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Hi cancer welcome to October monthly Messages from Spirit reading this is Your girl mermaid skills tarot thank you So much for joining me here this is a General reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Cancer This will not resonate with every Cancer That watches this message and because This reading is general not every single Message may be for you so please only Take her as an AIDS and leave a dozen For someone else who needs to hear that Message and if this reading is not for You at all cancer I highly suggest Checking out your other signs in Different placements Hi cross Watchers you’re very welcome Here if you’re interested in a cancer Who wouldn’t be I liked your mind cancer And cross Watchers that energy is fluid And this simply means you may feel like I’m describing a certain situation in The reading where you feel the roles are Flipped or reversed and that’s Completely okay You’re welcome to use your own Discretion to flip those rules if that Resonates with your specific situation At best So my intentions for this reading cancer Is the channel and provide messages from Spirit for you for the month of October To ask what will be unfolding on top in

October what do you need to be aware of But for a lot of you this could also Provide as a message of what you need to Hear right now in this moment with Everything you’ve gone through maybe Since the beginning of the month why Have you gone through it and what is the Purpose behind it and this can impact Any aspect of your life love and romance Career and finances spiritual evolution But whatever Spirit would like to talk About shall be said and if you have any Beings of the light that you would like To welcome into this space specific Angels ancestors Spirit guides maybe Even passed on loved ones you are Welcome to ask them to join us here now So let’s get this reading started cancer I’m first going to use my sample to Clear and set the energy so if you are Listening to this using headphones or The volume is kind of loud right now I Suggest turn it down a little bit just For this part because I don’t want your Ears to hurt So let’s tune in All right so let’s see what’s happening For my cancers in the month of October Cancer Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone Dealing with the cancer what is going on What does cancer need to know right now In this moment let’s see the general Theme for you guys in October for my Cancers

Oh almost The Wheel of Fortune almost Wanted to pop out Okay the universe nice oh I love this This is the world card but cancer I Don’t know there’s some something you’re Completing this month that is going to Feel big that is going to feel Triumphant that’s going to feel like you Have overcome something that you have Finally done something that it is yours And I mean the universe is very proud of You God is very proud of you you should Be very proud of yourself because with The world card here it was a long Journey it was not an easy Journey this Could be something that you’re Manifesting in the 3D world as far as Recognition for your work an increase in Your work Um you know some of you may be Manifesting a soulmate or a deepening of A connection with the soulmate where It’s going to go somewhere I see that But others of you this just may be Something that you feel like you’ve done For yourself that may have not been so Aware to other people maybe you kind of Moved in silence cancer is about the Mood you’re making and now you’re ready To go public with it now you’re ready to Kind of put it forward and you’re gonna Get A different reaction than you may have Thought of you were getting if you were

About to tell your family members your Friends I think a lot of people are Inspired by you cancer and what you’ve Been able to overcome what you’ve been Able to Achieve During this time I feel like 2022 has Been a big breakthrough year for you and I feel October is the month where it’s Going to add the cherry on top to Everything you’ve been creating Everything you’ve been manifesting I want to say congratulations I want to Say this is something to celebrate Whether you guys have already know what This is and you’ve been celebrating Others of you this is just about to come Maybe around the 21st of October maybe The 21st of October is an important date For you guys or will be But can’t say this feels relieving this Feels like a weight off your shoulder This feels promising And it’s going to last I feel this is Going to change you for good cancer and Change your situation in your life for Good Nice okay let’s get more specific with This Tell me more about this world card for Cancer maybe some of you guys are online Influencers you’re looking to have an Online influence that you’re going to Start taking often some of you are

Looking to travel the world Um experience the world starting to book Those trips or even be on those trips Right now which may be really I don’t know you’re learning so much From it you’re growing so much from it The experience of it all Anyway tell me more about October for Cancer spirit October for my cancers the salon Queen Nice Gemini just had this card so if you guys Are Gemini cancer cuspers you have Gemini in your chart I suggest checking Out the Gemini reading to see if there’s Messages for you there And it says transformation intuition and Patience so a little bit different than What I was feeling for Gemini’s reading Um you know I feel you guys have had To go through in the past the process of Patience knowing something was for you With your powerful intuition you were Born with as a cancer just feeling like It was right so that’s why you stayed in It that’s why you had Faith within it And cancer I do have to say your faith Is one of your most powerful assets and Tools within this lifetime and creating The things you want there are times sure We all go through where we get down on Ourselves we get down on the process but You never stayed in it you lit that fire Back up the faith in yourself the faith

