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Hi Gemini welcome to October monthly Messages from Spirit reading this is Your girl mermaid skills tarot thank you So much for joining me here this is a General reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Gemini this will not Resonate with every Gemini that watches This message and because this reading is General not every single message may be For you so please only take a resonates And leave a dozen for someone else who Needs to hear that message and if this Reading is not for you at all Gemini I Highly suggest checking out your other Signs and different placements Hi cross Watchers you’re very welcome Here if you’re interested in a Gemini Who wouldn’t be I’d like to remind Gemini and cross Watchers that energy is Fluid and this simply means you may feel Like I’m describing a certain situation In the reading where you may feel like The roles are flipped or reversed and That’s completely okay You’re more than welcome to use your own Discretion to flip those roles if that Resonates with your specific situation The best So my intentions for this reading Gemini Is the channel and provide messages from Spirit for you for the month of October To ask what will be happening what will Be unfolding what do you need to be

Aware of but also for others of you this May provide as a message of what you Need to hear right now with everything You’ve been going through from the Beginning of the month till now why has It all happened and I hope to give you The clarity Insight healing and guidance And regards to anything going on for you Guys in October and this can impact any Aspect of your life love and romance Career and finances spiritual Evolution But whatever Spirit would like to talk About so I’ll be said so if you have any Things of the light that you would like To welcome into this space specific Angels ancestors Spirit guides maybe Even pass down loved ones you are Welcome to ask them to join us here now So let’s go ahead and get this reading Started I’m first going to use my sample To clear and set the energy so if you Are listening to this using headphones Or the volumes kind of loud right now I Do suggest turning it down a little bit Just for this part because I don’t want Your ears to hurt So let’s do this All right So let’s see what is happening in October for my Gemini’s Gemini Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone dealing with a Gemini what is going on what is Happening what does Gemini need to hear Right now in this moment so let’s see

The general energy for you guys in the Month of October What is the general energy for my Geminis this month What is surrounding Gemini what does Gemini need in no Spirit at this time Who All right you guys yeah I knew it you Have the devil card but Temptation Sagittarius had this card so if you guys Are dealing with a Sagittarius or if you Have Sagittarius in your chart I highly Suggest checking out the Sagittarius Readings to see if there’s messages for You there but wow okay yeah I mean There’s something that has been taking a Bit of a hold on you gemini or is trying To take a hold on you is trying to lure You down One path is trying to convince You that you know what is fool’s gold is The best damn thing you will ever find Um and it is not the case it’s keeping You stuck it’s keeping you isolated it’s Keeping you Um Unhappy for a lot of you and I wonder if This is just a way of thinking I wonder If this is a job a relationship but it Has to go it’s time to face this once And for all to overcome this devil Energy I feel like spirit is sending This to you Gemini to finally let go of This to free yourself from this to Unburden yourself for this it almost

Feels like the final test Because you are stronger than the devil You you are stronger than devil energy You have the key to escape it and now It’s time to turn it down and it may be Difficult maybe there’s certain Financial ties to the situation maybe There’s some sort of I don’t know trauma bond to a certain Someone that may still exist between the Two of you but I feel and I’m hearing Enough is enough It’s put you through too much it’s kept You stuck and something that you’re Outgrowing Gemini So it’s time to face this it’s time to Clear this and God is having this happen To you now because God knows you’re Ready for it Gemini Powerful Let’s keep going Tell me more about this energy for Gemini in October the Swan Queen amazing Look how beautiful this card is it Almost gives me queen of Cups eyes so I Wonder if some of you have cancer in Your chart you’re dealing with the Cancer Um but it says transformation intuition Patience Okay So For some of you guys that Transition is the hardest part maybe

Some of you’ve already confronted this Double some of you have already released This demon energy this and if I’m not Saying demons but I mean like lower Vibrational toxic energy that you’ve Kind of come to face whether that’s Outside of yourself or even within Yourself which we all have Shadow we all Have certain things about us that are a Bit low vibrational but Gemini you’re Choosing to heal that you’re choosing to Face that honestly and that’s what’s Turning you into the Swan Queen and this Doesn’t have to be gender or sex related But it is giving you Powerful feminine energy to heal Yourself with to be patient with Yourself with I’m almost feeling Temperance Vibes here Um so again you can have Sagittarius or Even Libra in your chart as I feel Libra Energy with the temperance cards but This is taking some time and it does Require patience which some of you may Feel like your patience is being tested Right now But Gemini yeah I do feel this Transformation is occurring in your life And maybe for some of you these changes That may have been spurred upon you Without a moment’s notice that were Shocking to you we’re Unexpected may have caused a lot of Fears you know what am I going to do how

