Corpus Hermeticum, Emerald Tablet & Journey Through The Seven Spheres, Marlene Seven Bremner

By | October 16, 2022

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Marlene Seven Bremner Website

Hermetic Philosophy & Creative Alchemy

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Foreign [Music] Ladies and gentlemen Rex spare Elite Project how the hegaria thank you very Much for joining us this Edition we have A wonderful guest with us today Marlena 7 Bremner now I’m on your website right Now and I’m scrolling through your Artwork and I want all of it so I don’t Know how much you I mean it’s just Amazing it’s I’m very impressed and how The heck are you I’m doing very well thank you and yeah Thank you for the kind words about my Work Thank you yeah yeah I are you a fan of Like uh who inspired you one thing I Like to know like some artists that Inspired you to to get into artwork if Any how the heck are you Doing great awesome what the heck you Got in your hand I’ve got the world’s First C60 gummies in tart cherry Nice released on October 9th national C60 day so I just had one and they’re Delicious is you get all the same Benefits and one gummy that you would in The regular C60 if you guys have yes you Do in a very tasty delivery method nice All right we’ll go use Cole League 10 You’ll get 10 off shop if you Change once here everybody thanks Ken I Mean early on I was definitely inspired By Alex Gray at a young age yeah okay

I’ll be gone by this realist movement in Particular and especially Max Ernst and Leonard Carrington well fantastic and What about H.R Giger oh definitely yeah He’s so ah yeah different yet a lot of People have tried to mimic it was so Dark yet not I don’t know but I mean if You’re a fan of transhumanism then whoa He was way ahead of his time right there Um but anyway that’s not what this Podcast is about and I am really looking Forward to you’re going to send me a Signed copy of hermetic philosophy and Creative Alchemy right and Great great I’m going to show it off and I’m looking forward to reading it and I Wanted to so there’s a lot of people That talk about The Emerald Tablets Right and I did a dive into the emerald Tablets and I found out you know I Thought this from the beginning but the Admiral tablet versus The Emerald Tablets are two different things So exactly I you’re talking about the Actual Emerald Tablet Yes the actual tablet itself let’s get Into that before we do though tell us a Bit about you And and why you got into hermetics Well I um I’ve been interested in you Know the spiritual path for a long time From a young age and was introduced to Hermetics first through my study and Practice of polarity therapy so

Um while I was going to school I was Also teaching myself oil painting and Learning all about the energy body and About the way that the elements function Through the body and through nature and Learning about the chakras and Um the way that energy steps down into Form and into matter you know descending And increasing in density and all of This is based in hermetic teachings and So through learning about polarity Therapy and studying that I came to Understand more about the Hermetic path And also about alchemy and I became Really interested in alchemy during a Very difficult time in my life when I Needed something to really help me Process and transmute some very Difficult energies I was working with And that sort of fused with my creative Process and that developed into the work That I’m doing now and that I’ve written About in this book and in the second Book which is coming out next year Um So it’s kind of a long-winding path but Really My interest in hermeticism developed Through my love of alchemy and just a Desire to want to know where that Tradition comes from and what it’s Rooted in and it all goes back to these Hermetic texts that were written in the First few centuries of the Common Era

And into ancient Egypt as well So okay I’d like to get into the ancient Egypt part in a minute but but first of All I’ve never heard of polarity therapy What is that Is a Hands-On energy modality that works With the someone’s life energy you’re Not channeling energy like Reiki where You’re bringing energy down and into Someone you’re just working with Someone’s energy field to open up Blockages and release energy so that it Can flow in its natural Um state where it naturally would want To flow and you’re always using two Hands on the body so you’ve got the Right hand which is a positive Connection and the left hand is the Negative and that’s how you’re moving The energy is between these two poles And so each part of the body can be Broken down into positive neutral Negative and you’ve always got you know The outward expanding energy of the Positive current connecting with that Negative receptive current and Everything revolves around the neutral Field So basically there’s any number of Different Um Therapies that you can do with this some Of them are very deep tissue work like Acupressure working with specific energy

