Pick A Card→ This is Why You’re Seeing Angel Numbers! (Psychic Tarot Reading)

By | September 15, 2022

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Hi everyone it is Star Girl the Practical witch and welcome today to my YouTube channel in today’s psychic tarot Reading we will be discovering why you Are seeing repeated numbers angel Numbers and number synchronicity that is What we are going to find out today what The universe is trying to tell you Through these numerical patterns and Through these angel numbers and in order To give you today’s psychic reading I Will be using the tarot cards as well as My intuition now if you guys are new to My channel hi I am star girl and I am a Psychic medium here on YouTube and I use My psychic gifts to help encourage those Who feel lost or just want a peek into The future now if you are new to YouTube Psychic readings what I normally have You guys do is take one of the options With your intuition and then once you Pick an option you can fast forward to The times stamps I provide in the pinned Comment as well as the description and It will take you right to your psychic Reading but before I give you guys some Time to meditate on the options and pick One with your intuition I do want to Give a huge thank you and a huge shout Out to my sponsors skillshare for Helping make today’s video happen Skillshare is an online learning Community with thousands of inspiring And creative classes for those who love

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Watching and listening to a class on Skillshare I can be on the elliptical For up to an hour and it will barely Feel like any time has passed if you are Not growing and evolving you are staying Stuck and if you’re looking to grow and Evolve as a person and with your hobby Skills and talents skillshare is the Place to do it the first 1000 of my Viewers to click the link I provide in The pinned comment as well as the Description will get the first month Free of skillshare it’s a free trial you Have nothing to lose in fact you have a Lot to gain thank you guys so much for Sitting through that now let’s get back To the psychic reading welcome back Everyone so these are the three options I need you to pick one of the options With your intuition and then once you Pick an option you can fast forward to The time stamps I provide in the pinned Comment as well as the description click The time stamp next to your chosen Option and it will take you right to Your psychic reading about what the Number synchronicity means for you and Why you are seeing it feel free to take As much time as you need to meditate on The options pause the video if you need To however if your intuition is feeling A little shaky you can use a random Number picker and generate a number Between one to three and whatever number

Is generated is the One You’re supposed To listen to once again pick one of the Options the time stamps are down below Low in the pinned comment and Description but we are about to get Started so if you need a little more Time pause the video if you need to Hey what’s up everyone it’s Stargirl the Practical witch and group number one This is a reading on why you’re seeing The signs why you’re seeing Synchronicity why you’re seeing 111-22-33-111 whatever repeated number You’ve been seeing I’m going to Translate why you are seeing it from the Universe in this psychic message today So let’s get right into it and it Doesn’t matter What Angel Number you’re seeing it Doesn’t matter if you’re seeing 11 11 222-77 Your birthday number it doesn’t matter I’m going to interpret why you’re seeing These repeated numbers and what it means From the universe so let’s get into this Right now Okay so they are wanting you to really Go behind the scenes in a little bit of A Hermit mode group number one that is What you are being pushed towards now Sometimes when we don’t listen to the Push of the universe to spend time in Solitude this will manifest as crappy Friendships crappy online dates crappy

Connections Um feeling drained around certain people Because the universe is really Trying to get you To spend time in Hermit mode spend time Alone getting your life organized and in Order and you know there is like I’ll Give you guys an example there is such a Thing as a hell unhealthy amount of Hermit mode That’s my life I am like unhealthily Hermited Um you know I like people don’t hang out With them because I just enjoy my solitude too much But for you group number one this Solitude you’re being pushed into is Actually a healthy amount of solitude You can’t really level up your life Unless you spend some time alone Sometimes you know six months alone up To a year alone sometimes two years Alone is very necessary for your level Up journey and for you to get to the Next stage of your life Okay there has been moments where the Universe has put me in Hermit mode Against my will I wanted friends I Wanted a boyfriend but none of that was Coming through because the universe was Like look you are telling me You want to level up you want your life Together you want to get to the next Stage of life it’s time to go in Hermit

Mode and start working on it behind the Scenes group number one you know they Want you to go in Hermit mode with that Virgo energy to really just get your Life together to organize your life to Work on your health also they want you To do some healing to your spiritual Health and your mental health and your Subconscious so that’s why you’re seeing Repeated numbers they want you to really Go into hermit mode and go see a Therapist and heal from your past Release limiting beliefs you know I’m Getting a strong push and if you already Are doing therapy you’re already doing a Good job if you’re already in Hermit Mode your Spirit guides are saying good Job that’s exactly where you need to be Right now There’s a lot of like things and you’re There’s a lot of junk in your Subconscious essentially uh group number One that your Spirit guides are trying To get you to heal And this junk manifests as negative Thoughts self-imposed restriction Um and it’s not as hard as you think Like oh what am I supposed to do just You know go into hermit mode follow a Routine to build self-confidence Everyone’s like how do you build Self-confidence You have a routine you stick to that Routine and you gain confidence in

Yourself because you keep your word to Yourself so there’s a very big message Here about it’s time to be alone in Solitude you know drink some green You know exercise Journal a little bit Go see a therapist read a self-help book Spend some time at the gym spend some Time in seclusion finding yourself Hanging out with yourself and getting Healthy that’s what they’re pushing you Towards group number one Okay and when you know it’s gonna go by A lot quicker than you think Okay Um after hermit mode generally this is When Divine connections come in And that’s what you’re being pushed Towards All right now there’s also a warning Here for you group number one I’m also Sensing a lot of blessings I’m sensing a lot of blessings coming in For you but first there’s a warning They want you to avoid Toxic family members group number one They want you to avoid toxic family Members Um you have a lot of karmic Relationships with your family members They want you to avoid toxic people in Your family at this time that are not Good for your healing they want you to Avoid the control of your family I’m Hearing something that your family has a

Lot of control over you and the way that You feel in your life and it feels very Restrictive and your Spirit guides are Saying at this time it’s not conducive For you to be around certain family Members And it’s time for you to seclude Yourself from these family members and The control your family culture has over You subconsciously or maybe you just Feel like there’s a lot of expectation From your family there’s a lot of Pressure from your family to conform or To follow their way and their path and What they think is best they want you to Avoid that at that at this time because You’re making your own way and you are Making Your own path as well They are also telling me Group number one they’re sending you Angel numbers repeated numbers animal Synchronicity whatever you’ve been Seeing repeatedly as synchronicity Um group number one your Spirit guides Are telling me there is something that You can absolutely achieve and manifest On your material reality into your life I just kept hearing that message like When I uh prayed before I did this Um I asked the Holy Spirit to just Really Be here with us in the message to help Reveal what you need to hear

And I heard strongly that There is something group number one that You can absolutely achieve in your life And make a reality and that’s why They’re sending you these angel numbers And synchronicities now I really want to See what it is that you can achieve at This time because they’re saying there’s Something that seems distant that you Feel like you can’t achieve but you can We have the three of Pentacles Your soul has returned to learn many Lessons This is giving me the craft Vibes I Don’t know if you guys have ever watched The Craft it’s like a coven of witches Or this is giving me like American Horror Story Um coven Vibes but I want to get one More card before I make any assumptions About what it is they say that you can Achieve group number one the last card That popped out is the sun wow So your Spirit guides are saying that Something that you can absolutely Achieve in this lifetime is Collaboration with people in your life One thing that’s really sticking out to Me is we have the three women right There and the three women depicted here Which talks about Um creative collaboration collaborating With the right people creating things With a group of people so like some

Words that came to mind when I saw your Spread so I just saw two two Some words that came to mind when I saw Your spread was bandmates you know band Mates Um and if it’s not bandmates it’s like You want to collaborate with a group of People that are going to help you with Your Creative Vision that are going to Share your Creative Vision that are Going to share your creative interest or Share your vision for the future and You’re looking for people to collaborate On growing your creativity growing your Self-expression Um people that you can teamwork with Where you have shared goals that you Know you guys are going to help each Other shine and get recognition some of You uh you really want to be creative And you want your creative Self-expression to be your job and you Want to be positively recognized for Your own unique self-expression you have A lot of desires of your heart Group number one and your spear guides Are saying you can absolutely make this Happen Um they’re showing me that you really Want collaboration with the right people I just heard a ding from Spirit and if You guys are new to my channel when I Hear the ding come up on the laptop when I say a certain point that’s like an

Exclamation point from the universe you Guys really want to collaborate with Other people on a shared goal and Creativity and your Spirit guides are Saying you can absolutely make this Happen now what’s interesting is your Soul has returned to learn many lessons This tells me you have tried to do this In the past but it has failed you have Tried to collaborate with people you’ve Tried to have friends you’ve tried to Have a friend group you’ve tried to work And create art with other people but it Was unsuccessful it was not it was not It Um So you know your Spirit guides are Showing me this but they’re saying you Can absolutely make this happen so let’s See how you can make this happen group Number one We are going to take these Astro dice Which you guys know I love so much we’re Gonna take this Astro Dyson roll how can You make this happen in your life Okay Venus Libra in the seventh house Well I want to tell you guys you are Attracting these people as we speak this Is an energy of ease why well if I get Really nerdy on astrology Venus rules The seventh house Venus also rules Libra The seventh house planetary rulers Venus The seventh house sign ruler is Libra And we have Venus

Um Libra and the seventh house this is Something that’s going to come with ease To you next it’s not something you have To try for it’s not something you have To Manifest this is something that’s a Part of your path is collaborating with A group of people on a shared goal to Expand your creativity or you know even If you’re not creative however I feel a Lot of you are creative and you have a Lot of brilliant ideas and you have a Brilliant vision and you’re looking for People to collaborate on that with or a Good group of friends or something like That this is going to happen for you and It’s going to come with ease group Number one because it’s a part of your Destiny so there’s nothing you really Have to do to make this happen it’s just Saying the universe is going to bring These people to you because creative Collaborations or this good group of Friends Um is going to be so important when it Comes to your destiny Okay So finally They’re telling me they’re also sending You angel numbers group number one Because I’ll tell you why they’re Sending you angel numbers because They’re trying to show you your Vibration currently so whenever you see Your angel number it’s a reminder of

