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Hi Leo welcome to your October monthly Messages from Spirit reading this is Your girl mermaid scales tarot thank you So much for joining me here this is a General reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Leo This will not resonate with every Leo That watches this message and because This reading is general not every single Message may be for you so please only Take our resonates and leave what does It for someone else who needs to hear That message and if this reading is not For you at all Leo I highly suggest Checking out your other signs in Different placements Hi cross Watchers you’re very welcome Here if you’re interested in Leo who Wouldn’t be I’d like to remind Leo and crosswalker That energy is fluid and this simply Means you may feel like I’m describing a Certain situation in the reading where You feel the roles are flipped or Reversed and that’s completely okay You are more than welcome to use your Own discretion to flip those roles if That resonates with your specific Situation at best So my intentions for this reading Leo is The channel and provide messages from Spirit for you for the month of October To ask what may be happening for you in

October what do you need to be aware of This month and for others of you this May just be a message of what you need To hear right now with everything you’ve Been through maybe since the beginning Of the month why has it happened and to Give you Clarity on that situation and This can impact any aspect of your life Love and romance career and finances Spiritual Evolution whatever Spirit Would like to talk about shall be said So if you have any beings for the light That you would like to welcome into this Space specific Angels ancestors Spirit Guides maybe even pass down loved ones You’re welcome to ask them to join us Here now So let’s go ahead and get this reading Started I’m first going to use my sound Bowl to Clear and set the energy so if you are Listening to this using headphones or The volume is kind of loud right now I Do suggest turning it down a little bit Just for this part because I don’t want Your ears to hurt So let’s tune in [Music] All right So let’s go ahead and see what’s Happening for my Leos in the month of October Leo Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone Dealing with the Leo what is going on For you guys what do you need to hear

Right now in this moment and let’s start Off with the general energy of what’s The major theme for you guys in October What will you be going through what will You be experiencing overall this month So let’s see Ooh the sacral chakra and you’re the First group that has had a sacral a Chakra activation card so there’s Something that is motivating you and Driving you through your passions Through your desires Um you know with the sacral chakra Activation I always feel for some of you Guys soul mates uh strong sold bonds and Connections when you’re around someone You just feel this energy of vibration Of electricity of passion and I feel You’re activating that in someone else As well especially this being a two card Here Um so I feel almost like two of Cups Two Of Wands energy so you could be dealing With a cancer or an Aries does not have To be the case Um but yeah others of you maybe your Creativity is being activated what you Want to create there’s an ambition There’s a drive that’s growing stronger And stronger every day and whatever this Is you feel it in your sacral chakra you Feel it kind of growing this desire to Do more want to do more Maybe for some of you your emotions have

Been a little bit all over the place Recently and it’s not the usual for you But I feel these emotions are telling You something Leo about the thing you Want about the thing you’re moving Towards Nice let’s get a little bit more Specific here Tell me more about this sacral chakra Activation for Leo that they’re going Through in October The spirit Whisperer Divine guidance Higher knowing number three so Scorpio Had this chart uh this card so if you’re Dealing with a Scorpio if you have Scorpio in your chart I suggest checking Out the Scorpio reading to see if There’s messages for you there you feel Very guided to do this you feel as if This is what Spirit wants you to do your Higher self wants you to do and it’s Pushing you forward every single day now For some of you where this is romantic Related okay Um someone you can’t stop thinking about And they can’t stop thinking of you Spirit sending you messages about this Person Um Spirit wants you to know that this is Something very prominent this is unlike The rest this connection this romantic Bond now for others of you because this Is the spirit Whisperer I feel there’s Something you’ve been praying for and

Maybe with this sacral chakra like the Desire is growing more and more and you Just need that final say you need that Final go you need that final push that You’re praying for signs you’re praying For you know Spirit if this is meant for Me show it to me and maybe that’s Through you know Certain animals the owl here is very Strong Okay where you see that right there Maybe it’s through finding feathers Maybe it’s through The color green I don’t know why that’s Coming up for some of you guys you could Be wearing green right now Um your favorite color could be green or Your aura color is green But yeah with the color green here it Also Associates with heart chakra energy So there’s something majorly being Activated in your life that’s activating First within you and you’re trying to Get through in the 3D to make sure that This is actually what you want Um Wow I do feel for a lot of you this is Either something you’re creating in your Life Um you with the for some of you this is Your own career your own job you’re Trying to make your own business happen Others of you this is Um you know with the creative project