Points some of it is very light Energetic work working off the body even There’s rocking motions and different Manipulations and it incorporates Craniosacral therapy so it’s a very very Holistic modality and really wonderful Um I am not currently practicing but Everything that I learned has you know Definitely applied to the things that I’ve written about and what I expressed Through my artwork Oh very cool I was thinking something Completely different like uh two two Different extremes you know like Throwing hot and cold water at the same Time Very nice very nice okay well uh next Question Medics what’s your definition of Hermetics Um Well in the book I sort of differentiate Between Hermitism and hermeticism and I think Those two terms get used interchangeably Often but they they really refer to two Different things so Hermitism refers to the Hermetic Philosophical and Theological teachings That are mostly composed in the Corpus Hermeticum that were written in the First few centuries of the Common Era And there of greco-egyptian origin And

Hermeticism on the other hand refers to A whole body of magical alchemical and Astrological works that have developed Out of this hermetic tradition and you Know including Kabbalah as well so It’s a lot more expansive than hermitism And incorporates a lot more and Yeah so that’s that’s what I mean when I Talk about hermetics is sort of both of Those things but sometimes I’ll use Those two terms differently to Differentiate And yeah in my own practice I I tend to Say hermeticism because I do work with Astrology and Alchemy and magic and I’m Not just relying on these foundational Texts I’m sort of working with all of The other things that have developed Over the centuries as well And so when you talk about alchemy There’s a lot of different types of Alchemy what what is your you know what Do you see Alchemy as Well I see I mean there’s definitely the The physical operative laboratory Alchemy and that’s something that I’ve Had a lot of exposure to and a little Bit of training in uh however that’s not My primary method of working and I like To approach Alchemy from a creative Standpoint because it is very much about The creation of the universe and the Transmutation of matter and the birth of Matter from the sort of

Um the Primal matter the Prima Materia And the development of that So That’s how I tend to work with Alchemy And I think that’s a very um It’s a way that a lot of people can Access it without having to you know Start a laboratory of their own which Can be really intimidating and I don’t Think that’s for everybody you know it’s Kind of it’s a lot to take on and that’s Something that I realized at a certain Point was because I thought I wanted to Start a lab and for a long time I was Sort of aiming towards that and then I Realized like you know if I really Wanted this that’s what I would be doing And I realized that what I actually Really wanted to do was just work with Alchemy creatively and so that’s what I’ve developed over the years The whole world of internal Alchemy and So working with energy transmuting Energy through the body and Understanding the way that energy flows And the different um you know like Energy channels this is the central Channel and the Eda and the pingala the The masculine and The Feminine as they Wind up the caduceus and all of that so Well that’s kind of uh You’re on your Right here cover cover your book right Yeah yeah you’ve got the two polarities

There uh they are interwoven but not Locked together they can let go at any Time but they’re sort of mutually Dependent working together That’s cool And and that’s like a philosophy that You take and I’ve studied hermetics I Read Franz Barton and studied some of His stuff for a while and it seems like It’s you know very powerful when you Practice it but it’s something you have To to continue to exercise and have you Taken your I think you’ve kind of taken Your canvas some people have a lab like You said but for others it’s it’s a Different path and your canvas seems to Be clearly uh the the painting canvas Yeah for the most part and and now Writing as well that’s definitely become Another way of expressing these Alchemical ideas and giving them a Physical form to work through And um music as well I do play music but I’m not really as public with that so I Think there’s any number of ways to To work alchemically in a creative way So the main key really is to have a Physical domain an outward way to Express something and to see things Transmuting Nice and I’d like to know more about the Emerald Tablet and what you’ve talked About in your latest work Oh yeah well the Emerald Tablet versus

The Emerald Tablets of both the Atlantean right so that’s channeled Material and I think the by is it DeLorean or yeah yeah that’s that’s the Guy yeah I haven’t spent a lot of time With that I want to take a look at it More now uh but I’ve definitely been a Lot more interested in the Emerald Tablet which it’s of Unknown Origin we Don’t really know how old it is or where It comes from but mostly we rely on the Arabic translation Um that comes from IBN I can remember The name uh anyway it’s an Arabic Translation and there have been many Translations over the centuries and it’s A very short Um text and it’s a series of sort of Precepts that just describe the process Of creation and It’s really the source of that hermetic Axiom As Above So Below that is so Common that we hear all the time Um So it talks a lot about This one right here right Yes yes yeah that’s an artistic Depiction of it there Yeah yeah this is cool there’s there’s Been a lot of uh translations of this Tablet by a lot of very prominent people And they all have very similar Translations and it’s it’s kind of like The Rosetta Stone of hermetics yeah yeah

