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By | October 17, 2022

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Exploring the Ka with Ra Castaldo

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Foreign [Music] I have come to find out from my not only My research but my own experiences and From working with crystals and crystal Skulls and even using copper Shield Cages while working with this is that When we get transferred into an out of Body experience or even when we die we Get sent to a Stargate of light and this Is in our magnetosphere Inside our magnetosphere Shield it’s a Whirling plasma Vortex Stargate And I’m dropping this information here On leak project for you guys to hear This for the first time this is a it’s Literally if you have the star Maps the Right coordinates while you’re in the Light You can you can go to designated spots Within the octaves of our existence Are you among the diet resistance we’ve Been told forever the diet and exercise Is the keys to weight loss but that Doesn’t work for everybody especially After we reach the ages of 35 to 50 Approximately where any expert will Agree that weight loss becomes much more Difficult you don’t know it yet but over The next 30 seconds you’re going to Learn about how to help Skyrocket energy Levels boost your metabolism and help Reach your weight loss goals quicker Listen closely the secret is elevating

Your Ketone levels with an amazing new Keto powder it boosts metabolism helping Make your weight management efforts Easier than ever to further reinforce This fact it has thousands of satisfied Customers I’m one of them try it Risk-free for 60 days simply by going to click the link specific In the video description box this is Time sensitive so hurry enter your Details and you’ll receive your big bag Of Keto delivered to your doorstep in Just a few days I’m here ladies and gentlemen we are Live we have raw castaldo the man the Myth the legend now check it out Exploring the car with Rock castaldo on YouTube also check out the mystical Spiral store for amazing energy pendants And crystals and crystal skulls now Today we’re going to talk about the Crystal skulls E.T Quantum Consciousness Quantum filled connections and these Overlaying sets of energy and Rob really Looking forward to this man it’s been Too long how the heck are you thanks for Being here great we got the new updated Site glad to be here what do you think It looks nice huh beautiful brother Beautiful I can’t imagine what you spent On that it’s going to be well worth it Brother thank you and thank you Bilal For spending I’ve been with ball now for Geez seven years and he’s always done an

Amazing job for me so I’m glad he Finally got this updated uh he’s the Gentleman that put this amazing update For us so far what a powerful name dude Thank you guys uh it’s a pleasure being Here at leap of course my Show here is called Pulsar TV we’re Going to try to do this at least a Couple of times if not every Friday each Month me remixer both got uh families And Friday nights you know sometimes get Good hectic I also do a Saturday night Show on Truth frequency radio that’s eye of raw if you want to Check it out that’s a Saturday nights at Seven to nine Eastern on true frequency Radio that’s not a podcast that’s Actually a radio network so you guys can Check that out it’s only audio but you Could be in the chat room at TFR chat that’s at seven o’clock on On Saturday nights I’ll be there Tomorrow night and right here on um leak Project it’s 9 to 11 eastern time on Friday nights that’s Pulsar TV and you Can exclusively find that right here at Leak project Com so that is a really really crazy Crazy lineup that we have here at leap Project Rex has runs the full gamut of All Whether whatever category that you’re Interested in going into you might not Be interested in every little show or

Every show and every every every person That’s a guest but that’s why you get a Smorgasbord of of everything here you Know so I I don’t I can’t find any other Show out there that has that kind of Lineup of all these different people That you can choose from and all the Different Gourmet Buffet yeah bro it’s It’s really interesting and I’ve been a Part of League project for for many Years now on I think on and off I’ve Been coming on since at least like 2015 Or something around there so it’s it’s Really a pleasure to see it evolve like This and I’m glad to be a part of it so Tonight we’re gonna go really deep Tonight very interesting information And you know I just want to let people Know as well that you have to be not Just myself but out there we should all Be ambassadors for the light my family My bloodline my whole life my my Aunt Lynn my spiritual mother Lori Bruno we Have always talked about how we’re Ambassadors for the light my specific Bloodline my hereditary line goes all The way back to of course way before but To Giordano Bruno who 60 the years 1600 Died because he stood in front of a Commission of people that tried to put Out his light and he stood as an Ambassador for the light today nowadays We’re doing the same thing thankfully That people aren’t getting burned in in

Public like Giordano Bruno did at that Time but in other ways we’re getting Burned alive every day we’re all being Uh destroyed physically mentally Socially Everything’s being limited on us and We’re being destroyed and we’re being Our light is being extinguished so I’m Here no matter what people believe out There no matter what your belief systems Are No matter if you like me or not if you Like my information or not I’m here to Tell you guys that I am an ambassador For the light and I stand against all of The bad out there and I’ll walk through The fire to put out the dark and you Have to be a shining example of the Light and no matter where you go you Should always leave people with an Energetic positivity exchange I’m not Saying you have to go out there and kiss People’s ass but when you greet people When you walk by someone when you meet Them whether it’s for a second just Walking by and seeing someone or when You have a second to talk someone that Person and yourself should have been Better off for that energetic exchange Right just even a smile So if you’re out there leaving negative Comments negative energy everywhere you Go think about how that affects the Collective Consciousness so we’re going

To be talking about tonight all of that We’re going to be talking about the Harmony of the Spheres how what we do Affects it and where we go in spirit When we die when we’re at a different Frequency Some of us has caught a glimpse of that And we’re also going to explore how can We can alter this reality to a higher Collective Consciousness by working with Not only ourselves but crystals and the Blood and water in our body and Everything else around us nature we can Alter this frequency this timeline this Reality to a better Collective Consciousness where things are just Slightly bitter better better for the For the good of the collective We can’t change the problems on this Planet right now it’s impossible think How many hundreds if not thousands of Years some of the problems that we have Have been snowballing think about that Right you can’t fix that it’s almost Impossible to fix that it can’t be fixed If something takes thousands of years or Hundreds of years to go to snowball you Can’t just fix it overnight right but You can slightly alter this reality People don’t realize the kind of Existence we have We can slightly alter this Consciousness For the good of the collective where Things will be slightly different will

Be the same seem like the same world But negative attachments that you have Won’t exist anymore People that were negative towards you or Negative some of them will it’ll feel Like they never even met you before Maybe their numbers won’t even be in Your phones before it’ll be like an Ultimate Mandela effect for yourself and You can Shift Reality for yourself and For the good of the collective if it’s a Noble Journey if it’s for the not just For your own selfish reasons but for the Good of the collective The good for the good of the harmony of The flow of nature Then if you can we can do this by even Working with crystals and crystal skulls This is why crystal skulls were Originally created A powerful thing happens when you carve A crystal into certain shapes And what we do does affect the universe We might maybe just one of us is sort of Like spitting in the ocean but when you Have a collective Consciousness that’s Pumping out and buzzing from a planet it Affects the harmony of the Spheres and We have billions of people that are Affecting the collective consciousness Of this planet so people realize that All power out there originates in the Realm of the Stars right the aster right All power out there originates out there

Right it’s vibrating out there it’s the Consciousness of God right these Genetic codes these Powers these Bacterial codes that are being Sent out right they’re attracted by sons That are in the universe And the sons direct those Powers those Dnas those energies into specific Spheres Torah spheres right we happen to live in One of those spheres and we happen to Live in a solar system with one of these Suns at a specific stage of sacred Consciousness right Suns and well Planets are not just these dead shells They’re at certain levels of sacred Consciousness circuit certain levels of Harmonic Evolution and our sun attracts Energies and and codes From certain Stars certain other places Throughout the planet and other Suns and Directs it that our stars and the sun Directs it into our Earth into into not Our Earth but the Earth the planet that We live on right now The planets including our planet when When they get sent these energies from The Suns The planets and the beings that live on The planets absorb these Energies These very diverse energies that are Coming from different stars all over the Universe and being sent to our sun All right our sun close energy

