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Thank you Hi Pisces welcome to your monthly Messages from Spirit reading for December this is your girl mermaid Scales tarot thank you so much for Joining me here this is a general Reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node and or any other strong Placement for the sign of Pisces this is A general reading not a personal One-on-one reading so please keep that In mind as I read this message for you Guys it may resonate it may not only Take what resonates and leave it doesn't For someone else who needs to hear that Message so let's see what Spirit wants To tell you what God wants to tell you About the month of December Pisces with Anything you've been going through Currently that you need to hear messages Of clarity Insight healing guidance for Ready situation you're facing or what is To come as December unfolds but I do see Pisces a lot of you are in the time of Reflection of hermit mode some of you Could have strong Virgo in your chart or You could be dealing with a Virgo Romantically platonically does not have To be the case but I do feel Pisces There's something that you are really Starting to think about and how you can Improve your life and how you can Implement certain changes or certain Actions that you want to make so you can

Be starting off 2023 exactly the way you Want it to start you are starting to Consider new opportunities that have Been on the back of your mind for a While but for some reason you just Didn't feel ready yet to fully pursue it Whether this is a change in your career A change in location something that you Felt like is going to help you further Your path into what you've always wanted To do for yourself and how you wanted to Build your own life specifically catered To you but maybe for some of you you Know you've recently gone through some Sort of rejection with the hermit card Some quotes sort of door closed on you Pisces that may have come from a job Offer that may have come from some sort Of opportunity you thought was going to Change your life but Pisces honestly Like I've been saying I think it was for Sagittarius too any closed doors was Honestly protection Spirit was protecting you from things That would not have served you that Would not have grown you that would have Not have given you that level up but That you've been looking to have in your Life and so for some of you that were Trying to put reason to why that didn't Happen why it didn't unfold the way you Thought it was going to First of all this may come in a Different form and expectation than what

You were thinking so maybe for some of You guys with this hermit mode you're Going through you're kind of Shifting The ideas that you can have in order to Pursue this I do feel you guys are going Through a re-examination of your goals Of your desires and your dreams and Probably going about new strategies on How to achieve it but Pisces Spirit most Importantly wants you to stay grounded At this time to not get too carried away In your fears to not get carried away in Your doubts because in the near future By the end of this in some way you're Getting the Ten of cups And I do feel with what didn't make Sense before That you kind of had to sit with Yourself and think about and feel out Whatever you're becoming to realize or That will be shown to you as to why Something didn't work out with you it's Going to be for the best and honestly it Was a blessing in disguise Pisces and You're gonna see that by the end of the Month Bottom of the deck we have the three of Earth Capricorn energy some of you could have Strong Capricorn in your chart does not Have to be the case this does feel like To me something with work or lifestyle Something that is tangible that is in Regards to your resources your finances

Your security And some of you have been looking for Ways to network you've been looking for Ways to kind of build a foundation Within this new area that you're Exploring that you see opportunity with I do feel Pisces that there may have Been people that wanted to invest in you That wanted to partner up with you but Later kind of pulled out last minute or Last second And Pisces I gotta say what they were Trying to sell you was something they Didn't have Some of you if this is romantic or even Friendship related they were promising You things that they didn't have within Themselves or that they couldn't give And that's why Spirit kind of closed the Door on that situation or pressured this Person to do so because they weren't Working with you the way that you Initially thought they would So for those people that had to kind of Flake on you For whatever reason because they kind of Started to see that things were forming And they were about to be exposed very Very soon or because They just didn't feel like it was the Right fit whatever it was It's about acceptance this month Pisces First of all accepting that regardless If someone sees you for your worth or

Value or not you still have it Regardless With the three of Pentacles that is Showing me you're talented that is Showing me your skill that is showing me That what you have that you've been Wanting to build on and grow is Something that can make you money in the Long run or even make you very very Happy but you have to find the right People you have to find the right Companies you have to find the right Projects that are going to give you that Platform and maybe some of you have been Struggling with that lately and it is Frustrating it has been something that You've been faced with but I promise Pisces there's a door opening that is Going to make you Be very thankful that that other Road Didn't turn out so let's go ahead and Dive Right on into this Dead center is the hermit Virgo energy so I do feel Pisces for This month you are looking within Yourself To find the answers because you've been Trying to look for things outside of you And yes that's a great start to Networking but there is something that You are still missing that is only found Within your own idea of how it is you Want to pursue this out of what it is That you have to give Pisces because