I’d say so Nice yeah Well well tell me more please Um so as I was saying it’s really the Source of that hermetic Axiom As Above So Below and so it’s it’s the source of Our understanding of Correspondence and This idea that the macrocosm the heavens Above are reflected in the microcosm Within Humanity within man and vice Versa and so that everything external to Us is also within us and that by working With transmutations of this one things Energy field that we’re all a part of Um we can work miraculous wonders Basically and Transmuting the elements you know talks About Um Let’s see here feed the Earth from that Which is subtle with the greatest power It ascends from the Earth to the heaven And becomes rule ruler over that which Is above and that which is below and so This idea that through these Transmutations and raising what’s heavy And dense and corporeal up into its Divine spiritual Essence that we can Become Rule or ruler over all that is and Basically ruler of our own kingdom Become more Sovereign within ourselves And in another sense In another sense we’re talking about the

Imagination and the power of the Imagination to work these wonders The imagination is key and the elements I think you’re bringing up some great Points so if we can if we can control The elements we essentially control our Universe Yeah exactly and that’s kind of Foundational in any sort of hermetic or Magical practice is getting an Understanding of the elements And knowing how to balance them within Ourselves Very nice okay well and then you said it Goes back to Egypt Yeah most Scholars um concur that There’s an Egyptian origin although There’s been a lot of dispute about that Over the years and different Um translations of the Corpus for Medicum but essentially there’s a lot of Evidence and a lot of overlap and um Things between the Corpus hermeticum and Ancient Egyptian cosmoginy and mythology So you’ll see like you know a reverence For the sun within the Corpus for Medicine which is a very Egyptian theme Or in the asclepius they talk about Um And souling statues or like breathing Life into a statue this sort of magical Ritual that brings life into an artistic Creation through the use of incenses and Incantations and things like that

So that’s also very Egyptian Concept and yeah there’s there’s plenty Of other you know correspondences that You can find Nice the Egyptians the ancient Egyptians Possibly even atlanteans it seems as if When you look at their the older the Further back you go the more advanced it Seems to be And I don’t know if they just came here From like light bodies originally and Manifested themselves and then created Us to do the work for some of them or if They even wanted us if they even needed Us to do the work for them because Clearly they’re like you know light Beans they can manifest in any form I Don’t see why they would need us unless Maybe they wanted some more Entertainment now that would make sense I could see us being made for Entertainment but I want to get your Take on this yesterday I was thinking About this in depth about how we’re in The mind of God and God has many forms And and you know we all have a Divine Spark of God but if we where was I going To go with this if we are within the Mind of God would that explain The the macro and the micro would that Explain the the elements in a sense of Like uh with Quantum connection almost So even if we’re a million light years Away we still have this Quantum

Connection here if there’s a part of us Out there somehow Yeah I mean I think that that definitely Makes sense though I don’t think of God As being So far away you know you’ll if we’re Inside the mind of God then God is Immediate immediately right here with us All the time and yeah yeah there’s this Sense that it’s very far away or like Outside or like this sort of Bodyless form that’s holding it all Together you know Um But yeah in a Quantum sense everything Is connected and can be Um instantly There’s communication that happens Instantaneously and that’s that sort of Quantum effect I think but I don’t know Enough about quantum physics to talk Intelligently about it but hey me Neither but we can we can make it up for A minute no this is one thing that I Have heard which is supposed to be fact About quantum entanglement is anywhere You are in the universe Like if there was a if there was a part Of you with a DNA connection on the Other part of the universe if you think Of something you would automatically Interact with whatever it was on the Other side it would have a physical Effect with that object on the other

Side of the universe and yeah so I Thought to myself well if that is the Situation if there are ETS and I I Believe there there are but I think that The majority of the information out There is either disinformation or or Make believe Um but if there are ETS and they get a a Way to connect with you And anywhere you are in the universe With the right technology they could Find you so it’s kind of scary to think About right if you’ve got these scary Aliens that want to turn you into Batteries or something like that they Can follow you anywhere but according to Some there’s no such thing as as bad Aliens they’re all friendly um anyway That’s a whole other podcast But but it’s interesting to think about How everything is connection that’s why I think of the the mind of God Your thoughts Well I sort of on the note about aliens And going back to ancient Egypt I was Just in Egypt for a few weeks I had the Great privilege to go and was like Deeply struck by how aliens some of the Pyramids felt and Um they definitely struck me as Devices you know we’re like Power generators but also getting a Chance to be in the king’s chamber and Stuff like that and in the sarcophagus

