Nostradamus Quatrains, Last King & Fall of The British Empire, John Hogue

By | October 26, 2022

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On 13th of September four days after the Death of the Queen News punch published An article entitled Nostradamus Predicted a great Uprising against King Charles III a series of chilling Predictions by Nostradamus about the Queen’s death in 2022 and the sudden Abdication of King Charles III have been Uncovered God gets one’s attention Certainly got mine I then wrote the Interpretations in the article are Claimed to be those of the late Mario Reading taken from his book published in 2005 what he had said about uh Century 10 volume 22. this quadrain will come as No surprise to the British people he was Also British by the way And it has what wide implications the First is that Queen Elizabeth II will Die Circa 2022 and he said this in 2005. is Investing in silver a good idea that’s a Great question our friend Colin plume From Noble gold Investments certainly Think so he recently explained on the National desk that there’s been huge Sell-offs of silver because of its low Price points right now silver is the Most useful industrial metal out there And demand is soaring for electronics And electric cars solar panel circuits And the green agenda is speeding up now Industries that pick up after the Pandemic supply chain issues the trend

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I’ve been listening to you on Coast to Coast you sound awesome on Coast to Coast as well how the heck are you well I’m good I’m getting used to my new Place my new office behind me here and Uh it’s also it’s also getting really Lovely here with the autumn colors up Here in the Pacific Northwest and we’ve Just survived like two months of Straight of fire fogs uh and they Finally dramatically left with a Dramatic reappearance of the nine-month Seattle Monsoon So so the air is fresh I’m feeling good My sinuses are happy So what I’d like to start off with today Um is uh something that doesn’t often Get hap doesn’t often happen online in The media the but because of your show The way is the way it gives one time to Stretch out and really take a subject Through uh as long as it takes I’m Thinking the first hour Um I’m going to return to some of the Things I was talking about last time Month or so ago about the death of Queen Elizabeth II and Charles and and start To talk about a thing that uh here I’m Just moving Windows around here uh a yes Here we go and actually everybody on the Show is going to get a first A first chance a first look at me Reading and and showing and displaying Um a this may get your face over there

And and uh what this is going to be About Um The first of 15 articles that I’m Putting together For those who subscribed for just sixty Dollars uh every year can get us five Dollars a year can get what at Hogue I usually show as a few of The freebies kind of the tip of the Iceberg but the real juicy stuff is all The articles that I write and what I Call the Hogue prophecy E Magazine Now this magazine is literally a one-man Time Magazine it’s his biggest time Magazines usually about 50 to 70 000 Words with lots of illustrations and Lots of funny illustrations too to Lighten things up and it is a uh it’s Available uh by you go to my website Hoag and you look for the Little green eye looking up in the first Article and that will you click on what The link there And you can be a member of this and I I Because of the way the dark times for Free speech that we’re living through Now I have a unique way of keeping all Of that Off what I have to say by you donate the 60 and the email that you use to donate I send you a PDF file every two months Or more actually I’m sending two things Out in in the in the span of this next

Two months one on a whole vast array of Things about what’s going on in the World especially in a certain place east Of Europe and also uh I am doing which We’ll look at later uh in the second Hour uh the fascinating astrology Surrounding election night and who it Favors and who it does not And it’s pretty dramatic uh so we’ll be Looking at that as well uh that’ll be Coming out before the election night This newest group of Articles which I’m Going to preview a little bit here Tonight is going to come out later this Week Uh not only do I read the world but I Also read individuals On Zoom so uh and so I take all this Energy that I put out to the world and I Give it to an individual a client and I’ve had a lot of people coming Interlaid it’s been almost every night Now and I’ve had I do a a reading it’s About two hours it has a little Astrology and it has a little divination Tarot and has a lot of A kind of mystery of how I read the World is lovingly poured upon the client Trying to see where their future Potentials are and how they can access Them by finding ways and techniques to Relax into the eternity of the present Where it’s just the only real time there Is

And so especially in these times it’s It’s been an immense health is uh just Go to you’ll see just Below the opening overview of what’s in The article stream you will see a thing About Hogue readings and you just click On that email or click on it uh on some Of the links that I will have for you uh At the bottom of this when it goes out Online And you can then get yourself a reading And find out the prices and find out What times are available So with all that done now I want to talk About something that’s for at least of The 20th century and the 21st century Has been uh the time when the 16th Century Prophet Nostradamus became kind Of a global phenomenon Happened especially around the 1930s and Onward uh with his four-line quatrains His poems of kind of cryptic code She takes a very long time to learn Um I there’s been a lot of talk all over The world whenever something big happens When Princess Diana died or when the Boys were born that will be the next Future kings after the Prince of Wales Charles third now is King and and so we All have a fascinating many of us have a Fast infatuation and fascination with The Royals and so the question always is Though a lot of people then start using Their lack of knowledge about the

