Expanding Earth, Full Moon, Plasma Explosions, Shifu Ramon

By | October 23, 2022

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Right now we are live ladies and Gentlemen I’m Rex Baer how the heck are You we have Shifu Ramon with us and this Is the pulse and we are at the epemc Gateway where everything plasma Everything electric universe and let’s Talk about it Shifu we’re going to get Into the expanding Earth theory as well As the plasma skies and Ley lines and Tornado parallels is that right that’s Right and uh I thought well we would do Rex today is remind the viewers there Was a previous show you and I had done Some years ago now uh about the plasma Electromagnetic sky Where in in the discussion of the plasma Electromagnetic Sky I had to introduce The Hajime Theory the hollow expanding Growing electromagnetic Earth hypothesis Are you among the diet resistance we’ve Been told forever the diet and exercise Is the keys to weight loss but that Doesn’t work for everybody especially After we reach the ages of 35 to 50 Approximately where any expert will Agree that weight loss becomes much more Difficult you don’t know it yet but over The next 30 seconds you’re going to Learn about how to help Skyrocket energy Levels boost your metabolism and help Reach your weight loss goals quicker Listen closely the secret is elevating Your Ketone levels with an amazing new Keto powder it boosts metabolism helping

Make your weight management efforts Easier than ever to further reinforce This fact it has thousands of satisfied Customers I’m one of them try it Risk-free for 60 days simply by going to Keto withleak.com click the link Specific in the video description box This is time sensitive so hurry enter Your details and you’ll receive your big Bag of Keto delivered to your doorstep In just a few days and then that led to Some other document so just scrolling Through I want to make it clear this Document It’s not out of date by epms by by the Main standards for the alt stream it’s Well ahead of a lot of things Uh but it’s out of date by epmc centers In terms of look feel a number of the Images are are beautiful but you know How they’re put together the conveyance Many of the standards this is part of The epmc model one if you get interested In the evolution there is a epmc Evolution paper here as well as a messy With block diagrams but you know in the Stage one of the uh process for making The plasma Glyphic megaphone Extinction paper Had to describe as best we could what The alt stream knows so far about the Plasma electromagnetic sky and what we Were proposing Now there are a lot of great things that

Are in here so our Hollow Earth doesn’t Look like this Hollow Earth that’s a Fantasy That’s not how it looks Okay our Hollow Earth is consistent of Either heavy water possibly easy water Or hexagonal uh hexagonal water or some Form of either liquid intelligence Hydrogen or crystalline plasma it Doesn’t matter it’s all hydrogen and uh We think it’s possible it’s it’s Trapping neutrinos causing expansionism That’s a professor male M-e-y-l that’s his hypothesis Uh there’s some other things that were In the paper that were really fantastic I brought in work from mainstream Geology so geology is not a set of Science they give you this impression That they have boom got a time stamp This is exactly how long ago it happened And this is how many billions and they Know it for sure they do not know it for Sure these are two different What you see are two different sets of Arrows from two different studies about 20 years apart so either the plates Change the velocity and direction that They were moving or the science improved Either way it wasn’t settled and you can See the velocities were rapidly uh Changed in many cases and in and in some Cases the velocity is completely altered The the vectors in the direction so that

That’s an interesting study that was Cited here Uh let’s see what else was in this paper You know it talks about the plasma Different modes I want to remind people That depending on how much current is Flowing and what kind of mode it is Plasma X completely different so it’s a Very different form of electricity Here’s the electrothermal vine so this Is this is still part of the standard so You know particles are coming in and They’re being directed around the Magnosphere into The Earth and it’s quite possible from The plasma from the sapphire fusion Um that was seen in Phase One of Sapphire that these are different uh Ways that are producing water So the Earth is literally growing as Well as expanding so there’s an Expansion of mass and there’s an Expansion of radius And then so that led to the plasma Electromagnetic Sky hypothesis whereas Then the person has to learn about Electric Suns miracle and currents I Mean it’s a dense dense paper it’s much Of it’s still standard Uh there’s a whole lot of of opportunity Here for learning about the magnetic Field Holes about elfs and Sprites about Uh you know plasmoids double layers Uh double layers in space but you see in

A Modern Standard this this image here Would be rotating this this uh Crab Nebula would be rotating uh of course That would be the Google Doc version And uh Yeah so there’s some good stuff there’s Some great tables so this is by a no Definite by no means out of date However I wanted to lay out a a pims to Paper and I’ll tell you why It’s my interest in things like Um like Atlantis You know this unboxing Atlantis paper uh Was done in order to update the audience Um I had gone to arklantis and saw a Presentation on Atlantis and they’re Talking about the bimyan row and I Wanted people to understand it’s not an Opinion row I wanted them to understand Why it’s on the payment row so I I Stepped through and there’s a surprising Amount of mainstream as well as of what Some all stream signs uh and myth Etc But mainstream science behind uh Progress in atlantology so I set up this Paper uh still very standard it’s got a Lot of great stuff here’s an example So there are people who are thinking That the reschat formation this is from Jimmy corsetti bright inside thinking The Rashad formation is Atlantis it’s Not Atlantis hate to tell it to you Folks who are fans of that theory I Responded Point by point to his his

Rogan podcast I time stamped the claims To the second And then address them Point by point Every single time stamp that I put in I Addressed And I warned him years ago that it could Not be and I knew it couldn’t be because Of this unboxing Atlantis because if we Look here at Africa Uh we have if anything Uh we have uplift In certain areas And we do not have any kind of uplift or Or down thrust either way of any Significant value near the Rashad And if you remember your younger dryas Information the C was actually lower At the time So the proposed times for Atlantis the Sea would have been going down not Coming up So something else there’s literally the The myth and and then and then the Course that he responds I give you the Entire Legend I mean there’s there’s no reason to hide It so here it is the entire thing in Number 0.6 I give you the entire Legend And then you can go through and decide For yourself I underline the pertinent Information that you most need to know And furthermore I stepped through later On in my show with Waters why it wasn’t Possible using flood software

I mean I give you all sorts of reasons And the reason why we do this in the old Stream is not to be mean it’s to be Precise There’s one of the things that the Mainstream uses to keep us Under control is say that we’re on the Fringes and that we don’t belong in fact I have a whole messy that’s going to be Coming out in response to a specific uh Diagram that was provided it was full of Weasel words and Straw Men and Ironman Argumentation not priori Pure counterfact information in order to Keep us down to keep us uh Not involved And so they don’t want us on the bus That’s what Michael Schumer says he says We’re not on the bus We don’t even want to be on the bus But we have to respond with uh what I Like to call concision it’s concise Precision And when you respond that way You know then it gains the respect of at Least some in the mainstream not all not The Michael shermers of the world but You give them the information and you Let them decide do they want to live by Fact do they want to live by feeling And so that’s what this paper has done And uh my interest in Atlantis uh Continues But you know there hasn’t been a part

Two And the reason why there hasn’t been a Part two is because on the Um On the document where I lay out what Kind of articles I want to write Not just the numbers of them Um I had written plasma electronic Sky Here’s what happened was that on a call On a show probably in around episode 30 Or 20 of the the pulse on Rumble Uh I had noticed That there were magnetic and gravitic Anomalies Not at The junction of the the uh or at the Blue Ridge Mountains but to the east of Them See this purple Arrow here this is the Messy I just I just released last week We’re going to go through these messages In some detail this Arrow this purple Arrow points to the Blue Ridge Mountains But you notice that the anomalies Are on the the east of it Now why is that There’s not really a lot of explanation Out of the mainstream they do the Studies and then they just put them out There so they put the mineralogy one Place they put the magnetics another Place to put the gravity in another Place

