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[Music] Thank you Hi cancer welcome to December 2022 General love reading this is your girl Mermaid scales tarot thank you so much For joining me here So this is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other Strong placement for the cyanic cancer This is a general reading it may Resonate it may not just please only Take the message that do resonate with You and leave the rest for someone who Needs to hear that message Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in cancer who Wouldn't be I'd like to run cancer and Cross Watchers that energy is fluid and This simply means you may feel like I'm Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the rules are Flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation at best All right cancer let's go ahead and Dive Right on into your reading and see What's happening in your love life in December and with this reading I am Tuning into an energy that's in or Around your energetic field of someone That has romantic feelings or intentions Towards you right now in this moment

Whether this is just a crush whether It's someone that you're together with Apart from Whether you're single or taken let's see Who's coming through for your December Reading and why and what messages Spirit Has for you about this certain energy Coming in so let's see Tell me Spirit oh okay that one just Hopped right on out let's go ahead and See The golden mirror oh Scorpio had this Card so if you guys are dealing with a Scorpio if you have strong Scorpio in Your chart I suggest checking out the Scorpio message to see if there's Anything in there for you but it says Self-absorbed narcissist one-sided Relationship and love bombing okay Cancer particularly I feel right now You're dealing with someone that has Ghosted you or has left you on red once Again I feel this is this person's Agenda it's this person's strategy every Time and I feel that they don't want to End things with you because they like Having you around they get something out Of it whether it's the tension you give Them whether it's the light you give Them whether it's the love you give them It's something that they find valuable But it's not fair to you cancer And you have to start seeing this person For who they are some of you already

Know you're like mermaid trust me some Of you guys are just starting to open up To this and I feel it hurts you because When they do love bomb when they do tell You everything you want to hear it Really Starts to make you feel like there's About to be a change there's about to be Something improving within this but They're just not in the same alignment With you cancer and they're trying to Drag you down and bring you down I know It takes two to tango and again cross Watchers please flip it around if this Is cancer doing this to you but with This card here And even with the word self-absorbed Narcissist It definitely feels like someone knows Exactly what they're doing in as far as Making someone feel loved making someone Hopeful and then taking it all away Because they're really not following Through with their words and their Actions and cancer this is the time Maybe in December to finally recognize That start to heal from it and to really Cut this energy off once and for all Because it really isn't good for you I Don't know why I'm seeing a Band-Aid but Maybe cancer this person is going to try To come in to put a Band-Aid over the Big wound they left you it's it's not Gonna work and it shouldn't work and

Spirit wants you to guard your energy Against this maybe this is the time They're going to come back again and you Know around the holidays see what you're Doing maybe you guys are from the same Area they know you're going to come back For the holidays and that's when they Start to message you wondering what You're doing but I'm also hearing this Has gone on for too long cancer so let's See what do they want to tell cancer Okay I know I sabotaged our connection and I Feel this is how they're gonna slip in Right I feel like They're going to say you know what yeah I ghosted you I left you on red it's not What it looks like All the excuses that kind of come up Here And I feel that with this card here They're gonna use some sort of final Pull to really Draw you in again And maybe in some way they're gonna say You know what my bad I'm sorry but it Doesn't feel genuine cancer and you need To go with your gut feelings about this Because I do feel that they're going to Try to pull at your heart strings I do Feel like they're gonna try to make you Feel even bad for something that you Shouldn't feel bad for Maybe it was a time where you just

Dropped it And they were really upset about it Really hurt by and they may use that Against you but how is that any Different from what they were doing to You and the difference is cancer that You had different intentions with it This person likes to play with people This person likes to have their options But you were in it differently you Really saw this as something that could Have potential and growth because of Whatever they told you told you the Story of them being the person that was Going to be the one you were looking for I even feel for others of you I don't Know why for some of you I almost feel Like this person is even in a Relationship right now maybe you'll just Find that out maybe you already have and They're still gonna try to message you In a seductive romantic way Oh Cancer all right let's dive into this With this I'm gonna ask how they feel About you right now what do they think Of you what they like about you what do They not like about you what they like About the connection that they have with You currently and what do they not like About it What are their highest hopes and deepest Fears in regards to this connection with You cancer what are they really hoping Is going to happen and what are they