Putting music out there putting your Writing out there putting your work out There that is all at the hands of you And others of you this is definitely Soulmate related Um I feel for some of you the soul mate In you communicate telepathically Um even when you’re away you still feel Each other’s presence very very strongly Here But I do feel with this card coming in For you guys you need to know this is Destined for you this is meant for you And I hope for those of you that have Been asking for a sign asking for a Confirmation this reading will be it for You For some of you you’re definitely clear Audience okay Anyway let’s keep going Foreign ’s been sending you messages through Songs Through music that you find Flipping through I don’t know YouTube Flipping through Apple music Um Spotify that one song that sits Within your heart is trying to tell you Something and it may be the one you’ve Recently been playing over and over and Over again Anyway tell me more about October for Leo Tell me more about October for Leo Remove skull of Darkness blind spot so

This is why you’re acting asking for Messages you’re asking for information Because there are some things you’re not Seeing right now there are certain Things that maybe are Being hidden from you at this moment Because there’s something that needs to Be fully awakened and fully activated Within your Consciousness and I’m saying That with the candle that’s lit and on Top of the skeleton’s head right or the Skull’s head so I do feel yeah you know You’re having to rely a lot on your Intuition right now the feelings you Have around it which I gotta say with This card are accurate you have to trust Yourself in order to kind of really Fully feel that You know there’s some people who are Masters at manifestation who may even Practice witchcraft or just may really Believe in intention setting let’s just Say they say you have to believe it with Your mind and your heart if one’s out of Balance then it’s going to block it is Going to take longer for it to surface So you know for some of you that may Just be something that you’re coming More in alignment with with believing it With all your heart that it is meant for You the best is to come that what you’re Feeling so drawn to is really meant for You that’s the process you guys are Going through

Others of you I kind of Wonder Um and we’ll pull tarot cards to get More specific at this blind spot that You may have been blinded to is going to Finally be revealed everything that you Weren’t seeing everything that you Couldn’t accurately depict with the five Senses but you felt so strongly with Your Sixth Sense There’s something that may be revealed Here And it may be until the end of the month For this being the third card pulling Out But the momentum is growing the tension Is growing the passion is growing So yeah for some of you I really do feel Like this is what you’re hoping for is Your big break your big opportunity But know what you want feel it’s right For you go through the process of any Healing within yourself that is still Trying to convince you that it’s not Right you’re not made for this you’re Not ready for this because I really do Feel that’s the only thing that is Holding you back from experiencing this And I your prayers have been heard Leo Know that Some things are being worked on behind The scenes Okay that Spirit has to do its part now That you sent the attention out there All right

Let’s go ahead and see what the tarot Has to say Tell me about October for Leo Justice in the beginning okay so Libra Energy some of you could have Libra in Your chart maybe even a Libra moon Um but this is coming under sacral Chakra so I don’t know something in the Beginning of the month whether it’s Through asking for those signs and You’re already starting to get the Answers from those questions in the Beginning it’s proving to you that Something’s meant for you maybe some of You has signed a contract in the Beginning of the month signed a new job Offer have signed on to a new project a New Venture maybe someone asked that You’re the right person for this Kim I’ll hire you you for this what can we Do now others of you I gotta say with This being a romantic situation you Already know who this is about for some Reason I’m seeing the letter t as in Tim As in Trisha first middle last initial May mean something to you guys Um but with Justice being under this Sacral chakra with that soulmate Connection yeah there’s a purpose behind This connection that is meant to be Fulfilled in this lifetime you guys are A match for each other you see things Eye to eye you I don’t know balance one another even if

You guys are a little bit of opposites It’s like you’re the Opposites that Attract and you’re the Opposites that Make it work You if there’s someone that’s more Extroverted the introvert kind of Grounds that person and if there’s Someone more introverted the extrovert Pulls them out of that shell in the Right time But yeah for some of you maybe that Because of the blind spots that are Still occurring within this situation Let this Justice card be triple Confirmation for you that what you’re Feeling so drawn to what you feel in Your gut is right for you absolutely is Okay Let’s keep going Tell me more about October for Leo Spirit Seven events Right under the spirit Whisperer Interesting Leo energy Um so with this card coming under the Spirit Whisperer Yeah I do feel whatever you’re going Through right now Leo of the blind spots Of the waiting of sensing the energy out Of feeling the energy out All of this Stillness that you may be experiencing Is helping you trust your intuition more And more so when the opportunity does

