Dr Richard Alan Miller, Emergency Podcast, PT1

By | October 20, 2022

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You know we were on yellow alert last Week uh that volcano down in Mexico when It’s 7.8 And up to almost shift to play and then In Indonesia started boiling I could say As an argument that we’re in a petri Dish And that Aliens or whatever it is are rotating Humans out because of their immune System being sharp it’s like we were Better designed them to just mined gold For Dyson spheres as a metaphor I took a 360 computer and I validated all the way Back through recorded history When that geometric alignment occurred And what happened on Earth as it was Recorded And I discovered a three sigma air Equation that means a 99.9975 probability was that occurring When that geometric alignment occurs Which is going to be a holy is investing In silver a good idea that’s a great Question our friend Colin plume from Noble gold Investments certainly thinks So he recently explained on the national Desk that there’s been huge sell-offs of Silver because of its low price points Right now silver is the most useful Industrial metal out there and demand is Soaring for electronics and electric Cars solar panel circuits and the green Agenda is speeding up now industries

That pick up after the pandemic supply Chain issues the trend down should turn Around and silver Will rock it don’t miss this opportunity Give the team at Noble gold Investments A call today 1-877-646-5347 let them know the project Sent you as a gift for all qualifying 401 or IRA conversions you will be Gifted this beautiful Three ounce never touched by human hands American Eagle silver coin well hey man I’m gonna go live because we’ve got a Whole bunch of people that are excited To hear what you have to say including Myself Doc it’s always great to speak With you I think we’ve been doing Interviews now for about I don’t know 10 Years or so and you seem to have more Energy now than you did 10 years ago Uh it’s no joke I’m serious no idea Listen uh it’s uh how did men put it Elixir Vitae where are my Origins when I Need them I haven’t heard that term before man but Uh let’s go with it I’ve been radio Almost 20 euros and actually when I First came out of graduate school Um and I was working at Boeing I was bored boring and I ended up Working at kmpx down in San Francisco as A first underground radio or we’re Playing In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

That’s how old I am man you know I Remember I used to broadcast at 800 Micrograms somewhere up around Venus Leaving no left turns on stoned Left Stones Hunter Introduction You actually Scrabble people’s Brands You know to the point where huh wow You’re hypnotizing people with Conversational hypnosis by using the Confusion tactic I like that that’s That’s interesting things that I’m Really good at is a dedic Imaging Because I’m a little brat for trapped in A 79 year old body I like to give you a Visual in your mind’s eye because once You see that like Monty Python come back I can still bite Once you get that image you know you got It and that’s what makes it real Okay okay I’m gonna try to do something I don’t normally do I want to listen to You and I’m going to try to thankfully Respond rather than off I go well yeah Do we you know let’s start with this Because you called me up the other day And I was taking notes as you were Talking and you said you know Rex There’s some it’s a yellow alert there’s Some things going on right now with California the Colorado River the the Fires border situation and volcanoes in Mexico and Indonesia all right serious Winner for food

Um I would say in North America 40 of Your greens and your salads and the crop That you eat as part of your diet comes From California or Mexico and with uh Brown water drying up in California and Now the Colorado River drying up so they Don’t have any irrigation Uh and the forest fires oh yeah let’s Not forget the pork bars the forest Fires 50 of them were Now what does that mean and when you Realize that the California border with Mexico is now run by it’s not Mexico Anymore Um your food prices are most likely Going to jump to four times They what they would normally pay Otherwise this year alone like avocados And tomatoes and lettuce and then Next year my guess is there will be Nothing coming out of California and Then knock on wood I don’t know how this Is all going to play Biden or his Equivalent Will give some of the parts So they can import food It’s a structured per content With intent Attempt to control What Limited Shamans remain is that about right is That a good submission oh man I don’t Know I mean a lot of this stuff’s been Talked about before but to actually see

