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By | November 1, 2022

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Three or four weeks ago I had a lady Contact me She said her husband was a uh a truck Driver is truck what’s the truck driver Rather at the time she contacted me he Was He was selling straight narrow he was a Cool guy you know he had been part of That company for 27 years He had an Immaculate record a driving Record you know he was incredible nice Guy all around doing the best friend’s Life as he was driving on the highway And his semi truck he saw three lights Approach him And Next thing he knows he wakes up His semi truck is parked on the side on The shoulder of the highway when he woke Up he was waking up to a police officer Banging his flashlight on the window Hello what are you doing and the man Woke up and he’s looking around and he Realizes that he was placed in the wrong Seat he was not in the driver’s seat he Was in the passenger seat and so he’s Talking to the police officer and he Goes you know Because I have no idea what what I just What just happened to me is I just woke Up have you tried a keto bomb Keto with is the best and you Can get free shipping in the US and 51 Off as a lead project listener keto I

Don’t know if you’ve heard of the Ketogenic diet or not it actually boosts Your metabolism and a lot of people are On this ketogenic diet to burn fat and Get more energy and I’ll tell you what After I take a scoop of Keto in the Morning it’s like showing you’re gonna Love it try it out just Put a scoop in your coffee get rid of The sugar I don’t know if you still put Sugar in your coffee or not but I Stopped doing that a while ago Especially when I found out all of the Opportunities extra sugar can create for Eyesight it’s it’s pretty wild so anyway Let’s get into this I’m so good to be Back with you Rex oh I’m out of breath Um Thank you it’s great to have you back And and real quick before we get started I I want to just pull off your page Look at this The Ghost Notes religious Technologies Nathaniel Gillis you got your Information right here and joined the Light like the live shows are always Free so I just want to let people know If you if you want to watch the shows Uncensored completely uncensored Unedited live off the cuff and you never Know what happens when we’re live off The cuff especially when Nathaniel and I Used to be together Um seriously like there’s we’ve done

Shows before that half of it gets Uploaded outside of this platform Because we go so far into the into the Unknown but you want to watch these Shows live and if you missed the live Show you can always get access to the Archives the archives are 10 bucks a Month or 100 bucks a year and if you Can’t afford it we’re given free trial Memberships you know and the money as You can see the website it it’s an Expensive website Um so I thank everybody that watches the Shows if you watch the shows you know Just watching the shows that helps Support the program if you can kick down A few bucks a month great if not that’s Cool too just watch the shows please Share the shows please hit the thumbs up And please support nathanael’s work and Like I I gotta say Um you’ve brought a lot of people from Different fields into This genre into the genre let’s Do it and this right here as you can see Is the the live stream archives we’ve Done like 10 shows just the past three Days and then now we even have an Aggregator that takes check this out News it scours the web for the best news And the genres that we like and it Uploads them to the site Like look at this one of a kind Thor’s Hammer Unearthed in Sweden hello I want

To check that out real quick so I click On the site boom here it is now the Whole article we don’t want to take the Whole article from the we want to give Credit to where credit is due so if you Want to read the whole article you can Click on here the full article this Takes you to ancient Origins look at This and you can read the full article Here so that is a quick opportunity that I want to share with you a league Project why you want to come to leak Project every day because you can watch The shows live for free and you get Access to all this news and you don’t Even have to pay anything and if you do Want to pay some money thanks that’s Awesome I appreciate it I love you well Either way I love you either way so Nathaniel you’re ready dude I can I can Feel it you’re like oh ready you got so You’re like let me talk Rex you got it Brother oh God man I’m looking forward To this Oh my Lord Um So I appreciate what Rex has been doing For me and with me Uh to be honest I should not be here I Was just another number And um my first show I ever done was Coast to Coast Yeah I’ve taken my second show ever was Rex bear the league project

And Um it still amazes me that I have a Platform And um I do not take any of this for Granted all of those who are listening Are going to watch my shows I do not take any of this for granted My last show I did was supposed to be a Precursor to and I talked to Rex office It was very kind and Gentle with my ego Um but um my last show with you guys was Supposed to be a precursor To my lecture on God’s or I’m sorry on Wind gods were men And uh in the middle of us recording My internet crashed And I’ve done hundreds of shows Hundreds of shows and it’s only happened Twice One of one happened years ago and the Other one happened uh last week or two Weeks ago whatever And it’s unforgivable Mama on my part I called everybody that I could and uh They stressed to me that I had the best Internet I have that I could have Um but it was my fault it was not a Rex So all you people out there the Uninitiated stop commenting oh wreck Should even upload It was on me it’s my fault and I take Full responsibility Now that I have your attention