For astrological signs and different Constellations with all these diverse Characters right well all actors Energies get pulled in codes get pulled In by our sun and then our son directs Them To the planet here right all these Diverse energies these codes they come To our planet some of them come in right And then once they come in The beings and all the trees everything On the planet we absorbs those energies And then After we absorb them they get emanated Back out from us right but now those Energies are slightly altered From our vibrations from our Consciousnesses right and those slightly Altered vibrations now from us and from All the beings on the planet They uh you know those they’re they’re Slightly altered by all of our Vibrations right and of the specific Planets themselves they get altered Right now this is how they they invented Astrology all these different Characteristics now but we when they go Back out they’re slightly altered from What we what’s in US So when when it when those energies come To us now they’re coming back out from Us but they’re slightly altered from What what’s going on with us right and Then

Attracts those emanations that are Coming off of us Right and absorbs them And then likewise an altered vibrational Energy of its own comes down upon the Earth again Right and this is this is very very Interesting because this is how we Affect the harmony of the Spheres And we’re going to be talking about Um Various things that’s related to Different harmonic frequencies if you Want to say or what happens even when You die Right because at death I that’s I I feel This is where you go to certain you know You’re you’re in a certain body now You’re at a different frequency It’s like you know you’re at a speed if You want to say a spirit body or you Know where where you you shed this Physical physical suit basically right And you’re at a higher harmonic Frequency now And I do believe and we’ll get into this Later in the show even deeper that when We die or when we go to a certain Out of Body Experience or a shamanistic state Or meditative state where you can leave Your body Like you’re Yeah ability and mind body and soul You’re traveling somewhere else

Right you literally are disappearing From this reality And and all in all sense of being you’re You’re in another reality you’re time Traveling literally right well this can Happen if you’re buzzing at a higher Frequency if you get into a certain State you can travel the octaves of our Existence and this happens when you die But what I have come to find out from my Not only my research but my own Experiences and from working with Crystals and crystal skulls and even Using copper Shield cages while working With this is that when we get Transferred into an out of body Experience or even when we die we get Sent to a Stargate of light and this is In our magnetosphere Inside our magnetosphere Shield it’s a Whirling plasma Vortex Stargate And I’m dropping this information here On leak project for you guys to hear This for the first time this is a it’s Literally if you have the star Maps the Right coordinates while you’re in the Light You can you can go to designated spots Within the octaves of our existence And I believe that they were even Talking about this in some of the Ancient pyramid texts of witness In Sakara and various other places that Uh even in the Book of the Dead the book

Of caverns book of two ways Um but this is further shows that we get Into on League project if you go to my Patreon the mystical spiral This is where you get the most Mind-blowing information that you could Find on the planet if this is the type Of information that you’re into or even If you’re looking for Information on crystals and copper Um information on my books all the Articles Recommendations you know all this stuff If you want Great Um and before it’s even put up live on The in on the on the website for Everybody else you’d get that on patreon As well so much stuff but recently just A couple of days ago I did a viewing on This we do I do psychic viewings on Certain coordinates on our planet Certain places certain people certain Things Similar to our remote viewing but Different right and I’m also helping Build a psionic team I’ve been giving people tips how to do Their own meditations how to do their Own viewings of themselves how to do Grounding how to work with crystals We’ve been doing this on a continuous Basis I have a catalog on patreon you

Can literally join my patreon for as low As two dollars a month but I recommend The Eight dollar tier or more because You get access to everything then but Two dollars a month you get pretty much Everything but certain deals you don’t Get access to but you all get free Products as well every time you order Everybody gets extra free stuff but We’ll get into that later and actually There’s a coupon code that’s only been Active for another 24 hours and that’s Um On my website 20 off for a very limited Time I’m gonna do this twice a year and For my patrons on patreon they get 30 Off Uh you have to spend a hundred dollars Or more to get the 20 or 30 off but it’s It’s so worth it I mean uh some of the Products I have on there are just Incredible we’ll get into that a little Bit towards the end of the show Um But when we die I do believe this is What happens and if you don’t have the Coordinates If you don’t have the map Or if you don’t have the right uh Navigation at the moment of death you Can be a Wandering Soul because there is A quarantine I believe on this planet There’s a lockdown And that’s the shield there’s a reason

Why we’re locked down on this planet It’s not just to protect our planet from From harmful radiations and things like That the thing that shuts down our our Shield is coronal mass ejections big Solar blast as well on July 7th of this Year was shut down for 14 hours Our magnetosphere So That’s a whole nother thing we’re going To get into as well but when we die I do Believe this is what happens we are Eventually Are if you want to say our soul our Spirit Our uh Who however you want to look at it Eventually you’re gonna You’re gonna be in the magnetosphere If you try to travel outside of this Planet you will rise through the sphere Through the Torah system But there is a there’s some sort of Shield on visible Shield that’s Literally a whirling Vortex of plasma And if you know how to navigate inside That light There’s codes literal astral codes like And if you have the right map the right Navigations The right Mantra you’re in the right Frequency If you navigate through it correctly That’s that’s the key and I think that’s

What that’s what we have lost as a Species We lost the knowledge the imprint the Stargate to Heaven if you want to say To a higher harmonic Evolution were Locked down we’re not traveling the Octaves after death This is why it was so important for the Tibetans and the Egyptians and some of These ancient cultures about death and Keeping the Mantra and that frequency Going They’re providing a star map For their priest their King Or whoever And this knowledge was kept sacred for Only the Pharaohs and the kings in in The ancient Egyptians dynasties And I I mean I’ve even found even deeper Things that they were literally Consuming in these ancient in these Ancient Bloodlines they were consuming Certain things that I’ve discussed I Mean this is ancient Vedic knowledge This is Nephilim knowledge right they Were consuming The the Starfire that monthly lunar Soma Nectar of the pure Anunnaki woman And they were consuming the the Life-giving Waters of the woman the Orgasmic fluids of the woman Right as well the Anunnaki woman It was giving them heightened levels of Pituitary and pineal gland you know

Heightened levels really hyper where They’re buzzing at a higher frequency And they were laying beneath pyramids That’s like a a a a harmonic vehicle an Energetic vehicle of materialization Right they’re laying beneath the Pyramids these step pyramids underneath In uh a granite sarcophagus Like almost like a sensory deprivation Chamber inside of it it’s a cosmic with The star map and mantras all over the Walls It’s a star map and they’re they’re Literally traveling They’re buzzing at a higher frequency And laying in the sarcophagus right and This is a in the temple of of witness And sarkar Sakara in the in the the end Of the fifth Dynasty this comes out of Nowhere this information And it might be in ruins the pyramid now But beneath the pyramid is some of the Oldest texts that we have religious Have survived on this planet Um you spell Um witness u-n-a-s winnest Temple of Witness but it looks like Eunice or UNIS Uh this is uh very ancient it’s from the The fifth later fifth Dynasty which is Like the 2400 BC or some something like This right and uh he was a pharaoh a King and this is the first time you see Texts inside of a the uh a pyramid Chamber like this right and out of

Nowhere and the whole ceiling inside of There is a star map And it’s coordinates of where to go And it’s it’s more than just a primitive Mortuary ritual It’s Uh what I have come to find out that he Was literally retrieving bacterial and Genetic code In his Cosmic Journey And then coming back down to his body So at the moment of the now now he comes Back down with this imprint of the Gods So to say he’s Retreat he had a specific Coordinate Traveling to the magnetosphere Which they’re calling the doo-wop Right And then from the do what he has Specific coordinates to travel through a Star system to retrieve ancestral code And then coming back down into his body With that imprint and then so at the Moment of death when he does die this Pharaoh he can transmutate and transform Into something more This has to do with also bacterial Phages carrying DNA And retrieving that bacterial code and Then coming back down into his body with That imprint and then so when he dies He’s going to transmutate into something More and my research and my viewings Have have been proving this