Subject of Nostradamus to uh have fun There’s nothing wrong with it but if When people publish books or stand up as Authorities uh on newspaper articles and Other things Um that’s when I feel it’s nice to at Least give The experience of someone who’s been a Half a century doing this work on Nostradamus somebody who is intimately Studied the details of History because With Nostradamus it was always a movie He saw it he smelled it he heard the Future So How does that uh you have to then have a Very intimate knowledge of the last 500 Years of History And also Um have an aptitude for seeing deep into The future and seeing where he takes This and nostradamus’s history of the Future starts in 1550 with his almanacs Continued with his three serializations In the 1550s of his magnum opus Le Profitie which these quad trains are From these are the the prophecies he’s Most famous for and quoted often in TV In the world Then uh after that uh it’s really about The events and actions of the future Judging whether we can decipher what Nostradamus is saying or actually Discover what he really meant to say and

That takes a skill that the one does not Learn overnight and right for Fleet Street or for the guardian or for other Newspapers who have been playing around With the idea of the future being Predicted about the Royal Family Now it is a pretty big milestone that One of the longest lived Royals in History 70 years 215 days Queen Elizabeth II uh Is is her death is literally uh as I Said in my last interview about it is Sort of like a bridge of memory that has Now vanished to a A more glorious past She was uh crowned it was in 19 well she Officially was crowned in 1952 it was Actually a time of Where the British Empire was still alive It was a bit wounded by two world wars But it is still vast It still had influence in the world the British economy was strong the British Parliament did not have uh fuzzy headed Lunatics becoming prime minister in it Who Called Boris Johnson and Liz truss who Was beaten by a cabbage or by a head of Lettuce which they had on the TV they Were saying will she last as prime Minister longer than the buy two date of This lettuce head and the lettuce had Won Uh she lasted little more than six weeks

Boris Johnson made a move what’s your Thoughts on that John sorry what are Your thoughts on that I mean that was Quick besides the lettuce head Halo Well the uh Uh they were Alexander mercuris who gave Her a lot more times my best sources at The Duran uh he thought that she would Last six months I think there was a Writer in the financial times I’m not Sure I gotta check that but he got it Right he said she wouldn’t last six Weeks and she only lasts two days I Think after six weeks so that counts and I mean I’ve watched her over the years And if anybody could be dumber than Boris Johnson that’s really quite an Accomplishments you know so I mean this Is a fellow who had the hair that Literally had a mind of its own Um it was always flying up and curling Around I mean he looked like uh he was a Hogwarts Professor who losses lost Himself in the world with Muggles or Something you know he was maybe he had a Certain Charming it definitely had Political instincts but I mean Britain Right now is in a great crisis and the Crisis of leadership Economic crisis A lot of things are going sour anyway Right now and so we’ll probably get into That a little more in the in the next Hour

Because it’s a world phenomenon and it’s Coming our way to America too across the Pond so and and how what it will be like I’ll talk a bit about in the next hour But for this uh one of the things that Came up Um that uh was a story that everybody Hitched onto was that The the queen uh there was a predictor Or a man actually a colleague of mine uh Mario reading he’s since passed Um He was one of the few other people who Attempted like myself and about two Others in the last 6.4 centuries to Translate all the main Prophecies of Nostradamus the 942 quad trains that Survived out of one thousand Over the centuries and also the the Um two famous prophetic letters the Preface to his son which opened it and Then a second perfos which closed the Final three volumes in the final Serialization dedicated to Henry the Second of France who famously Um not long after that died As Nostradamus had predicted Propelling for this tragedy propelling Him to this this Fame which has made him One of those few historical figures That is still alive in our minds is a Controversial debate to have most Figures have either been lionized or Condemned and forgotten but in the world

There are a few historical figures that Have been long gone but there’s still a Lively debate for instance Richard Wagner and his associations with the Nazis whether they’re true or not Of course hard to be true because he Died uh 40 50 years before it was even The Nazi party but uh be that as if they Um and then Nostradamus is he a Charlatan or is is he just found this Wonderful plan to use a flim-flam Artist’s uh language of codes and things It fascinates each generation to delve Into but and at the very least keeps People talking about you if indeed you Really had anything to say now the People who might say that he had nothing To say are certainly people who have not Addressed or studied him very well or Deeply or actually know how to look at French and uh the problem is that Nostradamus Um even admitted that he had to use the Language of a Flim Flam artist to hide His stickers so that the Roman Inquisition would not uh Come to his door and take him out to put Him in prison for heresy or worse he was Threatened a few times So he lived in a similarly dark time Where Free Speech was uh could get you In trouble fortunately So far we only Um get

That’s how I put it a little little um The light goes out oh where did his Website go oh Um so uh but in his life uh you could be Killed for it so Because it was the the high Renaissance And it was also the beginning of the Counter-reformation so uh given that the The passions that were swelling Uh the tensions in France in particular Between Protestant French Huguenot and French Catholic majority Um was was very high and made more Dangerous by the fact that per capita Certainly there are many more Catholics In the general population but two-thirds Of the elite ruling France the Royal Houses or Huguenot There’s a king was Catholic and so Nostradamus was also Catholic but a Catholic with a special lineage because He was born a Jew and a Jewish Family That converted Catholicism a few years Before he was born in 1503. And so uh he always had to live a double Life Um as a as a mystical Jew Jewish and Catholic person So The the problem Is that you can’t You can’t uh Well You if you if you don’t know anything

