get to decide we want to be the Wolf do we want to be the the Sheep do We want to be the farmer or do we want To be the wizard Gandalf Hello Okay the uh I I think that we have so Again disconnected I I think one of the Missing elements you know where again Species with amnesia right like Graham Hancock has said I think the uh Part of it is we can achieve we we get Back pieces where it’s like we have this Idea of you know where there are any Three that meet you know God is present Or do they mean Collective Consciousness Uh when you marry the two become one is That really just a a deification of what Was once commonly understood basic Technology Um why do two people start to look alike Over a long period of time Uh is it really part of natural or is it Part of an intentional design that is

Actually part of a system where if we Work together as a community and a Collective structure are we really just Again on the Primitive side of our brain Where we’re eating and breeding and Dying and being angry Um or what have you is this just the uh The side functions of the most minimal Safe moded computer biotech system I Mean again we assume trees look like What they look like I mean we’ve talked About this before it’s like are we Really in a system where it was easy we Didn’t need an external cell phone we Had an internal one we it was a third Eye and we could just switch it amongst Ourselves but now this group it’s clear That there are our UFOs that are not Government related the government would Not have come out and literally said Yeah we need your help we don’t know What they are they’re definitely foreign To the but but you said this earlier Foreign to what to the planet are they It’s easy for us to say well this Material and what we get so excited About is this material is not of this Earth Okay We’ve been learning through Nanotechnology and spintronics that you Can take any atoms in the air and you Can create anything you want and you Know it’s 2008 they took 19 hydrogen

Atoms and they built a map of the world With just 19 atoms as ones and zeros and And that’s a binary system you know so They did it in more like a Quantum System but it was basically okay so like Binary they they took these atoms and if You were to have a bio or a 3D printer That managed biotechnology that could Print anything it wanted literally Grabbing Atomic subatomic particles out Of the air You could have uh any kind of a material And say well this is not of this world Well no it wouldn’t be because you Literally invented it to have a certain Hardness or certain finish but let’s say We already left the planet again that That it’s hard enough to get uh around The idea that we were more advanced than We are now but then if we left the Planet and did go to Mars and then be on The solar system or did capture an Asteroid that’s in a a deep orbit that Only comes around Earth every a few Hundred thousand years or 50 000 years Or thirty thousand years that is well uh Uh just for everyone listening There’s still a based on the tilt of the Planet where we’re at when it comes to The signs of the planet there there is Actually 13 and that’s if you just Choose to look at The way that we’re choosing to look at The

Signs right we’re we’ve chosen these Signs it we we definitely travel through Space there’s an uncountable number of Stars that we evolve around and what’s Out there and those planetary systems Have or could they have already been Visited by us and could we have already Brought back or have established uh Colonies in other locations that’s a Possibility or maybe they failed or Maybe they have no interest in coming Back here or talking to us but either Way Uh we can’t make an assumption that if We say well we have this report from Area 51 or I saw an alien and and again It’s not that you didn’t see someone That didn’t look like us but I can point You to the body modification conventions And you can go look at the lizard guy Who split his tongue tattooed his Eyeballs and you know removed his nose So there’s uh that’s a very primitive Um sexy I knew what we’re really doing here is How many times do you think we can get Rex tingly [Laughter] He’s not at me with a good time wow like Those people that want to tattoo their Eyeballs it’s just weird man I’m like They’re like yes we tattooed my eyeballs Like wow you don’t think about that no Matter how small the needle is you stuck

Ink in your eyeball and And that’s our idea of body modification Versus you know a gene crisper and Somebody saying well I want a kid who’s More towards piano or is more you know Athletic and can do physics okay so you Don’t think a human race could have Already modified uh the genome to the Point where maybe it’s not a matter of a One-time switch if you have living cells And all cells can be replaced what why Why are you dying I I mean again I think The sends Institute that’s uh been Working for the longest time the idea of Uh you know I know there’s been some Articles about the billionaires around The world uh like it’s such an odd thing To talk about immortality but every Cellular system in our body is Replaceable every cell every cell is Replaced you’re a new for everyone Listening you are essentially now used They used to say like every four to six Months So for everyone being technical within One year you are a completely different Human being every cell in your body has Been Uh died killed off and replaced every Cell in your body you are a new human Being in less than a year So Why do they have to degrade you know so Then that’s one question and why is it