That these are not primitive examples And you know I died myself in 1987 in August 1987. I hadn’t had an operation To save my life I’ve shared some of the Info some of my experience before and I Feel now that I was in the magnetosphere My spirit body was in a whirling Swirling plasmic chamber That I felt like was water I literally Felt like it was water They even talk about in some of these Ancient Egyptian writings these two Ropes of iron that extend outward from The planet I mean that’s literals true Science and we’ll get into that as well Tonight but We we travel octaves Harmonically I mean my my literally my Consciousness has been open since I’m a Young kid And then when I did Ayahuasca in 2002 For the only time I felt something like I even heard it pop on top of my head It’s like something just opened up it Was like a light just poor like open I Was just open And it took me a long time to learn how To Shield certain things Because then you become you become Visible to more out there And I I when I’m focused when I meditate Things come to me constantly symbols Sometimes even words voices thoughts you Know it’s it it’s it’s taken me a long

Time to understand how to build Shields Psychic Shields copper Shields crystals All sorts of protection Because when you’re spiritually open and When you’re a spiritual Warrior there’s Going to be negative energies and Negative bombardments all the time Trying to extinguish your life and I am An ambassador for the light And those that know my story knows that I was a barn in the call I was born uh with this mission in a Specific bloodline for this So if people want to always if they want To there’s going to be people out there That when they see people like me People that are trying to spread light And fight some of the evil out there They’re gonna they’re gonna they’re Gonna not like that because they got Negative energies inside of them they Might not be bad people but they got Attachments inside of them so they’re Going to try to extinguish that if you Have something negative say Let It Be First construct from her the good of the Collective I hope you’re doing it Constructively not just because you got Some anger or rage in you or some Jealousy or some other kind of crap Embedded in your in your system you need To be humbled in many many ways before You open your mouth a lot of the times Out there remember that people

Remember that and During The 1300s the 14th century in our Bloodlines we had a woman that arose That is a mysterious figure Uh that we’ll talk about in as well and I’m going to talk about the week I had a Uh Um two weeks ago as well we’ll get into In a moment but there’s a woman that’s It’s been a myth about her even Existence some say she never even Existed some say that she she made it With demons some say this something There’s all this mythology and lore Over over the last You know 700 years Right almost 600 years or so right since Her existence since she left this Mortal Body but there was a woman that was Caught in in the lake nemi area of Italy Which is 19 miles from Rome they called Her a varadia or a uh is a radio of Tuscany She was a young woman when she moved to The lake nemi area from Tuscany but she Brought a Revival back of the old Knowledge the old ways of how to live in Tune with yourself and nature Before religious Dogma People want to demonize certain words And call things Witchcraft and this and That now I don’t make spells for people That get the wrong idea I break them I

Fight spills I’m not a spill maker I’m a spill Breaker I’m out there I don’t I’m not out there Casting spells or ever wishing bad or Doing anything like that I’m I’m here to Stand in front of that to be your Protection from that Right and we have Certain knowledge in us that’s waiting To be unlocked And every year minute by minute we lose More and more of that ancient knowledge Now how you once you gain some knowledge You start to things start to evolve Within you and you can get polarized Depending on what you get influenced by On this planet towards the good or the Bad and you can use those powers to Either Try to make yourself more dominant and Powerful so you look more better and More greedy and more more everything you Could become more materialistic with That with that knowledge or you can use It for the good of the collective Consciousness Unfortunately most people use the Knowledge For their own selfish power But this woman she came from a Tuscan Mystic background she came from a long Line of Tuscan Mystics Tuscan Tusk uh Healers from Tuscany which is related to

The ancient Etruscan lines right the Same thing as as me right we come from All we there’s there’s a group of 12 to 15 families That came from that ended up in the lake Nemi area between the 1300s and the 1600s And some of my bloodline was one of Those families right now there’s lore Amongst these families about a woman Called Aradia or Aradia or radio di Toscano because she moved from Tuscany Into the lake nemi area which is a Volcanic crater That was made into a lake about 19 miles Outside of Rome in Lazio Very sacred grove around it sacred Forests around it the sabines had had Sacred uh Chambers in there Oracle caves All this kind of stuff exists within Those areas within the album Hills of Lake and Emmy now when she moved there She had what she called the plurality of World’s moment while walking through the Sacred grove along the outbound Hills of Lake nemi where she had a download Moment during the eclipse of a sun I there was a there was some sort of she Talked about how the sky darkened during The day in her writings And this has been passed down orally Through families and that she heard in Italian the word Moonshadow whispered to Her like it was God speaking to her

And then when she heard this she had a Download where she saw like the Plurality of worlds And she had all of this information for A young peasant girl that couldn’t read Or write But she had it in her blood and it was Activated It was downloaded between the Sun and The Moon She was tapping into the octaves of them Both Now this is very important because after This happened well that that area that She was living in the reason why she Even moved there and the families were Moving there is because that Lake nemi Area those outbound Hills in those days Hundreds of years ago those outbound Hills were a refuge for Mystics shamans People that lived on the outskirts of Society Right peasants Outlaws People like that they were they were Gathering in those Hills a lot of them And her family was one of them Her family was one that retreated from Tuscany when things started to change And they retreated into the outbound Hills because people are calling them Witches and different things like this Right so they were healers though You know these are the same people that Are they would go to the church on

Sunday or things like this or be Involved with the church and people Would be like oh they’re witches but at Night time when those same people that Would call them witches Would have ailments they would they Would travel in the dark of night where No one can see to go see those so-called Witches to get healed So they might have slandered them in the Public eye but they were Respected behind closed doors and and And you know not only respected but uh Employed right so already after she has This this amazing uh you know download In the Hills This incredible uh what they would call In Catholicism an ecstatic vision Right an orgasmic Kundalini spiritual Fire moment That she has Right she literally had a Kundalini Experience right Where she comes back Traveling the cosmos literally and comes Back all in a blink of an eye right and Then after this and this is a a teenage Girl at the time she moved when she was Into Lake nimi when she was in her early Teens this was probably in her later Genes that this happened right and we’re Talking about the mid 1300s here though This is the the 14th century right So

After this she started teaching the Knowledge that she received to the Outlaw camps that were in the outbound Hills The Peasants and everybody around There and she was getting a gathering And she wasn’t trying to start a Religion or be an avatar or be a martyr Or anything like this She wasn’t trying to start anything but She wanted to spread the knowledge and Change the collective Consciousness this Was her goal She had a walk-in If you want to say One of the old ones arose in her an Ancient one to help the good of the Collective possibly sent from an inner Octave An inner earth dimension Sent as a starseed if you want to say These are not extraterrestrials This is not aliens everybody we’re Aliens All DNA DNA is the cosmic currency DNA is seeded throughout the cosmos So in in essence we’re all aliens But this is octaves of our own Planet We’re talking about that craft and all Of this they’re not you unidentified They’re not aliens they’re octaves of Our own of our they’re identified of Course yeah unidentified because we Don’t technically know exactly who and What right but it’s octaves of our own

Earth dimensions Other existences simultaneously Happening at different Octaves of the same coordinates Superimposed coordinates right but after When she started teaching all this Knowledge Incredible knowledge that has been Passed down all the way down to me now And now to my daughter right she talked About The travel of Souls And when anybody obtains ancient wisdom And activates ancient knowledge a lot of It has to do with the travel of souls Look at Tibetan right the Tibetan Book Of the Dead the Egyptian Book of the Dead this is all about star Maps Stargate navigation Right where the right coordinates to Punch in when you’re in the light When you’re traversing the light when You’re navigating the light Right and Auradia or Aradia already Toscano she Basically taught that departed Souls Move through Cycles right they move Through cycles of other worlds of other Octaves and this is where my ancestor Giordano Bruno do you know our family Lori Bruno my Aunt Lori Bruno she was Sent an apology in the year 2000 for the Burning at the stake of our ancestor Giordano Bruno