Your current vibration and your current Vibration Manifests your reality so let’s see what You are a vibrational match for Currently okay Spirit guides of group Number one what are they a vibrational Match for what is their current Vibration because repeated numbers Are a physical manifestation Of what your vibration is okay And essentially these repeated numbers Are showing you your vibration And we’re gonna just do a little Aura Read on you do a little vibrational read On you see what you’re attracting with Your energetic field and your aura And for those of you who are new to Spirituality this is actually science Everybody has an energetic field and an Aura that radiates different Informational frequencies so essentially I’m just reading for you group number One what your informational frequency is And what it is that you are attracting With this frequency it might take me a Little bit guys I don’t like to rush the Shuffling I like to wait till one falls Out and I’m going to get a few oh this Is already off to a good start we have Teaching and learning and abundance but Um if it takes me a little bit I might Have to jump cut or fast forward so I Don’t keep you waiting too long well Well well I must say Groove number one

Your vibration is actually really really Good and really really high all of the Cards that we got here were very Positive Um you know we have teaching and Learning abundance spiritual Partnerships and spirituality so one Angel number I am seeing for you is the Angel Number 777 now it’s okay if you Haven’t been seeing Angel Number 777 That’s all good you don’t have to be but I strongly see if we look at these cars Cards 777 now 7 is the number of K2 Which is or the South node in astrology Which talks about spirituality so over The course of the next month I really Feel the universe is going to be showing You the number synchronicity 777 group number one now 777 holds a Very special important message for you And we’re gonna figure out what that Message is whenever you see the angel Number synchronicity of 777 Oh my gosh guys When you see the angel number 777 this Means that you are in communication with Spirit because we had the high priestess As well as Gemini you guys have a very Strong intuition I’m hearing you have Claire cognizance which is psychic Knowing you are somebody who really gets A lot of psychic downloads I really Sense that for you Okay you’re really tapped into your

Intuition you have hidden knowledge on Numerology on astrology and even if You’re not an occult practitioner your Intuition is extremely strong and it Comes through in the form of very clear Thoughts and communication that you have With yourself so 777 is a sign for you Group number one that your intuition is On point that your spiritual abilities Are on point that you really have the Gift of psychic communication with the Divine you really do have that group Number one and 777 is a reminder of your Psychic and spiritual gifts why are you Even on my pick a card reading probably Because you’re just too lazy to shuffle Your own cards and it’s like when you Order Uber Eats and you’re like yeah I Could cook dinner at home and that’d be All well and good but I’m tired so so I’m just going to ubereats a five dollar Meal that’s probably why you’re here Group number one you can read your own Future you can read your own tarot cards You get direct guidance and instructions From your Spirit guides but you’re Probably just on my pick a card because You’re like I don’t feel like doing it On my own I’m gonna you know do the Little cheat do someone else’s pick a Card but you already know all the Answers but uh group number One uh teaching and learning this is What they’re saying that you are a

Vibrational match for so I’m seeing that You have a very strong Crown chakra Okay you have a very strong Crown chakra And third eye chakra which deals with Intelligence and this is not just like Book intelligence I’m feeling for you or You know whatever this is like Intelligence where you just know things In your soul you just know things in Your soul that come through a sort of Intuitive psychic knowing and channel Um you are very intelligent when it Comes to tactics when it comes to Strategizing when it comes to the game Of war because we had the chess card Come out here because I was seeing such A strong emphasis on your natural Intelligence you are really good at Seeing patterns you are really good at Seeing five steps ahead of you you’re Always six steps ahead of the Competition that’s what I heard group Number one You’re always six steps ahead of your Competition you are really good at Strategizing your moves and planning and You’re really good at problem solving With this chess card Um I don’t care if you didn’t go to College I don’t care if your teachers Called you stupid like I had this one Middle School teacher that legitimately I think she was racist because I cannot Fathom why she would tell a 12 year old

Girl that she was stupid like she told Me I was slow and stupid I I cannot Fathom that that woman should not have Been a teacher and if you’re watching This no just kidding but you guys really Have intelligence and I know this Because of the synchronicity We have the chess card which deals with Strategic planning and chess is a sport That’s known for people who are really Smart playing it the crown chakra and Third eye chakra talks about mental Energy you are very intelligent and that Intelligence ties into your clear Cognizance this reminds me of a girl I Follow on Tick Tock who relates Spirituality with science okay like You have an intelligent mind that sees Six steps ahead which makes you seem Psychic but also it’s like Supernatural Intelligence is what I’m feeling for you This is your biggest gift from the Universe is this spiritual intelligence Is this connection to the collective Unconscious so when you see 777 this is Also a sign that you are extremely Intelligent and use that intelligence to Your advantage you can beat the Competition In your life due to your strategic Planning due to your intelligence due to Your ability to see six steps ahead This is also telling me you guys attract A lot of younger people

That learn from you they learn from your Moves and the moves that you take you Have an energy You attract a lot of people who want to Work under you as your understudy who See you as like A teacher or a mentor and you guys are Also attracting the right teachers and Mentors at this time as well I feel like the universe wants you to Spend some time in Hermit mode Working on your health working on your Routines working hard Okay and planning your next steps and Learning as much as you possibly can Okay Um learning as much as you can planning Your next steps that’s what your Spirit Guides want you to do they want you to Start following a schedule working on Your health getting into a routine Planning your next steps and learning as Much as you can about your skills and Developing your skills and this is how You’re going to advance Okay and also I heard if you are Watching this around the time I’m Posting it This hermit mode might only last until September 21st or until the end of September until the end of Mercury Retrograde October 2nd so it won’t even Last a long time so I’m hearing this is Only like

The end the beginning of the Fall you’re Going to be in Hermit mode planning your Next steps learning as much as you can Developing your skills planning your Next steps Right So now we’re going to move on to Abundance for the next card in your Energy and it says I am the Limitless Being and I can manifest whatever I Desire in this physical reality So Currently group number one I was worried I was gonna have to give some negative Readings I was prepared because not all The cards in this deck right here are Positive but you got a lot of positive Cards that indicate to me you are Currently at a very high vibration Whether you realize it or not and this Vibration is helping you manifest Quicker faster It’s helping you manifest your desires Quicker and faster than ever before so Whatever current energetic State you are In this 777 for you is also a sign that You are a vibrational match to your Desires and you are quickly manifesting What you want onto the material plane And you know you could be seeing other Angel numbers you know I did see two two Two there’s five maybe five five five Six sixes but there’s a specific Emphasis on 777 for you group number one And I really feel during this fall time

During the next 30 days you watch this Video you are going to see 777 And this is also a sign that you are a Vibrational match to what it is you Desire and you are manifesting your Desires abundantly and quickly on the Physical plane because you are a Vibrational match for abundance mentally Physically and spiritually at this time Now let’s see what specifically you are Manifesting quickly on this material Plane that has to do with your desires And wishes I want to get some clarifiers On what Abundant Blessings are Manifesting for group number one due to Their High vibration due to their high Energy because I’m seeing you’re Manifesting in abundance currently You’re manifesting your desires quickly Due to your vibration you are Manifesting a ton of abundance which is Telling me That you are currently manifesting with Your vibration Loads of abundance and your desires on The physical plane so let’s see what it Is that you are manifesting at this time Mars and Scorpio Revenge okay Mars in Scorpio Revenge Do you guys have a penchant for Revenge Do we have some cancer risings here I’m Just kidding okay so you know this is a General reading and I did get a few Cards but if you if people have done you

Dirty group number one I will say with This Mars and Scorpio and revenge Um if you wanted people to see how they Did you wrong if you wanted people to See how they treated you wasn’t right Those people are getting their karma and I know this is not for each one of you But this card did pop out and I’m not Going to ignore it so there’s one person Out here watching this video who is like I want this person to get their karma I Want them to see how much they hurt me I Want them to see how what they did to me Isn’t right I’m hearing Um you are manifesting that Revenge but I also heard for you success is the best Revenge and the Revenge that you’re Getting on those who have wronged you is Through your success I’m not necessarily Getting that something bad’s gonna Happen to them like they’re gonna get Hit by a train or like what happens to Regina George and Mean Girls I see that Your success and your abundance is going To be your greatest revenge on these People who Did You Wrong they’re gonna Have to watch you succeed they’re gonna Have to watch the universe bless you With all of this spiritual and material Abundance we also have mercury and Taurus you are also manifesting New money making ideas for yourself That are going to help grow your Abundance

Which means helping you grow your free Time helping you grow abundance and your Money in a way where you can live more Free you’re also manifesting an Abundance of new ideas and new ways to Make your money so you can have more Freedom You are also manifesting wow This is amazing guys We have Pluto the great revealer Total Transformation Some of you are manifesting a very big Change and transformation in your life Some of you are like I need my life to Change completely I want a clean slate I Want a whole new life I want to Transform in a big way let’s see how Your life is transforming abundantly We have the 10th House of your career Um group number one you are manifesting An abundant positive great Transformation when it comes to your Career And remember this is the abundance card This means you are attracting positive Experiences you are attracting blessings You are attracting your desires quickly And some of you out there your deepest Desire is to transform your career Completely to lead you to the right Direction the right way to hear the call Of what you are meant to do Professionally and out in the world and Your career is abundantly and blessedly

