Pacts with Demons & Djinn, Alien Deception, CIA Experiments & Sufism, Charles Upton

By | October 27, 2022

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Alien Disclosure Deception
Charles Upton

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The relationship between spycraft and Magic is is of great Antiquity you go Back to Queen Elizabeth the First and The Elizabeth of the Elizabethan era and Her spy master Who is actually the first uh member of British intelligence to have have the uh Designation 007 Was John D and John D was a major Occultist and magician and he was also a Spy these beings By and large are what the Muslims call What we Muslims call the Jinn you know Which is like a genie singular for the Gin you know the Genies because they fit That profile now I Define Jen in a very Wide angle way there are a lot of Paranormal entities that assume infinite Variety of forms Hey everybody Rex fairleak project how The heck are you this stuff is amazing I’ve been taking it out for a couple Years and I know that you’ve heard me Brag about it and there’s a reason I’m Bragging about it because it’s the most Complete Nutrition you can get combined With the Gladiator barley this stuff Goes back to the Gladiators literally This is an ancient heirloom seed that Goes back to the Gladiators and the way That they grow this stuff they use like A Tesla technology with probiotics in The water to make it all Sprout at once And they also have targeted Cutting Edge

Nutritional products that are designed For specific opportunities as an example The clarity Factor you want some more Clarity maybe you got a little bit of a Cloudy brain I’ve heard a lot of people Say they’ve got cloudy brain lately try This Clarity Factor this stuff is Amazing also how’s your stomach do you Ever have digestive opportunities well Get some of these digestive enzymes from Boomer boost Do you want some discount codes I know You do use the code Rex you get five Bucks off or use the code leak 10 get 10 Off we are live and I want to thank Everybody for being here with us we have Charles Upton with us today and you even Have your own Wikipedia page so if you Have your own Wikipedia page it’s like Easy to do and anybody can do their own Wikipedia page you can you can claim Anything about yourself that you want And what’s interesting any Wikipedia uh Um uh viewer can go in and change your Wikipedia page yeah which is uh weird How that works huh You know so did you hear about the one Guy that actually has Um edited Hundreds of thousands of Wikipedia uh Links like so many that I don’t know how He does it he would have to do thousands A day to do what he’s done well I mean He gets I hope he gets paid for this

He’s not this is not just a prankster Right you know oh he better get paid I Mean he’s he’s got to be doing it more Hours and he’s awake I don’t know how he Does it so but still it’s like that’s a Lot of influence is what I’m going you Know that’s a lot of influence so he’s He’s the real fact Checker right he’s The guy that knows everything yeah so You know with a fact check I want to Meet this guy you know they need to Upload his brain for sure oh wait maybe You already have oh yeah so okay so I’m Super impressed with your I I don’t know I don’t want to call it resonate but Just your your life and what you’ve done And I know a little and the little that I know is is incredible so I would Really like to know more about you first And then I want to talk about some of Your most recent Works about what you Call the alien deception and and we Might be uh you know paralleling many Ideas here because I’ve been questioning That a lot more especially the past Seven years I have to have have an Example right here that’s that’s the Book The Alien disclosure deception the Metaphysics of social engineering Yeah but but about me well I guess me is Getting to be a subject now it’s Interesting uh you know I’m basically at This point with you know and actually For 34 years I’ve been on Sufi path the

Sufi spiritual path with a couple of Different Sufi orders and my sufis now Suddenly all started to say you got to Write your your autobiography man you Know you got to tell you know because I Guess I tell a lot of stories and you Know hey you know write those down so That’s what I’m doing so now Uh now I come out with my biography Which I’m doing for the first time you Know I never thought of doing that Before and now you come forward and say Wow you’ve had a great life so in other Words you’re one of my readers already Before this book is even known about Much less published which is interesting The way things happen you know So it’s like we’re in The Matrix The parallels the way things connect It’s almost something above us people Together at specific times you know for A reason yeah really I mean I mean life Life has shaped to people nowadays tend To say our life is random you know and So but you know you know one damn thing After another a bunch of weird stuff Happens and a bunch of other weird stuff Happens there’s a no connection with Anything yeah it’s all connected I mean It if And we can only see a little bit of that Connection from our point of view in This world but it’s all of a piece Mysterious you know it includes

Everybody and everything you know Well I don’t know only me I I guess now that I’m writing an Autobiography I can go back and and sort Of review in my mind what I wrote Which which is which is going to end up To be me whoever I actually am that’s Going to be the story right and I get to Write it right now and then afterwards Everybody else gets to write it and and And you know and when it becomes a movie It will be completely ruined you know And it will try I will attempt to sue The the producers and fail so but anyway Uh So you know I’m okay I I’m I’m you know Of the baby boom generation and we were Given You know those of us who who were sort Of interested in The Counter Culture end Of things were given a certain set of Experiences in a very short time I mean We were at at the At the cusp when you know there was a Real change and the change was in 1968 Uh up until and I I’m I swear this true That was like you know 50 For more years ago and like up up till 1968 America as The Cutting Edge of Western civilization was expanding even Vietnam for all its terrories was an Expansion you know we’re we’re you know We can we can rule the world and there Was that moment and for me as a hippie

Uh that moment was was symbolized by the Deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin In the same year you know and uh that Might have been 69 I forget but it was Like right then and Ever since then things have been Contracting ever said just steadily now You know in the 80s let’s say there was An expansion an economic expansion uh But but it was only Sort of of the hustlers the the people Who who were you know who were going to Become you know who are the yuppies who Are going to get into getting in on the Economic thing and make a lot of bread Or they didn’t make a lot of money but It was not across the board after World War II everybody was suddenly well to do Everybody had a house It was incredible and and people had had The memory before that the same people Of the depression imagine imagine what Happened when everybody going through This incredible depression everybody was Poor you know people were starving People were in bread lines and it was Hopeless and hopeless and you know and And FDR was doing his best to fix it and He did he helped in some ways but it Didn’t really nothing really got us out Of the depression except World War II Then World War II came along we were in Total danger you know we were attacked By the Japanese the the Nazis could have

Gotten us as well and we and we made a a 100 percent National effort you know to to win and To save ourselves and that you the Nation was United as never before and Ever since Wham you know and and we won And suddenly everybody was prosperous we Were on top of the world everybody had a House it was amazing you know and and so People could say well you know it’s Paradise you know paradise and Earth Except For nuclear weapons oops so people had People had a very weird cognitive Dissonance that that you know people Were in a State of Shock uh in in the in You know the 50s and that started to Express itself in in the the hippie Movement of the 60s and of course the 50s started with the B generation B Generation sort of understood the weird Times we were living in and they they Were at more at the bottom of the social Heap you know and they had they had the View that that you could have from the Bottom of the social Heap which uh you Know they weren’t black people and they Weren’t people who were congenitively For a long time in the underclass they Were white underclass but intellectuals And so you know they saw things they saw Wait a minute this is not really working Out and you know that became the basis Of uh in a lot of ways of what my

Generation was doing as the hippies we Came in And you know it was like we really did Feel which people you know I’m sure are Feeling nowadays as well Uh that this might be our last chance You know party while you can not just Party but but try to understand what the Hell was going Before we all get blown up you know and That that was so so at that time and Then and then The CIA thank you so much came in and And sprinkled lsdo in society because it Really did come from the CIA And and that’s conspiracy theorist oh Wait they coined that term too didn’t They Uh I think they probably did that that That’s a very useful term to neutralize Any particular idea oh well that’s a Conspiracy theory oh yeah right well um You know it it the uh Uh what year it was I forget but it was It was uh Ted Kennedy uh ran some Some hearings in the senate about MK Ultra mind control program run by The CIA and it was all known it was it It was it was exposed in Congress and Then it was supposedly shut down which Means they just took a few steps back And called it something else you know Because those things never really end But it was known that the LSD was being