They didn’t even bother with electric Field studies don’t ask me why I don’t Know They should but they just don’t Right so I stepped through and I said You know Uh there must be something interesting Going on here And I wonder if it has anything to do With the tornadoes that happened in 2021 And does it have anything to do with Precipitation does it have anything to Do with You know the the experiences that we’re All having day to day Now it could be that just air pressure Changes Make you feel different Or air pressure is a reflection of a Change in voltage current potential Which is affecting the inductance Capacitance and transformative Properties around you And those are having an effect on your Body because your body is an electrical System Now the first one is simple and Dismissive it’s sort of like saying the Clouds are held up by wind No the clouds are held up in the air but It’s not wind that’s holding them up It’s charge potential There’s no way that there’s a steady Wind blowing at all times in a flat

Sheet at a certain elevation to create That effect where it looks like clouds Are sitting on on a piece of glass they Also weigh hundreds of thousands of Pounds So that’s not what’s happening And it is not Occam’s razor to just say It simply That’s not what that means Occam’s razor The simple answer is the one that I Actually said the the concise answer is The one As I’ve stated it Electrical electrical behaviors are Changing the weather And those changes in the electrical Behaviors are also changing your body’s Response hence you’re feeling your mood Your body’s aches and pains your immune System’s ability to fight certain Pathogens hence colds Etc the behavior of animals I heard it In the barbershop one of the younger Barbers was claiming that there’s no Connection between the full moon and the Behaviors of people but if you talk to Hospitals you talk to Cops and you look At the science there is an effect of the Full moon upon people’s electric fields And there’s an effect statistically On certain behaviors you can look it all Up Now it’s our job to go and find out why And where with this work we’re actually

Starting to find out uh what what is Possibly going on It needs verification But what about what about precipitation Why at this particular juncture where The elevation is not particularly Increased The precipitation is higher could it be That there’s some kind of anomaly Happening there So all it takes is just overlaying so You have here a magnetics map And then these arrows are just pointing To the areas that that we are noticing Things that happen to be associated with Previously established Electrogeological meteorological sites Mostly electrogeological And we have multiple episodes on that of Course we’ve got trip reports Loads of evidence on the Gateway that You can go into plus I’m not the only Researcher I’m the only researcher doing in this Area but you’ve got Burke up in the north there also to a Degree buddy up in the Michigan area Than you have in the southwest you have Andy Hall And the entire Thunderbolts crew In Utah you have Hawthorne So you have all other people doing this Research especially people Internationally

You know I focus on the areas that is The area of my research which includes Of course the mythohistorical and the Indians and the cahokians and Etc So that’s all of this Mississippi and Ohio River Valley down to Florida Um basically over to Louisiana that kind Of area it’s the area I tend to focus my Research is areas I can go and I Encourage people Go on field trips go on Research do Things in situ So I all I did was take these And it’s a real simple thing and the Tools are now available I put the Transparency used to have to use like Photoshop for this stuff so you need to Pay money or pirate it now you can put Them right over top of each other Magnetic and gravity anomalies put right Over top of each other I put now these ones are gravity anomaly Over top of mineral Then magnetic anomaly over top of Mineral And then I just created you a little a Little animation that you can see the Transition as I make the transparency The tools now exist for you to record Your own stuff and create these Shift files you you can use a Google doc Or some other cloud-based dock you can Embed these GIF for GIF files And then I just overlaid them over top

Of each other Now let’s let’s let’s look at this one So this is the I made this this is the Medium So we’re transitioning from the gravity To the magnetics and we’re going to let It Loop a couple times You notice they’re not one to one that’s The first thing you notice and you can Watch it yourself they’re not one-to-one That’s obvious Number two in the this one you can see Where the Blue Ridge Mountains Are The gravity anomaly is cutting Through the Blue Ridge Mountains And on top of that so is the magnetic Anomaly in fact at the end you’ll see up Here by my arrow there’s a magnetic Escarpment as something has etched away But the mountains are going along here But the gravity anomaly is cutting Through I’m sorry the magnetic anomalies cutting Through in an arc The gravity anomaly is existing in an Accumulation of intensity to the east And southeast of the mountains these Aren’t mountains right here these are These are accumulations the mountains Are over here this is all Piedmont Plains Now maybe they do know about this in the Mainstream You and I are Outsiders

But it seems to me it’s not something They’re teaching I’ve never been in a Museum and they talked about it I hear the same old stories that I Always hear you know the tired ones About The dinosaurs dying out and the asteroid And this happened and the Behringer Crater and that’s all you ever hear I’m not hearing anything exciting about The interactions of Electrogravidics and magnetics The potential for discussing other ways Of forming this for proving that hey my Bible might have something to say that’s Based in a reality of science That’s not been allowed for 150 years But we’ve come to the point where Science itself is starting to prove Records like the Bible like the Mahabharata Like the rig Veda like the dogon people Starting to prove them correct That’s an important important point for The future of humanity And then yeah briefly looked into Earthquakes now the earthquake data was Important because it led to the uh a Future study Right so that that’s that message done So then you know in the next one went to Right away to the tornado thing That’s the future study on because it Was the very next one

So 2021 and if everybody remembers Terrible tornado basically wipes the City of Mayfield off the map in 2010. so Did a very simple thing just looked at The path of the long track tornado Looked at some of these gravity and Magnetic anomalies Look here we start seeing There’s escarp mix in the magnetism that Look circular With the accumulations of magnetism in The middle And then there’s magnetic densities that Are moving along a path here Could they overlap well we just take That and the earthquakes and put them All together Boom you can see the tornado track in The background here as the storm moves Right along in an ark And what’s it moving along in in Parallel and sometimes directly over top Of earthquake faults You take the magnetism You stick that in there and now you have A lot of things Intersecting with each other you got Clusters intersecting with Magnetic Anomalies You’ve got the city of Mayfield sitting On Gravity and magnetic anomalies and the Tornado passes right through Now Ben Davidson talks about Earth spots

And he worked with uh Cape OEM I think Is his name And they released uh weatherman’s Guide To the Sun And they’re talking about these Earth Spots these low pressure zones Where the sudden change in high pressure To low pressure causes the fault to slip There could be much more than that Though There could be an actual proton pump or Dump into the fault And the reason that I say that is Because of after overlapping all of These things and here’s another one of These you know GIF you can open it up And click that little link down there Open it up look through it But at the end there’s a solar proton Then guess what the only thing that Changed from the 7th to the tenth is the Proton density Went up 14 times Now NASA the USGS and NOAA individually Have hypotheses going along these Brines Are they willing to work together I Don’t know if they’re willing to work I Think USGS Noah work together better But I don’t know that NASA is willing to Work together but no matter what The beginnings have been laid in the 2017 hurricane season When you had three hurricanes that all Juiced up

Immediately following x-class solar Flares And then events like this one that I’ve Highlighted And after they’ve all Juiced up all this And then people get hurt Now if the science is unwilling to Engineer itself to the Future then the Science has to change the Nature’s not Going to change science has a change Nothing revolutionary is happening here And yet it’s revolutionary all I’m doing Is overlaying magnetics gravity Earthquake and uh Weather data over top of each other In one image and you could see for Yourself the statistically impossible Correlation This is not correlation this is Causation We’re entering causation territory how It’s working don’t know precisely Something about Earth spots something About magnetic flux ropes or birkeland Currents Something is guiding if these if these Things make ropes Couldn’t they be tubes couldn’t there be Protons dumping from this from the Sun In the solar wind directly into the Fault The fault is generally getting colder It’s they say colder is having less Activity probably because the cataclysms

