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[Music] Thank you Hi Leo welcome to your December 2022 Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid skills tarot Thank you so much for joining me here So this is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node and or any Other strong placement for the sign of Leo this is a general reading not a Personal one-on-one reading so please Only take our resonates and leave a Desert for someone else who needs to Hear that message so let's go ahead and See what Spirit wants you to know right Now in this very moment with everything You've been through or about to go Through this month in December anything Spirit wants you to keep in mind of to Pay attention to or what to become aware Of as the days and weeks unfold Well Leo I gotta say dead center of this You got the king of Earth which is Taurus energy you could have strong Taurus in your chart you could be Dealing with a Taurus Does not have to be the case But Crossing this now is the king of Water So for some of you what I'm Automatically feeling for a group of you Is that you have a choice between two People this could be a romance this Could be a friendship but it's almost as

If Leo two people have their eye on you Someone that is a bit more grounded a Little bit more like a rock Um pragmatic not the most emotionally Expressive person on Earth and then you Have someone who has their eye on you That is very romantic brings out passion In you desire in you romance in you and Some of you are trying to decide which Person is the best for you and it does Feel Romantic and again just because these Are Kings does not have to correlate With gender or sex this is masculine Energy masculine Earth masculine water And they're all being directed at you Leo now others of you I wonder if you're Going through something right now that Is a bit emotionally troubling is a bit Of like emotional rollercoaster and has Been taking you up and down these last Few months And maybe it's because you're not Prepared for whatever happened Maybe you were unexpected certain things Happen to your life that fell into your Lap that you didn't know what to do with But this month in December there's Something that you're finally accepting There's something that you're finally Just taking control of even if it was Out of your control you're not going to Let this get the best of you and maybe Some of you are in the process of

Learning how to manage your emotions Around the situation because when you're Emotional it didn't work in your favor And it's okay to have emotions it's okay To cry it's okay to be angry of course But I feel like there are certain Emotions that we're trying to overwhelm You cancer maybe even emotions of others Ooh cancer let's just put in there Leo Excuse me maybe a cancer cross Watcher Is here um You guys have strong cancer in your Chart but anyway Leo There is Maybe these emotions being projected Onto you That someone's trying to manipulate you With use you with but December it's not Working the same as it used to and maybe It's because you're finally accepting Someone as they are accepting the Situation as it is and that accepting Does not mean forgiving accepting does Not mean allowing but you're finally Kind of seeing the situation and this Person as a means of You know what I am not going to try to fix this this Is not my duty to fix I feel some of you Are finally seeing And although some people may want to Place that responsibility on you to make Them happy put that responsibility on You to make them feel secure they can

Only do that for themselves So I'm gonna pull more cards and see What direction this reading kind of is Going but I feel those messages very Strongly for a lot of you whoo ten of Earth This could be in relation to your family With the tent of Earth Family members that are again this is The holidays so emotions could run high For some of us And um there may be family members that Are trying to Emotionally get you all riled up the way They used to Leo but it's not working This time yeah especially with the page Of water reading this water energy Cancer scorpio Pisces energy Okay Yeah Okay Leo let's talk about this because for Most of you I do feel this is a romantic Situation if it's not romantic just take It as family member or friends but I'm Just gonna put one story out line out There and just change it how you need to To fit you but It does feel romantic it does feel like Two people have their eye on you two People are serious about you and may Want to even fight over you Leo whether They do it physically whether they do it Verbally whether they do it

Energetically I do feel that Maybe even for some of you you're moving On to a new love a new love interest a Romantic situation and this king of Water here is not happy about it and They're pretty devastated about it But maybe they kind of made the bed for Them to sleep in If they had all this romance read this Passion for you this love for you why Didn't they utilize that when they had You in Their pocket when they had you around But the bottom of the deck we have the Ace of water A lot of water energy cancer scorpio Pisces energy and this is for me falling In love I feel that someone has fallen in love With you and I feel that both of these Kings have love for you and it's like Leo you're it's your time to make a Choice it's your time to make a decision About who you want to pursue more and to Me it's kind of looking like this King of Earth energy is someone that I Feel will provide for more of what you Need and what you want Because again I usually don't feel this Way about the king of cups I usually Only feel about this way when he's in Reverse but I don't know this challenge of it all is

