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Hi Pisces welcome to your November Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid scales tarot Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other Strong placement for the sign of Pisces Please keep in mind that this is a General reading not a one-on-one Personal reading and I'm going to ask Spirit what do you need to know right Now in this moment about what's Happening in November what's unfolding For you in November and if something has Happened already why has it happened and I hope that these messages will give you The clarity Insight hearing and guidance That you're searching for by clicking on This message I do want to quickly say Guys that I want to warn people of the Scammers that are out there in the YouTube tarot community on Instagram as Well please know that I am not providing Personal readings at this time I will Not message you asking you for a Personal reading to ask for payment Information for a personal reading I do Not not have a WhatsApp so please guys If you are being addressed or being Confronted by people pretending to be me Asking you for a personal reading for Payment information do your part in Reporting blocking so we can get Instagram and YouTube to take those

Scammers down but wow my goodness Pisces This is starting off as a very fiery Powerful month for you guys I already See it we have The Two of Wands and the Ace of Wands here some of you can have Strong fire in your chart Aries Leo Sagittarius but that does not have to be The case I do feel that this is a month Where you guys are seeing the Opportunities you guys are going to Accept an opportunity that is coming From Spirit from the universe that is going To give you that boost of confidence That we spark of innovation motivation In your life I do feel there's someone Around you whether this is a work Partner a co-worker a manager a boss or Even a romantic partner that sees Something very special in you that they Want to move forward with and maybe this King of Gabriel this king of Wands here Is going to give you that offer Pisces That you've set out from the beginning To achieve you have perseverance you Have drive you have ambition and where There are times you were guessing it Doubting it it is going to be shown that That hard work that belief in yourself That this is meant for you and you're Gonna make it happen is paying off in November in Powerful revealing unexpected ways Pisces

So we start off with the two of Gabriel The Two of Wands And what it says is make bold and Ambitious choices great progress is Possible important relationships with People who share your vision so whether This is in the beginning of the month or You're facing these important decisions You guys are about to make some major Choices that are going to progress you Further by being and choosing to be Around the people that have the same Vibration as you the same vision as you There are people who do see your light Pisces it's striking it's motivating It's inspiring and people want to be on Your team but Pisces not everyone Deserves that light from you that energy From you that is boundless that is Attractive and there may be Opportunities of people who will be Offering you different things and all of Them may seem to be Exciting new offers but you know what's Best for you Pisces and you have to go With what's best for you And I do feel that there's people who May be a little bit bummed out that They're missing on this opportunity with You Pisces but it's just you're seeing Now fully and clearly what's in Alignment with you this feels Very hopeful this feels like it has to Do with your dreams with your goals with

Your ambition here That I do feel a lot of people Underestimate Pisces for I think it's Because Pisces is a mutable sign people Think Pisces are just easy going we'll Accept whatever comes their way It's different And Pisces will Have the flow to move differently if an Obstacle comes their way but they by no Means will accept anything that's less Than them that is not deserving of them Pisces does not have a problem with Moving in a different way if that energy Starts to present itself in Pisces life And Pisces is picking up on people Situations that are taken from them Taking advantage of them Pisces will not Accept that and I feel that there is Something though that you're starting to See in the beginning of the month or Soon we'll see that just pulls at your Gut that you know is right for you you Feel it with your sixth sense that You're so gifted with and it's making Its way to you because now is the time Everything is moving forward and it's Happening really fast for you guys this Month Pisces So with whatever is being offered to you I think this is from someone you can Trust you know this person has your back You know this person sees you for all That you're worth and they're making

This offer because they want to help you Create this Vision create this dream Have this goal push you further because You have places you're going Pisces for Sure I wonder for some of you if there's I'm seeing like a blog or writing or Journaling or I don't know maybe even sharing your Voice to a platform like YouTube like Instagram you're starting to catch on Pisces and people are starting to Subscribe to you like to you follow you Because you do have something to share You are inspiring your story is Inspiring your words and your Experiences of everything you've been Through have Served the purpose of getting someone to Else to kind of pick themselves back up Again with whatever trial or tribulation They've been through to say Pisces has Gone through it I can do it too You guys are a Trailblazer you guys can Are entrepreneurs you guys are leaders And I think you're fully becoming aware Of this in November with what's being Presented to you Because in the dead center of this we Have the Ace of Gabriel And you guys may work with Archangel Gabriel very closely the messenger of God the angel that has given Mary her Vision of having Jesus and the message That Jesus is coming and the angel that