It’s like you really get this sense that They were used for astral travel and From what we know Um someone I don’t know the name of who This is but someone has done research About those three pyramids on the Giza Plateau and how in the year two ten Thousand five hundred BCE They aligned with the three stars of Orion’s belt And so a lot of the pyramids in Egypt Actually in that same time period were Aligned with different star systems and So that just got me thinking about like Well maybe they were used to communicate With very specific star systems in a Sort of astral projection sort of way Astral travel kind of way Um but anyway that was just I thought They came back yeah yeah I’ve totally Questioned that that’s a that’s a great Point I’m thank you for adding some uh Some you know the possibility to buy Thoughts because I’ve definitely Considered that I know many others Haven’t and so then here’s the question Did the the light beans come from the Actual stars did they project themselves Down into physical form or was it an Advanced civilization that had the Technology to utilize certain Quantum Fields and and mechanics and the you Know knowledge and math and all that Other science stuff that we’re still

Learning about did they actually Figure that out what would you think Oh I mean It’s all kind of conjecture but I my Sense is that it was a very Advanced Civilization that pre-existed the Egyptians and you know anti-diluvian and That this information was sort of Preserved to a certain degree and Encoded in these stones in the form of Hieroglyphs and that’s really what is Actually taught in the Corpus hermeticum I think it’s in the virgin of the world Um Isis talks about Hermes and how he The first Hermes that was from Before The Flood he preserved the knowledge And engraved it on stones and then it Was later transcribed into books by the Second Hermes So Um It does seem to me based on that and Based on my own Impressions that there Was a much more advanced civilization And maybe they were descended from the Stars you know maybe they were Extraterrestrial in that sense Who knows Or were they actually light beings like Reflections of this the Stars themselves Like is Isis actually the the Divine Queen was the Divine Queen of Heaven is She the feminine of this the Stars like The the came down yeah in the time when

It was just the Gods on the earth and Man hadn’t been created yet is that yeah So yeah Wouldn’t be surprised I would you know What I think that’s just as valid as Many of the other theories and and Speculation so it’s incred it’s Incredible to think about and I Appreciate you um you know taking that That thought brought or that um how do I Put it thank you for doing this live Action role play with me for a minute Where we’re thinking about these Possibilities because you know it’s it’s It’s really fun to think about and Sometimes that’s all you can do is Speculate or ask somebody else their Thoughts to to get to the next level but Yeah I I know very little about the the Corpus The Corpus for medicum Corpus for Medica Can you tell me more about that please Yeah well I’ve written quite a bit about It in the book Um They it’s a series of about 17 treatises And they’re all sort of a philosophical Theological Cosmiconical nature and they talk about Visions of creation they talk about what It means to live a Pious life and to be Virtuous and they talk about uh what Happens to us after we die and how to Shed the different energies that we’ve

Taken on in our Incarnation and rise up Through the seven spheres and A lot of it’s really a system not a System but just it’s a series of Dialogues that are written in the form Of initiations so dialogues between Hermes and several different students Like his son tat and Um Asclepius and Also sometimes between the Divine mind And Hermes so Hermes himself is Receiving initiation through these texts But they were written in the first few Centuries as I mentioned before and They’re thought to be of greco-egyptian Origin and written by Greek philosophers That had studied in Egypt or that were Influenced by these other philosophers Of the past that also lived and studied With the priests and the temples of Egypt so that’s where that Egyptian Influence comes from but there’s also You know Iranian influences and Jewish Influences and aspects of gnosticism That are woven in Um Relationships between hermeticism and Early Christianity but it’s it’s vague Which one precedes the other and So they’re very interesting they have a Lot of different influences And I would recommend highly that Anybody that’s interested in her

Medicism these you know subjects of Alchemy and astrology and Magic I would Highly recommend reading these texts Because I feel like they’re very Foundational and there’s a lot to be Garnered from them understood through Them Absolutely and there’s a lot of Descriptions were Thoth or Thoth I’m I I’m just going to refer to him as Thoth Because I that’s what I resonate with When I think of thought or thought Um stop in the writer the The Scribe of The Gods coming up with math and Astronomy and astrology and all these Different sciences and writing all these Books the question I have though is Where where did all these books go I Mean there’s very it doesn’t seem like There’s a lot left at least that we can Link directly back to Thoth Yeah I mean there’s like the the 42 Books of those right which we don’t have Actual records of Um and then the Emerald Tablet itself Though there’s you know legendary Stories about where that might have Ended up and where where it came from Um Dennis William Hawk and his book The Emerald Tablet gets a great uh legendary Account of the Emerald Tablet and I’d Recommend reading that Um But yeah where did they go I mean a lot

