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Thank you Hey Pisces welcome to December 2022 General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a general Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and for any other strong placement For the sign of Pisces This is a general reading it may Resonate it may not but please only take Our resonates and leave it doesn't for Someone else who needs to hear that Message Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Pisces Who wouldn't be I'd like to remind Pisces and cross Watchers that energy is Fluid and this simply means me I feel Like I'm describing a certain situation In the reading where you feel the roles Are flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation the best All right Pisces let's jump right on in And see what's going on in your love Life at this time what do you need to Know what do you need to be aware of in Regards to love and romance Okay right off right off the gate let's See mask Not showing true feelings hide personify Pretend delude gaslighting

Okay so clearly there's someone within This connection someone around your Energy that is trying to put a front up With you Pisces That is wearing a mask doesn't want to Tell you their true feelings it comes From a place of ego it comes from a Place of fear specifically fear of Rejection is something that this person Does not take well so I feel instead of Just being open honest and real with you They want to sidestep they want to hide I do feel this is someone who Comes off as very cold I feel almost Like Air energy Gemini Libra Aquarius Energy you could be dealing with an air Sign or someone with strong air in their Chart does not have to be the case But Pisces if you've been kind of Wondering If There's something they're not showing You or if there's more that they're Feeling that they haven't revealed You're absolutely right there and you're Whatever you're picking up on is Accurate and I'm seeing the letter A and K or both letters first no last initial As in Allison as in Keith could mean Something to you guys doesn't have to be The case but there is something fishy About this Pisces no pun intended that You're already starting to pick up on And sense so let's see what they're

Hiding exactly is it more to this or is There something that they're afraid to Show you in case you were to stop Talking to them The weird thing about this though Pisces Is that this person hasn't told you that They liked you hasn't told you that They're having feelings for you but Still they hit you up and you're they're Usually the first to text you if you Kind of go silent and cold because You're frustrated or you're done with The same old it's always like oh Pisces Is starting to back away okay let me let Me take a step forward and show Pisces That I'm interested by saying what's up What are you doing Those type of brief text messages I feel Is going on between the two of you All right let's see what this person Wants to tell you that they haven't told You Let's see I know you're thinking about me and it Excites me interesting So I wonder if this is your thoughts About the situation Pisces for some of You I kind of feel it like I know you're Thinking of me I know that's why you're Texting me I know that's why you're Watching my social media I know that's Why you call me asking me what I'm up to This weekend even if it doesn't or Hasn't gone further to talking about how

We feel Others of you I do feel this person's kind of playing A game I gotta be honest and real about It It's almost as if this person doesn't Want to make the first move they want You to make the first move Pisces But both of you aren't willing to do That because Pisces I feel like you've Done enough you've already shown them That you have feelings and interest Towards them and you're not gonna overdo It if they're not returning the same but It's almost as if this person needs Complete validation complete Confirmation from you I guess they're waiting for you to say That you like them first or they're Waiting for you to say that they could See you could see something coming out Of this that could be further than that But I don't know Pisces they definitely feel Uh EcoBoost when they hear that you are Talking about them I kind of do feel by Word of Mouth they got it got back to Them that you have a crush on them I Wonder if this is a person that's in the Same group of friends as you or even Like a co-worker And it does flatter them it does make Them feel good because they do find you To be very attractive

But these games have to stop if you're Going to be around I already sensed that I already kind of sense the frustration Coming from you Be real or I'm just gonna kind of cut This out anyway Because that's what bothers you the most Pisces is when someone You're just so in tune with your sixth Sense that it really can't get past you What you pick up on intuitively I do Feel your clear cognizant and what you Feel is something that you're not making Up and some of you kind of question Yourself with that and that's why the Gaslighting is kind of there Almost as if you It just wouldn't make sense otherwise That they would keep hitting you up if They didn't have some sort of intention Towards you but for the fact that then They go cold or then they send those Like cold Icy text messages or you don't See each other for a few days weeks That's what kind of makes you question This but Spirit wants to tell you Pisces What you're feeling what you're kind of Picking up on that they're not showing You you could be certain that you're Correct So let's dive into the tarot because I'm Curious about this All right with the towel we're going to Ask how they feel about you right now

