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Hi Libra welcome to your November General love reading this is your girl Mermaid scales tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a general Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Libra this will not Resonate with every Libra that watches This message and because this reading is General not every single message may be For you so please only take our Resonates and leave what doesn't for Someone else who needs to hear that Message and if this reading is not for You at all Libra I highly suggest Checking out your other signs in Different placements Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Libra who Wouldn't be I'd like to remind Libra and Cross Watchers that energy is fluid and This simply means you may feel like I'm Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the rules are Flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation at best All right let's jump right on in and Start my Libra love reading but first I Am going to clear and set the energy Using the sample so if you are listening To this using headphones of the Von's

Kind of loud right now I do suggest Turning it down a little bit just for This part because I don't want your ears To hurt So let's tune in to Libra love and Romance All right so let's see what's going on In 11 romance in the month of November For my Libras Libra Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone dealing with a Libra spirit What do I need to tell Libra about their Love life what is going on in their love Life What questions can we answer for Libra In regards to love and romance what is The energy surrounding Libra spirit Chemistry Oh Libra there's a strong magnetic Attraction here so there is someone Libra that you're feeling that you feel A connection with that There is a pull to one another even when You guys aren't around each other Physically you can't stop thinking about One another thinking about the last time You saw them what happened the last time You guys interacted and wondering what's More to happen this is really Interesting let's pick up and see more About this that's surrounding Libra Tell me more About the energy in love and romance for Libra okay so face up we have the seven Of Pentacles awaiting results

Interesting Taurus energy is coming Through here you could be dealing with a Taurus you could have Taurus in your Chart does not have to be the case and Observe with the hanged man So yeah I do feel spirit is saying Libra There is a strong pull a strong Attraction but Spirit does want you to Take this slow or maybe even as strong As these feelings are it's going day by Day step by step in the pace it's Supposed to go I feel that's important to say right now That there is someone who may want to Dive Right all in get physical get into Everything quickly but spirit is saying That there's some sort of process that's Happening Libra that you're not seeing Right now Uh and with the hangman I wonder if There is a little bit of impatience Going on But I do feel what you're not seeing Libra is someone's clearing out Something out of their life out of their Energy so they could be fully in Alignment with you Um with this observe card someone could Be a little bit shy Um and I think maybe that's not Someone's usual type but for whatever Reason the shyness is a little bit Intriguing Um this is someone that likes to wear

Hoodies and have the hood up and on Maybe someone's watching that with the Sweater or hoodie right now but I do Think Libra results are growing from This so don't be discouraged by it Um I do think that you are going to get The results that you've been waiting for But I I think that there's more to this Than you see there's more to this than You realize and so I hope this reading Helps you see more of that and confirm What will still be growing without of This connection there is someone who is Very grounded Um who Is not hot fast and heavy and maybe some Of you were drawn to that before in your Romantic connections and realized that That passion that was so vibrant that Was so catching always fled because Maybe the person was never ready to stay Maybe it was based on sexual intentions With this energy surrounding you it's Different it wants to stay grounded it Wants to implement something and this Person is not someone that's easy to Trust But I think through the connection you Guys have had up until this point it's Getting them more and more assured that They want to come out of this Observation mode and start to really Go down a path where you two can be an Exclusive relationship can take this to

The next level But there's still some more time here so Let's see what the tarot has to say Why is there still some more time here What are they waiting to see Tell me more about this energy in the Libra's life spirit Five of Pentacles dead center of this Hmm so yeah more Taurus energy is coming Through and this is where the impatience Is coming in right because I think with The strong attraction Someone feels like they should have more In this want more in this Um and it's still not there it's still Not enough and someone's still trying to Figure it out but for some of you you Need to know this person may be Experiencing Financial issues uh may Have lost a job may have Um you know hit a financial hit they Weren't expecting others of you this Could be loss in general the loss of a Friend the loss of a loved one but let's Pull out all the cards and then we can Go deeper into this Well yeah Oh wow the star card is out here amazing Love that energy Someone could have a star tattoo even Okay yeah let's get right on it Libra So bottom of the deck we have judgment So this is fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius energy you could be dealing