And hugely transforming To lead you to the right direction So another thing that stood out to me About this Pluto card is 11 so for you 11 11 is a sign when you see 11 11 group Number one this is a sign that great Change is on the horizon for you you Know angel numbers like I always say Mean different things for different People but for you group number one 11 11 is a sign that there is a huge Spiritual Awakening taking place there Is a huge Total Transformation happening In your life but specifically when it Comes to your career and I kept getting The message like for those of you who Are really young it might be divine Timing for you to step into your purpose Like if you are 18 19 20 early 20s it’s Divine timing for you to completely Unveil Your Divine Purpose here on Earth Um I know some spiritual teachers will Say that we don’t just have one purpose But I disagree I really feel that each One of us is unique and special and we Have come to Earth with a special talent We’re meant to grow and use that talent To benefit Humanity I feel like every Single person has it and it’s our job to Discover it and awaken it I feel for Those of you who are young it’s your Time to finally awaken what your purpose On Earth is Um because it says Pluto the greater

Revealer it’s revealing what’s hidden in Your career it’s revealing what’s always Been there in your destiny but has been Hidden in your career Now for those of you who are on your Like later 20s like 27 or you’re in your Older senior citizen age like 57 77 you Know if you’re above the age of 27 This might mean a total change in Direction of your career A total change in Direction in your Career that’s leading you to the right Path a path that is more suited to you It doesn’t mean that what you were doing In the past was wrong because those Skills that you have learned that those Older jobs are very important and Pertain to Your real life purpose As an example before I did tarot cards Um I was aimlessly taking Um some classes at a community college Which I never finished I dropped out of High school got my GED but I cheated my Way through it And um then I tried to take some classes At a community college I never finished But one of them I took was public Speaking And you know I also took beauty school Which I failed out of and criminal Justice which I also did not finish But you know I found out through trial Okay criminal justice is not for me even

Though blood splatter analysis was a lot Of fun Beauty School not for me really tedious Don’t have the attention span or the Attention to detail but then I did Public speaking Um for the first time in my life a Teacher was like you should explore Public speaking as a major this was Before I even started my YouTube channel And I didn’t know what I was going to do With public speaking I never saw myself As a public speaker and now here we are And I’m giving you these examples Because I want you to relate it to your Own life you know like when before my YouTube channel I worked a job selling Luggage I had to sell people luggage at A high-end luggage store and I made Commission through selling luggage and Guess what now on my YouTube channel I Do sponsorships where I sell products so What I’m saying is the things that you Were doing before were not a waste of Time you learned very important skills In those jobs that will carry on to you In your new career in your new Direction In your new life purpose that is in Alignment with who you’re meant to be So for those of you who are young it’s Time for you to finally step into your Purpose or the next stage in your career Journey it’s time for you to level up Professionally that’s what you’re

Attracting you’re attracting a level up Professionally to the next stage and for Those of you who are past your Saturn Return years 27 and up this might mean a Total change in direction for you or Some tweaking in Direction into a Direction that’s more in alignment with You that connects you back with your Inner child That’s what I saw with child and the Fire element of water some of you guys Who are a little older like my age late 20s 30s 50s 70s you are changing Directions in your career in a way that Uses more of your artistic expression a Way that Um really would make your inner child Happy So I want you to think about what it is You liked doing as a child you know as An example just to help get your Creative juices flowing as a kid I used To love dressing up but I didn’t have The money to dress up I always say like I grew up not having a lot so now as an Adult everyone’s like star girl why are You so extra with your costumes because It makes my inner child happy and it’s Made me enjoy my job more and that’s Like the connection to the inner child Of what you love doing as a child now Connecting to your life purpose as an Adult there’s something you really Enjoyed as a child there’s a creativity

That you loved as a child this change of Direction in your career that you are Attracting this abundance is coming Where Your career is changing in a way where It’s more fun it’s more fluid it uses What It has more happiness it has more Spontaneity Freedom creativity and it Makes you feel like your inner child Again so you know I see a massive change In Korea direction if you’re younger Finally leveling up to the next stage Professionally if you’re older a Changing career direction that connects You back to your inner child and your Creativity and wonder and happiness and Emotional fulfillment in your career you Are a vibrational match for a lot of Blessed abundance in your life Okay and we also have spirituality and Spiritual partnership For the last messages and this really Connects with what I saw earlier I see You connecting with a spiritual Community whether it’s a coven of Witches whether it’s people who share Your spiritual beliefs whether it’s high Vibrational people that you’re working With that is what you’re also attracting In your energy like spiritual Divine Partnerships Um That you really connect to on a soul

Level I did see the whip so like I said I do See there’s pain around partnership We also have woman I see you connecting With a very big female soul mate in your Life very soon group number one Um I see it’s somebody that you haven’t met This person might be born in the year of The rabbit this person could have a Rabbit tattoo Okay Um and I’m also hearing for you guys That There is definitely a strong female Spiritual relationship whether it’s Friend or romantic that is quickly Coming into your life For some of you who are into women I see It as romantic there is this uh woman a Very strong spiritual female connection Coming into your life Okay it is a woman for those of you into Woman it’s a romantic love interest Who’s a woman now if you’re not into Women I see a very big female friendship Entering your life very very soon this Person is passionate they’re caring They’re going to help you and motivate You to follow your heart your dreams and Your goals just like what I saw earlier And I also see that you guys are Following your heart you’re following Your heart and you’re following your

Bliss and that’s why the universe is Rewarding you so much In the next 30 days I really see that For you guys I see you following your Heart and your bliss and trusting your Heart and your bliss and it’s leading You to so many new blessings and New Beginnings Wow I’m hearing by the spring you’re going To meet this person by the spring then Uh the next spring coming up there’s Gonna be a bright blessed new beginning Spring is going to be very blessed for You group number one Okay So these are the messages I had for you I hope that was helpful thank you so Much for watching and I will see you Later hi group two it is me star girl And in today’s reading we are going to Be discovering group number two why you Were seeing Angel numbers a lot of you Might have been seeing you know 11122 or whatever angel number you have Been seeing repeatedly by the universe And you might be like why do I keep Seeing this number synchronicity why do I keep seeing these angel numbers what Is the universe trying to tell me and What does it mean that is what we are Going to find out today group number two So firstly I’m gonna start out with the Astro dice

Because I’m feeling that a lot of you Group two are seeing Angel numbers Because there’s something in your life That needs your immediate Focus they Want you to focus your energy on Something for your highest and greatest Good and because it really needs your Focus right now and that’s why you’re Seeing these angel numbers so let’s see Where Um the universe is trying to direct your Energy and focus So we have Jupiter in the 10th house so Group number two your Spirit guides are Trying to direct your focus towards Growing in your career group number two They want you to start growing in your Career and also really doing something That makes you happy in your career That’s why you are seeing these angel Numbers some of you could be seeing one One one group number two and if you are Seeing 111 this is absolutely an angel Number about how they want you to focus On growing your career let’s see how you Can focus on growing your career group Number two we have the Capricorn card They want you to increase your ambition Determination towards your career goals Group two that is where your Spirit Guides are saying you are going to find Your greatest blessing and also your Greatest fulfillment is if you increase Your dedication efforts consistency

Towards your career because it’s time For you to grow group number two in your Career And you will grow through Capricorn Discipline Um consistency routine that’s where They’re trying to focus your energy on At this time because this is where You’re going to find the next steps to Your destiny is growing in ambition Towards your career Now I’m also feeling for you group Number two that there’s something in Your life you are focusing way too much Energy on that they want you to avoid That is another reason why you are Seeing these angel numbers Angel numbers will serve as a warning Sometimes that we need to divert our Attention away from something that’s no Longer conducive to towards us So group number two Let’s see what it is they want you to Avoid at this time what are the angel Numbers trying to tell you to avoid We have the North Node in the fourth House they want you to get out of your Comfort zone group number two Your Spirit guides are saying you are Spending way too much time at home you Were spending way too much time in your House group number two and we’re trying To get you out of your house we’re Trying to get you out of your home a lot

Of you group number two have been in a Period of hiding yourself away Not wanting to be seen group number two You might have gone through a period Where you’re like I just want to be at Home I don’t want anyone to see me Um you might have been in a little bit Of a Hermit mode group number two Some of you guys you have really been Just stuck in your comfort zone Um Where you want to eat because it feels Good you don’t want to leave your house You don’t want to be seen you know You’ve been in hiding and group number Two your Spirit guides are trying to get You out of hiding They’re trying to get you out of your Comfort zone and get you out of your House because that’s not where you’re Gonna find your blessings at this time Group too You’re going to find your blessings out In the world when you put yourself out There When you let yourself be seen when you Grow your career now is not the time to Stay in your house or in your comfort Zone or hidden behind the scenes it’s Time for you to really start making your Mark on the world and allowing yourself To finally be seen this is where you’re Gonna find your blessings group number Two and that’s what these angel numbers

Mean and if a lot of you group number Two have been seeing the angel number 444 Or you’re about to be seeing the angel Number 444 this angel number is a Message to you that it’s time to get out Of your house it’s time to leave the Pillow fort it’s time to leave the Little nest in your bed it’s time to Stop hiding Your face it’s time to get out of your House and make your mark on the world And allow yourself to be seen that’s What these angel numbers you have been Seeing have been trying to tell you It’s time to go out into the workforce And allow yourself to shine So That is why you have been seeing these Angel numbers now a lot of you are going To see the angel number 444 in the next Month This is a message from your Spirit Guides about what I just said Okay because angel numbers will mean Different things for everybody depending On what time of your life you’re in and Group number two Um when you see 444 this is a definite Message for you So let’s Shuffle this deck and see what The message is further besides about Getting out of your house getting out of Your comfort zone we have the squirrel