It happens is a whole other story and With the with the food and the water Situation I brought up the past several Months like what happens when a big city In the desert Runs Out of Water how long Does it take before chaos ensures I Remember when Oregon was a with an Agricultural State we were doing you Know uh you know over and we had Lilies we were growing I I mean I Chaired for under two different Governors I chaired their new crops Development board out of Redmond Bend Area but Today we don’t even have that Oregon is No longer an agricultural State and California is soon to follow all of Their agricultural ground is drying up Because of access to water and then with The cartels you want to go down get your Teeth fixed cheap good luck with that Because you know the cartels are going To want to charge you to come into Mexico and that’s just the beginning Opening Salvo that’s not act two Scene Three Well okay let’s say that this if that Was to take place if if the U.S did turn Over certain ports to and then Mexico Started to charge to go into Mexico like How bad would it actually have to be Here Stay tuned film at 11. I have no clue I’m not a politician per se what I am as

A nerd I don’t do well in politics but That’s a simple I could say as an argument that we’re in A petri dish And that aliens or whatever it is are Rotating humans out because of their Immune system being sharp it’s like we Were better designed than to just mine Gold for Dyson spheres as a metaphor And what’s happening is I’m David Copperfield with an empty ball telling The Lord I sure would like something More than the physical plane please I’m Still hungry Yeah you tell me what’s going on I can Tell you it isn’t all about greed and Now you’ve got a little tiny package That might not have been from Earth Now let me bring something up I have Said this before purely speculating and And folks this is a live-action role Play this is for entertainment purposes I’ve questioned before if there was an Alien invasion would it not be Through the body there’s uh a couple of Scientists I don’t know how critical They are that are now describing life Forms based on other uh uh something That other than carbon like aluminum and Uh Molybdenum It’s uh creepy I don’t know what it all Means I can tell you That man does not have free will because

We don’t have full disclosure we have True will and what we do know I know What I want and uh I’m watching just my Local home town change In the last 10 years and it’s uh this is Not The Earth that I want to see my children Grow up in and so what I’m going to try To do Is leave some Footprints because you and I are too old you can do the news I can Tell you what I think that isn’t going To make much difference at this point However The energy that I’m using Is uh I’m lit is that the right word yeah I Move it I’m a Man on Fire I have 40 pounds plus New manuscripts that nobody’s even Talking about and I’ll talk about three Of them in just a second that Are going to move man to a whole other Level and that’s Dr Stanley kripner my Mentor had his 90th birthday last week And over 200 Big Time celebrities oh you Know people that he had mentored over The years For him what he did for May is in 1970 He published he brought me to New York To meet Edgar Mitchell So that in 1971 I could be at Mission Control to do the ESP studies with with Ed and then in 1972 use those protocols

To select Seal Team One That’s how that all worked and that’s Dr Stanley kripner that published my Holographic concept of reality and now The embryonic holography I wrote in 1973 Hasn’t even been seen by most of the Public because it was classified top Secret and stuck away for 20 years And it talks about the DNA as a resonant Cavity oscillator A couple of Russians quoted from it had Studied under gariaev and Popoff back in The 90s and they made a major Breakthrough in the proton cloud and They started quoting from my original Paper that nobody’s ever sang and Um It led me To write a new field Theory that’s what I’m doing right this minute and I sent You some links on you can see all the Russians I’m involved with on that you Know they will what I’m going to do is Try to supersede the holographic concept By 50 years before I turn into worm Casings and I’m going to write a new Field theory on the Multiverse using a Virtual form of Kaufman’s knot Theory I Mean your little boy Scott tying knots Out of strings there are 10 strings you Know and a 11th Wormhole that Interconnects the 10 strings 10 Dimensions Now and then you start tying knots in

Those things and there you are a little Boy scout trying to you know slip knot You know that kind of thing you’ll see My name and credits on the strange movie And with that new one out everywhere Every now right now Um the Multiverse Is who all the different okay how did I Get there Um I will real quick real quick before Just there’s there’s a bunch of people In the chat that are asking me where They can get your new work so what link Do I give them Everything’s on my website uh Richard Allenmiller.com aoan thank you yes I can Do something but You can go to Academia.edu LinkedIn at lineable Facebook Mysteriously lost my entire 15 years Of participation it was gone Where’d it go You know it’s gone Facebook When I watched the news as a little boy Walter Cronkite was the man and that’s The way it is you know then I I wanted To when Dan Rather came on I started Jumping over to other networks to get a Broader input of other people’s opinions Today Nothing’s real how about that one with And that’s the part that I don’t get Anymore