That you need to not look like a Translucent white big eyeballed with Infrared displays right in your ocular And skin itself that’s a that’s Something that you know I mentioned There’s a doctor that’s done a whole Ted Talk on the skin being able to receive Ultraviolet light as information and the Skin again has a nervous system Uh well yeah we have a brain we have our Three and a half pounds of gut bacteria That has its own neural network the size Of the human brain which is why Primitively when we’re unconscious and In a coma for years the body can still Eat and knows what to do because this Giant brain neural network in the gut it Can still process food Send everything where it’s got to go it Can work independently of the brain Being shut off and in sleep mode but Then you know what what about the skin System that’s receiving what’s now Random information how how is it that You couldn’t modify a body to be one With a flying saucer or one of these UFOs or Tic Tacs where all the control Systems are you know right there in your Eyeballs you just you just have to grow The uh grow the right pair right well Speaking of growing the right pair my Name’s phallus Cooper I am my new album You’re gonna love it uh the And it’s in 432. so the interesting

Thing about this Jared is a couple of Years ago I was talking about the DNA Hard drives and how they can store far More storage and DNA hard drives and any Other type of hard drive and somebody Said well directs I mean DNA is God’s Natural hard drive that stores Information like yeah that’s a great Point but then I started thinking okay They’re going to be making 3D print you Know they can 3D print so many different Objects now and there could be secret Programs I don’t know I mean this isn’t Public yet I knew and 10 years ago they Were working on printing up these uh Liver assays which are basically little Parts of a liver so they could do drug Experiments on them to see you know the The amount that it could take Etc but I’m like well okay that’s that’s great That’s great and I actually uh had stock In this company for a while I don’t Anymore it was kind of like one of those Uh Anyway so but I’m thinking if you can Print up a part of a liver why not a Full liver and if you can print up a Liver why not a kidney why not a heart If you could print up body parts that Would take away a huge Industry for the medical Mafia Industrial complex but it would also Create a new industry for the medical Mafia industrial yes so but it would be

Great I think it would be fantastic and What’s going to happen is in the near Future you’re going to have this is what I see in the future people that have the Money Are going to be able to print up their Own body parts with their own stem cells They’re going to be able to print up Computers that are made with their own DNA and in the future you’re going to Have like a mini computer that’s you You’d be like yeah this computer is made From stem cells and nano technology and It’s uh it’s called Mini Me and it’ll Like do all the work for you and then in The future you’re going to have these 3D Printers that are gonna like you’re Gonna have this artificial intelligence That becomes sentient and it’s going to Start printing up bodies of itself it’s Going to be crazy well that’s there There goes cyberdyne on us [Laughter] But kind of uh that’s it’s uh we need to Shut it down uh that’s altered carbon Isn’t it uh there’s a great series to Prove that you know you just end up with A stack And pick a sleeve you know pick a body Um I mean that was uh Ray kurzwell’s Thoughts and the singularity is near Um what’s the point of a body uh will You just live as a you know if you have A physical print is it are you conscious

In one location do you have one body or Do you have many Um you could be in more than one place At once consciously You know so I think If we’re brainstorming for why They shouldn’t be afraid of making us Immortal is one uh we have a great Capacity on this planet to house Humanity uh so it’s not about running Out of space or food but two it’s about Off-worlding the planet and going Galactic and the way to do that of Course would be to have a body that when You talk about resonance in the 440 Versus 432 versus any other like the Schumann resonance for this planet a lot Of times isn’t crazy that no one ever Talks about the fact that Mars has a Different human resonance than us you’re Not going to last like Harmonically It’s not just about the atmosphere at Mars but everything on this planet is Tuned to a particular Schumann resonance How do we live anywhere without that Resonance being You know the same how do we not degrade Or fall apart or Melt so We have to get to other planets with a Body that is uh tuned To those human residences that our Cellular Systems are going to be exposed

To and that there’s there’s a whole nerd Out for everyone listening if you Haven’t already lost a set phallus Cooper Actually we got more views when phallus Cooper came in the room the This is one thing that’s interesting and I want you to show some of these photos If you can like do a screen share Because you recently went out to some Incredible locations of ancient Civilizations and and folks what it Appears to me That artificial intelligence or Synthetic intelligence has been around Far longer than just 50 or 60 years and Most people are very ignorant towards Artificial intelligence and hey that’s Okay I was there too but artificial Intelligence is a program there’s Various levels of artificial Intelligence there’s artificial Intelligence that’ll open a door then There’s artificial intelligence that’ll Mess with your head and joke with you When you ask it questions about the Multiverse but If there was an intelligence out there That Didn’t have a body but it could use us As a vessel or people as vessels with Its own infrastructure so that it could Come in and out of existence you bring Up the frequencies and somebody asks a