Was lost in the different burnings of The Library of Alexandria obviously Um But who knows maybe there’s there’s Still more to be discovered maybe They’re waiting in some hidden place for Us to find I sure hope so because you would just Think that with all of the books that he Wrote Even if the Obviously the Library of Alexandria Being burnt down I I would not be Surprised if a lot of the books were Actually taken first and and tucked away In certain places and certain groups Have those now that they keep a part of A particular esoteric mystery schools And such as far as initiation levels but They you know with so much being written You would think that there would still Be more out there and Maybe the Deluge though I mean it’s a Huge flood and all the events that have Taken place and the younger driest event That could explain a lot of the Destruction and then now you just have To have the right key to find those Depictions because maybe many of the Hieroglyphs hieroglyphics are actually From Thoth and we just don’t have that Specific link now because of how much Has been taken and suppressed and Destroyed and lost and forgotten Etc

That’s very interesting Um but Isis she how often is she talked About in the in the um You know I think America I don’t I think The main place that she’s Um present is in that version of the World which is one of the stobius Excerpts it’s not in the Corpus for Medical proper but it’s uh there’s a Whole series of hermetic fragments and One series of them were preserved by a Fellow named stobius and so the virgin Of the world is part of that and Other than that I don’t recall at the Moment if Isis is mentioned otherwise But yeah that’s an interesting An interesting Egyptian influence there Okay So the majority of these discussions in That are with Hermes Tres Magistas the Majority yeah okay and uh what’s another One that stands out to you in there Um Well the first one is probably my my Favorite of them all the first book the Corpus for medicum and that one’s called Commandras and so commandras is the mind Of sovereignty and he’s giving a Vision to Hermes of the process of Creation and so Hermes kind of goes into This state of inertness Um sort of The state that you would want to be in If you were going to ask really project

You know just like very heavy body and Like the sensations subdued and Everything and he receives this vision Of a watery darkness and from that the Elements emerge and they separate the Lighter elements of Fire and Air they Rise up to the top and water and Earth They fall down below and they stay Mingled below and so then he watches all Of these different things unfold the Creation of humanity and all the while Commanders is sort of coaching him and Guiding him along in his understanding Of that and it’s a very very beautiful Uh vision of the Hermetic cosmoginy Oh very cool yeah absolutely I’m gonna Have to definitely read and study this More detail Now you also I mean you are fast your Your artwork is fascinating and I wanted To talk about like the creation aspect Of alchemy Tell us more about that Well in the alchemical great work they Talk about there being four stages of Transmutation as you are generating the Philosopher’s Stone and everything Begins in darkness and it’s sort of like That hermetic vision of creation that I Just described there’s this watery Darkness and sort of what the Greeks Talked about is chaos or the void and It’s called the Prima Materia in alchemy And it’s our our base

Material that the undifferentiated Consciousness from which everything else Emerges and so when I think about Creation I think about reaching into That unconscious place within ourselves Where things aren’t fully defined yet Where it’s just the world of potential And pure potential forms that are not Um clearly clearly defined everything’s Just sort of in a chaotic State and to Be able to reach into that unknown Within ourselves and extract the essence Of an idea and bring it into form that’s Really the the magical Uh process of alchemy and so Once we have this sort of beginning Place that we’re coming from this Darkness within us this Um This state of pure potential then we can Go through the the following stages of The alchemical process and For me The beginning stage is called the Negrito and that means blackening and Creatively I relate that to Being creatively blocked you know Not having an idea not knowing what to Do feeling a little bit lost in a Depressive or melancholic State you know Like the artist Melancholy and I think We all encounter that whether we’re Working creatively as an artist or not There’s these states where we just don’t

