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Hi Leo welcome to your mid-october 2022 General love reading this is your girl Mermaid scales tarot thank you so much For joining me here This is a general love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other Strong placement for the sign of Leo This will not resonate with every Leo That watches this message and because This reading is general not every single Message may be for you so please only Take what resonates and leave it doesn’t For someone else who needs to hear that Message and if this reading is not for You at all Leo I highly suggest checking Out your other signs in different Placements Hi cross Watchers you’re very welcome Here if you’re interested in a Leo who Wouldn’t be I’d like to remind Leo and Crosswatchers that energy is fluid and This simply means you may feel like I’m Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the roles are Flipped or reversed and that’s Completely okay you’re more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation the best So let’s go ahead and get this reading Started I’m first going to use my sample To clear and set the energy so if you Are listening to this using headphones Or the volumes kind of loud right now I

Do suggest write it down a little bit Only for this part because I don’t want Your ears to hurt So let’s tune in to Leah’s energy and That energy surrounding Leo All right Leo so let’s see what’s Happening for you guys from now to the End of the month in love and romance Leo Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone dealing With the Leo what is going on in your Love life at this time what is the Energy that’s surrounding Leo in love And romance tell me about it spirit Already I’ve seen the letter d as in Daniel as in Danielle first for the last Initial coming something to someone Or even someone’s initials could be DD Right Um I’m seeing that or maybe someone has Two D’s in their name but anyway Tell me about it okay different pages Interesting why I saw D and it says you And this person don’t share the same Vision Okay so I do feel like you guys are Gonna become very aware of The fact that you don’t see it working With this person or you guys are Starting to understand that the two of You want different things right now You’re not in alignment with each other In each other’s needs I do feel there’s A situation here of unrequited love and Maybe Leo this is what someone feels

That you have towards them I feel like There’s been a lot more silence a lot More coldness and maybe it’s because Leo After all this time or as much time as You’ve been spending with this person It’s still not where you want it to be And even if it’s been difficult or you Know you just had to rip that bandage Off I feel a lot of you guys are just Kind of Putting the final Close on this chapter Or feel like you should I don’t know it’s just this It feels like someone’s just not into This anymore and I feel that’s why that some of you are Deciding to go your separate ways or Have already been on that journey to Separate yourself from this Um but I do feel someone’s a little bit Shocked by it I do feel someone’s a Little bit like they didn’t see that Coming Um maybe they thought that you guys were Both down for the way it was as being Casual as it was for some of you guys And they were shocked if a lot of you Walked away because they did not see That coming I I feel that very strongly Um let’s see what this person wants to Say to you this energy around you that’s Coming through that they haven’t told You that they’ve been holding back from

Telling you I will always love you no matter what Wow Okay so this could be your energy their Energy whatever but there is definitely Someone who’s still very much in love With someone who Ah Is walking away from that more from Someone who is pulling away from them And I still feel like someone may be Going through heartbreak right now or Separation right now and it hurts it Feels relatively new Um maybe it just happened a couple weeks Ago maybe it happened beginning of October but I just feel that Someone feels rejected someone feels Ghosted But they still very much are in love With this person Oh okay so let’s pull the tarot and see Behind the situation Tell me more about this The sun card wow Leo energy so here you Guys are showing up in your own reading So I do feel a lot of you you’re the Reason You’re the person that this Energy is being directed towards I do Feel like You had to go find your own happiness Leo

That whatever someone wasn’t was doing Wasn’t making you happy And simply for some of you guys it just Wasn’t what you wanted and that’s okay You know if you feel incompatible or if You felt like things weren’t unfolding The way you really wanted them to and I Feel for some of you you really did wait For a long time and it just didn’t serve You waiting the person wasn’t growing They weren’t changing so you had to do What was right for you but Leo I could Still see why they’re very hurt They’re very much a mess over this Because you were a light in their lives You did being around you made them very Very happy even if it wasn’t what you Wanted You were everything they wanted and I Feel that This has been very hard for them to Come to terms with this separation Between the two of you Um maybe some of you guys met in the Summertime in the months of June July August or maybe you’re dealing with a Gemini a Cancer and possibly another Leo Maybe a Virgo Um but yeah I do feel that This is becoming fully illuminated to The both of you of Whether it is what they need to do in Order to make you happy or else you will Move on or the reasons why you had to