What do they think of you what do they Like about you what do they not like About you What do they like about the connection That they have with you currently and What do they not like about it And what are their highest hopes and Deepest fears in regards to this Connection with you Pisces what are they Really hoping is going to happen and Unfold between the two of you and what Are they afraid of Oh interesting Okay so for some of you I feel you're Already at the point with how they feel About you being the Five of Cups you're Already at the point where I feel maybe You have pulled back completely maybe You haven't responded to their text Message maybe you haven't replied to Something that they sent you via DM I'm Kind of seeing maybe an Instagram DM And now they're worried that they messed Everything up because they haven't Been transparent with you Pisces They haven't been real with you and That's the thing that really gets to you If anything is when someone tries to act Like They're not feeling a certain type of Way or they don't want to admit Something That is so clear to you But you're not going to push it out of

Them you're not going to pressure them Because that's not who you are And you don't want really to deal with People who aren't going to be sincere Authentic honest You're really over the game's Pisces That this person plays And so I do feel by whatever you did to Pull back to step aside you're hoping That that will fully reveal whatever They've been hiding So let's go ahead and dive into this Bottom of the deck we have a ton of cups Interesting Pisces energy Some of you could be dealing with a Pisces another Pisces or someone with Strong Pisces in their chart but this is The fantasy I kind of feel more than Anything I don't feel like you guys have Been in a relationship But it's almost as if with something That you guys found in each other It excited both of you to kind of feel Like this could go somewhere I do feel Pisces this is more on your End Where this person you kind of daydreamed About having a relationship with Going further down the line with Having something more serious than where It's been for the last few months or However long this has been between the Two of you I do have to say some of you could have

Met through family members like it could Have been your siblings friend or maybe A family friend maybe your families have Known each other for a very long time With this ten of cups But I do feel that there was someone Here who is daydreaming about a life Together there's someone that was Daydreaming about A relationship That would be fulfilling that would be Everything that someone has been waiting For but I feel as time went on and as Someone didn't make the move didn't make The initiative to put their feelings out There this ten of Cups fantasy started To fade And I do feel Pisces that This is reciprocated with the Ten of Cups I do in a way feel like they also Thought of you as being someone special As being someone that Hit a part of their heart that is Vulnerable But the thing is that For whatever reason with their own Wounds with whatever they Are dealing with that makes them feel Like they have to hide how they feel They just never showed that to you That they were feeling or even thinking The same So let's jump right on into it how they

Feel about you right now is the five of Cups Scorpio energy they feel like they blew It they feel like they messed everything Up they feel like Whatever it is that happened recently That made it seem like you're kind of Over it you're done Is really something that they're feeling Regret for they're feeling like Their strategy in this failed if they Did try to just sidestep if they did try To just put it all on you to make the Initiative all the time And for some of you I gotta say We have the three of Cups here and as we Always know about the Five of Cups the Person in the card is usually crying Over this build three cups I wonder if they feel like they ruined Any sort of friendship that may have Existed between the two of you before That things are going to be awkward Between the two of you if you have to See each other like if you are Co-workers or you are in the same class At school or anything like that Um But it could also be that Pisces because Of their inability to Express their feelings to you you may Have moved on to other options And they've seen that through your Social media or even heard about that

And it's something that has really upset Them is something that has hurt them Even in a way but they do see Pisces the Role they played in that they absolutely Do and I feel more than anything they're Beating themselves up over the fact that They feel they could have or have missed This opportunity with you What they think about you in this Connection right now is temperance Sagittarius energy I also feel Libra Energy for me as a reader personally With this card And what I feel with this is that They're giving you space They are feeling like there just needs To be some time between the two of you Before they can reach out before they Can talk to you again for whatever Reason I feel whatever was the last draw For you Pisces was pretty recent within The last few weeks if not days And Because of whatever happened that made It really look like you're just over it Or done that's why they think okay Until we speak again until I see them Again I just need some time to Really figure things out to really feel Things out And similar to Leo's reading but Different in another way it's almost as If Pisces