And I don’t want to be political because What I have to give you is my best in my Understandings of physics Now the Multiverse When you take a drug like psilocybin or Anything That drug is actually a toxin however It has a chemistry let’s talk mushrooms Uh silicon normal biosystem so okay you Know psilocybin mushroom families There’s a whole series of chemicals that Are considered cohustachians but they’re Not hallucinogens what they are are Chemistry is very similar to but Different than the chemistries in your Brain which are called neurotransmitters And your brain can be what happens if Your immune system when you take crab Grass and you smoking has five Alpha Dimethyltryptamine [Music] What’s happened is that your brain has Freaked out since toxin coming into your Body it over produces its own instead of Five Alpha it’s called n comma and Hyphen dimethyltryptane and that’s not Rich stressman that goes back to Don Moore uh anesthesiology and in 1970 Doing studies on what we call back then It was called telepathane and I can tell You all the different hives that you get Are different versions of you from Different universes And Altered States

And that universe is so vast It exists between when a proton is a Particle And when it becomes a web that is called The proton cloud and in that little Space is all the different views that Ever existed How many Decisions did you make just today To have me on like so that hoopty dude Didn’t hear me but dead And how that changes the entire world in The future And that’s what the Multiverse is about Is that place where you right now Hallucinating so badly That you’re basically talking to Yourself except that I put a different Uh I want to see who this is yeah Another basic troll trying to interrupt Me while I’m on television yeah and you Trust I’d make that real clear to them Because That all my friends and nobody has this Number Oh you do but yeah your wife just called Me oh sad I’m just kidding but going to The boss yeah there you go okay get him In now timing on the AI says fifth Moment ah yeah Um the quantum AI Matrix has now gotten Into your mind gets worse than that how About it’s an aluminum in your nanites And they’re taking control as a

Different kind of life form oh it goes Better and better anything Here’s the bad news Anything You can imagine It’s possible That God might be able to do Is not only true it’s what you can do Right now and it is even halfway to the God you can’t imagine what Orca is There are four citations that have Higher Technologies than man does and we Don’t even get it we think oh well you Know we’re King of the universe because We got a thumb I’ve got fire However Orca for example has a cerebral cortex It’s literally twice the size of man’s Cortex and that mammal is firing 60 Percent of it where you only fire 10. And that mammal Has access to nine tenths of the Biosphere where you’re limited to one Tenth who’s Superior I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t Believed it That’s what makes it real and your Limitation and my physics my physics Isn’t going to get us there because Again that’s why God gave us two brains Science and religion this or that you Know and and you got the extent on Either side with melcoma May in the Middle you know it’s like and all the

Different decisions that you made And how they affected The future Of men And once you realize that You’re basically getting The full implications of the Possibilities of what a Multiverse might Imply and your upper brain Has not as a type of gut just like your Physical gut except that this one This is dialoguing with subtle bodies Outside the physical And the one you know that most people Have seen demonstrated when John Leon Goes like that and knocks the guy across The room without touching him they call It Chi You know Bruce Lee doesn’t That what is that I don’t know I’m gonna guess it’s Structured water And microtubules that’s in chapter 7 of The non-local mind it’s called time Travel and the true nature of cavitation And the bottom line is Anything you can conceive of is very Limited space isn’t real neither is time And I watched it go from astrology to Astronomy and then studies I did back in The 70s Indicated that it had to do with Celestial bodies geometric position of Celestial bodies has nothing to do with

Space space it’s just a distance between One point and another if it’s a straight Line Assumption Then the Earth’s round But If space is curved you know time domain And all that kind of thing then I can Prove it’s flat which one is it And the correct answer is actually yes Because if you choose to look at it this Way Oh you have all these doors that open However if my trees look at it that way Wow look at all these scores Or I could use the mine as a tool And have all the doors available to me Just by using the Mind as a tool like You do your gut Okay so earlier I was thinking earlier Yesterday I was thinking about space and How you and I had talked before and you Had said that space isn’t real now this Is this is this is what I want to do Though real quick to make it very clear There are people that really think space Isn’t real in the sense of They think it’s made in a this is the Stuff they say Hollywood basement so They think somehow NASA has patented Everything that people see and what We’ll call space like you know I’ll get My telescope out I’m looking at my