Are over But it still has a lot of energy it’s The most powerful fault in North America So it seems to me that there would be a Massive study But there’s only very few studies about The magma there’s very few studies about The groundwater But within one two papers here already Massive causative data is appearing So that moved us right along to Andy Hall and put out A video about the Keystone pattern in Which I recommend people watch so Andy Hall has a wonderful video about the Arcblasted Earth Harmonics waveforms go watch it it’s Dense but it’s worth its about 40 Minutes long Then the Keystone pattern he reveals That on top of yelverton’s lab work Uh he thinks that this pattern here And this is a Thornhill idea but we’re Going to call it the Andy Hall Keystone Pattern Um Crooked Smile Keystone actually That this in the valance marineris that We must be able to find this in other Places well guess what ever you know I Found it boom Pine Mountain Here in Kentucky makes a 90 degree turn Right here And it’s got all the features that are

Necessary and in fact I went on a drive Just this last weekend and guess what at This x Crossing And near to it because I mean this is Kind of a a bit of a guess where this This one red line should go But that right there is Stone Mountain It’s the lushest place I mean it looked Like it was it should have been in You know untouched Northern California Or in Alaska It was unbelievable the amount of Mountain she and The amount of lushness That was at the Stone Mountain and of Course black mountains where the tallest Mountain in in Kentucky is So there’s some cathode to anode Behavior Happening Here And that all the evidence appears I mean How many of these Devil’s bins do you See out of places like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon Um West Virginia These are signs of anodes and an Electrical behavior that has ended I maintain a direct Arc ADM Andy Hall has a Super Vortex Theory Some people think it’s just a general Electric field And that general electric field is sort Of the Lord’s electric field and then You know it etched over some period of Time but either way it’s still

Electrical Just continuing the same the same vein And it’s also important mythologically And historically these are Um rock Glyphs out of the red bird Cave and petroglyphs Which you can go see in Manchester Um And of course it’s the same motifs of Course it’s the same motifs And the The iwaku Falls which is in the Locals they call Yahoo It’s Lush it feels like the Yucatan Below They’re all these giant stones Something special was happening in that Area and historically something was Happening now why would the women and Children take refuge at The uahu Falls Probably because they thought the Lord Would save them because Wahoo is the Sound of the Lord And why are the the photos so photogenic Because I took them Near to and associated with this Crooked Smile What I’m calling the Jellico Bend here Right taking them along these Lakes And getting these wonderful color Reflections and you look at the colors Also from the devil’s bended breaks Interstate Park same thing And if you ever stop and think about it

Why why do we go to National Parks There’s a different feeling that occurs At these locations at Yosemite Yellowstone There’s a different feeling And your photos tend to be more Interesting for certain I maintained the lighting is actually Better when light is electrical Right so after that then Covered more than New Madrid Zone Found some really beautiful super high Definition 6000 pixel wide geological Maps from 1932. And uh there’s Keys you just click these Little images and it’ll expand the keys And here helping you to see the electro Electrogeological features Mineralogically And look at this And the arc on the way if you follow the Arc of the Land Between the Lakes Towards the Garden of the Gods in Illinois Where we know that there’s an Electro Blue Line there’s a there’s a rock Formation that can only be formed Electrically only It’s a plus plus evidence But there’s also boshock at Hicks Dome So it must have been an electrobola like The 1491 Melbourne Comet Well in between is the world’s largest

Floor Spa Is important for your old style Fluorescent light bulbs but it’s also Important historically in smelting iron Other than coal mining is the most Dangerous mining here in the U.S because It was highly toxic but the natives Would go isn’t it feldspar no floor Spar Floor Spar well that’s a different Mineral completely it’s purple it looks Like amethyst and it is toxic Tresa you should get yourself a piece Though of uh Kentucky florist bar if you Can it looks different than the uh than The Amazonian stuff But it is interesting that the Amazonians have it too And of course China China’s got all Sorts of minerals coming out of China Because there’s a lot of electrical Geological formations over there I wish I had time to study the electrogeology Of China but this area keeps me busy Enough And guess what the formations form Exactly along the faults I’ll show you That map here in a second Uh looking in in back of the Blue Ridge We’ve got all these formations that look Like volcanics But then they tell you there’s no Volcanoes That sounds like a contradiction of Terms

So what’s actually happening here When you drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway if anybody has it’s a wonderful Drive it takes forever though because They have a speed limit of 35 miles an Hour and they do enforce it Um there are all these You know Candlestick knob kind of Formations these big igneous rock globes That look like half dome that pops Straight out But they tell you there’s no volcanism And there’s no lava flows So something’s not adding up here And they all look like Stone Mountain But smaller That’s because of what I think happened Was a sputtering discharge of a very Much larger Arc event About as powerful as the one for the Grand Canyon something like that now We’re talking a very large powerful Event that moved along And etch that And first it did it really powerfully Down down uh way down in Alabama then Powerfully it’s Stone Mountain Then near the Smokies In Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina And then moving on up and then finally That area where we saw the uh the Electrical I’m sorry the magnetic

Escarpment In the upper Blue Ridge where Shenandoah National Park is As in not a surprise now if you look And the first image shared though What do we see they tell us in 1932 that There’s volcanic rock at the top of this Blue Ridge That you go there are no volcanoes And there’s no volcanoes in the Smokies So something is uh what does it say Something smells wrong and did Mark Something like that They’re telling you contradictory Information because why they don’t have Accurate consistent information There’s a lot of different schools of Geology and they have even different Ways of measuring time they’ve got Epochs and eons and all these sort of Things why because different geologists Have different ideas and they’re trying To force fit it and tell you that it’s a Concrete style science and it’s not it Is a harder science than most It’s one of the hardest Sciences but it Is Still always in motion It’s a living science Here’s that florist here’s that Florist Bar Deposits along these faults That cannot be accidental In my opinion

So I went back to the new management area Went back to the entire uh Arizona I’m Sorry Arkansas Area I produced uh this really wonderful busy Chart about the electro again The known electrogeological formations It’s on page two of this messy which is A messy 22. And uh here’s some uh geological maps You can click these images they’ll take You To the actual studies Looking at the minerals Overlaying things again explaining how a Tornado is electrical In this image using the right hand rule And then boom out pops my one of my Favorite images of the whole series of Egm papers here Is all I did was put the magnetics over Top of the mineral And you can see the minerals it already Looked bipolar anyways but now you can See the mineral bisecting the magnetism That is generating the tornadoes But they’re going at different vectors This one is going up here looks like About 80 to 70 to 80 degrees this is Going up much more like 60 degrees 40 50 To 60 degrees And you can see underneath here the Circular Magnetic escarpment with the

Accumulation in the center the Accumulation is not inside the purple Labeled minerals here It’s in the other side And it’s not where the hot springs are Because here’s Hot Springs National Park With the orange arrow Something very strange is happening in These folded layers these folded Mountains And it might be generating charge that Moves over here To this magnetically Etched area And accumulating at the edges Of this magnet of this magnetic field Generating the charge and power to Create these supercells and particularly Not just any supercells but long track F4 F5 level Storms I saw over at the Blanton Forest over The weekend a uh what they call a Worldly gig because there’s no dust And the whirly gigs are so fascinating Because they go along the leaves lift And then it goes away and then you Suddenly see the leaves every here move What is causing that to move they’re Going to tell you it’s hot and cold air Rotating around itself No it is an electrical Behavior Even in the deciduous regions of the State of the the country