Went to the prophet Muhammad to give the First messages from the Quran and Letting him know of his true potential But with this Ace of Gabriel it says a Gift of passion opportunity and Inspiration the chance to do something Amazing a sense of wonder so this may be Occurring You know in the middle of the month for You guys that job offer that project That someone wants you to be a part of That romantic opportunity for some of You guys where what they're giving is Something that they're feeling so Passionate about They wouldn't offer this to you if it Was just going to be something fleeting No they see Long-term Success With You Pisces And so I feel a lot of you guys are also Starting to see how gifted and talented You really are With whatever it is you do for a living Or whatever it is you do that helps Uplift and inspire people you have a Specific gift And I think with whatever opportunity is Presenting itself this month is going to Really confirm that for you guys that You have something unique to share you Have something that a lot of other People can't replicate duplicate even if They try to You are becoming the center of attention

Pisces in some sort of way in your life The light is shining on you to show what It is you have to show the talents that You have to put yourself out there and I Think you're going to be successful in Doing so Because then we have the king of Gabriel The king of Wands Leo energy This is someone who is generous Inspirational dramatic and driven keep Your eyes on the big picture leave the Details to others experience that leads To success genuine concern for others And I feel this is why you're going to Be so successful Pisces and whatever This Ace of Wands opportunity is that's Coming in for you it's because you care About it this is something you're not Just doing for click bait you know it's Just an easy grab for money you're Passionate about it whatever this is you Put your heart and soul into it and That's what people really resonate with I always associate the king of Wands as The People's Choice Um the king that is crowned by the People regardless their gender or sex we All have masculine and feminine energies And Pisces you're really in tune with Your masculine energy to make this Happen you're not waiting on the World To do anything for you you've been Driven from the start and I feel by the End of the month you're going to feel

Accomplished you're going to feel with Whatever it is that you have been Offered you're going to make something Out of it you're not going to take this As just something that you're gonna burn Out give up on no it's giving you the Fuel to work at it further to project This even further into your dreams and Goals and inspiration some of you I Gotta say you may be getting that offer To be the boss to be a manager that You've been working so hard at and Congratulations for those of you that Are climbing upscale in your job and Career but a lot of you there's some Sort of attention you're getting some Sort of acknowledgment Through your actual genuine skills and Talents That is unique to you and only you Pisces the letter G is coming through Very very strong for me as in Gina as in Gabriel first minute last Initial can mean something to someone Does not have to be the case But this is strong sacral chakra energy Here for me and I wonder if you guys Have been working on your sacral chakra Or it's being activated in November to Create more to do more Bottom of the deck nine of Gabriel Sagittarius energy And it says stay determined and move Forward be prepared for any possibility

Environmental activism So with this image here you even see This farmer has planted the seeds and You've been waiting for this perfect Timing for this growth for all of your Hard work to be put to something that Will be acknowledged that will be Recognized and it's been a long journey With the nine of Gabriel it wasn't easy To stick through it it wasn't easy to Have faith in yourself sometimes but There is some sort of divine guidance Some light within you that still pushed You forward that uplifted you in those Times where you were feeling down to not Give up on yourself Pisces and the seeds That you've been planting up until this Point are starting to break through the Soil are starting to sprout and it's Going to be evident in your 3D World It's even the small things that you've Done in the past that are adding up to This opportunity with the Ace of Gabriel That is coming through for you guys that I feel a lot of you are already starting To see You've impressed someone Pisces someone Has their eye on you whether that is Romantic whether that is work and They're going to make an offer to you That is going to be hard to refuse and That will help add to the experience of You becoming the king of Gabriel by the End of this month

