ET Abduction, Hybrids & 6,000 Year Timeline of Alien Contact

By | October 18, 2022

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Paranormal Pendulum III: The Abduction of Lindsey Higgins, the UFO Phenomenon, the Spirit World … and Beyond

Haunted, Netflix Series, Season 1 Episode 5 , Watch It !

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Ladies and gentlemen rexberry leak Project how the heck are you we have a Couple of awesome guests with us today We’re going to talk about the hybrid Slash ET phenomenon I have Dan Baldwin And George Sewell with us and we’re Going to be discussing their research With Lindsay Higgins and her story was The subject of the Netflix series Haunted and I just watched it quite Impressive I’m going to ask you some Questions about the theatrics of the Documentary I don’t know I mean when They were pulling Hooks and stuff out of Arms I thought to myself is that a Little bit more than what was talked About I don’t know I don’t know but it’s Certainly frightening and fascinating And both of you guys have quite a History of researching the spiritual the Unknown The Unexplained making it Explainable however the UFO Abduction Phenomena as close as we get as much as We think we know it seems like we don’t Know so much Hey everybody rexberry League project How the heck are you this stuff is Amazing I’ve been taking it out for a Couple years and I know that you’ve Heard me brag about it and there’s a Reason I’m bragging about it because It’s the most Complete Nutrition you can Get combined with the Gladiator barley This stuff goes back to the Gladiators

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ET Has that changed the the whole genre in Your eyes very much so In fact in the uh two years we were Researching part of the book paranormal Pendulum three that’s the Lindsey Higgins story oh we realized just how Much of what we call paranormal Components are truly interconnected and The UFO phenomenon was certainly one of Those components and Um we weren’t quite expecting that broad Of involvement but there it is Okay and yeah Dan the man what do you Think about that yeah the complexity of The whole matter is is what it didn’t Throw me but it uh I found it most Interesting originally you know way back In the day I thought probably like most People UFO somebody from another planet Comes down lands in the UFO maybe they They talk with people maybe they kidnap Them they go back up the more we got Into it uh the more complex the whole Matter became with you know does it Involve uh people from from another Planet from other planets from other Universes from other dimensions what’s Going on that seem to be all kinds of Things going on so uh the the other Complexity of it which defies a simple Definition is what uh fascinates me and Keeps me going Great well I want to I want to jump into

This experience or these experiences That Lindsay has had Um mainly because this is first of all I Just just watched it like I just watched It on Netflix it’s about 20 minutes and Folks if if you haven’t seen this yet go Watch it’s called Haunted and it’s Season one I don’t remember exactly Which episode but I’ll leave that link In the video description box episode Five episode five thank you number five Is alive Short circuit if you missed it it’s from The 80s the great great films the robot Who comes alive but yeah so let’s talk About that I mean it was it was as if She you know she’s Um Lindsay had a very difficult Childhood a lot of trauma and Um good for her to make it through that You know way to go Um but it seems like whatever it is has Kind of been following her for pretty Much her whole life Let me intro George on this real real Briefly okay um please I was doing work On my paranormal pendulum books which is Communicating with the spirit world and Uh especially on the the book two Georgia was an essential you know in Helping me conduct the research so I Kind of brought him into the uh the Spirit world and then George said hey I Got I got something you need to you need

To look into with me and so George Brought me into uh pretty much the the UFO world with a young lady by the name Of Lindsay Higgins and I’ll let George Take it from there yeah Um Lindsay Um who’s in her mid-40s now but uh her Entire life has been filled with Paranormal events if you will uh Beginning when she she remembers she Remembers uh two and a half and pushing Three years old an event that happened Where uh her family was operating a Restaurant in Shreveport Louisiana it Was a Central Station old train station And downstairs was a restaurant upstairs Is where the family lived and young Lindsay home would be up in her room by Herself when the family’s downstairs Operating the restaurant and one sunny Day she was a little bored in her room And she’s looking out through the window And it looks kind of nice outside and She wants to go outside and play So a few minutes later some people Walking into the restaurant noticed this Little Going a half three-year-old child Running around the second story balcony And they go inside and alert the family And they’re going upstairs the window is Open now they bring Lindsay back in Close the window and ask the obvious Question how did that window get opened

Because there’s nobody else on the Second floor and Lindsay says oh well my Friend Morlock opened it for me so I Could go outside And that began a whole series of Investigations as to who was Morlock how Did that window get open Dan and I seen This window it’s a Forward to near ceiling heavy double Hung window I mean this is a train Station and there’s no way uh well Lindsay’s gonna lift that thing and There was no other explanation for who Could have And Part of the investigation that we did With uh Lindsay when Dan came on board With his pendulum was to see if one this Was an accurate story and could we Possibly locate the individuals who were Able to manipulate that heavy window and Actually raise it and in the course of Our research for a paranormal pendulum Book three Um Dan and I were downtown Doing some pendulum work in who is who Is the resident hot in this particular Building we were visiting locations that Have a history of having a a spiritual Ghostly presence and since we were Downtown I said just said Daniel why Don’t we go by Central Station it’s Closed right now we can’t get it inside But I’d just like to ask a few questions

So we drove by And Um Dan has his pen alone so we’re asking Are there any Spirits present yes uh Well I’m going to tell a story and I Would like to know if what I’m Recounting is a true event and then I Basically recounted uh what I just just Told you a few minutes ago about Lindsay In the window and is this a true story Yes uh by chance is one of these Spirits Present the individual who raised that Window for Lindsay yes Um by chance are you are your remains in The Oakland Cemetery at the city’s Oldest cemetery and we were going to go Visit that afternoon yes Would you be willing to direct us to Your final resting place yes and so that Afternoon the chase was on you want to Pick it up Dan Yeah well we uh we went to the Oakland Cemetery uh met the spirit with we’d Spoken with that morning he guided us to A uh we’re the problem that uh Memorial And uh at that point he handed this off To another Spirit a guy by the name of Pennock if I remember correctly And then Panic handed us off to another Spirit it was some sort of uh ghost Trail they were handing itself one to Another and uh the pinning Spirit led us Around Oakland Cemetery using the Pendulum dowsing technique of finding a