I want to talk about the missing fetus Syndrome And how that there is a species Literally Abducting men and women And dead people And using our species To self-replicate their own Nathan You’re crazy well it’s fine People have called me worse I really Don’t care My attention lately at least in my Research and I’ve had a few weeks to Think about this See there are two versions of Nate There’s a Nate that uh you know and I Will talk about Uh when gods were men That I was going to talk about that Tonight the precursor But I’ve had certain cases recently Since our last show that bothered me Tremendously and it should bother you Too Maybe I’m mistaken help me out with this If your neighbor let’s assume you’re Married Or even if you’re a woman A neighbor comes in Unannounced You have your security system installed You have your code that you can punch Again anytime you think there’s a threat There

And this neighbor evades Your entire security system And then steals you Or your wife I gotta be honest with you guys I’m pretty pissed And when they’re done with you Then Not according to your own memory but According to whatever memory they want To bring Whenever they want you To remember what happened then they say Okay remember and then then you say oh My God I had sex with somebody I didn’t even Know And in order for that to occur they took You out of your own house Without your own permission Is that okay Foreign It’s not okay it’s never been okay I’ve had cases where Mickey Mouse Has appeared but what’s happened in the Field right now is we’re starting to Gravitate towards losing our rights not As an American not as people who believe A democracy and the Republic nothing not Even as a human just as such as Rex as a species for losing our rights Right now And they’re doing it as we speak I had the um

About three or four weeks ago I had a Lady contact me She said her husband was a uh a truck Driver is a truck driver at the time she Contacted me he was He was selling straight narrow he was a Cool guy you know he had been part of That company for 27 years He had an Immaculate record a driving Record you know he was incredible nice Guy all around doing the best for his Life he strolled three likes As he was driving on the highway in his Semi truck he saw three lights approach Him And Next thing he knows he wakes up His semi truck is parked on the side on The shoulder of the highway And When he woke up he was waking up to a Police officer banging his flashlight on The window hello what are you doing The man woke up he’s looking around and He realizes that he was placed in the Wrong seat he was not in the driver’s Seat he was in the passenger seat So he’s talking to the police officer And he goes you know Because I have no idea what what I just What just happened to me is I just woke Up he’s like I do not remember parking The the semi truck on the shoulder I had No idea what happened they said well you

Seem inebriated we’re going to test you They tested him He wasn’t drunk Yeah we didn’t done do pills Literally the only thing that happened To him was he was driving and saw three Lights hovering over his semi truck and Bam three hours later whatever he’s on The side of the road upside the highway Foreign Lost its job 27 years of the company Lost this job So don’t give me this this dogmatic Ignorance This is A problem For our species They’re not asking for permission to Abduct us they’re not asking for Permission to inseminate women They’re doing nothing Literally I do lectures And I always tell people they’re playing By different rules because they’re Playing a different game and they Absolutely are And I’ve got to be honest with you guys I was uh Castigated By a famous woman in the field who was Some Fairy Godmother of hybrids who said Well you know what we’re all supposed to

Be divine all these mothers are supposed To be divine let me make this clear you Don’t know who seed you’re carrying and I’m tired of this BS of people who are Slapping their own assets and Congratulate themselves I had a case When I did strange Recon Jeff uh Kingsburger I had a case where a woman had called in Before he even did a show and said that She thought she was having sex with her Husband she said and she heard of my Work she said I gotta talk to Nate I Said why she whatever But it was not her husband So all the fairy godmothers is out there Let me speak some truth into your Reality There’s a difference between being Anointed because you gave birth to God And a profound contrast between that and Said Hey listen something happened to me Without my permission and without my Consent now that I could deal with What I cannot deal with for people who Think in their birth in the next Generation of Jesus Can’t Cannot possibly deal with that We have no idea who’s taking you Neither do you we have no idea who’s Inseminating you We got no idea whose child you’re been Pregnant with neither

Do you Know I’m tired of these people going out There and doing And they have no idea what the Bible Says they were told what the Bible says They can’t read They don’t know linguistics I don’t understand the difference Between the Hebrew language and Greek Mythology Here’s what the Bible says that’s not True it’s not true Yeshua was Yeshua You know uh but it’s different it’s Different you know today on my social Media I presented a theory that I want To help somebody with Uh first of all That I found in the field that people Attacked the Bible because they don’t Understand it Then believe me there are things still In the Bible that I get to understand But the things that I do I’ll fight for One of the things Is it’s very unique Uh one of the things is that um uh One of the things that I’m very I’m very Attentive to is the attack on Yeshua Okay Which gets very interesting it’s not I’m Not switching veins or switching topics But we have to understand who you’re Sure was