About how nostradamus’s work Functions if you haven’t done study it’s Very easy to think that Nostradamus is Speaking for exactly what you’re looking For And if you are somebody who comes into The study already with a big no about This fool then you will also look into His nebulous verses and you’ll be very Satisfied you will find nothing that Suits you But it had but this is just like trying To force the clouds to shape the way you See it Whether you’re a blind believer or a Blind debunker But there’s another way to look at this And we’re going to start with one of I Think or at least have five quatrains Here that Um that I would say do indeed talk about The house of women Wrote a very interesting passage when he Was looking at Century 10 quatrain 22 Now century is a volume Nostradamus Planned out his quatrains in in 10 Volumes of 100 versus each So Ergo the centuries and so they are Centuries of 10. so this is the last Volume and it says 22nd Coraline Quatrain poem and It it uh I’ll just read it briefly Um it’s starts for not wishing to Consent to the divorce

Which then afterwards will be recognized As unworthy the king of the English Isles will be driven out by force One put in his place who will have no Sign of kingship Now you can see it needs to have a Little history about The kings and queens of England and then Know whether there’s a lead here it’s Just detective work about is this about Our future or is this about a windsor in The past You know this the thing that is Important here is the term divorce in The first line well Who do we know in our own time of Royals That got divorced Um well the Prince of Wales the curtain Charles the third of England when he was Prince of Wales married Um Princess Diana the Princess of Wales And it became a famous poem a famous Divorce Uh now The divorce if one understands history Uh the divorce was not uh decided by Either Lady Diana or the Prince of Wales It was the queen who suggested they get A divorce Which uh so that that’s a bit of history That gets lost even in those like Mario Reading who sees this as a future Prophecy and I can understand the lead That he took because Mario understood

What I also understand although we go in Very different directions with it uh That these claw trains often their index Numbers serve two purposes one if you Make a fraudulent one you can always ask If you see something attributed in Nostradamus you just ask the person well What’s the index number Nostradamus did that on purpose purpose Because even in his own time people were Writing things about uh publishing under His name it even got him arrested and Jailed in Marseille for a few days in a Jail cell we could until he could get His friends out to get him out who were Important in the Provencal government But he they thought he was a fanatic Protestant calvinist talking about the Downfall of the Catholic Church Which is ironic because Nostradamus was A royalist Catholic So He Saw it even in his own time so he he Would try to fix that problem by having Uh index numbers so but the index number Sometimes do show dates it would seem Uh there’s one for instance that talks About a great Empire would fall through The art ends which is it openly stated In there another and it may not be just One Empire maybe two because what did Happen there is a battle art ends is a Forest near Luxembourg and Southern

Belgium It has not seen any major battles except One In two actually times in the same War The Ardennes force was where Adolf Hitler invaded The Um the French in the Battle of France Than the Germans in 1940 they didn’t Expect tanks would be able to get Through the forest well I don’t know why They thought that the tanks can follow Any roads through forests as they can in Wide Fields but the French decided and The British expeditionary Force decided That they would take the bait of Germany Invading Holland And and move their armies farther to the Northeast and then hooking around them Where all the Panzer tanks of the German Forces that cut two-thirds of the French And all the British army off from Mainland of France which led to Dunkirk And like the evacuation of the def British expeditionary Force mostly just The men not their material their tanks Their guns so Um so what’s intriguing about this an Empire Falls Well the French Colonial Empire fell to The axis forces from 1940. but in a Thing that happens with Nostradamus is What I call multiplaning just like the Old Walt Disney feature films you know

Like at the end of of Fantasia where you See all the monks where they’re little Lamps and they’re singing Ave Maria in The background and they’re walking Through a force or the perspective of The trees keep moving and by each other Like that that was done Um that was a remarkable Um special effect that took a lot of Heavy dense equipment back in the 1930s To do they literally had a huge set of Painted windows Uh glasses that that they had to move According to the Machinery of the camera So you get that feeling of moving Through a forest called multiplaning So I use that metaphor a lot with Nostradamus because a lot of Nostradamus Talks about is Um often for instance I long story short I don’t think he saw World War the world War one and two as two Wars it seems That if you look at these lines and how He describes maneuvers One line is clearly about France in 1940 The next line is about France in 1917. So I mean that kind of move the moves That he was describing some of his claw Trains happened in two Wars I’ve got to Thinking maybe he did not see events all The time as separate but as as a Repetition of History Literally blending together the two World Wars so

So but then what’s intriguing though is With the indexing one has to wonder Just which empire And which Invasion through the ardens is he really Talking about both of them multiplane Or is he really talking about the second Time that the axis forces tried To surprise it when they were desperate When they were all but defeated in 1944 And December into early 1945 they Attacked with whatever they had left in Their armored strategic reserves and That became known as the Battle of the Bulge the largest land battle for the Western allies in World War II and the Bulge was a description of the initial Penetration of all the SS forces the Panzer armies and it was defeated that Brought a rapid end To the Third Reich And when it was all done in May of 1945 The European theater finally saw peace Now the number for this quatrain is Quatrain five You know Century 5 Volume 5 quatrain 45. Is it a Just a coincidence or an intent That the European theater Which had its arm its victory in Europe The western side celebrated on 8th May The Soviet sign on 9th May But still may may is the fifth month And the year was 1945.