Location And uh he led us to the top of a little Hill with a rather prominent family Memorial you know with the old Iron Gate And I believe they had three rather Prominent memorials there and it was of The W.D Woodworth family And we discovered through uh uh well two Years of research let me let me put it That way that uh Lindsey Higgins is the reincarnated Daughter of W.D Woodworth her name was In uh was Sally Sally Murph Woodworth And they lived in the 19th century Industry for Bossier City area And the reason the reason George yeah The reason we were led to the that Particular graveside W.D Woodworth is uh That whole family uh it turns out is Connected with modern day Lindsay’s Family whereas her father and her sister And the most immediate previous life Were W.D Woodworth his his wife and his Two daughters Um And we found that astonishing one Because we weren’t looking for anything Like that we just led to WD woodwork uh We could check historical records about The family which we did where they lived And they were Um WD was quite a character as it turns Out uh Um a lot of my dad can talk about that

Later but um Anyway this is linked Lindsay her family with this other Family and we speculated that okay There’s got to be a there’s some Significance to this reincarnating Fashion and there was one particular Session pendulum session Dan and I were Doing with Lindsay Um where she was having an opportunity To question if you will the spirit of Sally Murph Woodworth so in effect we Are talking to contemporary Lindsay face To face and by means of the pendulum We’re also communicating with part of Lindsay’s Spirit as it was following the Life of Sally Murph and that’s when it Just kind of whoa hello this is this is Going to go into some strange areas Yeah we had to basically redefine the Term at least for us the term of spirit It the spirit is a lot more complex than Just uh it’s it’s not a solo thing Well yeah it sounds like a fractal and You’re yeah okay I could I could see That and then How far back I believe the Egyptians Believed in something like that if I Remember my history That would make sense yeah the Egyptians Very very wise Now I want to hear more about this like This ET connection and it sounds like it Could even go back previous lives then

Well again let me let me intro George And then hold on to your seats folks Buckle up okay this all began about 6 000 years ago When the spirit of the woman who is now Lindsey Higgins entered into an Agreement with a with an entity from a Higher spiritual realm that she would Reincarnate throughout history And in the each reincarnation would be Um targeted towards slowly but surely Moving the human race Homo sapiens to a Higher level over over thousands and Thousands of years each reincarnation Moves us a little bit further And uh that was part of her agreement And that that involves not only the Higher spiritual realm but uh you know Reincarnation and now it also involves The uh experiences with the uh what we Now call ETS but it’s a long-term Progress towards you know improving uh Homo sapiens And George why don’t you take it from There yeah what um We didn’t start out in that direction we Were starting out Okay we’ve got all of these events that Lindsay many of them she consciously Remembers uh some are Profound dreams that she has on on Occasion Um and one particular event that’s Depicted beautifully in the Netflix

Episode when she was a sophomore in College and she has an instance where She’s in her room uh finishing up Studying gonna go to sleep and all of a Sudden a huge bright light blasting Through the window uh basically uh Capturing her and then begins pulling Her out of the room uh she goes above Her ceiling fan she reaches out and Grabs the blades on her ceiling fan and Then it’s just jerked out of the room And into a large crap that uh uh was Somehow out in the back uh she’s Returned not two months later and she Gets out a ladder and climbs it looks at The top of the ceiling fan and she can See the streak marks in the dust so that That confirms it this was an actual Event it wasn’t something that she just Kind of made up or whatever it was it Was chilling very chilling for her Um so we were focusing on not only that Event but other events that appear to Involve Uh I don’t like the word abduction we’ll We’ll say interactions with what we Would call or recognize as Extraterrestrials uh some were physical Like that uh many were non-physical Would say astral or they would occur on A different level But uh they There seems to be a reason a method to It and that’s where we started exploring

Uh in communicating directly with uh we Called an E.T allowed us to call and I Used to say to him it’s a bit but um E.T Uh would be kind of the manager of this Long-term process that lends these Involved in so he was the one that Brought her into the initial agreement And has been supervising if you will This whole process for all this time And That’s where we uh learn the approximate Time frame of when the agreement was Made and this was a A lot of reassurance for Lindsay because Up until then it was just I’m just a Victim this stuff just keeps happening What why what is it Um but when she learned that oh I agreed To do this okay I agreed to do it let’s Go I’m gang so there was a lot of relief There just realizing that this isn’t a Happenstance uh you know it’s not random That this is at least in her case it’s Part of a an ongoing and multi-lived Project So let’s talk more about that where do You get this information that it goes Back 6 000 years and that she agreed to This without Because that sounds like you know to be I’m looking at that skeptically but also I’m wanting to look at it with a Respective respectably uh skeptically And it would be easy for something with

That type of Technology Uh to trick somebody into thinking that Versus action but at the same time I Could also see how there would be just As much of a of a plausibility that you Would go into contract with something Like that but let’s let’s look at both Aspects of this for a minute Your thoughts Okay with respect to uh the information This is coming from questions uh to Whoever is answering uh by means of the Pendulum and what we would do is if we Had a session and we made contact with Say an ET and we asked uh is this part Of an agreement yes did Lindsay agree to It yes uh we would take that question And answer episode and we would have Another session with another individual Who is also a pendulum dowser who’s Unacquainted with that session and then We would ask the same questions and then We would Mark the answers as as his Pendulum swung yes or no and if they Coincide then we have a degree of Confidence uh in that particular Conversation so everything was double Check in that fashion we also had two Evidential mediums working with us on The team and they were able to get Direct Impressions uh from some of the Players so to speak and they mirrored Very nicely what we were getting through The pendulum so there was a lot of