Given to to people without their Knowledge to test how it would work on Them and and the idea was well maybe we Can create you know The Manchurian Candidate you know the Mind controlled Assassin that we can use uh Sirhan Sirhan may have been an example of that We’re not sure who assassinated uh Robert Kennedy or may have assassinated Her opportunity if apparently he was not Alone but the with the idea of the loan The loan is that’s the real conspiracies Theory is that there’s no conspiracy Right it’s almost the lone assassin no Matter how many other circumstances Connect or collect around something like That you have K assassination from every Direction you can see but no it was just This one crazy guy and we believe that Because it’s so much easier we don’t Want to think that You know there was that big uh an effort To get rid of a president that that Included For God knows what agencies of the Government and who knows oh so anyway Um but but there’s good evidence that The CIA was involved in sponsoring People who were creating millions of Doses of LSD and you don’t need millions Of doses of LSD just to do a few Experiments and a few you know pawns That you have kidnapped you know in Order to see if you can control their

Minds or break their minds because Because uh MK Ultra was as evil as Anything that was done by the Nazis and The death camps or their medical Experiments it was patented So Um you know what are you going to do With millions of doses of LSD you’re Going to spread it throughout society And see what happens You know and What could possibly go wrong Yes I know it was all good all gravy so Uh and we hit peace thought we were Inventing it all ourselves you know well We were inventing a lot of it but we had Help from people we didn’t like to admit We’re getting help from the hippies sort Of knew that LSD came from the CIA but Our our attitude was you know oh yeah Sure we are a CA CIA experiment man an Experiment that got out of control Because we our idea was That all they could possibly want to do With drugs with feeding this drugs is Shut us down control us and turn it in In into soulless us into soulless robots You know and and you know because Because they were straight people and Straight people were uptight and they Just wanted to make us uptight too so if We were not uptight if we were wild and Crazy then uh they couldn’t control us We were free which is a major illusion

I mean look the CIA was uh They were Fanning agents out through the World to to go to like shamans in in uh In the Amazon and in places you know Many places the world looking for Potions magical potions they could use In in Espionage they you know and and if If through taking Ayahuasca you can get Some say you can get uh you know Telepathic Powers that’ll be useful in The in spycraft you know which later is Turned up now with remote viewing that Has come out the CIA was studying that Well that was going on probably in the Late 50s where uh you know that they Were going out through the world looking For Magic You know I mean the the relationship Between spycraft and Magic is is of Great Antiquity you go back to uh Queen Elizabeth the First and the Elizabeth of The Elizabethan era and her spymaster Who is actually the first uh member of British intelligence to have have the uh Designation 007 Was John D and John D was a major Occultist and magician And he was also a spy and you go if you Look at the relationship between imagery And occultism and spies you know if if You understand that that’s a very common Connection between those two things You’ll you’ll see it everywhere it’s Even a Rudyard Kipling who wrote uh in

His novel Kim he’s got a uh you know a Strange you know spy master in in in in In the great game the spy wars between The British and the Russians you know uh British operating out of India and the Russians you know trying to to uh you Know intervene in in the British Empire And uh one of his characters is is this Magician spot so you know this has been Going on for a long time it’s a very Common thing so um anyway Wherever the hippie thing came from we Were in the middle of it And we were given a few basic things That you know what are hippies Interested in besides sex drugs and rock And roll well they were interested in Mysticism you know interested in Mystical spirituality from from any Tradition all over the world Particularly during the center of the Hippie thing from India you know from The dharmic religions from Hinduism You know I mean I mean what happened is Uh and war is one of the things that That makes the greatest cultural Connections between different cultures From World War II the United States got Zen from Japan From uh and from the Vietnam War we got Some more Buddhism through uh uh people Like not Han were you know Vietnamese Buddhist Uh from the Rivalry between the U.S and

Red China we got to but the Tibetan Buddhists Tibetan Buddhism because uh The CIA was helpful in getting the Dalai Lama out of Tibet and so he sort of Became beholden to them uh from then on Up to a point although he admitted that And it was very good he came out and Said yes they helped us You know they helped me get out of Tibet And get to to the West so uh there was That and then Um The the the the the final uh Import Was Sufism Sufism was the last of the Eastern mystical religions that came Through and that was coming from our our Rising rivalry with the Islamic world And over oil and all of that and all That conflict uh but that gave us it’s Very strange how War you know is is an Intensive uh form of cultural Exchange So Um And Sufism is is that that’s that’s the One that I finally grabbed as it came Past the rest I I just sort of played With because the hippies you know we Would have a different religion every Week you know the new Guru comes past Everybody goes to him and says oh wow I’m into that and then no no here’s Another one or you know or or maybe Let’s get into magic or you know but we

Had so many different influences in such A short time uh one of them was mystical Spirituality the other one was uh You know the peace movement peace Activism or you know the the the heavier Side of that being revolutionary Politics you know leftist revolutionary Politics we thought The hippies thought they were left the Hippies thought they were Communists Which is absurd they were the farthest Thing from Communists in the world but They thought that left was cool because All they knew about the left was well You know the Le the left just means that Uh uh You know they’re they’re for the little Guy you know they’re against the fat Cats you know and they’re for the little Guy and they’re the little guys and and They’re for peace you know because Because the the Communists and other Leftist groups would always associate Themselves in peace movements so we said Well cool they’re cool but we said but But they’re not running us we’re not Communists we’re not being run by by the Communist Party we’re doing our own Thing but they can come along for for The ride you know but we’re all sort of Leftists you know which was very naive Um and What the leftist turned out to be now Being probably 180 degrees different

From the left even as late as the 80s Totally different animal it’s got the Same name liberal left but it’s totally Different and it’s it’s very oppressive At this point and um you know more more People are realizing that so so anyway Came out of that and and I was given my Marching orders during that a four-year Period between you know 1967 and 1971 or something like that all These this input came and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since You know some mystical spirituality for A while until that It’s going as far as it can and then Some peace movement you know and then Back and forth Um Let me let me ask you a quick Question if I can I’d like to know more About Sufism so it’s like mystical or Mystic Slash Um Muslim yeah well I mean there are Some people who call themselves sufis Who claim written that you don’t have to Be a Muslim to be a Sufi and that’s it’s Like saying you don’t have to be a Catholic to be a Franciscan There might be some weird Franciscan Groups out there who aren’t Catholic or Or Anglican or just oh we’re just Franciscans but that isn’t really the Legitimate thing Um

So uh yeah Sufism is Islamic mysticism and it’s it’s had a Sort of a It’s had an uneasy relationship with the Rest of Islam or sometimes a beautiful Relationship with the rest of us Sometimes Sufism is is the is considered To be the center of the religion all the Missionary activity is coming from the Sufis the sufis are advisors to the Rulers you know they’re entirely Integrated in in into the Muslim world At other times they’re looked at as Heretics people who are suspect you know And and uh uh they’ll be persecuted and So it’s going back and forth you know uh But but the truth is 99 Of the people considered to be Saints in Islam are have been sufis So you know you you gotta say it’s it’s An important part of the religion and at Best you know the the Orthodox the Legitimate sufis say you have to be a Muslim and you have to follow the basic Practices of Islam you can’t just run Off on your own and do something Mystical and say you don’t need all of That stuff there’s always a tendency Among Mystics because they see beyond The forms of The religion but they also see beyond The forms of the world and so then they Say well we don’t need those Foods you

Know we we’ve got the essence so we’re Free of all those forms well In in one sense that’s true in another Sense those forms are always going to Come back you’re always going to come Down from your mystical experience back To those forms and and that’s when you Need to be faithful to them because they Are just as real Although not as Absolute but you know there are Limitations but they’re necessary Limitations that human beings have Always had in order to give form to Their lives so we we need we need the Outer forms of the religion too and That’s that’s my approach to civism and So but but the Sufi world it’s it’s been A state in itself the various Um You know contemplative orders and you Know of monks and nuns and Catholicism We’re all pretty much chartered I mean They were chartered by the Pope the pope Had had to to give them his Blessing say Okay you have my permission to form a New order and you know and you know Here’s the person who will be the Liaison between the franciscans the Dominicans the Jesuits and the and the Vatican and the papacy so it was Integrated into the whole system whereas With a sufis they would follow lineages Of their own shakes their own leaders uh