When we get into Hebrew Linguistics if You need a reference look up Bishop Veronash Mary Mother Mary was also taken She was also used as a um a womb for That God to step into this dimension Foreign We don’t know whose seat he used that’s The problem So what is my point my point is we have To recognize even if you don’t believe In Yeshua I don’t care whatever that’s Not my point my point is there is a a Destructive Manifestation of gods here That are using the Mortal portal of Wounds and words to step into this Dimension I don’t care if you believe in Yeshua or believe in Habibi it doesn’t Matter to me they’re all playing by the Same rules And what I’m dealing with now is Everyone there’s a movement in the field God help us of women specifically now Let me tell you let me show you Something I’ve had this in my library for a quick Man These are my notes I have ADHD you can’t Read them my handwriting’s worse the Doctor At least In possession cases 96 of possession cases

Were female Because they’re using the female As a portal I’d say portal To be again let me throw this out to you Guys I was holding it back until till The lecture but I’m feeling a bit loose Tonight you guys understand There’s a term In a Golan height it’s called the Gil Gal refine For all you Scholars out there it looks Like a graveyard and some Scholars Eastern North Um Eastern Scholars whatever The near Eastern they confine it to a Special area within the Golden Heights And it’s called the gilgal referee now The non-linguists out there people who Make thousands of dollars high-fiving Their own assets and and feeding on the Insecurity and ignorance of the western Theologicals whatever no They’ll teach you okay it’s just a mound That’s not it at all Means this in Hebrew the wheel of Souls The wheel Of souls hello UFO Abduction phenomenon How are we seek your when Ezekiel so God Help me Ezekiel said the spirit of the Creature was in the wheel What are we dealing with Again what we’re dealing with is a Species of death

Of the Dead Seed ghosts Both the familiars and the familial Who are seeking a new body And what they’re doing is they’re Inseminating women And they’re using This this They’re so holy why shouldn’t I have Their baby Um It’s a ghost why shouldn’t I have Really No So I was trying to tell you guys two Weeks ago Well my internet connection just went to Play No They kind of move in scripture let’s go Back kind of inscription 2008 University of Chicago sent out a Group of archaeologists to Turkey It was called these and curly Expedition They went and wrecked someone tell you What dude That that freaking uh whatever it was The the the article you put up Encapsulated everything I was gonna say They’re walking monuments but in okay This is a curly Expedition these people These archaeologists in Turkey they’re Digging out things they’re digging up Sarcophagi and they come across this

This guy his name was catamua and Katamua wrote it out he wrote his own Death certificate in a way and he said That my Consciousness will be in that Stale in that Monument Okay in that that word that was used was In the should Hebrews necklace nepes for Your language That was the first sign at least the Oldest representation the oldest Reference of the fish that was used Carbonated back to the Iron Age And katamua said okay my soul is in the Stay light okay fine cool let’s do it They said okay fine And then and then that stay lay right it Was it was it was important because at First our ancestors believed that was Just dogma and Bs baloney why should I Even understand that makes no sense to Me until we understood what AI was huh Huh and and then we start to realize That he was just merely talking about uh Technology that our ancestors understood That we’re just now learning my soul Will be merged with the matter Thank you And there My memory Is in metal Oh God tell me Rex And my little Spirit my Consciousness is Outside of my body now it’s over there And so these beings

It’s just like the article Rex shared About the Israelis who are taking dead Seed and plants again it doesn’t play Big women They called the progeny living monuments Hello what’s a monument well my Consciousness is in there And so what happened was according to Funerary rights Spirits started to visit the recently Deceased And so the amount of whatever demonic Alien I don’t I name it name it let’s Get why some more vocabulary right we Got to do better in these two different Terms but but whatever we want to call It what happened was suddenly these Beings Who got tired of merging memory of metal They started merging their memory with Corpses Again Whose seat is in your womb And where did they get it from So what happened according to Antiquity Where there were ghosts people fangs Vampires Succubus name it all different terms Same behavioral pattern same sexual Pathology and so in history uh again This is getting back to my last last Show with you guys but you know my Internet connection was wrong whatever It was bad