Checks and balances here and only that Information that really was replicated Uh by different people over different Times this took place over two years and It was that consistent then okay it felt Pretty competent presenting that as as An information Okay let me tell us in something we got A really interesting bit of confirmation Uh during the abductions uh not only With Lindsay but with what the other People there’s a great deal of pain Involved during the medical Experimentation and that was certainly True of Lindsay’s case she was in uh Again when when they took her and they Did the experimentation she was hurting Bad And we had a conversation between uh you Know George Meade Lindsay and the teas Who were doing this medical Experimentation and basically I’m Boiling this down to a nutshell but she Said you know I’ve agreed to do this but And I will continue to do this you know I’ve given my word I’m going to live up To it but can we do it without the pain And we got a confirmation yes we will do That without the pain all right since That session She has had several Visitations experimentations and they Have all been without pain So yeah I’ll take that as a pretty uh

Pretty profound confirmation that what’s Going on is is truly going on Yeah that’s and so I want to talk more About the pendulum also you would have Somebody else you would ask the same Questions they if their pendulum hits The same you know says the same thing That yours does or confirms what the Other person does then you put that in What is the percentage on that did you Keep track of the numbers of like how Much is right and how much is wrong Versus the the two We didn’t keep percentages but we double Checked and triple checked ourselves all All the way through uh I’m a dowser I’ve Got more than 20 years experience in it George is a dowser we had another dowser Who was uh who’s a friend of mine uh I Did not did not know it but he said hey I’m a dancer can I get involved in what You guys are doing uh we also had two Different mediums and we also had just Some basically super intelligent Business people involved so You know everything we asked we asked Multiple times in multiple situations uh And multiple questions in multiple ways And sometimes for example I’ll give you One example We did a session basically where we Wanted to make sure that uh My pendulum movement wasn’t affecting Georgia’s perception so that his

Pendulum would move the same way or vice Versa and that the medium who was with Us wasn’t watching the pendulum to get Her answers or we weren’t watching her Body language You know so we could anticipate her Answers So in essence George and I faced away From each other the medium faced away From us and somebody else asked the Questions and consistently well all Three got the same answers at the same Time Foreign Movement like how does that work and how Somebody that’s got so much experience Like how do you use that and and Maximize it yeah I encourage people to To get involved with the pendulum Dowsing the uh the technique you can you Can pick up in a couple of minutes I Mean if you can hold a rock on a string You can you can douse with a pendulum Uh what’s hard about it is is practicing To keep your mind absolutely clear and The way it works is your conscious mind Looks at that rock on the string it’s a Weight on a string And your conscious mind is occupied that Frees up your subconscious mind to make Contact with the spirit world the et’s Your higher self a higher power however You want to describe that so you ask a Question the information basically is

Downloaded from the higher power Down through your subconscious your Subconscious moves your fingers so that The pendulum swings left or right uh Right swing would be yes a left swing Would be a no and a swing back and forth Means uh you need to re-ask the question Or sometimes it means I’m not going to Tell you But it’s it’s extremely simple process I Like it because Uh there’s no room for interpretation Yeah it’s either yes or no or shut up You know leave me alone there’s no room For interpretation Are there people that will use it as Like like trickery well they’ll make it Move a certain way uh oh yeah do that Yeah that’s part of the danger I learned This when I was doing my misting um I I Got more than 20 years experience Looking for missing personals you can Make the penalty go left right swing Back and forth go in circles whatever But by just by consciously thinking About it it’s real easy to do and you Know when you’re looking for a missing Person you want that little Five-year-old kid to be alive so you Know is the is the missing person alive You get a swing yes that’s because your Mind is is thinking yes you have to keep Your mind absolutely clear you know is Is the part missing person alive yes or

No Uh am I speaking with the spirit yes or No am I speaking with it with an ET yes Or no Okay yeah in a nutshell that’s a Simplified uh description of what goes On yeah yeah I appreciate that and I Think like you said it’s it’s there’s Going to be people that are genuine that Do it and they’re going to be those out There that might I just know this one Guy that I would watch him sometimes and Say something and then it’d make him Move certainly I’m like come on man yeah Exactly I can see what you’re doing you Know yeah yeah it’s easy it’s easy to Fake and but you know and what we do why Bother Because uh what George and I are doing You know if we’re faking it we’re going To get caught because you know we’re Putting out too much information that Can be cross-checked so if we’re faking It you know we’re setting ourselves up For uh we’re cruising for a bruising Right on absolutely and let me let me Let me throw this in real quick though Please It’s like any any other technique it’s Not infallible yeah you can be wrong a Good example initially we thought uh Lindsey Higgins was The Reincarnation of W.D Woodward’s wife It took several sessions before we

Discovered that we were initially wrong We just misinterpreted the information That she was actually the the daughter So you know you can be wrong so that’s That’s the value of cross-checking Triple checking and doing it again and Again and again Great well let’s let’s I want to talk More about the the actual Abductions and the uh some of the Experiences because Um does doesn’t she doesn’t Lindsay say She’s had at least a couple of dozen Experiences that she can remember Yeah George that’s that’s your Department yeah there are a couple of Key instances that are covered in the Book that uh she has actual memory of or She has a flashback memory of there were A couple of those Um and they’re they’re covered in in Separate chapters in the book uh the key Thing is it’s been pretty continuous it Was a little period in her life when she Was in her uh middle teams which seemed To kind of ease up a bit but then boom When she hits uh later teams it comes Roaring back and pretty much uh stuck Around Um Lindsay’s situation uh is very Similar to many many other people that I Have spoken with through the years back In the uh late 1980s and early 1990s I Was the assistant state director in

Louisiana for the mutual UFO Network and Had an opportunity to talk with quite a Number of people in Northwest Louisiana Who had had some sort of encounter or Somehow uh some experience and it turned Out what they were most wanting was not An explanation as to what this was what Happened what occurred Much to be able to talk about it because At that time certainly there who are you Going to take it to and Lindsay had this Problem her family really uh there They’re not really too excited about This they’re not they’re not going to Talk about it and when word kind of got Out that I have a counseling background In addition to everything else Um that I would be a confidential ear For people to finally just talk about Whatever it was that happened to them And possibly if it’s something that has A commonality was something else I had Heard I could put that in as a little Bit of reassurance And that’s kind of what I was able to do For Lindsay when she first made contact With me just before she did the Netflix Thing So Um There wasn’t much that Lindsay described That I had not already heard from other People other places and in different Time frames so that gave a lot of