Who who and and they would look to their Own leaders as the authority not that They wouldn’t necessarily reject the Authority of the doctors of the law and The people who were defining the Sharia But you know their Central Authority was Their own shake and The what gives us a shake legitimacy Among other things Is that there’s a direct lineage of Initiation you know student teacher Student teacher going directly back to The Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings be upon him you know Muhammad initiated Who was his Um Uh son-in-law and who was the first Sunni Khalif no the fourth Sunni caliph And the first Shia Imam both and Um And then he initiated a number of people Including Hassan of Basra and it goes on And on and on some initiations went Through Abu Bakr who was was the first Sunni Khalif most most go through Ali But there’s a lineage and they all go Back to the prophet Muhammad and each Uh sufjord has has a supposedly unbroken Lineage that goes back that far so uh That’s the outer structure for the inner Thing It’s too it’s too much to talk about

There is so much in it the literature is Vast The Poetry is vast poetry for roomy Is the most famous Sufi poet but there Are many others who are who are Preeminent in the world of poetry And the the vast philosophical works and Vast works on on what you call moral Theology and how how to uh you know Develop character and and purify Character and just It’s it’s more that can can hardly be Talked about So um since there’s so much to it I mean but yeah I should mention uh Rumi Is probably the best known Sufi in the World now you know because you’re but uh The other major figure is even all Arabi You know in uh Rumi is called the pole of love because He wrote more his poetry more or less Started from that standpoint even Alarabi is called the pull of knowledge Because he was an amazing metaphysician And wrote you know philosophically but But Rumi also wrote philosophy and IBN Arabi also wrote beautiful poetry so It’s not that simple but you know You can you can at least hear these Names so but it’s too complicated to Talk about if you want to make it Complicated if you want to make it Simple Which is really the practice Sufism is simply

Um Remembering God remembering Practicing the remembrance that you were Always in the presence of God this is Called Which means remembrance or zikra law Which means remembrance of God and the Basic practice is simply to say the name Of God or some formula that has the name Of God in it Allah uh all the time You know under uh usually silently and And you know would sometimes vocally When in groups And you just you just with every breath You remember your breathing From God and in God and to God you take A breath The breath comes from God he releases The breath returns to God and you just Just that’s all that’s all you do really There’s other stuff there are other Practices there’s meditations people Know about Sufi dancing or people know About the whirling dervishes who follow Rumi who have you know different Different meditative forms and things That that help you remember But remembering is the whole thing and That’s all you do and if you just know That you’re in the presence of God at All times Things change You can’t even predict how they’re going To change They do change because

Um You know and of course there’s then Spiritual science of spiritual States There’s different kind of states that Have different names expansion Contraction Gathering scattering drunkenness Sobriety Annihilation in God’s subsistence in God Things like this But it’s all really just remembering God And the other part of remembering God is Islam which means submission or Obedience Because you remember God and then There’s Intrinsic obedience you’re in the Presence of the king And what the king says goes what the King says is real is real And what the king says now do this you Just go and do it And we don’t like that you know we say Well you know What about my freedom I mean do I have To just obey you know why can’t I’ve got Ideas too and you have to just have to Say forget all that stuff God is reality you want something other Than reality If you want something other than perfect Love and perfect Justice and infinite Power and infinite wisdom You want your own little little world

You know why You’ve got you’ve got the whole thing Right here all you have to do is say yes So people say you know obedience you Know that that resignation fatalism it’s Depressing I I want to go I want to do My own thing but You know I mean first Allah is your own Thing you just don’t realize that you Know you think something you think you Would make up you invent you think is Your own thing will somehow be better Allah Knows Best Because he is the best and what Allah Says is real because he is real and he’s Your reality too and that’s you know but But it takes there’s a part of you that Doesn’t want to accept that this is the Called the nafs and the Naf says just Another word for the ego Uh in every sense not just egotism like Somebody is is totally full of himself He’s an egomaniac it’s certainly it’s That but it’s all the the sense of well I am me since I am me I know I I have my Idea of what the world is so this is me And that’s the world and this is the way Things are and this is the way things Are going to be this is the way I want Things to be and this is why I have to Do it to get things to be that way and All of that that’s that’s the nav so the Navs has to be educated just to Simmer down relax

You want to control the world of course But you can’t You understand you can’t control the World you can hardly control your own Life you know but you want to control The world just relax you know it you Lose nothing but by saying God I place my life in your hands you Lose nothing you gain everything what’s The problem well the ego has problems With that the ego wants it wants to to Do its own thing and it just has to be Educated slowly and surely not You know to put itself forward but to Realize its place and You know and sit down keep its mouth Shut You know follow The the promptings of reality that are Coming from God and finally maybe this Ego will even disappear at one point You know So that’s pretty much That’s I guess that’s Sufism Nice no that’s a great explanation I Appreciate that especially with the time That you had to share that I think that Was great I I applaud you for that and It’s it’s fascinating when you think About how There okay so do you ever question They’re being well I’m sure you do People out there that will claim that The information they’re being given is

From Divine Providence or from God but They’re doing it out of their own Agendas and then they’ll get their Followers and then they’ll Say you know they’ll well don’t you Question me man you need to be obedient Because yeah from God you’re like you Know the Sufi world has those people too We recognize those people you know that That’s a perennial human thing and and The funny thing it’s even though it’s Even worse when when some of what those People says you know it’s true you say Hey you know that’s I can see that’s Really true you know and because a Certain amount of truth comes through Somebody then you buy them as a whole And uh And then you find that that there are Other places the person is very ignorant Or or very self-centered and and uh you Know is is just looking for power and That’s where did that wonderful truth Come from well and and this was true This happened a lot with LSD you know You with no preparation of character or Or you know or any sense of what the Spiritual life would be hey man take This pill you’ll see God that’s what That’s the first thing that was told to Me wow so you go oh that’ll be Interesting that’ll be a hoot you know So you take it and it was definitely a Hoot

And and you know Through through breaking sets for going Into some world that you’ve never even Conceived of as possible Uh and you know some truths will come to You and and and But what are you going to do with those Truths is there anything you could Really do you have the kind of life that Can make those truths Really effective or or really constant Or make them really part of of of your Being or is it just something that that Whized passed and you caught a little Bit of it you caught a star you know wow Look what I got well it doesn’t those States don’t last or and of course you Would have millions of little gurus who Would have a revelation of a of a of a Kind of real truth but It was unstable it was incomplete and it Was also full of egotism and so It attracted people because of the truth In it and and then the ego ate it all up You know and uh that’s also what happens Just in the in the course of any Spiritual path you know you get Revelations and and and maybe they’re True but then you have to say I’m interested in God I’m not interested In all these flashes The flashes will come you know because That’s how God gets through to you but If you’re interested in God you won’t

Hold on to the flash you’ll say who’s This trying to get through them maybe I Need you know to listen to him and and Not just be so attached you know to These little intimations and flashes and Visions he’s given me uh in order to get My attention maybe I really need to give Him my attention and forget all that Stuff So you know that it’s it’s a constant Process of of uh You know realizing that the truth that You’re given are partial no matter even If they’re true and and to continue just To Simply remember God and say not my Will but thine be done that’s not There’s it’s also fascinating when you When you say uh the actual definition of Islam meaning uh submission or submit Like I just think to myself okay and This is what came to my mind I’m I’m a Total Rebel though right so I would have Which I I love God and I think God made Certain people to be maybe a little bit More jester-like you know a little bit More trickster like but I’m like okay Would God make me to be submissive maybe Or would God make me to like be like Okay well I’m go do what you want to go Do like my kids I want to be free you Know I want them to do the best that They can so I’m just I’m trying to understand that more like Maybe certain people have specific

