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Hi Capricorn welcome to your November General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a general Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Capricorn this will not Resonate with every Capricorn that Watches this message and because this Reading is general not every single Message may be for you so please only Take what resonates and leave it doesn't For someone else who needs to hear that Message and if this reading's not for You at all Capricorn I highly suggest Checking out your other signs and Different placements Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in a Capricorn Who wouldn't be I'd like to remind Capricorn and cross Watchers that energy Is fluid and this simply means you may Feel like I'm describing a certain Situation in the reading where you feel The roles are flipped or reversed and That's completely okay You're more than welcome to use your own Discretion to flip those roles if that Resonates with your specific situation At best All right Capricorn let's jump right on Into your reading I'm first going to Clear and set the energy for your Reading so if you are listening to this

Using headphones or the volume is kind Of loud right now I do so just turn it Down a little bit just for this part Because I don't want your ears to hurt So let's tune in to Capricorn All right so let's see what's happening For my Capricorns and love and romance At this time in November Capricorn Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone dealing with The Capricorn what is the energy in Capricorn's love life Romantic feelings okay your feelings are Real and worth exploring so Capricorn This is someone I'm picking up on that You do have a crush on that you are Interested in and the thing about this Card here is that I feel those interests Those feelings of curiosity of Excitement of passion of Desire are Reciprocated here this is someone that Wants to explore their feelings with you So I don't know if some of you guys have Been wondering by their text messages by Their calls what are they up to I mean Right now they're worth exploring They're ready to kind of see where this Can go I definitely feel like you guys Are going to be asked out on a date by This person for this weekend this Upcoming week Um I'm hearing happy hour for someone May resonate doesn't have to but I'm Feeling Capricorn that some of you are Kind of wondering if this is worth the

Shot to explore it and I say absolutely Someone that is capturing your interest Someone that you're thinking about Daydreaming about is someone that is Worthwhile here spirit is sending you Those Visions those Daydreams to show You the potential what can happen Between the two of you Um there is someone that loves kissing On your neck or wants to kiss on your Neck they're good kissers I don't know If you know that already or you're gonna Figure that out this month But yeah you know for some of you who Are wondering if they'll still want me If you take it slow I feel that they're curious enough to See where it goes Um if they try to rush you if they try To pressure you no let's let that Already out of your space so you don't Have to deal with it But I think they've definitely been sending You very flirtatious text messages or Will as November goes on I'm seeing Winking emojis Um they're very playful with their text Messages but they're flirty and they're Seductive and I think they're trying to You know like a peacock show their Feathers to impress you right now Let's go ahead and pull some more cards Here

See is sticking out to me Um as I'm Chris as in Christina first Middle last initial coming to someone Tell me more about the energy Surrounding Capricorn right now I just heard cancers too for someone Someone could be dealing with a cancer Or you could have cancer in your chart Ooh the moon card confront Interesting card to pull up here So yeah this energy this person is Bringing out about a lot of fears And just even looking at this imagery Here in this card you see this man kind Of looking at a shadow that looks like a Child or someone smaller than him so to Me this is indicating Fears are kind of coming up from past Situations similar to Aries reading but Different in a lot of ways Um but the moon card there's always Feelings of intuition that's very strong Here Just you know yes you could think They're really hot cute good looking Whatever there's something more in depth To this that you're picking up on Intuitively Um and I feel that as feelings are Getting more complex There are certain Situations or memories that are Surfacing about what happened in the Past when you felt something similar to

Someone else that it didn't unfold and Work with But I feel spirit is bringing this love Interest to mind to your attention to Your energy right now in November so you Can kind of address those wounds that May still linger over love and romance That may still constrict you into being Curious about what their else is in love And romance for you you know just Because something didn't work out in the Past does not mean your love story is Over Capricorn and I feel that for some Of you with someone trying to pursue you Right now that you're picking up on has Some sort of Chemistry to it magic to it whatever you Want to call it some of you are afraid Of it And it doesn't mean you know I don't Think this person is trying to marry you By tomorrow but I think Spirit is saying why not open yourself To this because I think it's going to Teach you a lot about certain wounds You're still carrying that are being Addressed to finally move on from and to Heal from to grow from And I'm saying I don't feel this is Anyone that's hurt you already because This card here what I'm paying attention To is your feelings are real and worth Exploring so this still feels like Capturing the romance being involved in