Validity to her story uh to me initially And so you haven’t heard much since the 90s about this the experiences or did it Or are you still Like hearing stuff about it well I’m Always always keeping up with I’m just Saying there was a period there where I Was really active books on the ground Type Um and that that time frame passed but Uh no I’ve always had an interest in This particular field and kept up with It to a greater or lesser degree last Couple of years particularly with Lindsay coming on saying it’s okay it’s More boots on the ground now because uh Uh one we got a fabulous investigative Tool with the pendulum and that’s uh I Think it’s gone a great way to Understanding Lindsay’s story because Otherwise Um there’s no hypnotic regression There’s only so many things that she can Remember there’s hardly anything Physical uh that you could use to Validate an experience so uh it was the Unity uniqueness of the pendulum and That way of communicating that we were Allowed to get much information and a Key example of that Is the property where Lindsay grew up on In South Shreveport where she had so Many encounters and saw so many uh Strange individuals or entities

Uh we were at the property with Lindsay And we were doing a session and the Petalum was passing on information from Her favorite aunt Belle who lived next To them when she was growing up Lindsay And her aunt Belle were very very close And so Aunt belt was providing just a Wealth of information as to what was Being experienced by Lindsay at that Location during those early years so That’s a how would you access that third Party information if you didn’t have say The pendulum as the communication tool Interesting yeah and and so there was Like native Spirits also working with With them yeah one thing that uh well we We discovered that Lindsay has a degree Of he will psychic pallets and been Exploring her story it turned out that Not only was she actually experiencing What the E.T and Shadow People many many Of the commonly more uh described Encounters but there were she was also Seeing if you will uh the spirits of Some cattle Indians Native Americans who Lived in that area some time ago and Once we realized okay this is not Connected with ETS listen she’s picking Up other presents other beings that are Occupying that geography and uh well Dan I’ll let you pick it up from there yeah One of the interesting things about this This book Is it you know uh obviously you know the

The uh abduction alien abduction aspect Of it but there’s also the aspect of Spirit contact there’s also Reincarnation there’s also contact with High revolved Realms and a process That’s going on for 6 000 years but uh Out at the land where she grew up is uh It’s not spiritually important to the Native Americans but it’s a it’s a Historical spot And we were there and we had a Well yeah three dollars is me George and A friend Dave McMillan and uh his wife Lauren who’s a medium Pardon Joe was there Okay yeah yeah Uh yeah Lindsay’s dad was there with us But we did a session and we we Discovered that uh there were six Spirits of six cattle Indians you know With us at that point and we had a Conversation with with uh the Indians And discovered that uh you know they Weren’t trapped there this wasn’t a Haunted area they were there because They wanted to be there they felt a very Close uh draw to the land it had been Important to the the survival of that Particular uh Clan of the tribe And they were staying there basically to Take care of the land and we talked with Joe and allowed Joe to talk to the Spirits And reassured them that you know as the

As the current property owner that he Respected the property he respected what They were doing what they had done with The property when they lived there that He was going to take care of the Property And at that point we ask the spirits if Some of them would like to cross back Over And three of them said yes And so we aided them to crossing over You know going into the light crossing Over we we hated them in doing that and Then three of them decided to uh to Stick around just to take care of the Land the interesting thing is as we were Leaving after everything was over we’re Getting getting back into our cars uh Lauren the medium looked back and said Hey look they were waving at us so the Three Indians who who would run remain There were just basically saying so long See you next time It was it was a real interesting Encounter Yeah and and you guys said you’ve done a Lot of research where there’s been other People that have had similar experiences And are they in different states are They close to that region or in Louisiana Well there’s there’s a wealth of Information in the UFO uh literature out There covering cases from all all over

The world as a matter of fact Um So we’re we’re all red uh and just so Anything that we come across if there’s Something we can relate it to that okay This is this isn’t the one and only this Is very similar to what was recorded in This particular case or whatnot Um Yeah I’m just trying to figure out if There’s like uh if you guys can Because in the in the documentary that I Watched on Netflix there were some clips Some news clips about that area in Louisiana at the time uh when Lindsay Was going through a lot of that stuff That uh there was a lot of UFO activity in that area specific So I’m I’m just wondering if you know Why certain regions are picked sometimes If it has to do with the you know are They setting up shop there underground For a while or you know I um if there’s A Rhyme or Reason to it it’d be Interesting to find out just to help With the research but and okay well I’ll Pick it up and yeah we took across two Two prominent reasons that would explain Much of that uh if you will the Sightings the other encounters and Whatnot uh the property that Lindsay Grew up on uh first off it was occupied By Native Americans and okay that’s an Important factor it has a freshwater

Spring on the property it’s adjacent to A bayou so we’ve got the two water Elements so there’s a lot of mixture of Geographic points that are are fairly Common if you’ve got those come if You’ve got that combination in the land You’re more likely to have some sort of Attraction from uh some sort of Paranormal if you will energy source Um we we were led to believe and had a Little bit of confirmation that the Source of many of Lindsay’s sightings And other encounters is that there is a Portal In that General location in South Shreveport South Caddo Parish and the Information we received from ET was that That’s a very ancient portal it actually The portal was there before the Earth Was but that was the way that uh certain Individuals as well as Machinery if you Want to use that term could come into Our three-dimensional realm and that’s What a lot of what Lindsay was Perceiving now her father Joe Oh kind of Illustrated the reality that That might just be the what’s going on Back in the uh mid 1980s uh he told us That Lindsey’s maternal Uncle who was in The Air Force at the time was stationed At marksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City and one evening he brought his Young son out to the property Specifically for the son to look at a

