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[Music] Thank you Hi Leo welcome to your December 2022 General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a general Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Leo please keep in mind That this is a general reading it may Resonate it may not but please only take What resonates and leave it doesn't for Someone else who needs to hear that Message Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Leo who Wouldn't be I'd like to remind Leon Crosswatchers that energy is fluid and This simply means you may feel like I'm Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the roles are Flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation at best All right Leo let's jump right on in and See what's going on in your love life What do you need to know about your love Life and anything that will happen in December that will give you Clarity on Your situation with this energy or with This reading I am tuning into an energy That's in or around your energetic field

Of someone that has romantic feelings or Intentions towards you right now in this Moment whether you're single or you're In a relationship in a connection Whether you're together or apart from This energy let's see who's coming Through and why they're coming through And what Spirit has in regards to this Energy coming through for you guys and What messages you need to know Cassette Interesting the letter c is really Sticking out to me in this so you uh First middle last initial could start With c as in Charles as in Catherine Um but it says outdated thinking Conditioning replaying events over and Over in your head Okay so a couple things I'm already Getting from this card here for some of You there's uh energy around you that's Holding on to you holding on to the Connection that you two have had replace It over and over in their head maybe Someone's overthinking this right now Overthinking everything that's happening Or hasn't happened and someone's kind of In a mental prison as far as What is going to happen from this should I trust this should I not trust this and The only way we really get into that Energy is when we don't have enough Answers where someone's not really Openly communicating with us so this

Could be someone you're in separation With Um and someone could be very much into Music someone could have a musical Career produce music is a hobby May Write their own music maybe has been Listening to a song over and over again And it makes them think about you makes Them think about this connection with You uh so let's dive a little bit deeper Into this because spirit's still being Very vague but someone's clearly Overthinking everything about the Situation But the more time you're wasting on Overthinking is not enough time to act And I do feel Leo this is someone around You and the lack of action is kind of Pushing you away And I do feel you feel them Energetically very strongly you feel Their energy you feel their presence but It's not going to make you Be the one to act on anything because I Feel you were the one to do that before You were always the one to reach out you Were always the one to first text you're Always the first one to call they're a Bit passive aggressive and I feel you're Kind of over that but let's see tell me More What does this person want to tell Leo That they haven't told Leo that they Really want to tell Leo

Okay let's see I haven't told anyone About how I feel about you so they're Keeping their feelings about you Secret They don't want to let anyone know Including you how much they're feeling About you how much they think about you And this comes off as a person that may Be programmed or may have made up their Mind to live that single life to do Their own things their own way to push Away any sort of romantic connection That it would really help them grow that Would help them evolve And that's why they're stuck Is because You being in their life Leo is spirit's Way of trying to push this person out of Their comfort zone out of that old Outdated thinking of I'm gonna be like this single person a Player a play yet even I'm kind of Feeling with this cassette tape here but You've kind of flipped the script on Them Leo you've kind of made them start To think What would it be like to be in a Relationship what would it be like to be Dedicated and committed but their ego is Trying to trap them because they're too Afraid to start committing they're too Afraid to be invulnerable they're too Afraid to be emotionally exposed But people are picking up that they have Feelings on you and their family member

Their friends people that you may know Even are asking hey do you have a crush On Leo I do you like Leo and they try to Deny it but everyone sees it including You that they're just Pushing themselves away in protection And they think they're being sneaky About it they think they're on top of Their game with it but everyone sees it Including yourself Leo but you know it's Not your time right now to push anything It's not your responsibility to make Them act on things that they don't want To act on but It is pushing you away And it is spirits and trying to be a Wake-up call for them for saying hey You're gonna miss out on something Amazing here Wow so are they gonna break through that Mold let's see so with this tarot Reading I'm with the tarot I'm going to Ask how they feel about you right now What do they think of you What do they like about you what do they Not like about you What do they like about this connection That they have with you currently and What do they not like about it What are their highest hopes and deepest Fears in regards to this connection with You what are they really hoping is going To happen in full between the two of you And what are they afraid of