Some of you still doubt yourselves and How talented you are and how skilled you Are and how much you have to give is Something that could change your life is Something that could change the lives of A lot of people I almost feel with the Three of Pentacles for some of you guys It may be within a An industry that helps people or heals People or wants to help people get set Up in some sort of way That is something Pisces that Spirit Wants to say with whatever it is Interacting with people with networking With people with healing and helping People get on the right foot is Something that is meant for you But I do have to say within that Industry where you give so much to Others there's times of burnout there's Times of stress there's times where you Just need to take a second to turn Within and to recheck within yourself But for a lot of you yeah I do feel this Had this is the result from something Not working out the way you thought it Would the way you hoped for so it's Definitely put a pause in some area of Your life Pisces within December So definitely for you guys that have Felt like you've overworked that you are Tired Definitely take the time to recheck with Yourself to meditate to get back into

Connection with your intuition and with Spirit because some of you may be losing Faith that your messages that you are Getting from the start of this by being Drawn to this industry drawn to this Lifestyle was the wrong twist and spirit Saying no Pisces there's just something You haven't been aware of yet So while that is making its way to you The awareness of it all the exposure of Why that couldn't fit for you or that Why that wasn't going to work out for You check in with yourself because I Think you're going to figure it out even Before it fully reveals itself to you Pisces But some of you may be right now healing From a rejection healing from a Disappointment or a closure in your life But that closure is leading you to Something brand new that is going to be Fulfillment that is going to be Happiness What's Crossing this is the page of Earth This is Earth Energy again Taurus Virgo Capricorn energy So I do feel Pisces there's a fear you Have now of trying again of putting Yourself out there of applying to new Jobs applying to new classes of getting Your resume out there you kind of doubt Yourself now because of that one Rejection or maybe even multiple

Rejections you've faced in the recent Months I mean the economy isn't doing That great I could speak for the United States personally is where I live and There's a high unemployment rate high Inflation and I can see where worries Start to kick in if this is ever going To happen for me is this ever going to Be something that I'm going to achieve Do I have what it takes is what this Page of Pentacles is telling me is the Worry on someone's mind here But I do feel if this is the challenge Of the month Pisces this page of Pentacles means try something new try Something different try a different way Of putting yourself out there trying new Things that will help you learn what is Best for you Because the one thing that isn't going To change is if you keep on doing the Same thing over and over again And again that doesn't mean that the Thing I'm talking about is what you've Been working towards but what I'm saying Is the way you're going about it isn't The right solution And maybe it's even relying on that Person who maybe in the past was that Three of Pentacles for you isn't as Reliable as they were selling themselves To be almost as if Pisces this was Someone for some of you guys that Said they had you know everything that

You would want everything that you Should be excited for that they could Set you up on the right foot but they Were all talk no walk whether that is Career-wise or even romantic or Friendship wise So Pisces the challenge is to pursue Things differently to pursue new things When you're ready for it after you come Out of this hermit mode after you Reconnect with that Inner Light Within You that may be a little bit faded due To the recent experiences you've gone Through But Spirit wants to pay attention to any New things that are making its way to You whether that's through new ideas or Even new offers that maybe even if you Try to examine it try to go for it you May gain something that you never Thought you would gain from it so pay Attention to anything that is trying to Make its way to you Pisces almost like The unexpected here that really is going To be the seed that grows the goal You've been wanting to have in regards To whatever it was you were rejected From What's crowning this is the messenger of Earth Virgo energy So once this hermit mode is done Pisces Once you're kind of understanding Certain errors that you went about in

Certain aspects of achieving this goal And going about this direction you've Been wanting to go down I do feel you have this idea that is Going to want to improve And using what you've learned using the Resources that you may even have Currently even if you don't have it all Pisces you have your skill you have your God's gift you have You do have certain support around you Even if it was with the wrong people There's other people who believe in you That think you can move forward if you Make the right choices and decisions This is picking yourself back up again And wanting to improve the situation And with the Knight of Pentacles it Always gives me the energy of keep your Eyes on the prize Pisces To keep going Because you're on to something what You're sensing what you're feeling is Something that is leading you towards Fulfillment and happiness that we'll Talk about with the Ten of cups in just A second here Now for others of you this messenger of Earth That is crowning the reading There may be some sort of AD Advertisement there may be some sort of Job posting there may be some sort of Person that reaches out to you

