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Hi Pisces welcome to October monthly Messages from Spirit reading this is Your girl mermaid scales tarot thank you So much for joining me here This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other Strong placement for the sign of Pisces This will not resonate with every Pisces That watches this message and because This reading is general not every single Message may be for you so please only Take what resonates and leave a dozen For someone else who needs to hear that Message and if this reading is not for You at all Pisces I highly suggest Checking out your other signs in Different placements Hi cross Watchers you’re very welcome Here if you’re interested in a Pisces Who wouldn’t be I’d like to remind Pisces and cross Watchers that energy is fluid and this Simply means you may feel like I’m Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the roles are Flipped or reversed and that’s Completely okay You are more than welcome to your own Discretion to flip those roles if that Resonates with your specific situation The best So my intentions for this reading Pisces Is to channel provide messages from Spirit for you for the month of October

To ask what will be happening up in October and folding in October but for a Lot of you this just may be a message For what you need to hear right now with Anything you’ve been going through that Has happened since the beginning of the Month why has it happened and I hope to Give you that Clarity confirmation Insight and guidance in regards to Whatever it is you’re going through at This moment and this could impact any Aspect of your life love and romance Career and finances spiritual evolution Whatever Spirit we like to talk about Shall be said if you have any beings of The light that you would like to welcome Into this space specific Angels Ancestors Spirit guides maybe even pass Down loved ones you are welcome to ask Them to join us here now So let’s go ahead and get this reading Started I’m first going to use my sample To clear and set the energy so if you Are listening to this using headphones If the volume is kind of loud right now I do suggest tearing it down a little Bit just for this part because I don’t Want your ears to hurt So let’s tune in All right So let’s see what’s happening for my Pisces in the month of October Pisces Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone dealing With the Pisces what is going on if

Anything has happened why has it Happened let’s see the major theme for Pisces in October 2022 Authority I like this Pisces this is Aries energy some of you could have Aries in your chart you could be dealing With an aries does not have to be the Case in order for this reading to Resonate there’s something you’re taking Power back control of Pisces you have Boss energy I feel a lot of you are Connecting with your masculinity you’re Healing with your masculine energy and You’re using it to make choices to move Forward and you’re gonna have no regrets Or you really shouldn’t I feel you guys Are deciding to make major moves in your Life major changes in your life and I Feel that these major changes these Major moves are going to provide you With stability are going to build to Your Empire that you’re creating for Yourself Pisces whether that empires in Your career whether that’s just within Yourself And Pisces I feel like you know with Some of the other signs that we’re Struggling with making these choices We’re feeling guilty I feel Pisces You’re empowering yourself you will have The Say and What starts and what begins What ends in your life who can enter Your life who’s going to be a part of Your team who’s going to support you

Um Pisces I don’t know maybe even uh Emperor is coming into your life that Wants to protect you that wants to be Your support system that wants to Provide for you Um and uh anyway financially Romantically emotionally if this is like A friend or a family member but I feel For most of you this is you And with this Authority you’re taking Control back of things haven’t worked Out in your favor instead of just being In the energy of nothing’s ever going to Happen for me nothing’s going to work For me you’re going back to the drawing Board and maybe for some of you you do Accept that closed doors are protection For what’s not meant to be yours and if A certain something didn’t happen a Certain relationship didn’t happen Um you’re not going to take it Personally anymore You’re kind of starting to see they’re Missing out because I have what it takes I have a lot of uh worth and I have a Lot to offer So you’re making something else happen For you Pisces and I feel that this is Going to give you more stability more Promise more security than anything that Didn’t work out in the past for you Let’s keep going Tell me Spirit where is Pisces taking Control back in their life setting

Expectations setting boundaries laying Down the law kind of thing Pisces Let’s see the camel boy small steps and Asking for help with Master number 33 so Threes May mean something to you your Birthday could be March 3rd March 13th Um February 23rd for some of you guys You could be seeing 333 as a number Synchronicity Um but yeah I do feel Pisces there’s Some big goals you have Big Dreams you Have and spirit is saying that for some Of you guys even if it’s not immediate It’s not the pace you wanted and again For some of you you did have to deal With rejections you did have to deal With people turning you down or you know Job opportunities that selected another Choice I think you guys are starting to realize That Just because it didn’t happen the way I Thought the way I expected doesn’t mean It’s not for me because you still Constantly get pulled back to that Situation or a lot of you just know from Deep down that this is going to be yours It is meant for you and with that Decision it’s already leading you Towards the right way towards the right Direction towards the right steps so for Some of you guys Um you know maybe you guys are seeking Help from an emperor type of figure

