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Thank you Hi Gemini welcome to your December 2022 Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid skills tarot Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node and or any Other strong placement for the sign of Gemini please keep in mind that this is A general reading not a personal reading So it may resonate it may not regardless If this story is for you please take What resonates and leave what doesn't For someone else who needs to hear that Message So let's go ahead and jump right on in Gemini I mean the dead center of this we Have the ten of Pentacles for your month And I mean I do feel a presence of Ancestors around you mainly with this Ten of Pentacles there is something that You're establishing in your life Gemini That you're going to make long term this Is not something you're looking for to Have just as a temporary thing I wonder If this is a lifestyle change I wonder If this is a career advancement a goal a Dream ambition that you're sticking to You know one thing about Gemini is that A lot of people don't know that I've Come to notice with the Gemini's I know Is that Geminis are ambitious I've come across so many Geminis that Just stick to their plan until it

Manifests until it happens and Gemini's Really don't give up when they want Something they go for it and they work At it they may run into obstacles they May run into things that try to block Them or steer them off path but it never Stops them And I do feel Gemini that there are People that are wanting to come into Your life to help you support on this Journey here and it may still be Something new for you guys Maybe you're used to doing a lot by Yourselves you're not used to asking for Help But I do feel that there is a energy of People trying to come in for you or even Divine support I do want to say that with the angels Spirit guides ancestors that we have Around us at all times we must ask We have free will so they don't want to Intervene and I know sometimes when we Ask we don't get exactly what we want at The time we want it but there's reasons For that With the ten of Pentacles at the dead Center Gemini this is telling me that Whatever this goal you have this Ambition you have this dream you have is Going to be yours and for some of you You may be Healing a lot of family relationships That you never thought you were going to

Heal before and whether that is be Through conversations with certain People in your family because it's the Holidays you may be traveling to go see Them they may be traveling to come see You I do feel conversations that you Feel more open to having with certain Individuals in your life that you Weren't ready for before Maybe it's because they weren't as open To hearing you out they weren't as open To hearing your side of the story Because sometimes when we don't want to Admit or hold accountability to things People will just dismiss our experiences Dismiss our Journeys because it is Something that is highlighting something They did wrong and with their egos some Of us just can't handle that But something about Gemini the way you Want to establish some sort of new Prosperous abundant energy in your life There are things you're starting to see That you may need to heal with certain People and even if that's not through Conversation it could just be sitting With your angels your Spirit guides your Higher self And breathe in the energy of release I released any experiences that try to Hold me back to my old story that I am Outgrowing I do feel Gemini by releasing any sort Of energies experiences traumas

Relationships that have just been Preventing you from flourishing you Really are going to set the playground For 2023 to have the ten of Pentacles That you want But this is not an overnight process Gemini and that is something I want to Tell you I know there's a lot of Readings readers and I've seen it for Myself too in my own cards where some Things just happen so fast for some People but what you're doing Gemini with The impact that you're doing through This healing through this releasing Through this establishing A new idea perspective of what you want For yourself and what you want for your Life it's something that's going to take Some time but every step and every day You're doing it it does matter and I Want you to know that your angels want You to know that and you have very Strong Angelic energy around you I don't know if this is Guardian Angels Specific passed on loved ones or maybe Even archangels that you're starting to Contact get to know they are on your Side Gemini And they do want you to know to be Patient and I know that's not everyone's Favorite message but it is the truth But what you're doing does matter Whether that's your own healing whether That's something you're doing for your

Community your family your ancestors by Healing the line it matters Gemini Bottom of the deck we have the king of Air This is Aquarius energy so if you can Have Aquarius strongly in your chart you Could be dealing with an aquarius does Not have to be the case But for this being the setup Gemini you Are becoming the king of air Masculine Air energy regardless of Gender or sex is someone that has Integrity that sees things clearly That in a way is a rock and not a rock That is unfeeling uncaring But a rock is someone that I've been Learning through my own mentors in my Life Someone who listens to others Experiences analyzes the situation and Is a problem solver instead of soaking In the energies of people that Maybe just don't want to improve but Just want everything to remain the same Even as shocking as that is some people Are very comfortable with victim mindset With blaming the universe for everything To go wrong in their life and Enlightenment is not about Always being happy Enlightenment is about responding to Certain situations that happen in our Life in a way that we can view it in a Higher perspective because let's be