That is interested in seeing what you Can do is interested in seeing Where this could go with you this Investment so if you guys did feel Rejected by whatever three of Earth Didn't work out for you someone new is Coming in that wants to help you that Wants to invest in you that wants to be Your Mentor even for some of you guys And what's rooting this is the Hierophant Taurus energy Capricorn energy for me as A reader so with the hierophant rooting This Pisces I do feel for those of you where you're Having a mentor come into your life They are going to show you everything You need to do to get to the top So if there are certain therapists or Teachers or classes or anyone in your Work area that says Pisces let me take You under your wing and show you what I Know you're going to learn a lot from it And I wouldn't take that opportunity for Granted I can get why it may be scary to Trust again but Pisces you sense it now You've learned from the past and there's Something different about this new offer This new person coming in that is going To show you that they're really all About it and I want to emphasize the new Here But for others of you where the Hierophant is rooting your month

Pisces I do feel there's a lot of Understandings that you're developing by Being in this hermit mode that we saw in The beginning of the reading That is going to build a stronger Foundation of belief within yourself I do feel spirit is even sending you Messages through your 3D world through Certain number synchronicities through Certain animals symbols over and over Again that is trying to guide you Towards Awakening to why this had to happen or Why this was put in your path in the First place And I do feel Pisces that with this Rooting the whole situation I want to say that for some of you doing A new thing or trying a new Trying a new approach to whatever it is You've been trying to accomplish May Challenge your fundamental ideas or what You were grown up with or what you were Raised to think about yourself about Your life about the way to pursue a Certain thing it May challenge those Very fundamentals that you developed for A very long time and that's what Spirit's trying to grow you out of And it's through experience we can only Learn So Pisces I do feel that rooting this You're going to find that security in Doing what you love to do and for some

Of you this could be with all the Pentacles energy Lifestyle Changes Changing what you eat on a day-to-day Basis more wholesome Foods maybe you Guys are going to try like veganism Vegetarianism or something like Gluten-free that is going to help Provide a lot more Assurance within your Life that you're becoming more healthy And more aware others of you maybe it's Starting to change what you've listened To what you digest on every day what you Pay attention to on social media in the News You're following a path that feels more Right for you Pisces fundamentally And that's going outside of the previous Expectations that others may have placed On you or maybe even that you placed on Yourself But you do have the magic Pisces you do Have that it factor that can get you to Where it is you see yourself going And I do feel with the hierophant from This situation from this lifestyle from This career that you feel so drawn to You will be at the top that is in the Cards for you you will be someone to Influence you will be someone that People go to to hire to be someone that They want to watch and take note of Foreign in the recent past we have the Seven of Fire This is Leo energy

So Pisces I do feel with the recent past With the seven of Wands Yeah I do feel maybe you felt like a Little bit attacked or maybe you felt a Little bit like someone was working Against you or just the shift of energy Where one someone was all down to be a Part of your life or to help you build Or to help you grow or to be in a Partnership with all of a sudden flip The script on you and Pisces I do feel You challenge something within their ego That they weren't ready to face that They weren't ready to become fully aware Of and you highlighted something within Themselves that they weren't ready to See Or again Pisces maybe you were very Close to exposing that everything they Promised you everything that they wanted To work with you was just nothing that They could really back up So maybe Pisces you felt challenged you Felt resistance you felt a blockage in Your life But I want to say for those of you that May have gone through that again that is Meant to re-motivate you And for some of you it's to almost show This person Why they should have chosen you to be That person to invest in to work with Because there's something you're again With the hierophant coming out on top of

