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Hi Leo welcome to your November General Love reading this is your girl mermaid Skills tarot thank you so much for Joining me here this is a general love Reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus And or any other strong placement for The sun Leo this will not resonate with Every Leo that watches this message and Because this reading is general not Every single message may be for you so Please only take our resonates and leave A doesn't for someone else who needs to Hear that message and if this reading is Not for you at all Leo I highly suggest Checking out your other signs in Different placements Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Leo who Wouldn't be I liked your mind Leo and Crosswatchers that energy is fluid and This simply means you may feel like I'm Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the roles are Flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation at best All right Leo let's jump right on into Your reading I'm going to be using my Sambal to clear and set the energy so if You are listening to this using Headphones or the volume is kind of loud Right now I do suggest turning it down a

Little bit just for this part because I Don't want your ears to hurt So let's tune in All right so let's see what's happening In the love lives of my alliance Leo Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone dealing with The Leo what is going on in November for Leo What is unfolding for love and romance And Leo's life what does Leo need to Know about their love life spirit Let's see tell me about Leo and love Okay Let go of control issues and it says Allow this connection to unfold Naturally Interesting so kind of what I get from This card already Leo is that someone Wants more Someone is being kind of pushy about A situation that honestly isn't serving The connection It's making the other person kind of Want to retract so whoever this is you Or them someone kind of needs to Identify if You know I'm doing too much in this if I Need to pull back a little bit because What will speak loudest Leo is if Someone isn't going to make the Initiative to Hunt for you to act for you to text you Call you want to hang out with you that Should be an answer in itself

If they do great then that means they're Kind of wanting to engage more but I'm Seeing someone who Over texts a little bit maybe calls Multiple times That I feel it's trying to get an answer That they feel like they're not getting And I'm not judging anyone here we all Have come to those experiences where we Act out of passions emotions and usually It's out of the times where we want Something so badly but spirit is saying That right now something needs to just Breathe simply And maybe even Leo you'll find your Answer if They don't do anything if you were to be Silent if you were to be still what Would they do with that and I think Through their action or lack of action It's going to show you what you need to Know about this person and this Connection here So let me get another card Get some more energy into this tell me More about the energy here Oh okay solar plexus chakra and observe With the hanged man so Libra had this Card if you're dealing with a Libra or If you have Libra in your chart go ahead And check out the Libra reading to see If there's messages for you there and Then we also have the solar plexus okay So yeah I do feel someone may be very

Stubborn within this connection someone Wants things their way and it's not Serving I do feel Leo maybe you're kind of Seeing this person It's the type of person where I feel If they are set on doing one thing one Night going to a specific restaurant With a specific plan and not wanting to Budge they're not going to And I do feel it's kind of been putting A little bit of a toll in the connection Here Leo because a partnership a Connection is all about balance it's all About give or take So I do feel that for some of you that Maybe were A little bit fed up with someone here in This connection they I don't know I'm just getting an energy For someone here a bit self-absorbed Self-involved maybe a little bit Immature as well And so someone had to act Out of their own Integrity out of their Own respect To just put a pause on this I really do hope this is not a situation Of someone that's controlling someone That's obsessive someone that's jealous Because that needs to be handled it's Taking away from someone's power To be controlled to have someone That they have to answer for I don't

Know I really hope it's not going to Steer in that direction but even if it Does I hope that these messages will Provide the clarity you may be seeking If you are dealing with the situation Like that but with the hangman here There's definitely a need for a pause There's definitely a need to kind of Put yourself maybe in an uncomfortable Situation to do not what you would Normally do by sending that second text By calling again Um and if you guys are dealing with Someone who may be over texting over Calling I would just still let the Situation breathe I do feel maybe there is a lesson Unfolding here with the hangman that Someone is kind of observing from The Silence from the Stillness that needs to Happen So let's go ahead and pull some tarot to Get deeper into this Tell me more Five of Wands All right Leo energy some of you could Possibly be dealing with another Leo or Someone with Leo in their big three Their Venus There has been complications there has Been frustrations there has been things That are just not working here that you Are addressing Leo and if they can't Compromise with you if they can't learn

To work with you or hear you out They know what's up you're not going to Put up with it not my lions are you Kidding And I if you are starting to see someone Who gets a little bit jealous or Controlling I I think it is the time to Kind of assess that or maybe even to Call them out if you've been letting it Slide a few times Yeah I just saw someone like grab Someone's arm like someone that was just Fed up with the conversation tried to Walk away and they just grabbed their Arm to stay uh uh Yeah I I'm I'm not liking that at all And again we all operate from wounds we All operate from sometimes our shadow Aspect in a certain period of our life Some of us recognize those wounds heal Them and evolve some it's very hard for Them to get out of that but that doesn't Mean you have to be dragged down to Leo There's fights here there's Complications here that are starting to Become more apparent I feel now in this Connection than it has been before Hmm Three of Cups cancer energy Okay I'm gonna get all the cards out First and then I'll show them to you Guys but Yeah this is someone who wants to have Their cake and eat it too definitely