Right off the bat we have three major Arcanas out of the four that are on the Table so this is something very Prominent this is going to be a big part Of your love life in 2022 the December Is the make or break I feel and you're Serious Leo you are going to hold your Boundaries you're going to hold your Expectations and if they don't act now They're going to miss out for good and That will help you make up your mind on What to do with this but with the hermit Card here yeah they feel intimidated by You they feel intimidated by your energy They feel intimidated by the challenge Of their growth that Whether you're doing this consciously or Not the role you're playing in their Life right now is challenging them to Overcome this old way of thinking that They've had for so long in love and In love in their relationships And they're trying to resist it but That's keeping them more stuck in the Mud Yeah and for a while they've liked the Fact that they've had their time to Decide but that time is running up And they don't like that they don't like To feel pressured they don't like to Feel like they're not in control of the Situation Foreign So the bottom of the deck we have the

Four Swords So there are two fours here your Birthday could be August 4th August 14th Perhaps July 24th for some of you guys Out there you could be seeing 444 or 44 As a number confirmation quite a bit Lately But I do feel things have been kind of Silent between the two of you or you Haven't been talking as much you haven't Been engaging when they try to send you Those text messages because you're done With the Meaningless conversations and I'm not Trying to be cruel with saying that but It's almost as if they're avoiding Certain topics that you've been wanting To talk about that you need to talk About and when they realize you're being A bit distant they're being a bit cold They think the best way to come back Into your life is ask you like oh what Have you been up to how is life you know No we need to talk about what we need to Talk about so we can get through this And so they do feel a distance from you Right now Leo Maybe you've told them that you wanted a Break or maybe they told you that If they're the four of Swords they Definitely have been keeping things to Themselves that they're not ready to Talk about That they're very stubborn on that

They've held for a very long time and it Didn't start with you this is something That they've had a pattern with every Relationship in their life including Family members including friends they're Very private people I see that with the Four of swords and the hermit and they Don't want anyone to get too close to Them It definitely comes from a fear of Vulnerability it comes from A lack of trust which again is not Personal Leo I don't think they trust Anyone So with this four of Swords whether it's You that's been kind of distant with Communication or them It's really through this distance of Communication or not communicating at All It's made them think a lot It's made them reflect on if they're Ready to outgrow those outdated Thoughts about love and romance about What they want for themselves about what They want for their life And they've been trying to keep Everything a secret between you and with Other people But they're more exposed than they Realize And I think maybe in December they're Starting to see the cracks in the mask That they've been trying to put up with

Everyone including you So let's jump right on into it How they feel about you is the hermit Card Virgo energy So there's a couple different options With this for some of you they may feel Like you've gone in Hermit mode because Of their lack of action their lack of Trust their lack of communication You put the ball in the record because You were done trying to convince them You're done trying to do everything you Could to show that you're different that You're ready for something more that You'll be there for them And so they do feel like you've Withdrawn and it has been a shaking Point in their life it has been Something that that's made them kind of Think about Ever all the choices they made in Regards to pushing you away was it the Right thing to do And I gotta say Leo this is the first Time they're actually questioning Themselves about people they've pushed Away Now If this is how they feel about the Connection in general yeah they feel Like they have to be single they have to Be isolated And this could be from a past

Relationship where they've had their Heart broken or it could be from a Unstable family life where they didn't Have a lot of security specifically Emotional security that there was Something that they had to be afraid of When it comes to love they couldn't Trust love But I do feel Spirit brought you into Their life so they can outgrow that So right now maybe things are silent Between the two of you but no they Haven't stopped thinking about you Leo Since you guys stopped speaking And they're wondering if it's time to Come out of the cave it's if it's time To really start acting on this because There's something that's keeping on Going back to you And they're not People that ignore certain things they Definitely pick up on a lot of things They're analyzers they're strategists And they are starting to see that you Come up in their daily thoughts every Day for a reason And that's giving them a lot to think About And it's challenging their feelings on Being single not being in a relationship Not getting married And you know I gotta say for a very few Amount of you this could be someone Going through like a midlife crisis