Five 45 So We have here in 10 Q22 A good educated guess from 2005 from Mario reading he believed But now unlike me I see he believed that All the indexing Was dated Now One thing I’ve learned about Nostradamus Is there’s two kinds of Nostradamus Serious Scholars one one serious sincere Scholars are those who run the danger of I would say of looking at nostradamus’s Chaos as a ploy to hide order And some some of the finests have been Involved in this mistake and I call it a Mistake because what I I kind of when I Look at Nostradamus I think of hakim’s Razor when all is said and done what is Seen before you is what it is in this Case Nostradamus is a chaos Now chaos is the mother of order so There are times the chaos has certain Periods of order There are indeed maybe a hundred of his Quatrains at least that are that could Be dates But not all of them To make all of them dates you have to Make an unconscious decision as a Scholar an investigator that you’ve got

To find what you want to look for rather Than just stay open now what you want to Look for is one of the things that might Be what this investigation this Detective work takes you down but you Just don’t know You just have to keep you have to be What the word doubt originally meant in Its Indo-European roots To hover between two possibilities So you go in with all the possibilities Open That preserve the theory or refute But you have to hover with it and go Deeper because the Trap of the mind to Look what it’s like to seek what it’s Looking for Is is almost cultish in the way it will Do that you know whole groups of people Once they believe a certain thing is a Simple reality or people in conspiracy Theory and all that then they don’t see How their only Simplifying their search by finding the Things that suit their biases and don’t Go against them So My reading saw this and and he he said I I’ll see where the quote is here I can Read it he Um Sorry everybody no This is a word from your sponsor Is awesome

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One’s attention certainly got mine So I then wrote the interpretations in The article are claimed to be those of The late Mario reading taken from his Book published in 2005. he had what he Had said about uh Century 10 volume 22. Uh here it is this quad frame will come As no surprise to the British people he Was also British by the way And it has what wide implications the First is that Queen Elizabeth II will Die Circa 2022 and he said this in 2005. at The age of around 96 five years short of Her mother’s term of Life which I think Was 101. So Prince Charles will be crowned Mario I Mean he says in in her stead and become King of the islands which is his Interpretation of the same French that I Looked at it’s correct the implications Here being that he is no longer King of The other regions of the world over Which his mother reigned That’s interesting I mean when you think Of it King Charles there’s a lot of talk about The British Union breaking up and who Knows with certain economic stresses That are happening in the world Maybe Maybe uh Charles he maybe he’s got this Right the memorial that Charles will see The British Isles become the English

Isles just England being part of his Realm as Scotland And Wales and Northern Ireland perhaps Move back into the European Union proper And also Ireland or Northern Ireland Becomes unified with the rest of Ireland That’s really in the works actually so Uh So as he goes on to say Prince Charles Will be 74 years old in 2022 when he Takes over the throne he’s Saints again In 2005. Uh Mario but the the resentments held Against him by a certain portion of the British population following his divorce From Diana Princess of Wales will Persist This is where I’m thinking being British Is kind of getting in the way of Mario’s Look at things Because as I see it now Um that’s pretty much water under the uh The London Bridge Then I and I would say so because people Are not looking to have him Impeached or he’s not Liz trust being Thrown out he’s not Boris Johnson Um I think they’re giving him a lot of Uh Of time to get into his role as the king I frankly thought that he carried Himself quite well he’s also as I said In my last show on leak project about This he’s he has lived a long life so

Not only his mother But he himself has has something left Certainly has the his mother’s sense of Humor he certainly has A a thread of the memories of better Times where Britain was thrown he’s he’s Literally if the bridge fell he’s the Last tress he’s the last section of the Bridge still standing to remind the British people where they’ve come From So I this is where I think he Strays Into gate reading a little too much Fleet Street uh newspapers Um the uh so basically he’s saying that Um that the people are going to be so Upset with him as a being comparative is A bad King that don’t ask him to Abdicate to his son But Mario kind of jumps and says that he Doesn’t see William Becoming William V his son he sees of All people uh a Henry IX which would be Prince Harry who is This is not really going anywhere with Some legs prophetically because Prince Harry is has openly surrendered all of His duties to perform in The Firm of the Royal Windsor house as they call it the Firm Tongue-in-cheek was Um he and he got actually quite angry in The Um and finally showed his immaturity uh

All let’s just say his lack of kingship Um to Um when they do the thing and they take Turns or different members of the family And then the top Echelon of the family During the days of people walking past The draped coffin Um in I think Westminster Uh every once in a while Charles his Sister Princess Anne Um and the other Edward and um Andrew The four children of the queen would Take four stages around and turn their Backs on the coffin and fold their arms And bow their heads slightly like this And just be very still on watch over Their mother’s grave over their mother’s Coughing now other times it would be There the Queen’s grandchildren would Take their turns doing this and when it Was that time Um Harry Was allowed to wear his uniform Of the uh the red-coated uniform but he Was not allowed to wear the shoulder Board with ER Elizabeth rex on either shoulder because Officially he no longer you know he went With with his wife they’re out in the World making their way out in the world Not a part of any of the duties of the House of Windsor so it was considered Because it’s all very tradition Traditional lies that those those