Feel inspired you know It might even be you know a very low Point in our lives sometimes it’s very Extreme and we hit these we hit rock Bottom or like Um The Dark Knight of the Soul you know But if we can see this as a beginning Point it changes our perspective you Know we can instead of wallowing in it And identifying with it then we can Begin to transmute that energy into Something Helpful for ourselves and for the world So that’s the first stage and it’s Really about confronting our own Shadows It’s about looking at ourselves and like Being honest with ourselves and just Getting real with With what we’re doing with our lives and You know what we want to create what we Want to be and what we want to let go of What’s not serving us And once we do that Um there comes a certain point where There’s light on the horizon you know There’s a little glimmer of hope and Sometimes it can be so wonderful that Little Boomer of hope that we think We’ve like reached the end of the work And we’re like I get it yeah I’m good you know but That’s just the beginning that’s just Drawing us out of the darkness there’s More work to be done and that leads us

Into the second stage of the alchemical Opus which is the Albedo and this is a Sort of phase of purification and it’s Very watery and related to reaching into The unconscious Realms but in a way that We’re actually immersed in this world of Symbols and deep personal meaning and it Can be very healing and cleansing but Also you know we’re still kind of Clearing out these negative beliefs About ourselves and limiting things that We confronted in that first stage and Creatively this might be a time of Exploration and like really being Immersed like I said in the world of Symbols and these different things Coming to us and sort of a flood of of Information coming in And So from there uh we’re sort of Continuing to heat the process we’re Applying more heat to the process and That watery element sort of dissipates Away and things begin to come together And coagulate a little bit as this Happens we’re moving into the third Phase of the great work which is the Yellowing or the citrine test and this Is a process of maturation of gentle Cooking and like development things are Coming along we’re like maybe in a Creative process we are doing the actual Work you know we’re like painting on the Canvas we’re writing in the book we’re

Like composing the poem where we’re Working on the song it’s like coming Together but it’s not done yet Um it’s developing it’s sort of it’s in The womb but it has not yet been birthed Into the world And as the heat continues and we Increase the intensity of our heat and Our attention and Our intention to bring This into Earth into creation Um we reach the final stage which is Called the rubedo and that’s the Reddening and that’s where our work is Birthed into the world and it becomes Something Um It moves from being an idea to an actual Form and we can look at it and Communicate with it outside of ourselves And it becomes something that is not Just for us anymore but it’s for the World and spiritually this is sort of When we integrate everything that we’ve Experienced you know we’ve encountered These really difficult parts of Ourselves and based our shadows and kind Of worked through this process of Purification and then you know come out Of that and received inspiration to grow Into something new and at the final Stage we’ve integrated all of that and We actually have transmuted into Something completely new within

Ourselves And then it becomes about bringing that Out into the world So that’s how I think about in general And there’s a lot more to it than that But That’s how I think about the creative Process and Alchemy it together that’s Fascinating yeah that’s the mindset I Like that mindset I mean it’s spiritual it’s physical it’s It’s reaching a higher level of Consciousness and you can apply it Towards just about anything If you use it for a metaphor also Clearly but that’s that’s brilliant and It’s not too difficult yeah I mean it’s Not I mean anybody could do it even a Caveman could do it but I have to remind People I mean the cavemen were supposed You know first of all we go back to the The caveman times where we’ve got these Giant megalits and cavemen couldn’t Start a fire they could barely start a Fire like wait a second something’s not Right here cables are pretty smart they Were they figured it out now we’re Trying to figure out what the cave now We’re doing but no that’s that’s Brilliant and how does that connect to The seven spheres hmm so the seven Spheres that’s something that that term Comes from the Corpus chromaticum and so These seven spheres they’re also called

Seven rulers or they’re they refer to The seven planetary spheres so the seven Traditional planets uh which are the Five inner planets and the two Luminaries the sun and the moon so we’ve Got the Sun and the Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn and these seven Planets are basically they’re like Sub-rulers below God that sort of Guide energy the energy of humanity For Better or Worse they’re like you know Energetically influencing us all the Time and you can relate them to the Seven chakras within the body and you Can also relate them to sort of Archetypes that are working with our Unconscious and unconsciously moving us Um through the power of fate And through becoming more aware of these Energies and getting to know them on a Personal level and integrating their Lessons and understanding what they mean For us in our own lives then we can Transmute that energy we can overcome it And actually inhabit a sphere beyond the Seven spheres where we are the masters Of our own fate we’re not ruled by Fate Unconsciously anymore So that’s sort of the idea of the seven Spheres and in the book I presented each One with its own Um pretty dense pretty big chapter to Give the reader like an overall view of The mythology a esoteric anatomy and