Some of you this is about your own Business for some and it's going to Start to take off Pisces Some of you it already is you're getting Those reviews those five stars those People that are referring you to other People talking about your gifts and your Talents are giving them your business Card per se You are making a big impact by And I think if you didn't see it now or Before you're gonna see it now Let's go ahead and pull some more oracle Cards Tell me more about Pisces in November Spirit There we go the world yes This is gonna be Way Beyond even your Direct Community for some of you guys And maybe your business your way of Showing your skills and talents is Through online through the web but what It says is be open to new possibilities In all areas of your life so whatever This Ace of Gabriel is Pisces this Ace Of Wands this divine inspiration this Offer to further your creativity to Further you down your path this is going To affect every aspect of your life your Finances your emotional well-being your Spirituality your belief in yourself It's not just going to be for one Specific area it's going to have an Effect on every aspect of your life

Really truly some of you may have an Opportunity to travel This month maybe you're going back home For the holidays And maybe someone is hearing about what You've accomplished and has some sort of Investment that they want to make with You Pisces or give you some sort of loan To build upon this But they see how passionate you are how Driven you are And it's really inspiring Let's keep going Tell me more about November for Pisces Two messages for you guys I feel the need to take it so let's take It the moon card not surprised to see This for my Pisces and it says take note Of intuitive messages And then we have Direction Guardian Choose your path oh Pisces so whatever Is being presented to you I do feel you Have a strong say over what direction You'll be going with this you will have The opportunity if you're not happy with What's being offered I think you could Counter offer it and say you know what This sounds great but I want more for This I want a higher pay for this Because I feel you guys are really are Discovering your worth in all this and You're not going to be underpaid I said It from the start Or under acknowledged under appreciated

Period Now for some of you I wonder if you've Done A lot of work healing work releasing Um surrendering the outcome around the Full moon eclipse and Taurus that we Just experienced Maybe this has been where the momentum Has been building up since the full moon In Taurus just a couple days ago it's Opened this portal for you guys I have to say you have a strong Connection with the moon I wonder some If some of you have cancer in your chart But I do feel that Pisces you felt that This is coming you've always felt drawn To this certain project the certain Career this certain dream Specifically dream And it's not going to be for naught I feel that Pisces with intuitive Messages the feelings you're picking up Around it is starting to feel really Exciting and you can trust those Feelings You don't have to be afraid by what's Unfolding what's happening Maybe in the past you were offered Something that you know appeared to be Gold but turned out to be Tin foil it's not going to be this time Around Pisces You learn from that and it definitely Made you a lot more Discerning and maybe

That's kind of what was adding to the Nine of Wands here But I feel Pisces that with this Moon Card this is everything you've been Sensing and now it's going to be shown To you that everything you were feeling Everything that you were picking up on Was correct That this was always meant for you This was always meant to be a part of Your path And what's exciting is this direction Guardian here So for this being a Guardian card Pisces I really do feel that you have Divine Guidance you have a spiritual team that You could call upon ask me for anything Pisces a sign a message that this is Meant for you and you will be receiving Those signs those confirmations of Synchronicities I do feel you already Have been through numbers specifically 11 11 for some of you out there And I feel the most empowering thing About this card here in this situation For it being over the Ace of Wands Is that With whatever this opportunity is you're Making it your own You get to choose how you want to Proceed with this It's not out of your hands anymore Pisces Spirit God the universe is placing this

Opportunity into your hands specifically Because you're ready for it You know what to do with it now that You've been through the lessons and the Trials of what it was like when you Didn't have it You're hungry now and spirit sees you For that and they know Spirit your team Your angels are you're going to do a Damn good job with it So Pisces I do feel if you have multiple Offers multiple opportunities your way Use your discernment with the moon card Even to choose the right one And I think you can trust yourself in Making the right choice and making the Right decision But I feel this is going to be the shift That is going to change in your life Pisces The direction it's going it's going even Further than what you expected for a lot Of you Foreign and again for some this will Lead to travel this will lead you to Even if you want to to move to another State city country A job overseas even that type of energy I'm picking up on for some of you All right let's keep going Tell me more about November for Pisces So the message is that fell on the floor Is let your past go Interesting I was kind of picking up on