Maybe this is the year they turn 30 40 50 and that old idea of being a bachelor Or a bachelorette forever is really Starting to wear out That they're getting too old for that Idea now for someone out there not Everyone What they think about this connection And think about you is the world card Fixed energy Aquarius Leo Scorpio Taurus Energy So What I feel with this world card is that If this is how they think about you Leo They know you're someone that wants to Experience everything life has to Provide that you're open to new Experiences you're open to Adventures You're open to I don't know Leo it's almost as if You're the type of person that just Goes with the flow knowing that Everything happens for a reason And that you put yourself out there to Experience these things because Everything the good and the bad leads You to some sort of understanding about Your life about where you are in life And what you want out of life You could come from different cultures Different backgrounds different Ethnicities You may have met online through a dating App through social media through

Facebook Instagram Tick Tock whatever You may have a prominent social media Following And they see that you have A lot of people that look up to you a Lot of friends a lot of family members Or even romantic interests And that they see that anyone would be Lucky to have you and there's something Within them that thinks they don't Equate to your value equate to your Worth That you are someone that can have it All and they don't know if they can give You everything that you want Because they know you want the world Leo And they know you won't settle for less They see you as someone that has Plans Ambitions dreams and goals And you're not going to compromise Anything outside of that And this isn't specifically in regards To love and romance Maybe someone's thinking about moving to A different city a different state a Different country And whether this will work out will Really solidify that choice But for most of you it just kind of Seems like they are starting to see that Maybe you really are ready to move on That if it's not going to work in December maybe you've given the final Straw that if they don't do what they

Need to do by the end of December I'm Closing it out so I can start 2023 with The new plate a new chapter And they're feeling that pressure for Sure that you're looking to close this Up if they're not going to do anything About it And that you'll be fine too with or Without them yeah it may hurt at first Mate yeah maybe it'll feel like I could Have had so much with this person but They didn't want it with me but you're Never the person to stay down you get Back up each and every time But this person is really starting to See there's a lot more potential here With you And they're really starting to think That if they don't take this up there Could be some big opportunity to lose Out on That they can't get back What they like the most about you is the Justice card Libra energy some of you could have Libra Rising But I feel with this card here first of All you are intelligent you are someone That is objective in a lot of things You make good decisions You are someone that is level-headed Grounded Someone could be in law enforcement Someone could be a lawyer a judge or in

The career and studying to be one Whatever It Is But you are someone that makes the Decisions when people won't You're someone who will call the shots If you are placed in that position to do So And that's partly why they find you Intimidating You have Conversations that make people want to Do the right thing you inspire a lot of People to do the right thing and that's Kind of the pressure you're adding to This person in this situation too again Consciously or subconsciously They do see you as being a fair person A good person They do see you as being someone that May be someone that fights for social Justice may be into politics May be someone that is focusing on the Good for everyone That wants to do good for this world That wants to turn wrongs into rights And I don't know with this Justice card For some reason I'm just getting this Feeling that they've never really Encountered someone like you that's so Passionate that's so decisive That Knows how to put The wrongs to write that knows how to Solve problems

I don't know maybe they've witnessed or Heard you speak about things in the past That you had to decide for yourself Maybe you were the type of person I had To take care of your family take care of Your friends How did maybe sacrifice your own wants And desires to do something that was the Best for your family for your community Something along those lines But you are a powerful person Leo Through your energy through your Convictions through your integrity And that's something that they really do Respect you with That's really something that they see You to be at a higher vibration than the People that are around them And you are someone to take seriously You will do the right thing when others Won't What they don't like about you is the Six of cups Scorpio energy So for some of you They may have known you for a very long Time you may have known each other since You guys were kids for a few years And even since the first time they met You they've always felt something Different about you Challenges their thoughts of Not wanting to be in a relationship And even when they try to distract