Is this all going to work out well with The Swan Queen here it is working out And I almost feel with the Swan Queen it Could be even an angel watching over you A guardian angel For some of you it feels feminine warm Nurturing energy like a mother energy or A grandmother energy Um That wants you to know everything’s Going to be okay And by facing this temptation facing This devil you are so much stronger than You may realize And maybe even if you’re not seeing the Complete Results from it yet things are happening In the background that need to take some Time Some of you know this some of you are Unaware of this so for example like If you’ve been trying to apply for a job And it just hasn’t been working you’ve Been getting you know decline After Decline and you’re starting to get Frustrated with yourself You know some things like the economy Right now could be affecting it that Needs to clear its way out some things Like some people have to Some companies need to lay off certain People in order for you to fulfill that Job unfortunately that may be the case For some of you guys and not that you’re

Hoping for someone to lose their job but You need something to continue to move Forward and move away from the Temptation that’s starting to yank at You but with whatever you are trying to Make happen in your life Gemini it is Occurring It is with the Swan Queen okay And maybe some of you are starting to Find feathers around Um maybe Swan energy is very prominent To you you feel Swan energy very Strongly that Swan symbolism is popping Up Honor it and during this time where you May feel like nothing is happening find Some ways to take care of your mental Emotional health health Um the healing of that will help as well Focus on yourself focus on your Self-love and that will also lead you Away from the devil energy that’s trying To Deprogress you in your process and on Your journey Um But your intuition is a lot stronger Than the devil’s influence I can tell You that as well Gemini And I feel even if there are certain Fears that pop up from you know the lack Of results that you’re seeing You know deep deep down you’re made the Right choice by moving away from this

Toxic energy and it’s about to show it’s Unfolding now And I feel for some of you guys you’ve Been praying a lot Praying or asking for spirit’s guidance Um Spirit wants you to know that yes Your messages your prayers have been Heard and we’re working on them Trust in the process and surrender Control And I know it’s easier said than done But as you start to release control as You start to surrender you’ll start to See the smaller things that add up You know the fact that you were able to Get away from this devil energy in the First place are starting to get away From it is a blessing in itself it’s Opening up new Pathways that yes some Things need to take time to clear out But when it’s open you’re ready to go Down for it and you’ll never look back At this again Some of you are thinking of changing Your hair color dyeing your hair color And I think it’ll look really good maybe Some of you already have and you’re Starting to get compliments on it almost Like a new change a new you that you Want to implement in your life That spirit is rooting you on for a Gemini Let’s keep going Tell me more about October for Gemini’s

Too Foreign Okay The underworld This is giving me strong Scorpio Vibes And it says where all things pause and Begin again yes yes this is a perfect Confirmation for me about my messages That I was just giving for you yeah so When this place of Stillness right There’s an opportunity before this New Path opens to really resolve anything That’s still lingering Um you know I’m almost feeling this as Like a shamanic death that some of you Are undergoing Um whether that’s you giving it to Yourself or maybe you’re even seeking Like Reiki healing Um I don’t know maybe you come from a Family of shamans that are used to Confronting the demons in our Subconscious in our underworld and Releasing that and it’s a powerful thing Gemini and not only is it powerful but It’s very draining it’s very draining to Do this work so you know some of you Have been Feeling like because you’ve been Unmotivated you know that devil energy That you should be guilty for it doing This type of spiritual emotional work on Yourself or having it be done to you Whatever that is