And it’s moving along now was it Coincidental that I saw the whirly gig At Blanton Forest which is A old growth forest that is on the Pine Mountain flux probably not Can’t prove it because it’s just a Whirly gig but you know how Are these vortices actually getting Charged and energy and moving along what Scales are they using Beyond the F1 through F size five system I mean what literally logarithmic scales Are they using we could understand this Maybe we can predict them we could save Lives maybe we could use it for power I also took a look at the groundwater And at the uh fracking and and basically The groundwater and the fracking studies Are Just not detailed enough honestly but You could see here that the storms would Form in this region 66. but then cross Over into you know other other ground Water it doesn’t appear to me they Didn’t follow one particular kind of Water system and there wasn’t any Fracking studies to be Um Compared with really in the area there Was just this little flacking study here But most of the fracking earthquakes Happened of course in the Oklahoma South Kansas north Texas region so it didn’t Appear to have an effect which is good

It’s called control And then finally of course the new one Working on today taking a look at these Spheres of Heaven these shells of clouds Moving across each other Go watch the video Jeff HK shout out 30 days time lapse at Sea wonderful Music it’s absolutely beautiful 10 Minute video So this this rotating shells moving Concentrically but not in the same Direction so not that concentric I mean They’re concentric because they’re on Top of each other And this this clear Visual Evidence that He has provided is not only mesmerizing It’s scientifically useful The generation of power happens because The different layers are moving in Different velocities right across each Other So all I did was step through it I don’t Know it’s ever been done and I’m just Not aware of it Maybe the alt stream we’re just Ignoramuses like they say We’re not on the bus because we’re too We’re not good enough to do the general Relativity math But all I did was apply Spherical capacitance And I went from the inside of the inner Core To the outer core

And getting the Actual distances Found the capacitances Calculated the masses based on doing Some Google searching Google research Which I converted to kill electron volts Which then I converted to to potential Generating a voltage Then I was able to take that voltage and Combining with radius I was able to Calculate the electric Fields I could do Some more research on the resistivity of The different layers And that led me to currents which led me To the flux and eventually to by the end Of it to the power And I make a long story short we’re Going to come back to that to make a Long story short Uh the thermosphere Is where all the power is in the Atmosphere Now is that really a shock It’s where the heat is And if you look on this diagram here That’s where the auroras are happening Which I didn’t know before I did this Study So I didn’t know this you asked me two Days ago where the Aurora’s at me like Ah plasma fear The plasma sphere is a generic term for Several different layers These are where the satellites are so

Now we’re getting back into the spacers Work and getting back in the birkeland Polyphase super web But the temperatures could fluctuate Wildly in the thermosphere from 930 Degrees To 3 600 Degrees this also can get hot In the exosphere but there’s not if you Look there’s no power out there The current flux is too low way too low And we know that this stuff is happening Because We have tools like the null School .net That show us the counter rotation Look at the South Pole right now this is Live Rotating counterclockwise when you click The uh 10 Hella pascals right there There’s about 8 300 feet And then it’s rotating Clockwise in the Antarctic so Counterclockwise in the Arctic And Clockwise in the Antarctic Which means there’s transformation Happening inside the Earth And they don’t always do this they Switch directions And you know we’re heading out of the Vertical season down here and these These poles are getting very well Defined in the winter

And then they’ll get they’ll they’ll get Weak again and then they’ll get very Well defined again in the summer And I want to point out another tool That people need to be aware of Wendy.com very useful right now this the Earth the the United States is Incredibly boring in terms of uh Uh rain accumulation Etc you can always When you first loaded up the wind again All kind of boring I like the waves ones Kind of really pretty Uh but it’s a really useful tool for Another reason you can uh put on the Rain thunder hit the play button and It’ll give you some Predictive Analytics You know again change theory in Application One of the few things we’ve studied in Terms of change theory sensation China Is whether the other stock market Um but anyway So these tools are quite useful in Demonstrating our concepts of the plasma Electromagnetics guide the Spheres That are much thinner but they’re still There they’re non-trivial Carrying massive amounts of electricity I mean look at these numbers they’re Talking voltages the ones in the Earth Are definitely much larger From 10 to 25 to 10 to the 29 But they’re non-trivial here the Troposphere 10 of the 21.

I mean even out in space here 10 to the Eight So for an average voltage of 7 times 10 To the 28 volt And all the shells Whether they’re in the by the way I use Different permittivities for the the Earth obviously as I did to the air You know I’d use the average Permittivities because it’s not that Easy so it’s not a precise study but it Does give you a sense of scope and scale And if we were wrong about these things About electricity then we wouldn’t be Able to predict that the thermosphere Would be hot And I don’t know Rick if you’ve ever Seen anybody predict that but I’ve not Seen anybody predict that with from our Side that the thermosphere should be hot And why it should be hot But it makes total sense when you look At Um there’s a there’s a sudden uh Increase in Uh current flux It goes from 10 to the negative 36 to 10 To the negative 18. amps And there’s a spike in a lot of things And there’s a lot less resistivity In the thermosphere Based on studies again based on Mainstream studies so you got to decide If you believe the mainstream and then

The paper goes into radiant energy Drooping energy all sorts of things that We’ll get into another time Look at that power 10 to the 3 times 10 To the 24 Watts unavailable to us at all times and They’re telling us That the world is short on energy I feel I just don’t think it makes sense what Do you think Rick Yeah no way uh There’s so much so much stored energy In our atmosphere That I’m sure Tesla was aware of it and That’s what he was wanting to tap he Wanted to light the Van Allen belts up And Make a make it like a sun around the you Know around the whole planet so that you Know it was light everywhere even at Night Um He had to understand that there was Energy in the ground And in the sky and he Just had to work out the potentials And figure out how to transmit it and he Did apparently Yeah I mean based on based on this we Are seeing definitely that the surface The crust I mean there’s a lot of a lot of flux Trusts as well oh yeah And

Um one of those there was another number That stuck out about volcanoes Earthquakes the the current the current Look at the current so the curl the core Is high And uh the crust is very high from Between 10 to the 9 to 10 to the 15. Amps Of course we would expect a lot of total Current inside the mantle Makes total sense there’s a massive Amount of of mass physical Mass Well not only that did we polymetric but Because because it’s so big I mean the Flux is very tiny for them But the the atmosphere we know from our Personal experience how powerful the Lightning is Then if the current flux is that low and We still get that kind of power how much Power does the Earth containing and it’s Unbelievable really well it’s a plasmoid I believe in the interior in in every Every second of every day It gets fed 10 million amps On the birkeland currents that Show up as our auroras And they feed into the bird into the Into the double layers of the atmosphere And then it feeds into the into the Crust and then it goes into the core And that’s what keeps everything warm And and toasty down in there And

It’s it’s not a plasmoid like in a Laboratory like a Yeah it’s it’s a different type of Plasmoid but I I firmly believe that all Of these 10 million amps every second of Every day going into the into our planet Has to go somewhere and it’s going into The core Yeah and it’s and it’s moving the world Along I mean quite literally and Figuratively in people’s lives I think That That buddy is right that there is a a Tunnel of information between what most People call the akashic it will just Stick to the etheric And the physical reality that we’re Existing in Um I’ve personally experienced these Meditation but you never know because It’s meditation how much is your Psychology how much is your Neurochemistry how much is reality how Much is Imagination But there are certainly some strong Evidence that there are these connective Tunnels between say the Sun and the Earth Which would mean the solar system Electric circuit and the planetary Electric circuit and from the planetary Electric circuit wouldn’t be naturally Down to the smaller circuits on the Planet

I mean that’s just common sense that There’s an analog connection an RLC Uh characteristic That is connecting them all not the Least of which is light Or heat But it’s certainly sound and inner you Know resonance I mean the things that we Feel as we move through the world and as The world moves through us I was really surprised though to find That the voltage Um the vast majority of the voltage Almost 100 percent Is contained in the Spheres of the earth Whereas only 1.27 times 10 to the negative eight Percent was held in the atmosphere Because it is such a yin yang Connection but it’s mostly because we Are so small And we are so vulnerable And we look at the sky and it’s so it’s It’s so Um thunderous and Powerful but is really Truly the kind of a statement of the yin And yang our Yin experience is that the Earth Is receiving all this power but what This is showing is it’s actually storing Tons of this power now I assume This voltage This potential this electric field this Current

