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[Music] Thank you Hi Capricorn welcome to your December Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid skills tarot Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node and or any Other strong placement for the sign of Capricorn so Capricorn let's go ahead And see what you need to hear right now In this very moment in regards to what's Happening in your life unfolding in your Life what you need to be aware of that's Happening in the month of December and Let me take a quick second to say for All my Capricorns who are turning a Whole another year in the month of December happy happy birthday I wish you Your love luck happiness and a year of Success happy birthday Capricorn so why I was kind of giggling is that the dead Center of the energy of December is the Sixth of Wands which is what Sagittarius Just had in their reading so if you guys Are Capricorn Sagittarius customers you Have strong Sagittarius in your chart I Suggest checking out the Sagittarius Readings see if there's messages for you There but I do feel Capricorn with the Page of water crossing your reading here There's something you're feeling There's a lot happening around you with The six of Wands you feel the support

You feel the recognition or maybe for Some of you you're about to come into This period where people are seeing you For who you are who see that you are a Fighter you are maybe even I'm hearing For some of you guys a Survivor for Whatever that means distinctively to you And spirit does not want anything or Anyone to step in your way from your Desires your goals of what you can Achieve here because with the page of Water crossing this there's something That you are Coming to terms with as far as your Inner child goes as far as what your Inner child may still be afraid of it Feels like Capricorn there's a moment in December where you will be pushed in the Spotlight you will be someone that Someone is going to ask you to take a Stand with or to be recognized for and There's a part of you that doesn't feel Like you're ready for this there's a Part of you that feels very shy about This or nervous about this I wonder for Some of you guys if this is something in Regards to a lifestyle change that You're looking to make or maybe even With the seven of fire crowning this There may be someone or something that You're finally Being put in the spotlight to confront That has been Something that has

Put a shadow over your heart space of Receiving love or being open to love Because we have the five of water Rooting this situation here so there is Something Capricorn that spirit is Calling for you to make right that what You have lost does not mean that it is All over for you that if there has been Disappointments that have been occurring In your life Truly and honestly anything that has Been blocked from you removed from your Life or that you felt like you just Couldn't get a hand on I do feel spirit is saying that whatever That was a relationship a situation a Career There's something so much better And I do feel Capricorn you've been Taking the time to really ground Yourself on what makes you feel better What makes you feel that you Can achieve and overcome any blockages That may have been in your way with the King of Earth in the recent past There has been something that you've Been more settled in it feels like your Self-worth it feels like your Self-assurance and your security and That's why spirit is putting you in the Spotlight to advocate for yourself to Fight for yourself to speak for your Your truth That is healing something of your inner

Child here or stealing something from The past that you felt so hurt by or Disappointed with and for some of you it Does feel like an energy of Confrontation okay and that doesn't mean You have to be ruthless that doesn't Mean you have to be someone that Makes your point clear through violent Altercation through aggressive Assertiveness But it does feel like Capricorn there is Someone who may be challenging you at This period of your time right now or Even a situation that's Challenging you that Spirit wants you to Know with the six of Wands you will Finally defeat you'll finally overcome And any sort of disappointment loss that You've experienced that is kind of Ruining you in this sense of can I Really do this am I really ready for This is going to be all cleared up for You guys by the end And for some of you with whatever it is You're fighting for whatever it is that You are making a stance on it may open To a lot of different opportunities Coming into your life where you didn't See none or didn't feel like there was Any for you there will be new people new Resources new opportunities that Spirit Wants you to Choose Wisely with Capricorn Because some of these opportunities or

Offers coming your way are not Vibrationally in sync with you are not Going to give you the support and Security that you've already realized You want to establish for yourself or Have been rebuilding within yourself Foreign S here your birthday could be January 7th January 17th perhaps for some of you December 27th But at the bottom of the deck we have The king of water This is Scorpio energy you can have Scorpio in your chart you could be Dealing with a Scorpio in some sense Does not have to be the case in order For this reading to resonate but with The king of water here I do feel this is an energy watching Over you this is an energy of a spirit Guide very powerful spirit guide that Wants to come in and say Capricorn I've Been watching you from the Genesis of This Wound that was created in the past from This idea that has flown to you that you Still kind of waver back and forth on Thinking if this is meant for me if I Should really do this if I should really Put myself out there to achieve this This energy that's watching over you Wants you to know that They're always here and even in those Times where you feel alone where you