It is very very intense as a Healer as a Light worker myself I I understand this And Gemini the work you are doing to Face these demons to overcome this to Challenge this to Resist you know the lower vibrational Energies that we’re all born with as Humans Um That’s enough it is enough I want you to Know that I’m the goddess Persephone is coming Through very very strongly here And I relate to Persephone and connect With Persephone quite a bit Persephone’s story is Um you know she was kidnapped by Haiti She was originally the goddess of Flowers And she was Demeter’s daughter the Demeter is a Greek goddess of the earth Of the Harvest of the seasons So Persephone out of the blue was taken From her environment of what she was so Used to what to something that was very Different very dark But what I love so much about Persephone In her story is that you know different Variations come about it I believe she’s A Survivor I believe that she has the Access to the light and the dark within Herself and knows how to use it knows How to transmute it knows how to use

Both sides The Duality of what we have To not keep us Stagnant to not De-powerless but to enhance ourselves Through knowing every aspect through Knowing every layer And I feel with this profound spiritual Work you’re doing Gemini you are Becoming that Persephone type of energy Regardless of gender or sex you are Someone that is becoming so aware of Yourself so conscious of your behaviors Of your patterns the good and the bad By exploring that by being aware of it It’s bringing you deeper knowledge Opening you up to more secrets about the Universe about yourself Which I feel is giving you the fuel to Face the inner demons to face the devil In your life to face anything that is Still trying to tempt you away from Knowing who you are and what you’re Worth and what you’re capable of Your power is growing Gemini and I think With if this devil energy is a person They’re seeing that and they’re getting Afraid by it I mean I feel for some of you guys this Is high priestess vibes And you may be seeing the high priestess Card quite a bit but yeah your intuition Your power is growing And with that it silences the devil and So when it starts to silence the ego

That’s when it becomes the loudest Because it’s trying to fight its way to Still be present to still be relevant But it’s decreasing now There’s I feel very strongly like death Card vibes And what is ending will bring about such A beautiful beginning you won’t be Worried you won’t be stressed you’ll be Relieved that this transformation this Transition Although it was unexpected although it Wasn’t how you thought it was going to Be or how you saw it is such a blessing Wow all right let’s go ahead and pull Some Tarot Tell me more about October for Gemini The night events right under the Temptation card very interesting Sagittarius energy again So yeah I kind of feel for some of you Guys this is a romantic karmic Connection of someone who wants to be in And out of your life on their own terms In their own way I feel maybe recently they just popped Back in again like Houdini Um have sexual passionate desires for You but it’s starting to bore you I Think that’s why you know some of you Are starting to move away from it but There’s something about them that really Tempts you too whether they’re very good Looking whether they have this passion

That when it’s you’re engaged with it It’s hard to kind of ignore because it’s So strong Um so intense So you know maybe that’s part of the Challenge is finally saying no to this Person that thinks they could come in And out of your life whenever they want To And then the next thing they’re flying Away face off their impulses I I don’t think this person as mature as You are Gemini Um others of you with this temptation And the Knight of Wands I do want to Draw attention to where some of you Um You know are afraid to take that first Step afraid to travel afraid to explore The new ideas that part of your heart is Excited for but the fear is like oh You’re gonna mess up you’re gonna fail It’s gonna be wrong that’s the devil Energy that’s stifling this creative Passionate energy that is waiting to Burst from within you I would be very very careful about Um You know someone’s offer that may be too Good to be true And they’re trying to sell it to you Like I said in the beginning that this Is the best thing that could happen here It is but when you start to look at the

Fine print you’re like hmm this doesn’t Feel very stable this doesn’t feel very Sure Be careful with that okay for some of You guys especially if you got this Offer towards the beginning of the month And you’re still thinking about it Um You know for this being under the devil I think it’s just it would be another Lesson Um Let’s keep going but for some of you Guys with the knighted fire and the Temptation the devil card If you’re the Knight of fire you know I Feel now more than ever you’re ready to Face this demon you’re ready to face This devil you’re ready to face this Toxic energy And you are going to Put this energy in their place They don’t see what’s coming out of you Gemini maybe because you’ve held it back For so long and it’s at this boiling Point but Make your purpose known make your Intentions clear and fight for it Especially if this energy is trying to Pull you back or pull you away from what You really want to do Let’s keep going Tell me more for Gemini in October Spirit