ERS had to come off his shoulderboards If he wanted to wear his uniform and so Where the others were looking sad he was Fuming he was like You know but I thought but That’s the problem with the Um The Royals that come after Charles I I kept watching them and I’m thinking Charles still has a certain something Whether it’s silly or not whether it’s Theater or not he’s got it as his mother Had it in droves this Carriage of Royalty The children well the wives perhaps do The consorts but The children Uh the next king of William V and Harry If William doesn’t know again Who really into my mind does not show a Great amount of kingship and that’s the Thing to remember because that comes up In other quadrants related to this Um I I have to agree with Alexander Makuris who lives in London is Been a part of the British phenomenon I Think Charles III when he dies he is the Last king of Britain if it’s not already Called the last king of England But it’s reduced Structure right just being the British To English So with the quad train The um

So for the core train again so he I Think Mario got stuck in his need to Find what he unconsciously needed to Find this idea that all the dates are in All the quatrain numbers and the way he Got some things right but actually this Is um Is not about Charles For one thing Uh We’re not wishing to condemn consent to The divorce is not the first time that’s Happened to famous Royals it happened to Another Prince of Wales who became king In The mid-1930s Who Wanted who was having an affair with an American divorcee Called Wallace Simpson and that was none Other than Bertie as they call I know That was that was the other that was Queen Elizabeth’s uh Uh father who succeeded him but Edward VII Became king of Britain and the British Empire and He Uh was having this liaison even as king With a divorcee and in those days in 1930s I mean it’s something to say that Elizabeth in by the time of the 90s Could allow The heir to divorce But back then when she was just a kid

And King George V Edward’s father had just died and Edward Become Edward VII it became a great uh Tension with the Anglican Church that at That no British King could or queen could ever be a Divorcee Or a divorced person it was uh because The virtues of the Anglican Church would Be on the line if a divorce say be king The king’s consort So Um so this is still possibly about the Windsors but it follows much more what Actually happened in the 1930s if we’re Not wishing to consent to the divorced That means Anglican Church Would not this would not allow Um the concert to be a divorcing Which then afterwards will be recognized As unworthy yes a lot of people Afterwards thought that it was Obviously even Elizabeth thought it was Unworthy by many many decades after when She was Queen actually advising The Prince and Princess of Wales to Divorce they didn’t even do that Themselves it was the queen who advised And commanded it so she even perhaps had Gotten a little looser with it and Thought it was unworthy what happened Or

Um her grand uncle Edward the eighth So The third line says the king of the English Isles or will be driven out by Force well force of law Sometimes it gets a little dramatic Nostradamus but at least if this is About that it’s yeah it’s my force of Law uh he had to and and then one is put In his place who will have no sign of Kingship now it’s interesting that Prince Harry it’s much more obvious That at least in my opinion that he has Not a lot of signs of kingship the fact That he even abandoned his duties is Pretty much Cut him free of ever being an heir Um Because he is not showing signs of Kingship or pouting about his ER boards That’s not kingship however The King George VI Um The um The bot the father of Elizabeth And Princess Margaret and who was uh Actually had a lot of problems in those Days uh with a speech impediment That there’s been recently a film that Won a lot of Academy Awards for the Actors involved in it and it’s called The The King’s Speech it was where a

Person the protagonist in the story was A man who was going to teach Um George VI how to speak and not Stutter he had a very bad stutter And so in those earlier times a Stuttering king would not be a sign of Kingship And so there was a problem with that Although he ended up with with he and Elizabeth the Queen the king consort Um Queen Elizabeth’s mother Um they actually did a lot of things Where they didn’t have to speak but were Shown on the newsreels taking care of People during the London Blitz and Checking people and visiting places that Were hit Buckingham Palace was hit by a German bomb during the London Blitz During World War II and so he he uh the People liked him But there there definitely is a a Connection with the fact that he like His uh older brother running after a Divorcee he was very afraid that if he Got out in public too much that he would Show that he was a uh A stuttering another person which Would make a lot of people think he was More a twit than a king so Um that’s the thing so that that all Kind of applies itself to this prophecy No There’s another prophecy it’s funny They’re all bundled together there’s

Like Quatrain 22 quatrain 19. And quatrain I believe 55 Of of course between 40 That all seem to Um have the theme the thread of Edward And his divorce and in general Queen Elizabeth as as a queen Um now that brings up an interesting Could be apocryphal story about Nostradamus Um there’s certainly a pattern in the Prophecies where some of these Prophecies are Standalone or some of Them Actually are puzzle pieces to a larger Prophecy And the way to find out Is to look if there’s certain things Repeated Like word bridges that make the Association come together One of them is the famous third Antichrist prophecy of that there are Three antichrists in Nostradamus Prophecies the first is Paul Mae Lauren Or the anagram recoded as Napoleon Means is the old French Roi rather than Roi old French spelling for King so he’s King Napoleon And Nepal Leon Nepalan is got the phonetic similarity To actually the way Napoleon’s name was Spoken

