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Thank you Hi cancer welcome to your December 2022 Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid scales tarot Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus North Node and or any Other strong placement for the sign of Cancer this is a general reading not a Personal one-on-one reading it may Resonate it may not but regardless Please take only what resonates and Leave it doesn't for someone else who Needs to hear that message So I'm going to ask Spirit cancer what Do you need to hear right now in this Very moment in the month of December in Regards to what may be happening in the Upcoming days weeks as December unfolds Maybe even anything that has already Happened in that unique Clarity and Insight guidance on let's go ahead and See what Spirit has to say for you guys Right now in this moment Well cancer I gotta stay with the nine Of Earth being the dead center of this There's a part of yourself that you're Regaining that is confident that is Fierce that is independent you can Always rely on yourself as something That you're learning from this month And you may feel like you're a little Bit alone with whatever it is you're Establishing whether that is your own

Sense of identity your sense of self That is very new to a lot of people Because we do have the death card Crowning this whole reading but maybe Cancer there are things that were Outside of your control that you just Had to adapt to Cancer a lot of people don't realize You're resilient People a lot don't realize how Persevering a cancer is but I mean not a Lot can truly shake a cancer I mean I can speak for myself as being a Fellow cancer sure we could cry things Out but does that make us weak no what Makes us weak is if we give up and Cancers don't give up very easily and With whatever you went through that kind Of was a huge transformation in your Life a change of job an ending of a Relationship a beginning of a Relationship something has kind of been The Catalyst to One thing that started this change that Affected every aspect of your life but Cancer you're holding it down with the Nine of Pentacles and the Seven of Wands Crossing it you are Fighter cancer with whatever it is You're going through that is the Catalyst of everything that's been Changing in your life maybe there's an Emotional message you recently heard Someone finally declaring their feelings

About a situation good or bad something That made you feel like you had to Change something Change something in your life change Something about yourself And like a boss you're doing at cancer I Gotta say A lot of people would not be able to Deal with this major transformation and The way you're dealing with it And I think it's because of everything You've gone through up until this point That is making you a lot more certain That with whatever you're facing with at This time that is changing you will be Fine I mean I I'm I'm picking up on a cancer Here that had to learn a fighting spirit For maybe the cards they were dealt with In life Maybe you had complications with family Maybe you had complications with Financial stability you've been through A lot but never did it keep you down Never did it hold you down so with Whatever you're going through right now Although it can be hard although it can Be stressful it's nothing compared to What you couldn't achieve before for Yourself So cancer really this is helping you Take off The 801 Sagittarius energy I do feel That maybe cancer you were stuck in

Comfort for a little bit for too long For some of you not all But maybe there was something that was Just beginning to be too mundane in your Life that Spirit wanted to push you Forward because you have so much Potential You can go farther than I even feel you Are aware of right now cancer and yeah Sure maybe it hasn't been an overnight Success story but you have what it takes To get there and maybe cancer For some of you guys maybe you gave up On some sort of dream some sort of Hope And Spirits saying oh no cancer that is Not gonna happen so it's almost as if With this transformation in your life Whatever ending specifically with death Has happened in your life it is meant to Catapult you into a new level a new Vibration a new way of being a new Chapter in your life Because always death brings new Beginnings always In cancer with the nine of Earth at the Dead center of it I want to tell you You're handling this You're handling this much better than You realize And I feel people see you for your Strength see you for your Independence See you for your confidence and they see Your going places okay with the way You're carrying yourself now with the

Way you're handling things now They are certain that you're gonna a Make it through it and that you're gonna Go much farther than you may realize Spirit sees it the universe sees it now They want you to see it for yourself So let's get on into it Dead center is the nine of Earth Virgo Energy So cancer maybe there was a lot That Shook you a little bit in November we Were dealing with major eclipses and That always is a point for us to Challenge us and to finally remove Things in our life that maybe we've held On for too long or maybe it was a part Of our life where it wasn't benefiting Us anymore something was removed okay a Sense of security within yourself may Have been shook a little bit but it did Not deteriorate it Actually it made you a lot more stronger Realizing that you could overcome it There's something about yourself that You should be very proud of cancer that You were able to manage you were able to Handle and maybe for some of you it was All alone you didn't get support you Didn't get the help That some other people may be gifted to Have and receive This is the energy of starting from the Bottom and ending up at the top And for some of you you're maybe one