That in just a few minutes ago of some Sort of Disappointment that happened in the past That may still be kind of making you Cautious making you afraid of what's Coming your way of what's being offered To you But you don't need to be your fears are Unfounded Pisces I really want to Reiterate that for you But what this card says is The burden of carrying your past around Has made you weary dear one it is time To set this burden down keep only the Lessons and the love and leave Everything else behind you don't want it Or need it and now it's gone Yeah Pisces so there's something from The past that may still be haunting you In some way that may still be Discouraging you the voices the things People told you that you weren't gonna Make it that your dreams or goals were Unrealistic it just wasn't going to Happen for you whatever right whether That was within yourself or you kind of Got those ideas from what people have Said to you that door is being shut the Old way of living the old Disappointment experiences the rejection After the rejection That is the only thing that is keeping You from moving forward into this Ace of Wands energy that is trying to make its

Way into your life Pisces and you can Have compassion for yourself with this I'm it's not an easy thing to do to let Go of a memory that sat so deeply within Us for so long is a reminder of what we Can accomplish but that was never meant To be your end story Pisces What really stuck out to me with this Card that I was reading here was only Keep the lessons of it and all that Rejection in that closed doors were just A purpose in serving a lesson in your Life And you've learned them you've overcome Them And I also felt with this card as I was Picking it up for others of you it's Like Truly you're entering into a new era of Your life Where the past is in the past it's not Going to repeat itself You guys are closing out some major Cycle by choosing a new way by choosing Yourself and choosing to believe in Yourself I do feel that you guys are entering a Big chapter in your life that's leading You to a whole beautiful new beginning That you're going to feel so happy that You took the chance on you're not going To regret it you're not gonna Have that experience of I Told You So by Others or even that inner critic within

Yourself I think this is the time Pisces where You are really starting to see How far you've come kinda similar to Capricorn's reading but different in a Lot of ways But with this yellow here I do feel with Whatever's being offered to you Pisces You're gaining your confidence back You're taking a fragment of you that may Have been lost through a rejection And you're Claiming it back to yourself through What is being offered to you in November And I do feel with whatever you're Deciding Pisces like what I was picking Up with the world card the choose your Path Um once this decision is made I think it Is going to change a lot within your Life that you may not be going back to So away your decision clearly and Carefully but honestly I trust you that You're going to make the right choice Wow All right Pisces let's go ahead and pull One more card for you guys and this is Gonna serve as a closing message from Spirit anything else that Spirit wants You to know about that I may have left Out that I didn't pick up on or anything That adds to the messages that I've been Giving during this reading But anything else Pisces needs to know

About November to remember about November Foreign Oh I love this card for you guys It says sing your song so some of you Are musically talented gifted you have a Beautiful singing voice for some Um but for most of you this is about Being confident enough to express Yourself express your creativities and Your own unique way with your own unique Gifts because that's how you're going to Stand out Pisces it's not by conforming To the rest it's by being who you are You bring this magic into this world That is new that is very needed And what it says is Transform your worries into love notes For your Divine friend to offer to the World Let your deepest feelings Inspire the Composition of a New Harmony Recognize this as another form of the Sacred expression of your Soul's desire To remember the answers to Life's most Important questions Why am I here am I living according to My true nature am I offering enough love To a torn world Inspiration is seeking you in order to Transport your heart out of its Slumber Of forgetfulness into the beauty of your Spirit's True song So for a lot of you Guys whether this is an offer coming

Your way that's going to re-spark you or You're finding your inspiration again You're finding your hope to light that Fuel under you to make this happen Spirit is telling you that's the right Choice Pisces because whatever this is Your creative project your desire your Dream your goal is something that is Meant for you to experience this Lifetime it is a part of your divine Plan and I wonder if some of you guys Are seeing repetitive birds are coming Up like Hawks or Ravens or Eagles or you Guys are finding feathers but birds or Feathers are your message from Spirit About this reading to you Pisces that This is something that Is meant to find you to remind you that Everything you've been doing up until This point is making a difference Spirit is witnessing in this and soon Others will too But believe in yourself Pisces and you Will be surprised at what unfolds by the First step of just putting yourself out There and going for it Even if certain people don't take your Hand in what you have to offer others Will and that is what will be meant for You So thank you Pisces so much for joining Me for this reading I really hope it Resonated with you I hope it provided You with Clarity Insight healing

Guidance and whatever you're going Through in November at this time and if It has please let me know drop a comment Below hit that like button don't forget To subscribe I love you Pisces very much and I'll see You next time Take care Pisces

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