With one of the fire signs you could be You know just feeling that Energy of something Rising Up From the Ashes here Um so what I can tell you Libra is that this person is holding on Or has a lot of Memories experiences that form some sort Of lower vibrations within themselves I gotta say that here and I think the Purpose of you being in their life is to Bring them out of that Libra Um but with judgment here I do feel that Spirit wants to say there is a purpose To YouTube meeting And I do feel if you're already kind of Sensing this person's Lower vibrational behaviors let's just Say Um I think From what you're seeing is different From how they're perceiving you they see You as this ray of light in their life They see you as this opportunity they're Starting to feel like maybe this is a New turn in my the chapter of my life This is a new beginning that I can have In love and romance that I don't block Out that I don't reject Um I do feel spirit is giving them a big Wake-up call in regards to what they can Have in love and Romance by presenting

You in their life Libra So this is something that I feel is Slowly but surely being revealed within Them and it's things that they haven't Dealt with in a long time it's things That they may still get uncomfortable With I do feel insecurity on their end I Don't know if that's insecurity with the Way they look I don't know if that's Insecurity with their job with their Finances with where they are at life But I think as they connect with you and Understand that maybe they have been in Just the wrong mindset the wrong Patterns of love and romance you're Leading them out of that and you're Awakening them to something a lot more Higher vibrating a lot more loving And you're taking them out of the Darkness Libra But I can get how this is making you Impatient for a lot of you I can get how this can get frustrating There is a major karmic cycle that is Closing out in this connection That is going to be the thing that Changes everything Now I do wonder if with the five of Pentacles in general Um you know you haven't been engaged With this person you've separated Yourself from this person And it's been difficult

But you want to see if they'll do Anything to change that if they'll do Anything to get you back if you were the One to bow out and see what will happen Because despite the chemistry you may Feel you're still waiting to see more Results So let's go ahead and Dive Right on into It and see what's up with November for You guys by the Pentacles dead center Taurus energy so different scenarios I Described there like I said this could Be just someone who is really fearful of Losing Um fearful of rejection fearful and Insecure Within themselves so it's kind of Playing out within the connection and it May just be not even with themselves but In regards to love Not trusting so when you don't trust When you don't have optimism when you Don't have positivity surrounding The connection it's going to leave the Other person a bit deprived and having Fulfillment And I feel with this five of Pentacles I I feel like you're feeling this in some Way Libra If you're wondering if it's going to Work everything thus far still hasn't Brought me to the next level with them Now for some of you like I said maybe They're going through some loss that's

Been very difficult for them and that They've kind of had to take a priority Before they can move on in this with you And it's in the rebuilding process it's Within the healing process So you know some of us process loss in Different ways Um Some of us definitely tend to push the Things the support out because it's too Difficult to communicate it's too Difficult to trust someone with our Emotions and The uncontrollable emotions that may Kind of come up out of loss So I feel that maybe that's what's going On within the connection there if there Is some sort of loss that they're Dealing with but for those of you where I don't know I wonder if this is kind of A rebound in a situation here not Rebound as in booty call but rebound us Things hit like a Rock Bottom for the two of you in this Connection whether there literally was a Breakup or whether there was Some sort of thing where you just kind Of had to separate yourself take a break From I think again through this time of not Having you around not having that Chemistry That they had with you with anyone else Is really showing them what they're

Missing out on and what they're losing So someone's looking to rebuild that Someone is looking to grow that Now the challenge of this situation is a Couple of different things for you guys The death card Scorpio energy Major change in transformation has to Happen And it has to go on the side of someone Who may still be in bad patterns bad Behaviors Um they an ego death really has to be Transpiring within this connection And I feel Libra the only way that this Could work is if they really truly show You that they're ready to change ready To start the change To cut things out of their life that Would intrude on the connection between The two of you Um now others of you with this death Card Crossing it I really do want to say You have been the Catalyst to their Awakening you have been something that They realized and looked at themselves With and don't want to be anymore Someone who Retreats instead of fights Someone who Shuts people out blocks people out I think they kind of realize that as a Major flaw within them that they didn't Want to work on until they met you And I think with this death card here