All this power is actually coming out of The Sun And that’s your expansion mechanism that We disconnected from not even hard Saturn In the polar configuration We connected to the sun it started Delivering via the Flux ropes that NASA has mapped that’s Right they have the map they have them All pretty pictures showing you the the Birkeland currents they won’t call them That no they won’t they show them going To the Earth Both ends North and South Pole Same same setup is it as the sun it gets Fed Its power through the North and South Poles Yeah the electrothermal vine is ever It’s it’s to the Earth where fruit on The vine Jupiter is a fruit on the vine The sun’s a fruit on the vine it’s one Big Vine and folks these ripples this is NASA here these ripples are occurring Every day the connections that you see The flashes they call the magnetic Reconnections that’s not what is Happening magnetism is not connected It’s electricity that is connected Magnetism merely comes in concentrations And dilutions You can model it that way it’s the Breach of a double layer that’s exactly

Short circuits they’re short circuits Massive Arc events opportunities for us To capture enough electricity to run New York City You know Or or power all the lights in the Country Or in your country wherever you’re Always going to say in the United States 10 million amps is a lot of amperage It’s quite a bit of juice And we’re just talking about capturing What’s up we’re not even talking about The Ether the counter space doing any Kind of fusion we’re not adding the Geothermal which clearly has to be Talked about eventually we’ll be able to Get to a deep enough layer In the crust That we’ll actually be able to to count On that potential that is that I was Graphing out At the lower deeper levels There’s a you know we’re going to be Able to leverage this product Uh Rick we’re going to be able to make Some great graphs out of this I mean you know we’re going to be able To counter some really bad you know Anti-electromagnetic propaganda that’s Out there which baffles my mind Everything that everybody does is Running on electricity But they don’t want us to talk about it

Your body runs on electricity your Body’s solar wind is electricity your Love I saw a carillion photograph where Two people who are in love their fields Wouldn’t touch each other and then one The man was interested in the woman but She wasn’t interested in in his Fields Approached her and he couldn’t reach it So they went in and went upwards and Around her You know around her hand just an amazing Amazing stuff I I’ve seen I was kayaking On the Green River And there was a Uh one of those jumping spiders webs Across the river and they’re going to Tell us that they walked across no of Course not they they hitched a ride they Put on an antenna a gathered charge and Then they rode across And I’ve actually watched it happen I’ve Actually seen it myself on a beautiful Summer to late summer day summer to fall One of these tiny spiders Riding electric currents And all I could see is a tank me you Know because I can imagine myself really Tiny I could see this tank moving across You know an exploratory tank Maybe it’s visiting Venus who knows But we’ve got to stop thinking in terms Of limitations Boundaries yes boundaries are good like Double layer boundaries

But limitations uh you know made up Speed limits like uh the you can’t go Faster than light lines I never said That and he would have been wrong if he Had It’s arbitrary control mechanisms in my Opinion But it’s also just wrong And if it’s just wrong you need to call It out folks The Big Bang is wrong why because it was A Methuselah star and that Methuselah Star is supposedly over the big bang by Their own science yeah not only that Either wrong on one end or wrong on the Other either way they’re wrong the new James Webb images Surprised the hell out of them when they Saw fully formed galaxies that weren’t Supposed to be there absolutely Absolutely and these galaxies we have Seen them rotating on these giant Birkeland shells Going counter Uh to each other but also in parallel I’ll make a prediction right now right Here in 20 or 30 years when the next Best telescope goes up out there They’re going to look back even further In time and they’re going to even see Even more galaxies and quasars and and And stuff out there absolutely Taking their big bang back 50 60 70 Billion years they’re going to have to

Readjust their models again and again And again and again that’s right and That’s okay we’re not against that we’re Not against it just need your models but God You have to get your model at least Halfways right So you don’t have to adjust so often Yeah some of the time they need to be Getting it right that’s for sure And every time they put a new Space Telescope up or every time they look Deeper They’re shocked and dismayed I mean Whoever heard of something spinning Thirty thousand to sixty thousand Revolutions a minute You’re talking all stars yeah pulsars do Well but if they’re not spinning then They don’t have to have that problem or If they were spinning normally yeah well There’s there’s an electric they’re Electrically pulsing yes there’s an Electric phenomena that are is well Known to electrical engineers that will Pulse at at those rates easily Absolutely Remember how they kept putting speed Limits on it and then they kept finding Another star that would break it and Then they kept putting a size limit on The Stars they kept getting smaller Conscious there is a star listen to this People

There is a star that’s cold enough for You to walk on And there’s a planet blacker than Charcoal According to them this isn’t stuff that I came up with this is according to NASA Yeah the star is 80 some degrees And the you couldn’t walk on it because It’s gravity but you can but you know You could walk on it with the Temperature and the planet Is darker than charcoal you know what The star’s saying to you I will crush you yeah I should swallow you whole Now you and I were talking about and I Had I told you my theory that these Stars are actually just like cells which Are bilayer phospholipids that they’re Bilayer plasmas Where on the outside of the shell that Fusion is happening just above the Surface and electrical pressures are Exceeding Thresholds And the fusion is happening because Rearrangements happening Right whether it’s transmutation or Fusion it’s rearrangement And it’s happening and then it’s Accelerating away with the electric Field and then I predicted to that we’re Going to see the same thing on the Inside

And they’ll only get transmutation with Fission and fusion together Right and also uh basically in the Presence of plasma I’m not seeing any uh you know solids be Fusing together Yeah so what what is there’s something Interesting happening and I think on the Inside is the same thing as happening And then masses are forming them from Time to time that Sun’s Stars will become lumpy and they will Eject or exfoliate Uh as Dr robitaille likes to say Exfoliate materials that are Non-hydrogen non-helium From their cores outwards And it appears like Beetlejuice has Given birth And it is not unreasonable to think that Our shamash gave birth that it when it Bifurcated Donald it explode all over The place releasing its guts but that More that it was highly electrified Suddenly by the Sun And either something was pulled out of It Or pushed out of it or both electrically Speaking You know the electrical gravity pulling It out and the Electro static pressure Pushing it out Out of the core forming these other Bodies of the solar system creating the

The events that we see today and these Pressures people are so powerful when We’re talking To the new environment that it just Entered into yes but my point is at 10 To the nine you’re at a billion so when You’re talking 10 to the 12 10 to the 20 10 to the 28 These are these are billions of times Billions of times of billions of times Yeah and the power is not something that The human is Norm used to experiencing 30 milliamps that’s 10 to the minus Three That’ll kill you a microwave is Frequencies on 10 to the negative 6. So these powers that we’re talking about Are just Phenomenal levels I mean the gamma rays that they would be Putting out are way dwarf anything In the microwave Spectrum we’re in the In the light spectrum or even the UV Spectrum Yeah your x-rays that you encounter at The dentist office Cannot compare intensity To the powers that are coming out of These active galactive nuclei And all these pensions I mean there There’s no way to compare and then now We see even the Earth is dwarfing And I love Mother Earth but she’s small In the grand scheme of things oh yeah