You have shown them what happens when You play these games for too long And really that these games aren't Protecting this person But almost highlighting and exposing Their wounds more than anything else Especially with you who feel so deeply Who can already read the situation Without anyone having to explain it to You But with this Temperance card there is Divine timing that is at work right now If you are still talking to this person They still feel like they need more time And I don't feel as if they feel ready To Be completely open yet But for most of you I do feel this is Someone you've recently pulled away from Recently stopped talking to and they They're trying to find balance within Themselves in this situation trying to See the role that they played within This how it came up with the Consequences that it did And how to restore it Because with the five of cups of how They feel right now they are in a bit of Disappointment regret hurt They don't want to show that to you Though Pisces they don't want to show That to anyone honestly There is something where they have grown Up with the idea of being emotional or

Showing your emotions is a bad thing It's an unsafe thing So that's why they're so emotionally Unexpressive And maybe Pisces if you're the Temperance or they're seeing you as Temperance right now Maybe this is something you're just kind Of starting to get over you're starting To heal from You're starting to kind of not go out as Much or not go on as many dates you kind Of just want to Release this and recharge yourself Before you'll be open to dating again Even though they may feel like you're on To the next onto the newer I don't know It's different for different groups of You But there is someone who's saying I need To give Pisces space whether that's what You want that's what they think you want What they like the most about you Pisces Is the full card Aries energy Aquarius energy you are a Free spirit you are someone that I wouldn't say a simplistic per se but I Would say someone that doesn't like to Carry too much baggage Likes to go for new experiences likes to Be on adventures that should make them Learn And evolve you are someone that likes to Experiment

You are someone that is who they are Unapologetically And I feel Pisces this is maybe what is Making them feel a bit upset is that it Seems like Maybe because they've been playing this Mask game so long with you You've kind of returned the favor Consciously or subconsciously By not showing them that this has hurt You that this has upset you it looks Like to them that you're moving on Pretty well That you're entering a new cycle in your Life you're entering a new chapter Where you're off to newer and better Things I wonder for some of you if you've been Traveling lately or you're going to Travel soon maybe for the holidays and They know that's why you guys are going To be separated for some time as well You are hilarious you make a lot of People laugh With the things you say You are just someone that a lot of People love to have around because you Love having a good time I do feel there's someone who may have a Career in event planning But yeah in general Pisces you're just a Lot of fun to be around And that's what this person loves about You maybe someone does like to camp

I'm saying too But you're a free spirit and that is Something maybe they don't see within Themselves that made them so drawn to You What they don't like about you is the Star card Aquarius energy very Interesting The only way I could make sense of the Star card being in something that they Don't like about you is a couple things For some of you With the star I always feel very unique Energy a one-of-a-kind energy Someone that is Authentic real inside and out And they may feel like they won't have This magic this chemistry this Experience of a one of a kind that They've had with you Now there could also be someone that is In the public eye or maybe Um how do I say this Someone who is well honored in the Community that they're in May have a prevalent social media Following maybe someone at work who Accomplishes a lot And for some of you it almost feels like They feel like you have high Expectations That they with what they have currently Can't meet Or that maybe even for some of you they

Feel like you may be out of their league In a little bit and maybe knowing that You had a crush on them is what excited Them so much it's because when they look At you they see someone that is unlike Anyone else Is unique is one of a kind So knowing that you were hap being a Crush on them or you had feelings for Them did give them an ego boost but at The same time Also highlighted some sort of insecurity Within them if they could really Matching Pisces at your Vibrance at your Frequency at your level What they like the most about this Connection is the three of cups cancer Energy So I do feel for a lot of you in some Way this connection started off as being Friends or meeting through friends Being in the same group of friends Hanging out Going to those parties going to those Friend events those brunches I'm hearing For some of you guys And just having a good time And they like the fact that they could Always see you knowing that you're going To go to the same friend's house or you Were going to be at the same event that Everyone else was going to You are someone that is fun to hang out With