Telescope they think that somehow that’s Magically sending some computer program Back into the lens and it’s all coming From a Hollywood basement and I’ve said Before probably people truly believe it No that’s crazy so so let’s explain Let’s let’s get into like space is very Real but it’s the concept of it’s the The definition of space that we get to Now for those that say space isn’t real And they say the Earth is is flat and Then I’m you know that I’m a shield Because I don’t believe them let me say This space is very real in between your Ears especially not much facing between There right actually Oh no man where could you go with that One Yeah right I came up with that myself But let’s let’s talk about you what you Mean by space isn’t real like let’s get Into that more So in astrology There’s a thing called the lunar sex Cycle of the female that when the woman Is born an engram set end to her DNA on When she ovulates And Um you know with phases of the Moon And as the moon gets further away from Earth those phases change a little bit And you have a form of birth control if She moves to a different part of the Earth

That phase angle changes And coagulation cycle changes and so now That’s yaneth’s book The Lunar sex cycle Of the female it’s documented it came Out of Prague But the one I did Was with the planet Uranus now Uranus Hasn’t is so far away That there’s no no laws on how any kind Of laws of physics it could affect Anything on Earth however When the phase angle of Uranus which by The way an astrology was it was a higher Octave of Earth And it’s set by solar minimums and the Accuracy of that is so important that That’s why they did NASA did the Parker Drive this last winter to determine Exactly when the event would occur Because when Uranus And Earth and the Sun are in a specific Geometric alignment and that happens Every 12 000 years and it has about an Eight year orb that means uh it’s eight Years that it’s in that geometric Position approximately and as the sun’s Solar minimum That sets that event off you have a Major carrington-like event And so that orb has happened a couple Couple years ago it happened uh in 2020 Uh January I think somewhere around in January of 2021 2022 now 2023.

Um they do the the The sun’s heliosphere has minimums and Maximums and the phase angle of Triggering is kind of an event is Accurate on a solar minimum which is Fairly regular from the Sun except They’re a little different this one’s Doing this and that one’s doing that Different kinds of solar minimums Um The one there was I was I took a 360 Computer and I validated it all the way Back into recorded history When that geometric alignment occurred And what happened on Earth as it was Recorded And I discovered a three sigma Aero Coefficient that means a 99 .9975 probability of was that occurring When that geometric alignment occurs Which is going to be an only Um late March early April of 2024. and Now that doesn’t mean it’s going to Happen But that’s what my physics at and the Department of interior uses that to key Off when earthquakes are going not with Suspicious observers as with just solar Minimums and solar maximum that’s the Trigger part but the event only happens 12 000 years on the West Coast It’ll probably be you know we were on Yellow alert last week uh that volcano Down in Mexico when it’s 7.8

And up to almost shift the plate and Then an Indonesia started boiling and But that didn’t happen nothing happened But it’ll be fully First Watch and say Nobody’s ready this is the time to this Winter Start your little victory garden project That you’ve been putting on for the last 10 years Trust me because if you have at least 40 Percent of your food available You have a much higher chance of Survival Uh you’ll have lots of friends Come here got any extra tomatoes you Know well The cool part is and I’ve got something Exciting to say about that but I’ll get To it and that immune system Possibly not probably possibly why where God’s favored with a Multiverse the way It is We are more than angels in that sense of It where God’s favored because we had Choice And the diversity of possibilities Now here’s some bad news it’s about food Chain because Orca Chases dolphin for food And so where are we in that line of food Chain with heavy metals and other kinds Of life-form possibilities that I don’t Even have a clue on

Interesting thing I’m starting to Discover is that when you talk about Water which is a very simple molecule H2O it Has a dipole You know I was slightly off center where A little charge on it and it’s either Going in this direction or that way para North of water Well that means there are two kinds of Water yeah Oh but wait there’s isotopes Deuterium and tritium tritium doesn’t Exist but the Ocean between Antarctica And New Zealand is mostly deuterium and That’s where they mine it Yeah I’m just watching this whole thing Out and when you take a Full Arena Carbon and you flip it Structured water inside it which is H2o3 it’s hydrogen peroxide With a third oxygen molecule now the one That most people are familiar with in Other form is called clustered water or Carry carry Rams or Willard water old Willard water and what that is is Clifford water you get it near a Waterfall where It’s three molecules of what of water That Brook lost a few an ion so you have H709 with a free radical ion that’s Around the mixture lungs feel better and You’re activated and so on you can Activate oxygen into your body better on