Come up you will sense it and feel it And know it and act on it and I feel for Others of you Um you know maybe because you’ve tried To ask opinions or the advice of others If this is right if this is meant for You and I gotta say they may have not Have been so supportive They may have not felt like you know you Could do this and I gotta just say Anyone who kind of discourages someone From going after Big Dreams and goals They just feel like they could never Accomplish that themselves so if they Can’t see that for themselves how can They imagine that for someone else it Stirs up feelings of insecurities it Stirs up feelings of Um resentment and jealousy and that’s Why people kind of try to you know block You off or in some way maybe they do Want to protect you from a path that They think in their own limited Perspective you’re going down wrong but Even if you’re hearing so many no’s even If you’re hearing people that are saying You know I don’t know just not being as Supportive as you would like to be Spirit has your back the universe has Your back the angels have your back Because this is the thing Leo you would Be led down this path this far if it Wasn’t meant for you Okay and again we have Justice here

And even for some of you not that you Need to prove it to others but you are Proving something that people may have Doubted you before that you could do This And you could be successful at this and That this is right for you Now with the seven of imps and the Spirit Whisperer here there may be Something that you have to figure out For yourself and for those who are Gifted with psychic abilities with Intuitive abilities with this card here It wouldn’t show up otherwise Um I would ask spirit for your own Specific messages uh I would pull my own Tarot cards my own oracle cards on the Matter of the situation I think Spirit Has more to tell you in your personal Conversation with spirit Um but maybe if some of you have felt a Little bit out of contact with Spirit Lately because you’ve been working so Hard at something or you have been Distracted Um Spirit wants to get back in Connection with you because it has a lot More to reveal to you personally So take that time to meditate take that Time to connect with spirit because Spirit’s reaching out for a reason Um But yeah I feel for a lot of you too The path of the Free Spirit the path of

The light worker is not an easy one Um Woke people people who have a better Understanding of the universe It’s not in the majority of our Population right now So I feel like you guys may feel resistance Because of it or like some of you talk About your gifts your intuition your Feelings about a certain subject where You’re like you know Spirit revealed This to me or you know my Spirit guides Told me this and then your direct family Members who aren’t as connected to Spirit just what are you talking about That’s insane that’s crazy or even you Know your direct Friends aren’t as spiritual as you are Leo so maybe there’s something where you Kind of have to just make this choice on Your own more than taking the facts and The considerations of other people and Spirit is guiding you with that as well I don’t think you guys are blind to Spirit’s message as much as to what is Happening on the outside of it all But this is the moment of trust that is Going to completely move you forward on This I gotta say the most successful people In life were the ones that were told no A million times And the thing that kept them going was

That their faith in themselves their Desire for this never seized never Stopped And that’s where I feel spirit is Encouraging you Leo to keep moving Forward Your intuition is right I’m seeing that Moon up here smiling Like yeah spirit is telling you even if It doesn’t look the right way or even Though you feel like you’re traveling in The dark I promise you’re going the Right way All right let’s get another card Tell me more about October for Leo’s Spirit Okay yeah queen of Cups has been the Card Um Gemini just had this card so if you’re Dealing with the Gemini you have Gemini In your chart check out the Gemini Reading but yeah again I do feel That there’s so much building up within This the feelings the tension the desire And I do feel that your heart is going to be The main guiding component in this And I do feel for others of you Um you know what I’m even seeing with This combination here of blind spots and Then literally seeing this little ghoul Pop out of this pumpkin is

That there will be something shown to You that will prove your feelings were Right all along That what you didn’t see before what Wasn’t revealed where you had to like Continue that inner Coral am I doing the Right thing am I making the Right Moves Which from the beginning spirit is Telling you yes but of course you know When you don’t get that much support it Start you start to doubt yourself but by The end of the month I am truly feeling Like your intuition was correct What Spirit was telling you all along was Correct and it’s going to be shown And people are going to say damn Rio Leo You were right You are good at this you are passionate About this you do care about this so Much and you feel so much towards this Now I didn’t touch up on this but I feel the Need to now with those of you that are Dealing with Romance From the beginning you’d know this is Something special but with the seven of Imps because already with the sacral and The Justice card the connection’s Intense it feels so strong some people Don’t know what to do when they are Faced with that at times especially if They never experience that with that Before which I feel this is the case With you Leo so you know

They may kind of try to take some time To figure it out they are very Independent and may need some space when They do want to kind of just hang out With their friends or kind of just take The weekend to themselves Um but for most of you yeah I just feel Like it They want to separate themselves in case They feel like Am are my feelings too deep am I Overthinking this does Leo even feel the Same way And so they may kind of in the middle of The month just try to separate Themselves from you so they can have a Better understanding without Feelings getting involved but by the end Of the month I mean come on with the queen of Cups They’re falling for you They’ll be in love with you and I think That’s the thing that even they were Blinded to it based off of whatever They’ve been through in the past Regarding Love and emotional vulnerability and Trusting the love of a connection it is Going to be so apparent to them by the End of the month it won’t be disputable They feel for it they know it and that’s When you guys will finally be in Alignment with one another Bottom of the deck we have the four of