Before he became a Francophile because He was born as Nostradamus said near Italy Corsica is is just 30 40 miles It’s possession of the French And so his name was napoleoni buenaparte Foreign That always came later Napoleon was the Frank francified version of Napoleon He also used a wicked pun used calling Him apollon the great Destroyer using Apollon the um the angel of the Abyss The demon Angel of the Abyss as uh as His name Nostradamus personally did not Like Napoleon very much although I think He’s a little too hard on him because Napoleon of the three he picked is Antichrists is in fact Napoleon often Was uh called the Antichrist by the Catholic church and excommunicated when He invaded Spain in 1808 so he was Considered an antichrist by the Catholic Church interestingly enough you know two And two in the third centuries before That Napoleon’s talking about that Nostradamus is talking about that now The second is a little easier to decode Hyster With the gothic s looking like a t Because it has a bar like a t It looks kind of like an elongated f With a little bar in the center of it And the gothic s uh is kind of pointing To the T that’s not there in the name History which is the name of the ancient

Danube now sadamus had a lot of Geographical information in his Prophecies over 650 place names and Provinces but you have to find old Maps The maps that he would use which I did That that Um you can see the places he’s talking About like when he’s talking about Karmania it means it it won’t mean Anything to you about this Fleet of Ishmael coming out of karmania to fight Another Fleet until it rather chillingly Has an impact perhaps for our near Future if not some of the incidences That have happened in the Strait of four Moves where 20 percent of all the World’s oil is shipped in and out of the Persian Gulf which he called the Arabian Gulf which is what it was Paul in his Time not the Persian Gulf karmania Is the classical name For the side of the narrow Strait of Hormuz which is occupied by the Iranians The Persians in his prophecies the Ishmaelites Denote some future group of Persians who Are not zoroastrians but Muslims And their bases they come out maybe Seeing visions of the small Patrol boats And the little thousands of ships that They come out in and speed boats to Circle around large naval ships of America As these ishmaelites of course they come

To a bad end But there is actually bandar Abbas That’s the main Harbor in the Strait of Hormuz and carmania where they such a Port does exist so it this kind of Strays into the future as a potential Fulfillment So The The next prophecy that seems to be close It’s just 20 it’s just less than as well As 22 so it’s uh it’s 18 or so versus Ahead so so again one of the things that Could happen is there’s a story that Goes on that Nostradamus had all his Crotch pains written on pieces of paper And his secretary chauvini Uh would be charged with taking the Whole bundle of them maybe in a bowl Mixing them around and then throwing Them up in the air where they wherever They fell he would then pick them up in The order that he picked them up And that is it could be so I mean it’s Um There is an interesting pattern if you Take cards I’ve done some experiments With this if you throw cards with Certain symbols on them that are tied Together it depends on how you throw Them some of them come down in bunches It would seem that this is if that’s Correct way to look at it is one of Those moments where a theme

Of British kings and queens of the Future are tied together because they’re They didn’t separate into complete other Different volumes they they came Together and like I said in the Antichrist prophecy the third Antichrist Is called Mabus now Mavis Is most likely MBS because of the Nostradamus word game where he would Often strip vowels and leave consonances Of words and you had to find the vowels And here we have an Arab Prince he’s Supposed to be he comes to power young Dark hair and dark bearded he is um so You have a Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Whose name is Royal family Um The the journalists Made an acronym out of it because they Just had a hard time mangling his names So they everybody calls and everybody in Saudi Arabia they call him MBS M b s is missing In the marbles code the a m a b and the U So this could be a vowel stripping but If it isn’t uh Ways anagrams are decoded and Nostradamus has a very clear way of if You just follow the patterns of what He’s in his anagramming There are rules That he follows that Um

I would say that uh Muhammad bin Solomon In phonetic Arabic in Latin alerts Um in Latin letters Um which is what Nostradamus used and The phonetics of it um he actually fits In all the possible permutations like Solomon also becomes mavas Um so does uh then Ben Solomon so does Muhammad Um So So anyway that is um They are Nostradamus in the first famous Quality and it says Nostradamus is Completely Uh will soon die And then the the other that keeps the Word bridge going is Um the third Antichrist will be Completely annihilated and for in both The uses of the French are variations of The same like he’s not he’s just Completely killed off And and it’s at the beginning unlike the Other two antichrists he falls he’s one Of the first to fall in a war that as a Consequence of his death lasts for 27 Years so it could Define novice being The third Antichrist of quatrain Um 77 Century eight From way down in Century uh to quadrant 62 the famous where Mobis is mentioned And the third Antichrist mentioned and

Then the same there’s a similar rhyming Of the same themes in both quatrains With a little more elaboration in 8 Q 77 So Um so in the same way Um you have here Again a little more stuff uh spoken you Know the first line of century uh 10 Quatrain 22 says for not wishing to Consent to the horse which then Afterwards will be recognized as Unworthy the king of the English Isles Will be driven out by Force One put in The place who has no sign of kingship You go to Uh 18 or so uh quad trains of the future And then you have some similar themes Here the young heir to the British realm Whom his dying father will have Recommended the latter dead London will Dispute with him and for and for and From the Sun the realm is demanded back You know the realm is demanded back uh He’s driven out by force in the leather Place uh he he he’s not literally talked About us having no Sign of kingship um they are just saying And from the Sun the realm is demanded Back from the man in Century 22 who has No sign of kingship so that could be What’s going on here Um and more clues have been given London Is mentioned uh the British Realm Britannique

