Mercury Retrograde Will Bring You 1 of these 5 Blessings→ (Sep 9th to Oct 2nd)

By | September 11, 2022

This mercury retrograde that’s happening Between these two dates is actually one Of the most luckiest mercury retrogrades Of the year mercury’s going retrograde Opposition jupiter which is the luckiest Planet in the zodiac so between these Two dates you can expect a lot of Blessings these are five blessings that Are likely to manifest for you with this Mercury retrograde number one i was Seeing a lot of soulmates twin flames And soul family coming into union during This mercury retrograde number two i was Seeing a lot of faded meetings meeting The right people at the right time Meeting people that will completely Change your destiny for the better Number three manifestations are also Coming in quicker than ever one of your Manifestations is bound to come in with This mercury retrograde number four Jupiter brings revelation so expect a Lot of revelations about what your life Purpose and destiny here on earth is and Number five we can expect an increase in Mood positivity don’t let mercury Retrograde scare you this is a

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