Someone who is successful in their Business successful in their career who Sees value in new interest in you and Wants to help guide you wants to help Mentor you into getting to the places You want to go this almost feels like a Manager an agent Um you know a boss a CEO type of thing That may be around you in your life Pisces or that’s where you see yourself Going So you know in the middle of the month There are certain steps you’re taking Even if they’re not like You know Monumental there’s still enough To get you to those Monumental places so You know applying to certain jobs start Creating content and putting yourself Out there it’s all adding up to your Wish fulfillment to your heart’s desire And for some of you you may be asking For help and I think you’re going to Receive that support you’re going to see Receive those resources and those Opportunities to help grow you to help Further you along the camel is really Sticking out to me in this card here Um and camels have perseverance camels Um you know in their humps they actually That’s all a reserve for their water so They can go on for a lot of time and use Their own resources to carry them along And I feel Pisces that you have that Inner guidance you have that inner light

That refuels you every time you may go Through a disappointment you may go Through what you perceive to be as a Failure or as a closed door you still Are keep pushing through and Spirits Giving you that push in the middle of The month And I think these small steps you know These small offers yeah I’ll show you How this works I’ll show you how I got There Um you know certain shout outs certain Customer reviews that maybe you’re Asking people to do for you it is going To have an impact on the long run and What you’re learning in the middle of This month through everything you’ve Been through to regain that power back Is going to provide that fuel for you to Get what you want so don’t be Disappointment disappointment don’t be Discouraged Pisces you are on the right Track And what you want can very easily be Yours just in the past with what didn’t Happen it wasn’t meant to happen that Way but you’re finding your own steps You’re making your own steps you’re Foraging your own paths to do it your Own way And that’s pretty impressive Pisces You were definitely that Um story about making it all happen for Yourself

Let’s keep going [Music] Tell me more about October for Pisces Foreign The music career music industry whether That is singing writing composing Um DJ I don’t know but like your music Is pretty good Or what you have to say what your Message is even for others of you that’s Not so music related It it does matter and it does have an Impact and I think even if you haven’t Been seeing that impact immediately it’s Starting to gain attention and starting To gain attraction Tell me more Dawn the light after the Darkness yes What kill doesn’t kill you makes you Stronger Pisces The owl may be an animal a bird that you Deeply resonate with you may be seeing a Lot of owls maybe you’re finding Feathers Um on the ground that Spirits pick you Pick me up message for you Um yeah I at the end of the month Pisces You’re gonna have to see why everything Had to play out this way you’re gonna See why those certain Rejections you received in the past were Actually Closed doors for you to move towards the Right point because there’s something

Coming about about in October that is Going to be your answer it will be fully Illuminated anything that was hidden From you anything that you were unsure Of that’s not going to be the case by The end of the month And this Dawn this new era this new you That’s emerging is going to be Monumental it is going to carry you Further along into what you even start To create for yourself in 2023 and Beyond But it had to take this upset it had to Take this disappointment it had to take This failure let’s just say for you guys To finally see your worth To not equate your Worth to something That didn’t honor you didn’t respect you That didn’t appreciate you and decide to Take it where you would be standing out Where you would be seen I do feel for a lot of you if you’ve Been dying to break into your own Enterprise into your own business Um absolutely do so Others of you that may be disappointed Because your business hasn’t been taking Off yet mid-october the small steps are Going to happen the small offer is what You perceive to be may be the very Things are going to give you everything That you want by the end of the month But if you guys have been in that time In that period of being in

Um The dark light of the Soul a Dark Night Of the Soul excuse me Um I I feel that time is coming to an End I do feel for a lot of you the wait is Over the choices you’re making to pick Yourself back up again to pursue is Going to all pay off by the end of the Month for you guys with whatever is Emerging whatever’s appearing And it’s the sun energy which is the Happiest card in the Tarot deck some of You could have Leo in your chart But You’ll be very proud of your journey You’ll be very proud of your experience You’ll be very proud of yourself that You didn’t give up that you didn’t just Succumb to your feelings of I’m not good enough I’m not gonna make This happen It’s gonna feel very emotional almost For you guys in a positive way All right let’s see what the tarot has To say You’re getting the help you need Pisces I promise Whether that’s through the 3D through Your financial resources those loans Those Investments those contracts but Others have used spiritual support Spirit is picking you back up again God Is taking your hand and lifting you back