Um one of my friends and colleagues Professor Chandra Wick Robinson who’s One of the most famous astronomers That’s still alive today he’s about the Same age as my Aunt Lori Bruno And uh he writes about Giordano Bruno in Some of his books actually he’s going to Be coming back on this show I’m gonna Have to pre-record it because he’s in The UK we can’t do it this late and he’s You know he’s in he’s he’s in his 80s so I’m not trying to have him stay up but He I’ve done several shows with him Before in the past if you want to check It out on my my uh YouTube exploring the Car I even have a new YouTube channel Called sacred Taurus t-o-r-u-s copper And crystals please check that out guys Uh it’s actually been getting a lot of Views lately thousands of views on my Videos but I only have about 300 Subscribers on that new on that new uh YouTube channel because I just started It a couple of months ago so you really Need some support that sacred tourist T-o-r-u-s copper and crystals and of Course I have my other personal YouTube Exploring the car with rock castaldo Um that needs some support as well Because I only have about 7 000 or so Subscribers on that one support that as Well because I put a lot of a lot of Work into it I have videos that are Hours long and videos that are a few

Seconds long so there’s all sorts of Things for everybody but even Giordano Bruno our ancestor he was an ambassador For the light for ancient sacred truth And he died for it you know why he died People he died for what’s basically Common knowledge today Giordano taught there he he was Preaching not preaching but he was he Was stating That from his Research and from his own experiences he Has come to find that there are Innumerable Sons There’s an infinite number of planets That circle around their sons As our planets circle around our sun And there’s innumerable sons that exist Out there And innumerable Earths Just like our planet most likely revolve Around these with living beings Inhabiting these worlds as well And now for stating this it was put into The the papal dumb the the papal Dungeons the pr the the the church’s Dungeons where he was eating rats And now my ancestor was only he was a Small man but a giant among men he was Only about five foot two Very frail right He was he was tortured mentally and Physically For many many many many many months

And each year or every month they would Bring him in front of the Inquisition The chief inquisitors And they would ask him Uh are you done with your delusions And and you’re ready to admit that the Church and and the Earth is the center Of the world of the universe right and All this and he would not recant And The chief Inquisitor Gave him this grisly sentence to be Burned alive while stripped and naked in The public All for stating that there are Innumerable Sons And planets Right And there was this guy this German monk That was one of the witnesses that Stated afterwards what actually was said And girodano Bruno said in these words You may be more afraid of me You know more afraid to bring this Sentence against me than I am to accept It He said that in those words that he said You may be more afraid to bring this Sentence against me Then I am to accept it He stood there like a giant Amongst ants even though he was a small Frail man stripped naked in front of the Public

He stood there like a champion ready to Die A martyr for truth knowledge and an Ambassador for the light And then I do this right here today risk Being called crazy talking about these Topics wrists you know being looked at And risked my whole life I’ve been a Trendsetter not a follower even in high School I was voted most individualistic I’ve always been a warrior for the light I don’t care what you have to say if It’s negative If it’s a if it’s a slander if it’s just Negative energy I walk through those flames I’m not also a spiritual Warrior I’ve Been a physical Warrior And this is what you have to be become Your own Shaman your own healer your own Ambassador for the light Do you want to change the collective of Your your family and and everything Around you for the good of everything do You want to live in harmony with Yourself and your surroundings or do you Want to be Part of the negative current that is Being broadcasted like a poison of slime Across the planet How are you going to be in harmony with Yourself sitting with Wi-Fi bouncing off Of your skull 98 of the day By working with nature with crystals

With your blood and water even in your Body You become harmonized with yourself and Your environment You can get at a different harmonic Frequency and you can alter Alter your Reality by working with this Right and Giordano and you can do this Jirodano was doing work in the dungeons While he was incarcerated in the dungeon He was traveling out of body through the Cosmos Visiting some of his family members Tying up Loose Ends because he knew the End was near He was astral traveling in the dungeons In Aradia Aradia in the 1300s She was teaching this knowledge she was Teaching that departed Souls they go Through a cycle of other worlds This is where G O’Donnell gets this Knowledge it was embedded in within in His DNA And he started getting interested in Kabbalah and all different Kabbalah all Different sacred geometry all different Things he started getting interested to And things started to activate knowledge Was coming to him He knew it was Cosmic truth why else Stand and get burned alive if it’s just A theory of yours think about it if it Was just a theory of his He could have been hey you know what it

Was just the thought maybe I was wrong Maybe I had too much wine Why why would he stay in a dungeon And get burned alive if he did not know It was the truth And you know how much Society and the governments in the Military of the world knows how much of A mistake it was and how much of Truth It really was now they have a crater on The moon named after my ancestor Now they have a huge statue in Rome for Him My Aunt Lori She’s in her 80s now When she was 19 years old in 1960 she Worked at Nasa she’s been on my radio Show many times I just was with her in Salem Massachusetts a week or so ago Because unfortunately her husband died A warrior his name was Luciano swarza And that’s Forza Visconti name We go back ancient Italy we have strong Ancient royal bloodlines even if you Want to say Spiritual royal bloodlines And his name was Luciano sporza and he Actually died from a long battle From being exposed during the Vietnam War to Agent Orange And he was a warrior and there’s a Powerful story I have to share about That actually today but Lori right out Of high school at 19 years old she was

Working for NASA as a technical Illustrator In turn under Werner von Braun This is honest to God’s truth I’m not Making this up I could prove it And my Aunt Lori she worked there at 19 During the lunar missions For a specific reason She was there our bloodline sent her There Dear Donald Bruno Bruno was guiding her There And we were sent a formal apology In the year 2400 years After his Sentence And he had this knowledge embedded in Him Awakened this knowledge in the 14th Century and she taught that departed Souls they moved through a cycle of Other worlds Objectives even Heavens to Murgatroyd Octaves even right yes eventually Reaching The stars or or Aster if you want to say That from the earth when you die Your spirit body your soul your Eternal Energy is going to pass into the moon But not the moon it’s the lunar octaves The lunar realms Where it’s going to sit for a certain Time while it’s here and these lunar Octaves now this is where you pass

Through the magnetosphere Into the lunar octaves Most are not passing through our Magnetosphere gate The light pulls them away They don’t know how to navigate through The light In fact you gotta do an about face and Turn away from the light You got to navigate through the light Through the lunar octaves now when you Get to those lunar octaves this is when We are taught In Italian mysticism my Tuscan I’m a Tustin I’m a Tuscan Mystic I’m a Hereditary Tuscan Mystic and we are Taught and I I believe I witnessed some Of this that when you die your soul has To First enter the lunar octaves Now when you enter this is secret Knowledge that I’m sharing with you guys I can’t go too deep but I can give you a Brief summary of cliff notes of it if You want to go deeper you could join my Patreon where you could contact me Privately you know certain deep Information is not for any like it’s Just some of it has to stay hidden but Certain stuff people need to know They need to know And When you go into these lunar octaves This is where your soul is purified and Renewed

This is why they say that in in the Ancient times They even believe the moon itself was Collecting Souls right right what was it A portal itself for Souls that the souls Crossed over into the the moon literally They did the moon itself people were Like the moon as it grew or waxed right It received the the souls that were Dying And then and then as it was declining or Waning The souls were being released Right and and ancient times they taught This they believed this that departed Soul and and but this is partly true This is partly true There’s there’s they’re seeds of Knowledge just like you need a seed to Start a crystal well you need a seed To open up the knowledge Those little seeds when they’re passed Down orally and remembered They can provide the code to activate The knowledge Right and from these lunar Realms we are Purified we are renewed Right and then if the soul Has harmonically evolved like the weight Of the Soul has hematically like you Know that when even in an Egyptian Book Of the Dead and certain Egypt when They’re weighing the heart of the man This has to do with the harmonic