Almost giving me the king of water in Reverse maybe this was an X that was Emotionally unstable emotionally Manipulative And I feel they're very unhealed Leo And again like they only used you having You be in a relationship with you as Something that they thought would heal All their insecurity problems their Jealousy problems and I feel that's Really what drove you away But I do feel Leo that Spirit wants you To say listen to your heart and choose Love Choose Love in everything I believe I was explaining this in I it was either Taurus's reading or Aries reading but it's kind of like how We can decide what love is and what our Heart is going for is that you weigh These options out on two scales This person or that person okay who Makes me feel excited who makes me feel Appreciated honored respected and loved When I see their text message I get Hopeful I get that those little Butterflies in my stomach and then on The other side of that who's the person Where I see their text message it Stresses me out it makes me worried it Makes me nervous it makes me have this Reaction of fear or shock or whatever it Is right That's the basis of fear So by weighing out these decisions and

Putting it on those scales which one is More on the side of love that's what Spirit wants you to choose Maybe this king of Earth is someone that You work with you met at work you met Through a collaboration of projects with But this king of Earth is someone that I Feel is new to the situation as far as What you're used to in love and romance Or different than your last Person different than your ex Maybe they don't get the passions going Up and stirring maybe they're not as Emotional But they're dedicated they're serious They take their time with things they Don't Chaotically react they like to analyze The situation stay steady and then act And maybe that's exactly what some of You may need Leo after dealing with Someone who is so emotionally turbulent But let's jump right on in Dead center this king of Earth Yeah so I do feel as if this king of Earth is going to invite you to do Something for the holidays especially if Before you guys leave to go back home if You're traveling to see family they want To spend certain time with you and I do Feel that they have something to say About the two of you whether this is a Full-on offer of being in a relationship Being in a commitment or starting to

Date more exclusively or even just Putting it out there that I feel Something between the two of us I really Like you and I I want to know if these Feel the same and you see this going Anywhere I do feel this king of Earth is The main person in your life that you Are focusing on right now And for others of you this is just the Stability you're trying to reassert in Your life maybe after dealing with such An emotionally chaotic situation in love And romance or just in general in life But what's Crossing this is the king of Water Scorpio energy So this is the challenge of the Situation right and for some of you it's Not to get your emotions too wild up And again maybe some of you are just Kind of programmed that way because you Had to deal in the past with someone That was emotionally unpredictable That's how it feels whether it was hot And cold energy or again you just never Knew when this person was just gonna Start a whole nother episode of drama of Chaos and I feel those were all Mechanisms to keep you emotionally Bonded to them but not in the Healthy High vibrating way in the way that it Would make you feel bad it would make You feel Like you were upsetting this person and

Everything you were doing was wrong if It wasn't exactly what they wanted that Type of thing right So I do feel if this person has found Out that you're in a new relationship or That you moved on to a new level in your Life without them they're not doing so Well I feel this is the type that has Saved the pictures of the two of you and Still looks at them on their phone this Is the type of person that even if you Block them they'll make more accounts Just to see what you're doing on social Media maybe even if you don't have Social media they're the type that knows Your friends your family members and Maybe even ask about you to see where You're at and what you're doing So I do feel Leo that This is something where I feel as if you Can choose love but don't get too Emotionally involved In Emotionally involved not in as far as Like dedicating yourself to something But as far as being too emotionally Reactive to certain things I would say more grounded in whatever You're facing especially if it's this Person that's trying to get an emotional Reaction out of you I would stay steady I would stay steady because if you Showed them that reaction if you gave Them that reaction you'd be boosting

Their ego in some way because in their Mind whether it's true or not it shows That you care What's crowning the reading is the ten Of Pentacles Virgo energy So I do feel that For different reasons and different ways These two kings king of water king of uh King of Earth excuse me is looking at You in a serious way they both see you As a potential partner they both see you As husband wife material I do feel this King of Earth wants to start introducing You to their Inner Circle their friends Their family members Because they do feel like you're the Type that they can bring around their Family and show off a little bit and say Look at my new Leo on my arm Leo is the Person I'm interested in Leo's the Person where I see myself being with and They already are talking about you in That way to people on the phone through Text messages through hanging out But if this king of Wands is still Lingering around they still see you as Theirs Just to be fully aware as delusional as That may be or as unreasonable as that May be they absolutely still feel like You two are still going to work things Out you two are still meant to have a Life together and their minds made up as

