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Hi Capricorn welcome to your November Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid skills tarot Thank you so much for joining me here so This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other Strong placement to the sign of Capricorn Please note that this is a general Reading not a personal one-on-one Reading and I do want to say guys that There have been a lot of scammers in the Tarot Community here on YouTube and on Instagram Please be aware that I am not Offering personal readings at this time I will never ask for your payment Information to get a personal reading to Give you a personal reading I do not Have a WhatsApp I only have two Instagram accounts that are associated With the links in the description box Nothing else is me if you are receiving These comments these messages please do Your part in just blocking them Reporting them so we can get YouTube and Instagram to take them down And protect yourself Capricorn so let's Go ahead and jump right on into your Messages for November Capricorn what do You need to know about November what Does Spirit want you to know at this Time with what's going to unfold for you In November or maybe what's already Happened in November to give you the

Clarity Insight healing and guidance That you're looking for so let's see Okay I'm gonna keep these two puts these Two back but first we have the six of Wands Leo energy and it says Congratulations you've done a wonderful Job time to move on to the next project Awards scholarships or promotions so Scorpio I almost called you Scorpio Maybe some of you have Scorpio in your Chart you could be dealing with a Scorpio there could be a Scorpio cross Watcher here but Capricorn there is Something you are being recognized for Praise for by your spiritual team maybe You'll start to see that in the 3D world Through your friends your family members Capricorn you've held something down Here and you've made it work you've made It a success and it was not easy Something that you had to work very hard Towards and there were times you were Almost giving up there are times where You just wanted to completely just Abandon your plan your project and you Didn't and there's something that is Going to be shown here in November for You guys and you're standing out with Your specific skills talents with what You bring to the table at your job in Your friendships and your romances there Is someone that's seeing you for all Your worth Capricorn that they want to Give you praise for maybe some of you

Are hanging around your friends a lot More recently maybe because you've been Doing a lot of work you've been having a Lot of classes or you've been dealing With things in your life that have been Overwhelming You by taking this break to Enjoy the people around you the friends That you've been making the friends that You've haven't heard from in a long time But you're looking to reconnect with They're making you feel better about Yourself about your life situation for a Lot of you and this is what's uplifting You Capricorn making you know that You've done a great job in life at your Job in general don't be so hard on Yourself for some of you you need to Hear this that may have been overwhelmed That may have been stressed out you're Getting the work done and that's half of Co-creation Capricorn And then we have Divine guidance here With archangels and dolphin With the hierophant Taurus energy Capricorn energy for me as a reader and It says the search for meaning in life Consider an alternative approach Surround yourself with wise teachers or Friends before I even read this card It's already bringing about surrounding Yourself with the people that Enlighten You that awaken you that make you feel Alive that make you feel appreciated That make you feel like you're learning

From the conversations you're having or Maybe Capricorn this is what you're Serving the purpose to those people Around you what you talk about are Things that need to be brought to Someone's awareness and I don't even Feel like you're aware of this a hundred Percent of the time but you guys Drop Like truth bombs you guys give facts and You guys explain your views on life that Really touch and stick with so many People around you and people do look to You as someone of influence as someone That they could go to for guidance they Could go to for help that you have a Higher understanding you guys are on a Very spiritual place within your life or Maybe you've always been very Spiritually connected you've had a Awareness that a lot of other people in The general population don't have and I Feel that's from the past lives you've Experienced as you've experienced and The lessons that you've gained from Those past lives you have ancient wisdom That you've carried maybe even passed Down to you ancestrally through a line Of priests priestesses teachers shamans Whether you're aware of this ancestry or Not I do feel that you guys have a lot To show for this world a lot to give for This world and you do have the potential To have a big impact in November and I Think you're starting to see it in

November the people that are telling you Thank You Capricorn the people that are Saying you've told me this and it's Changed me it's made me think in a new Way it's made me want to act their Whether this is from you or you're Looking for advice any advice that You're giving or receiving is going to Make a major impact on what you choose To do in November that's leading you to Recognition reward and success here Um some of you may be meeting a mentor In the middle of the month whether that Is directly in your community or you're Finding a Tarot reader online a Spiritual Guru someone that's teaching You so much about how to handle certain Situations in your life wounds that is Giving you a big Awakening a big wake-up Call in a positive way not in a negative Way because again if you are the Hierophant you're already aware of Everything that's happening in your life And why it's happening but with whatever You've been working towards that is Starting to give you the thumbs up the Congratulations it is cementing your Path your purpose even further whether That is a spiritual one or that's one That you've been guided to to make in November to cement in November for some Of you this may be a job offer that You'll be getting in the month of November that is going to put you in a