So it says energetic secretive Frugal Saving hoarding scold giving lip service Prepared for anything and Miscommunication so I’m also seeing group number two your Spirit guide sends you animal Synchronicity where you keep seeing the Same animal over and over and over again And your Spirit guides will show you the Animal synchronicity of the squirrel So you might have been seeing squirrels A lot or over the course of the next Month you’re going to be seeing a lot of Squirrels and if you’re seeing squirrels This is about saving this is a sign that They want you to start saving your money Um they want you to start being more Hard-working they want you to start Reserving your resources saving your Money Um they want you to start building a Nest egg of savings for yourself Groove number two They also want you to be more Responsible so For You Squirrel animal Symbolism is a message from the universe About needing to save for the winter Needing to save your money save your Resources Um and also to really start becoming More responsible with your Resources Group Two that’s the message that I Heard some of you could be a Virgo sun Moon or Rising

Now I’m also hearing the message for you Group number two that there is something In your life that you really desire And I’m hearing that you can absolutely Have this thing that you desire you can Absolutely manifest it on the physical Plane so what I’m going to do is I’m Going to take this other deck that I Have and see what it is because another Reason why you’re seeing number Synchronicity is because group number Two Um your Spirit guides are saying there’s Something that’s ready to manifest in Your life there is a wish of yours that You can absolutely make a material Reality that is absolutely realistic That is ready to Come into fruition for you so we have The page of Wands and it says messages News enthusiasm free spirit New Passion A spark creative talent and vigor a lot Of you what you want is Passion back Into your life group number two You want the feeling of passion and Excitement back into your life and your Spirit guides are saying you can Absolutely make this happen this is Something that is ready to manifest for You let’s get a few more clarifiers Though before I jump to conclusions So group number two your Spirit guides Are showing me that one desire that you Have in your heart is for a passionate

Romance to enter your life where you Feel like this is a Divine connection You feel like this is a big time Soul Connection you want passion and love in Your romantic relationships to re-enter Your life you want to feel excited about Love life again group two I’m seeing the Desire of your heart is about feeling Exciting Feeling excited for your life again Feeling like your life is filled with Passion romance falling head over heels With life again you want major change to Take place in your life where there’s Exciting New Beginnings and life feels Like a movie life feels passionate again You feel creative again you feel Inspired again you feel this Lust For Life again you know that is the desire Of your heart that I’m seeing for you Group two is great romance Um an exciting life an adventurous life Feeling excited and passionate about Life again and also being creatively Inspired again which you want is that Feeling of excitement and passion and Adventure to re-enter your life and Group number two the universe is telling You with these angel numbers that this Desire is ready to manifest into your Life I’m hearing by the next lunar Eclipse so you can actually Google the Next lunar eclipse And around that time you’re going to

Receive this passionate New Beginning Especially when it comes to your Creativity and your love life So the big change that you’re looking For the passion that you’re looking for The drama and excitement that you’re Looking for is going to happen around The time of the lunar eclipse and this Desire of your heart Is going to manifest for you and I’m Specifically hearing if you use the new Moon to manifest your new moon Manifestations are definitely coming in I’m hearing uh some of you guys have Psychic dreams as well Um you dream about people before you Meet them you have a lot of psychic Dreams and I feel for you guys you are Definitely dreamers group number two You’re the Hopeless Romantics you have Rose-colored lenses on which is why I Was seeing earlier in your spread that’s Why your Spirit guides are telling you To save more money because because you Guys are free spirits and because you’re So passionate you seem to spend your Money very quickly so that’s why your Spirit guides have been sending you Squirrels they’re like hey save for Winter Um save your money so you can take a Month off of work and just do whatever You want they’re saying that right now Saving is important for you saving for

Your future is important for you instead Of just spending your money on random Things here and there they’re saying Saving your money is important right now Group number two be more responsible With your resources that’s why we got The squirrel in the beginning but for You another another animal synchronicity That the Universe sends you is horses Horses when you see horses when you see A lot of horses when you know you’re Driving by a farm you see horses or you Start seeing horse symbolism everywhere This is actually animal synchronicity Letting you know that you are a match For what it is that you desire which is Creative inspiration passion to enter Your life excitement to enter your life An eventful exciting life is coming for You group number two especially with This new moon I’m hearing the next new Moon or the next lunar eclipse something About Eclipse season this is coming in This is what you’re manifesting Um you’re manifesting this great love This passionate love that’s what you Want You want to feel inspired and excited About life again and this is a desire That is going to manifest for you and This is why you are seeing number Synchronicity you might be seeing zero Zero zero and nine nine nine zero zero Zero and 999 is a sign of this incoming

Passion and excitement and Change and Craziness that you desire deep down in Your heart entering your life Let’s see what you can do To bring this in faster What can you do to bring this in faster For yourself I’m hearing a new and full moon eclipses Are very powerful when it comes to Manifestation for you so we have the Water element and it says artistic Emotional Mystic fantasy dreams Enchanting sensitive fluidity compassion Diving deep healing intuitive and Romantic I see romance entering the cards for you A lot of you have a lot of water sign Placements in your birth chart but I’m Seeing a lot of romance a lot of Creativity entering your life Group number two And I’m hearing that you can Manifest this for yourself faster By pursuing what makes you feel Emotionally abundant that’s what I heard We also had fall full moon contemplation Of effort abundance Yes the time has come a lot of you guys Are manifesting this passionate love Affair this passionate romance this Exciting life around the time of the Fall That’s what I heard for you so the

Timing here is very specific group Number two You’re manifesting this passion in your Life or this romance around the time of The fall and it’s going to be around the Time of the new moon or the full moon so In September October November early December this wish is manifesting for You this wish is coming for you and I’m Hearing you can Manifest this Faster by Following what makes you feel excited or Following what makes you feel Emotionally Abundant Follow your emotions then follow what Makes you feel excited follow the Passion and you’re gonna find what it is That you’re looking for now I know a lot Of spiritual people will say Don’t follow your feelings and that’s Important when you want to achieve Something or be disciplined but for you The guidance here is follow your bliss You want this excitement you want to Feel excited about life follow what Makes you feel emotionally abundant and Happy and excited and this is how you’re Going to manifest it faster and there’s Something about Um You guys manifesting this romance this Excitement this creative Spark By the Fall Around the time of the full or new moon

And it’s saying yes the time has come For you to close out an old cycle of Your life that has gotten stagnant dead And boring and it’s time for you to open A new cycle with this new moon right Here I’m hearing new people new places new Place to live new job new environment New new new new is coming in for you Because your Spirit guides are saying You are coming to an end of one season Of your life kind of like in a TV show Where one season ends and they get all New cast members they get an all new Apartment that storyline ends there’s a Story line that you are in that’s gotten Dead that’s over that’s ending in the Fall and a new season is coming into Your life of new people new faces new Location new new new that’s bringing This passion and excitement for life Into your life again which is what your Heart desires and what desires you and What is ready to manifest so I’m seeing With this like lunar eclipse and fall Full moon there’s going to be a complete Ending of a season of your TV show where The old cast is being swapped out the Old location is being swapped out and Now you the main character are moving Into new people new places new things New environment with a whole new Storyline that old storyline you are in Is now in the fall coming to a close

Which which is ushering in new romance New people new things new job new Everything Filled with the new and the unknown Giving you this passion and happiness That your heart is Desiring that’s What’s Happening energetically Here For You group number two and that’s why You’re seeing all of these angel numbers That’s what these angel numbers are Trying to tell you so you’re definitely Going to see zero zero zero 999 for you group number two 999 you’re Going to see and 999 means the old Storyline is ending the old cast members Are being swapped out The old cycle you are in is coming to a Great season finale like in a TV show Where there might be a lot of drama a Lot of endings A lot of closing out the old story Because you’re stepping into the new Season with the new story because your Lease for that TV show has been Re-signed Does that make sense I’m using like Weird metaphors but that’s what’s coming Up for me it’s kind of like group two Your life is a movie You have that energy of I am the main Character my life is a movie Your life your destiny group number two It’s funny because group number three Has a very strong Destiny too but for

You group two your destiny is more like Your life is art You have that main character energy Your life could be a movie and that’s Why I’m getting so much movie and TV Show symbolism because that old the you Know Lord of the Rings one is closing Out you’re entering Lord of the Rings Two the sequel You know because your life is like a Movie and that’s what’s about to happen Because this is the desire of your heart And this is what you’re manifesting Because you’re following that emotional Abundance you’re following that what Makes you feel excited you’re following That gut and heart feeling towards what Makes you feel Passionate So you’re entering a phase of major Endings closing out Loose Ends And entering the new season Lots of change taking place for you here Group number two which is why you might Be seeing five five as well this is a Sign of major change to come when you See 555 and when you see zero zero zero In the next few months zero zero zero For you group two is a sign of new People coming into your life and brand New beginnings entering your life when You see zero zero zero Like you will notice when you see zero Zero zero group two you start to meet

New people you get a new job you get That new house You move to that new location Because zero zero zero is a sign that a Brand new slate for you is coming in Life And 999 on the other hand is a number Synchronicity for you that means things Are coming to a completion things are Ending you’re releasing the old cast You’re releasing an old job you are Releasing something and moving on when You see 999 group number two These are the number synchronicities I’m Seeing for you you guys are hopeless Romantics and you follow your heart you Follow your passion some people will say That’s bad and undisciplined you guys do Struggle with discipline group two when It comes to eating when it comes to Saving money when it comes to being Responsible and practical which is why You’re represented as the squirrel a lot Of you might have like a short attention Span like even listening to this I don’t Know how you’re listening to this Because my voice is very Saturn like Because My second house ruler is next to Saturn Which means I’m slow and like Saturn so Your attention is all over the place Essentially which is why your Spirit Guides have been saying hey it’s time to Be a little more responsible and