Question in the chat would frequencies Affect the lifespan of somebody well you Would think that it absolutely could Affect the lifespan of somebody and when You go back to these ancient Civilizations where you’ve got these Building blocks of granite and and Marble and other incredible elements That are built to precision and massive It seems that they were using the Earth’s energy combined with certain Stars and constellations when they would Line up with these stars and Constellations to harness the energy and That would prolong the life that would Also increase the intelligence or the Connection with source and allow people To do far more than Like they could do stuff without the Technologies that we’re using that now We’re starting to see some of these Ancient Feats with Technologies but it’s a new Way to do it before it seemed to be more Of like a mental connection and here’s Here’s a new theory of mine folks I want To share this with you before I forget We look at the different species on the Earth and the different humanoid species And the different timelines and there’s A lot of information that’s probably Inaccurate like you know oh so easy to Do a caveman could do it the you know Modern mindset of cavemen is or cave

People is they weren’t as smart as we Are but look at some of the stuff that Was built back then and look at the Stuff that’s built now and how did they Build it then compared to now so so easy To do a caveman could do it well they Were doing something that we are still Attempting to duplicate today We go through these different species And and yes there’s still Uh The DNA oftentimes will still be in a Civilization thousands of years later But it’ll just be a small part of it What if there was a time in the Humanoids life there was a civilizations Out there where the world where people Didn’t lie they didn’t have that Capability to lie and then Something changed whether it was Cosmic Whether the sun changed the brain like The actual sun in our solar system some Type of cosmic thing or genetic Tinkering Then Now people figure out how to lie And then cataclysmic events start to Take place so they’re not in this Utopia Anymore you know major solar flares Cosmic radiation things are changing in The environment and then those that lie Versus those that don’t Like they kind of start to die off right In a sense I I

Now Psychopaths rule the freaking world And there’s that point zero zero zero Zero one percent where they like just Don’t have the same Consciousness as Other people do Like people that can fill energy right Like you you know when you’re doing Something wrong you can feel it well Maybe these people just don’t have that Same Consciousness Well I think that that’s true there if We look at Technologies today about Flash drives uh just general the way we Relate to technology Uh there’s plenty of memes or examples Of showing young children a rotary phone They don’t know how to use it they Literally don’t even know what they’re Looking at what happens when you’ve been A connected Society using A Consciousness a pyramid system uh A Global Network that is literally Square miles and thousands of square Miles in size that only suffers in case Of catastrophic events which then still Has you know like we use cell phone Towers it may still have like physical Backups and in megalithic in size to Ensure connectivity but is there Is there a point where you get you keep Leveling up the technology where when It’s gone you’re worse than zero you’re Worse than at the beginning because

You’ve relied so far it’s the very thing I think you and I just to date ourselves Um my mother was so angry that they were Letting us use calculators to do math Because one day there would be no Calculators you know we’re still living The world of the day after where there Was going to be a nuclear Armageddon and Then you’re gonna need to know how to do Math and I’m like I don’t have the heart To tell you that we need to know if we Have like 50 Stones for the castle wall Or ten you don’t need a calculator for That but Um you know she was adamant that you Learn how to manually do math and here We are with these computers and these Technologies and these cell phones I Thought about this one Rex You and I are talking about meeting What if that plan is dead on and you and I are old enough to know that when we Say hey I’m going to call you next Thursday there’s no reminders there’s no Tax there’s no nothing I’m gonna call You because we have one phone in the House I can only use the phone in this Window I told you to call on this window And then you’re gonna call on that Window so I got to be by the phone like You had to plan these things so if all The if all the cell phone and phone Service went down and we were planning To meet in a certain State on a certain

Date at a certain place Um we would have to assume that that Would be where we were going to meet and What’s going to happen and just show up You know there’s no Um if we didn’t have the technology in a Earth grid and total synesthesia Connection what would happen to a system If it just blacked out and suddenly if a Hyper I mean I know we’ve done this Before in sci-fi or and some horror Stories or outer limits or Twilight Zone But what do we do if we were once in Feelings Second Sight third eye Just muted and we had to rely strictly On something that we take for granted Now where we are which is I can smell I Can see I can hear that’s like so simple It makes so much sense but What where would be your bearings if you Actually lived hyper dimensionally with This third eye and it’s all muted people Think that I think we take it for Granted that well if I can see if I can SM if I have these five senses I’m gonna Be able to literally balance and walk Myself out the door and I think this Society in the past may have been so Advanced so beyond flash drives Consciously that I think when it’s shut Off I think it would have been a Terrifying barbaric instant possibly Either meltdown heart attack Schizophrenic Psychopathic frenzy I mean