Frequency of the Soul Right if the souls evolve the Harmonically beyond the need for a Physical sole coat a physical matter A physical body It then passes on to the solar realms The solar octaves The octaves of our sun And then this is where In the Solar octaves that a new body of Light is forged Divine fire a New Soul Coat and layer is added You’ve gained knowledge of another layer Of existence And a new layer of divine fire is forged Within the solar octaves It all has to do with whirling plasmic Vortexes of energy Just like our magnetosphere and if you Guys have You guys see The way Our solar wind works it creates this This this swirling magnetosphere Vortex Of plasma right which is incredible Because the ancient Egyptians were even Talking about this in their ancient Writings and if that’s true We’ve only had some of this knowledge For like a decade or two so that would Be that just blows the lid off Everything but the Earth’s Uh magnetosphere is a plasma barrier Right

It’s a whirling plasma because of our Solar wind the force of our solar wind And This is what is is is sometimes referred To in ancient Egyptian writings as Chambers of the sky Chambers It’s a very interesting these are Stargate chambers of where to navigate And It’s not just a shield And It’s a way to it’s a it’s it’s the way To get directed to different places Within the star systems And The solar wind on our uh because of our Sun Soul because of the sun’s solar wind The the forcing ramming Force The ramming Force Power of the solar Wind it forces the Earth’s magnetic Field Into a cavity That’s around our planet that we call This magnetosphere and then it’s Uh Um then generated by our Earth’s iron Core the magnetosphere basically Stretches into this long tail lobes that Go Really far from Earth you know almost 890 miles into space or something like This right and the plasma and magnetic Fields of the very sun and and the Earth

They they Interface As or or like almost like if they were Frozen together right And they call this uh uh the these Regions that the magnetos paws and stuff Like that I’m not going to share screen Right now but I can even show you guys Hold on I can show you guys from a book Oh You guys can see the This is the mag now wait This is the mag Magnetosphere Magnet up you guys can look it up but You have the magnetosphere the magnetic Tail and then you’ve got these ropes of Iron basically that come out They’re like these long ropes and it’s Talked about all the Egyptian writings We’ll do a separate show maybe even next Time about the the Temple of of witness As well that it’s a Stargate coordinate Uh a star map for the the Pharaoh but It’s way deeper than what people think The Pyramid of witness is uh In Sakara Egypt I could guys show I could show you a Picture of it Um Really incredible That that that is a very important Pharaoh to discuss as well The pyramid text this is some of the let

Me show you this is some of the pyramid Texts that were on the wall of of the Pharaoh and they have it yeah yeah this Is the Pyramid of witness Right here you see it’s kind of uh in in Shambles now in Ruins it’s a very Ancient pyramid in Sakara Right near the Pyramid of zozer as well But it’s winners spell u-n-a-a-s but it Basically talks about this Cosmic travel Of the Pharaoh and you can see this Doorway all the all the texts is around This doorway of his Cosmic Journey And it’s very interesting so I I feel From Me doing my own translations for many Many years working with other people’s Translations having access to Sacred Books and sacred writings and different Things like this I’ve come to find out That from Zachariah sitchin to uh all The other translators out there Um I have ugaritic text translations From various people this that all sorts Of Sumerian sex translation I would say All translations out there are pretty Much poor at best because all of us Scholars we don’t know in which ways Even if we have the word translated Right we don’t know in which context They’re being used we don’t know in so Many different Variables to different things

That I would say the translations are Poor at best that we have a better we Can use those translations as a starting Point but if we work with the symbols There’s a reason why cuneiform and Hieroglyphics are are symbol like in Symbol form They’re encoded they’re imprinted with The knowledge in it already and we can Activate it through viewing those Symbols those codes but you have to be a Grounded individual because you can have Corrupt things happen just like working With crystals if you’re not a grounded Person you can activate and pull bad Knowledge if you hadn’t bad in you and You have negative in you well you’re Going to amplify that negativity and You’re going to pull Cosmic negative Data out of it Seriously especially if you learn how to Activate it but if you’re looking for Good of the collective consciousness Then you’re going to get good knowledge You’re going to start to change reality You could do powerful things But if you’re looking if you’re not a Grounded individual and you’re and You’re looking for negativity out there And you’re looking to do bad yeah I mean Then then anything could be that way Just like if I have a uh a pencil I Could I could write a beautiful essay a Beautiful poem draw a beautiful picture

Or I can attack somebody with a pen Or pencil it’s who’s wielding the object Right and In solar Realms is where our body is Layers are forged Divine Light is added These are the this is where we Our souls become Like a a total spiritual being Right And This is when you uh you you move on Through certain stages first you pass Through those lunar octaves and and all Of this right and in the ancient times This is very interesting itself because Uh my viewings you know many many years I was fascinated with the moon uh I did Remote viewings every day on the moon For many many years and I wasn’t getting Much substance I was using certain coordinates that I Had from my Aunt Lori that NASA you know Said that was of significance certain Coordinates that were labeled and had Craters labeled and things like that I I Was doing remote viewings of of the Moon Of certain places that might be on the Dark side of the moon or people that Said of Adventures and I wasn’t getting Anything of significance really I was Influenced a little bit by Ingo Swann Now for those that don’t know Ingo Swann Was a New York City artist I I met him At a as a young kid before I knew that

He was a psychic Um I have a famous uh a famous cousin I’m not going to bring his name up here People know that Nomi he’s been in many Famous movies and and uh he’s been in Sopranos and things like that right Goodfellas Um He before he was a famous actor was Doing like these local plays and and and And he had a lot of friends in the New York City art community that were New York City artists well sometimes they Would have these art exhibitions and you Know my mom and his mom would go And I went to a few of them as a kid With my parents you know to go see my Cousin and his friend in the art Exhibition so on the Bowery in New York City it’s a famous street on the Bowery Right is uh is where that Ingo had an Art exhibition in the 80s when I was When I was younger and so I I saw his Art exhibition as a kid it was not my Type of art was like sort of like a Homoerotic type of art Um I think that’s what fueled his Psychic activity as well Um Ingo for those that don’t know was a Homosexual but I think he struggled with The fact that he was for many many years Coming from a Catholic background he Actually was a follower of Catholicism For a while in fact he was like a

Devotee of um Veronica Lucan who was This Mystic that was having like 10 000 People show up at this little church in New York and like law in in it was in Queens I think it was was it was the the Robert Bellarmine church I forget if it Was in Queens or or Astoria or wherever It was either in Queens or if it wasn’t In New York City then one of the Boroughs it was in Long Island or Something like that but uh this lady in The 70s and 80s was supposedly having These ecstatic visions of the Virgin Mary And she was given these big long uh Channeled basically she was channeling The Marion sort of like medjugori and Different places like that and people Were traveling from all over to come see Her Channel and get a message from the Virgin Mary right well Ingo was one of These people that was showing up at uh In the 70s at her events And uh In fact there was all of these light Anomalies that were happening around This lady when she was she she actually Had had made a statement That the Virgin Mary told her to let the Crowd know that next time they come for Everyone to bring Polaroid cameras Because if they wanted proof there’ll be Proof available right so everybody Brought Polaroid cameras the next time