But for those of you that were doubting Yourselves or questioning if separating Yourself pulling your energy was the Right thing to do it was Because anything that makes you not Happy not feel loved not feel Appreciated is something that spirit is Guiding you to outgrow but let’s Continue Foreign Someone wasn’t willing to open up Someone wasn’t willing to trust someone Wasn’t willing to I don’t know I just feel with the four Of Pentacles like someone took the other Person for granted for sure And no matter what that other person do To get this person to open up to trust To engage in this Someone just really thought they were Gonna have you forever that you were Always going to be around Foreign ’s too stuck in their ways to change That’s why someone had to move forward And move on Yeah And honestly someone was getting bored With this situation was getting bored With the connection with the four of Cups I feel boredom very strongly here Yeah okay So bottom of the deck we have the Knight Of Pentacles Virgo energy some of you

Could be dealing with the Virgo you Could have Virgo in your chart does not Have to be the case in order for this Reading to resonate what I can say is That this is why someone had to pull Away it was moving too slow Um and I just feel as much hope and Interest someone had in this every time There was another disappointment every Time there was another delay every time There is another blockage it just Wore someone down and the speed of this The slowness of it wasn’t encouraging And I feel that I don’t know for the four of Pentacles Crossing this and even the Knight of Pentacles being the setup of this being On the bottom of the deck that you guys Could have met at work It could be co-workers Um but I just feel like Maybe someone just didn’t want to move This forward because They were unsure of breaking away from Certain patterns that made them feel Very comfortable made them feel very Secure which we see with the four of Pentacles I do feel they felt like it Was safer to play easy to not go outside Of the box to not take chances than it Was to possibly take a chance and get Heartbroken by you Leo Um So I I do feel like this situation

It just didn’t interest someone anymore As long as it’s been taking us someone Still doesn’t feel ready still doesn’t Feel prepared That’s why I feel this is breaking off And with the Knight of Pentacles maybe Someone decided to engage more in their Career more in their projects more on Something else than they were willing to Do for you and again I hate saying this But it’s what I feel I really do think They just never thought you would leave Never thought you would walk away from This connection but you did And I feel like you just think this Isn’t worth the investment anymore it’s Not worth the time anymore And that you guys are interested in Different things even with the Knight of Pentacles You are working towards something more Serious this person always had an excuse Why it couldn’t go there So let’s jump right on in Center of this is the Sun Leo energy So yeah I do feel Leo that as difficult As this was to accept that the two of You are not on the same page Um I do feel with the sun card here that There’s a lot Illuminating to this Person about you leaving About you not What they did to lose you I guess

But Leo I am seeing that you know you’re Taking your happiness as a priority And if someone did make you feel like They pushed you away or they were Unwilling to give this a chance they Were unwilling to do more for you to Make you feel like there was something That was worth staying in I do feel that by choosing your Happiness it’s leading you towards the Right way And I do feel someone being Very upset even angry by the fact that You walked away Even if you gave them every opportunity And chance they don’t see it that way For some reason Leo They now are seeing the situation is Like the love of their life or the light Of their life let’s just say has just Walked out on them and left them And now they’re kind of left in the dark And I do feel Leo you know even if they Do go through moments of being angry With you being upset with you by the Fact that you’re kind of closing this by Taking another turn in this I do feel they’ll always Have care for you you’ll always be in Their heart that’s why this card came Out of I will love you no matter what And maybe even Leo with you recognizing You guys are on different pages Different tracks or you guys whether