I I don’t know What that level of Consciousness to zero If the Baseline for your your relational Technologies is so beyond the primitive Uh you know if they if they were you Know I mean if they were so far Advanced On these other levels if those were all Shut off would they recognize Direct sense smell and sound without Those higher functions and and I think We find it inconceivable I find it Inconceivable that how do you not rely On your site and I can I can see smell And I I know where I’m going what I’m Doing but if everything was in my mind’s Eye and I’m already looking at like six Blocks I mean there’s a lot of examples You can give but I I wonder if it’s like That where we look at a rotary phone and We know what it is but there’s a whole Generation that doesn’t what’s going to Happen when we have no plugged in Devices anymore They just sit on pads and they charge I Mean what happens when we forget what Charging pads are We just know this device works because We set it over here at night or what if There’s like even a loss of that that’s Maybe another better example like my Camera’s plugged in what happens when we Don’t have to use plugins anymore and There’s Generations that grow up and go Well this just works this way this is

How it works Is that like that now though I mean with Pretty much 95 percent of the people out there If not more don’t really know how the Computer works don’t know how the Software Works don’t know how you know The the engineering Works behind the Internet and the communications I mean Heck even a stereo system back in the Day oh yeah uh positive negative uh red Plus oh Negative black um Yeah what wire goes where so now you’ve Got stuff that you know quantum Computers and qubits and u-bits and Nanobits and wow it’s there’s people are Just further and further going and then Like you said what happens if you turn Everything off and now people have no Internet they have no phone they have no Communications they have no way to get Fuel out of the pump because the Electronics aren’t working so it won’t Turn on uh are people how quick will Civilization collapse how far how fast Will people fall into Oblivion and then You’ve also got the theory of there’s Going to be a point when the sun itself And the magnetosphere Changes so much that certain people will Go zombie-like they’ll turn into zombies And I prefer the slow zombies versus the Fast zombies so if you’re going to turn Into a zombie can you be a slow zombie

Yeah be consistent these shows suck I’m Over it it’s all zombie shows now like How many different spin-offs of The Walking Dead Can you have my name is Dallas Cooper uh phallus Cooper first Off lived in Minnesota and here’s what Happens with all zombies in 20 below Weather this is the entire season of Every zombie show in Minnesota They freeze you go knock their heads off It shows over that’s dude that’s the Smartest thing I’ve ever heard you’re Not gonna find zombies in Minnesota in The winter no well it’s so funny well Yeah if it all goes to crap I’m going Down to the tropics I’m like staying Right here in Minnesota with uh 20 000 Plus Lakes the Great Lake of uh and the Beginning of Mississippi and uh more Water than you can shake a stick at but I’m gonna wait for every bio uh system Out there to freeze and uh then we’re Gonna go just Lop their heads off and There are no zombies from Winter up all You people down in warm weather can keep Killing each other but uh seasonally Speaking we’d have flocks I suppose but The reality is that that’s left out of The zombie uh science is apparently Um no there’s never winter they never Freeze And there’s a thousand seasons of the Same thing and and and it’s slow zombie Versus Fast zombie what which is it do

They at what operational speed does dead Muscle work at And and if you have no stomach left why Are you still trying to chew people Just yeah and why do you just go chew up The other zombies Well yeah I mean if it’s about generally Like yeah There’s just so many holes in it I want To enjoy it I used to enjoy it used to Love it I kind of self-edited and and to The Walking Dead for myself I never Watched the last like Okay I know where I stopped where I Loved it I’m just gonna say Happy Trails It went to where I wanted it to go Um but I I don’t I don’t know what you do with Zombies in Winter Except watch them Freeze and then you kill the zombie Zombie sickle You just they’re frozen Zombies Yeah that could be the name of the next Episode Blowtorchem I mean Yeah you can have a zombie that you this Is what they’re gonna be a new zombie It’s gonna be a smart zombie with Flamethrowers that de-thaws the rest of The zombies so they can go eat people During the winter time in Minnesota eh Oh boy they know how to keep themselves Warm in like a in a preheat battery suit