Honest Life Is Life we're always going To have those challenges we're always Going to have those obstacles and quite Frankly the process of healing never Ends it's like an onion where you get to A different layer in a different layer And a different layer But that's okay because you're strong Enough to be aware of the truth Gemini You're strong enough to see things as They are and to respond in a way that is Going to solve an issue instead of being A part of the issue or staying in an Issue And that's the long-term process that You're doing right now to solve a Certain aspect of your life in December And to me it feels like a huge step in Family it feels like a huge step in Security and abundance and prosperity Maybe some of you guys are healing the Poverty mindset the scarcity mindset That maybe your family kind of Established within you I'm picking up For someone that they may have been Raised by parents who either had Depression anxiety or maybe a parent That just was a little bit I don't want to say delusional per se But almost as if it was apparent that Just did not want to pay attention to The problems that were occurring in the Family and they turned Blind Eye to it And Gemini for you being the person I

Feel in your family to always Call out the situation or to voice your Truth in what you felt uncomfortable With certain family Dynamics you may Have been labeled as the black sheep in Some way But truly even if you were the youngest In your family even if you were a child You saw things in a higher light that a Lot of your family members did not or People in your direct community I'm even hearing adopted for someone so Maybe this is your adopted family that You felt like you kind of didn't have an Understanding of or they didn't have an Understanding of you But with the ten of Pentacles being the Dead center of this there is something Gemini that you are choosing to Implement every day of your life moving Forward so you can have an abundant Mindset a prosperous mindset maybe for Some of you you may be starting your own Career thinking about doing your own Career your own thing online setting up Your own business I'm seeing the Etsy Logo for some of you guys doesn't have To be the case but something where it's Going to establish long-term prosperity And for those of you that are just Having that idea right now in December It is something that is going to make You wealthy so just throwing that out There in another zbu again if this is

Going more towards the family Dynamics I understand the holidays may be very Hard times for some people and maybe in The past it was a very hard time for you But because you're becoming this Enlightened being because you've always Seen certain things from a higher Vibration I do feel this time around you Responding differently If there are certain relationships you Can see being healed and worked out That's what you're doing I do feel for others of you if you're Just even meditating praying to heal That side of you that could never get Along with certain people and your Family in your close environment Do that because I think that that's Going to create a very firm foundation In your life that you can always rely on You're becoming the rock Gemini And it's pretty inspiring You will always be stable you will Always be grounded and I think that's The way you're choosing to respond to Certain things that may be outside of Your control but even if it is outside Of your control you know how to ground Yourself in a way that will never shake You that is who you're becoming What's Crossing this is the three of Cups Cancer energy So with the three of Cups this could be

The challenge of having certain people Around you that may be previously Triggered you And I can understand right about having People that are unaware of How they trigger others they may whether They choose to or not they just don't See how their behaviors really get under People's skin and so I feel this is one Of those people around you Gemini that Is a little bit more aloof to The sensitivity of others the feelings Of others But I do feel regardless of your past History this person does want to get Along with you and they do want to heal But I do see another sense of them that May not be as Mature as forthcoming as accountable and I feel that's something that may have Always bothered you about the Relationship Dynamic Gemini If this is not so much the challenge as Much as enhancing the situation I do Feel You have a close Circle of Friends Family members people you call People you can't open up to and I feel That if you are starting to feel Triggered in any way you can have that Support from those people that you know You could just text and they'll be right Over they could get a drink with you you Guys could just

Shift the energy I feel that's what Spirit wants to remind you is that when You kind of start getting back down into Those challenges those triggers that you May kind of experience being around Certain people during this time do Something to take yourself out of that So you don't sink too low I don't know Put on your favorite song if you even Want to dance a little bit dance a Little bit why not I do feel there's an energy about even Certain things you're going through and The healing that could be so strong so Heavy that you may be experiencing Spirit also wants you to find the light And the love in your life To do the things that will make you feel A bit more light And light meaning Energetically Sporadic energetically Spontaneous So that is something Spirit wants you to Keep in mind of because yeah it is a Heavy work you're doing Gemini Foreign I love this card in this deck Air energy Gemini Libra Aquarius energy and I feel Some of you may even have an air boon But with this I do feel that Spirit has been sending you signs Synchronicities about how to better Understand