Certain part of the sky and If you will a UFO appear did its thing And then Disappeared and the uncle looked at his Son and said okay you know they’re real But you can’t ever talk about them So that kind of Illustrated that the Portal is a is there’s awareness that There’s some sort of uh transition or Communication process in that General Location Uh subsequently uh and this is also Included in the book but it’s uh in a Little different genre uh during much of This two-year Research time I generally had a a Pattern of waking up early in the Morning taking an early morning uh three Mile walk just to kind of get things Going I’m a morning person And the Walker would be uh down to and Around what Mike Woods Park and Bossier City now Mike Woods Park is a very large Park it’s adjacent to Barksdale Air Force Base it’s adjacent to the southern End of the main Runway And One day uh I was taking a winter walk in The baseball field at the park was all All uh Frosty and just shimmering these Are pretty picture so I took a photo of It with my iPhone uh put it on Um Facebook as I’ve seen on this morning

Stroll type thing and got a lot of quick Responses with George wow that’s that’s A pretty looking pretty looking picture There but what’s with the the blue Tennis ball yes what I went and reviewed the picture again And I had totally overlooked it hovering Above the baseball field it was about a Tennis ball shaped Um blue orb and whoa where’d that come From I just wrote it off as a lens flare Uh but our next subsequent mornings uh Just kind of had a little buzz in the Ear uh let’s recreate that photograph George so I go to the same spot same Frame click I don’t see anything Um but what I would see when I’m Reviewing the the picture in the camera Um well there’s another orb And this just went on repeatedly and Finally reached the point where okay I’m Not seeing anything but the camera is Clearly photographing Um orbs so I sent them out to dance then Take out your pendulum if you wouldn’t See if you can get a feel for what’s Going on here And he came back with the orb is a Spirit It’s a spirit known to me But not in this lifetime So that of course people my curiosity Um who on Earth could this be because of

Being very consistent I mean they’re Getting whoever this person was is Getting my attention by means of the Camera and the morning walks So I start looking Little balls in the ear all right I need To look at 19th century American Actresses And I start searching on the internet For a 19th century American actresses And One name keeps popping up and that’s Kate Bateman born into a theatrical Family in Baltimore Around 1841 Um going did some Detailed research on Kate and yes she Was quite a celebrated actress in this Country married an Englishman moved over To London was big big hit on the London Stage for much of her career And It turns out that she she has a lot to Say about this particular investigation Into the Lindsay Higgins story and this Is where one of our meetings really Comes to play because uh she was able to Uh have a session with me and Kate and Whoa uh Kate came across loud and clear To the medium and it was just a Boatload of information Um that really helped in this particular Research now this is a lead up to what You we originally were talking about uh Frequently

Over the last two years I’m continuing To Recreate that photograph whenever I’m at The park And sometimes the orbs are there Sometimes they’re not but more and more Frequently I’m getting things in the sky That are not merged and they’re not Aircraft but they’re they’re the whole Gamut of shapes and sizes of bricks Bells spheres Um dumbbells I don’t see them but the camera is Capturing them And we had a session at Michael Woods Park with me Dan Um David the other Pendleton and his Wife Lauren one of the mediums and We were conversing with E.T And What we were informed of was in the late 19th century a portal was positioned In that location Because other entities if you will were Very interested in tracking Man’s taking flight And Quite possibly had some way of knowing That further down the road that would be The location of a major uh Airfield uh That speculation but anyway uh so we had This information that uh there was a More recent portal in that part of Bossier and you had a much older portal

In South Shreveport and if they’re both Active then that would certainly help Explain uh the amount of activity that Is reported uh in this area Yeah that’s interesting it’s also Interesting to think about the portals And the ships themselves and if there’s You know are the ships really there or Is it something that’s making people see A ship for it reminds me that Terence McKenna quote we are in a symbiotic Relationship that disguises itself as Something as an extraterrestrial Invasion so as not to alarm us like how Is that not alarming but it’s it’s so Interesting now do you think they’re Actual ships and these beings are on Actual ships or it’s some type of Trickery of the Mind Um all of the above yeah all of the Above yeah all of the above Definitely why why can’t it be one or The other and I I want to hear more About the the men in Bat uh the Men in Black encounters Yeah what we’ve got a small chapter on That in the book and that’s because not Not long after the Netflix series aired That was in uh around Halloween 2018 I Believe Um not too long after that Lindsay who Has a wonderful position at an Institution in in Shreveport where she’s A training coordinator and whatnot and

She has her own private office and There’s a dedicated phone to that office It has its own number and accessible From any phone in the world but nobody Uses it the number is not even known by Her her husband uh and then she has the Other phone that is connected to the Institutional switchboard so somebody’s Calling him for Lindsay it’ll go to the Switchboard and they’ll route it to her Office One one day she was in her office and The other phone rang It never rings So she picks it up said hello and then a Rather forceful Gruff boy says I need to Speak to Tim uh Tim’s not here I need to Speak to Tim uh can I take a message no Click and okay what was that about Um So a couple of weeks later uh her Husband Tim is in the office he brought Lunch and they were having lunch there And that phone rings again Hello let me speak to Tim uh can I ask Who’s calling nope Um that was that guy kind of got their Attention that’s a little more than Coincidental Uh then not too long after that uh she Would notice a black vehicle parked Across the street from their house Um that wasn’t part of the usual Neighborhood or the other business

Traffic that’s uh associated with that Area Um and then Tim at the time was a Working retail as he was closing the Store one night uh he noticed a a truck A black pickup truck drive over next to His car and in such a position that he Couldn’t leave And he was oh he had a sensation of well This isn’t right there’s something Really off about this so he went back Inside the store and getting some of the Other staff will just uh looking at this Truck and eventually it backed up and Drove away and then Tim went on on But I was I was impressed when he was Describing it that uh it was in itself It was odd but that he had a sensation Of whoa this is this is this is this is Uh this ain’t right this ain’t right so Uh we did some pendulum sessions Um specific to see if if in fact there Is anything to be concerned up here and Surprisingly Um we got yes these events did happen Yes these would be the Men in Black Whatever they are we didn’t we didn’t go Down that rabbit hole but that uh There’s no threat to Lindsay there’s no Danger in fact this uh this keeping an Eye on her is more for her protection Which was a little different spin but Definitely nothing that was threatening Or dangerous to them but uh clearly