Higher position than where you were or Where you've been these last few years In your career let's keep going Tell me more about November for Capricorn Epiphany with the hermit and Archangel Raziel Wow and it says joy through spiritual Growth be a light to others answers that Come through meditation so this is very Interesting because maybe at the Beginning of the month whether you've Been around friends hanging out with Friends you've been getting so much Experience you've been getting so many Lessons so many situations that have Been smearing to you Things that have been starting to impact You on the inside Your New Perspectives on life your new Goals in life Things that you want to dedicate Yourself to things that you want to be Loyal to and devote so this can all Happen but towards the end of the month It's almost as if all right I've been learning experiencing growing So much by the people around me by the Situations that have made me be in the Spotlight but by the end of the month You guys are taking a wind down you're Taking a break maybe some of you are Going to be around family members Because of the holidays that are coming

Up and it's like all right that was a Lot let me go within let me internalize Things that I have been learning through What's been mirroring to me in the Outside world and there's some sort of Aha moment that will be happening for You guys that once you see it you're Never gonna unsee it it's going to be That Awakening here with the hierophant And the Epiphany The Hermit card that is Going to Forever guide you in a Different way and a different Perspective that is more in alignment With your sole purpose here whether That's finding the job you've been Looking for the role you've been wanting To take the path you've been wanting to Go on Specifically created and catered to your Blueprint Capricorn So those of you that have been getting Those opportunities those offers or Those downloads from being around other People almost as if those conversations If you know Capricorn you'd be really Good at so and so or I think this would Be great for you some of you are kind of Becoming in alignment with that with Whatever has been suggested for you that Is coming from a good place Of course some people do have haters Around them Capricorn your haters are Powerless I don't even think they have The power on you to affect where you're

Going in life and for the most part You've cut those haters out those people That have been draining you that put you Down I think you've been welcoming more People that uplift you Enlighten you Inspire you and that has been shifting You into the person into the situation That you've always meant to be on And then bottom of the deck 3 of Raphael Nice cancer energy And it says reasons to celebrate a Community of friends happy announcements Regarding relationships or children So with the three of Cups here again Definitely reunions may have been Happening for you at the beginning of The month reconnecting with old friends Maybe old romances for others of you Um does not have to be the case of Course but there is something of love Surrounding you Capricorn whether you See that in your 3D World or Spirits Your spiritual team is coming forward Now to say that we fully support you on Your purpose of what you want to Accomplish in your life what you want to Make an impact on in your life those are Things that you will have not only the Ability to do so but you'll leave a long Lasting impact on whatever Community Whatever job whatever industry that you Guys are working towards You have that ability Capricorn some of You are very aware of it or even

November is the time you're becoming so Aware of the impact you have the energy You give out is so uplifting is so Inspiring and even seeing your story Capricorn where it may have not have Been easy With the cards you were dealt or where You had to go to get here the extra Hours you had to work the extra time you Had to isolate yourself to get your Studies on to get some sort of problem Dealt with Those were choices that were hard for You to make but now that that has been Taken care of I really do feel in the Beginning of November or at least in the By the middle of it it's starting to Open you back up again to the people to The situations to the events the parties Even that you'll be invited to holiday Parties Um your friends miss you and want to Hang out with you will be hitting you up But I do feel with the experiences that We will be having November is leading You to some sort of epiphany by the end That is going to be The Catalyst for another Awakening for Some of you or even just a new idea Of how much further you want to go Your journey can be taken very very far With the hierophant here The new conversations you're bringing up That are inspiring you to learn so much

More about a certain topic about a Certain philosophy religion spiritual Concept those are things that are meant To be coming in your awareness because It's a part of your journey and a part Of your path Capricorn so stay open to The conversations the experiences that Are happening for you in November And I think with the three of Cups here Yeah with those of you who have been More open to hanging out that are making The time to hang out Um you know through your friends through Your family members specifically they're Going to show you how much you mean to Them how much having you around is so Much of a light in their life we saw it With the hermit card already You are a light to others Capricorn Know that and you're gonna see it too Let's pull some oracle cards to dive Deeper into this for November for you Guys Tell me more about November for Capricorn okay that fell off the table One second Capricorn all right Capricorn Sorry about that Um you have the devil card now very Clearly this is feeling for me what I Was talking about that the harder things To overcome the things that made you Fearful scared doubtful that you had to Address and face and like I said even in The beginning of the reading people or

Situations you had to cut out so you can Be more in alignment with yourself that You can feel more a part of yourself Than having others judge you others have Expectations or you or even a job Situation that's demanding too much of You that doesn't pay you your hard work And your dedication Um Spirit wants me to bring forth that You faced the devil and you've overcome The devil in your life whether that is Specific relationships specific thought Patterns and beliefs about yourself What this card says is take care Immediately to avoid Temptation and Deceit Now with this being under the six of Gabriel for some of you guys where You're getting that light you're getting That attention maybe for some of you With these three of Cups even there are Certain people that you cut out that are Now trying to come back into your life Because they see your shine they see Your glow they see your accomplishments Whether that's through social media or Even their hearing about it because you Guys have mutual friends family members Who are still in connection with them or Whatever right So anything that may be people that You've already been aware of their lower Vibration who are trying to come back in Who are trying to give you flattery