Duties but that’s not like saying I Don’t know man what are your thoughts I Just want to get your take on it Philosophical there’s always you know at At best Submission and freedom are the same Thing but that’s easy to say how do you How do you make that real I mean you Know Um Let’s see submission Um Um You you One thing that you need to submit to is Is is who you really are And you know you may have a lot of uh of Desires that aren’t really getting down To who you really are you know I want You know like everybody wants You know I want more money I want more Sex I want more power I want more Entertainment I want more interesting Psychic experiences you want all that Stuff but is that is that speaking to to Who you are in essence who you are in Essence is unique God has made you to be A certain person and no one else will be Like you or will will have your path Through life or we’ll have your your Your needs and and and your aspirations So you’ve got to find Who you really are you know and if you Find who you really are and and submit

To that then you are submitted to God Whereas if you submit to all these Surface desires that are coming in from Society from advertising and from Whatever you know from from then then You’re not Better you should submit You know to some form That at least tells you you have an Essential reality that isn’t all of that Fluff all of that distraction Then maybe you’ll get closer to seeing Who you really are and then that is is Who you’re really Supposed to submit to because who you Really are is God’s will for you Everybody thinks well God’s will is that I’m not I you know I I want to be this I Want to be myself but God wants me to be Something else he wants me to be you Know to fit his mold to follow his Marching orders and why I just want to Be myself you don’t understand how much He wants that too he wants you to be Yourself because that’s what we need you To be and and he’s frustrated because You’re not you’re not finding and being That you’re you’re involved in all this You know surface stuff that that is Preventing you from finding that I Remember Um I used to work in a library in Marin County California in the Civic Center Library and uh

Um there was a Harry Potter Day once and So a bunch of kids came because this was The time when the Librarians were all Saying well every all the kids are into Harry Potter so this will keep them Reading because otherwise they will Never read it and crack a book outside Of school but but you know but they’re Interested in these books so we have to Support Harry Potter because it’ll it’ll Keep the libraries alive because the Kids will keep reading you know and so a Bunch of kids came for a Harry Potter Thing and the Harry Potter event was Being Led by some old hippie clown who was Like a Storyteller and a clown and you Know and uh And it was a very chaotic event a lot of The kids were crying and you know kids Would come and dressed as as Harry Potter with glasses on and stuff and uh And it was just something wasn’t Clicking with a group the kids were Restless and it was it was a you know And and the hippie clown guy was saying And kids you know um you can be anything You want to be you know and and I’m Thinking he’s saying that they’re not it Is not going over too well everybody Feels bad and so I was helping him you Know put away his props after the event And I was saying look if you go back to The old fairy tales like Grimm’s Fairy

Tales you know the thing is it isn’t you Can be whoever you want to be thing is You’ve got one destiny and you don’t Know what it is and you have to find it That’s the story of the traditional Fairy tales you know you you’ve got to Find you you’ve got to find the princess In in in in the in The Glass Castle in The revolving mountain or you have to Find the magical bird you have to find The Water of Life go through all these Ordeals and find the water of life Because the king is ill and you need to Bring in the Water of Life to to to uh You know to bring him back to life and All this and and it’s like it’s like go For the center everybody says you know I’m pushing the edge I’m going to Pushing the envelope how about going for The center You know the center is is the mystery And and there’s something something that Each person has as a destiny that they Haven’t found yet you know and I think It’s healthier to teach kids that not Like you can be anything you want to be But there there is something you’re Supposed to be and I can’t even tell you What it is even though I’m maybe your Parent or or you know or somebody you Know who’s who you’re supposed to listen To but I don’t know what it is I have Some ideas I want you I see you have Certain Tendencies and I try to to give

You things that that will help you know Feed those Tendencies because because They’re interesting and you could make a Life out of them but you know you don’t Know What that child’s Destiny is only he Knows it but you can tell him it’s a Mystery it’s a quest and you know if you Go if you really go for it you know and It’s not going to be easy but it’s going To be really pretty interesting and you If you can find who you’re really Supposed to be and what’s which if you Want to use religious language what God’s will is for you then you will have A life You know and you will have lived your Life well on Earth and um so that’s you Know that’s like submission because you Have to if there’s one destiny there you You’ve got to follow that if you go Sideways if you get distracted you know There’s always these fairy tales where There are the three brothers and and the Two older brothers uh look like good Prospects they look like they’re gonna Take over the family business or or Their you know solid citizens of some Kind and then the third brother is is Dumb the dumb brother that nobody has Any hopes for that it doesn’t you know It doesn’t look like he’s gonna make Anything of himself and and you know and So the two first two brothers go on the

Quest but something distracts them they Get they get attracted to like the wrong Woman or they get attracted to you know Something else that they grab for and They fail and so finally they have to Send the young kid the fool you know the Young fool has to go on the quest all Right the everybody else failed I guess You can go obviously if you’re you’re Together high functioning brothers who Became doctors and lawyers you know are Not going to be able to you know Couldn’t do it than you you know poor Hippie you know you’re going to fail but We’ll have to send you this nobody else So he’s the one that because he’s Oak Because he sort of knows he doesn’t know He’s open to guidance and you know it’s Like in the earlier ones like like the Magic The Magic Animal the fox comes to To one of the older brothers and says Hello I’m the magic Fox what you’re Supposed to do and the brother says who The hell why should I listen to some Fox Well there was a fox no hey I know what I’m doing man you know goodbye but the Younger brother says okay Fox I I don’t Know what to do what do you have to tell Me and so because he listens to guidance Like that he’s the one that that finds The treasure see and so this this is all Forms of submission you submit To your destiny even if you don’t know What it is

And you know that’s that that takes a Lot of faith To believe that you’ve got a destiny you Know and submit to it even if you don’t Know what it is it might be wonderful it Might be terrible but it’s going to be Wonderful anyway if it’s true it just Might take a lot of suffering and a lot Of struggle to find but it’s worth it Absolutely worth it so Right on well I mean if you if you put It like that it sounds much better then It’s all about verbiage that’s the thing About the English language or any Language it’s just it’s verbiage and how You interpret something well and yeah And and going going into into a Religious form is going to be difficult For some people because there there are Certain rules that seem kind of Arbitrary and external and why do I have To do that pray five times a day what if I want to do something else you know Um so so you know I’m making it sound Almost easier than it is because it it’s Very difficult nowadays to to connect Your own Sense of your own destiny with a Religious tradition uh because the Traditions are not in very good shape You know we’re getting to a time where Um the great religious worlds are Falling apart and so to try to live a Traditional a spiritual life like a

Super path in times like this uh it’s Difficult for example our last Shake Just just uh had a serious Guru meltdown Of a classic of classic proportions And we were are without a teacher now But we we still meet together on zoom And we do our prayers and we do our Thing so you know you don’t have Guarantees just by saying well I just I Find the true religion or the religions Is true for me and then I’m then I’m set You’re not set that’s another That’s another struggle that’s another Vast realm of uncertainty but I just Feel that in a traditional religions not Just Islam but you know Buddhism Hinduism of Christianity Um if you can get to the core of those Traditions which is not easy Especially nowadays you’ll find a deeper Uh rendition of the truth of human life And and of God than you’ll find outside But You know some people are are probably Called to to do something else I mean You can’t in times like this you can’t Say you know a lot of people say I’m I’m Spiritual but not religious and the Thing is does that does that just mean They don’t really want to take things Seriously no sometimes they tried Religious and it’s been horrible and It’s hurt them and you know and and they Almost lose their faith in God

True Religion through a bad experience For the religion so you know they say God I believe in you even if these Religions you know you know are all Giving you a bad name you know I still Believe in you and you you gotta Trust You know and and and and and and hope For the best for people for people like That as well you know so [Music] Yeah the whole Russian old Russian Proverb which goes like this befriend a Priest lose your faith Okay okay This was understood a long time ago this Is not just a new problem but um well Said yeah that’s that’s a great point a Lot of people once again with the Labeling they’ll say new age and new age And it’s like wait a second you’re Ignorant in that aspect oftentimes well People say new age because it goes back Way before maybe even what their Religious beliefs are spiritual beliefs So you got to be careful uh when when You use certain verbiage to unless you Aren’t as concerned about the Communication with somebody and you Communicate very well and and one of the Things that I think would be Um Fascinating to get into Is like your your book about alien Deception now for those of you that