She’s very small on the grand It’s a Grand scheme of things so where do you Think it’s going from here Rick the Whole plasma electromagnet in the sky The Hajime the atlantology if you want Where’s it all gonna go oh I think the Mainstream is going to have to Once Their sensors get better and they start Understanding and seeing more Of the magnetic fields and the filaments Out there They’re going to have to start Following along with the electric Universe They’re gonna have to start saying that That these are Z pinches they’ll Probably figure out some other name for Them Well but it’s gonna take it’s still it’s Gonna take time I’m probably not going To see it in my lifetime where where It’s accepted but we’re going to stick With Z because we got Bennett Lerner and Uh ARP and Scott so you know we’re gonna Z pinch is a good one Yeah it’s a good it’s a good way to Accumulate all these guys they’re Talking about the same basic event of Course the actual individual Application the geometry as buddy would Say of these punches is gonna vary Depending on the scale this the scope The amount of electricity flowing Is it Arc is it is it dark mode and by

Dark we don’t mean invisible like they Do on the other side right we’re not We’re not looking for invisible well it Is it is invisible to our eyes but our Eyes but not it’s not invisible to Instruments that’s right it’s it’s Absolutely completely that’s what that’s Why they’re showing up as as these Filaments Webb is finding a filamentary Universe not a A gravitational universe Even even the um the dark mode plasma Was able to Vaporize The lameware tungsten probe that Sapphire was using I was going to Mention that it turned I mean it turned Tungstened into something else yeah it Wasn’t anymore because it it ruined it It totally destroyed its the structure Of it and then they tried to take it off With a with a pair of pliers and it Crumbled in in the pliers it just Crumbled tungsten doesn’t do that Tungsten can handle 5 000 degrees Yeah when it went into this double layer The double layer was contained I think It was 73 000 or 70 or 83 000 degrees Somewhere is in around that neighborhood And it just vaporized it and you could See the Sparks going everywhere you can Watch it you can watch it yourself Um Uh folks you can on the Gateway you can

Directly type you so epmc gateway.com You can type in Sapphire and there’s a Bunch of uh Let’s see the you know the labs you know The Thunderbolt but on here and to start Learning there are uh entire lists and Then there was the messy that I did Um let’s go back to we go to the UPMC Drop down mems click mess And in that one it was the sun is Electric it’s an electric Sun period Which I love I love the title of that Paper It went over went over well too lots of Downloads for it’s an electric Sun Uh you know I find it funny that any of The attempts to try and get around it Well there’s electricity but it’s not Electric come on now don’t play don’t Play word games with me that’s nonsense Uh if you go down to page four of mess Five Boom all the sapphire videos you need to See And you might as well watch it back to Back as if your Netflix binging right Here starting with the the beginning Phase one Going right through To some of the latest reactions Uh so interesting uh good stuff and I I Don’t remember exactly what I’d show Which which video it was that has the Vaporized tungsten but the point is

Since one of the earlier shows yeah it’s Like it’s I think it’s this one but I Don’t know for sure I think it’s the 17 To 18 update Um Go through You know and learn about the differences From Gareth of the plasma cosmology Versus the electric universe but the Bottom line is they’re splitting hairs Here it’s a plasma electromagnetic Universe my friends and the plasma Electromagnetic force is your unified Ether theory that we’ve always been Looking for your ether is a sea of Charge baryons Cosmic dust Etc it’s all Charge And potential And as a counter space and that counter Space is feeding us potential Through The Ether Yeah and Safra Sapphire offers the Electric model of the sun offers answers To Also huge number of anomalies That have come up with the atomic model Of the Sun Why this why that why the other thing Well an electric model explains all of That it’s expected this is a shout out To Gareth see the pattern understanding Bennett pensions and Z pinches in 60 Seconds you go to this document go to Page four click that one and you’ll

Understand what Rick and I were talking About a minute ago So the sun is electric it’s an electric Sun plasma electric the electric fields Are not created by gravity Gravity is weak compared to electricity Gases don’t perform work on themselves The universe is full of supergalactic Electric circuits and Galactic electric Circuit filaments and the Sun is on a Filament called the local chimney It’s just an electric Universe folks it Just is I don’t know if there’s nothing Else to say I I wish luck of course always the People that are struggling To uh you know get through and Understanding this But it is a fact And where we conform to facts nature Will reward us that’s my experience at Least I don’t know if it’s your Experience Rick but it’s my my Experience That it’s better to be rewarded by Nature than punished by her I don’t know That’s my take that’s my two cents Rex Do we have any uh questions comments Anything but throw into the I just Wanted to say welcome buddy 10 minutes ago there he is I’ve Mentioned him about five times Hey guys uh yeah I I was sitting there

Trying to get on the On the call but something was happening On my phone so who knows now I’m on Well welcome welcome still we’ve we’ve Run through the the science the people Are convinced I don’t know if they’re Mollified It might be horrified by the numbers but They’re I don’t know if they’re Mollified however we were just getting To the questions comments uh to see you Know what what was available Uh the earlier segue that I had uh Mentioned when I was talking about the Magnetic tunnels And then we had talked about the people On the effect on people’s neurochemistry The nerves Uh the tunneling of energy I think I Even went into talking about what people Call the akashic but You know we can probably come up with a Better scientific term for it Take it away though any direction you Want to go we’ve Covered Atlantis tonight we’ve covered Birkeland currents we’ve covered the Thermosphere I mean it has been a Wall-to-wall show full of Science and Math and Wizardry How are you doing by the way Uh doing good uh just been Uh packaging freeze-dried ice cream but Uh yeah the I guess

Um I’m kind of I’m curious about what I Have a question about the Bennett pinch What came first the Bennett pinch or the Z pinch 17 wow the first one 1790 Martinez van Morham explosion 100 Laden jars into a Lighter In 1905 Pollock and Barrack law And then Northrop in 1907 then 1934 Publication and the analysis of radio Pressure balance and static Z pinch by Bennett so same thing So Bennett is the Z bench Okay yeah Well you see it says the first creation Of the Z pinch in the laboratory may Have occurred in 1790 yep but they Didn’t They didn’t recognize that they didn’t Understand what it was no they they Probably said well look at all these Little spheres that we just created very Important though to point out that the Historical contexts and dimensions of Our cosmology Better sorry free dating to The vast majority of mainstream Cosmology the vast majority I was going To say Bennett studied the pinch effect Quantified it Probably set it out in in mathematical Terms as well wrote a paper on it and He’s the the the person who basically

Figured it out yeah here’s uh here’s the Reference here let’s see who we have There’s the Harvard uh There’s a Harvard reference if people Want to look it up Um might be might be hard to get this One without going to your local University or Library Let’s click the PDF and see what happens Authorization required of course Pay walls man that’s how they keep us Down That’s how they keep us down okay Anyways that’s a good question buddy Yeah I was always curious about that Now here’s a question are you curious About the plasma electromagnetic sky or Do you have anything that you want to Say about because we were we ended up This study led us to discovering that The thermosphere is where it’s at the Thermosphere which doesn’t really Surprise us because it’s hot Which means it’s full of energy Um Covered the that part and we covered Most we covered a lot of the Hajime Theory we didn’t really cover the Expansion as much there’s probably room For us to throw in a little bit more Fellers so there are a couple different Theories uh as to the electric expansion Mechanism

Destinta has a feeling that there is an Ether flux that goes into these hot Spots that are in the center of all the Continents Uh and that that causes a buckling Upwards and then as The Hot Spot moves Along then the collapse downward hence The sinking of the uh land formations so We see I think that that’s a pretty a Good amount of Merit because the thin The crust is so thin doesn’t take much Upward or downward buckling uh in terms Of the percentage of the diameter of the Earth to cause what would be for humans And absolutely catastrophic event if if You’re if your home state fell suddenly 500 feet Uh the amount of deaths would be in Uncalculable So uh the the uh but 500 feet in the Thickness of the crust let alone the Thickness of the earth is nothing So I think that’s a good expansion Mechanism there’s also Professor mayle’s Concept of the neutrinos Gathering up And then occasionally the Sun the earth Going through spurts of growth Um especially from supernova Interesting concept um I like Buddy’s Concept of the star water forming and That increasing the growth but that’s Mostly on the surface Um I think that there’s something to This idea that the Earth might be