In God the faith and universe and I feel Spirit is going to reward you with that Faith and that perseverance Um You know for some of you if you do have A career where you are showing off your Talents showing off your skills Um I mean people really connect with you People really feel like they can Resonate with you and your story and you Care so deeply about what you do you put Your heart in it and people feel that Care people feel that genuinity and That’s why you’re gonna have success Behind this Um you know just a side note and maybe This will help someone who may have been Feeling down about their physical looks Um someone finds you to be very Beautiful or a lot of people find you to Be very beautiful very handsome Um and I don’t know why this is giving Me this but I’ll just say it because Spirit’s pointing me to it it’s almost Like someone had like the ugly duckling Story not that physical appearance you Know is a huge factor in success in life But let’s be honest here it does get us Down if we were made fun of in the past For having that ugly duckling stage or Making a people making us feel like we Were that way even though if that wasn’t True I don’t know you guys have transformed

Into this beautiful Swan that I don’t Know the people who made fun of you as Children they regret it now when they See your Facebook they see your Instagram they’re like damn I shouldn’t I don’t know they they Really regret the way they treated you Looking at how graceful you become and Even if it has nothing to do with Physical looks let’s just say the grace You went through every trial and Tribulation just like the swan you kept On flowing you kept your composure you Kept that beautiful light and that heart And that giving soul that you always had Despite the people that treat you crappy Spirit is rewarding you for that cancer Truly And I feel you know a lot of the choices You made into persevere to have faith to Overcome I’m so happy for you because This has been a process And the transformation you’re Experiencing right now is a positive one If you’re in the Cocoon right now just Waiting for it to come about for a lot Of you it may be by the end of October The middle of October and some of you Are already starting to feel the Transformation within your life Yeah and I do feel with whatever this is The celebration the excitement the thing You feel like you’ve overcome and Accomplished it has to do a lot with how

You feel about the situation it’s very Close to your heart the subject matter The goal the Dream The romance whatever it is it’s Something that you’ve always felt very Very strongly about and that’s why I’m Also triply excited for you because it’s Your heart’s desire cancer Amazing let’s keep going Thank you Tell me more about cancer from October Spirit Tell me more about cancer through October I don’t know why I’m seeing this but for Some of you you’re thinking of getting a New tattoo and it’s like black and gray Or like black line Uh tattoo maybe it’s spiritually Connotated maybe he has to do something With your journey Anyways tell me more Tell me more about cancer for October There it is Zombie control and Scorpio had this card And I shuffled these cards guys so Energy’s mixing is not surprising to me Some of you could have Scorpio in your Chart it doesn’t have to be but okay so Yeah what I feel cancer is again how you Dealt with the things that were outside Of your control Of how you dealt with the things that Felt so overwhelming you still held your

Composure and even when there were Things that you were the deciding factor Of how this was going to go even though You weren’t ready for it or you didn’t Feel ready for it you still made those Choices you still made those decisions And you took control of a situation that May have felt overwhelming Um and I feel cancer that there’s Something coming about of it we do see With zombie Um you know movies and whatever it’s Always the resurrection of someone that Passed away Um The Conjuring of something that was Once thought long dead and gone and I Feel that this may be the case for you Cancer where You’re resurrecting something that you May have Thought wasn’t going to be yours or for Some of you guys right when you were Going through this moment in the middle Of the month maybe you’re experiencing It now of you know Is my patience going to be worth it here It comes by the end Um now I do have to say for some of you Guys with this Control Card uh be Careful of the people trying to bite off Of your success trying to put name on Your success trying to give themselves Credit for something that they weren’t Really a part of or try to take control

Of or maybe cancer because maybe you’re Liberating yourself for a lot of you With this universe card by finally you Know releasing or closing a chapter on Something they notice you’re walking Away they notice you’re pulling away and Maybe that’s when they’re gonna try to Come back Um You know I would just be careful with People’s intentions behind that because I feel I don’t know there may be someone around You cancer or this is the very person You’re releasing who kind of viewed you More as a possession And that’s never great that’s never good You’re more than just something that They want to use and put back on the Shelf or when they save for later Um and now that they see you’re doing so Well now that they see you evolved and You’ve become This Magnificent Being that’s when they want to get you Back Um I don’t know it doesn’t feel right to me I don’t know why but it just doesn’t Feel right to me if there is someone Who’s trying like an ex or someone that Rejected you someone that didn’t do Enough for you that’s trying to climb Out of the Grave they buried to get you Back