Um be aware of that Capricorn Um I I think you have clearly with the Hierophant and The Hermit the Discernment to know who those people are And who they're not but I think too with This six of Wands as high as you fly Make sure that you don't get out of Yourself maybe There may be things or temptations that Are going to feed your ego but maybe That's all a spiritual test here to see How much of your ego you've been Addressing and healing we all have ego Let's be real there's not one of us on This planet that has reached that full Nirvana because we wouldn't be here Right now if that's the case right we Would be assisting others in spirit Forms or moving on to the next frequency In the next lifetime which we can Discuss in another video about my Beliefs in that but For those of you guys there may be Certain things that it feels like people Specifically for a lot of you That may start to try to rub you the Right way into getting you to accept Them back maybe again for some of you Old romances that are trying to make its Way back into your life because they see How well you've been doing they see your Glow up they're tempted they want you They're hungry but this is what is being Reactivated in your life Capricorn not

To tempt you and not to Make you feel like you're constantly Going to battle this for most of you I Feel this is the final test the universe Testing you to see if you really are Done with the karmic cycles that are Still trying to instill themselves in Your life This is the time to say no to them I'm In a higher path in a higher vibration Moving forward to better things And maybe some of you will be addressing That in the beginning of the month or Already have been addressing that and Have been wondering did I make the right Choice did I do the right thing Absolutely and that's why Spirit wants To congratulate you Capricorn And they may still be hungry they may be Upset But they can't dim your light Capricorn They know they're powerless in that and That's what's bothering them the most Let them be bothered Don't take on their energy don't take on That Situation for you to do the work for Them or to be part of that cycle again That you're long You've long dealt with honestly so Spirit wants to even show you by Bringing this back into your life how Much you've outgrown it and evolved from It

Let's keep going Tell me more about November for Capricorn spirit High Priestess yes Harness Mystic power this is what you Guys have and I think some of you Already are aware of this working on it Connecting more with Spirit connecting More with your intuition and your Manifestation abilities Talent skills You really are for some of you guys Light workers healers with what you do For your job what you do for other People you have a strong intuition That's growing even more Capricorn I Feel for some of you you've been led to More tarot readings to more Um classes or more research on how to Further this understanding of your Intuition of the synchronicities that Reoccur in your life being pulled by it Is a purpose in itself For this to finally be addressed on your Path but okay For some of you like I said you do have Mystical abilities and talents and some Of those have been from past lives that Now you guys are becoming very aware of Whether you guys have been doing past Life regression readings been meditating On your past lives or this has been Inherited to you through your bloodline I've picked up on that multiple times For Capricorn and it's coming here again

For some of you that may doubt it you do Bring a magic to this world you have That ability to create Magic in your World And I think that's what you're Rising Above Capricorn is whatever the devil Tried to hold you down from believing You didn't have these abilities That you weren't drawn to the spiritual Mystical metaphysical side of things For no reason It's too much is too much of a Coincidence for it not to be a purpose In your life Some of you may have been seeing black Cats a lot quite frequently Um maybe seeing cats a bit the black cat To me is a symbol of the Egyptian Goddess bastet Of pleasure of magic Of Um Rewards and abundance even So for you guys bastet maybe a goddess That's coming through to encourage you That the path you're on is going to Reward you and fulfill you and just Start connecting with your higher self Your true self even that you may feel Like you can't be a hundred percent Around your direct community Uh whether you do come from a religious Background or a very scientific Background that doesn't encourage the

Mystical side of life that's okay they Don't have to believe you they don't Have to understand you You understand yourself and you're Getting more of an understanding of Yourself and your abilities and your Talents I feel for some of you that is the devil That you've been kind of facing quite Literally with this imagery here Is to not allow people's opinions of you To affect you And it's easier said than done I 100 get It But I feel Spirit wants you to know that You're hybriding on a higher level That those opinions those comments Um are starting to fade away as they're Losing their power over you Capricorn All right tell me more spirit This feels like an Awakening this feels Like realization this feels like you're Coming to Peace In terms with the people Who will be with you as you grow into This higher vibration of yourself and The people that will fade away it's for A purpose it's for a reason What else do you want Capricorn to know About November spirit Tell me more about November for Capricorn daydream Nice I wonder if some of you may have Pisces