The waterfall So water has all these different forms Including the structured water part that When a drop of water falls and goes Point into the water when it pops back Up it’s no longer a drop of water What it is is a bubble surrounded by Structured water holding the vacuum Inside and if you look inside that That’s where Roger Penrose talks about Taurus twister models where you have a Into the outer a little Vortex going on Inside with a medium it fell on And that is where it all starts and so I’m going to say that probably every Single molecule from the simplest carbon You know that I simply oxygen and Hydrogen on up into some of the larger Molecules each one has a probably of its Own periodic chart of variations And then when you move to Mars That changes And It’s it’s unbelievable The possibilities of what’s going on out There right now and I’m Staggered Because I want to evolve And I don’t see that happening you know I mean I I don’t you know and so that’s Why probably all your Saints in history Have stretched the importance of Meditation training the Mind using it as

A tool so I have access to all the doors Rather than limited to I I believe this Or I believe that Jesus said it I Believe it and that’s that no you know That’s well that kind of thinking is What the Medias are being used Control population there was an old Saying years ago with CIA that CIA was asked about mind Control mine oh no we don’t need mind Control we have TV And watching hey kids what time is it Withouty Duty and it went downhill from There how did Jay Leno put it Doritos oh Don’t worry we’ll make more You know it’s just like half of our Economy as the kids today Are obese they’re not that What’s that gonna do for a lifetime Oh it’s okay they’re too old to mine Golden though and the shafts anyway We’ll just I I don’t as a metaphor Now This is possibly it’s all metaphor I’m Going to speak now possibly the most Important thing I when I went to groom Lake on that single event that I did With Krill I have no memory of what Actually occurred they have some of us Just standing up staring at each other And that’s what led me to write about Synthetic telepathy which is not what They do that’s the way we do it with

Microwave band and heterodyne audio Where you can hear it inside your head Let me let me stop you real quick there This is the experience you talked about Last time for those that didn’t hear That experience you went to groom Lake And you made contact with a non-human Being yeah Yeah just a quick tell us a little bit About that okay so I am pretty limber With the way I think and nobody could do Paranormal studies and so they put me in That category rather than aliens now Remember back then the website once Again Richard Allen Miller died I don’t Want to do it that way I don’t mind a Fair exchange I’m not looking for and Outside you know I’m trying to write Yeah that’s a good series that’s the Stuff I do when you hear the new series I’m working oh this one is Navy Seals All the protocols and then the ESP was How I selected Seal Team One measured Their gut and the power tools are the Eight protocols and then the nautical Mind is how to do it for yourself When living off the grid for 30 days Look at them coming in with alien Spaceships I The new series I’m writing is the Diamond body in 1974 I moved the manager Foundation for Topeka Kansas to the University of Washington and set up a Bunch of

Video feedback and that led to uh what We call Cymatics and the use of geometry And then in 1979 A book electoral magic in the series is The one where instead of using drugs I Could create any drug experience using Electromagnetic fields on the occurrence On the top of the forehead using Maura And end them at German acupuncture I Talked directly to the neurotransmitter And got its release And the third book I did a 1983 called Yogatronics called the Mars project Where a group of us created our own Wormhole and went to Mars the U.S Government What You got to tell me more about that you Can’t just be like all right That guy right there David Luke he’s uh A younger Mentor from krippner I’m the Oldest one in 1970 and I just wanted to Point out to you how much you’re loved And how much people appreciate you so We’re doing this live on the website Right now and we have the live shows That we do on the website Leakproject.com are always free and You’re reading through here and someone Thinks I’m already on my truth Yeah yeah If you want to watch this podcast in Full and I know you do go to

Leakproject.com and check out the Archives we do the live shows free every Single day and if you missed the live Shows just sign up and become a member You have access to about 4 500 video and Audio podcasts hundreds of them are only Available on our website leakproject.com I’ll proceed for part two and be Excellent to each other everybody be the Change if you want to see [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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