Out of the slump that you may have felt Before by not having everything sold out The way you thought it was going to and Showing you by the end of the month this Is why it all had to happen I feel a major blessing is coming after A time of disappointments I’m so excited for you Pisces I really Am I feel it Tell me more for Pisces in October five Of pumpkins yeah Taurus energy this is What I was talking about the rejections The disappointments feeling left out Feeling like you weren’t enough feeling Like you didn’t have enough You’re picking yourself up again from That scarcity mindset Pisces And again like almost some of you are That Cinderella Story Um for some of you that may resonate With this scenario I’m picking up on Like you didn’t come from money you Didn’t come from lucrative wealth And I feel you know that was something That was worked against you you didn’t Have Parents that could pay for your tuition That could pay for your success and Forge that in your life But Pisces that’s what you’re Overcoming By deciding like even with the cards That were dealt against me even with the Circumstances I may have been born with That were out of my control I’m taking

The control and the fact that I’m not Staying in this I’m not staying in this Five of Pentacles of disappointment of Financial failures of Unsuccessful venues And I’m not going to let someone’s Opinion of me or rejection of me dictate What is meant for me More importantly I feel for a lot of you Guys you’re coming to peace with that And with anyone who rejected you by the End of the month you’re proving that you Were the best option you are the best Choice and they’ll be very sorry for Closing the doors on you Pisces because You have everything to offer you have Success you have talent that is going to Be very prominent and you’re going to Show those people They were wrong Quite simply quite honestly Um and for some of you guys very few I’ve picking up on a rejection by a Father figure in your life That you felt judged you that felt like Neglected you or didn’t want to be a Part of your life I think a lot of you or feel like a lot Of you are healing from that and coming To terms with that and not allowing Their inability to love you their Inability to not uh their inability to Support you to dictate Where you should be in life and how you

Should continue on in life Powerful and you’re proving for some of You that Father Figure wrong Keep going tell me more About Pisces in October four events yeah Beautiful more Aries energy here So this is coming under the camel boy Small steps asking for help If you guys are finding yourself in Financial trouble and maybe you’re gonna Start a GoFundMe or maybe you’re asking For resources for people to teach you to Explain to you you’re creating that Foundation that was turbulent before and I feel Pisces like When you start to explain your situation Maybe you’ve been afraid to explain it Tell people your friends your family Members who you do have a good Connection with You’ve been afraid because you didn’t Want to embarrass yourself or feel Ashamed by it but your friends and your Family members or even some romantic Partners are gonna stand up and see what They can do for you see how they can Promote you promote your business Promote your dream Um and I feel Pisces again the small Steps even if they don’t seem gigantic They’re a lot bigger than what they Appear to be because they’re all going To add up to whatever is coming up at The end of the month I do feel for some

Of you guys if you get invited to Certain parties certain events to take Up on that because I think you may meet People through those parties through Those events that are going to help you Move forward that are going to be that Support system or even you’re going to Use that event use that party use that Exposure to show people what you have What you’re made of Um you’re going to be very popular in The middle of the month Pisces with Dates with events with friends Um family members people want to be Around you and I think that’s a good Time to use this as an opportunity to Show everyone what you have Tell me more about Pisces for October Spirit Four of pumpkins Yeah 444 is immediately in the spread Okay beautiful Um So we have Capricorn energy coming out Here So Pisces with the stability that is Coming into your life which at first was Not stable at first was unsure you were Feeling doubtful you were feeling Hopeless as you pick yourself back up Again and move towards Certain events certain people certain Situations you are going to prove to Them