Step away from getting the ten of Pentacles here But cancer honor everything you've done Up to this point give yourself that Credit that is due even when other People aren't doing it for you and maybe They're just not doing it for you Because they're a part of this change That is happening in your life this Transformation that Is going down right now that you are Seeing for some of you I am seeing the End of a relationship That could be romantic that could be a Friendship that could be A family member or something along those Lines And I do feel was not easy to do it was Not easy to go in no contact it wasn't Easy to put an ending to that Relationship and again it could even be A relationship with a job a coexistence With a certain lifestyle you had Whatever this is it was not easy to Finally understand and accept the change That was happening in regards for this Some certain part of your life or some Certain aspect of this relationship Coming to an end But you are realizing how much stronger It has made you And how much honestly for some of you You may even be starting to see how much Better off you are because of this

Ending that happened that some of you Were so afraid of that some of you were Trying to avoid but now that it's Happened you're starting to see how much More stable you are how much more Confident you are in your abilities and Your skills to handle anything What's Crossing this is the seven of Fire This is Leo energy so for some of you This is just enhancing the reading kind Of highlighting the main aspect of this Again it's just showing me you're a Fighter someone that does not just lay Down and let life happen to them even When things are out of their control They try to find a way to handle it to Push through it to stand up for Themselves And maybe cancer this relationship that Came to an end you finally stood up for Yourself When it was it's just easier to turn the Other cheek it was just easier to stay Silent you finally said something that Has shown this person your true power That they may have underestimated Now if this is a challenge of the month Cancer with whatever situation had come To an end someone's not happy about it Maybe because you are the deciding Factor of this ending but someone may Try to challenge you someone may try to Fight you someone may try to argue with

You But honestly It's just noise at this point And it's just noise to get you to Stop focusing on yourself and your own Healing and your own establishment your Own rebuilding of yourself so you could Pay attention to the thing that should Really be out the door by now quite Frankly So I mean and then when I say by noise I Don't want to be just compassionate sure Someone could have upset feelings Towards you but With the seven of Wands I'm just feeling This energy of aggression that when Something doesn't go this person's way They don't know how to handle it as far As how to be diplomatic how to be Constructive they just Almost kick scream and yell until they Get their way but cancer you're showing Them that that's not going to work Anymore especially not with you What's crowning this is the death card Transformation So you are seeing this is not being Hidden from you you're seeing the change That's happening in your life You're seeing the endings that are Taking place But you know again I don't know it for Some of you it's drawing me back to Something that you're fearing something

That you were just trying to struggle to Hold on to But now that it's over and done with You see how she's holding like this Little baby Phoenix in her hands You're seeing why that ending had to Take place You're seeing why that was not good for You you're seeing why that may have been Toxic for you And I do feel that at the end of this Transformation once it's all said and Done you're elevating to this Phoenix Energy That income combination with the nine of Pentacles is Unstoppable And this is just another notch in your Belt cancer of another thing you've Gotten through And it should feed that fire in you it Should feed that determination in you And that passion in you Because although something ended There's a part of your life that's just Being enhanced that's being upgraded That this whatever wasn't ending was Just taking space What's rooting this is the two of cups Cancer energy So with this two of Cups rooting the Situation again it's drawing me back to The emotional bond you may have had with A certain individual which made it so Hard or maybe with a certain situation

That you felt At one period of time so connected with And yeah it's challenging when you do Feel Or remember the times when things were Better when things were easier when Things did flow so easily between the Two of you But when you do growth you raise your Vibration in something that doesn't grow With you That Remains the Same is at a Different level now And I think a lot of you are starting to See that difference in levels and then That's not a conceited cocky snobby way It's just a means of Where we once worked so well together we Were so fluid with one another I Developed this new understanding of Myself that isn't compatible with your Way of dealing with things your way of Dealing with the situation And for others of you where maybe this Two of cups is in a higher vibration That's coming through here I do feel like with whatever this Transformation is going into your life Is establishing your want for that new Energy to come in that will be more Resonant with you on a soul level an Emotional level that will be more Emotionally supportive emotionally Available And I gotta say too with this two of