You're also someone that their best Friend close friends did approve of they Thought you were chill they thought you Were fun to be around they thought you Were someone that could be easily They could easily be someone that could Fit in with any sort of situation in Every any space and make everyone feel Welcome I do have to say there may be some of my Pisces that are going through a time in Their life where they're just having a Lot of fun Whether that is specifically partying or Whether that is just wanting to take up Invitations to Live life to the fullest Maybe some of you are going into new Networks new friend groups And I do feel Pisces they just feel that You're a very easy going person a Friendly person And since they met you you had that Ability to make everyone feel good Everyone feel welcome Foreign Cups More Scorpio energy So for some of you guys If this ten of cups of what I said about It at the very beginning in the reading Where you guys may have started out Knowing each other through family Acquaintances family friends whatever

That is that is something maybe they Resent a little bit because if they know What's going on between the two of you Your family their family it will be Talked about and that's how the drama of What you guys are going through gets Back to one another through People who know about the situation I also feel Pisces maybe this is Something you don't like about the Connection that Maybe for the last six months Maybe since the beginning of 2022 or end Of 2021 for some of you whenever this Has started It's been too long of waiting it's been Too long of having these hopes that this Is going to go somewhere else that this Is going to be the relationship you've Been looking for And that you fantasized about Especially with the Ten of Cups here And some of you feel like being patient Being open just waiting just being there For them when you can be or giving them Everything they need to feel comfortable Hoping that that will be exactly what Needs to happen in order for them to Open up Is something you kind of resent Now that you guys stop talking or now That you just really saw or see that it Just went nowhere between the two of you But I do feel Pisces if neither of those

Situations are your case then with the Six of cups They can't stop thinking about you they Can't stop reminiscing about the good Times you've had Those nights you went out those nights You stayed together those nights you Really had an impact on this person They keep going back to thinking about You reminiscing about you remembering You And even though they're trying to keep Their space distance they're trying to Hide their true feelings the thought of You makes it harder especially when it's So constant the way it is The highest hopes for them in this Connection here is the magician card Gemini Virgo energy for some of you this Is relating back to hoping that they can Manifest you coming back manifest you Reaching out manifesting you making the First move the first call again That is something they're very Comfortable with I almost feel like some of you are Definitely dealing with the cancer Being a cancer myself I know that Sometimes we tend to sidestep and we Don't Like to be so forward and that's how I Feel this person is But with this magician energy they are Manifesting something at a distance here

They are manifesting The best of starting something new with The magician they're using their Visualizations their memories of you to Be something that they hope will be Happen in the future of being back with You reuniting with you reconciling with You But they're also doing little subliminal Things Pisces that they're hoping you'll Notice for example watching your stories On social media Or even with energetic cords that water Signs can create so well Through just thinking of you or feeling You or having these memories about you That run through their head They're hoping that they could send Their energy Back to you so you'll be thinking of Them as much Because I always say this to people who Are like well mermaid you know I've Tried to break cords I've tried to Release this person but I still think of Them out of the blue and I don't know Why if you're really someone that has Been over the situation and is trying to Move forward but feels like you can't Forget about this person most likely It's because the energetic cord is so Strong and they're thinking of you But I do feel they're There's a part of them that doesn't want

To give up there's a part of them That wants to believe even if despite Everything that's happening between the Two of you now this truly isn't the end And that if they use their manifestation Their Law of Attraction consciously or Subconsciously to get you back in their Lives they're doing it right now But is it working Do you feel unbiases And also with this mask energy too I do Feel like they want to keep the facade Up they want to keep the illusion up That may be Seeing how you're moving on and moving Forward as if Whatever ended hasn't affected you They're hoping they could put that same Energy out to you but you're Pisces That's something that you're just Already starting to notice isn't the Case Their desire for you is still very Strong I feel it in my sacral chakra Here tuning into their energy when they Think of you Someone could have recently just got a Haircut too that's just confirmation for Whoever I'm talking about Deepest fear is the emperor Aries energy So if this is your deepest fears Pisces I feel like you're afraid they're just Never gonna stand up they're never just