Just like see how see how dumb this Sounds everyone and just the the whole The holes and the whole Zombie Thing it Blows my mind because again if they’re Not eating it if they are wanding around How many zombies just uh opposite of Course how many of them would rot away In the Sun and just bake to a leathery Purse in the middle of the desert it Doesn’t happen with the zombie strain Man They don’t you stay in that perfect Zombie mode just mushy and smelly Like that yeah yeah and then you never Bring up the smell Factor right ever do You ever bring and also here’s one thing That I I just I’ve seen one TV show Do this right yeah yeah you know all These like Shoot Em Up videos and shoot Them up movies or they’re like There’s like you know nobody’s ever like Ow my freaking ears hurt oh yeah no way You’re fine yeah no problem yeah I can Hear you now Um they’re turning and shooting together Nobody would everybody would be deaf uh What was that there’s a show that has uh Gratuitous Seasons it was pretty fun but I loved they started the show with a Zombie baby I thought that was the best it’s like Nobody ever shows like the tragedy of Like a little baby becoming a little Feral rodent and that was hilarious

Watching that thing crawl around and try To bite people that was just phenomenal Um that that’s like they’re they’re a Little like horrible details like that That get left out unless someone goes There with one Um but yeah that that whole sound of Guns firing uh winter uh or extreme heat As a killer it’s never thought about It’s like well we got zombies well see In Minnesota you know that’s I get the Concept of oh well it’s a virus that’s In us you know The Walking Dead concept That we’re carrying it the minute you Die you become a zombie Um you know there should be some Protocols about making sure you know you Don’t wake up next to your partner who Died of an aneurysm last night you know So you know there’s a problem with Obviously that but yeah okay we digress Um I think we just uh that that’s it you Know uh we went from uh uh phallus uh Alice fallis Alice Fellas Cooper phallus Alice Cooper Um yeah okay that’s too far there’s Actually still people in the chat though I appreciate that yeah guys thank you For listening to our rambling rants here On the website and So we’ve been going for about an hour And we haven’t talked much about James And the info that you got with Area 51 Skunk Works Lockheed Martin and some of

These shadow projects yep Um You want to talk for maybe another 20 Minutes or so and and get into that a Bit or where do you want to take it and Also we need to remind people folks We’re going to do this once a month so If you like the the ramble if you like The the Deep Thoughts By Nicholas by Nicholas Cage double and Phallus Cooper You should definitely check us like Every time we do this and if you watch The live shows the live shows are always Free so you just go to the website you Watch the shows live and you get all the All the juicy stuff there’s gonna be a Couple parts I might or might not edit Out for other platforms so if you want To watch just unrehearsed Organic Here you go and I mean look at that Guy’s hair This hair The uh General schedule for this if we’re doing This once a month we will have to like Uh Do we do we really tie ourselves down to A weekly or a monthly schedule for a Certain date or do we let it float I think we should set well I mean we Could set a date but it doesn’t mean we Have to stick with it we can always move

Around it no I’m good with that I would Give people a chance who’s in the chat Or everyone listening later it’s like Yeah that was the point is that Rex Tonight this is a good example of us Talking on just this would be an Introductory conversation before Rex and I actually talked about something else So two three hours later you’d be Hearing all of this if you were sitting With us at that coffee shop Yeah and you’d have some serious Caffeine going on right now oh yeah but The uh yeah the project so I’m working On a documentary like I said uh Jim Goodall was nice enough to uh uh want to Film for us and and and and absolutely Everybody has this imagination about Area 51 Um the MK Ultra portion Where which was going to be the heart of This and and you know like how far down The rabbit hole of Hollywood mind Control or you know just all the topics We touched on when it comes to societal Control or a dialogue about you know What what beyond what we already know Factually could be done to either you Know we’re gonna explore How to counter it or how how you might Be experiencing it you know to you know We’re trying to bring something new into This documentary about you know do some Self checks

Find out you yourself if you’re uh Feeling like you’re either been a victim Or uh or an object or Uh something’s Changed or you’re aware of something Around you a person or something that is There just seems to be no sense about it So there there’s a lot of different Layers to how uh whether it’s a Government secret program or whether It’s an organized uh government Contractor working on a super mysterious Site like Area 51 and there there are a Lot of different ways to to cut to cut It or slice it to really be more aware That you are always when you’re walking Around or headed to what you think is a In quotes outstanding organization I Mean what what we’re exploring is Everything from there are people who Walked in for treatments for Mk Ultra That didn’t know they were walking into An mkl Ultra Pro so the worst of it for People who don’t know is that these Secret programs were conducted quite Publicly they’re well-known public Documented programs unfortunately that Affected Canadian citizens uh one of Them affected a minister’s wife who Literally just wanted psychological help She walked into a a place with someone That she thought was going to help her And she ended up unwittingly uh not only Paying for her treatments but part of The MK Ultra again mind