Afraid of the devil card Capricorn Energy Some of you could be dealing with a Capricorn you could have strong Capricorn in your chart The weird thing cancer is that it's a Little bit obsessive over you But not in the way that is Flattering and the way that it's like I need to win this I need to have cancer I need to put them back on my shelf of Options because this is what makes me Feel good and anyone that they feel like Rejects them They start to get angry they start to Get jealous I even feel this is the type of person Where Um you know if you start to go out Without them you hang out with your Friends and you're posting that you're Having a good time they try to message You being like where are you going who You with And start to get snippy about it even Though they're not looking for a Relationship it's strange and you're Starting to pick up on it or you're very Well aware of this person's Energy The moon card is what they think of you Yeah cancer this is You know sometimes these readings come Up

Because there's someone who may be Dealing with this situation right now And trying to figure out if their Feelings are correct if what they're Picking up on is right or if they really Do need to decide time to end things and I do feel spirit is bringing this Person's Energy to your attention because I still Feel they have intentions towards you I Still feel like they don't want to be Done with you they're not over with you But it's really not serving your Greatest intentions cancer so when they Come back when they try to Pull you in reel you in spirit wants you To remind yourself of this message Because it's toxic cancer it really is Someone could have daddy issues Which has made them operate the way they Have and love and romance In general Foreign Cancer So bottom of the deck we have The Two of Pentacles Capricorn energy so yeah strong Capricorn energy if you're dealing with A Capricorn have Capricorn in your chart Check out the Capricorn reading to see If there's messages for you there but This is telling me the whole situation From the start has been inconsistent Unstable

In and out hot and cold And it's made you feel you know this Guy's kind of dressed up in a clown-like Way it's made you feel like you've been Wasting your time it's made you feel Like you've been played and you're done Being played And I even do feel like cancer if they Did have another option or another Relationship they try to juggle you both Try to keep all their options open Because there's something they get from Someone else their karmic their third Party whatever and there's something They get from you And maybe cancer you called them out And maybe you have straight up told them Don't text me don't message me I don't Want to hear from you anymore but They're not taking that seriously they Think it's just you being angry right Now but they really have the confidence Or should I say the Cockiness to think That they could persuade you else wise And for this with the Two of Pentacles And the background energy I feel this person For some of you guys made you question Your self-worth or question your reality About everything that was going on maybe There is some gaslighting maybe there Was some Excuses they throw their way that kind Of sounded reasonable but when you start

To do the same excuses over and over Again It starts to add up And I feel with these Two of Pentacles That maybe for some of you if this Person has come back already you're Trying to decide But don't be played again cancer I I I'm I'm saying that with compassion and love Don't get played again because I feel Like this person is still trying to play Games is still trying to have their cake And eat it too with you And I even feel for some of you that This is the person in the past who Asked you out on a date You showed up dressed up ready to go Waited for them and then they backed out And they didn't even show up Maybe it's because someone else caught Them messaging you And they had to settle that issue I'm seeing a boardwalk someone could Live by like a boardwalk like uh Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk I'm from California So that's the thing that comes up to my Mind but something relatively close to You that could be similar like that Jersey Shore I don't know but let's go Ahead and get right on into it How they feel about you is the devil Card I just heard like Clairaudiantly I heard you're mine

And I feel cancer that They just still want to keep everything As it is they don't want change they Don't want you to leave They still want you On some sort of energetic leash To take from to use And they feel possessive of you They feel jealous they feel obsessive Especially when you don't give them what They want that adds up and it boils up More and more They also have a very strong sexual Attraction towards you And maybe there was a sexual energy Between the two of you that really bound You with one another But that always screams karmic to me Karmic relationships karmic patterns And I feel cancer there is something That you're finally ready to break out Of the cycle from I feel a lot of you are realizing as you Stop listening to this person as you Ignore this person as you guard yourself From this person they really are Powerless against you And that's something they can't stand What they think about you is the moon Card Pisces energy cancer energy for me as a Reader now with the devil and the moon Card That is giving me some sort of level of

Mental instability That is giving me some sort of mental Illness for someone out there and that Is no judgment I I have anxiety I completely understand I'm not putting a stigma on it but I am Saying with this person specifically With this reading here This person does have narcissism or has Narcissistic traits and I am not a Psychologist I don't diagnose But with everything I'm picking up on Especially with the moon and the devil Absolutely I'm feeling that energy So right now they're thinking about how They can deceive you how they can keep The illusion up how to show you a side Of them and hide the other This it's the same thing cancer but the Difference is you're figuring this out You're listening to your intuition more Than ever with this person because maybe Before you Put the rose-colored glasses on you Wanted to silence your intuition because Of the strong energy that they would Exert out when they were love bombing When they were complimenting you when They were telling you everything you Wanted to hear it You're Intuition was definitely trying to Signal you that whole time that there is Something up here there is something