Ghosts So this is cancer energy and the good Thing is that this is at the bottom of The deck so yeah I do feel for some of You if it was a career related project Related thing it didn’t take off as much As you thought it would despite your Feelings you still feel like there’s More to this that you want more out of This and you weren’t satisfied in the Past with the momentum of what it was Going Um but I am seeing in my mind’s eye the Writer weight Smith depiction it Happened in another reading I forget Which one but Um You see the man that’s sitting under the Tree that’s looking grumpy sees the Three cups are fallen and says you know Well crap this is never gonna happen but Then there’s a cup right behind them And I feel with this new Cup coming in Like this is what’s already arrived at The beginning of the month whether that Is an idea to propel this forward an Idea to keep at this an idea to do this A new way that’s more right for you a New romance whatever it feels new And so that’s what I feel like this Energy of dissatisfaction of boredom of Stagnancy That is being put to rest this month and I feel that season of it is over now I

Mean sure you may occurred again in life As life is very long and we have Different seasons of harvest and work But for now Leo you can be assured that The four of cups is fading out of your Life Um but even in that Stillness you Learned a lot about your spiritual gifts About your intuition and about trusting That intuition And that is what is serving You by Revealing all these blind spots to you By the end of the month All right let’s go ahead and get one More card for my Leos about October any Last minute advice for my Leos anything Else Leo needs to know I do feel like You I don’t know there’s just something At the end of the month you’ll be proved Right all along and it’s because you Trusted yourself it’s because you Believed in the connection you believed In your skills you believed in your Talents Uh Spirit says ta-da you were right it Feels really like that But anyway anything else that Leo needs To know Make each day count Taurus got this card Okay so yeah Leo as you know you’re in This process of discovering of opening Of clearing of exposing these blind

Spots Make Every Day Count even when there are Things that again in the seven of imps The seven of Wands you may feel like you Have to defend you may feel like you Have to fight for I do feel there’s a message here of Still Finding some good in each and every day And that is like what I’ve been doing For myself is at the end of the day at Night time when I’m about to go to bed I Think of three things I have either Learned That I’ve Was happy about or any lesson that could Have been something that you know as a Silver lining I’ve been trying to see the dualities of Things where uh you know yeah that That person at the grocery store who is Super rude and cut me in line yeah that Did suck but maybe you know in some way It’s gonna teach me to kind of defend Myself in the future because of how that Made me feel Um you know maybe my reaction to that Person cutting me whether I gave him a Face or just kind of exerted some energy That way maybe they kind of did pick up On it and wanted to change something About themselves and Maybe not maybe They don’t care but maybe there’s Something I could do differently in the

Future so that doesn’t have to be the Case moving forward I feel some of you that’s kind of how You’re making each day count Is by learning something is by growing With something every day And then bottom of the deck we release Toxic relationships Yeah and this is at the bottom of the Deck so for some of you again like The disappointments that may still Linger is the thing that’s kind of still Adding blind spots and again when I was Saying with the seven of imps of people Who are doubting you people who are Trying to deter you from things that Really do make you happy make you do Feel fulfilled and alive that’s toxic And I feel even if there are people You’ve known for a long time or they’re Part of your family you don’t have to Completely cut them out if you’re still Kind of apprehensive about it but at Least put more boundaries in to stick up For yourself And to make your opinion matter just as Much as theirs because I feel whoever That energy is they think their opinion Is as I don’t know matters as much as The Ten Commandments or you know Whatever right the law and it doesn’t Have to be that case and you don’t have To battle that with this person

And maybe that’s where spirit’s saying Before now in the middle of the month Whatever you’re experiencing go about it Alone for a little bit so you can get a Better understanding because some of the Things people are telling you or Throwing you off Leo But end of the month You’re going to be proven correctly with Everything you feel everything you hoped For and I can’t wait for that to happen So thank you so much Leo for joining me For this reading I really hope that’s Resonated with you I hope it’s giving You Clarity and insight healing Guidance With whatever you’re experiencing in the Month of October and if it has please Let me know drop a comment below hit That like button don’t forget to Subscribe I love you Leo very much and I’ll see You next time Take care Leo

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