Going to be real open authentic sure of Themselves Confident in themselves You read this person like a book Pisces Even if they don't want you to And it's almost as if you already know That it's just coming from this Uncertainty or doubt of being prepared For a relationship or being prepared to Be with you or whatever it is right That's different for each and every one Of you but it feels like it's in that Realm of things Now for some of you where I was kind of Picking up on with the star card if They're afraid that they can't go Toe-to-toe with you as far as being an Equal match for you maybe there is an Age difference with the emperor That people gossip about or talk about And think it's a little bit taboo that You guys are together because I'm not Saying this is just a couple years I'm I Feel like for some of you this could be You know 10 years 15 years even for some And they feel a little bit insecure About that as well But with the emperor here if this is Their fear that they're Not going to be ready to step up that They're comfortable where they are And that maybe For some of them it's like a fear of not

Being in control Of how they feel of how everything is Going Because this person really does like to Control every aspect of their life So everything is comfortable with them Secure with them but it's so limiting It's so limiting for how they live And I hope they start to see that Through this connection with you Pisces What happens when you get too Comfortable It just Makes the fire die out and it makes Someone just not interested in dealing With the games anymore All right Pisces we're gonna go ahead And see what the likely outcome of this Situation is what they're likely to do In the near future in regards to this Connection are they going to step up or Step out well to see an extended but Before we go I'm going to go ahead and Pull one more card for my Pisces from This deck here And I'm going to see if there's anything Else Spirit wants to tell you as a Message for you specifically about this Connection about this person too many Spirit thank you Spirit does have a lot Of messages to say Pisces But ultimately what I'm hearing is that You're right all along For whoever needs to hear that you

Really were even when they tried to hide It even when they didn't try to put that Facade on that mask up you're you were Right Okay So it says beware of what you are Projecting for the qualities you admire In one another are qualities you both Possess equally so the qualities you Don't like are also your own reflection So yeah I feel Pisces maybe you also Have been picking up on this and what They've been mirroring back to you as Far as what you need to heal what you Need to address within yourself you've Been doing that for them you guys are Like mirroring each other and to me that Feels very Soul may ask and let me just make it Very clear about what a soul mate is a Soulmate is not always the person you End up being with forever having Children with getting married to really Soul mates or anyone that we meet in our Life romantic or even platonic that Mirrors something within us of what we Need to address recognize become aware To or even heal So we can be a higher version of Ourselves And in this case it's definitely Romantic here And Pisces I feel that maybe for you Guys it near to you when you've been

Waiting too long of what happens when You give too much to someone who isn't Giving enough what happens when you kind Of sacrifice your own happiness for Someone In order for them to be more comfortable And that's the lesson some of you have Learned from this but Pisces with you This person is really becoming aware of Their inability to be comfortable with Their emotions their inability to be Comfortable with their feelings And that's something they've been trying To avoid for a good part of their lives But through this connection with you It's really highlighting what happens When you try to hide it when you try to Bury it when you try to conceal it And maybe projected as something that it Truly isn't And that's what they're dealing with Right now and maybe with the temperance Card that's what Spirit wants them to Heal before there's any time that you Guys can be back together or before you Guys can talk this out or even reconcile In this So that's what Spirit wants you guys to Keep in mind about this whole connection Here So we're gonna go ahead and take this to The extended reading what's going to Happen in the upcoming days weeks are They going through this now by the end

Of the month will they say anything to You or will they stay silent will this Ever be better will you guys ever Reconcile we're gonna go ahead and take This to Vimeo for the extended reading I'm going to overturn this card here to Show the likely outcome in the near Future and also pull some oracle cards As well to dive deeper into this whole Situation if you'd like to join me for The extended reading open up the Description box and you'll find the link To Vimeo which will take you to the Extended reading but if this is very Depart Pisces I really hope that this Reading has resonated with you is Provided you with Clarity Insight Healing Guidance with whatever you're Going through in your love life at this Time and if it has please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Pisces very much and I'll see You next time Take care Pisces

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