Manufacturing oil and other compounds Inside the core and or mantle uh Certainly a form of uh easy water or Hexagonal water seems to be leaking up From the mantle into the bottom of the Oceans particularly thinking of the Bottom of the Um The Gulf of Mexico which ain’t far from A really nasty gash Uh in the in the crust in the ocean I’ll Pull that up while you guys discuss Well the possibilities of the the Expanding growing Earth Well I think the Earth is I think it’s I Mean isn’t there a well-known fact that It’s expanding Well only Among Us school people Uh Well even if it was a flat Earth it Would still be expanding because the Amount of space debris Um uh just Stardust that falls on the Earth uh every day Tons and tons of uh of Stardust millions Of tons yeah millions of tons of Stardust then there’s uh tons and tons And who knows millions of tons or Whatever of uh biometric data or I mean Bio uh biomass from organic organic Molecules yeah organic molecules biomass From plants animals Etc Um the fractal of all life is growing And getting bigger and bigger and bigger

That’s the Cascade of it you know some Diminishing here and there but So well yeah but the sun is also putting Out organic molecules yeah in the solar Wind yeah if I can if if I can just one Second interrupt I’m looking at an image of the elves and Red Sprites and blue jets Elves are just below the thermosphere or Part of the bottom of the thermosphere Where all the energy is and they’re huge And they a big a big glow ring then the Sprites are in the mesosphere and that Should show you the Amount of energy that’s in the Thermosphere I just wanted to throw that In go ahead buddy keep going sorry I put a image in the uh in the Skype There Ramon you kind of bring it up if You want yeah absolutely well I think That I think that humans are tied into These circuits Um that you’re talking about there Rick Uh directly into it our our soul Um I think we come into the Earth with a Spark through the egg and we leave uh The Earth and I had this really crazy Like Uh In-person experience a full apocalyptic Vision And what I one of the things that I Learned from that was that we might be

Uh Sprites uh You know I at least uh our souls after We die uh we could move through because If you look think about everything is Not touching and then the global Electric circuit uh is is interacting With the uh The galactic electric circuit and the Solar electric circuit they’re all Connected Us being connected to the global Electric circuit we could just be Dancing anode Tufts across the surface Of the Earth and then when we’re gone we Get Um sucked up and whisked away into those Beautiful different uh tles that you Were showing on the screen But you were you were talking about the Earth expanding Um I I think those are two valid uh Reasons right there What what’s some other valid reasons you Think Um there is To me like it’s up and running it’s just Delayed a little bit right Okay There was a theory that had to do with Uh Uh basically Um internal uh vertical pressure created By the core itself And then

Um As it’s fusing Expanding the materially internally Which brings brings up the question is The Earth literally Hollow or Would the fusion be happening because of The counter space that’s literally Within the atoms Uh happening Oh we’ve got some comments from uh our Friend uh Aaron That’s great he’s always watching okay So he says tornadoes are electrical are You making that makes me Gravity is Electrical yes Aaron definitely gravity Electrical is you know I describe Gravity’s electrical ethereum buoyancy Yes we use this data to demonstrate an Electrical relationship to gravity Pretty sure Um Yes good Um recently found a volcano now that Turned out to be that turned out to be a Um an April fools uh that they had not Removed From the site so uh that it’s my bad I When I went and sourced to make sure That that was true that did not turn out To be true so uh but it’s probably still An electrical formation we could look at That formation of the Smokies a little Bit more closely here in a second Uh volcanoes plus yeah uh Hot Springs

Temperature and wind did not cause uh Tornadoes yep 600 million amps not 10 Million well that depends on uh which Which there are different belts and I’m Not sure which belt that uh that Rick Was referring to Uh but there are belts that go all the Way up into the billions above Earth And uh it’s literally transmitting Material into the uh Earth yes energy is Definitely literally being transmitted Into the Earth absolutely electrons And protons and protons and beta Particles all sorts of organic material I mean it’s just kind of crazy how much Is being like uh deposited right in boy This is a different site doesn’t it you Can see it in auroras Yeah because well the particles are are Are excited before they uh jump down to The next double layer as Sprites or blue jets or when in clouds Lightning touching the ground It’d be cool to track that interaction That uh de-lacing or the the mist or uh The paths of the particles and that Could be why harp and stuff was invented To look at the uh the auroras and you Know I mean not why but one of the many Reasons I’d love to find out more information uh About HARP Well I believe protons are mainly in the Solar wind and they get deflected around

The Earth but there’s it’s electrons That are coming in from the Sun on the On the birkeland currents there’s a Definitely electrons but if you get Interested there’s a curious Droid Channel video I would recommend that one For people to start because well a lot Of myth about a myth about it and yeah a Whole lot of interesting things about it Okay that’s a that’s a good spot because I did get into it quite a bit and then I Realized that they claimed that they Canceled the harp project and then they And then all of a sudden they showed up All over the world uh difference Different heart projects so I have no Doubt that they’re that they’re Occurring you know all over the place For sure you know Yeah What else we got that’s awesome that’s An awesome okay I see what you’re Talking about And there’s gonna have there’s gonna be Uh conductors and dielectric dielectric Layers within the crust of the earth as Well And then there’s going to be Permanent uh Paths for short circuits in the form of Magma Breaking through here and there I heard that they found a bunch of water Um in uh under the crust of the earth

And they can’t find the mantle that’s Right yeah and the Mansions bigger than Bigger than uh this makes more sense This makes more sense to me than any Other inner earth Theory ever I could be Just water you know well not the whole Thing but what if I mean but as far as We know there’s water everywhere where We drill you know and it’s just Ridiculous the amount of aquifers and Underground uh You know thing water that we find so to Find oceans underneath in the mantle Where’s the mantle the mantle is the is Is that where all these uh this ancient Water this pre-water exists it might be Uh it very it very well might be there’s Um Also the possibility again like I say That the Earth itself is manufacturing Oil Uh that that oil for performs the Equivalent of what lipids do in our body For Mother Earth You know it’s an interesting Theory it’s Something we got to go forward and test Obviously you know we’ve gotta we can’t Just declare it to be true but Um there are some facts that we do know And you know when we we look at those uh Facts about the Earth it’s just Definitely much more interesting and Dynamic than we’ve been led to believe In terms of what you’re taught at

Museums and on Discovery Channel Well again it might be in their Literature they’re not sharing that Literature with the world then what’s You know what’s the point well they Should give that literature to to Everybody So that the information is getting out There but it also might be that they Haven’t changed their thinking a bit in Spite of the evidence the overwhelming Evidence that’s pouring forth at this Stage If oil is necessary for the Earth like Some blood or something Um what is it good for is there anything That eats it uh what is it what what’s It well there are now you mean not not Human-made uh uh mealworms or something You mean yeah what does it do in the Earth what is it doing like there’s Other things that are doing other stuff In the earth what is it doing like what It what is what symbiosis takes place Here I don’t know don’t know probably Some form of uh not just lubrication but But some kind of energetic uh not food Source but an energy source Um it might be though that uh this is um Bagashov’s theory about the the various Species living within the Earth that That might be correct Yeah It’s totally possible