There they weren’t just mind control it Was can they erase a mind can they I Mean they were experimenting with drugs How you know how much can a body endure How can you implant a memory or a Command or you know very much The Manchurian Candidate for those of you Who are familiar with that but but the Heart of it Is I’m trying to talk about it without Wanting you guys to not watch the Documentary when we’re out which we’re Not giving it all away here but these Are some of the things that you know as You go through your day I think they Should be on everyone’s mind not to be Conspiratorial to be aware and to tune And harmonize your life in a way that’s More positive for yourself and not just Stress or like talk about the negative It’s you know there’s do you do anything Like for instance Rex do you do anything With the 432 to kind of change it up or Binaural beats or what do you do I do The Monroe Institute uh am I seeing Stuff the Gateway experience I listen to That a lot and I’ve got a set of Headphones Rex what is that I have no idea what That is it’s similar to binaural beats But it’s the it’s specifically designed For astral projection and whole body Experiences and the CIA actually used

This stuff back in the 80s and 90s they Probably still do they’ve had might have Refined stuff now but yeah absolutely I Do Oh yeah I I mean I do the Wim Hof I do The meditation stuff I do the you know I Try to you know put my brain there and Then you know as far as the music goes It’s like okay I should be adding the I Should be adding the beats in more on Some of it you know to get the brain the Fine tuning and all that I mean it’s an Active I think it is an active practice The question is how do you come up with A life protocol for everything that We’re doing you know it’s it’s it can be Overwhelming This is at the Gateway program Yeah there’s there’s some really cool Declassified files Um on on the Monroe Institute also but Yeah it’s you you’ll dream a lot more Too when you when you listen to the oh Yeah your dreams become much more Intense much more lucid and you remember Them better when you wake up even if you Don’t have an out-of-body experience You’ll start to dream a lot more but if You do it long enough you should Definitely have an out of Body Experience because you actually learn How to project your Consciousness out of Your body and you can do certain Exercises with your body

Um for example get a a ruler and like Start here on your on your on your um Part of your thumb and move it all the Way up to your thumb right and just do That a few times then fill that and then Duplicate it with your mind on this Thumb and then do that for like five Minutes and then what you’re doing is You’re basically clearing your energy Body and then you start to do it with Your fingers and your hands and your Whole body and then you like do the Energy bounce and then you clear your Exercise and then you then you then what You do if you want to have an out of Experience too is you could like look at Something on the wall Uh or on the scene and you’re going to Sleep yeah project your Consciousness Like Off of that object back and forth back And forth back and forth and you’ll know You’re getting ready to have an Obe when You start to feel shaking but your body Isn’t shaking it’s actually like your Spirit detaching from your body or Something like I mean I don’t know Exactly what it is but that’s that’s one Of the physical Um feelings you’ll get when you’re about To pop out of your body and like if you Got a dog or a cat and you know they get On the bottom of your bed like the foot Of your bed and you start scratching

Themselves or something like that that’s Kind of what it feels like it feels like The whole bed even is shaking but it’s Not it’s just you getting ready to pop Out man but you should do it dude and uh Man because it’s it’s it’s a trip when You when you have like a full Obe and You you see yourself and you see Everything around you and it’s like wow What’s crazy well can you send me the Info on the program yeah absolutely man And you could actually you can listen to The waves like there’s uh YouTube Channels where you can listen to the Albums or else you can buy them uh it’s It’s an expensive course so you can Either buy the course or you can just Find the right channels on YouTube to Listen to the videos and at night times The best time to do it in the morning When you just wake up and as you’re Going to sleep yeah that’s the best time To do it because when you’re going to Sleep if you can keep your mind awake And if your body falls asleep that That’s the best time to have an Obe That’s when you have an Obe like a lot Of people do it all the time they just Don’t realize it you know you’re asleep When you’re doing it a lot of times then You’ll wake up and you’ll forget your Dreams and you won’t really a lot of People forget their dreams too so do Some Monroe Institute do some am I