Far as that goes Foreign Cups This is water energy water energy cancer Scorpio Pisces energy it's weird I feel Like I'm picking up on this king of Water's energy and it's almost like Nervous flusterness and it's like making Me Just feeling that energy is putting me In their nervous flustered anxious Energy so I mean let me just detach from That a bit and start talking about this Card here so for a lot of you this king Of Earth does have feelings for you Is developing a crush here but again With the ace of cups The more they're around you the more you Guys Reveal Your innermost selves to Each other your experiences your past Everything that you guys have been Through in love and romance and as you Bond that way through conversation Through interaction through dating it's Starting to show a different side to Them This king of Earth again I don't see These grand gestures but I do see them Sending you good morning texts or good Night texts or making sure you made it Home safe they do have that sensitive Soft side but they don't show everyone That side barely anyone is what I'm Hearing

And Leo this may be where you're at Developing these feelings for this Person but you may be a little bit Nervous you may be a little bit shy Because you don't want to walk into Another situation that is going to be a Bit chaotic dramatic it feels that way For some of you whoever that king of Water was Now for some of you guys I gotta say you May have been drawn to this king of Water because there is something within Your inner child that felt drawn to this Whether that was a karmic lesson from Childhood that you guys kind of have Become identified with Or others of you they may have used that Vulnerable side of you to get what they Wanted And so that's maybe why you're Protecting this more soft sensitive side From this king of Earth if that is your Story But this king of Earth is coming into Maybe tell your inner child that was Maybe drawn to this king of water and Was a little bit rocked by this king of Water that you're safer with them Emotionally And I feel as time goes on in December As you get to know each other it it Develops more this sense of comfort this Sense of protection this sense of Safeness

That you're starting to feel with this Person has something to trust because That is coming from the element of love In the recent past we have the four of Cups Cancer energy So Leo in the recent past it feels as if A couple things you weren't really Satisfied With this king of water here And maybe you even recently broke up With this king of water And you decided to go after this king of Earth because of it maybe some of you Already made the choice Right And maybe it's because this king of Water again they don't even have to be a Water sign but it's just someone that Emotionally drained you to the point Where you became numb That's how it feels and it's almost as If Leo you didn't want to remain in a Relationship that you just kind of felt Numb to after a certain point And that's where you decided something Had to change You weren't going to stay complacent in Something you weren't happy with so you Made a different choice Your future seven of fire Leo energy So Leo again whether this person tries To come out of the cuts come out of the Blue this king of water whoever they

Were to confront you to send you uh I Don't know a mean text message I'm kind Of seeing for some of you guys and if They've already done this you know this Is their MO they may try to pull this Again The I can't believe you left me I can't Believe you did this you moved on or Even just take the whole thing of trying To act like they don't care But still confronting you so passive Aggressively about your choice to leave Them and to move on There may be someone you may have to Face with or you really have to use your Lion's roar to get them to understand Who you are And that the choice he made was the Right one Leo to walk away from a Situation that was emotionally turbulent For you It wasn't stable it wasn't It wasn't healthy for a lot of you guys I'm picking up on And you can fight for yourself you can Do the right thing for yourself and you Can be confident in that without other People trying to make you feel bad for It to guilt you for it And now also for others of you with this King of Earth even if you've been a Little bit more closed off you've been a Little bit more nervous or shy about Opening up this

Side of you that is hopeful that is Starting to care that is starting to Fall in love they are going to fight for This And it may again not be dramatic but it May be in the way where they're going to Text you more they're going to be more Action oriented and asking you out Inviting you to certain events to Certain places and even for some of you Again I feel like they're going to Invite you to their home for the first Time or invite you back to their parents House in some way So let's go ahead and pull some cards And get deeper into this Tell me more about December for Leo Okay A wonderful surprise is coming okay nice Something entirely new awaits you and I Feel that's what this king of Earth is Trying to bring in for you Leo and maybe That's I'm kind of like viewing this Woman as kind of hiding behind the fan There right there's nothing you can be Afraid of or should be afraid of Everything you've learned from that Emotionally chaotic person from the past Is everything that you have learned About your discernment And I do feel that you would have read The energy long ago if this king of Earth was anything like the king of Water that you dealt with