The romance getting to know the other Person and developing those feelings Here Um I'm already just picking up on this For a few of you not for all but I Wonder if there's A past that's haunting you from someone That you had a child with And because you still have to for some Of you maybe still have to keep that Connection alive because both of you are Raising that child It's It's been kind of muddying the waters For you to Kind of fully separate yourself from That to get more involved with someone More new in your life But spirit is saying Capricorn whoever This is whatever this is being Introduced in November to you or that is Further enhancing further evolving here Is something that is going to change you By the end of the month Is something that's mirroring to use Things that are meant to be swept away Are meant to be addressed understood and Then let go of so you can finally Experience the romance that you do Deserve Capricorn So let's get into the tarot Tell me more about this energy here And for some of you this simply is inner Child wounds that may still kind of

Linger revolving or involving the love And romance in some way whether you had A bad demonstration of love and romance As a child Um you know your parents were not The best demonstration of healthy love Maybe someone could have been raised by A single parent Um and that's kind of caused a lot of Conflict In your life around trust issues maybe That has developed because of them Yeah And I still see whether this is you or The other person someone's still being a Bit hesitant fully protecting themselves Um Wow okay So let's get right on into it bottom of The deck is the two of cups Cancer energy I knew I kind of felt that Energy you or them doesn't matter Doesn't have to be but this is water Energy and with the two of Cups it's Partnerships it's reciprocated like I Said from the Romantic feelings here And I do feel like you've been spending A lot of time with this person maybe You've gotten to know them the last two Months Um beginning of 2022 I'm kind of feeling Here and it just keeps on getting deeper You feel it your gut knows it But I still feel like you haven't

Brought up those conversations or they Haven't brought up with you about where This can go are we looking to be Exclusive because there's still a level Of protection here and if some of you Are wondering why this person's being Quiet if this is all happening that you Feel so strongly towards know that's the Case Um but they are working on it with the Hermit here Now with the two of cups I wonder with the two of cups in the Background and the hermit currently There is someone you have been Deciding to pull away from And if that is your case I want to ask You is that more out of fear And this isn't for the people who yes They've shown me that they betrayed me They would hurt me this is not the Question for you I'm asking those people Who you know When this happened in the past where Feelings got very strong and developed And it turned out to not work in your Favor Is this something you'll finally need to Confront through this connection that You're trying to push away from or maybe Someone's pushing away from you again You'll have to take how it resonates but With the hermit here As you may kind of

Separate yourself from this or someone May be trying to separate themselves From you detaching so the feelings don't Develop further it's actually making Someone feel a lot more alone And If they try to push you away Capricorn Try to ignore their feelings it's not Working They can't stop thinking about you and For the fact that they can't stop Thinking about you is maybe making them Really reflect and introspect on the Things that Am I projecting things into this Connection that have nothing to do with Capricorn And I feel with this hermit card there's A better understanding of someone's self Through the things that may be surfacing They're making someone very afraid but I Gotta stay here with this two of Cups You guys started on the right foot I do feel I don't know there's someone Who may have like a wrist tattoo a Birthmark on the wrist or they just um Love holding your hands this is just Confirmation for who I'm talking about For someone here Um I do feel that It's just right when those things get Complicated things get deep That's when someone wants to retreat

That's when someone wants to run And I feel Spirits calling your Attention to this because I think if Someone acts more out of fear than love There may be a huge missed opportunity So let's go right on into it Center of this is the hermit card Um so again Virgo energy is coming Through here but regardless of the Astrological sign There is someone who is deciding to pull It in Whether that's the engagement that's the Texting Someone just needs a little bit of time To really decide If this is going to be something that They really want that they everything That they feel is correct But it is creating a wall it is creating A shell And for someone that is a defense Mechanism that was learned through Childhood That maybe you know being alone was Being safer than to trust But again as someone is just repelling Themselves from their desires their Feelings I I do think that it's not stopping the Thoughts of what this connection is of The memories of you two and your dates And your conversations and what made you Feel so good about this person