Seeing stuff and do some binaural beats 432 Hertz is great but just sink out and Get a decent pair of headphones that are Over ear headphones not in here get the Over ear headphones and yeah do it you Know do it for a week and and uh let us Know how you feel in the comments Section because I’d really like to know The results and see how it works for Other people I would too I think uh next Or when we do it next I think we should Uh we should revisit that with people First and foremost see where it goes Okay great just something to start with Yeah absolutely that sounds great well Let’s let’s do this let’s finish this up And uh I would really like to do another Show soon and let’s yeah we do more On Target at the beginning I think Um but I really enjoyed this Conversation with you brother let me Show off your website again real quick I Appreciate it you know Rex and I for Everyone listening we’ve done this so Much where I think admittedly we’ve Officially uh Um I this is uh overdue for us we should Have probably shaken this off before we Got started No man I think people like it we had a Lot of people in the live chat so we Have a lot to talk about it’s just uh It’s just uh I know we this is more

About uh okay I’m only saying this Because we definitely want to bring you Uh more and more organized Um uh information and news together in Our commentary and our insights on it But at the same time we both have Programs and Expeditions and things that We you know we got to get back on I know You know we have to schedule something For the Grand Canyon again we gotta do a Follow-up We do and let’s you know our next Conversation let’s focus on the uh the Information you got with with Jim and Then I want to go back to Our Roots Where we were talking about these Incredible terraforming Um like entire nations basically were Terraformed and you’re able to figure This out with the Peripheral sample it’s so wild yeah and Um I’m still heavily you know just for Everyone out there listening we have Some people some investors uh for us to Do an expedition uh to do the Experimentations that we need to do it’s Not inexpensive Um and sadly we’ll be sadly we’re going To be putting uh everything into doing The work in the field that will really Point us in the right direction so Definitely there’ll be more on that and For those that maybe want to help Participate that that’ll be coming up

There’s different ways to support Non-aliens these Expeditions that are Coming up for me but we’ll have to talk More about that next time we’re on air Okay great and how was the event on the East Coast Northeast for everyone that Didn’t go I gave a lecture uh near America’s Stonehenge uh there were some Wonderful people that came out so one Person drove over seven hours and uh There were people who drove two three Hours and then I did a lecture Uh it’s a new it’s going to be out on my Channel hopefully in about a week and Not aliens uh then we went to America’s Stonehenge and we visited this site is Quite mysterious it’s got carbon dating Putting some of the stones uh walls There at least seven thousand years old And there are at least uh 40 Equinox Solstice and star alignments that they Can tell there has been extensive Archaeological work here this is not Just some Colonial thing I was there Actually for the Equinox at the end of May and I was at that stone actually I Think and then um I can tell you that The site has been actively dug for seven Years and there’s been a lot of Reputable and Um very very scientific research this is Uh one of hundreds of sites that span From Canada down through the coast and That that lecture that I did there which

Was not specifically about the history Of this it was about Synesthesia’s ancient programming left In the human body I gave that lecture at The American Legion and how it relates To what would have been external maybe Megalithic buildings or constructions or What that would have looked like what That would have seen what that what kind Of projections or what your mind’s eye Would see if you were fully integrated And conscious so I think it was quite Fun real quick question for you the I’m Looking at some of these things and for Whatever reason I keep thinking Vikings Vikings Vikings but why would Vikings Build something like this where it looks Like you’d have to But yeah you have to be two feet tall to Get in there too I mean that’s it looks Like it’s built for little people but Really secure Were they like smurflights or what man Yeah and and the sites were continuously Occupied by various um Um indigenous and then you know you got You know campfires at this site that are Two that are you know there’s at least Two campfires found that were over their Dated six seven thousand years old but Like okay but like what do you do it Like what are you doing in there how are You getting in there what is that for Right that’s about two and a half three

Feet tall uh there are many of these They make no sense Unless you’re a two foot tall Maybe you’re a two foot tall like what About all the pygmies and there’s real Small people that they found that were One two feet tall But wow that doesn’t make sense you know They’re like walking around They’re singing and dancing and like the Little leprechauns This is what happens post Willy Wonka Factory [Laughter] I’m telling you it’s got it doesn’t make Sense Apocalypse why would they spend so much Time building these Rock structures with Two foot freaking doors I mean post-apocalypse Oompa Loompa what Do we do did they get out of the Freaking Willy Wonka Factory and they Just decided to start I mean all jokes aside what what is your Theory on that uh the site uh there it Was a quartz manufacturing uh like a Quartz tool or jewelry site it had Um it’s clear so so for everyone I’ve Been on the road a lot I’ve been doing a Lot of filming collecting a lot of stuff Haven’t had time one of the things I had Done was stopped the Galt archaeological Site north of Austin this site’s Significant in that it shows that it was