Um because we still have some some Slight of it dig deep enough yeah well We still have some slight evidence that A lot of The hydrocarbons that are on the planet Now were delivered by Venus in in their Encounters velikovsky talks about that Foreign Since we’re not on that kind of episode Do you give them a little bit of a Prayer well I’m not I’m not I’m not a Hundred percent I can’t remember the the The the point of numbers and all of that But yeah but it was the middle of the Victory yeah and I mean we find we find Wheels Embedded in Coal Bells embedded in Coal That’s supposed to be 300 million years Old Well we we’re pretty sure some of these Events especially the one When Saturn came into the sun And you know It was trying to Equalize itself and we were we were part Of this thing that was coming in We were trying to equalize ourselves and There’s a lot of There’s a lot of Um Hydrocarbons we see Coming off of uh comets but we in the Electric Universe know that comets are Not hydrocarbons or ice volatile

Hydrocarbons we know That they’re Rock and they’re being Etched away and we don’t just guess that Folks but they went NASA did this for us They shot a probe and it bounced off the Thing yeah well it didn’t bounce off it It Arced to the the the the the comet but It did and it was destroyed yeah well no It it did leave a crater it did leave Some damage but left a crater yes but it Was still that it didn’t plunge into Snow there was two Two visible Periods of light one just before it Touched the comet and another one when It hit the comet that’s exactly right But we know I mean if people tell you we Know that water comes off of comets Well they’re looking at mostly deuterium Water for one And that can be Manufactured by the solar wind Etching out the out the stone breaking Up the stone into Constituent parts And then the solar wind an electron hits Here and and then creates these elements This is how it works out there It’s not these elements are coming off Of here these volatile uh components are Coming off the comet no we’ve we’ve we Have images Of comets

Ones that light up like crazy when they Come close to the Sun or come into the Internet uh the inner solar system But they They don’t Look like ice they’re Stone there’s Maces there’s Boulders fields of Boulders there’s sand dunes there’s It looks like a desert on them basically We have a one one final question here What did they say about tornadoes and Ley lines Um I would recommend going to the Recorded version of this show And uh getting into about 15 to 20 Minutes in Um I start covering the magnetic flux Lines in Arkansas and headed there Towards Kentucky and why the Mayfield Tornado uh of 2021 went and hit Mayfield Was so destructive Etc so we we covered That pretty good just wait till the Recorded version of the show comes out I believe that last week’s show which Was a total barn burner uh I believe it Came out today and this one should be Out in a couple days he may want to edit Some of the images Etc that’ll be up to Him and I just want to thank everybody For coming in final comments guys uh Tell me what your feeling is about the Plasma electromagnetic Sky Atlantis Whatever you want final thoughts and Then we’ll close it out

Uh well Mike Tyson’s this is not here or There but Mike Tyson’s coming to uh Michigan to wrap a product of his all Right at a dispensary And I’m gonna go meet up with him and Give him some of uh Grandma’s space Kitchen freeze-dried ice cream Dude give him a leak project hat too I would love to yeah yeah and I’ll send You one He’s coming like like fast like Um Let’s see the 21st and I’m trying my Hardest to get into this private party Um apparently there’s this private party That he’s going to be at and he’s going To be at three different dispensaries Taking pictures and meeting people so I love his podcast I’ve been following Him for a while that’s a great podcast Yeah he’s hilarious so like it would be Great to meet him Yeah he’s he’s he’s he’s a real deal He’s one of the hardest hitters I don’t Know why people say he’s the hardest Series not the hardest hitter but he’s One of the hardest hitters in the History of boxing and he’s also Surprisingly a surprising philosopher There is a special I don’t think it was Netflix but there is a special people Should watch it’s him talking for about 45 50 minutes and he’s in a in a Button-up shirt he looks like he’s gonna

Pop out of the shirt with muscles just Like the Street Fighter video game Um and it’s a really uh great uh special And then his podcast uh which is hot Boxing is uh very uh in-depth you know You learn a lot about these figures the One one of my favorites is him with Evander Holyfield who he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear and then you know people Even in the boxing World Stills they Claim Evander was headbutting him so in The in the special Evander says and you Were the one head-butting and Mike goes He starts nodding yeah that was me Hahaha so I mean you know it might keeps It real at all times and uh he’s of Course still an impressed fighter you do Not want to get hit by that guy maybe Maybe I can get him to come on the leak Project uh that would be crazy yeah no You never know that’d be awesome yeah That’s what I’m saying Uh uh Rick closing thoughts Well it’s just that you know people are More curious about this and and the the History is is tied to Our history is tied to all of these Electric phenomena that were witnessed By humans and It’s our it’s it’s basically the Thunderbolts projects Videos they show The the way it might not be exactly but It was pretty it’s pretty darn close to

The way it looked to our ancestors And Once you understand History and you look at These these videos that they compile and You you can start to understand Little bits and pieces of history that Confound people Like the ancient Egyptians saying and And the Sumerians saying the sun Basically stood In in in the northern sky and it was a Fixture there it didn’t move And well our son doesn’t do that So it had our our reality had to be Slightly different in the past And there’s not slightly but anyways Getting the cat but one thing’s for sure You can take part Go to the Gateway and go to the Volunteer click that click the standards Learn learn some more about the thing Look it through the researchers that we Already have go to the plasma Electromagnetic cosmology tab click the Reason yeah it’s all there on the Gateway take a look at these guys some Of them are just absolutely amazing People and as well as Brave some of them Have sacrificed everything don’t forget Also check out the ancient Kentucky Historical Association and uh look at The hidden Kentucky project look at the Newsletters getting your Arthur research

That’s how you spell Arthur in the uh in The original way Arthur And uh yeah check out also you go to Shows Rex just told me of course he Doesn’t bother to tell me anything until I ask him directly but uh that he got The playlist done so we’re gonna get the We’re gonna get the playlist from all The shows that Dex and I did up here Um on on the Gateway and also check out My man Greg Jay Um be the change you want to see because If you don’t do it who’s going to do it If you put it on to your neighbor he’s Gonna Netflix binge okay or a Hulu bench Whatever you guys are into And if you wait for the government to do It It ain’t gonna happen until the till the Polls flip and the Earth turns over All right you’ve got to be a part of the Change Um don’t forget to visit also I forgot About this it’s a Communications page Some of it’s a little out of date I Gotta remove Discord I gotta get rid of That but I don’t I do not recommend Discord people but uh generally there’s An entire beginner section start Learning go to the FAQ visit the memo Speaking of electric Universe this is Still such a great document that was put Together at my time in the electric View And it really answers us a lot of

Clickable words clickable links and then There’s a little uh at the end there’s Like this uh nine quadrant system if you Want to learn All the science behind what we’re Getting getting into Uh just start clicking these little Links and probably we need to make a uh 2.0 or just update this one because a Lot has happened but man there is so Much information in the primer and in This memo that can take you to the next Level Be a part of the change like share Subscribe hit the Bell buy some merch Show wreck some love And we’ll see you next time on A couple of shout outs on on the page I Want people to be aware there’s a Lightning research in tornado’s page It’ll be getting a little bit of an Update but it’s got some really great Stuff already on here I use these guys research a lot when I Did the plasma glyphs uh so that’s a Uman and Dwyer So uh you know definitely familiarize Yourself with lightning and Understanding lightning if you get time Read it’s like a 50 page of Non-lightning text and then also under The uh mems uh I believe it is this page Let’s take a look together There is a document that is all about

The the Mims naming conventions that Document has yeah here it is this Document has exploded with useful Information about future direction if You want to understand where we are Musically going together how it’s going To look at this although I’ve only Written 23 of them I’ve numbered out to 50 of them uh the various strategies Business all that kind of thing plus Naming conventions these were pulled out Of the Conquering the solar system for Those fans who have been diligently Doing their homework 185 page uh Document there are technologies that are Listed in there and they’re going to get Their own newspapers by and by you know We’ll get to it eventually uh so those Are two good pages to be familiar with Um last time I talked about the Introduction to grades All right so there’s those things [Music]

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