Different here And they think you're avoiding them Right now And they think you're doing that To get them jealous to get them riled up But you're more doing it for yourself And that's the thing that and with this Person with this energy I'm seeing it's All about them They really do think you revolve around Them cancer and that everything you do In your life has something to do about Them And it doesn't They've been thinking about you more and More as you start to detach as you start To walk away Energetically But because of this devil energy and Moon card energy combination here I do suggest for those of you that are Trying to sever the ties to do an Energetic cord cutting with this person I've been seeing the letter m As in Mason as in Michelle first middle Last initial can mean something to Someone someone could also have two L's In their name as well Foreign What they like the most about you cancer Is the king of Cups Scorpio energy Yeah this is what I'm talking about You bring some sort of emotional Comfort To them

You are always open with your love You're secure in your emotions you're Secure in who you are and you are Someone that is an empath you are Someone that likes to help others that Likes to help heal others and that is a Beautiful thing you have cancer but the Thing is sometimes people take advantage Of that people Use that to their own gain Some of you you could be like a Therapist or even just naturally you're That type of person that people open up To people reveal things to you and you Know what to say to help them heal or Help them feel better So you are someone for them cancer this Person that Did make them feel good about themselves Did make them feel like They are lovable in some way in the past Up until now maybe They're the type where if they were Going through something stressful They'll call you they'll text you And just having you around makes them Feel a little bit more secure in some Way emotionally You could be artistic gifted with Drawing painting photography maybe Something with makeup cosmetology Something along those lines I don't usually feel that with the king Of Cups but I am now

What they don't like you about you is The tower card Okay so this is for my cancers that I've Called this person out I the last time You spoke to them maybe when you found Out that they were up to Shady stuff When you found out that they were in Another relationship you let them have It And it was a blow to their ego they Didn't take it well They thought you Were being aggressive mean spiteful But you shut them down cancer with this Tower card here And they were very unhappy about it Especially if after that conversation You block them But I feel for others of you if you Haven't had that opportunity to tell Them everything they've done for to you Everything they made you feel If you just simply are silent with them And just have guarded your energy What they thought they could have had With you the illusion of it the fantasy Of it the need for it has been Completely destroyed And you're not that pillar or that Source of energy of Love Of Happiness That they can just suck out of you Anymore And that's really rocked their world in A lot of ways cancer

What they like the most about this Connection is the Emperor in reverse Aries energy So yeah I mean they like the fact that They Were very comfortable with not stepping Up to the plate not having to give you An offer or a commitment Um doing what they want as they will Being immature You know the emperor in Reverse is Definitely the Peter Pan complex for me As a reader Wanting to stay young not wanting to Grow up not wanting to mature and do the Things that they have to do in order to Feel A sense of Duty a sense of Honor a sense Of integrity Now with the emperor in Reverse there Could be someone who hasn't paid child Support or who is not supporting you and Raising a child And they like the fact they're putting That all on you for some of you guys But they never felt responsible for this Connection they never felt like it was On them to make anything out of this They felt like they could do what they Want at their will that's what they like The most about this connection Also if it's not so much daddy issues That someone may have it could be that Someone's father really does not like

This person And maybe there's been arguments That you may have had with your father Over this person in the past Maybe this your father called out this Person directly I don't know I'm picking Up on something like that for some of You guys They like to get a rise out of people They really do They like to think that they're Outsmarting them in some way by arguing And fighting and debating What they don't like about this Connection is the Ten of Wands Sagittarius energy and what I feel is That this is your energy cancer you're Done holding all their Stones you're Done holding their energy you're done Trying to make this work you're done Carrying all their energy with you Trying to Recharge what they've taken every single Time they come into your life and leave Unexpectedly You're putting all the responsibilities You may have taken upon yourself to make This work down And you made that clear within the last Conversation or you made that clear Energetically And so that's what is coming to an end And they don't want to believe that this Ending is really happening

And for others of you maybe despite Their best efforts whether they have Tried to talk to you again or whether They subliminally try to watch your Instagram Send you Snapchats send you messages Whatever right or talk about you where It gets back to you those subtle ways of Trying to get your attention isn't Working They keep on going back to the drawing Board and it still fails And all their work as up until now or Maybe as December unfolds Still not working Still not preventing the end that Spirit Wants you to complete It's just too much work cancer It's too much work it doesn't serve you And it just adds more to your plate some Of you are going through a lot of other Stressful things in your life whether There's trouble with family trouble with Finances trouble with a job And you don't need to add this to your Plate Highest hopes is the strength card Leo energy They're hoping that their confidence Their self-assurance is going to give Them the victory at the end of the day That you'll finally given if they work Hard enough if they push hard enough if They're assertive enough