Consistent because you do follow your Feelings you follow your heart You are the definition of following your Heart group two And that’s why it’s leading you towards This new passion in your life new Romance and I’m not hearing with like Old people I’m hearing with new people not your ex Group two even if you’re in a Relationship Okay group two this might mean like an Ending of your relationship if you know It hasn’t been working for a while and You felt dead for a while because I see New people coming in not your ex not the Old not people from your past coming Back new people new faces a new cast a New leading man a new Leading Lady And your desire is to feel that passion And you’re following your heart towards It but sometimes that means next thing You know all your money is spent next Thing you know you over a next thing you Know so it’s saying be more responsible With your resources as well that’s why You’re seeing squirrels because your Spirit animal is the squirrel Groove Number two fidgety wrestlers can’t pay Attention I’m all over the place Um So Um this is what I see coming into your Life

New Rome especially guys group two if You’re single I’m seeing new romance Coming into your life The the next fall whenever you’re Watching this by the end of the Fall I See Like I’m hearing fall and winter fall And winter I see new romance coming into Your life and I don’t normally give Romantic messages because I don’t like To give false hope but I kept seeing it Over and over a new person this is not An old person because this is the page Of Wands this is like a new person who’s Exciting you who you don’t know very Well and the new moon I see a new Romantic love interest who’s going to Excite you and bring in this wave of Emotion and falling in love really fast The fall and winter during the fall and During the winter But it means closing out the old cycle Releasing that X where you feel dead for You group two you know you’re in the Wrong place if you feel dead and Uninspired also I hope my camera is Focusing it’s Mercury retrograde so we Sometimes when I go into editing I see The camera lens isn’t focused if it’s Not focused let’s just take this as a Sign from Spirit that maybe you’re Having issues concentrating because you Do follow your feelings a lot and some People will say that’s bad group too

Some people will say that the fact that You follow your feelings means you’re Irresponsible means that you’re Undisciplined and where there is a need For more discipline in your life Especially when it comes to your career That’s a sign you’ve been getting for 444 which is about stability having more Stability and discipline at the end of The day what you want is to have Extremely passionate life experience Where you feel in love and over the moon In love with your life You want a life about creativity you Want a life about fantasy about creative Expression about following your feeling Following your heart having fulfilling Life emotional experience that’s what You want so follow that feeling as long As you’re not hurting yourself and Others obviously And that desire of your heart has been Heard by the Universe I really feel you Guys manifest on new or full moons And your manifestations that you did on The new and full moon are coming true But there’s something about new and full Moons being very powerful when you Manifest and you manifest through your Emotions And one thing I was seeing about what’s Coming for you in love Because I’m seeing new people right I’m seeing this energy of you releasing

The ball and chain and commitments Restrictions that have weighed you down From being happy With this ball and chain right here You’re gonna start feeling lighter in The next three months is what I’m Hearing in the next three to five months Like I don’t know if you guys can see This but essentially the ball and chain Has been removed that was holding you Down and now you’re leaping feeling Lighter than ever so something in your Life is a ball and chain it makes you Feel Restricted it makes you feel trapped and Makes you feel unhappy it makes you feel Dead inside you’re releasing that ball And chain and now you’re feeling so much Lighter you’re releasing that Responsibility you’re releasing that Person you’re releasing that ball and Chain in your life and now you’re Feeling so much lighter in the next Three to five months you feel free or You feel more in tune with your spirit You feel like things are coming easier Because you’re stepping into your light Higher self energy Um there’s something here about you Meeting a significant soulmate Relationship when you go outside of your House you’re gonna meet this person in a Public venue you’re going to meet them At a

Concert at a public venue at a party but It’s going to be outside of your house That’s why they’re trying to get you Outside of your house I’m also getting this glimpse of you in The future getting married Outdoors Getting married outdoors in nature in a Garden I saw that for you group number two I See like the next marriage in your life You’re gonna get married Outdoors Save this video and come back when it Happens I really strongly feel that but I’m also getting this energy of you not Wanting to be tied down like I really Feel in the next three to five months You’re gonna be surrounded by a lot of Friends as I see with the dolphin card People who make you feel happy and Excited and playful and bring out your Inner child you’re really going to be Connecting with a lot of friendships and Dolphins are a sign for you of incoming Friendships or people that you’re gonna Have a lot of fun with Kind of just having a lot of joy and fun Experiences with other people and being In a playful free spirit energy that’s What I feel for you but then you’re Gonna meet like the significant new soul Mate Who you’re gonna marry when you’re out With friends and you’re gonna get Married in this Garden venue that’s what

I see Like this has been such a Straightforward message You are going to be around people who Make you feel light who are playful who You have a lot of fun with who are going To bring in these really beautiful life Experiences with you I’m seeing a lot of Water and ocean maybe you guys are Moving near water or ocean For some of you But you’re going to be surrounded by People that make you feel lights fun and In a high Vibe that’s what I see Now number synchronicity is also a Physical representation of your current Vibration And we are unconsciously manifesting With our vibration all the time because With the law of attraction we attract What we are a vibrational frequency to And your vibration manifest things in Your life you attract things in your Life based on your vibration and numbers Are a message of your vibration so we’re Gonna use this deck to see what Vibration you are currently in and what You are currently manifesting into your Reality With this vibrational frequency that you Are letting off and this might take me a Little while to shuffle the cards so I May fast forward it in order to save Some time

But let’s get a read on your energy and What vibration these angel numbers are Trying to show you that you are at so The first card we have is balance I Bring a state of Perfect Harmony Into my world and I do without judgment I feel like you guys are really Non-judgmental people like for real I Feel like you guys are so accepting of Others you’re so non-judgmental you have A really pure non-judgmental soul that Really resonates with a lot of people Okay we have music some of you are being Called to do music Some of you are called to start doing Music again to learn how to sing to Learn an instrument to start making Music again Some of you one of your natural talents In your energy field is your gift of Music Now Music also relates to dancing So I see that you guys are very creative Is essentially what I’m seeing so you Have a very strong sacral chakra which Is the orange chakra located right below Your belly button your sacral chakra is Very healthy which means you are Extremely creative You either draw you do art you do music You dance you are 100 my dreamers and my Creatives and your vibration Is yearning for you to do art again to Be creative again Because your identity is that of someone

Who is a creative and being creative is What brings you expansion and joy in This life if you’re not able to be Creatively expressive you feel dead Inside so people can tell off your Energy you are a creative that is your Identity so it’s time to take actions That match that identity and practice Art every day because that is a part of Your energetic field it’s your karma It’s your Dharma in this life we also Have communication So you guys are also natural Um the way you communicate best is Through art group number two Whether Whether that’s through whether that’s Through interior design whether it’s Through music whether it’s through Costumes makeup the way you communicate The best is through your creative Expression And your energy communicates to other People like without you saying anything Without you Telling people you’re an artist people Can tell through your energy your energy Communicates that you are an artist You are a creative and that is your Identity and that is how you communicate Best is through music and through the Things that you create Also when you speak you have an energy Of confidence and Authority I don’t know

If that’s something you know about Yourself but you know how some people They speak and you can tell they’re Insecure you pick up their energy you Have a confident speaking voice group Number two Have I been saying group three I’m sorry I’m a little tight it’s Mercury Retrograde I’m a Mercurial Rising you Know I’m in a weird Spate Spate I meant to say space but I said State spit anyway Um your energy communicates that you are An artist and people can tell that about You because that is your fingerprint This is why you follow your emotions Your feelings you’re flighty you’re an Artist you want to experience the Artist’s life Creative inspiration is coming back for You we also have the energy of healing So right now group number two You are in the process of recovery and Healing That’s what I’m seeing And some of you are healing through your Creative expression But you’re definitely in an energy of Healing Tying up Loose Ends completing a cycle Of healing And Reawakening your Soul’s need to Express itself creatively That’s your identity as an artist and

It’s time for you to step into that Identity That’s what I saw for you group number Two I hope that was helpful and I will See you later hey Groove number three It’s me Star Girl the Practical witch And this is a video on why you were Seeing number synchronicity you are Seeing 444-222-111 or whatever random number That you have been seeing over and over And you might be like what in the world Is the universe trying to tell me with This number synchronicity and that’s What we are going to find out in today’s Tarot reading so group number three I Was feeling for you I feel like the Reason why you are seeing number Synchronicity is because the universe is Trying to get your attention and the Universe is trying to get you to focus Your intention on a very important Aspect of your life right now that Really needs your attention So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use The Astro dice to see where the universe Wants to focus your attention group Number three where are they trying to Divert your attention to for your Highest and greatest good So we have Uranus in the sixth house so Your Spirit guides really want you to Get out of the routine you are in there Is something about your daily routine

With Uranus in the sixth house that is Getting stagnant that’s an old routine That’s no longer serving you so group Three the universe is sending you number Synchronicity some of you might be Seeing 666 you might be seeing zero zero Zero although you don’t have to be but These number synchronicities are trying To tell you that there’s something about Your routine daily that’s no longer Working and they want you to get out of Your routine and shake things up maybe They want you to there’s a better Routine that will serve you better maybe You guys have been stuck in a routine For so long that’s not advancing you Forward so they really want to help you Change your routine and get out of your Routine this can mean going to different Restaurants going to different grocery Stores going on a different walk doing a Different drive home they want you to Shake up and change your daily routine In some way because that’s where you’re Going to find your greatest blessing Let’s see why they want you to shake up Your daily routine what about it is not Working so with this Aries card Or this Aries dice for that matter Aries Is the sign of physical activity It’s The Sign of Um War so what they’re trying to get you to Do is start up a new routine they want