Question the alien disclosure is it real Is it fake I think you’re smart to Question that and I want to show off Your book real quick on Amazon Because you could pick it up here you Could see almost all five stars and you Know you’re never going to get all five Stars unless you’re making them up Yourself because there’s gonna be Somebody out there that but still almost All five stars like 4.9 almost there the Alien disclosure deception the Metaphysics of social engineering now The the government one thing that I Noticed is back in 2016-ish when they started to push the Space force it’s aliens aliens aliens UFOs Tic Tacs UFOs Tic Tacs look and now Not only do they talk about aliens all The time like they want like Everything’s an alien you could see a Freaking grasshopper with a certain Level dude it’s a freaking you know When you want to talk about an Interesting animal that’s found in the Mariana Trench or something it’s like an Alien or like octopuses octopuses could Not have come from Earth man because They’re weird and they have these weird Tentacles I mean what a way to think I Know this is Earth this is what grows Here I mean why do we call them aliens Well this is why I think it is first of All it’s exciting second of all a lot of

People have had experiences that they Can’t explain I’m one of those people Like I had an experience when I was such A little like I was a toddler I was just I was still at my crib and and I thought Like when I was growing up later I Thought what I saw was aliens now you Know they were certainly weren’t human Whatever I saw and this was a dream but It doesn’t necessarily mean That they’re from another planet they Could be Interdimensional they could be something Completely different I don’t know yeah Okay to go back to to the vision of of What they are that I express in my book And this also goes back to Islam uh These beings By and large are what the Muslims call What we Muslims call the Jinn you know Which is like you know Genie is is is uh Singular for the gym you know the Genies Um And Um Because they fit that profile now now I Define Jen in a very wide-angle way you Know I mean there are a lot of Paranormal entities that that assume Infinite variety of forms It’s it’s Developing these days that that Sasquatch is probably a paranormal Entity

When I was growing up in California we Used to Um Uh vacation on the Salmon River up in Northern California in Siskiyou County Way up in the mountains and that was Bigfoot country everybody the Indians And everybody else knew that the big Feet were bigfoots were around and Um we talked you know talked about Bigfoot sightings and but we all Believed that they were Cryptids you Know that they were unknown animals you Know that that still existed somehow far In the woods you know but but as things Continue you see sasquatches are Appearing all over the country Sasquatchers at Skinwalker Ranch Sasquatches so I I’m I it’s looking more And more like those are actually Paranormal entities and now now we’re Getting uh werewolves there’s a lot of Werewolf stories coming up you know the Paranormal entities and and and the Different forms of the supposedly UFO Aliens The Craze the the reptilians the Uh tall white god-like beings the you Know whatever they are uh We get too involved in in the Differences of form look at the Commonality of all these beings of all These things is That they temporarily materialize And then they disappear

Number one number two that they seem to Have a very profound psychic effect on On the human mind Um and anything that that that is within That definition I would call a form of The gem Because what Muslims recognize is that There’s A world between the world of the Angels One of the Angels is higher it’s not Associated with Earth the angels can Come to Earth can appear on Earth but It’s it’s a higher World whereas uh and Then there’s the terrestrial world that We see through our five senses that you Know we all recognize here we are Uh but in between those worlds is the World of the June which is what the Catholics call not the supernatural but The Prater natural world they make that Distinction Supernatural world is God And His angels the prayer natural world Is the world of the demons that the Catholics the Catholics look at most of The genus demons Which is probably a smart thing to do I Don’t entirely agree with that as a Muslim because Muslims say that that Some of the Gin are faithful Muslims Actually some are faithful Christians And follow some of the other religions But the other Jinn are Unfaithful and They’re enemies of humanity in fear Essentially what the Christians call

Them demons so the Christians are smart In saying calling them all the demons Because it’s like saying Uh well shark you know these are shark Infested waters and not all the fish and Shark infested waters are sharks but you Don’t want to swim there because of the Sharks so they just say hey they’re all Bad news which is understandable it’s it It keeps people from messing with things That could be dangerous to them but in If you want to be strictly accurate you Know that there are helpful gin just Like the the general the fairies pretty Much and and and they’re helpful fairies And then they’re bad fairies that hurt You and and and that there’s a Traditions of this going back for Thousands of years that one of the best Books about all this is by ufologist Jacques valet his book uh Passport to Magonia just tells all the Stories of you know the Paranormal Entities and stuff what the Muslims Would call The Gin going back you know From many different uh Uh you know cultures and societies and Civilizations for thousands of years That’s you know so what these beings are What shows uh there that they are of the Gin is that they can temporarily Materialize you know UFO can appear on Radar it can it can leave physical Traces when it lands you know it has a

Physical reality but it never lasts for Very long it goes up in small it can Temporarily materialize and they’re just As material as you and me after they Materialize then up in smoke again That’s what the Gin have always been Recognized as being able to do and That’s what UFOs do and that’s what the Paranormal normal Sasquatches do so That’s what what they are okay if you Want you there’s a lot of things we Don’t know about them we make a Distinction between the different types Of them fine but generally speaking That’s what they are and once you know That Um you can go back to the the literature In Islam and from other Traditions about These beings and learn something about Them you can start to say oh these are Working even the Christians in the Middle Ages recognized these beings they Didn’t get into Christian theology But that there was a recognition in some Christian writers in the Middle Ages of Beings called These longer heavy which means the Long-lived ones and these weren’t Necessarily demons they were another Kind of being uh and you know they Weren’t immortal like Angels but they Lived for a very long time much longer Than human beings and um so that’s what These beings are now

That’s one thing number two These beings have three aspects one as I’ve already said they have a material Aspect which is ephemeral and all the One other thing I should say They do create structures uh uh that Could be interpreted as craft they Create they have a kind of Technology They they can imagine totally create Structures that they can use So that’s pretty analogous to our Technology and in fact I personally Believe that a lot of our present Technology was inspired by the gym Um because that they can talk to us you Know they they can come to us in dreams They can you know and Um You know I I think the idea of the Personal and computer and the Internet Is just ideal for the gym because it Gives them a way to relate to this world More directly they they can just zap Through the wires you know because they Are a a kind of subtle energy being some Of us said they’re composed of plasma in Islam it is said they’re composed of Smokeless fire Well their energy means so you know the More we have an energy Network in in in Place in this world the the more they Can interact with us so so anyway Um I can explain the transhuman agenda And that can explain this it does

Enterprise And and further out you know they have a Reason for wanting to do that which I’ll Get to but uh okay and the other thing Is because they’re halfway between the Psychic world and the material world They can also affect our psyches they Can appear in dreams and and they can Put us in trances and and we’ll have Experience lost time and things like This because they can they can have an Effect on the human mind so okay But but the third thing and I’m I’m Looking at the major aspects of UFO Phenomena and the Jacques valet talks About in his books the third thing which Is strange and doesn’t seem To connect with the other two because You can say okay they have a psychic Effect they have a material presence up To a point uh and and so they fit the Profile of legit you can say well okay That’s something worth considering But there’s another aspect which is Jacques valet in his book messengers of Deception came up With the fact that there are many human Deception activities around the UFO Phenomena Uh sort of like a mission impossible you Know I mean you know and and and if you Look at he looked at the at the uh the Membership you know the boards and the Advisory Boards of a lot of UFO