Thousands of people showed up and people Were taking these polaroid pictures and Finding all these weird light anomalies Like these these like They it looked like these holographic Light versions of doves flying and these These light anomalies and all this weird Chains of light and weird weird things Were happening right so Ingo actually Paid like thirty dollars for some one Person’s Polaroid I remember him showing It to the crowd at the Art Exhibit when I was younger right and a lot of his art Was like you know I think some people When they get Spiritually charged up if especially if It has to do with sexual feelings It’s a Kundalini type energy but if You’re suppressing that fire that sexual Desire it could it has to do with with Spirituality and and your psychic Mind as well and those two are fused Together spirituality and sexuality you Feel it it’s the same type of fire that Comes inside of you the same kind of Orgasmic energy right so that if there’s Negativity swirling within that those Emotions get bottled up inside and that Can activate psychic activity Good and bad mostly just bad because You’re in a bad state so it’s bad it’s Going to get Amplified right so he Started I think his psychic abilities First were pulled out of him due to

Suppressing his spiritual and Sexual Energy if you ask my own personal Opinion And uh It was coming out in his art I didn’t Understand it as a kid at first but I I Realized it later on in life looking Back on it I remember one of the the One of the portraits that he was Displaying and this was like in the mid 80s it was like Almost like a copy of the Dark Side of The Moon album where it had the prism With the the lines coming out like the Pyramid but in the corner it had a naked A big muscular naked man pointing at the Prism I remember that one Um You know uh there was a few but I didn’t Realize until in until the 90s that he Was a psychic and known for his ESP and He had worked for Stanford we still Worked with Stanford Institute and uh All of this right and did the remote Viewings of the moon so in the 90s I Picked up his books about his lunar Remote viewings I you know I have the Some of the books here Um And so I got influenced and I started Remote viewing The moon I wasn’t getting anything of Substance while I was trying to do

Coordinates nothing was coming to me it Wasn’t until I stopped viewing Coordinates And I started doing it a different way That information started coming to me About the octaves of the Moon and the Sun And Certain comets and meteors and Different things like this And the Ancients were more right than we Are now And in ancient times of course our pole Star was different because it didn’t Shift right things change but in ancient Times and I’m born in this constellation I’m born in this in this astrological Sign as well in the sign of cancer but At ancient times the sign of cancer that That sign was believed to be a literal Portal a Stargate four souls to return To Earth to come back down to this earth Physical plane Cancer was looked at a portal that Constellation was looked at a portal for Souls to come through even Jesus in Ancient times was seen as coming through That portal And in fact It was known as the the cons the the Constellation the cancer was known as The constellation of rebirth it was Known as the Scarab in dandera Egypt it Wasn’t known as the the crab It was originally the Scarab right if

You look on the the the chart of the of Of dandora Egypt it was the Scarab And in fact from my viewings of the Moon I was shown that in the time of Earth’s Creation the moon was in the Constellation of cancer and it was towed Here It was towed here possibly in the tale Of a comet And Um even in Ancient Ancient Italian Folklore they talk about how the moon Was in cancer when when the Earth was Originated and that the the god of Mercury the god Mercury protected it and All of this stuff right it’s guarded by The god Mercury and all this right very Interesting information that we find but This was at a time where uh stars were At a different uh Different alignment you know and uh you Know even even the pole star was Different So These are gateways coordinates to Different octaves of existence this is Why they had the Persians had the you Know the the four royal Stars the Guardians of the gates the north the East the south of the West which also is The Guardians of the equinox and the Solstices which is ultimately the cosmic Cross Right the cosmic cross is the cross with

The circle around it right which is also The gates of the Equinox the north the South the East the West it’s also your Cosmic Journey Through the Stellar Cranes the Mortal Plains all of this Right when people would wear that in Ancient times it was a it was a star Cosmic map It wasn’t a some sort of evil uh sign It was the cosmic cross Right and you got to realize that the The stars are are part of who we are we Are the stars it’s everything in our Words has to do with this as well the Knowledge look at the word Aster This means knowledge of the stars or Stars or or having a relationship to a Star or stars in general right well what Do we have when something goes awry on This planet we have a disaster Right disaster so what’s a disaster well A disaster what’s this this is being Disconnected right they have that word Right well this is being less than Moving away from having less thereof Right so if you’re disaster You’re having less of a connection to The Stars you’re moving away from Knowledge of the Stars away from your Star Origins That’s a literal disaster Right You’re being deprived of the Stars Expelled from the Stars disaster

Incredible incredible when you think About that right really incredible and Crystals Water Oils minerals olive wood Bone Blood all of this absorbs energy Absorbs data Now crystals collect harmonic knowledge Now crystals in general collect Cosmic Harmonic data right now when you carve a Crystal into certain shapes all shapes Have powers Now when you carve a crystal into the Shape of a sentient creature like a Human skull Or or variations of a skull it becomes Like a bio crystalline computer for the Human or the person working with it to Connect to that Cosmic data that the Crystal collects It becomes that biocrystalline interface And just like your phone that actually If you know about your Crystal your your Computers the way your computers even Keep time memory is through quartz right So people are like oh crystals have no Power my computer has more power than a Crystal does well your Chris your Computer has power because of partly Because of crystals And uh What people don’t realize is that Like

Anything that has knowledge stored in it That’s important There’s ways to unlock that knowledge Usually through a code or a pattern Right it’s the same thing with crystals Now I’m going to teach you guys what usually I only say from my patreon as well Something very simple you can use Different ways to do it of your own and It’s also how what everybody needs Nowadays especially if you’re going to Work with crystals because if you’re not Going to use crystals Um for your own And the good of the collective Consciousness and for yourself then They’re just these lumps of pretty Minerals which are another thing that You could do just if they want to be a Pretty decoration that’s fine as well But you can actually use crystals use Quartz crystals to build your own Psychic Shield And this is what we’re going to describe As well because this is really powerful And you can use quartz crystal or all Types of crystals especially crystal Skulls to help alter your reality shift The collective Consciousness if your Quest Is Noble for the good of the collective That’s when it’s in harmony with things It’s when you’re trying to change the

Reality so you can have a million Dollars or you can do good on your test Or you can do this when you’re trying to Do something without having to work for It Then that’s a problem but if you’re Altering this reality To help the good of the collective Because there’s unforeseen negative Attachments that you have That’s why you build psychic Shields Right if your psychic Shields are not For Just to prevent you from getting what’s Coming to you because trust me that’s Going to reach you no matter what if You’re sending out bad energy telling People to go f themselves doing this Negative comments this shooting people Dirty looks doing that and then you’re Saying oh I could do all this because if I throw up a psychic Shield none of That’s going to penetrate me wrong You’re the the harmonic truth the ma’at Of nature knows the difference God the universe however you want to Look at it it knows your spiritual Shield your psychic Shield is part of The truth it’s part of this your psychic Shield Is to activate To prevent negative influences that have It’s not from your doing Not from your own design not from your

Own uh actions You know all those negative forces that Are trying to penetrate Your bio field Harmful frequencies harmful words Harmful thoughts harmful stares that you Didn’t create that you didn’t that you Don’t deserve That is what your psychic Shield is for Because if it’s something that you Deserve that’s something that you it’s Your psychic Shield’s not going to stop That In fact it might even amplify it Because you’re putting it up for selfish Reasons All right And so that’s another thing that people Need to realize it’s not like oh I could Do whatever I want because my psychic Shield the flames on my golden shield is Going to eat their negative consequences No no no no So Crystal Skulls Crystals can be accessed for information And just like different places of your Brain That have different places of memory and Different storage in it different at Different parts of the skull when you Touch it have different places of Information different colors different Things will come to you you know it’s The same thing and working with crystal