You to start something new in your daily Routine this could be with your exercise Routine as well like for instance maybe You’re just doing cardio and your Spirit Guides are wanting you to do more Strength training or maybe there’s an Exercise routine that’s going to work Better for you and that’s what you’re Discovering so your Spirit guides are Really trying to get you to direct your Energy towards transforming your routine In a way that’s more conducive for you And what it is that you want I’m also getting the message that your Spirit guides have been sending you Number synchronicity because there’s Something in your life they want you to Avoid at this time There is something in your life they Want you to avoid because focusing Energy on it is not conducive to your Path and it’s not conducive to your Growth let’s see what that is group Three So we have Capricorn in the sixth house Yet again there’s something about your Routine that has gotten very boring you Have been doing the same things the same Habits every day you have been You know sticking to a routine and habit For a long time now that has gotten Boring uninspiring and you’re stuck in a Rut essentially group number three so Your Spirit guides are trying to get you

Out of that rut by trying new things Doing different things going to Different places and shaking up your Routine because whether you have a Conscious routine or not you’ve been Stuck in that same daily routine that’s Leaving you feeling stuck stagnant and It’s not taking you anywhere Um so that is why your Spirit guides are Trying to shake up your routine now Let’s see what kind of things you can do To shake up your routine that may lead You to bigger blessings group number Three maybe it’s like for instance I’m Just giving an example Let’s say you’re single right but you Keep going to the same grocery store the Same gym and nothing new ever happens Maybe if you go to a different gym a Different grocery store or you take a Different class you might meet your soul Mate do you know what I mean there’s Something about shaking up your routine Or the places that you go because it’s Time for a shake up it’s time for a Change in that routine because there is Something better so let’s get some Clarifiers on how you can shake up your Routine Group number three and this is just Gonna be a few examples for those of you Out there we have the raccoon and it Says Problem Solver curious ask Questions adaptive creative entrepreneur

Mischievous scavenger resourceful and Clever so some of you are going to be Seeing the raccoon symbolism as animal Synchronicity for the next month and Essentially the raccoon talks about your Sleep habits a lot of the times raccoons Are night owls maybe you’re having Trouble sleeping and your circadian Rhythm is off and they want you to start Incorporating a nighttime routine so you Go to bed at a healthy time because Practically You know if you go to bed before 10 30 If you keep a night routine you’ll get a Lot of restful sleep that will lower Your cortisol levels it’ll make it so You don’t overeat or suffer from Depression or have skin problems or Health issues sleep is so important for Health and we see that in astrology Because the 12th House of sleep is Directly opposition from the sixth house Of Health which means sleep and health Go hand in hand so if you’re having Trouble falling asleep at a certain time You are seeing Angel numbers because They’re saying we want you to Incorporate a nighttime routine because When you get into a nighttime routine Your body will know when it’s time to Sleep you’ll get restful sleep and You’ll feel healthier but this could Also be as well with the raccoon Problem Solver curious creative resourceful

Clever if you change up your routine This might actually get your creative Juices going and help you think of Really great ideas because sometimes if We go to the same park we go to the same Place places our mind stays stagnant and It doesn’t think of new creative ideas With new stimulating environments so Your Spirit guides are saying if you Switch up your routines you’re going to Get like a really great business idea I Just keep hearing entrepreneur you’re Gonna get a really great idea for your Business you might get more clever and Resourceful with what it is that you Have there’s also an energy group three That your spear guides are wanting you To work with what you have You know instead of buying a bunch of Useless junk and that just piles up they Want you to look at what you have laying Around your house what you have on hand And get creative and use what you Already have instead of buying more new Things This could even mean you might find Something really amazing at the thrift Store that Sparks your creativity as Well So you’re being called to go to a thrift Store because you’re going to get that Special find that’s what I heard too now Group number three The third reason why I’m seeing that you

Are seeing number synchronicity is Because there is a blessing A wish A desire Something really big that is ready to Manifest in your life that is a huge Blessing Something that you can 100 percent Achieve On the physical plane So your Spirit guides are kind of Leading me towards going towards that There’s something that you want that is Absolutely realistic that you can Manifest in your life right now Presently and that’s one of the reasons Why you are seeing Angel numbers so we Have the ten of Pentacles Which talks about inheritance Old money tradition marry into money Legacy Roots windfall business Empire These might be some words that kind of Coincide with the desires of your heart Inheritance old money tradition marry Into money Legacy Roots windfall Business and Empire And we also have that with the 10th House of Fame and career and this says Career Reputation Fame Legacy Public Image Status purpose Notoriety achievement power and Empire So one word that really stood out to me Is a lot of you want Power

You want to be wildly successful and you Want a high status in life group number Three that’s what I see some of you Could be seeing the numbers Synchronicity 10 10 or 101 And I’m hearing like I see a lot of Black and red colors and those are power Colors like I took a business class one Time and the teacher said that black and Red was the colors of power and Dominance and Authority so I’m seeing From this you guys want Power Authority Legacy recognition and achievement Essentially you want to be wealthy and Famous I’m not judging you group number Three from this there’s no judgment Some people believe it or not want to Live out in nature in a camper van Cooking on an open fire all day you want Money power and Glory group three I see That You want money power and glory and your Spirit guides because this came up with The desires of your heart you can Absolutely manifest your Spirit guides Are saying to you with this number Synchronicity one zero one so I really Feel that over the course of the next Few months the universe is going to be Showing you the number synchronicity 101 Or 10 10 this is a sign from the Universe that you can absolutely achieve On the material playing this money power And Glory where you have this big house

On the hill where you have Fancy clothes where you have that crown Of achievement where you are amongst the Stars you’re amongst the one percent of Society Maybe some of you want to marry into Money whatever that is with money power Recognition Glory your Spirit guides are Saying that you can have this and this Is why they are sending you Um number synchronicity As confirmation that you can get this Money you can get this notoriety you can Get this High status this is something That we are allowing you to achieve and Manifest here on Earth For your destiny you can absolutely have This that’s why they’re sending you it So let’s see how you are going to Achieve this Group number three how are you going to Achieve this money this power and this Glory the seven of Swords scheming lies Cheating theft sneaky avoiding Responsibility and opportunism So group number three This is interesting about how you are Going to achieve this some of you I’m Hearing you’re ready to sell your soul To the devil Some of you I’m hearing you are doing Magic to attract this It’s interesting because we have the Hidden Truths come to the surface power

Of the Hidden okay so I got the message Group three it’s you need to move in Silence Did you hear that dang Oh the candle went out I’m creeped out Guys did you see that candle go out hold On let me replace it All right group three I am thoroughly Creeped out by your psychic reading Firstly before I had to replace the Candle as soon as I said move in silence The computer dinged and the light went Out I don’t know if you guys saw that But rewind and watch what happened Before I had to cut out because the Candle died out as soon as the candle Died out the computer dinged when I said Move in silence so that’s a double Exclamation point from the Universe I Cannot make this stuff up guys like you Saw it right I want you to comment down Below I saw that star girl that was nuts That was nut synchronicity we had the Light go out and the ding all at once When I said move in silence that was Like a double exclamation point and Highlight from the universe they’re Saying if you want to achieve this Fame This money the status you have to move In silence with the seven of swords and The black moon You have to work behind the scenes move Behind the scenes guard your secrets Guard your moves from people who might

Try to steal your ideas or sabotage you Um I really feel a lot of you might have People doing divination on you with that Crow some of you are seeing crows this Is a sign to move in silence when you See black birds group number three Because your Spirit guides will send you Messages through animals as well the Black bird is a sign for you to move in Silence If you want to achieve this don’t tell People your plans don’t ask people their Opinion move in silence and if you are Already moving in silence doing things Behind the scenes hiding your next moves Keeping your plans to yourself then You’re already on the path to success I feel like group number three your Spirit animal is the raven I felt that strongly some of you guys You might really resonate with Um Ravenclaw and Harry Potter and in Fact I’m willing to say if Harry Potter Was real and you were a witch you would Be placed in Ravenclaw but your spirit Animal is the raven So I’m hearing move in silence make Moves behind the scenes don’t tell People your plans don’t share your plans Looking for opinions just get it done Move in silence nobody knows what you’re Doing keep your secrets to yourself And move in the dark Don’t let anyone see your moves or ideas

I heard that Okay let’s see how you’re going to Achieve Um this Fame this recognition this money How are you going to achieve this group Number three in what field actually I’m Going to use a different deck So I’m going to draw like three of these Because this is a general reading so it Could be one of them two of them or all Three of them let’s get three cards to See what’s going to give you this huge Money So we have sun in Gemini If you’re a sun in Gemini this is a sign You are definitely going to receive this Money Power Glory but with some in Gemini this has to do with writing some Of you could achieve this through Writing Gemini is also the sign of Social media so I’m hearing social media Some of you could achieve it through Writing Gemini is also the sign of your Skills so so there’s something about Your skills That is going to bring you this Fame Notoriety Because on this I do see a gymnast some Of you are gymnast or dancer that’s Confirmation as well we also had the sun In Libra Um so if you also have sun and Libra This is double confirmation you will Achieve this money Power Glory