Themselves by Hanging out with other people by trying To forget about you their thoughts Always circulate back to you Leo And even for others of you like I was Kind of bringing up in the beginning of The reading if they did have a difficult Childhood a difficult upbringing there's Something within you or within this Connection that is highlighting uh Wounded inner child that they've never Dealt with that they don't want to deal With And I think that's been a big obstacle For them within this connection or Honestly for the both of you I am picking up two for someone out There there's a situation of someone who Wants to have kids eventually and Someone who does not want to have kids And that may have been an issue within The connection as far as maybe you Didn't think you wanted to have kids by The end of the year sure but Should I put my energy and time into Spending with someone that never wants To have kids And doesn't seem like they want to Change their mind about that For someone out there that's a factor What they like the most about this Connection is the seven of Pentacles Taurus energy So for some of you I gotta say what they

Like the most about this is for a while They've been able to take their time And not rushing anything and I think You're not that type of person to put Pressure on anyone that's not who you Are But did they take that a bit for granted For a while maybe they thought you Weren't expecting more But now you are They they get it now there's the change Within that we saw that with the world Card right But for a while they didn't feel like They had an ultimatum with you for a While they thought they could Take their sweet time and being okay With everything being the same with Nothing to come out of this anytime soon With the seven of Pentacles for me and For a lot of other readers it is a card Of divine timing As far as planning your seeds and Watching them grow and seeing if they'll Grow into anything And Leo there is a part of you that held On to this because There is something that draws to you About this person that there is some Potential here If they get over their wounds if they Get over their ego there is something That could really flourish But you're also recognizing it's not

Your job it's not your responsibility to Get someone to heal healing is something We can only do for ourselves And maybe Leo through the small Instances between the two of you with What you have talked about what they Have felt they could reveal to you Is something that they are starting to See Could be beneficial if they let it Flourish if they let those seeds that You've planted within their heart within Their mind about What Love Can Be what Love can turn into That is something that maybe they're Starting to realize is something that Can be a reality with the pinnacle's Energy here But it's been taking a long time and That's been frustrating you but that is Something they've liked about it this Whole connection here What they don't like about the Connection is the four of Pentacles Capricorn energy A couple different Vibes I'm getting From this for some of you Because they've been pushing you away You have finally started to close out And it's not just not communicating Which for some of you very well could be With this four of Swords but it's even Not giving time or energy into this Because yes Pentacles can definitely be

About finances Sure but I think one of the most Valuable things we can give is our Energy And that's completely closed out and They don't feel like they have as much Access to your energy anymore Because you're done waiting you're Getting to that last point where you're Hoping by withdrawing they'll do Something out of it But again it's making them challenge Their growth it's making them challenge Their old ways that they still want to Hold on to their inner child even Because it's a child that's being Depicted in this card here That makes them feel safe that makes Them feel secure But their higher selves are trying to Say hey This is really going to hurt you this is Really going to sabotage you if you're Insisting on holding on to wounds and Egos that Leo's trying to uplift you out of Now I have to say if someone's been through A divorce particularly this person Uh that has been something that has been A big Scar within their emotional wounds Within their Thoughts about love and maybe they went

Through a divorce as a kid let's just Say And there was a lot of scarcity that Happened financially for them through That divorce So again that's why they don't trust Love that's why they don't trust Relationships maybe they had to give up A lot of their finances they had to give Up their home And that's something that still left a Big scar within them emotionally But with the four of Pentacles two and With the intimidation I was feeling with The world card and the Justice card There's a part of them that just feels Like they don't have enough to give you And that they wouldn't be enough Where things are at maybe that's true But if they choose to work grow Compromise I think there's more that they can give To you than they may realize But that's up for them to decide Highest hopes of the six of Wands Leo energy some of you could possibly be Dealing with another Leo or someone with Strong Leo in their chart I'm feeling this on your end and their End On their end I do feel like they're hoping to get A victory out of this For some maybe they are hoping that they