Um but for a lot of you I feel with this Whole combination here Something that you may have felt was out Of your control in the universe’s hands Spirit is finally delivering to you in The 3D World to put back in your control And see what you’ll do with it and I Think you’re going to do amazing things With the journey you’ve been on with who You’ve become It’s like you know now it’s yours what Will you do how are you gonna use it It’s empowering it’s exciting it feels That way All right let’s see what the tarot has To say Tell me more about October for cancer spirit Seven of bats yeah Aquarius energy see There’s something about that energy I Was picking up on but this is coming Under the universe card so a lot of you Guys really are cutting out the people Cutting out the situations that always Left you guessing we’re never very real With you that I don’t know you just feel like With the seven of bats energy there was Just someone who just kept on Wanting to play with you or wanting to Not take you seriously but still kind of Leave you hanging on Hope in hopes that You know there will be something more One day

Maybe you’re finally exposing this Person that they will be shocked because They didn’t see it coming they didn’t Think they would you had it within you But they misjudged you they Underestimated you and when you kind of Finally put them in their place it’s Going to make you feel better about it And again it’s not an eventual caddy way But it’s a way that you need to finally Speak your truth and defend yourself Against someone that may have kept on Trying to I don’t know Play you it just feels that way but Others others of you what I was Mentioning in the beginning of the Reading this is something that maybe You’ve been kind of moving in Silence With that you haven’t been telling a lot Of people of you just wanted to make Sure that everything was accounted for For before you made it public before you Went public with your ideas with your Dreams with your goals and for those of You where that’s the combination that Really resonates with you it was the Best way to move about it because Sometimes Um when we have a lot of good things Going for ourselves There will be people that don’t have Great things going for themselves and They can’t stand the fact that someone

Else is more successful more happy than They are and so then they try to defer You because it makes them feel better And I hope you don’t have that many Energy surrounding you that would make It so prominent but for some reason Cancer intuitively you’re guided to keep This on the low you were keep you were Guided to kind of hush this until some Sort of final step was made and here it Is so I feel you guys will have the Opportunity to finally say this to Finally show this And again for some of you where that was That X energy they’re going to witness This and that’s what’s gonna make them Start clotting and scheming Maybe you’ve already started to see that They’ve been checking your insta Instagram your social media your stories Liking or watching your stories but not Saying anything they’re trying to come Up with something to say because they Know approaching you this time is Different because you’re in a bigger Vibration a higher vibration Let’s keep going Tell me more about cancer in October Spirit Foreign Yeah So What I feel with this more importantly By the way Scorpio energy with this and

Being under the Swan Queen I do feel like In the past when you had to be tried or Tested the most You know there may still be some wounds Carrying around that like is this really Mine is this really meant to be can I Really be open to receive the blessings Coming in the happiness coming in the Celebration coming in or is something Bound to go wrong is something Bound to You Know happen that is going to make me Lose all hope in this it is the fear That we kind of have based off in the Past Um but cancer I really do feel with most Of you when I picked up this card it was Just finally with the Swan Queen Under This you guys are going to start to see And feel why it all had to happen this Way while your journey may have had to Take a little bit more time than what You were hoping for and expecting and I Feel for others of you Again like once you make this public Once you make this known When you launch something it almost Feels like for some of you guys there May be some errors there may be some new Ways to fix it but it’s so minuscule Cancer because with the wisdom you’ve Gained with the intuition you already Have you’ll know how to go through any Sort of complications but this feels

More like internally it feels more like A fear of not carrying out the success Not living up to the success that you May start to see for yourself where it’s Starting to gain momentum in and that’s Always a factor of you know when we Start to go in this new chapter after Closing one out it’s brand new to us so We don’t know how we’re going to move we Don’t know the right decisions and there May be a little bit of bumps in the way But it’s not going to prevent this Beautiful energy from still existing in You from still existing and around you So even if there are a few Disappointments you’re going to know how To move forward on it A lot of you from the mistakes you’ve Learned in the past from what you’ve Already been through it’s been adding You to form into this Swan queen that Will have a better understanding and a Better Handling of a situation I feel for some Of you I don’t know why but this is Outside of yourself and it could be a Friend that may need your help in the Middle of the month with something very Emotional very Um hard for them and they may be looking For your guidance on how to fix it too Just for some of you guys Let’s get one more card Anything else for cancer