I don't feel like this whole on top Thing is going to be by the end of the Month per se but you're definitely Working for that for 2023 And all that was was meant to Re-motivate you was meant to kind of Show you That this really wasn't your best favor Even if you felt everything was working Against you the cards were against you Pisces it was meant to show you That maybe even for some There's a balance that needs to be Restored versus relying on others and Revi relying on yourself and who you can Trust even for some of you guys it's Really exposed that factor to you And someone new may be coming in that You can trust more of Pisces But in the near future ten of cups Pisces energy By the end of the month you are going to Succeed in something You are going to be exposed to something That is going to make you so so happy That is going to make you feel fulfilled Ten of cups is everything that someone Would want So maybe by the end of the month Pisces You'll get that job offer you'll get That opportunity to move you'll get that Opportunity to make the moves you need To make to get Everything it is you want that you've

Been trying to pursue within this Specific lifestyle career Pattern that you've been so driven to do From the very start Maybe for some of you you'll be Surrounded by family that you haven't Seen in a long time that you're happy And ready to reconnect with others of You this could be friends or Soul tribe But Pisces I do feel by the end of all This with the Ten of Cups you'll be so Much happier that that door closed that You didn't understand why before And with whatever is coming back in is Going to give you your true desires your True dreams your true wishes that Whatever had to leave in out of your Life was never going to give you And Pisces I feel Enlightenment here for Some of you guys Really figuring out for some of you that You truly have all that it takes to have This happen for you Really truly appreciate the skills and The talents that you were given But also for a lot of others of you the Blessings that are coming in from this Experience of finally just accepting What didn't happen what didn't unfold But knowing that Best Is Yet To Come and Having that mindset and being in that State of manifestation going with the Flow of things and looking to how you Can improve it how you can use it or how

To drop it is going to lead you to your Blessings Pisces And for a lot of you this is something That is going to be very very Emotionally fulfilling make you feel Very blessed and highly favored here So let's go ahead and pull some oracle Cards to get deeper into this Tell me more about December for Pisces Feel the power of your blood and your Ancestors you are never alone and you Are not alone excuse me I'm getting Ahead of myself here because I'm so Excited 10 10 here your birthday could Be March 10th maybe a lot of you guys Have been seeing 10 10 as a number Confirmation or synchronicity for you Guys So I do feel your ancestors are coming Through for you right now Pisces to say That for a lot of you In their experience during their Lifetimes when they were here on Earth They May have gone through rejections they May have gone through setbacks and Obstacles that they eventually gave up On They said you know what this isn't going To be for me I'm never going to achieve This I'll just not pursue it anymore but There's something you're breaking Pisces About that pattern through your

Ancestors through your bloodline That is going to heal the whole Ancestral line I don't know maybe some Of you guys came from Scarcity maybe came from an idea of Poverty mindset or maybe did not have The best deck of cards dealt to you As far as finances security stability in Your life But whatever it is you're doing Pisces To fix that to heal that to overcome That is something that your ancestors Are very proud of you for And maybe for some of you guys you've Been feeling the energy of passed down Loved ones around you and they're making Their presence known to you Pisces and Confirming for you that what you've been Feeling was right all along About their energy being close to you But Pisces I do feel that your ancestors Want to say trust in yourself even when Things start to get dark even when you Start to lose your footing down the path That you think you're going down Trust that you're on and always will be On the right path and you'll always be Guided Sometimes we have to go through set Paths sometimes we have to go through Disappointments but always lead us to The end of the road of fulfillment Enjoying happiness when we stick to our True selves when we stick to our

Motivation and our desires you will get And have it all Pisces and I feel for Some of you you're going to start to see This at the end of December others of You little blessings little Rewards little opportunities of Fulfillment are all going to add up to This ten of Cups that's awaiting you Pisces So keep going Pisces please Don't let whatever setback hold you back Let's keep going I do apologize if you Hear my dogs barking I think someone Came to the front door which may be Another message like Something new is going to come in I promise and it's going to be that Moment where you're gonna see and decide Now is the time to open that door now is The time to push through and make this Decision for myself Yeah surrendering to the journey And it says Release Control Yeah and I can resonate with this Message very well I don't know if it's Because I have Pisces Rising myself or I've been going through similar Understandings of my journey Everything has led you up to this Pisces And I do feel that a lot of you again Had just a certain idea a certain way to Accomplish it and because it didn't Happen you've been really hard on Yourselves down on yourselves release