And for some of you you want to marry Into it some of you your goal is to Marry into it and I’m hearing that’s one Of the ways you are going to do it is by Marrying into it now let’s get one more Now remember guys This is a um General reading so it could Be one two or all three let’s get one More card for how you’re going to Achieve this money power and Glory Besides moving in silence we have Jupiter and Gemini and it says Bluff So Gemini came out twice if you have Gemini placements this is definitely for You You’re going to receive it since Gemini Came out twice I really feel a lot of You it’s through social media or it’s Through writing or it’s through your Skill set Something that you create something You’re very skilled at is going to bring You this But also we have the bluff which is Moving in silence So those are the ways your Spirit guides Are trying to tell you this is how you Can achieve it so another number Synchronicity I’m seeing is 777. When you see 777 Um group number Three I also feel it’s a warning from Your Spirit guides That someone around you that you have a

Relationship one of your acquaintances Is spreading lies about you they might Be talking bad about you and I don’t Like to give fear-based readings but Sometimes your Spirit guides will give Warnings about certain people in your Life when you see 777 group three that’s A sign from your Spirit guides that Someone around you is opportunistic They might be stealing your ideas they Might be sabotaging you because And stealing your ideas stealing these Ideas that you have they might be an Opportune opportunistic they might be Um not trustworthy someone in your Network Circle That’s what 777 means now I’m also seeing with 333 This is a message from your Spirit Guides that you guys are extremely Skilled You have a natural talent you have a Natural skill I’m hearing you guys are Multi-talented group number three And some of you over the course of the Next few months are going to be seeing The number synchronicity 333 and this is A message from your Spirit guides that You are multi-talented and this Multi-talented nature that you have is Going to give you this money Power Glory Success it’s kind of like I have so much Respect for other YouTubers Especially like ASMR you know because

Not only do they have to be a Charismatic personality but they also Have to be good at lighting Um technical editing Um thumbnail making advertising YouTubers are multi-talented especially Like the the mainstream side of YouTube That’s like an example of being Multi-talented you guys are Multi-talented like that you were a jack Of all trades and this multi-talent that You have it’s like not only are you Charismatic Not only are you a natural leader but You’re also good at this that and the Third you know you have a lot of Different things that you are talented At not just one thing it’s kind of like For instance a writer who’s a really Great writer but they’re not good with People so they can’t sell their book They can’t advertise their books so They’re an Undiscovered writer that Never gets the attention they deserve Because they only had that one Talent of Writing you’re not like that group three You are someone who is a good writer who Is charismatic you’re like a triple Threat is what I’m hearing not only that It’s like you have you’re good at makeup You’re charismatic you have a skill that You’re really good at you’re Multi-talented and that’s what’s going To give you this High status in your

Life and group three I am getting a Little creeped out in your reading I’m Not gonna lie like I’m getting this Darker energy around you Okay group three I’m a little creeped Out by your reading Um there’s something very powerful about Your aura you guys might have And I’m gonna give this Tick Tock Creator credit there’s this uh Tick Tock Creator who comes up on my page about Face reading a lot and very interesting Stuff Um and she said people with high wide Che cheekbones hold a lot of personal Power I’m willing to bet a lot of you Have wide mid-faces wide cheekbones you Have a lot of personal power you are Very very intimidating You are very powerful you are Intimidating you are multi-talented you Have a lot of personal power which is Why a lot of people just suffer from Jealousy around you group three with That green aura People really suffer from jealousy Around you they’ll be so jealous of you They will pretend to be your Acquaintance and friend just to sabotage You just to be close to you You have a lot of people so you might be Like why don’t people like me why don’t I get along with people why is it I Can’t

You know why is it I’m always like Victimed or singled out it’s because you Have this personal power that most People don’t have Um And group three on a flip side you might Struggle with jealousy as well But let me tell you something because You guys want Power when you allow Yourself to be jealous of somebody you Give them so much energetic power you’re Fueling their manifestations of Greatness when you are jealous of them Because you are confirming that reality Of theirs Jealousy is the number one way to give Away your power because essentially You’re energetically feeding their Manifestations of yes they’re so great They deserve my jealousy and attention Does that make sense So Um And also guys some of you might be into Witchcraft or I don’t know but I’m I’m Intimidated by your energy And the fact that the candle went out And the ding you know you don’t have to Sell your soul to make this happen group Three you are naturally destined for big Things So another reason why you are seeing Number synchronicity group number three Oh gosh I’m getting like anxiety

Who are you guys okay Um another reason why you are seeing Um number Synchronicity I don’t know why I’m getting Disney Villain Vibes like I don’t know why I’m Getting Maleficent Vibes I’m getting uh Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty vibes From this so hard So interesting so um what I’m going to Do group three is numbers are vibrations And when you see repeating numbers group Number three it is a reflection in the Material about your current vibration And your vibration your energetic field Manifests your reality and attracts Things to you so the number Synchronicity is showing you what your Current vibration is what your current Energy is and what it is that you’re Attracting so let’s do an energetic read On you to see what energy you are in and What you are unconsciously or Consciously manifesting with your Current energy So group four I have this deck right Here you guys know I’m a huge fan of the Mega deck So what I’m going to do Um Is see what your current vibration is And to elaborate further on the move in Silence guys this means like don’t be so Transparent don’t be an open book be a

Shut book be mysterious leave things up To mystery Um don’t be so transparent about your Moves and who you are I heard that but Let’s see let’s see what your current Vibration is Let’s see what your current vibration is Group number three what are you Um vibrating at right now and what are You attracting with your current Vibration and remember guys everyone is Kind of psychic uh we pick up people’s Energetic Fields so this is what other People are picking up from you This is what you’re attracting to you With your energetic field we have the Card of purpose We have the card of blame in Reverse I Accept responsibility for my well-being Okay let’s get two more To see what your current vibration is at What people are reading off of you Because with the law of attraction you Attract what you are right let’s see What you’re attracting with your Vibration group three We have manifestation and the number Eight oh I love that I love that group Three yes Okay let’s get one more Okay We have Um the surrender Card

Okay So what here is going on let’s take a Look So group three a lot of you have Received Enlightenment about what you Are here to do with that purpose card Um the purpose card is linked to your Third eye in Crown chakra which talks About spiritual enlightenment so you Have been getting spiritual downloads And Enlightenment about what’s your Purpose here on Earth is this has been Made abundantly clear to you group Number three and we also have the card Of twin flames 11 11. Wow look at that number synchronicity So you have been seeing 11 11 group Number three Because This says Divine partner mirror heart Chakra activation reflection other Self-catalyst Awakening soulmate yin Yang balancing masculine and feminine Energies when you see 11 11 group number Three this is a message from your Spirit Guides that you are balancing your Masculine and feminine Energies And because you have a balance of your Feminine receptive energy and your Masculine energy of moving forward this Is quickly manifesting growth in your Life purpose and your destiny that is What 11 11 means for you you are

Becoming balanced in your action and Your receptivity so masculine energy Group three is the will and the drive to Go and get what it is that you want But there’s also a time when we’re meant To be more receptive and receive our Manifestations and receive our Harvest For our actions 11 11 for you means you’re in perfect Balance And that’s why you’re attracting growth In your life purpose and your destiny But also you guys have received Enlightenment group number three that Something that is a part of your path Is being in Union with a big time Soulmate like you see yourself working With a significant other kind of like Ed And Lorraine Warren Um I know Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have stated their twin flames and They work together or like I don’t know Like Yoko Ono and John Lennon from the Beatles how they work together you feel Your life purpose involves a major Romantic relationship where your Romantic relationship your you and your Partner work together towards a higher Cause or towards a purpose and your Spirit guides are confirming that this Is a part of your destiny now I want to Say group number three That Um I have been doing a lot of research

On psychology and I never want to Promote toxic thinking in love obviously Do not stay with a toxic person Just because you think that they are Your twin flame look at practically the Signs because spirituality needs some Practicality and I’m saying this because I want to protect you and put a Disclaimer of if someone’s treating you Like crap they are not your twin flame And do not make excuses for that Behavior but I will say with the 11 11 Twin flames you feel like you and a Significant soul mate are meant to work Together for a higher purpose and I want To confirm group number three this is a Part of your destiny You and your significant other will work Together on a higher cause and a higher Purpose That’s what I see let me get one more Clarifier for this That’s also what 11 11 means for you now Just because you’re seeing 11 11 when You’re around somebody does not mean That they are your twin flame if all of The Practical signs show that they’re a Piece of but I’m saying 11 11 is Reassurance from your Spirit guides you Are meant to work with a significant Other in this lifetime On a shared goal or a shared purpose we Also have the woman card Okay let’s get one more

Let’s get one more card to clarify I’m hearing some of you want to be Somebody’s like support system maybe Some of you feel like my purpose in life Is to be a helper my purpose in life is To be the helper of somebody great my Purpose in life is to be a wife or a Husband to somebody great and help them On their mission I’m also hearing that This is a part of your purpose we also Have Destiny spirituality Divine Guidance rituals emotional loss crisis Fate sorrow so group number three I’m Hearing stay committed to your purpose And also I’m hearing there’s a higher Power maybe some of you guys are Christians or you have like a very Strong religious belief system this Religious belief system is going to be Your Guiding Light when it comes to your Purpose This higher being this higher religious Belief is going to be the Guiding Light Towards your life purpose and towards Your spiritual partnership your Relationship in the future or the Relationship with your twin flame that Is destined to you will have God in your Relationship Both of you will share us the same Strong religious belief Group number three so I want to tell you If you do not have your set belief System yet if you’re like I am 100 a

Christian I am 100 a witch I am 100 Believe in science Um as my religion if you don’t have a Set belief system then This relationship this twin flame Relationship is not going to come in Until you have a set for certain 100 Belief system That you are very committed to Because I’m hearing from your Spirit Guides group three That this twin flame of yours is going To come at a time where your beliefs are Solidified which means you’re like I am A die-hard Christian or I’m a die-hard Witch you would die for your beliefs Because that’s how strongly you believe And what it is that you believe and this Twin flame that’s coming for you will Share those same religious belief Systems and both of you will work Towards a higher purpose serving your God or serving this belief system That’s what I felt for you group three Strongly and when you see 11 11 That is a sign that you do have a twin Flame and this person’s gonna come in When you have a set belief system and Both of you will work together towards a Higher purpose And I will say that your purpose heavily Involves your spiritual beliefs group Number three or what it is that you