Nine events Yep And this is a message of protection Cancer Sagittarius energy Um so this is cancer what spirit is Placing in your court now that it’s been Formulated now that’s brought about for You in the 3D you’ve learned so much From the whole journey of trying to get Here of trying to achieve this now that You’ve had the strength you’ve overcome The battles and maybe some of you still Have one more shot of putting something To rest with this zombie energy how are You going to use this how are you going To fight for this and I do feel the need To say cancer please stand out and don’t Conform I don’t know if there’s Something especially with like content Creators sometimes we get a little bit Tempted with wanting to fit in with the People who have so many views who have These clickbait titles that don’t feel Right with us but we feel like that’s The only way to get the success or Whatever you’re kind of tempted with Cancer I wouldn’t go with the crowd I Feel part of your talent part of your Skill is sticking out from the rest and You do by the way And you’ll start to see how much you do How unique your Energy is your skill is your talent is That people are going to start to you

Know draw their attention towards you Through it Um but yeah I do want to say for most of You this is protection You are protected cancer your blessings Are protected your new chapter that You’re forming out of the ending you’ve Just completed is protected And I do feel even with the Swan Queen I Felt it in Gemini’s energy and I’m Feeling it now there’s a lot of angelic Energy around you you have the Angels by Your side and if you need signs if you Need guidance you’ll get those guidance You’ll get that information through Numbers through synchronicities through Your own psychic abilities with the Swan Queen here So cancer know that no one can prevent You from this unless you allow it no one Can prevent you from taking your Shine From taking your credit unless you know That barrier that wall gets thrown down I think it’s important to have Boundaries especially with the people Who see you succeeding and that’s the Only reason why they want to come in Your life now It feels a little bit fake and I see That with the seven of bats as well But even so cancer I think you’re so Strong now you will discern that you Will know that and you will still block Yourself from it and not even pay

Attention to it even if they’re trying To find ways they could take control Back of the situation that you already Decided to move on from Bottom of the deck Justice yes Libra Energy So cancer you will get your due and I Think that’s part of what’s going to Make you so happy is that you’ll feel The Justice in this you’ll see the Justice in this you’ll see the scales Weighing out you’ll see the return for All your effort everything is putting Back into place everything will be back In balance and even for some of you with This five agos I already mentioned You’re gonna see why it all had to Happen this way But the universe has your back cancer Really they see you are a A high vibrating spiritual Warrior out There that is Loves what they do wants to do good in This earth and that’s why spirit will Back you up with it If you guys have some sort of Court Dealings I do feel it’s going to be Successful Um maybe some of you are signing new Contracts again for some of you I feel With the seven of bats just extra read It proofread it make sure that you’re Not missing anything but overall with This being in the upright I don’t think

It’s anything you have to fear I think This is adding to the celebration of What’s to come for you cancer And I don’t think spirit will let anyone You know try to mess with you and so Like if it is just you notice this Person just watching your Instagram and Not saying anything good riddance Because I do think that spiritual Protection for you guys All right cancer let’s go ahead and pull One more card I don’t know why I’m hearing gum chewing I don’t know if that’s confirmation of If you guys are wondering who the seven Of bats are or if you’re chewing gum Right now and that’s just confirmation This reading’s for you because I’m Hearing that but anyway Anything else that cancer needs to know About this connection About October about the situation Interesting I said connection Um anyway Yes cancer you are here for a reason and I think that reason is going to be made Very very clear this October through the World card through the Swan Queen you Know your reason and you’re moving Towards it with confidence with Reassurance with protection And I think you also know what the Reasons you’re not here for and I think By figuring that out is adding to your

Strength as adding to your security and It’s not going to be messed with And the bottom of the deck have an Attitude of gratitude yeah and I feel Even when those times and maybe in the Middle of the month for some of you guys You’ll be feeling that Five of Cups Energy remind yourself of how far you’ve Come remind yourself of all you that You’ve gained yes there may be still More but appreciate what’s in your life Appreciate that you have a roof over Your head appreciate that you wake up to Another day and make Every Day Count Cancer Wow this is amazing I’m so excited for You guys thank you so so much for Joining me for this reading I really Hope it’s resonated with you I hope it’s Provided you with confirmation Clarity Healing insight and guidance for Whatever you’re going through in the Month of October and if it has please Let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don’t forget to subscribe I love you cancer very much and I’ll see You next time Take care of cancer

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