The Roots You Came From the situation You found yourself in that you may have Been placed when being born in this Lifetime And as you understand that higher level Of seeing things from a different Perspective The more it's growing this seed for you To become the King of Swords that you're Becoming But there may be new ways you have to React there may be new ways you have to Communicate there may be new ways you Have to see things But I do feel the first step of all this Is becoming aware and now that you're Aware you're starting to see the Difference and how you feel when you Start to get triggered or you're seeing The difference in how responding Differently to someone can shift the Entire conversation and not make it such A blow up every time I do feel that you've always been very Intelligent you've always been very Analytical but there's something about The way that you are presenting yourself That is a lot more rational a lot more Grounded that is really serving everyone Around you Gemini it's an even inspiring Them to say whoa look at Gemini They have a very Detached But

Caring perspective of things And your angels specifically want you to Know that you're doing a good job with This even if it gets hard even if you Doubt yourself even if you you have a Messed up day where you kind of get out Of your character and react in something Which we all do quite honestly You are still making the progress You may be finding feathers quite a bit Too Gemini at this time and those Feathers are messages from your angels Letting them know letting you know Excuse me that they're there with you During this process What's rooting this is the two alons Aries energy and this is nice to see This is nice to see because I feel that There are certain people who feel like They have to do something Even though they are not ready to they Don't want to they don't see the point Of it and that's where the progress just Becomes stalled But for those of you that I'm tuning Into right now I do feel your desire for Change Your desire to make something happen in Your life you see and feel that should This all start to fall into place how Much Freer you will be mentally how much Freer you will be emotionally So you do have the drive and ambition to Make it happen and if this is back to

The career man once you had the idea It's not going to die down until it's Yours and spirit admires your grit in That But I also feel too a strong karmic Relationship around you I and again this Could be romantic platonic but I feel Family for a lot of you Where this person always feels like they Have to compete with you they have to Compare themselves with you And that does not have to be something You can partake in Gemini It's almost like a sibling rivalry I'm Kind of picking up on but it could be Any Dynamic honestly And um you can let them play that game But it should not disrupt your inner Peace your mental peace as much as I I Get it how triggering that can be You're on to newer and better you don't Need to dive down into that energy to Reconfirm for yourself how great you are I do feel a lot of you are humble people Despite everything you're starting to Become that people see as being Almost Grand almost Inspiring right So you may be triggering certain people Because you're moving on you're not Living in the same perception my mindset Vibration anymore And they may I don't know I usually

Don't feel this way with the Two of Wands but I am feeling this energy of Someone wanting to pick a fight with you And that's the karma they need to heal Within themselves but maybe you're just Reflecting what they don't feel for Themselves and what I mean by that is That if you don't feel like you're great If you don't feel like you're doing well And you're seeing someone else doing Great And this isn't someone who wants to Improve their lives they just want Someone to blame you may be that person They want to blame Gemini But with this 201s I'm almost looking at The Ryder weight Smith deck in my mind's Eye And you see this man who's just holding The wand holding the world looking over The balcony other things Other things that are going to serve Them than where they're staying So don't let anyone anything distract You from the idea that you want to Create with the ten of Pentacles that You want to make happen For a long time Don't let anyone or anything try to Distract you from that Because that is where the jackpot is That is where The change will matter the most Is what you will do from now

Till the end of this lifetime you're Learning something very Impactful here in December and it's Through the interactions of others and How you respond to that So maybe even spirit is throwing this Person the wrench in the whole machine To see if you have learned from all that You've observed from all that you've Analyzed within yourself Will you pass that test for some of you Guys Recent past we have the five of cups Scorpio energy Yeah and this is what I'm talking about With The emotional turmoil some of you may Have been and I don't even feel this is Just the passes in the last few weeks or Months I feel this is something that you Felt for a very very long time And that doesn't mean you're always sad But I do feel with whatever happened Within your family Dynamic with the Direct people around you or how you feel Like you vibe in a certain environment Or almost every environment for some of You you're just cut from a different Cloth It's almost giving me like starseed Energy here But know that Gemini We can always focus on what went wrong Where we could have been if we were just