Feel like no one understands you no one Gets you no one Has been that support system for you to Feel comfortable with This spirit guide this Angel even for Some of you I'm hearing specifically has Always been there has been giving you That motivational that spiritual pick me Up when you guys have been in that Five Of Cups energy and this presence wants To make itself known to you now Capricorn that they're here that they Love you that they support you and They've been guiding you to do this so You can overcome any challenge that I Feel a lot of you are going through Right now in this very moment That has challenged your security that Has challenged Your vulnerability But with the king of water I do feel That with whatever challenge comes Across your way or what you're facing Now you will be victorious at the other End you will feel more emotionally Secure you will feel more In alignment with your visualizations of What it is that you see for yourself and See for your life And anything that you've been Daydreaming about recently anything even From childhood that's come back to your Life certain Hobbies certain dreams or Goals that you put on the back burner

But are now becoming very apparent to You currently Spirit wants you to know That this is being placed in your life To continue to push forward for it and To choose it I do feel even with the seven of cups in The near future there may be energies Capricorn around you that was really Pushing for your attention pushing for Your duty and your responsibility and You've been choosing others before Yourself And Spirits saying as loving as you are As caring as you are and as much as we Love that caring loving heart that you Have for others you need to have that For yourself And this month it is okay to prioritize Your needs it is okay to prioritize your Desires and to fight for those anyone Who tries to challenge you because You're taking more time to yourself or You're taking time to kind of Restructure your life in a way that Makes you feel more comfortable makes You feel more at ease those people are Becoming apparent to you for Spirit to Say is this right for you Capricorn These people who provide these Challenges because you're doing what's Right for you that is something to pay Attention to But as the dead center of this the six Of Wands

Leo energy So I do feel in December there are going To be opportunities events parties that People want to invite you to Capricorn That they miss you I I feel for some of You especially with the king of Pentacles in the past you have been Working towards your career have been Working towards making your home a lot More secure maybe even for some of you Finding a home But something that you felt like was Your responsibility and duty to really Act on pursuing this and it's made People not interact with you as much has Not made people see you as much in December whether they know what your Birthday is coming up or the holidays Are coming around and they really miss You they you may get that call from that Friend that family member multiple People that want to see you again Capricorn you bring a liveliness to the Crowd that people Are drawn to that people want to have You around for you always make a Situation a lot more fun a lot more Alive there's just a fire energy coming From some of you guys whether you have Fire in your chart strongly or not you Bring this light to people That they really want to have back in Their lives again But again I want to say Capricorn as

Much as people want to have you around As many people want to Have you come over to their homes to Their events that they're having and Planning I would say that for some of you guys Specifically their happiness is not your Responsibility okay and what I mean by That is that sure we may want to Make people feel really great make People feel really good but if you are On an empty tank of gas And someone is pressuring you to do Something that doesn't feel right with You that you just need a break from Take that opportunity to do what's right For you Capricorn Even if it's going to bum someone out That you're not going to make it I do feel there's other opportunities For you to hang out with this person That will replace anything that you had To flake out on or that you had to Reschedule let's just say and rain check But I do feel Capricorn that if you felt A little bit lonely if you felt a little Bit like you've been in Hermit mode for A bit that's all changing in December With the events the holidays the parties The social Gatherings that you're going To be more a part of or already are Becoming a part of What's Crossing this is the page of Water

Energy cancer scorpio Pisces energy now In a way this could highlight the spread Of what is happening in your life where There's a lot from I don't know why it's Almost giving me six of Cups Vibes but a Lot from your childhood that's Resurfacing a lot from any wounds that Have been stemmed from your inner child Is being surfaced now maybe through Interactions with other people through What people are mirroring to you Capricorn as far as what you still need To heal what you still need to address And to take some time in doing that Because your heart chakra I do feel is Becoming Eve is becoming elevated I do feel for some of you even if this Situation thinking about Confronting the situation confronting This person or finally facing fears Around Showing people who you truly are at an Authentic level in some sort of way or Letting people know the choices you're Making are right for you even if they Don't understand it This is what's kind of finally being Highlighted here And for those of you where this page of Wands is presenting a challenge I do feel or I'm sorry page of cups is Presenting a challenge I feel that Crossing this or challenging the spread