Different ways of thinking about these Planets you know astrologically Magically and to you know help people See how These energies are expressed in their Lives and how to relate to them because I think it’s really important to get to Know them on a personal level to to Embody them to sort of Act out different roles to to get into The roles of these myths and give them Expression and see how they can teach us And help us to evolve and grow Nice now these okay so let’s talk about This then for a minute when you connect The seven days of the week the seven Chakras the seven major planets like I Said Mondays the moon Sundays the sun Tuesdays Mars I think right and then Wednesday’s Mercury and then Thursday Thor’s day which stores connected to Jupiter Friday uh Venus and there’s a There’s a Nordic term for that so yeah What what is it would you say it again Yes thank you thank you and so we’ve got Somatics we’ve got the the colors The Sounds the frequencies and it’s Interesting also with the chakras and I’ve seen my chakras and I’ve seen Others with pearlian photography and The uh I I mean I’ve even seen details Before some people have more details in Their chakras and they’re more uh evened Out versus other people will have more

Color you know like when I had the first Time I had my curly in uh photograph Taken it was like pure uh Mars energy I Mean it was all root chakra literally it Was the whole the whole thing was like But I was kind of I was kind of in a Position at that time when I was a Little bit I don’t want to say stress But I was in that fight or flight mode And and you could definitely see it but It was just pure dark burgundy the whole It was pretty cool I still got the Photograph somewhere um but then my Friend you could see like all of her Chakras you know like the different Details and as it moved up and stuff and This is with the photographs so this Wasn’t just me being like Oh I could see Your chapters man they’re awesome you’re Looking amazing and there there have Been times that I’ve seen people’s auras I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody’s Chakras I can on occasions see auras and Stuff like that for sure but Um oh there’s a chakra removing service Now I mean yeah why not pay somebody Come on now Really everybody’s doing chocolate Removal all I got to do is I’m like I Take them out and I and I put in and I Just you’re all healed now it’ll be 199 Please Um I’ll give you 50 on yeah there was a Chocolate removal service the other day

That my friend Mike was like folks don’t Do a chalk removal thing this is a thing I was like I just want to spend my money I mean here take it Um yeah sorry I’ve not heard of that I Don’t know Folks are supposed to have chakras okay They’re they’re there for a reason They’re connected to the planets I’ve Thought before as well so do you think It’s the planets themselves like their Direct influence in your body that has The chakras I mean that’s sort of how I think about It is yeah there’s like a link between Us and the planets and they they exist Within us just as much as they exist Without outside of us you know there’s That direct connection between them Energetically and through Um different ritual practices and Energetic practices we can connect with Them And work with their energies in a deeper Way Yeah you don’t do chalk removal services Do you No Okay just checking just checking I’m Like Laughs Okay all right much better now can I Talk a little bit about your art because I’m looking at it and

This one right here at the very top left The The bear Harmonia matcha harmonia Oh that’s wow tell us about this Well that’s my most recently completed Painting and though it was started Several years ago and Originally it was conceived of as a Mars Themed painting I was thinking the Bearings of Mars and it became much more Than that though I think it helps holds That essence you know of the martial Archetype within the bear you know bears Being just sort of aggressive in Marshall by nature but then it became so Much more because I was thinking about The Great Bear Ursa Major in the sky as You know a system of seven stars and I’ve always had a deep connection with The Pleiades which is another seven star System and so you see both of those Constellations in the painting the Pleiades being in the third eye of the Bear and Ursa Major being down in the Heart So I was thinking a lot about the Relationship between these two different Seven Star systems and I’ve read things That essentially there’s energy coming From the galactic center that gets uh Projected to I believe it’s the Pleiades First and then it goes into the Great Bear and then maybe just serious after

That and then to Earth it’s something Like that so I was thinking about the Way energy is being transmitted to Earth Through these star systems And so again you see seven peacock Feathers and seven monarch butterflies And then the center of the forehead There’s also this Cleon flower and Cleon Is uh the eldest of the Pleiades sisters And so this flower is sort of like Giving birth to the Pleiades beneath it And opening the third eye up there who’s Seeing into the infinite reaches of the Cosmos and All around the Bears the form of a liar And so My idea was that these seven peacock Feathers and the bear itself there’s Like that’s where the seven strings Would be coming down in the middle of The Liars where the bear is so that’s Sort of intimated there that there’s This Cosmic Harmony between these Different Celestial aspects that’s Playing out Yeah the golden snake it’s it’s an old Musical instrument with seven strings Traditionally oh yeah yeah all right I Was I’m in Colorado sorry high elevation Um again I like do you want to hear some Crazy synchronicities this is so yeah Okay so I just had an interview with Mark Lerner 40 plus years uh in in Astrology right