Uh landola is an anagram for London Laundry In in French and it’s in a random so it Fits the uh the syllables of the Plattering line you know most people Just just get used to the English Translations being open verse but Nostradamus rhymed his verses I wish I’d Ha if I had another 10 years I would I Would translate them all into rhyme the Only place you’ll find me doing that is In all the quadrants related to his own Time which were many in my biography of Nostradamus the first actually full-body Biography ever written on nostradamus’s Life and myth Called Nostradamus a life and myth And uh so So that that again now 10 40 gets back Into Edward’s abdication in 1936 perhaps Um the um There’s uh there’s Nothing related in the number that Relates to 1940 I’m sure that uh Mario probably Tried to make something out of 1940 out Of it it’s not there Um The next Prophecy that I’ll look at and this will Probably be the last one since we’ve Already gone through an hour Is Um it’s one about Queen Elizabeth I

Think which was completely missed as was The last one I just read out uh by all The Fleet Street Press British and it is A uh in Century 10 Again quad train 19 So it’s like just one before the last The first one we looked at quad train Well several quadrants quadrant 22 so It’s just a few behind Yeah sorry everybody I’m dyslexia I am Terrible with numbers I have to be very Careful I tend to get tongue-tied with Numbers Um but then again I have a good uh I have a good source for these Prophecies he was a severely dyslexic About this as I am So it is I think it helps to if if not To speak eloquently and without stutter It definitely uh helps in the divining Of these things to have a similar Different wired brain like Nostradamus Uh with dyslexia so Um so Century 10 quatrain 19 Says the day that she will be hailed as Queen The day after the benediction the prayer The Reckoning is right and valid Once humble never was one so trustworthy Now A skeptic or I would say cynic because a Skeptic is is different a skeptic is and Does not have front loaded bias before Investigation Still a skeptic would say okay

That does seem to Sound like it could Be about Elizabeth But can can we then go and resolve if There might be any other queens That that this could be about and Wouldn’t be more nostradamus’s Average that because it is in his Prophecies most of the prophecies are Either about France or about or kind of Scenes for the eyes of future French men And women So there’s a certain real connection With France and so as as events get Farther from France there’s less and Less quatrains talking about them so so Given the average a skeptic a cynic Would just say nah it’s just open-ended Blah Um And it could be about anybody and it may Be but a an investigator cannot be a Cynic an investigator has to be open Ended in this study and of course the Next one thing he tried to do is you try To see if it well does this apply to Queens that are closer to nostradamus’s Time does it apply to the queen that he Knew best that he wrote many prophecies About the queen that actually made sure That he never got burned at the stake Queen Catherine the Medici the queen of Consort of Henry II who through his Death and adjusting accident created a

Whole Uh created Nostradamus and why we’re Talking about him because that is it was His most famous Infamous prophecy of his Own time And she was actually seeking his Astrology and advice on the future of Her of her children three of which would Become Kings Um fortunately for Nostradamus she never Faulted him for just telling she was Italian Medici from the Medici family She was an Italian who understood La Fortuna fortune and that you cannot Understand Fortune without failure and She unfortunately had a lot of failures With her sons who ended up not being Very good Kings All uh all were rather tragic Um and Nostradamus very clearly as time Went on after his death in 1566. I mean She and her when she made her Pacification after the first of nine Religious civil wars that were about to Hit France the very thing that motivated Nostradamus to risk himself uh by Publishing such prophecies he tried to Prevent those Civil Wars from happening Between Protestants and Catholics Um the first thing she did after the First of them when things settled was Make a pacification the whole Court Was reduced down to 800 people in Attendance with tents and everything

They took like nearly two years to Slowly Circumnavigate and March through all the Provinces of France and she made sure That early on That she would get down to Provence and See Nostradamus who was when she met him Was only Um 18 months from passing from his body In 1566. And to ask a few more prophetic advice And so as as the days went on when her Private occult Mentor was gone I think Hit her estimation of him gained so is This about her Um No because uh A lot of France half of France did not Think she was trustworthy The Protestant side the Queen Catherine De Medici gets to this day a lot of Controversy She’s also a bit still alive in Discussions She was um I think she also she was a Bit of a Richard Nixon of her time Um had greatness had complicated sides As well but as the study gets deeper It’s more and more Looking like unlike some really good Movies and books by Alexander Dumas and Like the Loren Margot the queen Margo Very very good French film on on the Period during the Saint Bartholomew

Bartholomew uh day Massacre that happened in August of 1772 Where a lot of the huguenots became to The wedding of Henry of Navarre with her Daughter Catherine’s daughter Margo and It ended up being used by Charles IX Um The the king that actually Nostradamus Saw and was uh honored before 18 months Before he died it was in his early 20s It’s more likely that he was the person That plotted this Mad idea of uh with all these Huguenot Princes all of his men came charging out Pulling them it was a hot very hot night Hot summer uh in Paris at that time when People were literally pulled out of Their Beds it’s so hot they’re all naked and Thrown out of Windows and slaughtered And a lot of the Huguenot king of Enemies of Catherine Bemidji and Charles I were killed the wedding guests were Killed which of course led to massacres Across France and back and forth between Catholics and French and French Huguenots uh Protestants and led to a Second of mine was really religion so So I don’t think it’s her it’s not it it May I don’t think it can be a bloody Mary a Mary tutor who was the Half-sister of Queen Elizabeth the first Of England