Cups it's almost giving me a sense of Codependency that some of you may be Healing from And especially if this was romance Related like at one period of time you Thought this was the only person you Were ever going to be with maybe they Gaslight you maybe they love bombed you Maybe they kind of made you feel like There was some part of you that could Never move on from this but you are And now that that's being shown to you I Don't think you're looking at this Person person or situation the same You're more grounded you're more Detached but reasonable with the whole Perspective of what's going on now In the recent past we have the messenger Of water This is the Knight of Cups Pisces energy So the start of all this change Happening may have been an email a phone Call a text message That Struck you at your heart space cancer And once something so significantly Touches that heart chakra of yours that Is so strong that is so loving but it Gives you that ominous feeling of this Is different now I feel differently Towards this I have to React differently now that this is so Present in my life The ending that had

Hurt you cancer for some of you guys A breakup Um someone just saying that they don't Want to date you anymore someone that's Saying they don't want to be friends With you anymore a job or an Organization that put a stop to Something you were doing that you felt So creatively bound to emotionally bound To Different messages for different groups Of you But I feel cancer in a different way Than just going into that dark space That sometimes those cancers go into we Chose to use our feelings in a more Constructive way In a different direction that helped Motivate us into becoming the nine of Pentacles we are currently in this Situation Others of you with that certain Relationship I was picking up on you Finally spoke everything in your heart And I think that changed the whole Energy that shifted everything that this Person thought you two had this person Thought they could use you for this Person thought that They got too comfortable with But your words have power cancer Especially when they're emotionally Motivated And I feel whatever you said has stuck

With you and stuck with this person And it's almost like for cancer in the Recent past he made a promise to Yourself A promise to yourself of what you're not Going to do again a promise to yourself Of how you're going to step forward and Make this change And Spirit by witnessing that promise You made to yourself is helping you get To there helping you maintain that Promise In the near future you have the three of Cups Cancer energy So this could be about traveling in the Holidays being around family members That you haven't seen in a long time Friends that you haven't seen in a long Time and overall I wonder if some of you Are going to see that it actually went Better than you thought it was going to Not that you don't like your family Members or friends of course but you Know it is emotionally draining being in Such big surroundings with family There's always dynamics that may start To trigger us or whatever but actually This time around this year it's Different and I wonder if that's because Of the transformation you've already Gone through to prepare yourself for When you see these people again or You're putting yourself out there in a

New light people are seeing the change You've made and they're happy for you They're happy to see you grow maybe even There's that one person like I said with The seven of Wands who isn't so happy About it but they're in the minority of The people who are rooting for you Cancer and the people who are witnessing You let's just say And I do feel cancer that because of This glow up you've been doing There's people who are going to want to Hang out with you more who are going to Want to ask you to come over more who Want you to go out more and if you're Going back home for the holidays Somewhere you haven't been in a while Maybe you're going to meet high school Friends College friends people you Haven't seen in a while and it's going To be rejuvenating for you in some sense And you're impressing a lot of people Too at the nine of Pentacles So let's go ahead and pull some more Cards Foreign Yeah recognize the spirit as an Opportunity within it you will find the Gift of Awakening yes and Sagittarius Got this card so if you guys have strong Sagittarius in your chart I suggest Checking out the Sagittarius reading to See if there's messages for you there But yeah cancer again something may have

Been difficult that ending that Separation that breakup that loss Whatever it was But again cancer spirit is saying Differently than what other people do You're using that as fuel as an Opportunity to change yourself or your Life And it's brought you to an Awakening Within you a higher perspective within You that is going to stick with you That is going to be a reminder of this Time that you went through of this Transformation of this ending And how it didn't break you cancer It made you stronger in which most of These situations always do but again It's about how we respond To such hard times to such shocking Transformations and unexpected endings A lot of people I feel misunderstand Which is not Um always their fault right like I think In the spiritual Community we set out This idea of just think positively and Then everything will be amazing in your Life but the truth is Life Is Life there Will always be curveballs there will Always be troubling times because it is A cyclical Um season of harvest and Stillness Always in life So really Enlightenment is not always About having your life being perfect at

All times it's about how we respond in a Way that even when we're going through The hard times We know that there will be change of it That everything is only temporary That is the key to everything I feel and At times I struggle it with myself right Because we're humans we have this Instinctual nature of survival of Needing things to make us feel like We're accomplished But cancer again like you're not Sticking in this What was me type of attitude you're Bossing up and spirit is saying that is What's leading you to the light again You see that light back there That spirits I don't know maybe some of You guys have been seeing flickering Lights Or lights that have been kind of going On and off in your house or something Like that for some of you that's Confirmation that this reading is for You but that Spirit also saying cancer This is to help you wake up And not wake up in a way where you were Ignorant before at all but in a way that There's so much more you can get out of This Trust me So let's pull some more cards Tell me more about Cancer's life right Now spirit in December grounding yeah