All that I know it's easier said than Done I get it but what you don't know is That this was all for a reason Some of you have yet to see that reason But as you Just Surrender control Surrender the outcome and let life flow To you just by accepting every moment as It is being in the present here and now You will be guided to this ten of Cups That's waiting for you Pisces So you may have to take a little bit of Turbulence right now but you'll make it Through to the other side thankful and Grateful That you didn't give up that you didn't Because things weren't going your way You automatically just stopped And again I feel your ancestors I feel Your angels I feel Spirit God very Heavily guiding you through this time Right now dragonflies may be a message For some of you guys Um maybe you guys have a close resonance With the moon and what's happening with The moon cycles and tracking the moon Cycles may be important for you others Of you owls are a message for you guys That comes through in and out or is a Totem for you guys about How to get more clearer and mindset or Even just anything that Just proves to you this is my message Any of those signs or synchronicities Tell me more for Pisces spirit

Anything else Pisces needs to know right Now know about the month of December Even with the hermit being the dead Center and with You Are Not Alone Pisces I know it may Not seem that way in the 3D world right Now but they're things that you are Starting to pick up on that may not be Sentenced through the five senses but You feel in your heart you feel in your Intuition that spirit is confirming You've been guided to do this you've Been guided to take take these steps Forward along this journey here and you Are not wrong and picking up on that and Here's a third ten with authenticity And Sagittarius got this card too And it says who I truly am is good Indeed I am an authentic and thought Word indeed so yeah Pisces I feel that This message is coming through to say That you are amazing just as you are I Mean for some of you that went through Rejection you were trying to dissect Yourself pick apart you you and what you Did wrong what you could have done Better And pacey's spirit is coming to say that That is not the problem here you are not The problem here It was just the opportunity that was Presented that we wanted to protect you From that would have taken you down the Wrong road

But now that you guys are starting to Make sense of this you're starting to Get it as you start to release control Of how everything's going to turn out You're reconnecting with that part of Yourself that is reminding you have this You've got this you can achieve this and That you are meant to experience Life with all of its twists and turns But includes the jackpot at the end of All this with the Ten of cups that you Feel is right for you that you feel is Meant for you it absolutely is So I want to almost say be kind to Yourself Pisces see yourself in the eyes Of the Divine and the eyes of your Ancestors in the eyes of your angels Because once you see yourself through Your Highest Potential There will be nothing to stop you no Rejections that could make you feel Discouraged you understand the process You understand the journey and you Understand that there's something better If it doesn't work out All right Pisces let's go ahead and get One more message We're gonna pull an animal totem card For you guys to see what Spirit wants to Conclude this reading with anything that Spirit wants you to remember Let's see about yourself about your Journey Anything else Pisces need to know right

Now Ooh Pisces we have the lion with Higher Calling You have within you all the courage you Need let go of the past and reclaim your Majesty you will find success and Contentment with those by your side make Noble choices for your life and your Tribe wow so for some of you with the Ten of Cups this could result in family Or your soul tribe or those close to you Maybe you have a lot of people that Depend on you that look up to you that You don't want to disappoint Pisces Honestly you haven't disappointed anyone And I do feel especially with your Ancestors they're so so proud of you Pisces Even if the things you haven't Accomplished yet they know you're going To accomplish them with this higher Being that you are this higher Understanding that you've come to Reconnect with the inner line within Yourself to take charge and move forward Reclaim any power that was taken from You from what didn't work out But Pisces I do feel that your life this Lifetime is meant to be blessed you're Meant to accomplish so much and even With the greatest accomplishments we Have to go through some of the hardest Rejections but that will not stop you Pisces

This is meant for you and the way it's Meant to be So own that Love yourself love your path for all of Its ups and downs because it's leading You to something amazing at the very Very end And I think a lot of you in December are Starting to see that starting to Understand that And by the end of this journey from when You get to your accomplishment when you Get to your goal you will have it all Pisces So don't give up on yourself Spirit doesn't want you to your Ancestors don't want you to I don't want You to So I hope this is a message for those of You that are picking yourself up Going within to reconnect with yourself And come back out is stronger than ever Thank you so much Pisces for joining me For this reading I really hope it Resonated with you I hope it provided You with the clarity Insight healing Guidance that you're looking for by Watching this message if it has please Let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Pisces very much and I'll see You next time Take care of Pisces

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