Another tool manufacturer site that was At least has a floor in it that’s been Determined to be at least 22 000 years Old what’s it called Galt g-a-u-l-t it’s Probably one of the most important sites Known in the world it’s more popular Outside of the United States with Researchers than in the United States It’s literally one of the most important Archaeological sites in our whole Country uh in the in the continent um It’s one of 19 Mastodon kill sites where There is clear Not only was the young Female Mastodon had found but tools next To it where humans had found captured And uh and killed a younger Mastodon Female and had worked on its head Um I got the tour from one of the Co-founders of the site please everyone Don’t rely on Wikipedia But for photos Um you should because there are various Levels of Abandonment and Dr Clark I was Able to I mean a very Um you know expert archaeologist uh we Did the tour it was private tour for Myself and Freeman and a few other People and what we were looking at was a Stone floor That had been manufactured you know Originally in the 90s or some shows About it We’re like well we found a floor that May have been 18 000 years old or 15 000 Years old and that was impressive but uh

After doing the tour in May it’s clear That the floor is at a minimum of 22 000 Years old and then the entire site spans Many many many many acres and has all Sorts of arrowheads of various degrees Of quality and more like spearheads a Lot of people don’t realize that Arrowheads you know aerodynamically Arrowheads aren’t really bigger than a Nail so when you find things that you Know I can put my fingers up on screen And when you can see my fingers this far Apart that’s not an arrowhead an Arrowhead has to be very very very small And these are combo of other Archaeologists and uh but yeah so now uh What was really exciting to me Uh is that Dr Clark uh one of the Co-founders of the site uh of the Organization that this is a site that is Again latest info from from being there Straight from the horse’s mouth this Specific floor being 22 000 plus years Old indicates a vast human occupation Where they’re traveling in my opinion From the central Americas and they’re Going past uh way up North including Possibly the America’s Stonehenge what People don’t realize and I haven’t Brought up which is part of a Documentary we’re working on Is why we were filming it to tie the Gold site along with like Wade locko Which dates back over 300 000 years uh

Maybe a half a million the reality is That there is a Survivor culture all Along so like whatever the epochs of Human you know success there seems to Always be primitive people just like we Have about 150 tribes still that are Living very primitively around the world It seems to be that the the I think There’s a great story kind of reverse Opposite side you know we’re talking High-tech ancient technology but in the Ancient past there were also these Primitives and were they primitive by Choice or were they primitive because They are the direct result of a failed High-tech environment and where they Abandoned where they where they just uh Surviving while the rest of the more Advanced humans were in Rock Cut ruins At Buzz Aldrin and Eric Von danagan were Exploring in Bolivia and all over Egypt Etc you know these are some of the Questions we’re where if we I think take Primitive sites whether it’s Galt Wade Locko or America’s Stonehenge and there Are hundreds maybe thousands of sites Just in the New England and that area Which are documented even in the 1600s By colonists asking the indigenous who Are like we don’t know what this is it Was already here when we were here and The question is those ancient primitive What appears to be Primitives are they Really genetically remnants of a

Survivor uh environment was it the Younger driest was it pre-young or dryas Was it Mount Toba 75 000 years ago was It primo tuba was it another disaster What created This uh Neolithic eolithic uh primitive Cave Manish you know whatever primitive Societies and yet despite being Primitive they clearly had an extensive Thousands of miles Network and it’s Really amazing there’s so much history That is legit right there for those that Want to go digging for it and the Galt Site is very exciting also because of The Mastodon kill site it was a Central Site of manufacture and again for those Also interested they’ve only dug five Percent of it up That’s it maybe maybe three That’s it not even as much as Gobekli Tepe and that’s only five percent dug up So it’s a really it’s part of that Research I was doing in May and filming We should talk about it next episode I’d Be all over it That’s what we’re gonna do all right and Thanks man I had a great time talking With you Jared ladies and gentlemen Check out the websites not Get the book also subscribe to the YouTube channel the book will be out Before before Christmas so the next few Weeks okay great yeah thanks and and be Here in a month ladies and gentlemen and

Be here to actually be here later today Because we’re gonna be doing another Show today and here tomorrow the next Day because I love you and I think You’re amazing and your support helps Leak project grow so thank you so much Everybody Jared one more thing brother Um keeping the keeping the change you Want to see I will and and and phallus Alice That’s the change I’m gonna be phallus Alice Cooper It just got awkward in here I’m gonna go outside now I just got 5G Right on man okay talking with you Jared Yeah I’ll talk to you later brother Foreign

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