Um In that fashion calling a phone that Nobody can access somehow they got that Information so there’s a few elements There that would put in the mid category Now what was the phone for then It was an office phone or that specific Office it’s a direct line okay it did Not go through the switchboard But that phone was never used and so When Lindsay moved into the office they Put brought in a phone that’s connected With a switchboard Do you think it was like defense Intelligence Like DIA Who knows yeah I mean the phone we Didn’t yeah we did we did not follow That because it it wasn’t the uh the Focus of the book so we we just didn’t Follow it Okay I mean that certainly would add to I would think the The strangeness of the matter I mean it Would add more to the the book itself And what you’re looking into if there’s Other people out there following you Around seeing what you find and Mark Yeah if you know if you read the Literature you know that goes on all the Time I mean the intelligence agencies Have been following people involved with The UFO phenomenon for decades that’s You know if you get involved with it you

Have to assume that you know somebody’s Looking over your shoulder Yeah And you know I I’m just the whole six Thousand year thing I find interesting Because yeah let me point out real quick When we I started writing the Paranormal Pendulum I just wanted to do a uh Basically a ghost story Hello you still there Yeah George and I were I’m sorry the Screen disappeared for a second then When George and I got involved in this We were going to do a simple well this Is an alien abduction thing And we got into it and the story just Keeps getting bigger and bigger and Bigger and bigger And you know we just got to the point of Saying you know we’ve got to tell this Story and you know it’s up to people Whether or not to believe whether or not We’re credible but this is too big a Story to to sit on no matter how quote Far out it may seem to be and we had to Be yeah we were very disciplined in this In this process we’re actually if we it Was so easy to go out so many different Ways to explore the various factors and If we had not stayed focused on the Lindsay story uh we wouldn’t have the Book we’d still be exploring these Various factors so we were focused on This is Lindsey school where we’re going

To tell Lindsay’s story we’re going to Have to include some of the adjunct Elements such as the Kate Bateman uh Factor Um But we focused on the story and that was The intent and the idea is to present These findings we’re not trying to Convince anybody of anything uh we’re Not trying to persuade people of this or That we’re just presenting what we found And if it resonates great and if it Doesn’t well that’s fine too Um but it’s a it’s a it’s a whale of a Story Yeah we had a uh again in terms of Confirmation we had an experience with Uh the higher evolved Spirit uh they got This whole thing kicked off six thousand Years ago you brought that up we were Again at Mike Woods Park there was me George Lauren Dave and we were doing a Session And just depend on Obsession just uh Just to investigate the situation And this at this uh higher of all Spirit Decided to to come visit us and we know That because uh Lauren had picked up on It Uh picked up that there was somebody There I think she caught it like a Purple mist or she was seeing the color Purple beautiful color and you know I’m Not uh my only skill is the pendulum

Downsing I’m not a clear audience or Clairvoyant or anything but at that Moment I felt an overwhelming I mean Overwhelming sense of What Lauren later called Mother Love Because we were sitting there and I Turned over and I looked at her said Lauren do you feel that she goes yeah I Feel it feel it it was overwhelming Powerful feeling of love that just came On like that And if you read in the the transcript It’s uh you you hear the note Dan says Uh hey I’m I’m tearing up over here It was that powerful that emotional And after that after that particular Event Um I had a session with the other Evidential uh medium Colleen Laborde uh Specifically to see what impression she Would have from E.T and she came back With very much the same uh impression This is a highly evolved being Um very very powerful very Um she didn’t use the word mother love But that kind of of uh emotive feeling Um But she she she presented pretty much What uh Lauren experienced so that gave Us all right uh this ET is not just an Extraterrestrial we’re a highly evolved Spirit uh that can pretty much go Anywhere uh he wishes to go and appear

Any way he wishes to appear we did ask In some of the sessions Um with E.T if if we were to see him With our three-dimensional eyes if you Will uh what would we perceive And on multiple occasions the response Was that we would see ET as what is described as a Nordic type That is a tall light-skinned being a Beautifully proportioned usually has Long golden hair large Blue Eyes Um so that’s what E.T would come across If it were possible to have a Three-dimensional appearance Um So And is this Morlock No that’s uh that turned out to be a uh A friend of W.D Woodworth the spirit Basically Uh his name was Pete couch is that right George Pete couch yeah Pete Cat yeah he Was a friend of W.D Morlock Morlock Woodworth And uh basically uh the spirit of W.D Woodworth asked the spirit of Pete couch To just check in on his daughter just to See how she was doing just to keep an Eye on her now the family connection Here Rex is kind of interesting go back To two and a half three year old Lindsay She’s just been pulled back inside the Room her father Joe’s closed the window How’d that window get open more lock

Opened it for me and Well You can’t rule that out because there’s No other explanation the window was Opened and there were no adults upstairs Who would have been able to do that and Over time Joe kind of had a sense that If it was a spirit it was Providence Spirit of Pete couch now growing up Joe Had a great interest in railroad he Spent a lot of time at Central Station When it was active as a railroad station And Pete couch was president of one of The railroads involved there so Joe knew A peek and when Lindsay said Morlock Opened the window well Joe asked her Well describing what what does Morlock Look like she said well he’s he’s about Your height and he’s kind of thin and uh He’s got white hair and uh you smoke Cigarettes and she was trying to Describe that the Morlock smoked a cigar But she didn’t know the word for cigars This brown thing and makes smoke and That got Joe’s attention because uh Frequently uh in various parts of the Central Station restaurant and upstairs Uh there would be the aroma of cigar Smoke when nobody’s smoking cigars Um so that’s what turned out to be the Case it was Pete the spirit of peach cow Who was keeping an eye on young Lindsay Um and Joe was correct that that’s who It was Dan and I were kind of thinking