Born to a different family if we had Different people in our lives how much Better we can be And maybe some of us started to realize That we were sitting in this place of Sorrow sadness for too long And I want to respond differently so I Can make peace with myself Even if this is involving other people They may never say sorry they may never Hold themselves accountable But will I be a victim to their Unwillingness To rise up I feel that's where something shifted Gemini and even if recently you Experienced disappointment I feel you're learning the lessons from It all And I feel that if you've been emotional Up and down that's all about to change In December And that's the part of you you're Regaining back with this King of Swords Energy because I don't know I even feel You were the King of Swords regardless Of gender or sex since you were a child And maybe that part of you was Fragmented From the experiences around you but not Anymore You're picking up yourself back up again And you're moving forward with the Divine help of the Angels

Because in the near future we do have Patience Temperance energy Sagittarius energy and Libra energy for me as a reader Personally So this is something that will take some Time This is something that maybe even what You are visualizing with the tent of Earth There's Divine timing at hand And there may be certain things out of Your control that the Angels the Universe God has to work through first Before it can be yours in the physical Reality of it But if you just even tell yourself I Know it will be mine in the right time In the right way You'll already have that certainty where You can just let everything else fall Into place Now I almost feel for some of you guys You're gonna get a significant sign From Spirit I don't know if it's like Something like a shooting star a Lightning bolt Something that feels serendipitous in The right time and the right moment and Maybe it's something again where someone May start to be triggering you someone May start to be tempting you and to go Into a different vibration than what you Work towards and then in that moment

Spirit sends a message for you to Remember who you are and remember the Lessons you're trying to learn at this Time and how you're trying to respond Differently But if it's even not something as Grand As that Gemini it's just remembering How to balance your emotions It's remembering how to keep still when There's chaos around you And it's remembering that when you take The higher Road sometimes as hard as it Is to take There will be a reward at the end of it The sun is always at the back of the Temperance card in the writer weight Smith deck And that is something to remind yourself Even when you your ego is in fear or Doubt if this will ever happen Spirit is reassuring you with this Temper card it is we got you we're doing Everything can on our end now all you Have to do is be patient Ask for a guidance ask for assistance Ask for support and you shall receive it Gemini In big ways in small ways it all matters Just as the work you're doing matters All right so let's go ahead and pull Some oracle cards Tell me more about December for Gemini Spirit The three the tree of wishes is calling

Your name an almost forgotten wish will Now come true And the tree energy again is giving me Very strong ancestral vibes So I feel that the people the energies The angels that are watching over you Are seeing the growth you've made And it's going to continue to grow Gemini with this new mindset you have This new understanding of yourself and Your life But with the ten of Pentacles Maybe spirit will send something that Will help you Understand whatever this ten of Pentacles is in your life the healing The new way of living the new way of Understanding a business whatever it is Is going to happen for you And it may be that Small Thank you card that may be sent your way From a client who truly appreciates Everything you've done it may be a pay Raise It may just be a way that when you see That sign when you remember To respond differently to certain Situations The beauty of what comes after that from The reward of passing that final test Maybe Spirit sending your way in December And something will ground itself

Something will reveal itself that I feel You can't see you can sense But this is the tree of wishes it's not Just one wish granted and that's the Blessing of the ten of Pentacles that You're establishing for a long time This is something that I feel will Continue to prosper in your life is 2023 Unfolds New levels Gemini that you're soaring to New understandings new blessings come in From all of it so keep that in mind even During the toughest times you may Encounter That when I choose a higher way of Living a better way of going about Certain situations there will be Rewards Let's keep going Tell me more about December for Gemini Spirit In the flow Nice And it says everything is smooth sailing So you are in the flow Gemini I do some Believe that some of you who maybe still Be overcoming the five of water when you Start to calm yourself down and again Have a good cry if you need to I don't Know why Spirits guiding me to say this But some of you you find it very hard to Cry And maybe that's okay just go into The bedroom take a bath and just let it All out and I feel that energetically