Organizations and they were full of People from the CIA so what’s this all About what’s this Mission Impossible you Know trickery human trickery going on Around the UFO phenomena where where Does that fit in and it’s very hard for People to put those three together Because once somebody says trickery then They’re saying oh you’re so you’re You’re saying you’re saying that that There is no UFO phenomenon it’s all a Hoax no it’s a real phenomenon yet There’s this this trickery going on at The same time what’s that You know uh I I was on uh Coast to Coast AM with George Nuri and I was saying This and he says well so you’re you’re Saying that it’s all a hose you know It’s no it’s not see these are the are Are the thought You know the thought frames that we’re Given to thinking are you a Believer or A disbeliever you know if you think that Hoaxing is going on then you must not Believe that any of this is real that That it’s all you know uh produced by The government or or the spy agencies And and there are no real UFOs no You have to just just you know get out Of these little thought boxes it’s Obviously a real phenomenon it’s it’s Been known for thousands of years but What’s the trickery well I think the trickery has to do with the

Other main thing is uh Apparently at one point maybe after World soon after World War II You know in World War II you had the Foo Fighters appearing you know when when The uh the Allies were bombing Germany That get this orbs that were the flying Along with the plane you know what the Hell are those are those Nazi super Weapons or you know No they were what we’ve come to know as UFOs the Foo Fighters So um after World War II At one point I think the the military Industrial intelligence complex said to Themselves We don’t know what these What these things are We can’t predict them we can’t control Them What we can do is use them So we will invent a mythology about uh You know a view of reality that we want The people at large to adopt And this view will exclude all the Traditional religions And it will include the Dogma that Uh the human race was not created by God It was not created by God but was Created by the UFO aliens to genetic Engineering Which of course leads directly to Transhumanism that’s like the religious Blessing of the religious you know

Justification Pseudo-religious justification for Transhumanism we’re just doing what’s Always been done with us right we were Created we’re sort of created transhuman And now we’re just doing a little more Of it you know whatever So they wanted to impose this view upon The world and they said and what we will Do whenever UFO UFO phenomenon appears When everyone sees it you know we’ll Manipulate this phenomenon and we will Slowly over a period of time attach this New paradigm this new worldview that we Want to impose upon the people to the UFO phenomenon so whenever somebody sees A flying saucer it will seem in their Minds too Justify the myth that we created because We’ve Associated that myth with that Phenomena this is large-scale social Engineering okay those guys are pretty Smart in a horrible way Um they’re willing and they’re willing To take a long time about it this is the Form that was pioneered by the Fabian Socialists the Fabian socialists said Well if we’re going to get socialism you Know let’s not just do big revolutions Which are destructive and kill a lot of People and and then you’ll have Reactions against them and you’ll have Kind of revolutions and they’ll be on Their own what we need to do is get

People to buy the new idea and this will Take maybe several Generations working Working slowly slowly working working Slowly slowly to change people’s minds This is the way that Freemasons have Tended to operate Working the Illuminati working working Slowly slowly And uh You can see you know how this really Took off after World War II a lot of um Science fiction films Of that time you know some of them are Are just you know cheap sort of you know Enjoyable Corny Monster films but there’s one like Uh Um red planet Mars you look at red Planet Mars that’s a complete propaganda So and the people who produced and Directed it were doing propaganda films During World War II And then you know the war was over now It was the Cold War so that so they Reinvented themselves probably with Continued government support to do these These uh uh social engineering movies to Get people to believe in UFOs so the Idea that the government Does not want people to believe in UFOs Which of course is gone now because now They’re saying hey they’re real but for A long time we said well the government Is you know is debunking us they’re high

They’re hiding the UFOs they don’t want Us to believe it I believe this this was Uh a very intelligent and very effective Way Of producing a cognitive dissonance in People the government would say it’s all Swamp gas or or weather balloons or Something but at the same time they were Feeding Particular people uh information saying No that this is all real there’s this Group called Majestic seven you know That’s a big CIA you know operation that That knows all about the UFOs and and And people they’re being fed this so What you get is is you’re they’re Creating a a like a subculture of UFO Believers who says the government’s Lying to us you know but we will by God You know force them to come up with the Truth because they’ve been fed the other Side of the story by the same government This is what is traditionally known as As a controlled opposition so the social Engineers created a controlled Opposition known as the UFO Believers And finally after all this time the UFO Believers finally Twisted the Government’s arm and made them come Clean you know we won now they’re Finally admitting it and we we forced Them to do it and so do you think that Anything that the government quote Admits is is going to be questioned by

The people who have spent their lives Trying to force the government to come Clean finally they’ve won and they’re Going to believe any damn thing the Government says because it represents to Them Victory after all these years of Being disbelieved and being looked at as As nuts and and marginalized crazies now Tablet you know now uh they’ve been Believed and so they’re going to believe That’s what I think has been going on And the other part of it is I say That the uh The military-industrial intelligence Complex Did not Was not able to understand what these Beings were And was not able to predict them but was Able to use the phenomenon to you know Spread this this new vision of reality Which is now coming out of the woodwork In every direction Um that’s not quite true because there’s There’s a stranger element where I think There’s some people In the government or associated with the Government who Know very well who these beings are Uh they know them as demons And they have made a pact with these Demons and this is the luciferian Element that’s operating within the Military-industrial intelligence complex

And the best Guy who left the cat out of the bag in This Um in this field in this area Was the famous Jack Parsons Now Jack Parsons Was a black magician he was a student of Black magician Aleister Crowley one of His fellow students was L Ron Hubbard Who founded Church of Scientology Um Parsons was a rocket engineer She was a co-founder of the both the Aerojet corporation and the jet Propulsion Laboratory Uh he has a crater named after him on The Dark Side of the Moon he’s totally Integrated into the scientific Establishment he was while he was alive Uh but at the same time he would do Pagan invocations at his rocket Launchings And he declared openly that his purpose In life was to destroy Christianity And somewhere if it’s still if it’s Still on the web there’s a Jack Parsons Video of him Uh with this this box that he created And and it’s it’s this device uh there’s Some audience you can hear an audience You know so he’s doing it in some little Hall somewhere with him in front of an Audience and it’s being filmed And he says this is like an electronic

Ouija board And this is how I communicate with Demons This is how we invoke demons I’m Communicating at this time with a demon Female demon called Babylon B-a-b-a-l-o-n And uh and this is understandable Because UFO like when the UFO flies over It will it will affect Electronics car Engines will die you know it was the UFO That appeared here in Kentucky in the Town of uh where my wife’s uncle lived Before he passed away and uh Um when that appeared all of their cell Phones went haywire you know the clock Stopped right so they haven’t they have An electronic effect because since they Are at the point You know they operate at the point Between the material and the psychic World I think the wall between the Material and the psychic world is the is Exactly the electromagnetic spectrum That’s something you know it’s it’s Energy it’s close to the psychic but It’s but it is also you know entirely Connected with the material and it’s Like you know the the uh the reality in A certain sense behind a material Existence is right on the border so they Have effects on on uh on electronics so Would it it would stand to reason that That that a being from that world could

Affect something in in an electronic box Which has a magnetic field or something Something and be able to you know uh Perhaps operate a keyboard in this world And and Jack Parsons can operate the Same keyboard like like electronic Ouija Board and and talk to that demon and He’s openly saying this is how we invoke Demons so this is a Satanist Who is Major a major figure in the Aerospace industry And You know if you want to look at that the Possibility that someone like that could Exist then you begin to see what it Would mean if there were elements of the Military-industrial intelligence complex Who are actually have made pact with Demonic forces And uh You know and this and and so what what I Say these demonic forces are the evil Gin And what did Jim want to do It’s my theory see in in Islam the human Race has something called the Amana Which is the trust called the trust and That’s like God said in human race it Will be my representative on Earth you Know Um Uh and uh I believe that the Jinn have the Amana Before the human race did and they did