It might have been WD who actually Raised the women no but no as it turned Out we were an era and Joe was spot on Yeah we were up there at Central Station One time uh working on the book Paranormal pendulum two we were doing Sessions up there but we were near what Had been I believe it was Pete Couch’s Original office and a couple of people Who were just there uh they weren’t they Were being interviewed they weren’t Actually part of the book other than Being an interview but a couple of them Said uh you know in the middle of the Section somebody smoking a cigar around Here you know Now because because the name itself Morlock that sounds kind of like moloch Yeah We we can’t fight we can’t trace that One we don’t know and I asked Lindsay Why did you call the spirit Warlock and She don’t know but that’s what she Referred to Spirit as it was her term She didn’t hear it from anybody else That’s just the phrase she used Yeah and well I’m just thinking you know You say that it goes back 6 000 years And that seems kind of like a Biblical Timeline to me and I’m not religious but I you know I study all sorts of ancient Texts and such and the six thousand year Timeline that the name moloch and I’m I’m just like hmm is there is there some

Kind of connection here maybe not it Could just be coincidence yeah it could Be just a you know a a memory Flash from 6 000 years ago who knows Well it’s interesting we couldn’t track It down it’s interesting to figure out Okay if there is a six thousand year Timeline here why does that mean that They showed up six thousand years ago Where did they show up from and then if You’re going to be doing experiments on Somebody that’s painful like that and You say well it’s the better it’s to Better the universe you know I mean that Reminds me of some of these ancient Scriptures or uh teachings where if you If you die in battle for example the Vikings Valhalla dying in battle that Gave them the right to reach the top of Valhalla and you’d get you know oh you’d Be this Supreme Being and I’m thinking To myself well you know maybe but maybe It’s also they would say that to get People to want to fight in battle right Because well man we got to give them Some incentive what do we saying tell Them they’re going to get the Kingdom of Heaven yes how many times does that work Yeah it works doesn’t it yeah it works That’s the thing it works so that’s why I’m saying this kind of like I’m Wondering what how is this bettering Humanity or the universe if you’re Letting this species or this other

Civilization do experiments on your Physical body that’s painful like what’s How is that evolving the universe what Do they do it reminds me of like a rat In a cage yeah what we’re getting so far Is it Wanda it’s it’s uh the process for I guess evolutionary purposes takes a Long long time that’s the reason for the The ongoing 6 000 years Of uh involvement what we what we bumped Into Is that uh the the the beings who are Conducting this experiment the Experimentation uh do not realize that They are they are causing pain they may Not understand what pain is They may not recognize it uh you know They’re doing it they don’t they don’t Mean to hurt somebody but they’re Hurting them but they don’t realize that They’re hurting them you know to them a Human scream of pain they mean Absolutely nothing it’s just uh what Humans do well what was interesting to Us is as soon as she asked them to stop Stop the pain the pain stopped so I Don’t yeah I just I can’t see them Malevolent aspect to it you know if they Were malevolent they would they would You know probably hurt her even more Yeah normally loved ones whatsoever and It’s just the having the broader view of What’s occurring in Lindsay’s many lives Uh it started to make sense so that

There this wasn’t a one-off experience In this lifetime it wasn’t anything uh Accidental or a haphazard that this has Been going on for a long time she’s well She’s well acquainted uh with this in These entities if you will she knows Them they know her uh they know they’re The family members who also had Involvements in previous lives uh so This is this is just a Cadre going Through time or working to do some sort Of change within human beings uh the Goal of which is best we can determine Is to pretty much double the average Lifetime to say 150 years and to Reawaken the sixth sense for a much more Free easy-going communication with with The higher frequencies and if you put Those two factors in place okay Wait about two centuries and you’ve got A totally different planet Yeah And with some of the technologies that We are seeing in the Uh the news now where they’re doubling The lifespan of rats and such At a at an Earth-like level I just I it Seems like there’s more There’s more to that story I mean we can Put on a pair of headphones with the Monroe Institute and and do some Hemi Sink stuff and and really expand our Consciousness so at a human level and if There’s I’m just you know if there’s a

Species out there That can travel the cosmos or come in And out of dimensions and if it has this Type of Technology yet it’s missing out On the physiological aspect like whoa Well we didn’t realize that you had pain So now we’re not going to give you pain Like okay I appreciate that but if You’re so evolved wouldn’t you have Known that before unless they’re just so Alien which once again here’s the term Maybe like they’re so not human so Different that they don’t physically get It it kind of thinks makes me think of The Dr Jacobs uh hypnosis where he’s Done a lot of hypnotic sessions with People and they get you know abducted And this is just an example I mean he Didn’t say the specific but I Interviewed him several years ago and You know abducting these people being Abducted and then ask questions like Well why do you watch TV why do you walk Across the street why do you do this Like they don’t understand the human Element so that makes me think okay uh What’s going on here then there’s like This Earthly element where people get Abducted and these things extract bodily Fluids out of people but they use tools That seem like human tools or like a Veterinarian would use so why would a Species that’s so evolved need to use a Tool that a vet would use on a horse

When they do something else and I’m sure You guys question this kind of stuff Yeah and that may be the way that Experience is being interpreted by the Individuals I think again that’s more Likely the case because uh what we kept Running into in research for this Particular book Um is that the uh the spirits the spirit World the ET world it’s all the same Essentially uh just got different Evolutionary levels of spirits Um There are some some ETS if you will that Are so intellectually Evolved but at the expense of Understanding emotions And when they’re if they have any Interaction with the homo sapiens Um they often really don’t quite Understand the whole emotional range and In fact the next book Dan and I are Working on we’re going to be exploring Um that component as kind of an exchange System between uh what the Ancients call The sky people When the the ancient their ancestors Were in communication with the sky People who came down from the sky Provided them great information think About you know cats are called will be a Prime example and in return uh the Populations were helping the sky people Understand what it’s like to be a human

Being emotional Now this is yeah let me tell us in Something here please yeah yeah this This is just my opinion but yeah when we Talk about the alien abductions or Aliens or contacties I think we’re Dealing I mean this is my opinion with Multiple species I think there are there Are a lot of different species and they Are obviously with our universe at Different levels of evolution so we’re Dealing with uh different levels of Wisdom different levels of technology Different levels of caring different Levels of awareness all going on at the Same time here on planet Earth so that May uh answer some of the you know your Questions as to what’s going on there’s A lot going on yeah there’s a very busy Place very busy place and there’s a lot Of different again a lot of different Levels involved with it from uh Basically our level of technology to uh Levels of awareness we can’t even Conceive of Yeah and that’s another interesting Thing is you know you you’ve got these With as many people that have Experiences and you know I have friends And family that have had experiences Very similar to what this ladies Described I’ve had Um I’ve never been like abducted but I Remember one time when I was looking at