That will be a huge release for you and That will put you back in the flow again But you are watched over very much so And you are someone that is starting to Learn the art of flow in your life where Even if a rock just drops in front of You you move around it you don't try to Keep on going hitting the rock to think That it'll move for you you learn how to Gently and smoothly go through certain Obstacles relationships That isn't going to be attached to you To where you respond in a different way That's different from who you are in a Lower integrity Than what you're trying to achieve for Yourself And you know because this is giving me Very strong Christmas vibes There may be something happening for you Around Christmas class is going to show You how far you've come Again whether that's just how you get Along with your family members around That time certain people in your life Around that time or maybe even a gift That you've been wanting that you've Been hoping for that someone is giving To you And maybe that's the person that is Healing or wants to heal a relationship With you Gemini Just putting that out there for someone Or again if the holidays is hard

Specifically Christmas I think you guys Are learning something this differently This Christmas about how you want to Celebrate it how you want to honor Yourself even if you don't have a ton of People a ton of family around You When Christmas Comes Around Tell me more about December for Gemini Beauty Number four here Guys and it says I have a form which is Divine I allow what is within to shine Again Gemini you do have a piece of view That you've always had since you were a Child that is of the light that is of The Divine and you're getting more and More in touch with it with that in December Through the work you're doing the Healing you're doing And once you do that transformation Within everyone's gonna notice it Some people are going to be very drawn To it and want to heal with you others They may be repulsed by it because they Can't see that for themselves what I Feel very strongly here is that don't Let the unhappiness of someone else The pattern of the unhappiness that may Have been so ingrained within your Family in your ancestral line Don't let that disturb the beauty you're Creating for yourself within and without We have more power sometimes than we

Realize even when things are out of Control the only thing that can disrupt Our peace of mind or peace of heart when We go through such hard times is letting That energy that tries to attack us or To Project onto US when And some of you this may with the beauty Card I don't know I'm just feeling the need To say that You guys may have always struggled with Your physical appearance in some way and If this is not your message just bear With me for a second but I don't know something about your Physical appearance you always were Bothered with or maybe you felt Criticized for five family members Specifically Spirit wants you to pay no Attention to what someone tells you you Are and what you're worth Especially based on some sort of Physical attribute you are so much more Than that you're beautiful inside and Out And that's what Spirit wants to remind Someone here very deeply if someone has Been struggling with Body security or self-love in any way All right let's go ahead and get one More card for my Gemini's and see the Last Spirit the last card that Spirit Wants to talk to you about any last

Messages for you guys that you can Remember When those times you're triggered during Those times when you're feeling down Whatever conflict you're going through You'll make out of it victoriously Gemini okay especially with this new Mindset you have this new idea this new Ambition and drive to make your life Better it's going to show in the 3D how Much that will serve you Any last messages There you go oh you get two cards okay Let's give them to Gemini let's see We have frog prosperity And it says let go of the past and Embrace change opportunities are close At hand hop into this new day with joy Abundance and good fortune await you so Yeah truly finances wealth Prosperity is In the cards for you I feel after all of This has been Resonating with you has been um what's The word Has been marinating within your soul Within your Vibe within your energy I do Feel for the first three months of 2023 You're going to start to see the Physical change that does because as Within so without As Above So Below and Our positive thoughts are positive ways Of being attracts like so I feel Gemini This is what's waiting for you on the Other side

I do feel 2023 will be a different year For you as far as finances prosperity And abundance goes And then B Community yeah us feeling That strong Community ancestral family Vibes here and here's the bee coming Through And it says you are power you are a Powerful Creator your work blesses Everything You Touch be open to Receiving sweetness you are the queen And or king of abundance yeah so like I Said what you're doing does matter the Work you're doing for others the work You're doing for yourself does matter And it's going to bring Prosperity into Life it's going to bring a sense of Community into your life stronger than You may have felt before So thank you Gemini so so much for Joining me for this reading I hope it Resonated with you I hope it provided You with the clarity Insight healing Guidance with whatever you're going Through in December and if it has please Let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Gemini very much and I'll see You next time Take care Gemini

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