Actually it's doing the opposite it's Just growing more and more And I think through this connection Someone is learning that they're not Better off alone And I feel with this hermit card here Even if it's a little bit quiet right Now Capricorn maybe you're being quiet Right now there is A Moment of clarity in this Stillness And I think through the other side of This hermit mode that someone's going Through you or them there's going to be A decision Or Spirit wants someone to make the Decision out of love Out of light out of being open and Trying to make things work But what's Crossing this is the five of Wands This is Leo energy Interesting with the five of Wands Um so what I feel with this is the inner Conflict I feel that's going on within Someone There's a part of them that yeah is and Curious is amazed it's feeling on the Fields and wants to Dive Right On In But then the ego says don't don't choke Don't miss that you're gonna regret it It's going to hurt you again And with this five of Wands Challenging the situation too I feel With whoever is being pushed away or

Feels like the other person is putting Their guard up Um it is making them a bit frustrated It is making them a bit annoyed Because I am getting this energy where Things were you know feeling great Feeling all right But then all of a sudden you know this Wall started to go up And it's frustrating for someone to Understand that They don't want to be disrespected they Don't want to be rejected So I do feel that it may be a challenge Within the connection that someone's Going through right now Is the frustration or the annoyance Whether they vocalize this or they are Not Now I gotta say if there is someone a Third party situation that is still Somewhat hindering within your energy Within your love life or again has to be A part of this that you do have children With them just an outside Factor there May be jealousy that's surrounding you Capricorn If this is not the person you're dealing With or if this is not you this five of Wands then these may be X's of yours or Theirs that are mad that you two are Together and are sending bad energies Your way Um maybe you're trying to stir up

Something so you guys cannot get along Be aware of that if that is going on in Your connection What's crowniness is the Knight of Wands Sagittarius energy So I do feel it's kind of this Knight of Wands is correlating with this romantic Feelings cards here you do with this Person when you're around them when you Guys are both in that energy of the two Of Cups where the insecurities and the Fears are not intruding in you guys Really sweep each other off your feet You're fun to be around you have a great Time with them Maybe they're more extroverted where They like to go to the bars go to Friends houses go to events that are Happening around the town and want to Invite you This person has a thirst for Life an Excitement for Life Adventure for life That I think you find very attractive Capricorn and maybe with this person's Energy of being out there wanting to go Out there it's pulling you out of your Shell and that's exactly what Spirit Wants so you can be more drawn to the Excitement of love and romance and not Wall yourself in or cage yourself in Someone likes to walk around Barefoot at Their house too I'm just when I see These things or hear these things I just Relay it to those who may be asking

About who I'm talking about And there's something about someone's Thighs that someone loves Um grabbing on holding on touching To let them know they're think really Attracted to them in that moment right Then and there when you're sitting next To each other And I think There's a part of you or whoever this Hermit is that just wants to feed into That Wants to just be more impulsive just Wants to go on their passions But I do want to say this and this is For people who I've been through this Situation before where I fight against my feelings because Being proven wrong or going through Failure or whatever We have to understand that Um Life is a cycle of harvest And of growth And through those Growing Pains those Situations were were heartbreaking were Devastating even That made you feel Like you couldn't trust love again Those were never meant to be experiences To block you and to discourage you From ever trying anything again from Putting yourself out there to experience New Again those could have been things

In different ways karmic situations Karma that you were carrying from past Lives or early on in life that Spirit Finally wanted you to release of and it Had to take a closing of a door for you To kind of release it fully and to Understand it Others of you it's because it wasn't Meant for you and if you were to pursue It it would just take you down further Down the wrong path that Spirit didn't Want for you and that's why it ended And I know it's easier to say this on an Outside perspective in hindsight Um you know it's very much harder to see It when you're in that dark situation That intense situation but I think part of us as Spiritual Beings We need to trust the process of our life And yes we'll go through some Duds we'll Go through some shitty times we'll go Through some heartbreaks But if we learn to evolve and choose to Get experience and to learn the lessons From all of that it will Propel us Further to making the right choices to Discerning better So why hold yourself back I feel a lot Of you are already learning or have Learned the shadow energies that still Try to hold you down that still try to Keep you bound And if this person does make you feel so Great makes you feel passionate makes