These creatures looking at me and I was Probably I wasn’t even two years old yet Because we moved out of my we moved out Of that house by the time I was two and I had my experience in our first house Um so but yeah like no you know they Didn’t take me anywhere or anything like That we just kind of stared at each Other so I mean I definitely believe and I want to believe right but I just over The past seven years like I said I’ve I’ve changed my perception now about What a lot of these things are are they Are they really from Zeta reticuli or Are they from here are they Um are there psyops that are used if Somebody gets genuinely has an Experience with an ET or is there a Branch of some type of Secret Agency That will go out and then do abductions On on them also to confuse their minds To be like wait what just happened you Know Um I I think it’s all the above but when You describe the answer the answer is Yes yes yeah I just you know these medical okay so Let’s talk about the star people this is What I find incredible and uh the star People much respect I have a great Friend that’s a Hopi Elder and he shared Some of his experiences and information Of the star people and the star people That he describes are very small people

And they’re not the Grays with big heads They’re like literally small people Um and some of the UFO documents that Have been Declassified uh talk about These ships that crashed with very small People in the ships not Grays but height Weight proportionate with these metallic Clothing so I think that the star people And what the reason I’m talking about This is some of these let’s talk about Lindsay for example maybe she you know These if they are taking her eggs or Doing certain hybridization programs They’re taking these Um these beans and creating hybrids and Putting them on different planets and The star people Did that back in the day and it sounds Like they’re still doing that so maybe That’s how Some of these you know that maybe that’s The betterment of the universe somehow Or the evolution of beans is get these I don’t know I don’t want to use the Term but we perceive Rex what we Perceive Rex is just a tiny tiny sliver Of the whole operation and so I’m always Hesitant to Declare that well this this has to be The only way it is no I may not have the Bigger picture to see why this appears To be the way it is uh it’s a very very Big and active universe and Um we found through this research for

This particular book that uh life is a Lot more than people tend to think it is And once you kind of get a broader grasp Of it it sure is a lot of fun It is life’s a trip literally Well I’m looking forward to getting a Signed copy of your most recent book and I want to know where I can pick them up At do I go to or What’s the best site and this is what Yeah send me your send me your snail Mail address and you know you’ve got my Email address send me your stem bill and I’ll send you a copy of the book great Book all all my books and all George’s Books and all George’s books with me and Me with George who are available you Know Amazon Kindle uh Barnes and Noble Uh D2D whoever you wherever you order Your book you can order this you can Order this book okay great it’s in 80 Countries around the world in e-book and Paperback Impressive Nice that means there’s a lot of people Interested in this kind of stuff I mean This book is kicked up a surprisingly we Knew we were on to something interesting We’re kind of surprised at the the Amount of Interest this book has kicked Out Yeah well have you noticed over the past Few years The it used to be when you talk about

ETS you were considered a conspiracy Theist which even the term conspiracy Just means two or more people plotting Something behind closed doors but that’s Just a term that’s been coined but now It seems like everything in the news is Is an alien right like you’ll they’ll There’ll be a photograph of a infrared Of like an insect flying by real quick And on channel 4 news we might have Picked up UFO folks today so there’s Been this huge shift which is I’m glad To see it but that at the same time has Created a lot of uh and it’s even like Once again the closer we get to the Truth the further away we are because There’s all this disinformation that Still seems to be out there and it still Seems to be agenda driven Well yeah keep in mind the the term Conspiracy theorist is created by the CIA back in the 60s no yes to uh debunk The uh the JFK investigation right right All those you know uh All those investigators that’s where the Term came from right that was it’s a bit Of trivia here no I know you’re right I Was I was joking when I said that it’s Like now they use the term Woke and if you think awoke now you Think of a political aspect of somebody That isn’t woke so it’s just that the Tavistock Institute the CIA there’s Organizations out there that’ll take

Certain words and they’ll they’ll Completely ruin it bring it down yeah One of the one of the Prime maybe the Primary reason behind this book besides Just telling a damn good story It’s um to encourage other people to do What Lindsay has done in other words It’s a way of saying you know what has Happened to you is not unique you’re not Alone there are a lot of people who have Gone out there and experienced what you Were experiencing there are a lot of People out there who are more than Willing to help you through the through Whatever you’re going through uh again You’re not alone it’s okay to come out And it’s okay to talk about that and I Think more more and more and more people Are going to be doing that and I just Hope this book I hope this book encourages more people To come out and say hey this really Happened to me Too and I’m just showing it off here Real quick Screen share I like the cover appreciate That yeah And the cover kind of kind of expresses The whole the whole gamut of the book Yeah Yeah well I really appreciate you guys Being a guest on leak project and I’m Looking forward to hearing about your Latest adventures and I’m going to leave

The links to your videos or to your Websites in the video description box I Should say and any other anything else You’d like to share with us before we Finish up this awesome podcast Well this time next year we may be Discussing paranormal pendulum book four Great looking forward to it we’ll be Working on it don’t forget to send me Your snail mail you got it absolutely Snail mail is great some of us you know I actually have an hour round trip to Get snail Mill that’s how far in the Middle I don’t even have a mailbox at my House and my Snell Bell is at the post Office so it’s like a whole it’s a whole Adventure when I go out there but yeah The only reason I use it these days is To send books you know yeah I’m glad we Still got it I’m probably still got it But uh put into perspective how far in The middle of the boonies I am Amazon Prime doesn’t even deliver here folks Wow Wow I got the uh starlink for the RV here They don’t have starlink normal yet so I Got to use the Starling for RV but it’s Awesome to be here with you guys I Really appreciate you keep doing what You’re doing and be the change you want To see All right thanks a lot bro stay in touch Thank you we’ll do

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