No there were entities that were sucking Things out of dead people Said a story and also um Arielle Masters Said they were milking The carcasses of the dead and so what’s Happening according to history was that They started to bury people quicker Why because oh Christ because what they Were witnessing was if I put them out There too long something will hover over Them and will start to harvest things From them just like we’re doing now Just like we’re doing now we’ll we’ll Take it hard after the out of this Person well right we’ll take a kidney We’ll take a heart a lunge right Eyeballs no what they were doing in the Vampirology we’re looking after the Reefs of disease and taking things to Make you ready for this A new body And it affected It affected The barrier rights To the point that they started burying Their people quicker Don’t don’t let him out there for too Long we gotta put him in the ground They went from a shelf to him I’m getting to a point here And went from a shelf to to You know maybe we should put Watcher There all right This don’t ask me

Maybe Oh God maybe just in case Scavengers come and feed off of this Dead body maybe we as a family should go Out And hire Someone to watch this dead body Listen Hebrew mythology It’s called showman again They Accommodate they adjusted Their belief system Oh God help us to a species of ghosts That was great of Robbie And so their way Of reacting to these beings who are Doing exactly what they’re doing now to Women and men Not just the living They’re milking the dead and the living They’re doing it to both of us both of All of us But their accommodation and reaction to The species of ghosts was maybe I’ll put A watcher out there Again they were so prevalent and so Prominent that they manifested The the Um they influenced our ancestors way of Burial When you look at the funeral rights There was a shift in the rights Now it’s not just that I’m going this is Hebrew mythology and Hebrew funeral it’s

Not just going to bury you and leave for Seven days it’s that I’m going to hire Someone hello watcher To to guard the body in our absence See this is what I get really angry About because it seems like all these Resources of evangelicalism they have Eschatology right But they have anything else wrong Their Western scholarship is to a point But it’s it’s the limit of Western Scholarship Now The Watchers were designed To watch Dead people Okay And the fall of the Watchers Included them What do they do What are they doing They took a scene But dead man Only they would have access to their Recently deceased This is why for all you Scholars out There go to the New Testament when Mary Magdalene went to the garden And she saw a man inside the tomb and She said oh I thought you were the gardener no in The Hebrew I know it’s written in Greek look in Hebrew she spoke Hebrew it wasn’t Greek

Sorry linguists or pseudo linguist I Thought you were the Watcher Foreign Because he was watching after the body Of Christ So while oh you gotta find this you Gotta receive this as much as they are An angel there were those who fell and Those who fell were also placed in Charge of watching the deceased body and Soul and they used it against us They defiled Us in the weakest Dimensions of our existence And they took things that did not belong To them Just as they’re taking babies that Belong to us See what’s so fascinating is the right To life movement never wants to talk About the hybrid See if it matters to one of us it Matters to all of us and we have to Incorporate it into our tradition and Our culture we have to think okay Why shouldn’t it Right It’s not working Because they’re victimizing us And still to this day just like the Sucky by the incubi the Lil the lilu Or or the alien of Betty and Barney Hill Who pulls over Just eggs and all that out of of Betty And take semen from Barney no that’s the

Alien and that makes it okay really does It really Becky Does it really make it okay No Does not And so what we’re alerting now in the Field is this that there there’s there’s Two things going on there’s there’s one Side of at least Mighty research that Says Hey listen We need to to understand what’s going on Assuming and we need to understand that There is um A profound amount of Human Rights issues That are occurring And then there’s the other side that Says saying let’s just let it happen Go ahead let somebody put seed in you it Doesn’t matter who it is right who cares Right they’re aliens and they want the Best for us Right I mean everybody does that you Know No Hell no No And when we’re dealing with it’s Profound to me because the deeper you Get into the literature the more you Realize that it’s all deception It’s all deception I’m an alien okay Where are you from a thousand different Answers not just one solely right We’re all from this area no we’re a

Million of us we’re all everywhere But we’re all doing the same thing to You Makes perfect sense does it no it Doesn’t none at all Not at all So my point is again we need to Understand that there is a profound Apocalyptic human rights issue occurring As we speak People are being pulled from their Bodies as we speak People are being abducted from their Cars from their you know sleeping Whatever their children possibly your Children as we speak That’s the issue here And yes it does hang on me it really Does man it pisses me off But the others Are looking forward to the moment when We disguise ourselves Not as victims He That’s prophetesses and Prophets Right well I gave I gave birth to a baby Whose baby was that it doesn’t matter Doesn’t matter you ignore that but you Know I’m no it does matter I can go deeper I can go more and go Further Uh there was a lady that called me on The side of the highway she reached out To me on social media she was you know