There's a fear of being emotionally Vulnerable With the specific someone with the Specific family member And I do feel Capricorn that with this Page of cups if it is being brought to Your attention about certain things or Certain situations or certain people That are threatening this inner child Within you or threatening the emotional Of vulnerability within you it's time to Really face that once and for all and to Decide what to do with it can I talk it Out with this person so they have a Better understanding of me of my Passions of my choices Of what I choose to do with my life what I choose to do with my career what I Choose to do with myself And will they be the person even if they Don't get it they can understand me and Where I'm coming from so I can be more Comfortable around the situation than I Was before where I didn't talk about it Where I didn't express it and those of You where it makes this inner child Still shrink at the thought of talking To this person maybe it is time Capricorn to Pedal back a little bit on that Situation or that relationship with this Person Because there is something I feel that Your inner child is either drawing you

Towards or warning you about That Spirit wants you to pay attention To Now for some of you that may have Children With this page of cups there may be Certain challenges with your child that You're going through right now That maybe they're growing up maybe that They're starting to have their own voice Which is completely fine right we all Have to Value each other as our own Individuals but maybe there's certain Emotional pushbacks that they may be Having with you Capricorn And I feel spirit is saying they're Growing they're maturing And you've been on that path too where You may have been trying to figure out Yourself figure out your boundaries Figure out your goals and dreams and There may have been certain times where You even remember looking back when you Were younger of those Events where you may have been resistant Where you may have been using your voice To find more Independence and spirit Just wants to remind you that if you are Facing that with your child currently it Is just temporary But I do feel for most of you or this Page of cups is challenging the reading Here Again it just feels like have you been

Prioritizing your own needs and wants Enough And if you haven't now's the time to do So It's time to nurture yourself the way You nurture others To provide for yourself the way you Provide for others And you're safe to do so truly even if There is resistance those are the people That you need to pull away from Crowning this is the seven of Fire Medio energy again So I do feel a couple different things For those of you where you're embodying The seven of fire this is where spirit Is calling you to stick up for yourself To make yourself someone that can reject Certain offers or opportunities that Aren't on the same level or the same Vibration that you have grown to be in And maybe for some of you there may be Resistance there may be challenges that May be coming your way But you are a warrior Capricorn you Always have been and you always will be And there may be times even from your Childhood that you had to draw into your Inner warrior to Stick up for yourself to move forward on Your own path to make a choice and to be Very certain about it and to not let Anyone or anything Shake That certainty

Of who you are and what you want And what you're moving towards I do feel there's an energy around you Capricorn of someone who is very Hot-headed maybe a bit tempered maybe Someone that likes to be in control Quite a bit in anything that's outside Of their control they start pushing Against they start Resisting your own Journey your own path Because they want it to be somewhat Correlated with theirs But that's just not the case And Capricorn there may be certain People certain situations you need may Need to turn down you may need to move Away from But don't let their Judgments expectations of you hold you Down Keep you away keep you feeling like you Can't be comfortable with yourself and Your own choices And there may be someone where if you do Have to reschedule you do have to rebook Or whatever it is they may Want to address you with that But again if they really are Understanding you're coming from a place Where you just need to do something for Yourself They should understand that period Because there is something Capricorn That is draining you a bit with this

Five of Cups reading the situation Scorpio energy I do feel that for some of you even Correlated with this page of water Maybe for some of you where you were Open to the wrong people the wrong Situations you felt disappointed by you Felt Didn't help you didn't Meet you in a sense where you were being Vulnerable you were being truthful and They used that against you or they Decided to expose you for something that You revealed that was on a very personal Level That still haunts you that still or may Have led you to be the person that has a Wall or armor on And Or even a mask I got a feel for some of You guys And that's where maybe the six of Wands Is at the dead center of this reading to Pay attention to the things that make You feel like you have to wear a mask With certain people With certain situations Because I feel the more you're not in Alignment with doing the things that Feel at a soul level right with you the More it's taking from you the more it's Disappointing you and it's not changing Capricorn So maybe this month it's time to make