You’ve already done this or you’re Starting to think about doing this Because it’s been building up Um you know I think maybe some of you Will leave this situation saying you Know what I have love for you Um I you know I think we just can’t continue this I think there’s more for me out there And there may be more for you that we Just can’t give each other we can’t Fulfill for one another But there’s something about someone’s Smile someone really loves and I’m Seeing a gap in someone’s teeth front Two teeth Um that may be very specific for some of You guys out there but maybe I don’t Know it’s just They absolutely love your smile and They’re upset and angry and feel really Hurt by the fact that they’re afraid They’re not going to see that anymore With you They’ve been fixated on you Leo for this Being the center of the whole spread Fixated on what went wrong why you left Even if it’s pretty blatantly obvious to You they’re still trying to figure it Out And I think this person is going to be Stuck on you for a very long time Leo So be aware of that I don’t know I still Feel with the King of Swords crowning

This they’re still going to want to talk Things out want it talk to you and try To figure it out But I can see why you guys are very Fed Up So is this your last resort type of Thing Seeing if they’ll do anything by leaving Or are you guys like did you make up Your mind in this or is this something You’re kind of facing with someone else But what’s Crossing this is the four of Pentacles Yeah Capricorn energy so stubbornness Being stuck in someone’s own ways Um being closed up A closed heart chakra too So for some of you I don’t even feel Like their resistance was personal I feel maybe you know they with the Knight of Pentacles They had certain goals they wanted to Achieve before they’d even think about Having a relationship I do feel there’s someone here that Always use work as an excuse Um To not push things forward or even to Bail out on certain dates you guys had Planned But yeah I just feel too others of you With this four of Pentacles if it’s not So much as to why this fell apart Leo I still feel like they were going to

Want to hold on to you want to hold on To this I don’t think they’re at the place yet To accept things as they are and to kind Of let Surrender to the situation I think that They are again fixated on still keeping You and finding ways to do that I do feel like maybe money was an issue Within this connection for some of you Guys like someone was kind of frugal a Little bit cheap never wanting to split The bill or never wanting to take the Full bill Um I I just feel that that was an issue for Someone as well within this connection You never felt like they Wanted to take you out onto a nice Dinners where they would Splurge a Little bit but they would go you know to The same place Every single time Um I don’t know it was just frustrating For you guys the stubbornness of this Person and the unwillingness to change From this person But with the four of Pentacles Crossing This for sure for the majority of you is This lack of person being open and real And doing things that would fight for You or make you feel like they wanted to Take this to another level Someone’s stubbornness was really the

Downfall to this whole connection What’s crowning this is the King of Swords Aquarius energy So I do feel a conversation coming about Very soon between the two of you where I Feel You’re going to be completely honest About it and some of you you’ve already Had this very recently And they’re still feeling the burn from It again like I was feeling that Coldness and here is the king of swords And it’s not that you’re being cold per Se but You want to keep things as detached Emotionally as possible so you can Find the right solution to Express Your need to separate or your express Your need to kind of Move on and move forward in a logical Way I feel that’s how you’re looking at The situation now that they disappointed You emotionally with the four of cups With the King of Swords I Feel someone’s made up their mind now Where it’s going to be difficult to Change It’s going to be difficult to convince And the only way someone can make Someone’s change their mind about this Whole situation is by actually following Through with your words

Because I feel there is a lack of that There’s a lack of action there’s a lack Of motivation And because of all that it gave someone The deduction that they don’t care This isn’t what’s meant for me Someone could be in law enforcement or In you know criminal law someone could Be studying to be a lawyer as a lawyer I’m picking up on Um But yeah I do feel like This conversation is going to be a tough One or was a tough one But it was honest it was very Clear and I think It’s helped someone make a decision About this What’s rooting this is the four of cups Cancer energy so yeah I do feel for some Of you guys this connection got too Repetitive Um and there are two fours here your Birthday could be August 4th August 14th Perhaps July 24th for some of you guys Out there but yeah the connection was Just not inspiring anymore I do feel like someone just unwilling to Go out and do things always wanting to Be home And it’s okay to be an introvert there’s Nothing wrong with that but I feel like This energy is like literally Just wanting to stay at home doing the