Can I have your number I just listen to Your show I can’t talk I said okay fine She goes you know she goes I’ve been Haunted I used that specifically and Intentionally ontology and you’ll follow You’re the same she’s I’ve been haunted By this being and uh it was an alien it Was a ghost it was a lover it was the Husband and uh that they she said as a Young lady it was coming to me you know And she’s like you know it monitored my Fertility Who does that Well I’m a hybrid mother I know you are That’s not my issue What I’m saying is Whose baby are you having a matter of Fact let’s see let’s get let’s get real Whose baby are you having without your Permission to have it Duh Come on now you don’t want to get down To it she said they monitored my first Period they abducted me after that she Said they have been abducted me since She said I have no idea how many Children I’ve had she said all I know is That I had a hysterectomy since the last Time I was abducted she said after Listening to one of your interviews and Lectures she said I realized They were monitoring my fertility she Said then the last time they visited me They looked at my body in the middle of

The night and they realized that I could Not procreate with them therefore they Could not self-replicate their species They verbally abused me and left come Put boom gone I had a lady who reached out to me that Said she had twins Huh twins twins in her body she said I Went to get an ultrasound I had two Fetuses in my womb A month later I went back and there’s One fetus And the She said the ultrasound showed one feta Since she was asking the clinician did This fetus absorb the other one she said No I didn’t For some reason this one entirely is Gone Well I’m going to birth the next Jesus Sure you are well you don’t understand I held the hybrid sure you did but how Do you not know the seed that birthed That child within your womb came from Your next door neighbor or the corpse That lives underneath the church in your Town you have no clue Surrogance She came to me and she said I don’t Understand it I watched one of your Shows she said God She said me and my husband had names for Both of them she said we had named them We have the the the uh the ultrasound

Photos it wasn’t there she said the only Thing we could not explain was that one Day it was there the next day it was Gone can I tell you again that they’re Monitoring the fertility Can I tell you That if a woman In one cycle if she’s impregnated by two Different men in one cycle she can be Pregnant with twins from two different Fathers And we have people who want to charge People to get healed of trauma and all This that’s fine I believe I believe all That trust me I have PTSD I’ve had a Traumatic brain injury I’ve had to have speech therapy uh I had To learn how to walk again trust me I’ve Been to Helen back but one thing I do Not understand and what I will fight for To my death Or people who want to make money off of Trump This is how we birth beings for them That’s fine do your do your thing do Your thing no man go ahead go ahead go Ahead Good Birth Gods birth goddesses Literally what’s their name by the way No I mean let’s talk what’s their last Name by the way Better not be alien What’s their first name by the way have

You been able to name them No oh [Music] That sucks What I’m telling you when I’m stressing To you is this That we need to pay attention to what’s Happening to our species Because every night I get messages if It’s not a possession it’s a pregnancy If it’s not a pregnancy it’s an Attachment if it’s an attachment it’s a Nightmare and all of this phenomena is Connected to exactly what I’m talking to You about right now If they’re impregnating us as a species Not just us women or not women not just Us but women and men they’re taking it From him and planting it in women all of Us are being manipulated I had a case of a woman who was abducted She cried out to Jesus and Jesus According to her held his hand down and He said all seed belongs to me She had six miscarriages Since that abduction I respect everyone’s position and Everyone’s opinion But I am not about to waste my platform Tonight To tell everybody that it’s all lovers And Light No it’s not Inseminated

With dead and living seed To propagate What kadamua wanted A living Monument A body And no I had a lady that I really followed a High up I had a high high um opinion of Her You know as I have in the field But once we start to ignore human rights No go ahead and move through it you got A different vibration really because That’s not what we we thought oh no it’s Okay that’s not really what happened to You and I’m telling you you might not Like this you might understand it but I Promise I swear to God in my right hand This is what they’re being told you Misinterpreted it No No it sounds like this all of these These answers come from Hannibal Lecter No it didn’t really hurt you like you Thought it did that was different it’s Your interpretation right no you’re Really bound no you didn’t get sucked up In a bowl of like no no no that’s you That’s you no of course it didn’t Inseminate you with another man Stephen We didn’t you know it was your husband’s But it was it wasn’t but you know you’ll Get over it

No it’s not it’s not okay It’s never been okay It wasn’t okay in Genesis 6. it wasn’t Okay in the apocryphan of John it was Never okay Never But it’s our responsibility To understand that first And to fight back later And that’s what I have for you Rex Simon I got trickled about

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