Those changes To realize some things have been done But those things that have been done Have not meant to Block me But we're meant to be things in Situations that heal me in a sense a Heal or even Identify things in me that need to be Healed Because I do feel that By being in a state of Worry over people's expectations worry Over people's judgments worry over how Someone's going to react or respond to You living your life the way you need to It's just keeping you stuck And it's delaying the change that needs To happen in your life And there may be someone Capricorn when You make that boundary when you Make that decision to start doing Something that will help you feel better About it regardless of how it makes Anyone else feel They may start to blame you they may Start to shame you they may start to put The responsibility of their happiness Onto you again which again is not yours To take Don't carry anyone else's stones You have your own stones to carry Capricorn you have your own stones to Work through deal with to drop or pick

Up again You don't have the space the time or the Energy to focus on anyone else's Troubles struggles not this moment and That doesn't mean to say with everything And everyone but it does mean to say With the people who don't respect your Own need for space your own need to I don't know there it feels like again Whether this is a situation or a person It's just someone who likes to repeat Cycles and you give that emotional Support you give that wisdom and they Still remain the same it's like they're Not looking to you for being someone That could help solve the problem They're just looking at you to be Someone that they could be an emotional Dumping Ground to And that's not who you should be Capricorn and that's not what Spirit God Wants you to be for this person because It just adds more emotional turmoil to You Than you should have So in the recent past we have the king Of Earth Taurus energy So in the recent past Capricorn I wonder For a couple of you there's a certain Decision you've made and how to regain Your stability on what it is you need to Gain more to your foundation again a new Home and job promotion a new job Something that is you've been working

Towards your financial security your Material well-being or even something Within you that's going to provide a Stronger Foundation And whatever that idea was whatever that Decision you've made to work on that Spirit is saying is a good one so don't Dismiss it don't turn it away It is developing a stronger sense of you And you've been doing a lot to Be more comfortable and secure with who You are at home with who you are and Maybe that's why you had to go in Hermit Mode a little bit in the recent past to Regain that structure to regain that Stability But more so within yourself And others of you if this is in regards To a job you're talented you're skilled And people are starting to see that you Have the Worth to grow the company you Have the Worth to grow at your own Business at your own job And there are eyes on you Capricorn that Sees you or people label you as being a Successful determined abundant person or Someone that can create their abundance Through the skills and resources that They have And so for some of you who have been Putting this Prioritization on yourself aside Whether it's in the recent past where You're going through it now do not do

That because you're on to something Capricorn That is going to help build you and grow You financially Stability wise in your life And that is what you're cementing In the near future we have the seven of Cups So by the end of the month there may be Different opportunities again different People who are reaching out to you that Want to Vibe with you that want to bond With you that want to even for some of You with the seven of Cups use you And it may throw in a lot of confusion They may be using manipulative ways To make you feel like what they're Offering is a pot of gold when really It's a bunch of rocks So Capricorn Spirit wants you to Understand yourself and your needs and Your desires And to choose accordingly to what is in Alignment with that to what will make You feel secure what will make you feel Safe emotionally and security wise And pay attention to the energies and The vibrations that are coming into your Life Because there's a lot that will be Happening there's a lot that will be Offered to you but not everything is Within alignment to you And spirit is saying this is the time in

December to go to that next level and to Cut some sort of the things in your life That are just adding more emotional Turmoil And it's okay to do so Capricorn All right let's pull some oracle cards To get deeper into this message for you Guys let's see Tell me more about December for Capricorn Have the courage to be free yes I love that this is kind of correlating With the seven of fire energy and even With the page of cups Number 28 know that freedom begins where Desire ends oh Interesting so this is a message for Some of you guys to release the Attachment to an outcome or an Expectation or a judgment that somewhere Your ego feels secure with Because I do feel that ego that is Trying to make you feel like You need other people's approval you Need other people's Expectations You have something to prove Capricorn to Others truly the only thing you have to Prove is something to yourself And that maybe even what this card is Showing me with the king of Earth in the Past is that For some of you not all of you so don't Take it if it doesn't resonate but for

Some of you maybe you were too Much paying attention to The financial means the material needs Of having something or someone in your Life That okay maybe this job I'm unhappy With it pays the bills even it's the Nine to five type of life that I don't Feel Best with or maybe for some of you You've been looking for someone to give That sort of you're doing great you're Awesome where Spirit wants to give you That wants you to give that to yourself More so But have the courage Capricorn to do the Things to experience the situations the People the relationships in your life That will make you feel more free And make those decisions now Capricorn And feel confident in doing so because It will take you off into a new era into A new chapter in your life that will Make you feel more fulfilled that will Make you feel more blessed But this is the time now to make those Decisions to make those choices So don't put it on the back burner for Much longer Capricorn Tell me more Spirit about December for Capricorn Transformation with the Phoenix yes You guys are rising from the ashes once These decisions are made and don't