Could have their cake and eat it too That they don't have to leave their old Outdated thinking behind and still have You that would be the easiest way for Sure But let me tell who anyone who's tempted By that thought it's not gonna work okay So we can leave that behind because That's what Spirit wants you to do in The first place for whoever that's for It could be that they're hoping that Everything's gonna work out between the Two of you even if you guys are going Through a bit of a difficult time right Now a bit of a separation right now I do feel for some of you maybe the Issue is Making it broadcasted that both of you Are together publicly telling everyone That you two are exclusive telling Everyone that you're together making it Facebook official or whatever that is Something that you may be hoping for Leo But yeah you're hoping that they'll do What they need to do to fight for this To fight for you If they really do want this You're hoping everything will turn out For the best And that both of you can gain something Out of this I do feel there's a part of you that Does care about this person but you Can't put all your care into it if it's

Not going to be reciprocated Deepest fears is the nine of cups Pisces energy And I feel this is their deepest fears In regards to you is that you're gonna Just take your cup of Love elsewhere Seek new options new opportunities Because of their resistance because of Their stubbornness because of their Unwillingness to change it left you with No choice And that there is a fear of a broken Heart if I were to put my all out there To be vulnerable to be into this Emotionally to connect emotionally that That's going to hurt me in some way that I am trying to fight that I am trying to Resist So that's definitely a fear they're Still battling within themselves right Now in regards to you Leo Is to be motivated by their emotions to Trust their emotions to trust their Feelings and to put it out there Something that scares the heck out of Them Someone likes to wear a gold necklace I'm seeing or gold chain necklace Just a confirmation for someone out There Anyways Leo to see the likely outcome of This situation what are they likely to Do are they going to finally be open to This experience this and put themselves

Out there for this or is this just going To end we're going to go ahead and take This to Vimeo for the extended reading But before we go I'm going to go ahead And pull one more card From this deck here This is going to be advice from Spirit If anything Spirit wants to tell you About this connection that you need to Know about Anything else that Leo needs to know About this connection spirit That fell quick Let's see we have this Imagery here And it says forgiveness wow so maybe This person Has been led to you so they can finally Forgive any wounds from the past Heart blockages that were created from The past and maybe there is an element Of forgiveness that needs to happen Within this connection But it says Stop focusing your energy on past events For life is too precious to waste you Create your Reality by the way you think Dream and imagine yeah I feel their Spirit guides really are trying to work On them are trying to help them and this Consciousness this Awakening this Awareness of how much they've held on to The past or how much their old ways of Thinking really are outdated are no Longer serving them has been activated

Through meeting you through having Feelings for you through growing these Feelings for you so I feel spirit is Telling you right now Leo if they've Been silent if they've been at a Distance if they you know maybe you've Been pulling back you have been the Catalyst for them to start thinking About how they can forgive anything That's still holding back from having This fulfillment with you Because there is a purpose here I really Do feel that See what that purpose is are they going To fulfill it is anything going to Happen by the end of December we're Gonna go ahead and take this to Vimeo For extended reading I'm going to Overturn this card here to show you the Likely outcome of this and pull some More cards to just dive deeper into this Whole connection and situation if you Still have questions if you'd like to Join me for the extended reading open up The description box and you'll find the Link to Vimeo which will take you to the Extended reading but if this is where we Depart Leo I really hope that this Reading resonated with you I hope it Provides you with the confirmation Clarity Insight healing and guidance That you may be going through in your Love life at this time And if it has please let me know

Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to to subscribe I love you Leo Very much and I'll see you next time Take care Leo

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