So that's what the nine of Pentacles Energy that we saw a few minutes ago It's time to focus on your grounding Cancer to ground your intentions to Ground your security maybe even for some Of you to work on your base chakra Because this transformation may have Thrown it off a little bit in Balance But it's not going to keep you off And as you ground yourself as you take Time to ground your emotions ground your Thoughts when they kind of go up in a Haywire and start to cycle the way that They do remember to breathe remember Maybe even for some of you if it's not So cold outside to find a place where You can sit outside And if it is I mean light uh fire in the Fireplace with the log maybe get a Nature scented candle that will kind of Take you back in the 3D or I'm sorry the 5D World in your third eye chakra of Being in nature Some of you I do feel that Spirit wants you to A remember your strength B to remain Calm in this situation And to remember even with this simple Fact that this change is going to help You Even if for some of you it doesn't seem Like that way how possibly can it be I Do believe honestly that God's spirit Would never throw anything into your

Life that you weren't prepared for That you couldn't make it out on top of So focus on your grounding and maybe Some of you journaling really really Helps Or maybe some of you are starting to Look into self-help books online looking Up things that could help kind of get You in a better perspective about the Situation But also cancer Um you know specifically I wouldn't let Specifically for those of you that Resonate with this person that would be Aggressive towards you I wouldn't let Them see you trip I wouldn't let them see you feel like You're in chaos or despair I think that you don't have to have this Armor of protection around you all the Time but I do feel with whoever's Watching you they're going to take note So in those times where you're starting To feel emotionally unbalanced unsure go For a walk go in your bedroom turn on Your favorite music And remind yourself of how strong you Are again Because that is the truth cancer no Matter what our ego tries to trick us With Let's go ahead and get some more cards Tell me more about Cancer's life right Now spirit with what cancer is going

Through I just keep hearing big happy changes So again these changes are for the best Cancer a lot of you are already aware of That some of you are just becoming aware Of it Letting go yeah number six And it says allow the wisdom to remain But the sting I shall never feel again And it's almost like that promise again That you've given yourself right So maybe some of you are in the process Of Letting Go some of you are still Feeling the aftermath of letting go of Something But The lessons are being learned cancer And I do feel the worst of it is over Now Quite honestly And so I feel now that you've been Through it and some of you who may still Be stuck in that essence of Why did this happen or I can't let this Go You're just delaying the blessings are Trying to come in to replace whatever Has been lost in your life cancer And I know it's easier said than done I 100 get that But what you don't see from this is a Lot more opportunities flowing in a lot More chances that are going to give you More Prosperity bring more joy into your

Life more excitement in your life Once this is all let go of so do some Healing around Letting Go cord cuttings Um anything that you still are finding Hard to let go of kind of take that time To meditate to ground to journal to do Some sort of ritual to finally shed Yourself So you can come out the nine of Pentacles so you can remind yourself you Are the nine of Pentacles with whatever Happens in your life you will always be That essence of strength that a lot of People see for now you have to see it For yourself All right cancer let's go ahead and get One more card and see spirit's closing Message for you guys anything that Cancer needs to know right now Spirit to Finally close this all up Nice elk nobility oh I love that cancer So it says Celebrate your accomplishments with Humia oh I'm sorry celebrate your Accomplishments with humility you are Crowned with success powerful forces Guide you your ability to conquer Challenges is Limitless I mean if that doesn't put the cherry on Top of everything I've been saying I Don't know what will cancer nothing can Stop you nothing can block you you have Been so strong and always will be I do Feel that there is Rewards or there are

Rewards on the other end of this the Eight of Wands is going to come through It's setting you up for a beautiful 2023 So you'll make it through this cancer And Powerful forces are guiding you your Angels your Spirit guides your answer Ancestors God's goddesses around you They are part of your team and we're all Rooting for you cancer Thank you so so much for joining me for This reading I really hope it resonated With you I hope it provided you with the Clarity Insight healing guidance you're Looking for by watching this message and If it has please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you cancer very much and I'll see You next time Take care cancer

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