Skulls is a powerful thing I’m a crystal Skull Guardian as they say the first Time I ever saw a crystal skull was when I was a child First time I ever held when I was in Seventh grade first time I ever owned One I was in ninth grade and now crystal Skulls have been passed down Through the timelines to me Found me in so many different ways And I’ve been altering my reality I Literally altered reality where I woke Up and certain people that were negative In my life that you know because let me Let me give you guys a really good Tip some of the worst evil out there Some of the worst negativity and demons That you’re going to face in your life Are ones that you invite into your own Life and home Because your defenses are down that’s Why they have the mythology of oh you Gotta invite a vampire in and demon that Right it’s true The ones that you invite into your own Life into your own home into your own Everything those are the ones that could Be the most evil Because you’ve already formed a contract Of of of of of of of of of You know you sort of like A vulnerability as well you you you open Up yourself spiritually and physically In many ways to somebody when you invite

Them into your life And those can be some of the worst Demons that you know some of the ones That would be saying the worst about you Yet they’re they’re acting like they Like you Those are some of the worst evils on the Planet And the psychic Shields are for that Kind of evil Evil that you don’t deserve that’s Penetrating your for your your bio field And you know I had a lot of people Attached to my bio field like that And when I started working with the Crystal skulls On a higher level I I woke up one morning and certain it’s Like certain people I I just knew that They won’t even they won’t think about Me anymore it’s almost like they never Knew me They weren’t even in my phone anymore I didn’t even have them on on certain Platforms anymore and then certain Things were just slightly different Certain certain certain places even so This reality this timeline changed It was the same world but just slightly Altered for the good of the collective Not just myself the good for everyone That was involved It’s like a a Mandela effect in a way But way different right way different

And when you When you I’ll show you guys how to build A psychic Shield Very simple very easy with courts and Especially even with a crystal skull Because what ultimate better to do To use your not only the course but your Third eye to form this this psychic Shield but but also a crystal that is Able to go there And then you can even carry that Crystal With you to reinforce that Shield when You feel like you need it Right so what I would use The best thing to start off with to form A crystal psychic Shield would be a Quartz my What I highly recommend for quartz is Actually a golden healer quartz or a Golden healer fire courts because you Want to make a golden shield A golden egg around you ultimately so What better to form that than a lemon Golden healer or golden healer fire Courts right and I’ll show you what that What what a golden healer and in fact I’ll show you what a golden healer Um there’s golden healers come in all Different colors there’s a lemon golden Healers even a citrine can be used as a Golden a golden quartz right so Um Uh golden heeler crystal skulls and palm Stones are really great like the uh

Because uh the crystals are bigger Crystal Skull of course you can’t carry With you all the time to reinforce that Shield but you can use that Crystal Skull that’s your your your psychic Shield generator you could imprint it Onto a smaller Crystal or smaller Crystal Skull and carry that one with You and it can be your private one you Can even wear it on a little necklace And tuck it in so it’s right there to Help reinforce that Shield when you need It right so I would use uh either a Quartz or a golden healer quartz to Start now there’s all different types of Gold and healer and you can start with The quartz crystal Um either you’re holding it in your Hands or one in each hand like that And you’re also using one in each hand And your third eye to form the shield Right now a golden healer I’ll show you guys Examples of some golden healer and some Fire chords Because even this necklace This necklace that I’m wearing right now Is is is quartz with fire courts Embedded in it I don’t know if you guys Can even see that there but this is a Has this is a quartz with Fire Quartz Embedded in there but there’s other uh Golden healer courts that is not red It’s more of a lemon golden healer like

A gold or more of a fire golden color Now I like gold I I like Moonstone as Well you moonstone is good but uh I like Gold healer quartz one of my favorite Especially I have Himalayan golden Healer chords because it’s high altitude From the Himalayas that is some of the The best that you could do and to make a Crystal skull out of Himalayan high Altitude golden heeler quartz is a Powerful thing now this is a smaller Well not small too small but this is a What they call a golden healer quartz Golden healer fire courts this is the Golden healer colors you see this is a Crystal skull of gold and healer quartz It even has rainbow in certain spots Rainbow glows and this is one that I Would use to build a psychic Shield Right this is a golden healer So you You’re forming this golden shield around You which I’ll I’ll mention how to do in A moment right and this also is a big Human-sized Crystal Skull Uh that’s a quartz with the golden Healer Fire Quartz thinking cap See so something like this would be Amazing to generate your psychic shield And to be able to alter your reality and To retrieve Cosmic truth Cosmic data Right Beautiful companion and this is toggle This is my buddy taco and he has rainbow Inclusions this is Himalayan quartz high

Altitude Himalayan quartz With fire golden healer quartz embedded In it Super rare Very amazing it actually has rainbow Inclusions On certain sides I have become a crystal Skull Guardian since I’m young and Certain crystals have been brought to me In certain ways And I don’t own them I’m just Temporarily a guardian of these crystals Powerful information and different areas Of the skull require different levels of Concentration to access different levels Of information On my patreon I show people how to Access information from skulls and Crystals how to turn them on in the Moonlight and how to charge them in the Sunlight And what I like to do as well is to use Spirit quartz this is pink amethyst Spirit quartz as eyes for scrying So I use these as little scrying eyes They’re called Spirit quartz That one fell I can’t really hold it Here but when it’s when it’s sitting up On the on the table it sits it fits in Perfectly I don’t want to break them here but you Know they’re they’re the Spirit chords Crying eyes And um I have all sorts of crystal

Skulls for sale I actually have a deal Right now where it’s 20 off for Everybody on my website and 30 off of my Patrons And uh I’m releasing 999 Warriors of light to Battle the 666 Antichrist energy that’s Rising on the planet 999 Warriors Crystal Skull Warriors of all sizes and Shapes and all um all sizes shapes and All sorts of highest quality Master Carved for those that don’t know on my Website I have the most ethically Sourced crystals and the finest highest And rarest quality crystals that you Could find on the planet and I make Handmade copper products copper Crystal Products even copper tensor products It’s cut from The Royal Cubit and um And twisted clockwise really amazing Um so when you form a psychic Shield You basically want to start with Quartz In your hands Start with one in your left and one in Your right or if you have a crystal Skull you can even have both hands with The skull you want to make sure that You’re either standing or sitting up Very upright your spine is very straight Right your connection of your Kundalini Type you know your energy you want your Spine to be very straight so it can that Information can go in a straight line Spiraling line up into your brain stem

So it floods the back of your mind with The information and it’s very straight And erect and everything is flowing Like you’re you’re you’re you’re ready To receive at an attention you know You’re in alignment you’re up and Straight and you want to have courts in Both hands or your golden healer courts And your Think nothing of Completely All anything else is is out of your mind Except the activization activation of This Shield Right and you’re gonna imaginating a a An amazing Golden Light That comes around you like an egg like An oval type of egg it goes underneath Your feet Over your head where you’re directly in The center of this golden egg of light And it’s a golden fire A beautiful golden fire that’s around The edges of this egg and no matter Where you go you’re right in the middle Of this egg completely calm not affected By any negative influences Any negative thoughts or or looks or Anything that comes at you or words Imagine them hitting the the corner of Your psychic Shield your golden fiery Shield and as it comes it hits the Corners of your Shield you’re completely Calm unaffected and the Flames come up

And incinerate or they’re they’re Bounded by the Flames those negative Influences as they hit the edge of your Shield they’re bounded by the Flames as They hit the shield And you’re unaffected by those negative Influences because your golden Flames Are taking care of it around the shield Right unaffected and no matter where you Walk you stay in the middle of those Shield and once The Shield is activated You can even put your crystals down you Don’t need them anymore The Shield is up You can put them away you don’t need to Hold them And no matter where you can put your Skull away you could leave the house If you want and no matter where you go You keep it you could just keep it with You or put it put it away put it down And now no matter where you go you can Have that shield now you can’t just Leave your Shield up always quickly You’ll be exhausted it’s only for Certain areas at certain times where you Feel the need Where your spidey sense is up for Negativity When you know you’re you there could be Say you got to give a speech say you got To do a presentation or you’re at work And you there it’s a it’s a vital Situation at work where you need Focus Or this or that or you’re working at