This is something that once is happening Once they're in the process of they're Not going to be the same again And maybe Libra even you have been a Changed person since you guys have met Maybe you've been working on yourself Separating seeing it from a different Perspective And you knew that it was best that you Guys went on your separate ways until This healing and transformation has Transpired in both of you but for Different reasons But I think This is what you're not seeing on there And Libra is the amount of Transformation that they're getting hit With I think they have no choice but to face Those demons that are within them And start to decide to overcome them Start to decide to address them Because they still feel this chemistry With you And if you haven't been in there on in Their life it's really really impacted Them it's really affected them But it was the change that was needed For this to finally transpire Crowning this reading is the eight of Pentacles Virgo energy with this crowning the Reading I do feel Libra that the ball is Definitely in their court and that's

What you're waiting and observing is to See what they'll do with it now that You're not so Engaged in it now that you're not the First to hit them up now that you have Kind of separated yourself I do feel a lot of you are waiting to See what they'll do with it will they Act on it will they try to get me back Will they try to work on things Their actions will show More than their words ever have And maybe some of you are in that Waiting space of seeing what they'll do With it Others of you if this person is Coming back in your life To fix things I think in their perspective of what They want to fix on and how they can do It is something they believe in but it's Going to be something hard to convince You of and they understand that they get That especially if they were the ones That Pushed you away right So they know it's going to be work they Know it's going to take time And maybe that's what they're awaiting The results card is also kind of Implying here But there has to be change and they have To show it You it's just not going to be any other

Way around it They have to do more What's reading this though is the star Card Libra Aquarius energy This is why I feel they're bouncing back This is why I feel That They're still holding on to this Energetically and they've been going Through this Awakening is because They've never met anyone quite like you With the star card I always feel in love And romance it's a unique energy It's a Deeply soul-touching energy that I feel You've provided in their life especially With the Judgment card When you were around whether you Realized this or not you did heal Something or start the process of Healing something deep deep within them And this could be something that was Over a bad heartbreak this could be over Something they've been carrying with Since childhood in regards to their Self-esteem in regards to their beliefs And love But they still feel there's a purpose Between the two of you They still feel they're guided to you Spirit in the universe and their Thoughts of you are leading you back Leading them back to you

And with the star card here They still feel hope in this They still feel like it's worth to at Least try to hash everything out here They really still believe in the two of You And I think With whoever is still kind of Apprehensive Still keeping things at a distance with The hanged man and the Seven of Pentacles waiting This is how you felt in the very Beginning that they weren't able to meet You with And that's why you're kind of still Especially those of you where you know This person has returned already or they Have been wanting to talk to you wanting To date you wanting to work things out With you I do feel for some there is a piece of You that's hopeful but the experience of It all has been draining And I almost feel like someone's like it Will take a miracle for this to get Fixed again And someone could wear Shoop earrings I'm seeing little hoop earrings Um when Spirit shows me those things it Could just be confirmations of who I'm Talking about Your energy right now Libra is the nine Of Pentacles Virgo energy

So how they see you in this how your Energy is in this Connection within fall within romance And a lot of is you're a strong person And you're independent And I feel a lot of you through this Connection because of this connection Have a deeper sense of self-worth That someone isn't going to make you Feel less than they don't have the power To do that anymore And again I'm not seeing anyone hear That purposely was making someone feel Incapable and Worthy I do feel that someone was operating out Of a deep wound Um and I don't know Libra there's something That you've done differently That is making you appear and maybe even Internally making you feel so much Stronger for it And maybe some of them if there is Financial issues going on within the Connection they see how well you're Doing even if you work Um you know entry-level job or get paid A certain hour like you're still doing Far better than they are that's how they They find themselves comparing Themselves to you And that's Kind of something that Has held them back a lot as well