Queen of Cups right under the card I Said was the queen of cups nice Um yeah so your psychic gifts your Intuition your feelings about a Situation That are very very much starting to Become louder and louder Within you in your gut feeling I feel a Lot of you are very clear cognizant so The feelings that occur within your body Um within your heart space within your Gut feelings those are starting to Become more apparent around certain People around certain situations you’re Picking up on the energy and the energy Is not lying to you I always say it people lie energy does Not and you’re deciding what to do with The energy that you’re picking up on Gemini But again you guys are becoming way more Intuitive way more trusting of your Intuition which is leading you to the Right place If it doesn’t feel right You’re not going to go for it if it Feels great you’re going for it And you’ve learned through dealing with The devil how to discern this so don’t Second guess yourself But yeah I do feel specifically angels Are around you the Angels communicate With you the Angels send you angel Numbers

Um send you certain messages letting Them know they’re with you and guiding You towards moving away from this devil Energy Keep going tell me more And then the two events right under the Underworld Harry’s energy So as you know yourself Inside and Out The Good The Bad whatever we want to Label it as You start to make more clear decisions And you know what you’ve been patiently Waiting for from the beginning to the Middle of October I feel is coming Towards full fruition in the end of October the opportunity to act the Opportunity to choose And for some of you guys I wonder like Even if this Knight of Wands devil Energy and romance was a while back you Know you’ve been doing the healing Around that the wounds that has opened Up within you and by doing that maybe It’s clearing up space For the perfect timing of a new Connection a new soul mate to enter in That is going to feed your fire that is Going to Make you feel passionate make you feel Alive make you feel wanted which is Unearthing from you after all this that Has happened Um but yeah with this combination here The underworld where all things pause

And off and begin again you know You had to have this pause that was Occurring For however long for some of you Definitely in the middle of the month Just so you can understand everything That you want And then it appears Small ways big ways it’s different for Each and every one of you but you’ll Start to feel more excited you’ll start To feel like again the work was all Worth it that you’ve been doing And you can unite the light in the dark Of you and use it to act and know which Side of you you need to use in a certain Situation you may come across Bottom of the deck five events Yeah Leo energy so This is for this being at the bottom of The deck there’s definitely been a lot Of disagreements a lot of arguments a Lot of falling out Um that you guys may have been Experiencing but even if this is within You you know any sort of toxic patterns That still wanted to keep you in place That still wanted to keep you stuck You’ve defeated the demons you defeated The devil you defeated the toxic energy It wasn’t easy it took some time it took Some trials and tribulations But with this being the end result Gemini you made it out on top

Nice And because maybe for some of you this Devil energy started to see you move Away from this go towards new things They started to do low blows at you Sending you mean messages or telling you Mean things And they thought that was how they were Going to keep you no completely wrong Anyway let’s go ahead and get one more Card for my Gemini’s to wrap up this Powerful reading Yeah okay express your feelings this has Been the card Um Capricorn had this Aries had this so If you have those signs in your chart Check out those readings Um but yeah it is time to express your Feelings It’s time to honor your feelings it’s Time to let those feelings the good and The bad start to surface so you can Better understand them and see what These feelings are telling you What these feelings are showing you Because I do feel they’re revealing a Lot to you Gemini Even if you’re not the most emotional Person I do feel in the middle of the Month a lot of emotions are occurring That are giving you messages about what To do within this situation what to do In your life if you do find yourself Unsatisfied with some aspect of it

And how to use the good or transmute Even the negative energies and the Negative feelings into the more positive Ones A lot of you are the Alchemists here and You’re discovering that definitely this Month Bottom of the deck learn from your Mistakes Yeah I mean all we can do is learn all We can do is move forward all we can do Is progress and I feel you guys have Been doing that and if there’s devil Energy still prominent for some of you Guys I feel it’s just still beating Yourself over past mistakes It’s preventing you from moving forward So forgive yourself for anything that May have occurred forgive situations and Just move forward Because you’re going into an amazing Place at the end of the month and I’m Excited for you Gemini Thank you so so much for joining me for This reading I really hope it’s Resonated with you I hope it’s provided You with Clarity Insight healing and Guidance for whatever you’re going Through in the month of October and if It has please let me know drop a comment Below hit that like button don’t forget To subscribe I love you Gemini very much and I’ll see You next time

Take care Gemini

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