That eventually you'll give in And you know I'm looking at this card Um the reflection of the camera and I'm Seeing this a lot more different than I Usually see these strength but with the Energy I'm picking up on it's almost as If Taming you cancer They're hoping that you will be obedient You'll be complacent just as you were Before you'll do what they want And that they could be in control of you Again That's what they are hoping for Either of those two scenarios here Or that even their lie their facade Whatever they're trying to reflect on You with this golden mirror is strong Enough to break through any signs that Your intuition is trying to send about This situation I do find this person may also in the Past like to use their humor to De-escalate situations try to make you Laugh or try to make fun or make light Of situations that were actually pretty Serious for you pretty hurtful for you Just to try to smoke screen or Gaslight The whole situation and maybe it'll try To do that again in the near future and They're hoping that strategy will work If they've done that before for you guys Deepest fears is The Wheel of Fortune Sagittarius energy Pisces energy for me

As a reader there are two tens here So you may start to see or have been Seeing 10 10 as a number synchronicity From Spirit that major cycle is closing Out a major cycle should close out Possibly your birthday could be July 10th or maybe you're a Gemini cancer Casper June 20th Leo cancer cusper July 20th But What I feel with this Wheel of Fortune Is that every action that they've done Has added to their karma And things have been started to put into Motion that they can't take back that They can't control And that you are protected cancer Now that you are aware now that you are Conscious or you're becoming conscious In December of this person and who they Are and even if you try to be there to Help heal to help give to help transmute The energy there's nothing about this That you can change I think a lot of you Are starting to understand and learn the Lesson that we can't do people's Healings we can't do anyone's spiritual Worth that they don't want to do for Themselves no matter how much we will Try to give advice no matter how much we Try to hold the space no matter how much We try to be there for someone if they Don't want to change they're not going To

And I they're afraid that you're Starting to see that cancer you're Seeing through their lies you're seeing Through their smoke screens you're Seeing through their illusions And that everything's been set in motion Now and that Spirit has your back and Severing these ties and severing these Karmic bonds And once it's set into motion it's Pretty done All right cancer to go ahead and see What their likely next steps are what Are they likely to do in the upcoming Days and weeks that you need to be aware Of or go ahead and take this to Vimeo For the extended reading but before we Go I'm going to go ahead and put one More card This deck here And I'm going to ask spirit for one more Message for you guys anything else you Need to know about this too many card Spirit thank you I'll keep this one Actually Here's your message And what it says is Imagine all unwanted thoughts dissolving Into light creating room for New Opportunities and possibilities for your Life yeah so some of you may get Intrusive thoughts unwanted thoughts of This person and again that's just Because of the energetic

Cord that you guys have created for one Another and if you are trying to just Clear space for new opportunities in Love and romance or you guys are after Whatever this person does to give you The final straw have decided to move on Which if you have already spirit's Giving you the big thumbs up cancer That's the right thing to do but Spirit is saying that every time you Think of this person or every time they Try to come into your space your energy They try to message you I really just would not even respond I would just literally and if it's Through energy if it's through thoughts Just change the channel just start to Think of something else or get up and Get a glass of water to get your mind Off it or go for a run go for a walk Listen to music listen to TV to just Block that energy that's trying to come In and as you release this cancer as you Shed this person's energy that they're Not in control of anymore you will start To create the space for wonderful New Opportunities new love new crushes new Dates to come into your life And that's what Spirit wants you to keep In mind as December rolls through and Comes forward All right cancer we're going to go ahead And take this to Vimeo for the extended Reading to see what they're likely to do

In the upcoming days weeks and even so See what else Spirit has in regards to Messages for you about your love life in December anything else you need to be Aware of need to know I'm going to Overturn this card here and pull some Oracle cards as follow the deck deeper Into this situation if you'd like to Join me for the extended reading open up The description box and you'll find the Link to Vimeo which will take you to Extended reading But if this is where we depart cancer I Really hope that this reading has Provided you with Clarity Insight Healing and guidance in regards to Whatever you're going through in your Love life and if it has please let me Know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you cancer Very much and I'll see you next time Take care cancer

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