This is someone who Maybe having A third-party situation going on or Finding out about a third party Situation And I don't know if you guys were Exclusive with one another where you Were in a relationship I really hope not But I think some of you were like damn I Didn't think you would still have This person around It almost feels like someone was still Texting a next or having a Messages exchange with an ex and they May have tried to pull it off as friends But it doesn't feel that way it feels Like someone is still kind of Fixated on multiple people here All right let's jump into this situation Leo bottom of the deck we have the full Card So this is Aquarius energy Aries energy You can have those signs in your chart You could be dealing with one of those Signs does not have to be the case A couple different messages I'm getting From this card here so for some of you Yeah I do feel someone dipped and what I Mean by dipped I mean just completely Walked out on the situation pack their Things And just Went no contact or did not reply to the Last message hasn't

Called back hasn't responded And someone's trying to bring in a new Chapter a new cycle with A New Path Because of something of a fight a Disagreement Something just wasn't working simply or Even third-party situations were going On here okay So I do feel that recently someone Decided to leave maybe even in October This decision has already happened But I feel for others of you this could Be where you felt up until this point Maybe you didn't see the signs you Didn't see the red flags you saw the Best in this person and you wanted to Trust that And I have so much compassion for you Guys because I am an empath and I Understand like trying to be patient Trying to be compassionate trying to Open yourself but you can't give your All when someone's not even willing to Give an inch And you know Leo maybe they were really Good at taking control of situations and Manipulating and making it seem that Nothing was going on or happening But you know the weird thing too is that Um You know this person as much as they Like to have options or they get Gratification from getting messages from Multiple people gives them a little bit

Of an ego strike they cannot see that With you the second they may have seen You talking with someone who is just Your friend but they were cute like Suspicious if you were sexually Attracted to them they were all on you About it That do you know what that's called That's called a mirror And when someone knows that something Could happen because they would do it Themselves they projected onto everyone And I feel that's the situation you Found yourself in Leo And so I wonder if some of you I'm even Going back to this card here of allow This situation unfold naturally You're someone may still be trying to Fit like around Puzzle piece into a square hole And still just trying to force the Situation Whether that's you Leo or the person Trying to still keep you and have you But I still I feel Spirit very strongly Coming through here with you and your Energy of the seven of Wands which You're coming out in your own energy With real energy being very strong there Hold your ground And even if they continue to still Harass or text or call block them Because I I don't think they're getting It any other way

So let's just drive on in Situation is five of Wands Leo energy So there has been disagreements there Has been fights tempers flared Um this could have even been somewhere Public like you were at a friend's house I don't think your friends and family Members like this person very much I think it's always that situation where You guys are always fighting or you know They have to pull you to the other room To you know start some with you That is unnecessary Someone could also be balding Prematurely I'm picking up on or maybe Bald just straight up Um but yeah there's a lot of things You're now starting to see Leo that you Didn't see before And I think by Identifying it is definitely the first Step And now I feel some of you are in the Process of finally Starting to confront these issues either With this person or within yourself About how to deal with this now how to Move forward from this Because it's not happy right now it's Not somewhere where you find yourself to Be fulfilled right now and some of you Even thinking about it it's getting you A little bit angry

And what's more annoying for others of You is that this person is still trying To resist still trying to fight the Need really to let you go for now and Maybe forever right But this person again if they can't have Their way They're going to Fight until the end until they get it And it may have worked before it's not Going to work now Spirit does not want You to allow that And I'd be careful to Leo about this Person even like Trying to go to the places you would go They know what your favorite spots are And trying to like show up there it Feels that way especially with the devil Card for some of you okay so I'm not trying to scare you if it's not For you it's not for you but Um this person Just really is stuck on their ways stuck In their idea of you It is not allowing things to happen as They should What's Crossing this is the three of Cups Cancer energy So this is what I'm talking about as far As third party situations I do feel that they were getting some Sort of attention elsewhere With people that they set fire emojis to

Um people they liked others pictures Very flirty energy When they want to be when they see the Opportunity to be And maybe that's how they started with UVO You know extreme left bombing giving you Making you feel really good Whispering in your ear the things you That you want to hear that turn you on But then you know once you're locked in The true colors to show And others of you too Um I kind of feel with this three of cups Crossing the situation That For now I mean whenever you started to See these two colors or whenever this Person Started to message and not get the hint Right now I feel that they're still Trying to be cool calm collected casual With it and even there may try a Strategy in the future of messing you Messaging you just as friends But don't give them that loophole Because it's not But for a lot of you yeah I feel the Main situation the main complication Around this was Either keeping things the way they Wanted keeping it casual not wanting to Progress but also wanted you to do

Everything that they felt like you Should do Or just having people around that wasn't Just exclusive to you There are two threes here I wonder if Your birthday is August 3rd August 13th Maybe July 23rd for some of you July 30th you could be seeing 333 a bit and That is Spirit telling you you can Create a new reality in your love life That doesn't have anything to do with This you don't have to feel stuck in This Leo Especially if you're dealing with Someone who's trying to stay a hold of You What's crowning this is the four of cups Cancer energy So not only are there arguments fights Third parties possibly going on but Leo I think you're just bored you're tired Of it you're just emotionally depleted And maybe even numbed out to this whole Situation here with this person Once it was you know fiery once it was Passionate once you were really excited But now seeing this person's text Doesn't give you the excitement I feel like this person maybe even the Reason why they're starting to really Fight you on this is because Rejection They can't take that rejection from you Something their ego cannot allow or