Anyone The people who are hopeful in you the People who rejected you Um What You’re Made Of and this is going To solidify your security by the end of The month with the four of pumpkins this Is going to provide you with the Foundation with the playing field to Start growing those seeds It’s going to give you the opportunity To solidify that rule to solidify your Impact your presence on social media in Your industry in your community And I feel again like October is the Time you’re making those moves and it’s Setting you up for the success to come By the end of the year By you know 2023 I feel is going to be a Major month for you guys I don’t know Why but I’m feeling that way for a lot Of you and that’s when you’re going to See the start seeds start to grow but You’re already feeling like where you Were at the beginning of the month is Going to be completely different by the End and by the end you’re going to be Happy you see this little I don’t know Goblin thing smiling It’s happy it’s happy at what it’s about To build it’s happy at what it’s about To grow they know good things are coming In So I feel Pisces for those of you that Are doubtful that have been going

Through this five of Pentacles energy Don’t give up I promise those rejections Were blessings and disguise and really It was meant to motivate you to push you Further towards different directions are Actually going to be way more fulfilling For you that you may not see right now But you’ll definitely see by the middle To the end of the month Bottom of the deck we have knighted bats So this is Gemini energy Air energy Um yeah I do feel for some of you guys Um you know you may have received a Letter of rejection you may see an email That said thank you for your application Or thank you for your interest but we’re Gonna go ahead and go towards a new Option A better option whatever they Wrote to you Um that I do feel like made you angry but Instead of just staying in that anger or Taking your anger out in unhealthy ways Toxic ways This anger this need to move this need To go for it more now than ever is Providing you again that fuel to make it Happen I’m gonna prove them wrong I’m gonna Prove myself that I have what it takes And I Pisces again like if you’ve still Been putting yourself out there and you Still haven’t heard anything I give it

Some time and I know you’re getting Impatient I know you’re kind of getting Frustrated with the process but I Promise you especially with this card Here everything’s about to change And maybe that’s what you guys are kind Of going through right now is the whole Transition of everything Where you’ve wanted or thought Everything was going to happen so fast Some things had to fall apart in order For you to rebuild in order for you to Go in a New Direction And you’re going to be so happy that you Did I promise I keep saying that but I I Really Spirit wants to promise you this Pisces You will have your success you will have Your day of judgment that will be Fulfilling that will be Exactly what it is you need to do to Grow your Empire to grow your success And I’m so so excited for you So let’s go ahead and get one more card Pisces Anything else that Pisces needs to know About October any sort of last minute Advice for my Pisces Death is an illusion Wow okay the death card is almost giving Me this Vibe so if you guys have Scorpio On your chart dealing with the Scorpio I Suggest checking out the Scorpio reading

To see if there’s messages for you there And focus on the positive this has been The card Aquarius had this Scorpio had This but yeah I do feel Pisces when I When I’m feeling with this card here Is a couple things for some of you guys Who dealt with such a bad ending or set Dealt with such a bad rejection where You thought everything was over and done With It’s an illusion you know it’s only you Can decide what’s over in your life only You could provide that ending And I feel Pisces like whatever didn’t Happen was not meant to be set in stone For you And I hope that this card in this Message in this reading here provides You with that green light to continue Going And I think also for those of you that Have been holding on to that rejection For too long It’s clouding your judgment here I know It sucks I know it’s not easy I Completely understand that But truly you’re gonna see how it was a Blessing in disguise And for others of you with death is an Illusion Um you know I wonder if you guys have Lost someone very important to you In 2022 or maybe still if it was even Longer than that you know you still miss

Them you wish that only if they were Here they could help support you help Push you further it almost feels like a Grandfather energy to me Um but they’re still with you Pisces They are actually one of the people that The guides that give you the fuel for You to keep going for you to push Forward I feel this was a person Who told you to never give up who gave You that fighting Spirit gave you that Warrior spirit and they’re still very Much with you still through this reading Giving you that message to pick yourself Back up again and keep pushing forward Keep trying They’re very much with you and they want You to know that okay Pisces and then Focus on the positive Yeah I know that it may be a little bit Of a rainy season with you right now I Know that there’s some things that have Been Hard to deal with but Keep your eyes on the prize is what this Whole reading is telling me Keep posing positive keep focusing keep Trying keep going Because what you’re being set up for is Success is abundance is the light at the End of the tunnel And you’re very close to seeing that Like Pisces You are

Thank you so so much for joining me for This reading I really hope that it’s Resonated with you I hope it’s provided You with the clarity healing insight and Guidance in regards to what you may be Going through in October and if it has Please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don’t forget to subscribe I love you Pisces very much and I’ll see You next time Take care Pisces

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