Home and there’s certain people in your House or in your life that that try to Prevent you from succeeding and things Like this you need to activate that Shield that’s for those moments it’s not Just for walking around all the time Because eventually it they’ll they’ll It’ll be an energy drain and it’ll be Detrimental to your health Right then when you feel there’s no Longer a need for this Shield you Retract The Shield the same way you made It imagine it going back the light Retracting back into where the same way Came back into the crystals and back Into your third eye So Not only can you also have the quartz Crystals in your hand when you’re Forming this this golden or yellow Shield this Golden Shield you can also Wear sometimes you can even use one of My uh my you know my halo rings One of these halo rims if you want these Go over most people’s heads I’m wearing A hat you could wear these and actually Tie a little Crystal to it so the Crystals hanging over your third eye Or even you know you could you could you Know wear anything and so if you have a Crystal over your third eye and in your Hands that can even help build that Shield even more and then once you Retract that Shield you don’t need the

Shield anymore you pull it back down in The same way you formed it you can carry Those crystals with you so in the future When you need to reinforce those Shields It’ll be easier for you to reinforce Those Shields by having that Crystal With you just the sight of that Crystal Will give you that reminder of that Shield It’s like an activation code right and Your crystals in the Moonlight you can Activate it by having a secret code by Touching the crystal in a certain way Just like unlocking your phone And each when you start to get in Communion with the crystal every touch Of the crystal sometimes will get a Different color and a different electric Fire symbol that comes in your mind It’s color coded Really amazing and golden healer quartz Is the place that is really best for Forming a psychic Shield right and uh That’s that’s really amazing I really Like golden Imperial quartz but here at The mystical we have the Rarest and finest quality I have natural Ruby natural citrine Natural green quartz and green amethyst These are the highest quality and rarest Crystals Flower Agate Moss Agate all Sorts of my my copyrighted heel Shield Uh my heel Shield is called h-e-a-l Shield their heel Shield heal my 432

Hertz heel Shields now heel stands for Harmonic evolutionary altruistic light Heel Shield I’ve already copyrighted the Name Um it’s basically 432 Hertz imprinted Crystals wrapped in Copper And I have all different models like my Dream Warrior model that’s with dream Amethyst I have my my shungite day Walker model Um I have uh my golden healer psychic Shield quartz one Um Petrified wood one I have my pink Passion one the rose quartz one there’s There’s Moss Agate which is the Gaia Grounder model So many models and I have 20 off Currently so guys take that Advantage I’ll show you Um Some of the amazing products that we Have in I mean I don’t know if you guys Ever seen with natural Ruby Towers look Like these are natural Ruby obelisks I mean let me show you guys the way this Sparkles as well This is what natural Ruby honeycomb Natural Ruby Towers look like really Amazing these are high quality and Really expensive This goes for hundreds of hundreds of Dollars per per kilogram And

You can find this at the mystical and we have a huge Discount rarest crystals pink amethyst All that um The highest quality fluorite in fact People on my patreon they’ve been Getting amazing deals because I give First access at a discounted rate to all My items before they’re even on my Website to my patrons and uh somebody Just got a big pink amethyst freeform I Got a lot of free form clusters and Stuff like that and also uh My patrons are getting 30 off the next Couple of the next two days uh well Today’s the last day but the last two Days they were getting 30 off and one of The one of them are patrons for patreon They got my big fluorite skull which was Over a pound that was for sale my my Ocean Jasper one that I had up for sale These are warriors of light That people can change their reality for The good of the collective by working With these items a highest quality Fluorite look at these these fluoride Towers I mean when you when you look at Them in the light because this doesn’t Do it justice on the video they’re like Superman’s Fortress I mean if you put Them up to the light is the the most Insane green and Crystal Clear crystals That you’ve ever seen Um really incredible

I’ll show you guys what pink amethyst Looks like this is creduzzi Look at this pink amethyst druzy on There These are like you can’t find crystals Like this anywhere else in the world Beth best ethically sourced as well Really amazing look at that pink Amethyst flower and gate Tower Very rare highly sought after Um I have guarding courts Himalayan Garden courts natural citrine This is a natural citrine crystal ball This is not heat treated amethyst this Is natural citrine heat treated citrine Is actually uh a much more neon yellow a Much more deeper yellow But this is natural citrine Really rare Very very rare I actually have one for Those that want it this is the best time To do it when you get 20 off because You’ll get hundreds and hundreds of Dollars off you’ll get six hundred Dollars off I have one product Um that it’s very it’s it’s it’s a Really good price if you think about it You get a huge harmonizer like this And uh uh almost 12 ounces Crystal rainbow citrine natural citrine Crystal ball with a golden stand so It’ll be a crystal ball that sits on top Of a huge harmonizer like this of

Natural citrine Now it was charged at the North Salem New York megalithic Red Granite Dolmen They’re in during certain equinoxes and Solstices and stuff like that so Originally was like nineteen hundred Dollars but you can get like 600 off of It And that’s a Once In A Life Family Heirloom a natural citrine crystal ball That comes on a gold stand And also a huge cup it also comes with Two other Smaller crystal balls and a rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone comes with a whole Package You could get like six hundred dollars Off of that right now on the website so That’s a huge deal If you guys go there and you know I’ve Unloaded some amazing information the Next one will go deeper into the Swirling plasmic Stargate of our Magnetosphere And the do what Next episode but guys you are here this Is Pulsar TV We got the best products the best Information we are ambassadors for the Light Always here On Pulsar TV via where You could be the change you want to see And once again my name is Rock castaldo

You can find me at the mystical spiral you can get 20 off if you use The coupon code Special 20 If that’s not the right code then look On my website it pops up as soon as you Go on and you’ll find it I think it’s Special 20 though and my patreon people They get 30 off go to patreon and you’ll Find the coupon code And uh you can find me on patreon the mystical spiral you can Find me on YouTube at exploring the car With Rock castaldo and at sacred Taurus T-o-r-u-s copper and crystals you can Also find me on Truth frequency radio at Saturday nights from seven to nine Eastern you can also find me at the Mystical the mystical of course and right here On Friday nights from 9 to 11 Eastern Comment to you live from the Phantom Ghostly shores of the Hudson River of New York I’m right here Keeping our pulp fingers on the pulse of The light Pulsar TV and my name is rock Castaldo and I’m signing off for now so Be the change you want to see and spiral Out He is I’ll like like Bella in the UFC Which should be like Muhammad right yeah Yeah Muhammad he should be fighting for Title but instead he’s just premiering For a prelim card which doesn’t make Yeah you know why because his he doesn’t

Have a um a fan friendly style he takes You down and grinds you till you quit You know that’s very true you’re Absolutely right about that people want To see you go to war and knock each Other out he’ll just take you down and Make you say uncle eventually you know Right just grind you and so you can’t You can’t take it no more it’s on the Ground though you know I mean dude Having the type of pressure that that Guy has is like having a gorilla on top Of you like You know it’s it’s serious that’s Serious I had a gorilla on top of you Bro no but I’ve had a grown man that is Like a black belt like that on top of You And it the pressure sometimes if you’re Not a a a Grappler just the top pressure Can make you want to tap that’s how Freaking You know what I mean just their top Pressure on you like their squeezing Everything can make you want if you’ve Never done it before you’ll tap just From that just from the top pressure It’s crazy dude yeah they’re that They’re another level strength they you Know they’re they’re next they’re Everything they’re just they’re just way Stronger than the average man because They’re just they’re doing it all the Time and their backs are just stronger

Than the average man their their necks And everything they clinch you up and It’s the last thing you want but people Don’t want to hear that right now I’ll say we’ll save that for after folks Yeah [Music] [Music]

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