Maybe at times they didn't think they Deserved you they didn't deserve the Person that you are to have in their Life And we can't give what we feel that we Don't have So if they feel incomparable to you if They feel like you could do so much Better maybe there was a period where They just decided to give up But that was the wrong choice and the Wrong decision You look good Um I don't know if some of you have Changed anything about yourself since You last saw each other since you last Spoke grow out your hair longer Um I don't know but they walked you from Afar they see your social media Or just hear about you see that if They're blocked they still find ways to Get access to you through social media And they think you're doing well for Yourself And I think through this too you're an Example to them in a lot of ways and That's something you're not seeing as Well You can have me when you know how to act When you know how to behave when you Know how to compensate and give But until then I'll be fine on my own Until then I'll do me So I do think there's a lot

Of your growth in this Libra but it's at A different pace than this person's this Individuals But they're doing catch-up right now to Catch up to your vibration to catch up To your frequency And how you may see them Where they were at where they may be Still at and this connection is the Devil card and let's talk about it Capricorn energy What this feels like is the demons that They're still going through the demons That they're still facing The insecurities the patterns the Behaviors Um that have really sabotaged them More than anything else And they are really starting to Understand the sabotage effect level And I feel this happened in multiple Relationships but somehow it didn't hit As hard until this one with you And so I think maybe for some of you Guys I don't know if if you still have access To their social media they're posting a Lot of emotional things A lot of like memes that are describing Journeys or you know more sadder level Things that you're kind of have Compassion for but you know that you for Now or until they get it right they have To do this journey on their own and

You're absolutely right with that I kind of want to clarify this devil Card to get a little bit deeper here to See what exactly they're facing dealing With going through tell me more about This devil card The hermit Yeah these are these are deep inner Inner demons Um And I think for them it's They have to do this alone because They didn't see it For themselves until no one was there So what I mean by that is I'm sure they Still have family members and friends But like I think Libra you pointed out more of Their flaws Whether that was energetically you Mirrored it to them or even verbally you Said things to them that other people Haven't done for them before And now that they're really sitting with Themselves and analyzing it I think they Are really starting to see the error in Their ways But they are working on it they are Working to heal it and I think their end Goal is to become a better person out of It And the star card again All these are major arcanas on their end So in a conscious or subconscious way

They're doing all this change they're Doing this transformation they're doing This reflection for you For the experience they had with you the Memories they had with you is still Something they hold very deeply Sagittarius also had this card so that Could mean something to you guys But for now maybe spirit is saying you Know if you don't hear from them this Month or it's still kind of Silent They're doing the work they need to do Before they can enter your life again And maybe divine intervention had to Take place for this pause so they can Really do the growth But it's hard to stay away with the Chemistry but it's needed at this time And for others of you I kind of feel if You are talking to this person currently And You know triggers are happening They are you're already sensing that They're starting to push you away or Whatever I would just let them go for now Let them go You'll know they'll be worth it if they Come out again apologizing a new person Because that's the process that still Needs to happen and that's why you're Still waiting on your results Libra if This is something you want Bottom of the deck the king of Pentacles

Taurus energy So yeah this person is stubborn this Person Again for some of you it is financially Related and they're working on Rebuilding themselves financially again On finding a job that's something they Need to do but I think more so they want To become the king of Pentacles with you For you regardless of gender or sex the King of Pentacles is someone that Provides stability that is loyal is Dependable is resourceful Is abundant And I think they know they don't have That right now Libra But they're working on it and that is Their goal And they're hoping they can make it Through with you but you've completely Changed their lives And I I think Spirit wants me to tell You that If you are wondering well what the Purpose was I think this was a karmic Contract between the two of you Which could evolve into something more But I think where it's at right now is That you both are learning a lot about Yourselves they're doing a lot more for Sure But it's building you guys up to Something stronger now to see if that's Going to be together or if it's still

Better to keep it apart to have the Experience you had but Let It Go and all We're going to go ahead and take this to Vimeo for the extended reading I'm going To show you the likely outcome of this Situation what they're likely to do Within the next few days weeks Um whether this is likely to go and if You like to join me for the extended Reading open up the description box and You'll find the link to Vimeo which will Take you to Extended reading But if this is very depart Libra I Really hope that this reading has Resonated with you I hope it gave you Answers to what you need to know about The situation you're in in regards to Love and romance And if it has please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Libra very much and I'll see You next time Take care Libra

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