So I do feel Leo that you can be open to This new experience you could be open to This love and I think even this king of Earth may surprise you in a way that you Weren't expecting that you didn't see Come it feels like an invitation it Feels like an a date an offer or maybe Again Someone with the tent of Earth may want To try to put a ring on it with you Leo Someone could have very curly hair as Well naturally curly hair But a surprise is coming from all this And I mean even if it is from this king Of water they think they're surprising You just uh be prepared for that again That text message that phone call But I think if you were to kind of sidestep That or avoid that that surprise will be Replaced with whatever the king of Earth Has to offer Let's keep going Tell me more About December for Leo There we go in the flow so Gemini had This card so if you have Gemini Placement strongly in your chart I Suggest checking out the Gemini reading And it says everything is smooth sailing So this is what I kind of meant by This emotionally chaotic person they Just can't stand the fact to see you Happy that you're in the flow that you

Are Gliding through this separation pretty Well versus how they're going about it I Even see them like tearing up over you Crying over you just looking at your Social media how dare Leo do this to me Again no accountability but placing it All on you right But I would just stay within your Vibration stay on the path that you've Already chosen for yourself to walk away From a situation to what break up from a Certain person because it is serving you Well Leo And I do feel like as you kind of get in This vibration of acceptance as moving Forward as knowing what you want and not Selling for less you're going to see More coming into your life that may be Something you've been manifesting or Maybe even comes as a surprise to you Leo Thank you But you're in the flow and don't let Anyone disrupt it that's all I have to Say Let's keep going This king of Earth may buy you a present Too and it may not be you know a golden Ring but it may be in something that Means a lot to you it means a lot to Them because they thought of you and Wanted to buy it for you Tell me more

December for Leo There we go Magical powers I weave and clear I cast And no magic secrets to me now show so What really stood out to me with this Card is that I weave in clear So you cleared out everything from your Life that was not serving you that was Making you feel unfulfilled Unappreciated And with that experience and the lessons You've learned from that you're weaving Something new into your life and you're Manifesting something amazing into your Life I feel for a lot of you with the General theme I'm going with this is Romance and this is someone that is Going to be more dedicated serious that You could see yourself with in the long Run And I feel that there is Magic around You Leo I do feel you're seeing the signs from Spirit you're getting the guidance from Spirit but it's even through Understanding the power you have To make the reality you want in your Life To go for your goals and to not stop Until you get there I do feel that's part of being in this Flow that you're in Leo And as you kind of dive more into your Manifestation into your ability of the

Law of Attraction the more you're going To start to see these little surprises Come in That are going to make you feel Blessed with this ace of cups And I think this king of Wands is Worried or I'm sorry this king of water Is worried because they know your power Leo and they know once your mind is made Up it's not going to change and that's Why they're probably frantic and Freaking out right now Foreign Let's go ahead and pull one more card For my Leos And see anything else that you need to Know about December any last words to Wrap up this reading with I mean good Things are coming Leo just don't pay Attention to the people or the Situations that are trying to bring you Down of this flow you're in because You're getting exactly what you want Okay Don't let anyone stop you Nice Here we go goose inner knowing I feel like recently you guys have seen Like a migration of goose going in the Sky over your house your town whatever But it says You are a brave traveler your soul knows The way be confident you will achieve Your destination loyal friends are

Always with you don't worry you are Blessed let yourself fly So nothing can really keep you down Leo Nothing can make you feel stuck you Won't allow it Spirit won't allow it and Anything that tries to you will be Removed or you'll remove it yourself And so I feel Leo you have these good Feelings towards something that carries The energy of the king of Earth that you Should soar to that you should fly to You should be in the flow of and enjoy Every moment of it I do feel this is the Right path for you the right way for you And to continue to going down it even When people aren't happy about it people Question you question your path it Doesn't matter it's your life to live Trust in your abilities to make the Right decisions for yourself trust in The power that you have to create the Life that you want and that you'll get There with the guidance from Spirit with The magic that you carry within yourself You will make it happen Leo So thank you so so much for joining me For this reading I really hope it Resonated with you I hope it provides You with the clarity Insight healing Guidance you are looking for in regards To what's happening in your life in December and if it has please let me Know Drop a comment below hit that like

Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Leo very much and I'll see You next time Take care Leo

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