Believe with full conviction And that’s when your life purpose is Coming in that’s when your twin flame is Coming in Um some of you might be seeing the Number synchronicity 666 as well group Three when you see the number Synchronicity 666 Spirit can I get one more clarifier on This number synchronicity I’m seeing About 666. Can I get one more clarifier about this Number synchronicity I’m seeing about 666 Let’s see what’s happening Was 666. okay so we have the Key we have the victory card The trophy and we have the island so Group number three The number 666 for you Is to stay committed on your path do not Let distractions get in the way of your Path that’s what the number Synchronicity of 666 means for you it’s Saying don’t let things that are not in Alignment distract you like Um Like the physical world like toxic love Like Temptations 666 is a number for you To beware of temptations that are taking You off of your spiritual path and Purpose Which is instant gratification which is Things that you know that are bad for

You that feel good in the moment 666 is A reminder to not let these Temptations These demons and distractions take you Off of your spiritual path because your Path is highly spiritual I’m hearing God’s favor group number Three a lot of you have God’s for some Of you are Christian you have God’s Favor but it’s saying don’t let these Distractions get in the way of your Spiritual path and your higher focus and Your higher Guiding Light just for quick Money a quick thrill a quick feel good And also the number synchronicity 333 For you group number three is a very Lucky number synchronicity for you And I see that with these two cards Foreign And the cards say Um solution Victory success whenever you See three three three this is a sign of Your coming success group number three Three is a lucky angel number for you Because it is a sign of your coming Success so right before you blow up Right before you get an amazing career Opportunity right before you get Recognition right before you reach a Level of achievement you’re going to Start seeing 333 everywhere And this is a sign you’re about to get Go viral this is a sign you’re about to Receive Victory this is a sign you’re About to receive your six of Wands

Moment this is a sign you are about to Blow up and get recognized This is a sign your reputation is on the Rise this is the sign that you are Getting the key that’s going to open the Doorway for success 333 is a sign that you are getting a key That is going to open the doorway Towards your success so 333 is a sign of Extreme luck and with this island card This is the card of solitude so I keep Hearing Solitude is key Isolation is key for your success Being independent is key to your success Because this came the island came after The key in the trophy so this says Literally your key to success is the Island it’s to be Independent to spend time alone to Um And some of you guys you might feel like Your path to success is very lonely why Is that because you intimidate everyone Around you when you are destined for Greatness like I was watching uh this Tick tock on Taylor Swift or something like that and Everyone at our high school hated her Yeah of course they hated her she became Famous ridiculously at like 17 and 18. The path to success is a lonely one Group three and you have the key to Success you are walking the path to Extreme success and Legacy and that path

Can be very lonely so they’re saying get Used to being lonely get used to not Having a lot of friends get used to Feeling like an island because not a lot Of people can relate to you you are not Relatable group number three you are Aspirational so you’re gonna make people Around you feel like crap Because you do have this higher purpose And this Destiny and the path to success Will be a lonely one until you meet this Twin flame and divine partner who’s Going to share your commitments your Beliefs and path That’s what I heard Okay so Maybe some of you your destiny is also To live on an island like a tropical Island or something like that group Number three Maybe some of you have felt drawn to go To a tropical island to live on a Tropical island I also heard for you some of you your Twin flame could live near a body of Water or an island But essentially guys Um With this blame card In Reverse uh currently your energy is Saying there is some weakness happening In your solar plexus chakra Which is your personal power Some of you have been giving away your

Personal power group number three with This blame card in reverse You know a lot of the times leaders People who are destined for great things They will want to dim their light in Order to be accepted in order to have Friends in order to fit in and they’ll Try really hard to have friends and fit In but they’ll still not feel accepted Because people can sense there’s Something different about your energy so There’s something in your life you’re Giving your personal power away to maybe You don’t feel strong in yourself you’re Not stepped into your fullest Empowerment you’re not letting yourself Shine as fully as you should allow Yourself you know there’s this feeling Of feeling apologetic for your power Not wanting to be so powerful dimming Your light dimming your power So you might be having stomach issues Like constipation you know like issues With your stomach you know Not digesting food right stomach issues Stomach pain This is all a sign that your confidence You’re giving your power away or dimming Your power and your light Why are you dimming your power and your Light What’s Happening Here group number Three this is a long message you guys Have very like Powerful Destiny powerful message

Powerful energy it’s something that you Can’t dim even if you tried You know you tried to dim your light That’s why the light went out you tried To dim your light you don’t want to have This power because it isolates you but Honey You know you chose a path of power And that’s going to be a lonely one Because most people are going to be Competitive with you so with this Diamond ring some of you are giving away Your power in your relationships You know some of you have spent way too Much time being committed to the wrong People who are jealous of your success Who want you to dim your light who don’t Want you to shine so bright Because sometimes when you shine so Bright your partner can get jealous of You the people you date are jealous of You And what do they do when they feel less Than you they go and cheat they go and Hurt you just to take you down off your High horse some of you with this blame Card in Reverse you’ve been in the wrong Relationships that don’t allow you to Shine That wants you to dim your light that Don’t want you to be seen in the world That don’t want you to be the leader You’re supposed to be you’ve been in the Wrong Partnerships this could be

Business Partnerships that want to dim Your light or tell you to be normal or Conform This could be like Romantic relationships with people who Don’t want you to shine and instead want You to focus your energy on them and not Shine brighter than them so they’ll Sabotage you Some of you you’ve been in the wrong Marriages that don’t allow you to shine Or that hurt your self-esteem With this diamond ring Okay Um Wow that’s what it is guys you’ve been Committed to people who don’t want to See you shine who want to dim your light Is there another message you are a Snowflake guys you might have a really Unique face You might have really unique facial Features really unique personality you Might be like really a special snowflake Here really different than a lot of People so it’s hard for you to find People to connect to without dimming Yourself down you are very unique you Think different you look different you Are different And then that’s undeniable about you but That’s something that makes you feel Insecure how different you are how it’s Hard for you to find someone else like

You how it’s hard for you to fit in with Others like some of you the fact that You look different you have a unique Face a unique personality actually makes You feel unconfident like what’s wrong With me why can’t I fit in you weren’t Meant to fit in you were meant to be Aspirational not relatable group three Okay now with this manifestation card This tells me that Um you are in the vibration Of manifestation So there’s been a raise in your personal Energy field where you are manifesting Quicker than ever at this time Let’s see what it is that you’re Manifesting with your current High Vibration Like I’m hearing the vibration you’re Currently in group number three Um is manifesting a lot of things into Your life what are you manifesting we Have Saturn the regulator and we have The number eight come up twice Saturn is Heavy in your energy group number three Saturn is heavy in your energy You could have Um heavy you could be a Capricorn rising You could have Capricorn placements you Could have a Eighth House placements uh You could have tenth house placements You could have Saturn next to a Prominent planet or in your first house You have

Um You have a lot of Saturn in your energy And it’s interesting because you are Destined to be a star That’s why you were born a special Snowflake that’s why you’re so unique But you’ve been trying to dim your Uniqueness down to fit in in your Relationships and it’s just not working It’s kind of like when someone okay so When I was growing up we used the word Poser a lot in the punk rock community And it’s kind of like someone who Doesn’t really listen to punk rock music They just dress punk rock for the Fashion and they just have this energy Of In authenticity like they’re trying you Know trying to fit into a group you’re In an energy of inauthenticity because You’ve been trying to fit in instead of Allowing yourself to be the special Snowflake that you’re supposed to be and Saturn is heavy in your energy And Saturn is helping you manifest your Desires and this is coming through hard Work Duty responsibility structure keeping Commitments to yourself self-discipline So a lot of your manifestations group Three in this life are going to come Through self-discipline because You have to remember Saturn gives the Best biggest blessings that last forever

It’s not about Saturn is not a going Viral on Tick Tock and then becoming Irrelevant energy which there’s nothing Wrong with that Saturn is a energy of You achieving something great that lasts For Generations you achieving something Great that lasts for centuries something That lasts it’s achievement that lasts Saturn gives those manifestations Jupiter and Venus They give quick manifestations that go Away after a year or two like my Jupiter Return I went viral on YouTube But that it didn’t last that Viral Sensation didn’t last you know that’s Because that’s a Jupiter and Venus Blessing a Saturn blessing is something That lasts It lasts for centuries years it’s Something stable It’s like Fame that last money that Lasts Legacy that last is passed down Through generations But these Saturn blessings come with Hard work discipline Saying no to instant gratification Consistency and a lot of hard work and Self-discipline that’s how you are Manifesting your desires group three Hard work and self-discipline But these blessings you’re manifesting With this hard work and self-discipline Are blessings that are going to last A legacy that is going to last

Okay And I feel you guys are in this energy Too where you are surrendering from the Outcome you’re starting to live in the Moment you’re starting to surrender to Worrying about the future or the outcome So there’s a lot of more inspiration Coming to you as well your root chakra Is very balanced some of you guys are Going to be spending more time Outdoors Spending more time in nature you’re Learning to be more present and enjoy The present moment when you’re creating And it’s giving you more growth it’s Giving you more Um creativity it’s giving you more More happiness because you’re learning To be present and grounded and spending A lot of time in nature that’s what I See for you group three Um this is the current energy you are at This is why you are seeing Angel numbers I hope that was helpful thank you so Much for watching and I will see you Later

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