Compromise And so that is why they still either Psychically attack you you know as far As or not attack per se but harass and Cling on to that energy here or even Some of you you're aware that this Person just won't stop calling won't Stop messaging won't stop watching your Stories Stuff like that But it's so you know this person just Doesn't want to accept you're not Fulfilled in this anymore you're not Happy in this anymore and you want more And you deserve more Foreign Just Pulling you aside to talk about things It isn't changing anything especially if You know that It's not anything they're taking Seriously you know there's nothing They're going to do to change about it Because what's reading this is the devil Card Capricorn energy Very karmic toxic Lower vibrational energy is rooting this Connection here And I do feel for a lot of you with the Hangman and the solar plexus chakra That's what you're working out of that's What you're trying to free yourself from But once this person's emotions egos

Start to come into play it goes in Full control mode with them I do feel this person uh is very Sexually involved I do feel maybe this person before used Sex to manipulate use sex to convince And persuade And I do feel maybe for some of you Because the Sexual Energy was so intense So Unlike anything you kind of experience Like this is the type of person that Again says everything that they know Gets you going and stirring but with the Devil card reading this you know this is Something that is unhealthy or Not of your vibration Leo And the obsession the control the Possessiveness the jealousy that all has To stop And you're making it stop or spirit is Begging you to recognize this and see it As it is so you can start Going in hanged man mode And start to isolate and start to Recollect and start to gain that power Back That they trying and try to take from You Your energy in this and how they may be Seeing you right now is the seven of Wands This is Leo energy yeah you're holding Your ground they're seeing that you're

Guarded they're seeing that you are Protecting yourself It's frustrating them it's angering them But they still are trying to find a way To get your guard down again They are still trying to find a way to Convince you that This isn't something that's doomed this Isn't something that Is meant to end And I do feel like This person is Someone that does have a temper too And so maybe that's why a lot of you Kind of went no contact or just kind of Left the way you did because you know That this person gets angry you know That this person gets unreasonable so The best way is to continue that guard And you know some people always ask well Why are they coming up in my reading you Know Because I think Spirit for those of you who are just Starting to identify this really want to Confirm it for you who may be doubting Your intuition doubting what you feel Because this person is telling you else Wise others of you because if you feel This person's energy and it's still Going on some sort of energetic court is Still very vibrant between the two of You and spirit just wants you to be Aware of this person's intentions and

Still plans to hold on to this and even If they're silent now I don't think They're going to be silent forever I Think they're going to come try come Back pick a fight with you then try to Make you feel guilty about what you're Already deciding to do and It's just a cycle that needs to stop And that's why it's coming through Whether this is past energy you've dealt With it great But for a lot of people that are tuning Into this that this is still very much a Part of their lives Spirit wants to give You that pat on the back Of understanding that You're right this isn't right for you Anything that makes you more fearful More stressed more anxious than gives You love and encouragement is something To walk away from And if you're dealing with issues of Walking away then Um you know go to your family members go To your friends find resources in ways That can support you Because I do feel them trying to drag You back down again Because their energy in this is the six Of cups Scorpio energy Reminiscing about the past maybe they Use the past a lot as you know the good Times

You've had as a reason to stay remember When this happened remember when I did This for you Remember when I paid for this for you I mean This person will find anything To kind of keep this toxic energy going Maybe it's a part of their Shadow selves That thrives off of it But I do feel Leo that this has been Going on for too long with this six of Cups And I do feel that This person is never going to let you go Energetically emotionally because you Did provide something to them You did provide them some sort of supply And love some sort of appreciation and Ego boost that they seek And there's something about you maybe With the devil energy they find you very Physically sexually attractive that it Just adds more brownie points to it all For them And I do feel right now they're just Still trying to hold on to something That you've outgrown So be aware that this person when they Send you these messages even if they Plan a is to be friendly Plan B is when you don't respond they Start getting angry don't feel the Pressure to just comply to this person Because they miss you because they want

You because they need you It's things that they have to heal on Their own That really has nothing to do with you At this point Even if they try to make it your problem It isn't All right Leo to see the likely outcome Of this situation what is likely to Unfold what are they likely to do that You need to be aware of what do you need To know about your love life so you can See the other side to this once this is Fully closed out we're gonna go ahead And take this to Vimeo for the extended Reading if you need any more information Clarity Insight healing and guidance I'm Going to dive into this connection dive Into Spirits advice for you guys and how To deal with the situation explore so Much more for you guys and what you Should prepare for in love and romance And if you like to join me for the Extended reading open up the description Box and you'll find the link to the meal Which will take you to the extended Reading but if this is where I depart Leo I really hope that this reading has Served the purpose of giving you Clarity Insight healing and guidance in regards To the situation you may be going Through right now at this time I'm Sending you so much of my Love Your Way Leo and if you enjoyed this message

Please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Leo very much and I'll see You next time Take care Leo

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