Falter don't feel guilty don't go back And forth just because someone wants you To doubt yourself doubt your decisions Doubt your choices Truly anything that has been burned out In your life that you felt burned out by Should be released Because what you're coming out of this Month is forever changed forever freed In some sort of aspect that maybe your Inner child didn't feel so free with Before Some of you I don't know why it feels Like a lifestyle choice To live the way you want to to express Yourself the way you want to you always Felt obligated and tied to what you were Grown up with what what Society may have Expected you to be or do For some of you guys it's that deep And then we have answer the call So Spirit has been calling you Capricorn Says the time is now like I said just a Few minutes ago there is no need to Delay delays will only prolong you in Being in this stuck energy in this Five Of Cups energy that Spirit wants you to Be free from It's time now to walk through these Doors to walk through these Opportunities that feel Like you could be yourself like you can Honor yourself that are in within your Integrity and that may be leaving

Something behind That once maybe made you feel secure Made you feel safe but that energy has Transmuted now into something that Is old is stale quite honestly So maybe whatever you have to leave Behind is a way of being a way of Thinking a way of understanding yourself That once felt safe but Was only the illusion of safety Maybe because it made other people Accept you in a way that was taking from You and how you felt about yourself So Capricorn in December is time to act It's time to move forward and it's Different for each and every each one of You of what that is specifically But it's something that you must make The initiative in It's something that you must decide You're ready to experience you're ready To be free you're ready to overcome the Things that made you second guess and Doubt yourself Because you're becoming more powerful Than you ever have been before Capricorn By doing the things within your Vibration within your energy Foreign Tell me more about Capricorn and December Joy yeah Number 16 here And it says as I do will so mode it be Let joy and light radiate for me

Capricorn With love with compassion and with Honesty you haven't been doing enough That makes you feel happy You haven't been doing enough that makes You feel alive that makes you feel Passionate that makes you feel Understood and loved and appreciated And spirit wants you to prioritize those Things those situations those people That give you Joy Because those are the things that down The road will provide you with more Happiness more blessings more security Than anything that is just taking Depleting Making you Second guess and worry about yourself So now is the time to focus on your joy To focus on your happiness to release That part of yourself That needed some sort of outside Validation of Who You Are Because you already know Capricorn And maybe that's what the Page of Cups Crossing this whole situation is trying To tell us here deep deep down you know Your heart's deepest desires you know What will make you happy you know what Will push you forward So listen to that inner child that inner Voice because it's guiding you to Beautiful things All right Capricorn let's go ahead and

Get one more card from this deck here And we're gonna see you spirit's final Message from you what animals wants to Come through you through for you with This special message there we go Oh dog Friend some of you could be born you're The dog in Chinese astrology does not Have to be the case But what it says is Today I will love without condition my Energy and enthusiasm are an inspiration I choose to be happy happy I am a Protector and a friend so yeah Capricorn By prioritizing yourself does not mean You can't be that friend you can't be That protector you can't be that person For people to Lean on but don't let that person who Leans on you completely overshadow Your needs on a day-to-day level your Emotional needs your physical needs and I do feel Capricorn that there may be Support coming your way that again these People just love having you around And to pay attention to the energy Behind it I do feel that there is a situation Where you guys may transmute a Friendship a romantic relationship maybe For some of you a family member where They will have a better understanding of You That may realize they relied on you too

Much for their own success for their own Validation and you guys by being open And honest about it may work it out But anyone who seeks to use you your Light your heart your energy Those are all the ones that are going to Be loyal with you towards the end of the Day Capricorn So it's time for you to really go within To read the energy read the situations And to act accordingly based on those Feelings that give you Freedom that give You light that give you Joy Because you deserve all the happiness That's trying to come in your life Capricorn that will come in your life as You start to make the best decisions for You So thank you Capricorn so so much for Joining me for this reading I really Hope it resonated I hope it provides you With the clarity Insight healing Guidance that you're looking for by Watching this message with whatever You're going through or soon we'll be Going through in the month of December And if it has please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Capricorn very much and I'll See you next time Take care Capricorn

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