Something real bad and God took it away From them And gave it to humanity a story like That almost appears in the Quran you Know if if you wanted to interpret a Particular story in the Quran like that Real quick let me jump in uh I’d like to Know the name of that story and I Thought of a story first of all that’s a Gnostic text okay it’s called the secret Book of John where Sophia uh creates Y’all the baoth without the Mel Counterpart yeah creates Gods like him And doing so he’s a you know he’s a Jealous God et cetera Etc but he didn’t But then he blows the breath into Adam He creates Adam greater than himself and He blew his Essence from Sophia into Adam and then it was and then he’s been Suppressing Adam ever since and that’s Oh I didn’t I knew that he like created The archons and all of this but I didn’t Know that that when he created Adam that You you’re saying without his wanting to Without his his understanding this would Happen Adam become greater than well That’s an interesting interesting Parallel yeah because the story is that That uh uh uh a law brings Adam before All the angels in in the world before he Sends Adam to Earth he creates them in The other world and here’s Adam and and He brings it before all the angels and Uh

He he’s the Quran says and Allah told Adam the names of all things and so then Adam says okay Adam tell the Angels Their names And the angels did not know their own Names only Adam knew the names because Adam was a comprehensive being and the Angels were like partial even though They were very high beings they were Just partial whereas you know Comprehensive being was was for Humanity And so he told them their names And and then Adam told the Angels okay Bow down to Adam because I’m about to Send him down to earth to to be my Representative in the terrestrial world And uh the Angels say excuse me you know I I don’t want to contradict you or Obviously you know what you’re doing but Do you know what he’s going to do he’s Going to be bad he’s going to shed blood He’s going to do some horrible stuff Down there you know and by law simply Replies I know something that you’ve Done Which is it just leaves it at that so Then he he orders all the angels to bow Down to Adam and they all bow down Except eblis Now ablis is uh he says you know far be It for me to bow down To to uh being made of clay I am made of Smokeless fire So he he refused to bow down to Adam and

So consequently he he was sent out of You know God’s presence to become the Devil to become shaitan So uh and what’s interesting about Airbus Eblens is considered to be a gin Who is allowed among in among the angels You know and you have a very similar Thing in Norse mythology with Loki Loki Was a giant was allowed among the gods I Think that the the north Giants the Greek Titans The Hindu asuras The Muslim Jinn are all pretty much the Same beings and um there’s even a nation Of the Gin that’s called al-assur which To me is the Acer The north North the Norse gods or the Ashuras asuras uh which are the Hindu Warrior demons so many you know Religions what what about the adapa or The uh Nuna Well is that the Anunnaki or or yeah the Anunnaki would be also referred to as The anuna and the ancient cuneiform and Well yeah I mean I I I don’t know as Much about Sumerian mythologies I do About some others but the Anunnaki sound To me like the asuras or or like those Chin because I mean Sumerian Samaria a Very strange place it’s it seems like The elements of black magic have become At one point you know like official Religious Doctrine in the Sumerian world I mean I you know maybe I’m just

Influenced by movies like the uh The Exorcist you know but still But um so anyway uh Went to Earth to become the devil and uh But it’s it’s you just see in that story As if Allah is going to the gin and saying Okay you you guys you know I warned you Enough times you know now you’re fired Sorry it’s all over here’s the new boss Adam and of course you know emliss hated Adam from from then on because he was You know he uh the Gin had lost the Amana and Allah took it away from them And gave it to Adam And so Adam becomes now the central Being and God’s representative on Earth So it would stand to reason that the Chin ever since have been saying that Bastard that you zurper what’s he doing There you know we’ll we’ll You know We’ll work on it you know in fact yeah Evelist says uh Just you know don’t don’t don’t send me To you know into Hell Fire until the end Of time just let me stay on Earth and I’ll work and I’ll see if I can screw With your precious creation of humanity And Allah says all right So that’s what he’s been doing and um You know and then this this is is very Similar to to at this point to to the Christian idea of the fall of the Angels

You know and but so uh So the Jen want to tempt the human race To reject the human form Transhumanism is very big reject the Human form the human form is just an Accidental we just happen to be in this Form so what Um you know maybe if if we all you know Turn into robots or cyborgs or animals Or or any who knows you know we’ll Upload our uh Consciousness into computers and it Won’t matter human reform is just you Know just a random who cares And and you know you look at the Transgender thing you know that this was Prepared for by the idea which you see a Lot that that the UFO aliens are are Sexist they’re sexless you know the Grays are sexless and but they’re higher Beings and so that tempts us to say well You know maybe I don’t want to be Limited by this thing of having to be a Man or a woman you know you know forget That I want to be something bigger and Higher you know and this is it is a Profound Temptation coming from the Gin To the human race saying reject the Human form Because the Gin are stupid enough to Think that if we reject the human form And thereby lose the Amana Because we will no longer be human Beings and so we will not be the beings

That God has created to be his Representatives on Earth so we’ll lose The Amana and they think idiots that They are in some you know they’re pretty Smart in some ways otherwise they’re Pretty stupid Uh they think that the amount will pass Back to them I think well we’ll get it Again once once this bastard Humanity Drops it we’ll pick it up which is not True just that there’s no chance of that So but I think that that’s what a bunch A bunch of the gin Actually believe and and what they’re Working toward So And there are certain human beings who Uh have thrown in their lot with these Beings uh because they they will be Given power And um That’s a pretty dark vision But I think the UFO phenomenon is a Pretty dark thing I mean just look at look at the uh Um you know uh John Mack you know who Wrote the book abductions um Uh you know a Harvard psychiatrist uh You know he he uh does case histories of A hundred people who claim to have been Abducted by UFO aliens And when he does an overview of this he He he talks about what happens to people Who are abducted and it’s terrible you

Know that they have physical illness and Psychological illnesses their marriages Break up Um you know that they’re they’re just Devastated in so many different ways and You read the list Of the uh effects of alien abduction and Then you read the list from the Catholic Church the traditional catholic church Of of the effects of demonic possession Possession or demonic Obsession which Just means the demons bug you you know They but they don’t actually take over Your your will but they do you attack You you know that’s Obsession uh and and They’re almost identical They’re almost identical so what you Have Uh is people in the military-industrial Intelligence complex who have made pact With the Demonic world for power And then then there are other people You know working in in the social Engineering world who probably aren’t Privy to that or don’t accept that or That’s but but they know that they’re Working on human consciousness in order To change our or the base our basic Paradigm and basic way of looking at Things uh you know for for their idea of Power but they they don’t understand the Uh the the deeper level you know that Who uh their own superiors are actually Working for

So that’s and so I would say to Advertise my book this is probably the Only book you’re going to find Which covers all that territory They’re big pieces of what I have in Here you find another book chocolate as A great source Uh but if you want to see What the UFO aliens are in terms of Physical Manifestation’s psychic manifestations And the meaning of the human deception Activities that happen around the UFO Phenomenon and if you want to see what Social engineering agenda is being Imposed upon the human race at least Since the end of World War II and how That works and what the vectors of that Are And if you want to understand how in Essence this whole thing is a kind of Satanism Uh it’s all in that book and I don’t Know of another book that puts all the Pieces together like that so Amazing I am very appreciative of this And I want to show off your website also Because you’ve got now you’ve got how Many websites you have is it just the One or I just got just the one yeah okay And yeah let me pull that up real quick Here so this is uh it’s like you do Blogs here also kind of like a Blog Slash well I mean the blog you know that

Was that was an idea that never took off I mean blogs take so much energy you Know Yeah they do especially when you’re an Author you know and you’re writing books That yeah I know I mean it’s socially I Mean it’s it’s it’s just hard enough for Me to answer my emails I really try to Ask my email but that they will soon Come or I have to say dear friend thank You for writing we can’t get back to you Right now blah blah blah you know it’s Still not not yet those The the Gen okay so a couple things I Want to say before I finish up this Awesome podcast and this has been Amazing and I appreciate it is I was Going to bring up Jack Parsons earlier When he started talking about Metaphysics and the or the Paranormal And demonology and some of these rocket Scientists I was gonna bring up Parsons And then also you had mentioned Something else that I thought was quite Interesting and I’ll I’ll maybe find That in a second but the Gen thing and The whole three wishes and some of them Being for good some of them not being For good all that kind of stuff is Fascinating and I’m glad you brought up The the terminology because oftentimes There’s so many people out there they’re Like oh so you’re saying that this is uh You know this is fraudulent so none of