Your heart tingle and all those feelings Of excitement come up why not go for it And give it a shot and pursue it sure They're going to be bumps in the road of Course that's how every connection is But what's meant to persist you guys Will want to work on together and I see With the two of cups with the Romantic Feelings at the Moda is right now They're definitely wanting to feel Things out with you What's rooted is justice Libra energy So again I do feel there's divine Intervention In this connection you guys were met to Meet In this lifetime at this time in your Life because something needs to be taken Care of as far as hauntings memories Fears insecurities that are holding you In Hermit status from experiencing love Again I'm seeing someone with very beautiful Eyes Um a very beautiful color of eyes Or just dreamy eyes I don't know maybe Some of you are dealing with someone That has Pisces Rising Scorpio Rising Maybe that's something for you guys I Don't know But I feel with Justice reading this Situation here with this card

That There's something being worked out here There's something to trust here And that I feel that Spirit does want to Give you the thumbs up that We have your back And it's okay to explore your curiosity In this And spirit is protecting you here as Well And any sort of thing that um you know Was trying to intrude on this connection Here whether that's it within you with Your fears or outside of you through Jealous people who don't want to see you Too happy you will be protected from And if that is within you just do the Work and to recognize it and to confront It And then when you do I feel the scales Are tipping in your favor Capricorn Someone could be in law enforcement Could be a lawyer it could be studying Law interested in law But there is something about this that Spirit wants you to know your feelings On it are correct are right in a higher Vibration Your energy is the page of Pentacles or How they may see you Earth Energy of Course Taurus Virgo Capricorn energy you May be younger in this connection for Some With the page here but as they view you

They're interested I do feel like they Are going to want to or have been the Ones to initiate in taking you out Out to dinner out to like a nice Cocktail lounge I'm seeing like fancy cocktails for Someone I don't know if that's someone's Go-to drinks like negronis whatever Right Margaritas that are upscale they Want to treat you and they want to show You And They're serious about What this can In their intentions with this I want to Say And this person their love language may Be you know especially with the Knight Of Wands crowning this By showing you the Finer Things in life Um picking you up in nicer cars or Taking you to nicer places or paying for The bills you know that may be their Form of love language that they think Will attract you In some way but you know if you guys are Just curious about you know why they're Spending this much on me or are they Trying to overdo it are they trying to Hide something Um I think their intentions are genuine And I'll say this because their energy On their side is the King of Swords Aquarius energy

But with the King of Swords this is Someone who Is truthful Is honest is upfront it may even at Times be a little bit blunt And now if they are being the hermit Here I think This person may be Not the greatest at staying within their Feelings and understanding their Feelings they're very logical they're Very analytical and they try to make Reasons out of everything so if they are The ones that are kind of confronting You know fears around emotions fears Around vulnerability fears around Trust Um they're going through that right now But they're learning a lot from it And especially if you're still showing The patient showing them that you're Someone to trust it's definitely adding To the Security that they're feeling with you The trust that's being built there Now if they're the ones that are more Than Knight of Wands energy And if I picked up on someone being Frustrated by someone showing up or Closing in Um I think they're gonna ask you about It I think they're going to confront you About it if they haven't already you

Know did I do something wrong what do You still like me are you interested in Me what's going on because they want the Truth So I do feel like you know you they may Try to catch you off guard or just want To confront you with that Because they really are starting to feel You Capricorn They really are starting to develop Emotions and they don't want to waste Their time if this is something you're Not looking To further continue or to explore I think there's some sort of serious Conversation that they want to have with You That may Address the hermit energy that might be Going on in the connection And again if they're the ones dealing With someone jealous a jealous ex that Is you know sending bad energy your cap Your way Capricorn they're dealing with It They're telling them off they're going To tell them off And that will be the end of it Because they're choosing you for sure Oh Capricorn okay so with all that being Said we're gonna go ahead and take this To the extended reading to see what's Going to happen in the very near future Within the upcoming days weeks of this

Connection what are they likely to do Very soon how are they going to show it How are they going to express it if Someone new is coming to your life how Will they show up we're going to just Dive deeper into this whole situation of What's to come in the upcoming week Specifically I'm going to pull some Oracle cards we're going to get right on Into it so if you'd like to join me for The extended reading open up the Description box and you'll find the link To Vimeo which will take you to the Extended reading But if this is where I depart Capricorn I really hope that this reading Resonated with you I hope it provides You with the clarity Insight healing and Guidance that you're looking for by Clicking on this message and if it has Please let me know drop a comment below Hit that like button don't forget to Subscribe I love you Capricorn very much and I'll See you next time Take care Capricorn

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