And he’s talking about just before this Interview we were talking about Mars Retrograde and I was telling him how I’m A huge fan of Mars Mars my favorite Planet and then some of his uh symbology He’s got on his website is connected to The Pleiades and Sirius and this is Absolutely beautiful I love this like The symbology is Like he’s just and Mars I mean Sirius You had to say that that’s wow that’s so Cool we’re in like this Mars Matrix maybe it’s the Mars Matrix maybe It’s the Mars saturnian Three I don’t know what do you think you Think we’re in The Matrix or what Oh sometimes I do and I need you that’s More Of a perspective I guess Nothing wrong with that Um the gnostics are you know seeking Knowledge seeking uh seeking truth I Find that yeah There’s sort of the Hermetic Purpose her medicine there’s There’s you know a lot of Stuff that resonates with the Gnostic Belief that we’re sort of in a Hell Realm you know imprisoned here in matter And that that you know we’re supposed to Find Salvation and Um Ascend beyond that but there’s also In the Corpus for medicum this idea that God is within everything Heaven is

Infused throughout all of matter so Everything the material world is Actually Divine and it does contain the Good that we are to be stewards of it And it’s not something to be reviled so It’s interesting in the Corpus for Medicum there’s these two different Perspectives and I think they serve Us In two different aspects of our process Of initiation and evolution You know Thank you for saying that because we are Stewards of the earth and I was going to Say that earlier but then I started Talking about quantum mechanics and I Don’t know I skipped a couple steps There when I brought up being in the Mind of God and if we were created in The end you know if the gods created us On this planet as stewards of the Earth Right to help the planet to help nature Because we’re all in this together not To just be pillagers of the Earth but Actually to help the planet and maybe There will come a time when we’ll build Something that will deflect uh an Asteroid or or prevent some type of Catastrophic event to make up for a lot Of the the human destruction but it does Seem as if we’re starting to get come Back to that realization that we’re in This together and the indoctrination of The western media and education system And religious systems that have been

Created I feel in many ways a part of it Anyway is to separate us from God to Separate us from nature to separate us From the Divine Um what a great way to put that where Heaven is in in everything And then I think of the universe as You in Reverse like when we look out Into space we’re actually looking at Ourselves it’s pretty cool Yeah Well you know you’re a magician right Because of your work your work is like You’re creating you’re creating worlds You’re creating realities with your work And I and I applaud you for that your Work is incredible Thank you very much yeah it is I do Consider it a magical Act Definitely magical alchemical all of it Okay Now are you on YouTube Am I on YouTube no I’m not okay well how Do people find you then should I uh just On your website or what’s the the best Way to order your book also Yeah there’s a link on my website Um which is Marlena then Maybe you can have that on the On the episode links and there’s also You can go to Inner to Order my book and just type in my name There and it’s on Amazon now it’s on Audible it’s pretty widely available and

The title of the book once again is Hermetic philosophy and creative Alchemy And you can also find me on Instagram I’m on there as M7 artist so that’s M The number seven artist and that’s Usually where I post the most often so If you want to keep up on what I’m doing Creatively and also just in my personal Life I’d post there and then I’m on Facebook Marlena7 Bremner Dash artist and I have A patreon so people can subscribe to my Patreon if they want to go a little Deeper and I’ve got a Blog on there so For just a dollar a month you can Subscribe to the blog and that goes back Years and there’s tons of information About paintings that I’ve done about my Process and about alchemy a lot of that Was sort of part of what went into the Writing of the book so that could be Interesting for people to check out and You could pay different tiers and get You know further rewards at higher tiers And yeah so there’s plenty of places to Interact with me and find me and I hope That I see you out there Fantastic well it was a real honor to Speak with you and thank you for being a Guest on leap project thank you for just Being the change and keep being the Change you want to see oh thank you so Much Rex it’s been such a pleasure to Speak with you today really thank you

Thanks everybody have a beautiful day [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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