It’s real and like you brought that up That’s not what you’re saying I was Gonna ask you that but you’ve said it Yourself and I appreciate that because I I’m not like that either I don’t put Myself in a in a box and those boxes Have been invented you know because one Of the things that social Engineers did Is you know well let’s let’s let’s Create the Believers now we’ll create The debunkers and we’ll have them you Know fight each other and and and and Totally waste their time and their Attention so they’re not looking at What’s really going on and that they Know how to do that I’m convinced They’re that smart now yeah I I would Agree with you now one thing I would say Though that I I would respectfully Disagree is I feel like that and I think There’s a lot of data to suggest this Also that something out there has been Using people even to genetically modify Themselves I think that they’ve been Tampering with our genetics for for so Long I mean I can share with you a Tablet that goes back it’s at least a 3 500 year old tablet that’s talking about How NK and nidma were drinking beer and Making people and they were actually Getting they’re like oh well this one Doesn’t stand upright what are we going To do with this one this one’s an idiot What do we do with the idiot let’s give

Them to The King and I was like wait a Second they gave the idiot to the king That’s where politics came from Drum roll please yeah so well I mean I You know it’s it Keep studying that and see what you come Up with you know I mean I I tend to Think I tended to to see that that means A little something different you know But because it’s it’s establishing Uh these these beings who really are not Our creators as our creators uh in order To give them legitimacy you know and but You know there’s always there’s always More than we know and uh You know it’s like it’s like the idea The alien I look at the alien Hybridization idea you know that that We’re half aliens or you know some People are half aliens Um as A sort of a modern scientific way or Scientistic way of talking about demonic Possession because when you’re Demonically possessed you know your your Personality is half demonic the demon Comes in sometimes and then then you’re Yourself again then the demon comes in And you know that reminds me of alien Hybridization you know it’s like you’re You’re half you’re half Alien or you’re half demon maybe that’s Just another way of talking about Possession that’s one thing I ask myself

Well great points and it was uh honor to Speak with you Charles I thank you for Taking your time out of your schedule to Spend it was with us here at leap Project it was it was great to get to Know you also okay I appreciate it it Was fun so I will send you the link as Soon as it’s uploaded on YouTube and I Want to thank everybody for being here With us on the website we’ve got a nice Audience here on the website and live a Lot of a lot of comments in the comment Section so thank you everybody for being Here with us and I hope you all have a Beautiful day and uh any other words of Wisdom you’d like to share this before We finish up this awesome podcast Charles oh how do you do that let me see Let me see if I can get to Something here sure Um I don’t know getting back to Super it’s Nice to get back to suicism because you Know you don’t want to end with Demonology right Demonology is depressing Um So What I got here you know one of the Things I was a privileged to do there Were some people who were editing were Translating all of the quatrains the Four-line stances of jalalith and Rumi And they wanted me to write poetic

Versions of them and I was doing that For a while then I had a computer crash I lost a lot of them because there were Hundreds and hundreds of them But uh Um I did finish some and these are the Ones that went In in my versions into rhyme and meters So these could like be song lyrics And I’d just like to read this poem I Made up out of roomie’s poetry It’s 85 Percent roomy and 15 me I guess Something like that if you if you’re Gonna put things in rhyme and meter you Have to take you know do some poetic License But uh this would give you a flavor of Sufism from another standpoint So this I’m calling portrait portrait of The Beloved What is this sorrow grips me like a Knight is is it blind does it see me Lost to light Earth shows my image yet In heaven and free What hand can lift a star from off the Sea Who claims the ever living one has died The son of Hope is gone his days are Gone Sun Killer climbed the roof and shut his Eyes then cried out like a fool I’ve Killed the Sun Every day my heart drinks one new wine

Whose sweetness kills the taste of all Wines past He first ferments love sickness that Wine master and then serves up Oblivion At last Anyone might have a friend or lover Anyone hold a job or play a part like The prophet in his Khalif in their Cavern I’m with him in the furnace of my Heart That love from which my lifeless life Takes life a love so fine so sweet where Does it live is it from mortal flesh or From Beyond it or a glance that he to Breeze’s son might give Oh Wounded Heart your cure has finally Come breathe easy now your healing has Been born a love who grants the wish of Every lover has come into this world in Human form To behold the beauty of the king what Joy my soul takes life from that Exquisite face In a dream I saw the black chains of his Love what could it mean if that dream Disturbs my peace That Muskie taught her curls pure Delight to hunt a prey like me Delightful sport in spring in early Spring the world is sweet like sugar and Candy holding hands so right From your toll shape the Cypress stole Its Grace the rose tore open its shirt When it saw your face for God’s sake

Lift a mirror then you’ll see Not one like me from end to end of space Did the perfumed rose ever catch your Scent no never Have the Sun or stars ever seen your Light no never It’s night you say behold my darkened Window if you go it’s night but Otherwise no never I found no peace I died of Shame without You when I came to court I quit my life Without you Without you how can I break the grip of Sorrow choked with loss I cried tears of Blood without you I’ll tear my heart from your ground I Say but I can’t I’ll learn to breathe without you But I can’t I’ll drive your longing from my heart I Brag If I were man enough I’d do it but I Can’t I have no one only you where can I turn No cure for this ravaged heart where can I turn how long you ask Will We whirl With a whirling Stars It’s the only trade I know where can I Turn You’ll get no help from me he said You’ll get no help from me my friend he Said just silly drunkenness and wine and Laughter to kill sobriety and drive out Reason is why God sent me down into this

Slaughter I’ll take the blame for you a hundred Times so I break my pledge to you I’ll Pay the price as long as I draw a breath I’ll Stand Here blows till the day of Resurrection This you know Your slap is sweeter than another’s kiss Your wound is richer than another’s gift Your cruelty Kinder than another’s care Your insult dearer than another’s Bliss If I fill the sky with groans I am Forgiven if I water the planes with Tears I am forgiven you are my soul That’s why I must pursue you and if Soul Follows self instead I am forgiven The Water of Life dropped from your Shining face of that world of light the Moon is just a trace I want moonlight Moonlight all night long I cried the Night is your night black curls the moon Your face Oh friend our friendship makes a mighty Union where you might walk I’ll be the Earth for you in the Creed of lovers It’s a dark transgression through your Eyes to see the world but not see you I’m glad this passing world can’t make Me happy drunk without wine superb Intoxication why do I need to hear some Other story when endless blessings rise From my secret Glory May the Heart of Love never look upon

This world what’s worthy to be seen by Love but love The day I die I’ll Cast Away these eyes If gazing on this world they turned from Love This dying Earth how long to smell and Taste it it’s time to meet that one of Perfect Grace And the mirror of his face I find myself In the mirror of my heart I’ll see his Face The fruit will set in the blossoming Branch someday The hungry Hawk will seize the dove Someday His Image comes and goes when Will it stay It will make its home inside your heart Someday That was awesome you are a poet sir and You certainly know it man I hope I don’t blow it man don’t blow it I just blew it that was bad oh my gosh That was the Super Cheese folks there’s A whole aisle of cheese at Albertsons I Still get a hard time for that when I Just met my like before I got married I Met my wife I was 19 and I go to Albertsons and there’s this whole aisle Of cheese Albertsons that I just did not Know there was that much Jesus at a Store and I was like there’s a whole Ology Albertsons and so now she’s still To this day there’s a whole Isle of Cheese Albertsons ladies and gentlemen

Thank you so much for being here with us It was a pleasure to speak with all of You I hope you have a fantastic day and Be the change You want to see and you have another Term you’d like to you you said that up So if he’s more or less saying see the Change you want to be You may see it but then being it that That takes some doing right I like that No that’s great thank you for saying That and see the change you want to be Ladies and gentlemen Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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