Same things watching the same TV shows Watching the same movies eating the same Foods And being perfectly okay with that as Long as they felt okay with it I do feel Leo you felt like they didn’t take your Needs and your emotions into Consideration as they took their own And so there is a huge missed Opportunity here that I feel they see With you Leo that they didn’t really Understand or get and tell this Unrequired love started to develop or This separation started to develop Emotionally the detachment I do feel Leo for a lot of you you Really did try Because you know maybe with the setup With the Knight of Pentacles you did see Potential But as time went on it just Started to deflate And I do feel someone Um Overstaying their welcome at your house I don’t maybe this is what you did I Don’t know but like someone who you know It was meant to be a knight and then They stayed for the whole weekend eating Your food Um you know sleeping in your bed using Your Netflix account type of thing Again I just feel like someone didn’t Want to realize or didn’t fully realize I don’t know they got comfortable too

Soon Yet they also didn’t want to take this Anywhere they were complacent at where Things were at Not really just started to bore someone It really started to make someone feel Not motivated and pursuing this more How they see you Leo or how you may be In this connection as the hierophant Taurus energy Capricorn energy Um so what I feel with this is this is Definitely something they’re still Going to want to hold on to they still See a future with you they still see That you guys can fix this work on this Heal this there’s so much that you’ve Taught them There’s so much that they wouldn’t have Realized on their own without you They definitely do view you as someone Who is very wise Someone who’s very grounded and real Um but you’re also successful in your Own way whether that’s your own business Your own career or Even with your friendships and family Members there’s a lot of people that do Look up to you As being someone that has accomplished So much that has a lot of dreams that Has a lot of goals And you’re determined to make those Goals happen and if you’re starting to See that that’s not going to happen with

This person then you’ll move on to the Person that does And um you know Leo I think they didn’t Realize that maybe because you were Waiting for so long or maybe you did try To make this work you were very patient With it how stubborn you would be in Return once your mind was made up Um But yeah for how they see you I do feel Like they see you as partnership Material as girlfriend boyfriend Material but it’s funny that they didn’t Really see that until you were gone Until you really made the gave that Serious indication that you’re moving on And you’re going to find your own Happiness With or without them so I wonder for Some of you Um not all but definitely some of you This is your last poll to see if they’ll Do anything different Because something different has to Happen in order for you to fully be okay With this again or to be open to this Again I’m seeing like the peace sign emoji I Don’t know if you sent that to them Through text message recently or That’s something you usually send to Them How you see them or how they may be in This connection is page of Wands in

Reverse Fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius energy So yeah I with the page of Wands with The verb in Reverse with the four Pentacles Crossing this Not exciting anymore I feel like you know for some of you you Are coming to the realization this Person isn’t going to surprise you this Person isn’t going to change they’re Immature They’re irresponsible even you feel and Maybe that’s why they’re kind of bad With money for some Um I feel with this page of Wands in Reverse that They didn’t make the right choices they Didn’t make the Right Moves you felt Like they weren’t passionate about this They weren’t passionate about you And it showed through their actions that Showed through their resistance with the Four of cups and the four of Pentacles So I feel Leo you think they’re not Willing to fight for this you’re not Going to be either And they feel defeated right now Especially if the passion has been dying Out between the two of you or if you Have had that difficult conversation of What happened and what’s happening They fuel Devastated but again also for some of

You angry with you Even if it’s not deserved Maybe they’re going to be a little Feisty with you they’re going to snap at You they’re going to send some Snappy Text messages but I think it’s all They’re ways of trying to fight the Reality of this situation of what Happened to push you away Well let’s see for some of you if this Is actually going to work out if this is Actually going to heal amend or if it’s Best to walk away we’re going to go Ahead and take this to Vimeo for the Extended reading I’m going to overturn this card here to See what else is going to happen between The two of you what else do you need to Know about this connection if anything’s Going to change or if it’s going to Remain the same forever I’m also going To pull oracle cards as well to just Dive deeper into this connection and Anything else you need to know so you Make the best choice with whatever Happens if you like to join me for like Standard reading open up the description Box and you’ll find the link to Vimeo Which will take you to the extended Reading but if this is where I depart Leo I really hope that this reading has Resonated with you I hope it’s provide You with the Clary Insight healing and Guidance in regards to this connection

And if it has please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don’t forget to subscribe I love you Leo Very much and I’ll see you next time Take care Leo

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