Or cancer in your chart in your big Three maybe cancer or Pisces moving but What it says is You will more easily hear and receive Our messages if you Daydream regularly Relax and open your mind to receiving Without directing your thoughts just Notice any feelings Visions or ideas as If you were watching a movie this is the Seat of creativity and may I point out That this is coming above the hermit Card So some of you may have the gift of Foresight Um you may be Clairvoyant and you guys Are diving deeper into that ability that You have You guys are starting to predict things That you know are meant for you that are Going to happen for you through your Visions I do want to say Capricorn now is the Time to dream Now is the time to go further with your Dreams now that you've defeated the Lower vibrational energies that tried to Convince you that your dreams weren't Real that they couldn't happen that you Couldn't go down the path that is Something they couldn't achieve for Themselves But Capricorn with the Daydreams the Fantasies the visions that you're having For the life that you want to make

Our vision sent to you by Spirit by the Divine as almost sneak peeks of what you Can have of what's to come and you can Trust those Visions Capricorn you can Trust those Daydreams that are happening You have a vivid imagination and for Some of you that imagination is going to Help you down the line in your career With your creative projects that you Want to make into your life to help Create in your life But for some I wonder if you're going to Have like a very memorable meditation Session a tarot reading that you do for Yourself uh that is going to lead to a Major epiphany Uh download that is so Profound that again once you see it it's Not going to be unseen you're not going To forget it It's going to uplift you And spirit wants you to say that these Things very much can happen for you Despite the discouragement you give for Yourself that you may still have that Voice that ruminates in your head from Time to time Um it those are just things that are Still being brought to your attention to Address For some of you pay attention to your Dreams have a dream journal write down Your dreams as soon as you wake up Instead of looking at your phone to see

What's going on on Instagram or text Messages you receive Spirits saying There's something in your dreams that is Reoccurring or that is being brought to Your unconsciousness To be a part of your new download of This new Awakening this New Perspective That you're coming into that is guiding You to make a choice guiding you to put To practice and determination the thing That you still want that you can Manifest Some of you even have the ability Um my husband has this ability actually We've been talking about this recently Because he'll dream of something and Then the next day the next couple of Days that symbol he saw actually makes Its way and it's random things it seems That you would never expect to take note Of or certain conversations he dreams of Having with people it happens So You guys may have that same ability that You kind of Are you get these like forewarnings or You get these messages from Spirit from God from your angels and Then they happen You have I forget what it's called I Think it's a neuromancy but correct me If I'm wrong comment it below if you Know But Spirit wants to reiterate this gift

That you have This ability that you have and to Heed These Daydreams to Heed These Dreams you May be experiencing because there are Messages from Spirit about what to do in Your situation in November or how to set Up for it for what's to come During December maybe during 2023 that Will all unfold All right Capricorn let's go ahead and Get one more message from this deck here And this will be a final message from Spirit anything else you need to know About November what's unfolding in November anything that confirms anything I've said or something to add to the Messages that I've been giving for you Guys Anything else that Capricorns to know About For November and November spirit Okay Nice It says at home on the inside You are your own Sanctuary Capricorn I Feel a lot of you are discovering this Where you don't get the answers outside Or there may be deception Temptations on The outside you have a sanctuary that You can always trust within yourself Within your wisdom within your soul And it says Inside you is a flame of Light That Remains unwavering during life's

Challenging experiences This silently reassuring witness meets You each time you settle into yourself And step through the passage between Breaths There you are met with your wise Soul Self It takes hold of each Challenge and uses It as fuel for your spiritual growth Rest in the safety of this serenity Do away with stabbing small memories That starve you of your faultlessness Feel that all-encompassing love that Flows through your soul into your heart With its life affirming Rays This is what I was talking about with This double card energy anything any Memories beliefs that still That's still resurface when you're about To make big decisions when you're about To have an idea or you get this vision Of what you want for yourself and that Voice within that discourages you that Doubts you I do feel for some of you guys this will Be mirrored in the way people present Themselves to you at this time what they Say to you Spirit is guiding you of what's still Meant to move forward with you what's Meant to evolve with you and what you've Already outgrown But despite anything that you may Experience throughout this month you can

Always remember that you have your Strong intuition that light within you That you will always carry I'm hearing Um that Uh the church song This Little Light of Mine May mean something to you guys Um You're always gonna let it shine and I Think you're developing that trust Within yourself in November that is Going to pay off in profound ways Because once you know your truth once You're so comfortable with the truth of Who you are and what is meant for you Nothing can shake you nothing can make You doubt yourself Because you already know The purpose behind your actions behind Your intentions And nothing can persuade you else wise Capricorn and that's such a gift to have Cherish it own it Spirit is congratulating you spirit is Very proud of you Know that Capricorn as you go forward in November with whatever you experience Thank you so much Capricorn for joining Me for this reading I really hope it Resonated with you I hope it provided You with the clarity Insight healing and Guidance that you've been searching for In regards to November whatever may be Happening in your life at this time and If it has please let me know drop a

Comment below hit that like button don't Forget to subscribe I love you Capricorn very much and I'll See you next time Take care of Capricorn

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