Um and um mainly because Um She Elizabeth the first does appear in Nostradamus’s prophecies and it’s mostly Negative because he was a she was a Contemporary And he was French And uh so I don’t think it’s her so as Far as great and famous Queens it does Give Elizabeth a second A better opportunity of being who is Being talked about here But again there are some prophecies that I’ll close on this Um there are some prophecies in Nostradamus that That are truly remarkable that that at Least show an incredible capacity of Circumstantial evidence to facts that Happened in the past there are hundreds Of them like that actually but I do Agree with Skeptics and critics of Nostradamus a lot of it can be taken uh As open-ended to whatever you want to do With them and I although I think You know studying in the quiet uh not Just being on a show talking about it But studying some of the others that Have been about the Royals that um They do seem to fit in my view with more Modern Royals of England and And with that we’ll leave the others for Another time

So Is our man with the silver hat there There he is yes sir absolutely It’s it’s aluminum foil sir oh sorry yes Yes Yes it actually does block EMF radiation Which is one of one of the cool things About these hats when we started making Them I was like why don’t we make tin Foil hats that actually block EMF Radiation so not only do they look cool But they’re actually functional and Julian’s like all right let’s do that so We ended up spending time putting Together certain Fabrics that block Different frequencies all right and uh Function and Beauty folks I think you Need to make a beret I don’t look good In a baseball cap Nothing against the guys that are in in The what the Duck Dynasty yeah I haven’t Seen that in a while they look great Right Baseball cap if it unless it was those Real long Marlin Fisher ones which I Used to wear when I used to paint houses Nice if you’re a painter then I look Like a rummy you know Hemingway novel Brilliant man brilliant So that was the nice hour yeah that flew Yeah and now the naughty hour this folks Okay so we’ve got about 100 people Watching the live stream just on the

Website and I’m sure many people watch It after we go live but they’re watching The live stream right now we’ve got About 100 people on the live stream and By the time it’s done I’m sure we’ll Have several thousand we’re gonna upload This on YouTube after we’ve got several Other platforms chat uh check us out on Rumble patreon rockfin we’re going to be Doing stuff on bit shoot and several Other platforms as well but the website We’ve been getting some great traffic on The website not just for the live feeds But also after the live feeds we have a Section where you can watch the stream 24 7 which is totally free and then We’ve got the archives Um a matter of fact let me do this while We’re while we’re live I want to show Everybody uh that the website here real Quick so you can see it all and somebody Just asked you a question in the live Chat so this is the website at the Website right here you can see John and John hey how are you today and I’m Missing out on the Christmas lights but See Sean was even saying right here who Does John C as the Antichrist and that’s A that’s a great question holy kind of I Can simply say that the the person that I mean I’ve been on the trail of Case studies since 1983. And I mean I’ve it’s I’m updating my Book Nostradamus and the Antichrist code

Name Mavis hopefully this year to add Uh MBS to it Um it’s um so it’s it’s really kind of Like being a a sleuth Sayer rather than A soothsayer you’re you’re a sleuth You’re a detective you have to follow Trails sometimes Trails so I’ve made Them now they look like a a study in Where the leads go into a wall and you Have to start another way and and and Things with the and I talk about the First all the prophecies is about the First two And then it just shows then I do Comparisons of certain things they all The first two showed as a pattern that You have to fulfill and up to the time That seven years ago or so that uh MBS Appeared Um none of the other candidates in the Of the Middle Eastern Canada so the Third Antichrist because it’s clearly Middle Eastern candidates are ironically Some of the stuff decodes like oh oh Osama Bin Laden well Obama Osama Obama Was fighting Osama and there were I Think that might have confused Nostradamus a little bit because he kept Talking about the the black king who Would take the the character on this guy Uh and so he he saw he was dealing with Many possible candidates himself he Didn’t quite know but The difference is that the one thing

That none of those other candidates Interesting as they were Sodom was Sandy Island George W bush Oddly enough uh Bin Laden and even some Palestinian uh people even the Palestinian presidents and all that I Looked But they none of them were World-changing leaders like Napoleon And Hitler Bin Laden in the last few months is Definitely showing that he is a history Changing leader because of his response To the freezing of Russia’s economic Foreign assets He immediately did something that no Saudi ever did and it really angered The Americans He Um sold rather than buying as all Society Kings and princes do wore uh War Bugs Um the United States bonds out of What a petrol the actual dollar using it As a commodity to strengthen the world Currency the reserve currency you do That by by everything you sell you put It into U.S bonds Well MBS started selling it in yuan in Chinese And he’s made a very good alliances with The Russians and the Chinese and the Indians he’s also pulling Saudi Arabia

Into the brics Nations which is the Alternative to the G20 or the G7 in the West And he’s basically and then President Biden said this is a hostile Act Would possibly make him I do think There’s going to be something going on U.S back in Riyadh in the next year or So and maybe he falls and that perhaps Collapses the Saudi Kingdom which then Becomes truly the Islamic State And you know with all the holy lands in Its control and all and much of the oil And cash flow Of the world so it becomes it definitely Makes him a much more world shaking Figure than Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden Etc We’ve got dozens of hours of exclusive Interviews and information with Mr John Hogue only available on the website we do live shows every Day they’re always free unedited if you Missed the live shows check out our Archives if you want to listen to the Rest of this interview go over to our Website right now Be the change you want to see everybody

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